The Dirty Little Secret About Gun Control…

Unless YOU cooperate, it’s impossible to enforce.

Criminals do NOT cooperate with gun control. None of them. So why should we? Seriously. Why should we? We’re the good guys.

Why would we enable an iota of legitimacy to new seemingly unconstitutional gun laws enacted by far left legislatures and signed by far left anti-gun governors — all of which violates the 2nd Amendment at its core?

Sure, we’ll let the courts sort it all out. Good luck with that. But in the meantime are you, we (the good guys), going to comply with new laws that ban certain magazine capacities or certain guns/rifles or suppressors (for example)?

What are they going to do — come door to door and take them? (more on that in a minute)

By the way, I’m not advising that anyone disobey any laws. I’m just asking a question and inviting discussion. Just saying.

Bad Guys Don’t Cooperate — Why Should The Good Guys…

I bring this up having just updated myself with the latest going’s on in Virginia. I’m not a resident of Virginia and none of this is going to affect me (yet). However I have an interest in what happens — as I’m sure do many of you.

Why? Because if they get away with it there, it’s going to be tried in other states which have (or may have in the future) democrat-controlled legislatures — enabled via the highly populated city regions or two in that state.

I’m just a regular “good guy” who happens to own some guns for varying reasons and purposes. Some anti-gunners like to use the phrase “gun nut” and degrade anyone who owns guns. Well I do enjoy the sport of shooting once in awhile, as well as the ability to exercise my 2A right for whatever reason. But I’m not a nut. I’m just a regular good guy — who is apparently targeted by most of the left — because I own some guns.

And oh my… — if you happen to own any of those scary black guns — you know the one’s — the most popular rifle in America today… Why is it that the anti-gun left are scared to death of these rifles, especially those which are in the hands of the “good guys”? Because after all, ANY anti-gun legislation won’t matter one single bit to the “bad guys”. So, it goes to show how they, the anti-gunners, are afraid of the good guys! Seems strange. Maybe THEY are the bad guys… who are afraid of the good guys, us…

Regardless of why you or I might own firearms, rifles… many of them have so called “high capacity” magazines — which is perfectly normal and “stock” /standard for most mid-size or full-size handguns (for example). Big whoop-dee-do. Right? Why does this scare the anti-gun left so much that they want to ban them? The bad guys won’t comply — so why should we?

I’m digressing a bit. But I’m just briefly explaining why I (and likely, you) are concerned about ongoing far-left gun control legislation measures. Even if you don’t live in Virginia — the latest state where a far-left controlled legislature is passing anti-gun law — the outcome may be a precursor of what might happen to you next…

They. Do. Not. Stop.

Coincidentally, today I received a message from the New Hampshire Firearms Coalition (of which I’m a supporter), which reads (in summary)… a (leftist) state senator is once again introducing “Red Flag” gun confiscation bill (vetoed last year by our governor). This time the bill is tweaked with new language in hopes of passing. And this is in New Hampshire — a Constitutional Carry state — traditionally freedom loving, independent, and gun-friendly (the spirit of “Live Free or Die”).


What the heck is wrong with these people? Is there not better legislation to enact? NH has effectively NO CRIME PROBLEM in this regard. And Castle Doctrine here would swiftly relegate criminals 6 feet under. Most of the crime that does occasionally exist is within the VERY CITY REGIONS which are enabling far-left legislators who themselves don’t seem to understand the illogical of what they are doing!

I’ll stop there.. let’s get back to Virginia..

Will Virginians Comply?

Despite a continued explosion of “gun sanctuaries” in nearly every corner of Virginia, the new Democratic-controlled legislature on Friday [Feb-7-2020] took the first step to ban sporting rifles, large-capacity magazines, and suppressors.

In a 12-9 vote, the House Public Safety Committee voted to ban “assault weapons” such as the popular AR-15 and AK-47, magazines that hold more than 12 rounds, and sound suppressors, effective July 1.

~ Washington Examiner

So, no longer will a Virginian be able to purchase any of these (after July 1). At least until if and when this goes through the courts afterwards. Or the legislature and governor are voted out of office and the laws are changed again on the next go-around.

Evidently, given the outcry from Virginians, they’re going to “grandfather” some of this. Except though — magazines greater than 12 rounds — no grandfather clause.

So, what are Virginians going to do? Turn them all in? I cannot even begin to imagine how many magazines there are in that state (any state) that hold more than 12 rounds. How about nearly EVERY full size handgun, even MANY mid size… and EVERY AR-15 (for example)?

Will they turn them in?

Reading other comments on this today, here’s one for ya —

I believe the best strategy from now on is to totally ignore the government. Arrange your life so they won’t find anything. If they come, don’t answer. Make them kick it down. Answer no questions. Demand warrants. Retain a good attorney. File a lawsuit.

The state will be forced to request and serve more than a million warrants. They’ll have every news outlet in the nation following Virginia law enforcement with telephoto cameras. Administrative costs for obtaining warrants would be about $50 million and serving them about $100 million. Door replacement, about $200 million. Law suits, billions. Prison space, who knows?

And another…

Los Angeles tried this 4 years ago and no one turned any in at the deadline.. So the demoRats gave them another 3 weeks and they still got exactly… zero.

The dirty secret of gun control is that unless YOU co-operate.. It’s impossible, to enforce.

And the door to door stuff is pure fantasy. They know exactly what would happen in that scenario. and they don’t want to go there at all.

“Firearms Owners Are Law Abiding”

The notion is that firearms owners are law abiding. This is mostly true. We, are the good guys.

When incremental new laws are passed by anti-gun leftist state legislatures / governors, they figure most firearms owners will comply. Inch by inch. Mile by mile. That’s what they want. To get the good guys.

The individuals who commit violent crimes with a gun (it’s not gun violence – it’s people violence), are themselves the bad guys — who will NOT obey or comply with gun legislation. Do these leftists really think that more gun law will stop that? No, I don’t believe that most of them do. I believe it’s more sinister… because it’s so illogical.

Regarding this article’s featured image:

(2013) CT residents lining up to register firearms & magazines >10 rounds. Police had received 47,916 applications for “assault weapons certificates”. Though the most conservative estimates place the number of unregistered assault weapons well above 50,000, and perhaps as high as 350,000. Most did not comply.

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