The Battle For The Republic Will Likely Go Kinetic After JAN-6

Noon. January 6, 2021. Vice president Pence will reside over the counting of electoral college votes.

His power will be plenary and unappealable.  You heard that right.  As president of the Senate, every objection comes directly to him, and he can rule any objection “out of order” or “denied.”

His task will be to fulfill his oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and to ensure that the laws be faithfully executed.  This is a high standard of performance, and V.P. Pence will have two choices.  He can roll over on “certified” electors, or he can uphold the law.

~ AmericanThinker

The contested states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, New Mexico, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin have sent dueling slates of electors to D.C.  In other words, two slates. One favoring Trump and the other favoring “the steal”.

The 2020 election officially became contested after two separate slates of electors voted for different candidates in multiple key states. Multiple media outlets have reported that Joe Biden has won the electoral college vote. This, however, is not yet true.

An alternate slate of electors officially voted for President Trump on December 14 in the states of Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, New Mexico, and Georgia.

Even though the electoral college voted on December 14, these votes are not actually counted until January 6. Congress counts the electoral college votes during a joint session on that date.

During this session, both chambers of Congress need to accept the same slate of electors in order to officially elect the next President. However, if the chambers accept different slates of electors, chaos will ensue as the 2020 presidential election becomes gridlocked. It should be noted that Vice President Mike Pence presides over the entire session with “plenary” powers.

“V.P. Pence will have to decide how he will handle the situation when two sealed envelopes are handed to him from any of those states.”

That moment, on that day, will be pivotal in United States history.

Will Pence cave to the establishment and hand the keys of the White House over to the CCP? Or will he do the hard thing, the right thing?

Did you know that Pence is scheduled to leave the country immediately afterwards? “Vice President Mike Pence is set to travel overseas for the first time during the Covid pandemic just hours after presiding over the congressional session…”

I believe that he knows the $hit$torm that is going to explode right afterwards.

Pence is going to rollover to China Joe and the cabal, in my opinion.

The Holding Pattern – The Wait – Will Be Over

Here’s the thrust of my post today… Everyone has been in a holding pattern. Waiting. This is especially true of American patriots / comprised within the 74 – 80 million people who voted for ‘America First’. The powder has been kept dry, so to speak, as the contested “processes” have made their way through the (corrupt?) systems(s) of (corrupt?) politics and (some corrupt?) courts. Waiting…

The purpose here is not to rehash all of that (we’ve done it plenty already). Rather, to point out a date, a time-frame, and when this may finally erupt into kinetic energy.

Listen, I AM NOT ADVOCATING violence. Duh. That would be pretty dumb to suggest… Rather, the following is an opinion about what might happen and when, given logical critical-thinking. The purpose of my mentioning it – is to alert you to the possibility / probability.

Most people here are well prepared anyway. But if you live in a “blue city region”, top off your preps. I believe those areas are where it’s going to start.

Okay, here it is…

JAN 7 – 14 It Goes Hot

Most likely during the initial week immediately following January 6. Though the window may be up to the 20th, if not the first week – then it will likely not unfold afterwards as such. Just my speculation…

Am I saying it should? Or that it absolutely will? No. Instead, to be clear, I’m opining on a logical conclusion. That is the following…

Do you have any idea how many American patriots are really, really pi$$ed off but have been holding out hope as they wait? Waiting for that mountain of election fraud evidence to bring justice? “If we just wait a little longer – the light of justice will make things right.” Right?

As you know, the last opportunity for said justice will be noon on January 6th. If and when Pence caves to the cabal, this will be the end. No more dates to wait for justice. The waiting will be over.

This is why I believe that the days following will be when it goes hot. That is, if it’s going to go hot.

There will be a two week window between that day and inauguration day. Trump will still be president. During this window, American patriots will be the strongest that they’re ever going to be. Why? Because immediately following the inauguration of China Joe, they will set the full force and power of the government upon you, the American patriot – their clear enemy. They have made it clear. The position of the American patriot will be weakened from that point forward.

American Patriots

So logic leads me to believe that assuming Pence rolls over, one of two things are going to happen.

  1. American patriots let this travesty go down unchallenged and give the CCP sanctioned new Communist Party of America a clear path to steamroll us with their agenda, destroying the 1st & 2nd Amendment along the way – for starters… The CCP succeeds at effectively taking America (their 1st step). The Republic dies as it is morphed into the Great Global Reset.
  2. Patriots know that this is it. The end game. They are backed into a corner and decide to defend the Constitution in ways that go kinetic.

I believe that upon a Pence rollover, it’s going to be option two. Again, I’m simply surmising. Why? Because in my view there is a significant probability. There will be a percentage of the 74 – 80 million people who will ‘snap’ after Pence rolls over. All it’s going to take is a ‘Lexington/Concord’ event and the pot will boil over. That event will probably occur soon after, barring some other outcome.

Food for thought… There are many, probably most, within the rank and file of the U.S. Military, National Guard, and Law Enforcement who are American patriots. Just saying…because this will factor-in to an extent.

Blue City Regions

Again, speculation. The battle lines, if you will, will most likely be the notorious heavy blue city regions. Particularly those which are ruled under notorious tyrannical states / governors / mayors. The communist ideologies have mostly infiltrated into those regions. Whereas the vast geographical expanse of the U.S. remains mostly as it were.

With that said, a number of things could happen. I would rather not say my opinion at this juncture. However I will suggest that if and when it gets hot in these regions, the distribution supply lines (which keep these dots on the map alive) may become crippled. If it’s dangerous, the truckers are not going to risk their lives going in there (that’s just one example of many that would ‘starve off’ a blue city region).

So if you live in any of these areas, maybe you want to be sure you’re ready. Just in case. Or get out.

How Might This Be Avoided?

  1. Biden steps down before January 6.
  2. Pence upholds his oath and does the right thing. However that will bring its own kinetic reaction as the communists melt down around the country.

>> Biden does what he’s told. He will not step down, regardless of whatever unfolds between now and January 6. I would be shocked if he did.

Pence will buckle (he already has in my opinion). I hate to break it to you, but the Republican Party is also filled with RINO’s and corrupt swamp creatures – which has become quite obvious during the last two months.

What we really need is a new party. A party for we the people (what a concept). Uphold the U.S. Constitution as it is written. Root out the swamp at every juncture, every institution, everywhere they slither. Put a swift end to the rooting communism in the USA. Reestablish and promote all paths that lead towards freedom and liberty for all. But I digress.

Buckle up Buttercup…

[ Must Watch 18-minute Video: The Plot To Steal America ]

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I have faith in mike pence. If he rolls over its game on. I had hopes we’d arrest the communists but am skeptical now

None of these politicians have any balls,,,
corrupt POS

Totally agree no balls, no courage and yes corrupt at are expense.

If I’m not mistaken, the President has two rallies planned. One in support of the Republicans in Georgia and one general one which may be a call to arms or a goodbye speech.

I hope Trump does not attend the Inauguration if Biden wins. I also hope ten thousand Trump supporters come out with flags and MAGA hats for that event.

If Biden wins, the shout out for the next four years at every government function should be “he is not my President”. And when the whore takes over, “we will not follower her into hell”

hermit us, love your last paragraph

do tell

Awesome comment hermit us. So do you think Trump will concede? Because if he doesn’t things are gonna be mighty different for Joe and the Ho.

hell will be trillions of light years under ice before that TRAITOR will be my president EVER HE MAYBE the one in that office he maybe the one in chair but he aint EVER gonna be my president EVER and i dont give a 9632 who says what

@JustSayin. If you bend over for him, if you kneel for him, if you comply with his mandates, if you step on the flag for him, if you are ashamed of being an American because he asks you to, then yes, he is YOUR president.

I don’t believe the “whore” is a Natural Born Citizen as required in our Constitution.

He was born in Indonesia,
Back in the 60s though you could get a birth certificate for your kid from the state even if you were not in the US when you gave birth, just had to be an American citizen, his mom was, grandparents etc,,,,

HE was the biggest FRAUD in the history of presidential elections !!! ” Barry O ” has ZERO LEGAL Standing in America, and people need to ignore him, and refuse to listen to the FOOL !!

Yes, I, too, saw the video. Obama’s Kenyan grandmother was in her own home, and she said she was at his birth in Kenya. And two weeks after the video surfaced, she was dead. And his white grandmother also died just after the election, a few days after he visited her. Just like Vince Foster, no gun was found near the body!!!!! Oh–you didn’t know that? The man who found Foster’s body said he was flat on his back, no gun near his hand. G. Gordon Liddy had the man on his program.

Either way we are living in history. The start of the second American revolution or the death of the first American republic.

The states have failed to ensure fair elections, SCOTUS has failed, will Pence stand?

Stay safe and prepare.

Deep South,
Well said. The next couple of weeks will determine if America remains a Constitutional Republic or falls into the darkness of communism. I have no faith in Pence defying the deep state and he will do as his globalist masters tell him.

You have little faith in VP Pence, you must have standing where this is coming from to say that he is owned by ‘his globalist masters’?
Since I have little knowledge on VP Pence, could you please tell me what brings you to this conclusion. Rather curious what documents you have read or acquired to give you this low opinion of the man.

Pence is a lifelong politician (Congress and Governor), is a Washington insider, attorney and my opinion is based on this and his performance as VP. Though he appears to be a supporter of the President it seems to me that that he was involved in many of the meetings and conversations where leaks have occurred yet he somehow is never under suspicion. He is too polished, speaks with perfect “Washingtonese” yet is seldom condemned or attacked by the MSM which sends up red flags for me. Seems like he gets a pass while Trump gets the full force of the attack.

As President of the Senate, I have not seen him applying political pressure to McConnell or other Republicans demanding an investigation into the fraudulent election and the blind eye being turned by the AG and DOJ.

My opinion of Pence is based strictly on my observations, my gut feeling and my very cynical opinion that in order to survive in the swamp you have to be come a creature and I believe Pence is one hiding in plain sight.

my gut feeling and my very cynical opinion that in order to survive in the swamp you have to become a creature and I believe Pence is one hiding in plain sight.
Bingo.Ron Paul was one of the last honest ones there.I dont think Tulsi Gabbard is owned,hence why she is leaving.No point spitting in the wind,life is too short.

I think Tulsi has seen the beast, gave it a test, and decided she might as well go surfing.

Tulsi is a Trojan horse. She is almost exactly like Commiela Harris in beliefs. Don’t fall for it.

How would you know?

Right. Gabbard supports open borders, the green new deal, single payer healthcare, higher taxes, & gun control. Too many on the right are too blind to see Gabbard’s far left ideology.

very astute observations , you have great instincts RC ….. I’m going to hope that Pence gets an infusion of titanium to his spine on Jan. 6th , if not I’ll be wishing for Martial Law followed by the Insurrection Act ….. if Trump doesen’t stand like Lincoln did to save the Union , it’s the beginning of the end ….

You people proclaiming Marshal law need to read more. There is NO SUCH THING in our Constitution relating to Marshal Law. What the President NEEDS to do is activate the Insurrection Act, but I believe President Trump is still drawing in the Treasonous Reptilian swamp creatures, and I’m praying he springs the trap at the right moment. He’s currently trying to hold the relative calm, before unleashing the BEAST !! Pray for this man, he has done great things, in order to legally protect this country, and its people. Just review the CRAP that this man and his family have been forced to live with, for the last 4 years. I doubt many others would have lasted as long as he has. Trump is without a doubt, been the best and strongest President this country has had in decades … decades people !! So let’s all keep cool, keep our powder dry, our hardware cleaned and oiled and if the flag goes up and massive quantities of fertilizer gets dumped into the rotary oscillators, THEN we can go after the Traitors !!! And take our country back, but Not until then.

Not the Insurrection Act, all he needs is covered in Executive Order 13848 and the ODNI Report, which he already received on December 13th. Any person, any organization, any polity, any country, mentioned in this report for any transgression they committed during this last election, are subject to arrest and the blocking of all their financial accounts.

The DNI Report can also be used to influence people’s behavior behind the scenes, too. Before its findings are made officially public.

This is what everyone has been hinting at these last few weeks.

All sorts of people, important people, and organizations, multi-national corporations, political organizations, media giants, and all of a foreign country’s assets and operatives, can be named in this DNI Report for criminal and National Security threats.

I wonder if people will be taken right from their seats in Congress, when the hammer drops?

Well said

Touché !

You are correct!!! R u Ready to Fight? We need organization. How? a Rally point. We need at least 50,000 to 200,000 and lets occupy DC.

10 days post swearing in of Charmian Joe.Radios. Frequency’s. food. bring your sleeping bag. Reroute traffic, block deny access. Sit in, slightly more powerful than carry a pencil. White House, Capital, Supreme court, etcetera.

Single message single voice. We need to send a huge message. We will need replacements, more the better. More and more food DC. OCCUPY DC. Any other ideas?


You are suggesting another rally? After what happened at the last one?

If you have one, please don’t block traffic. Don’t sit in. Don’t disobey police orders. Watch for antifa infiltrators and call them out.

Daisy K, Please don’t sit on the side lines. please don’t sit in your living room and discuss how screwed up everything is. Please don’t sit in your car thinking that tomorrow morning all will be right with the world. Obey the police? You know that is the scare that government and news commentary have levied on Americans. I obey the law. I listen to police. police enforce the law. As an American citizen i also have the right to enforce the law. Nothing happened at the last peaceful demonstration other than as you said ANTIFA . But hat was a set up. even MSM knew that was going to happen. Greg Kelly, NEWSMAX Opinion commentary former AV-8 B Fighter Pilot, had a news release from some news on line source and the headlines were similar to this: ‘Trump Supporters Storm Capital it was released at 0936 am on Jan 6thHours before that event occurred. In watching almost all the rally’s on TV not once did I see President Trump supporters wearing all black with black backpacks black facemasks. Not once i have witnessed any of them dressed in costumes. I heard what the whole world heard from President Trump” “please join me for a march on Capital hill peacefully….”

rjpBone, There was an article about the set up by antifa on AmericanThinker doc com today.

But I didn’t need to know that because days before Jan 6, there were flyers on line telling antifa to dress in trump costumes, cause as much mischief, and pretend to be MAGA people.

I meant dot com

When the Communist Broadcasting channels absolutely report that the president incited violence and is being slaughtered that the storming was his fault. Thats is how all president Trumps supporters are going to be treated because we believe differently than the left wing. WE need Dozens of Rally’s!! what happened at the first two rally’s in DC? Peaceful MAGA’s walking when attacked by BLM. The second on after the rally was done and people were eating people were attacked and stabbed. I do not know where you are at in life. But to show cowardice because of what happened is rather capitulatory, and will not help America will only support the Socialist that will be occupying the white house.Whether your a conservative or a Socialist Marxist or an independent what our country has been put through by shitty career politicians over the past 4 years is unacceptable and requires a response. What has occurred over the past 2 months DEMANDS justice. The hypocrisy shown by all the LEFTwing can not go silently away. They and others should be held accountable and the price to pay is undetermined. “To sit ideally waiting for death to come cheats life that others wish you would share” Quote”BymE


I think that he will buckle. Seems that I already read somewhere that he will.

Poor Pence can not overturn anything by constitutional law, he is only to read the votes, he cannot do anything legally. There is no buckling because the constitution gives him NO POWER to reject them. Only the House and Senate can object to the votes and go from there, but the Senate majority of Rhinos has been squashing the idea of any objection and we are a minority in the House that won’t go anywhere.

When Pence leaves to Israel on the 6th, he has a friend in them and may not come back–remember the left psychopaths were going to prosecute him and Trump of high crimes for winning the 2016 election fairly? Trump, in my opinion may not be at the inauguration and leave the country as well because our court systems has fallen down into a black hole.

So if there is anything that can be done, it is up to “we, the people”.

Even if the Senate supports an objection, it won’t matter. With two slates of electors from a state, if the the two houses split on the objection then the one certified by the governor is the one counted. Does anyone think the House will have a majority vote to throw out the Biden electors? Then the slate certified by the states governors are the ones that will be counted. There is no chance that this can be overturned when you read what the rules and the process is for counting the electoral votes.

Wrong. When there are dueling electors:

– He can decide to accept one over the other or put it to congress.

You need to learn the constitution. He holds all control and his decision is final.

He can declare the election undecided since there are dueling electoral college votes. At that point the house will elect the president and the senate by the vp. Each state gets a single vote.

There are more republican states than democrat states in both houses. More dem representatives but less states so the gop has the clear advantage.

Given the ridiculous amount of clear fraud in all the 6 states that is exactly what should happen.

If not get ready to fight to the death for your beliefs. You better believe the patriots are.

Please quote the section of the Constitution that makes him all powerful. The simple fact is that the Constitution doesn’t get into the nuts and bolts of how everything works. Title 3 of the US Code is what spells everything out. There have been challenges to electors votes before so this isn’t new ground. Read the Constitution, read the federal law, and read history. It’s all there for you. Feel free to cite the constitution, federal laws, case law and historical precedent that prove me wrong.

see Bill Still report,,..only Pence can pull the emergency brake..on you tube… interesting info.. will he? ____?

No. He dont do it. He simply has not balls. This is so sad…

Ken it seems to me if there is an uprising every politician regardless of position will be targeted from the top down to a lowly mayor and bodyguards will be useless in my opinion, it comes down to a flip of the coin . The outcome will be interesting to say the least JMO

Teach em a lesson the country will never forget

4g wf
the politicians
they are greedy power hungry POS, ALL OF EM

The corrupt MSM, big tech and academia are even more logical ‘targets’ for any rebellion against the establishment. Without them, the far left politicians afe birtually powerless.

If Pence takes his family with him on that plane, it’s game on.

Watch for Trump’s family also to be evacuated.

I just visited with my son who told me exactly this about 6 January and after. His peers are ready to light up the country. I told him to calm down; not going to be that bad. Then I got home and read this.

You just got to love Shakespeare, ‘cry havoc,and let fly ,and loose the dogs of war ‘

Having been a Hoosier for a few years when Vice President Pence was Governor Pence I believe that he has a deep love for his country and God, so I have to keep hope that he will stand up for what is right. I believe he may be one of the few and last out there that will not bow to the swamp.

Wisconsin Badger – Good to hear. Hope you are right. The guy is just too gray. I wish he’d talk to us; tip his hand; something. People are starting to lose it, for real. Farking mask-tard government has made life illegal. And now we can’t even trust the bastards to count votes honestly.

Wisconsin badger, I agree with you. I believe that pence will not roll over. Hes a Christian, and therefore do the right thing. Protect the nation!

He has the same snake eyes as LBJ.

i am from Indiana, From what i have seen from Pence, and since he has been VP i doubt he will “roll over” Just a gut feeling, unless the option for the american people to stand up ( like ken said ) is the only option left…

I hope you all are correct in Pence’s positive stance.

I’m a skeptic, in this world of 2020.

Name one politician, one SCOTUS, one governor, one attorney, one of any higher authority that has not been paid off or threatened to take a stand for our POTUS.

They despise him. Despise us. They fear him. Fear us.

We’re done if Pence doesn’t make a stand and supports Our Prez.
Doesn’t support us.

“Write, call, email your reps.”

Yeah, right.
I haven’t heard shit with my past email.

But, I’m just a Joe citizen….as we all are here.
Your voice, your stance, your beliefs
don’t mean shit, unless you got the millions/billions for payoffs.


pence wont do schitt,,,

That’s what I’m afraid off

Joe c, you said name one. Being the racist I am, I pick Clarence Thomas, he is one of the few that has our back. Trekker Out

Thumbs down only because I disagree.They are all compromised and in fear for their lives.

He also caved to the fear of reprisal to make judgement on the fraudulent election with the rest of the SCOTUS. He said he would hear the case but make NO judgement. WTF is any court for if there is no judgement? Toilet Paper!!

Alito and Thomas voted to hear the case but said they would grant no injunctive relief.

That is different than “no judgment”

Obviously if they got to hear the case, they would render some sort of judgment, even if it was to vote to send the case back to a lower court.


No injunctive relief is no remedy which restrains a party from doing certain acts or requires a party to act in a certain way. In other words, No court ordered act…… and a judgment is a court order act that is the decision in a lawsuit.

There’s not much two guys can do against all the rest. Cut them a little slack ! They could have said nothing at all !

I don’t know why everyone here is jumping on the VP over this issue. He has almost nothing to do with the process. It requires both a senator and a representative to make a written objection to an elector or group of electors votes. Then the two houses go into separate sessions to debate and vote on the objection. All the VP gets to do is make sure there is both a senator and a rep objecting and stop them from debating or making speeches in the joint session.

Here is a very good write up on the whole process and includes what happens if there are two slates of electors from a state:

Nothing is going to happen unless trump makes a move.And it looks unlikely.Politicians bail us out…not on this planet.Its the swamp,its a BIG club,and you aint in it.

Who can you fight back against? The elite? You cant even identify them,much less find them.When somebody can tell me who they are,and how you can affect them,let me know. Starve em?? Get real,they already own the worlds wealth.

If Americans took to the streets we could stop them.But not when we are divided in 1/2.Divided and Conquered,a classic ploy.

The coup has worked.We cant even guess the horrors coming.

Thats my worthless opinion on it.

With you Freddie. Nothing will happen business as usual come January 20th. Saw an article if current trends continue China will exceed our economy by 2028. What about Nashville stopping air traffic, emergency communications damaged.

We still have senatorial supporters to weaken the marxist agenda if the two Republicans win the Georgia runoff come January 5th. I see very little to no chance in saving Trump as president although it was stolen with fraud, but I still have hope for this country to have a Lame Duck presidency for Biden.

That Georgia election is our LAST hope and most important election in our American history, determining whether we go into the Dark Ages or prevent it. And if we lose those senatorial races,I must conclude this is God’s plan to test our faith. Only with faith can one gain wisdom and use it during such dark times.

What makes you think they wont steal that election as well,,,

Of course they will steal it…and let you watch them do it, too.

I never said they won’t steal that Georgia election. Read what I said.

Please consider the contradiction of an omniscient, omnipotent, entity needing to TEST anything.


Made me laugh and nod my head at the same time.

The fool hath said in heart, there is no God. Psalm 14:1. In case you didn’t hear Him the first time, He said it again in Psalm 53:1.


For clarification, my heart is right with my Father. I was chuckling at Ision’s reasoning happening to coincide with my personal beliefs about the nature of my personal walk. So as not to lead any astray… We were created in His image, with the freedom to choose. Any tests I experience, so far, have been a consequence of my own doubts and fears.

But, since you are the product of an omniscient manufacturer, everything you choose is going to be exactly what you are designed to choose. You can only do exactly as you have been created to do…and you cannot do anything else.

Every thought you have ever had in your life, about anything, is only part of the script…. Free Will is only entertained, because people have not read the script and are ignorant of the next scene.

Remember, the existence of ANY omniscient entity automatically precludes the possibility of…Free Will. Not even the omniscient entity could have a Free Will, as it knows its own future perfectly….just like it does your own.

Not exactly:
Psalm 53:1
Only a withering soul would say to himself: There is no God for me. Anyone who thinks like that is corrupt and callous; depraved and detestable, they are devoid of good.

I certainly respect the fact that you are a conservative. And I have reaped a harvest of insight from many of your posts. Thank you for sharing.
Something intriguing about the heart is that some heart surgeons are a bit reluctant when it comes to a transplant because there have been cases wherein the personality of the recipient of the heart has been affected and has taken on some of the characteristics of the personality of the donor.
That is interesting to say the least. I was researching something a number of years ago and came across this interesting tidbit of information.

Test in this context means to separate the wheat from the chaff. The truly faithful will trust and the others will falter.

Still got the Rinos…..

you can’t even trust a GOP controlled Senate to stand tough against the dem. / marxists , they have too many RINOS , ie Romney , Mikowski , Collins , etc

What makes you think its the LAST hope ?? There still are a few positive solutions he can use. Don’t give up until its totally over !

Spot on Freddie,,
nothing will happen, we are divided along party lines, then within the parties we are again divided, and most wont ever do anything to upset their apple cart.

The Bundy protest was a great victory.The people spoke and the Gov had no support.Thats why the stop the VN protests worked,the people from all walks of America were fed up.

This isnt the case now,the gov got smart,they turned us on each other,a fantastic deflection.Divide and conquer,and that works.

Until we are a majority against gov over reach we are toast.And they know it.

The globalists are in charge,they corrupted the halls of power world wide,doesnt take much in the scheme of things to pull that off.Arent really that many politicians and judges in the world.

The overthrows have worked most everywhere else,at least as much that matter.

America was the last standing in their way.

Im cool with it devolving into NI scenario,,,,
we might not win an outright battle but we can definitely pizz in their cheerios


Unfortunately, “we will be a majority” when limitless spending by government drives even more inflation, higher taxes, shortages, …. and a horrific recession, possibly a depression.

So what will unite the people into a majority? HUNGER.

Add in the wave of migrants overwhelming all social services and you have the third world China has been waiting for.

That would work.Dont see it though unfortunately.The left would just blame the right,period,orange man bad,free shi ite for everyone,all the rights fault.That leopard wont change its spots.

The government didn’t get us to turn on each other, and I find that comment insulting. It was Socialist Media, Mainstream News, and big tech. If you were weak enough to turn on your friends and family, I feel sorry for you. Now suck it up and be ready for a fight that may, or may not come. If it comes, be man or woman enough to do your part to get the country back. This isn’t just a fight to be done by the military, or law enforcement, this is a fight for EVERYONE who doesn’t want to live under a Tyrannical One World Government. I dont know about you, but no one from some distant land is going to tell ME how to live and what I can or can’t say. I will do what ever my president needs me to do, to help him fight for all of us.


If only the President would ask the citizens to rise up and eradicate the corruption. Millions of patriots could easily get it done but it must be done under a legal Order to enlist the LEO”S and military to our side.

do t kid yourself, many a LEO and many in military are leftist,,, the country is divided, any action other than just dealing with what it is will be a mess

The government didn’t get us to turn on each other, and I find that comment insulting. It was Socialist Media, Mainstream News, and big tech.
Thats what I said,THE GOVERNMENT.They are just an arm of it,masquerading as private enterprise hence the Constitution doesnt apply to them.

President Trump will be sworn in as president on 20 January if he upholds his oath as president. The people of the U.S. were deprived of an honest election by foreign powers and he has the proof. He has the law behind him. He has the military behind him. He has 80 plus million patriots behind him. President Trump will go down in history as the greatest U.S. President in history if he follows his oath and the existing law. We are at war and he knows it. If he fails to do his duty and honor his oath……..he will be know as a treasonous coward and a Trojan horse. This country must not fall. If it does, freedom and liberty will no longer exist anywhere on the globe. I am watching and waiting. I will have my answer on 20 January regardless of what congress says. Adonai gave us this nation gift. I’ll be damned if I will stand by and watch evil snatch it away. Hang tuff….. head up, eyes up.

Agreed. The last few tweets remind me of the man whose MO is: I always appear to be losing just before I win. It has been this way his entire term. Believe me, I have scoured all websites and there will no doubt be millions and millions of Trump supporters all over within a 100 mile radius of DC. 25 of us are leaving Jan 2, locked and loaded, and ready to carry out our own oaths. We have been in contact with other TX groups doing the same. IT AIN’T OVER TIL WE SAY IT IS… We need prayers as that is our biggest weapon of all.

The Wuz – Amen

The Wuz,

You have my prayers and my gratitude for your courage and steadfast faith. May you feel His Presence with you, guiding each step, filling your heart, mind and body with His Strength and Wisdom.

Touché !

I disagree with those that think Pence will roll over. The scheduled trip could mean just the opposite as he leaves to escape the wrath of the left and not the right. Pence is a dedicated Christian man…at least of what I have read and seen. If the evidence Wood, Powell, Byrne have is convincing and we know it is AND is presented in a way that is clearly understandable and succinct, then Pence will roll with that because fraud, deceit, and IMO communism is NOT a Christian value and are Luciferian 100%.

But there needs to be a searing scorching debate as the 2 chambers recess to discuss. Plus I already know there will be millions of Trumpsters outside, yes, millions and they will not leave until they get this overturned. The military, past and present, has sworn their oath and if this creates a perfect storm then I STILL BELIEVE because this is 1776 all over again. I don’t want to be part of a generation that has to tell his grandkids why we were lazy TV watching beer drinking sloths who let it happen.

However, I believe there are enough patriots to start a necessary civil war anyway even though gonna be a bloodbath. This is common knowledge in militias all over the country

Ja. I guess we should just give up without a fight..and get in the truck, when they come for us…

You pitiful coward.

Nobody is getting in a truck.

Who is this enemy you envision and what can WE do about it? Zero,they are as well hidden as it gets.And theyve bought off all that matters.

They are not hidden, nor silent…

We only see their mouthpieces.The real power is well hidden.It isnt gates,zucker,whatever,they are just fronts to the real power.Real power has military power behind them,they can throw nuclear bombs.Thats power.

….They are not hidden, nor silent…

Then tell me where they are at,right now…We cant get within miles of em,if not countries or oceans near them.

I simply believe you have made those with the “real” power “supernatural” in your mind..and, therefore, untouchable. They are not. You see, I used to work for them.

They believe they are good people, who are trying to manage the planet for the benefit of the Human species. They do not consider acting to lower the population, via artificial means, to be a bad thing. They do not believe they can bring the World up to the level of the West, so they are trying to lower the Western standards, as they attempt to raise the rest to a higher level, as they reduce their population. They do not think a Republic, subordinated to Individual Rights, is a form of government capable of effectively managing all of Humanity, as the bulk of Humanity is considered to be incapable of it.

So, for the good of the World, they must cull Humanity, stabilize a sustainable lifestyle for everyone, and manage them under a ubiquitous government, which is led by Cast of people, who are not elected by the populace, but carefully chosen from amongst themselves.

These people are quite active and many are easily recognized from their activity. In fact, none of them are reclusive and secret.

Oh, and not all of them agree with each other….


Why not just say the overwhelming populations living in what we consider poverty, requires that all developed nations be lowered to third world conditions – it is only fair right? /s

If the citizens of this country will not defend the way of life they worked for, they might just as well invite three more families to share their large homes and start cooking over an open fire in the back yard. Just welcome the filth and run open sewage in the streets. Pets on the menu.

Too harsh you think? No, look at other failed countries and see the result.

They do not wish to lower to the lowest level, just lower than the West is now…and higher, than the poorest 3rd World pit.

If they decide this requires relocation of populations, they will do so…and, when you no longer have any property rights, your inviting people into your dwelling to live will become moot…as they shall be assigned to it…and may even decide to move out of it.

But, most important in their plans is depopulation. This makes everything much easier…and more environmentally friendly.


The poverty and camps have already begun – from ZH

In Phoenix, authorities have converted two enormous parking lots into tent cities for the homeless, …

To deal with an exploding homeless population and encourage social distancing during the pandemic, Marcipoa County officials turned this pair of asphalt-topped parking lots into the area’s newest homeless shelter. The county has more than 7,500 people on the streets, and nearly 5,000 dead from COVID-19.

Inside the crowded encampment, ringed by security fencing and barbed wire, each family has been allotted a 12-by-12-foot lot, marked by paint, to separate people as much as possible.

This is the cold, hard reality that multitudes of people are living at this point

Talk about “in your face”………..being reported now that Amazon has hired Biden’s brother as a lobbyist……..

…..sounds a if the bidding wars have begun for purchasing influence…….it’s a family business don’t cha know………..access to your tax dollars is the goal……….

….as we say good-bye to Trump….say hello to the return of business as usual America………way too go…..had a chance to change it……..looks like we blew it

” So it has been written
So it shall be done. “

Here is an interesting scenario for you: Let’s say Biden is to be inaugurated, but he has already said along with ALL the other Dems that is to be virtual. How can you have a virtual inauguration? I mean really. How do you know he has his hand on the Holy Bible? What if it says that on the cover, but it is really a communist red book between the binders. You have to think of everything. If Biden has a normal 12noon inauguration it will be run over and drowned out by as many Trump supporters as will be there Jan 6.

If you are telling me a “zoomed-in” process is legal that is one thing, but in the age of computer animation and holograms nobody will really know for sure. So we just need to operate a shadow govt which will be done anyway, but this just adds drama to the mystery. They will then operate from behind closed doors from that point on especially if they steal the GA runoffs. You will never see Biden except sparingly from some remote virtual WH location. This is all turning out to be surreal!

You nailed that one Wuz

Most of the so called “conservatives” while outraged,
WILL DO NOTHING, perhaps as with almost everything it will take them losing everything to finally get off their arses….
for guys like me, it doesnt matter, but for those of you in the big “battleground states”
ya better be payin attention

Before you get too far into the depths of despair, believe it or not, when you find a young independent investigative journalist with the energy, intelligence, and influence to connect dots it is a good idea to pay attention.

This video would be a good start:

Revenge Of The Kraken! (

Those of you planning on heading to DC on the 6th: It’s a strong possibility the leftist mayor of DC will try to shut down the city. You might want to pack as if you’re on a camping trip with no access to services, just in case. The obvious food, water, warm changes of clothes/footwear, but also the less obvious fuel for whatever vehicle you’re driving, and a way to, um, answer nature’s call. I really can’t imagine under what pretext that could happen, but a year ago today I couldn’t have imagined lots of the crazy goings-on this year has held.

Unless some kind of catalytic event occurs that causes those who love our country to stand for her in unison, I see nothing happening at all. Individually, the patriotic of this country will be picked off as they stand up. Hence, their silence. The MSM has instilled just enough doubt to keep the patriotic from coming to a firm conclusion; one worth fighting and dying for. Our beloved America is on the road to perdition…

That being said, I took an oath to defend the Constitution… and the concept of America… Then, as now, I am unafraid…

The suicide bombing in Nashville is likely the type of response we’ll see, whether genuine or a black flag event. Ultimately, these sporadic events will be used to cram through even more draconian measures to hold down the population and regulate our every interaction.

Who said it was a suicide? If you need an RV to hold a bomb…a nice sized RV, which you do not own…you simply answer an add for an RV…and let the seller open up the RV and show you how everything works…before you put a bullet in his old head….and take the RV…leaving the body in place, inside the RV…where it is best kept.

Everything is Everything.

I AM JUST A PATSY comes to mind for some reason.

Much like the Vegas shooter.
Smells about the same…


Throw in the FBI showing up at the scene almost immediately, and the psychotic ‘tells’ of the mayor in his interview – smiling, laughing, guaranteeing no more bombs ‘today’. Smells like DS BS to me.

Why start a new party when Trump has changed the gop significantly. Keep shining the light on nwo rhino’s. V.P. Pence’s taking the kill bill eugenicists gates vaccination, Mark’s him as a player in the covid fraud.

Seriously? I’m not even sure Pence took the vaccine. This is all one big staged event. I don’t even think Fauci took it either. He had the shot in his L arm and the next day was saying he didn’t feel bad except his “R” arm was sore. Huh?

GOP is dead and been hijacked by CCP as well. It is a bad label. Need a MAGA party. The future must begin somewhere and that is my choice. Might as well get rid of the D party and label them the “Globalist” party. I think at this point they would accept that.

Of course he didnt take it.Like that #### fauci,gets ‘it’ in his left arm then rubs his right arm…..

The Divided States of America has been in a Civil War for a long time. Both psychological and kinetic. Our media and schools have been infiltrated while riots by Antifa/BLM are continuing .

Example: Huge fires out West this summer, some caused by Antifa members. Also a couple of trains have been derailed and Antifa is suspect there as well. Antifa members have shot and killed people, BLM members have killed how many Cops this year? Burned how many Cities?

What we are seeing is a ” People’s War” as outlined by Mao in his three steps to a Communist take over. This formula has been successful in a number of places like Vietnam, Cambodia, and various South American countries.

Infiltrate, riot, keeping growing stronger/larger until a complete take over occurs.

I don’t know the future as to what will happen in D.C. on the 6th. I pray that Trump and Pence ” Git-R-Done”. However all that will do is to throw gas on the fire of “The People’s War” effort.


Viet Nam, Cambodia…meh…easy targets. Our enemy is our own! No way CCP gets in here IF our own do not accept their “gifts.” Trump is prepared for this moment. Something big is about to go down, but it can’t if WTP are not behind it 100%. I’ve signed every petition, emailed every legislator in swing states and headed to DC next week w/ 24 others.

US Military is on stand-by alert. Their oath is to the Constitution, not Trump. The moment “something big” goes down China will know their not winning this war from within, but they won’t give up. Military is on alert bc China knows it cannot survive a second Trump term bc Trump will destroy Chinese interests in the U.S. This will force China to make a strategic decision as to whether it wants to physically attack us NOW or prepare for a later date to attack. Carriers and battleships are already off both coasts initially to capture US persons fleeing bc on that day there will be a no-fly EO out of the country cuz we have a lot of rounding up of certain people to do. Post that day it will be to do as trained and defend the country. The trillions of military dollars are finally going to be put to the test.

I hope and pray that you are correct. May GOD bless you and yours.
Happy New Year!

Got to find the funding source for BLM/Antifa. It’s not like they have day jobs! But TL’s of weapons are coming in from somewhere. Who knows? Maybe even China and Soros working together. I don’t know. I do know China is about to surpass us in technological weapons systems. They are using satellite technology that can trigger weapons and/or disable ours, but I don’t know if they work or not. Maybe they are ready to find out. If so, then we need to go full bore into China. They are a bigger threat than anyone knows in so many ways and yet we cowtow to them daily. Many traitors running around in DC. What these traitors don’t understand is once China has used them up they will kill or ruin them all. They are Godless!!!

The gov bought a hell of a cache of weapons a few years back.Remember obummers ‘civilian police force’ larger than the govs police.Im thinking that force is the blm/antifa armies.And guess who will arm them,our illegitimate gov.

freddie – I remember that, FedGov bought up something like a billion rounds of ammo too. Our tax dollars at work. The 9mm stuff came in a special purple box with a label on it: “For DHS Training Use Only” The bullets too were dyed purple. How do I know? My son bought up cases of them for ten cents on the dollar six months later at an out of state gun show.

We’ve been bamboozled, people.
Trump caved and signed the bill.
Screw him and all his empty promises.
He’s a chicken shit.
He might as well concede and call Joe daddy at this point.
I’m out.

MSG12B, There’s more to it than that. There’s some provision Trump’s using to alter the bill to make it more helpful for Americans. I’m not familiar with it, but Trump is doing his best with the hand he’s been dealt.


President Trump has not bamboozled us regarding his spending policies. Trump built his businesses partly on leveraging debt and has run his administration spending spending and spending.. In this regard, he is no conservative.

Trump’s USA first attitude is what endears most of us to him, but his fiscal policies are pretty dang liberal…

Sad, but true

very few business that dont run on some sort of debt, weather for procurement of materials or equipment, leasing of vehicles or equipment, even for real estate for offices or warehousing or factory space. Even small farms run some sort of balance due somewhere. Its just how it is, in some cases, like with vehicles and equipment it makes the best sense tax wise.

MSG12B step back and breathe friend. There is MUCH more going on than the Media working OVERTIME to strip Trump’s supporters from him.

For example the MEDIA decided to post this AM all over WHERE the Proud Boys are “Settling in” for the Trump supporting demonstration. In the “Oldest Hotel in town” etc.

WHY? Not a Slow News Day, they are Dog Whistling for the owners of that Hotel to EVICT them or SUFFER a visit from Antifa-Burn Loot Murder and so forth.

Again stripping our protesters of protection FROM the Street Thug Army of the Socialist-Democrats.

Brain (National Leadership) needs arms, arms need hands, hands need fingers (local thugs) Santa has his list do you know your points of trouble in Your AO?

No fingers, scared hands, wounded arms the Brain is weak. Just saying.

Not really at all interested in what the media is or isn’t doing, frankly.
And I assure you, I don’t need to “take a step back and breathe.”
He’s had four years.
He’s blown smoke up our asses for long enough.
I’m sick and tired of hearing how some storm’s a comin. Or stirrin’ behind the scenes.
Man hasn’t done shit to bring any of these treasonous bastards to their knees.
Hell, many of them still have jobs in our government.
He’s all talk.
I like doers.
He’s failed.
As my dad used to say, “Shit or get off the pot.”

I respect your opinion MSG,you may well be right.

Thanks, Freddie. Appreciate that. Don’t like to use that kind of language, but I’m angry and fortunately, I’m among friends.

MSG12B –

I gave you an upvote for one reason. I firmly believe that Trump is practicing The Art of War, impeccably. Appearing weak when he is strong, element of surprise. The fact that you gave up hope on him means he is doing an excellent job of deception; I think. Remember back to the last three days of the campaign. The man was a maniac, an animal, crisscrossing the country and giving high energy speeches that would cripple a man a third his age. Are we supposed to believe he’s going to toss away his legacy as a human being to a corrupt pedophile and a common whore? His sheer arrogance won’t allow for it. Nothing matters until 21 January.

Oh and BTW the $600 or $2,000, or whatever it is only applies to low or zero income folks. It’s like, a car payment, or half a monthly mortgage. Whatever – they’re just hitting CTRL-P anyway; fake money.

Just like with other predictions – nothing’s gonna happen. We’ll know shortly.

Ya know, butt hurt on both sides regardless. But two feathers from the same bird, the flight plan doesn’t change. It’s all planned out, what you see and hear now is political theater. It’s will be bad.

NC Renegade has a new post. It’s a ‘gut check’ article, imo.

There’s how we want reality to be, and there’s how it is. It’s difficult to know how it *really* is, relying on 2nd hand info. I try to keep an open mind. It’s hard to do; much easier to pick a scenario and run with it, all in.

So…what if no politician, even DJT, is coming to save us? This may get downvoted; I don’t like considering this potential reality either. If it’s true, though, would it change anything we’re doing right now? Would more of us have decided, earlier on, to adopt a zero compliance with unlawful, immoral mandates? Could that decision have stopped a lot of the devastation to individual lives and livelihoods that is ongoing now?

There’s a damned-if-you-do component to non-compliance, and I’ve ‘chosen my battles’ and complied an awful lot of the time. Single parent, good reasons, etc. But what if there’s a bigger damned-if-you-don’t that’s been intentionally downplayed. Hope can be tranquilizing sometimes. If we knew from the outset that our freedom rests solely on our willingness/ability to defend it, not on anyone else, what would we do?

We are already damned if you do, damned if you dont,,,

We are on our own Farmgirl,,

BINGO! And if you are here you are already ahead of the coming game.

Immoral mandates never start out as such. Regulations start small and seemingly reasonable. Then snuck into legislation by some bureaucrat. When this power is seen by others, the monster grows, until the encroachment on civil rights and liberties is complete. The problem is that there never seemed to be a pivotal moment to take a stand.

I mean, who would have ever thought that depriving farmers of irrigation water by letting it flow into the sea for some supposed endangered small fish was a good idea.

Things to do this weekend:

  • Inspect/clean/oil firearms
  • inventory ammo, check and load mags/clips
  • Buy extra rice, flour, water, canned goods
  • Buy extra batteries
  • Buy and fill more gas cans
  • Pray hard (2 Thessalonians 5:17)

It appears insurgent intimidation is in full force ahead of the Patriot gathering in DC on the 6th. The Harrington Hotel, where many of the Proud Boys lodged during their visits to DC has announced they will be closed Jan 4th – 6th. Harry’s Bar, located inside, will be closed on the 5th and 6th. BLM/Antifa is calling for their licenses to be revoked, in retaliation for them allowing Patriots to stay there. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more services shut down during the time period of the Patriot rally. Might want to BYO everything, if you’re planning to attend.

Why would you enrich the enablers of the thieves masquerading as representatives? I would operate under the assumption EVERYONE within reasonable transportation distance from the capitol is part of the evil cabal unless demonstrated otherwise. Pack your own and drive to safer places as soon as possible afterwards.

I’ll be in DC …. on the 6th… if Pence rolls over, im with the mob, “Storm the Bastille”

P.s. if you give up, there’s no where to die but on your knees…. i choose to go out standing…

  1. stay away from crowds
  2. if you are going to DC you do so un armed

sounds not so good to me, unarmed with leftist government LEO that are armed
id re think that

“An alternate slate of electors officially voted for President Trump on December 14 in the states of Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, New Mexico, and Georgia.”

That’s not true in PA. Not true. Not true. Not true. I don’t know why people keep saying it. I’m not going to argue. I will just say the PA Legislature was not in session since 11/30. WHERE, pray tell, is the evidence that they met in December and passed a majority vote to send Republican electors?

we dye our hair purple, bust out the nipple rings and go hang out with phucks like you


Na, would not work for me. I like orange hair and an occasional shower.

Ya, i tend more towards dreads

Wait and see.

Misinformation is the trademark of the Democrats, who any Socialist/Collectivist simply cannot do without it.

Any “misinformation” on our part is simply our prognostication of possible events, given each individual’s ability to penetrate the propaganda of the media, when compared to Reality as we have come to understand it over our long life-times. Admittedly, some people are better than others at doing this. However, when we have made a mistake in our predictions, we are better at self-correction than any Democrat, who is practiced at ignoring whatever contradicts their visions of their Earthly paradise.

Oh, and people have attempted to take our firearms away, and to restrict them, limit their capacities and designs, and make them illegal in various places. In some cases, we fought back and won against these violations, restoring what was lost.

The only reason no one has come to take them away is because we have made it very clear we would kill those attempting to do so, then attack those who sent them. But, most likely, we would not wait until they came…as we would already be coming for them by that time.


Oh, oh, oh, I know! (hand held high) Next conspiracy theory??

Just kidding. You’re stating your theory as fact, and challenging others’ thought processes as conspiracy theory. (‘What happens when…’ sentence would be an example of this.) Look up ‘strawman argument’ under logical fallacies.

Just tryin’ to help….;-)

Ozzie’s comment had been bounced out due to negative votes. But your responses were great – so I pulled it back out of the swamp so as not to lose all of your replies in the thread 🙂

Oh Ozzie, I feel bad for you. Nothing better to do than wander around the internet looking for sites that you hate – and then inject your “truths”. Sad life.

On the contrary, I love this site. It’s required reading for everyone in my local antifa chapter. We all carefully study the info you provide to improve our plans for the great awakening. Then we scan through the comment section to gather intel that we send along to the globalist cabal HQ. Thanks comrade, can’t tell you how much your blog has helped the communist movement. Btw, I’d be happy to write a guest post about purple hair dye and nipple rings. Seems like at the very least kulafarmer would be interested… 

Ooh, please stop.
Your last comment scares me.

Who’s the higher cabal, in HQ?


I look forward to receiving your guest post! Thanks!!!

As would I like to read said guest post.
It would be ‘nice’ to have a different ‘mind’ set. A different, enlightening perspective of the opposition’s view.


Sorry, but don’t you mean ‘The Great Reset’? The Great Awakening is for those who want to save the republic. Thought you might want to know that, for next time.

Seriously, though, might you consider that it could be you’re the one who is simply reinforcing strongly held beliefs? Normalcy bias is a thing, and is understandably stronger when the threats to normalcy increase. My own desire for normal, as I have known it, would love for you to be right. It takes effort to overcome the siren call of staying tranquilized and hopeful when it’s detrimental to do so. I don’t hope you starve. I hope you wake up.

Good, maybe you can figure out how to dodge 7.62×51


Whose reality are you referring to, in this information age where knowledge is just a click away? I see many different realities held forth, from varying sources, all over the net. Which knowledge should we be using? ‘makes you feel good’??!! LOL. You’ve really got to work on your manipulation verbage!

If you really took the time to read all of the comments, instead of making ad hominem attacks, you’d see there are many differing perspectives on both what’s really going on now, and what may happen going forward. Lots of info, lots of opinions, and lots of personal experience gets shared and considered. What you seem not to like is that your opinion isn’t widely held among them.

Sounds like someone’s feeling a little insecure….

Thank you, Ken! I know the general policy, and try to follow it, but if you don’t practice your fencing technique at least once in a while, it gets rusty. Good activity for a snowy day!

Slapping a troll around from time to time can be fun sport 😉


Yup. Guilty pleasures, lol. Well, had my fun, and I should probably do something a bit more productive now. Tagging out.

Im sick of these democrat POS,
set up a registration,

Do some research on DAVOS and the Great Reset. As well as the buzz phrase “ Dark Winter “. Just a couple of reasons why so many people are on edge.
These things are not contrivances of the alt-media.
Not so long ago there were places like Auschwitz, Dachau, and Treblinka.
You have people here who simply don’t want a repeat of that history.

Spirit of 76
right you are, and might i add, Hitler, Stalin and Mao were all considered leftist,,,
i dont trust anything that has a history of killing their own people,,,

can go to hell

I prey that the VP does the right thing. We will all see just how true he holds to his Christian beliefs.
No matter, all of representatives will have to go on record and vote accordingly. If the Senate votes on party lines, as The House of Representatives,Trump would win the day, but we know that will not happen.There will be some GOP “DEFECTORS” within the Senate, with Biden carrying the House of Representives. At least President Trump will know who his true allies are, shortly after which time I hope he drops the HAMMER, (Roger Stone like…kicking in the door at 3AM), (Insurrection Act, Conspiracy to Overthrow the Republic) on those that betrayed the Republic. Fly all of them directly to Gitmo, Cuba for Military Tribunal’s. In addition he can round up all the other coconspirators (CEO’s of Facebook, Google, Twitter, CNN, NBC, CBS, some Governor’s, some State Secretary’s of State and other persons involved directly or indirectly. They can all rot in Gitmo for a year or two while the military tribunal’s gather the evidence needed to convict the traitors. Note: Special Operations Assets now report directly to the Secretary of Defense by order of the POTUS Trump.
Happy New Year 🙂

Dario – Well said.

I just read this document: “The Battle For The Republic Will Likely Go Kinetic After JAN-6” and I could not agree more with it. If Pence folds; American patriots will rise to the occasion, and save the Republic. If Pence rolls over…this was not the America that I was raised in. Remember Ronald Reagan’s speech on communism, remember what President Eisenhower said about, “The Military Industrial Complex.” They where both talking about big government and big business. On January 6, 2021, the chickens are going to come home to roost. And if a kinetic war happens…let us patriots liberate American once again. Freedom has a cost of human life. A U.S. Marine said, “I’ve just return from Iraq / Afghanistan…you have no idea what war is about…if you (liberals) think that I’m going to give up my rights, you have no idea what hell is about or how it will be unleashed upon you.” This comment is paraphrased. But the idea is there, war is going to be hell. Remember Maj. Dick Winters famous lines: Hold the line and hang tough!
God Bless American! Thank God that the Founding Fathers gave us The Constitution of these United States of America to

Pence will simply enact a 10 day delay on the Electoral Vote, as he is empowered to do, and schedule all the debates and votes caused by the protests of both chambers of the House.

During this delay, and as the debates rage on the floors, pieces are moving on the Chess Board and incredible things shall be taking place. There is even a chance Biden will bow out and bring the entire firestorm to an end.

I always read your posts closely and with interest. So, there will be this huge gathering next week in the swamp… and in your view the outcome will be postponed and everyone sent home to wait for the audit suggested by the dozen senators, with the 10 days being a smoke screen of sorts to complete or carry out plans.

Then, with no one gathered and only a few days before the scheduled inauguration, the Trojan Horse will either concede or be declared the loser based on the outcome of what the public will see as an audit, but really not exactly that.

That seems like a lot to hope for up to the very last minute. How confident are you?

Nothing about to happen is “last minute.”

I am quite confident.

Things happen in the sequence they must, when they must. People need to be shown the “instruments,” blood needs to be kept to a minimum, and proper procedures allowed to play themselves out.

Things can go in many directions…And, there is always things like Iran blowing up the Capitol building during the joint session….

But, all the tools and all the forces are in place for Trump to use. And, he is the kind of guy to use them….

Thanks for your reply. Your confidence helps bolster mine.

I get that unexpected events can occur. And my saying last minute isn’t meaning that prep was not undertaken until the last minute. Rather, that going this route will take almost until Inauguration Day itself, so it doesn’t leave much time if there are complications.

I just hope you are right, the thought of this criminal activity being rewarded with a win feels like a blow from which there may be no recovery.

There is time.

Let the enemy believe in schedules.

Let us enjoy History as it happens.

Ed. – Amen. Hang tuff……head up……eyes up.

pence folded like a chair and the media is taking this time to demonize patriots I am disgusted!

Americans have lost their representation and are taxed. Crooks push tax dollars to “overseas” programs and countries to wash the $ and it returns to their coffers via congressional budget approvals. It’s the same old “Swamp Game” played by Dems and Repubs. It’s high time to clean the dirty house of filthy parasites.

Well right about a couple of things. Post fake report that it was Trump supporters storming the Capital hill, That is how we are going to be treated WITH NO ELECTED OFFICIAL PROTECTING US.

Yes time to fight. The slap in your face is one thing but lying about what happened and pinning on Trump supporters is another thing. Are you ready to fight yet?

So we take more congressional seat a governor and yet we lose the Presidency and two Senator races and we are completely in the minus. Same system in Georgia no changes.

What do you think the results will be and proven they are! No investigation? No challenge? Suck it up and march on Republicans!! Are you ready to fight yet?

Do you not see the writing on the wall? Do you not hear the voices of tomorrow saying hello Comrade? Do you not feel that shadow sleeking lurking behind you?

Almost every communist take over of a country, post millions of people were killed to reduce resistance. Now they can’t do that here or can they? Mao killed 44-80 million. Staling killed 50 million plus? Vietnam killed 2 million or more. North Korea keeps it population starving. Yea but this is America they can’t rig a Presidential election.

So how and what tool of choice will they use? COVID-19. but didn’t get the desired results. But it did take down our population of Senior Citizens. You know our grandparents who fought in WWII and the korean war. Those that made America Great adn fought communism.

Yea Covid-19 didn’t do it. So stand by because they will do something to reduce the population and in turn reduce resistance. Are you ready to fight?

“History is to be studied so we don’t repeat it. Unless you studied history to learn how to repeat it.” Quote: “BymE” In other words How did other Communist regimes fo their business. ARE YOU READY TO FIGHT? If not get ready because America wont last if you don’t. Biden: United Socialist States of America (USSA). I’m not excited about that are you?

Mulling over events, and the desire in my red area to move our border out of our red state that is controlled by blue urban county, I am thinking theoretically of what the options would be. This is just a theoretical exercise on my part as I am uncertain what I want to do given the events. I was recently on a page that showed a lot of instances in history where one part of a country seceded peacefully from another. For ex: New Zealand from England. Czechs. from Russia.Then there is the fact that those in red counties have more in common with each other and the views of the blues do not work for us, our geographies and life styles. Why must we be dictated to by those who ignore and disregard these things; our welfare and right to live as we do?