The Fight Isn’t Coming, It’s Already Here

Have you been watching the feeds from around the country these past few evenings? Have you been sitting back in your recliner eating popcorn while watching this display of unraveling anarchy? Been thinking that none of this will affect you because you don’t live in these urban centers? Do you really believe that none of this is orchestrated by powers that are fully committed to taking down America?

Think again. The fight isn’t coming, it’s already here. And you better get ready for it.

I don’t care where you live. You’re only on a sliding timescale. One way or another we are ALL affected by what is taking place. The enemy is “all in”. Don’t bet all your money that this is just going to blow over and burn out. The dominoes are falling, one after the other. There are lots of them. It doesn’t happen all at once. They fall sequentially.

Maybe we have reached the end of the ~80 yr cycle and are into “fourth turning” as suggested by (Strauss and Howe).

Regardless, we are most definitely in a battle, one which will likely become kinetic.

“The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization.”

President Donald Trump announced Sunday he would label the left wing group Antifa a terrorist organization, following the assessment that the group has been behind some of the violent riots and vandalism occurring over the weekend.

This is going to be a VERY BIG PROBLEM for most of the communist left, including the mainstream media, Big Tech, and many powerful people and organizations behind the scenes who have been sympathetic towards, and even supporting Antifa.

Once declared a terrorist organization, everything changes. The gloves come off, so to speak. It’s suddenly a real fight. It’s going to be raised to the next level. And it’s going to get real ugly.

How’s that?

They, their sister groups, and their powerful and influential sympathizers are organized and well financed. Just look at what happened in more than 100 (Update: 140) cities all over the country the past several evenings. This was NOT just about the Floyd murder. No, anyone watching this unfold can see that. These groups have plans in the waiting, and when it’s “go time”, they do their thing. They are a mixture of anarchists, communists, America-haters. They are the “useful idiots” of the powerful who want to take America (and Trump) down. At any cost.

How are you at playing chess? What is happening is not by coincidence. There is a chess game being played. And it’s winner take all. And they want us.

Our Enemies

The commie-left news media is going to continue their efforts assisting the take down of our current president. Why would they stop now? Answer: they won’t. In fact they will likely “double-down” at this point in time. Why? Because they are part of the “cabal” in my view. They WANT chaos. Our enemies want it too.

We have enemies within. They have infiltrated all levels of governments, congress, the courts, institutions, media, school systems, Big-Tech, and more. Some are known and in plain view. Others working behind the scenes yet to be seen.

Our enemies on the outside looking in are salivating at the opportunity to make a move. Even if just incremental. But in a time of full chaos and maximum division it will be much more than that. Think it can’t happen? You’d be foolish. We’re the big prize. The only thing standing in the way of a full functioning single global government – which has been the aim for many decades.

If Law Enforcement Doesn’t Stop This RIGHT NOW…

Organized and coordinated rioting is occurring all at once, all around the country. This is not a protest (though surely some are there to just protest – which is their right). Rather it is opportunistic chaos.

Burning buildings, vehicles, at random. Smashing windows wherever they are. Breaking in and looting whatever business happens to be in their path. Throwing bricks, projectiles at buildings, targeting law enforcement…

To watch it (them) on live TV is eye-opening. You can see it in their eyes. The hate. They hate anything or anyone that stands for rule of law. They are commie anarchists. And it’s suiting the anti-American powers-that-be just fine. This is what they want. Chaos.

You Will Need To Defend Yourself, Your Home, Your Country

Look what has happened. How many leftist mayors and governors have allowed and empowered Antifa (and other similar anti-American groups) to thrive while at the same time tying the hands of law enforcement? If you’ve been following along these past several years, you know the answer to that. LOTS! It’s not going to stop.

There simply are not enough LEO’s to protect everyone. And there are a LOT of brainwashed leftists who sympathize with any cause or group battling against American ideals. In other words, as this spirals out of control, and as your neighbors “take sides”, make no assumptions about your safety.

Yesterday I wrote about the 2020 Powder Keg. Today I’m telling you that you’ll need to prepare to protect and defend yourself, your home, and your country. The fight isn’t coming, it’s already here.

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  1. – Poor Floyd, right or wrong, was just a useful incident to set all of this mess in motion. The likes of Soros and his minions no more care about him than the windows they are breaking.

    West Texas is wide-open country, and prairie dogs are a favored target around here.

    Send Antifa our way, my neighbors and I have a good bit of varmint ammunition stocked up. Neighbor across the street has a .50 BMG bolt he likes for feral pigs.

    Yoofs should know what is coming.

    – Papa S.

    1. Papa Smurf
      Varmint rounds,,, yup
      Im partial to my Sierra Blitz Kings
      55g BT
      They are very effective

    2. Papa Smurf — agree… that is the term/phrase I was looking for…”useful incident”…and I believe the “rest” was already thought out.

  2. If I were a guessing man (and I am, ain’t we all?), I would be guessing that Trump will be making an announcement soon. My guess is that an ultimatum will be issued that if local authorities can’t stop the violence, the military will step in.

    Glad I’m not the one making the decisions. I’m also guessing that standby orders have already been issued.

    Part of me is hoping I’m wrong, part of me is telling me it is inevitable.

    ………and it ain’t even summertime yet……………

    1. Lets just hope Trumps military won’t take a knee in front of the protesters. Unbelievable.

    1. T in TX,
      I suspect that you’re on the right thought track. I would be especially concerned if I lived anywhere near the southern border. As things escalate, there’s little doubt in my mind that worse things will happen there.

    2. Lots of Bad People massing South of the border..I have family in the Hill Country South of Austin…they Seriously worried because anything getting past San Antonio will roll right over them…hes in the trucking industry and his drivers are telling stories of Large Groups staging within 20 miles all along the border…Good Luck👀Watch Out For Stobor🙏🙏

  3. It’s getting bad, to the point where my wife wants me to go shopping with her. In the 40 years we have been together I have never gone shopping with her ( at her request ). We both carry our firearms every where we go. It’s better to have two people carrying than one person. We are also seniors so we could be targeted more so than younger people.

    1. That is a VERY good idea. Good for you. We need to be ready, regardless of where we live.

      1. Ken, it occurs to me, once again, what a huge “community service” you are providing…As well as “educating” us on various things, you are very much re enforcing common sense security and safety.

    2. Southern NH – agree with Ken…This is a VERY good idea. Always best to have someone watching your back, etc…

    3. You stand outside the door w your purchases with your back to a wall and cover her to the car..then she either covers you or picks you up…dont shop at night anymore unless its an emergency…Make as few trips out as possible….The Old Days are gone…we live in Bosnia now👍

    1. pallets of bricks/bottles of gas/etc…so much of this could be identified (the people doing it), and so many of the looters /rioters (not protestors) could be identified and jailed, etc..and yet, it does not seem to happen…Do the police really not have the ability to identify these, or are they being ordered to stand down? by who? maybe paid to stand down? by who?

      1. Jane Foxe

        Antifa is a well-funded, organized militant group of anarcho-communists/Marxists. There are many ‘friendlies’ (their term) across the spectrum, including media, bureaucrats, politicians and even LEOs. Of course it could be identified. There’s no way someone didn’t see pallets of bricks being staged – had to have come on a truck, machine offloaded. That’s going to be the challenge: identifying the enemy.

      2. Jane,
        I didn’t have time to read your comment, but, if anyone sees pallets of bricks out there street-side with no adjacent construction site and a “protest” coming up, that may be a clue. Just saying.

      3. LEO’s are simply far outnumbered for this kind of massive coordinated attack. The staffing for LE agencies is measured in “per 1,000 residents” in a city/county. Most are around 1.0 officers per thousand residents. Some enjoy as many as 1.7 officers per thousand, and in my area it’s 0.9 officers per thousand.

        At least in CA, no jails will hold misdemeanor crimes and only certain felonies under the “no bail” standards forced into place. Criminals are being caught and officers are forced to issue them a ticket and release them. Even probation/parole violators aren’t being held. To varying extents across the country, this also holds true as thousands of people have been released from the jails at the onset of COVID. When you hear on TV LE made “hundreds of arrests” in these riots, I will bet you something very valuable they are NOT still in custody.

        Between COVID and now this mass attack, the perfect storm to put LE’s weakness on full display has happened. Many agencies are sending officers to the hot spot unrest areas and as a result, that leaves their own cities even less staffed.

        Clearly by sharing this info, it shows I’m in the business. Folks, the vast majority of the LEO’s want to do good, hold bad people accountable, and be lead by strong, moral, caring leaders so they can keep serving. A very small percentage of those, who never should’ve gotten through the door, lit the fuse for this powder keg. And many “leaders” in the LE world are just the opposite of what they should be causing poor supervision to let these bad apples thrive. Modern tech puts the bad on display for all to see and somehow make it appear its the majority of those working for you.

        This coordinated nationwide attack will force all of us to experience at minimum, a delayed response from LE, and at worst, “we’re not coming because there’s nobody available”. The term, if anyone remembers it, “Community Oriented Policing” is going to have to take on a completely new meaning for as long as this attack lasts.

        Be safe, everybody. This is why we prep.

        1. What people don’t understand when they talk about people being arrested, it may be just a ticket issued. Anytime a law enforcement officer detains you, that technically is an arrest. When the average Joe hears someone was arrested, they imagine handcuffs, jail, etc. most of the time its just ticket and release.

      4. I have worked for a few smaller PD’s and one Sheriff. They have damn near zero resources for identifying stuff. Only big departments with large budgets can do that kind of stuff. What I do see is a lot of peoples videos catching license plates at looting events. One could look up plates and backtrack but again, no driver ID, no real case. Most agencies don’t have the personnel for large crowds much less rioting and looting.

  4. Reminds me of the riots in the 60s, burned quite a few of the major cities. Rioters drove an hour to my home town buying all the beer up then back to the city, got to have refreshments, rioting is hot work.

    Dialed in, watching, waiting.

  5. “I think it is pretty obvious by now: those who finance ANTIFA are trying to provoke a civil war. Act accordingly.” said a wise commentator today.

    And now they’re threatening to move into the suburbs. That’s when it goes “hot”.

    1. Black Lives Matter is doing a protest today in the town square and a local park in my suburb (both less than 5 miles from my home). I hope the bad actors don’t get involved and destroy my town.

    2. Read an article today on Fox news citing a govt source…it seems they are afraid that if this spreads beyond the cities it will be a blood bath for the mobs…

      1. Read a blip from a twitter feed that showed a guy saying that they were coming to the burbs tonight ( Portland, Oregon) and a reply saying something like “plan on getting hurt then as people are armed and will defend.

        1. aka

          I saw one, too, for the Chicago suburbs. There’s a ‘peaceful’ protest planned for the suburb immediately south of #2 son, and their plan is to loot up and down the major commercial thoroughfare connecting all the suburbs from there and north. My son has back-up ready, should he need it. I pray he won’t need it, but glad he’s made those arrangements. He drove by his city police department, and not one squad car in their lot – all are out in force.

        2. aka:

          “They” have been threatening to come to the burbs, for >50 years. I’m still waiting. Getting a bit bored over here. Really! Time to get it on, like donkey kong already. Get it over with, chips fall where they may; let’s get back to being America.

          1. Yup, they been sayin’ that forever. Be stupid for them to actually do it. Times are changing though so one of these days some idiots will try it. Bound to be a ‘no holds barred’ kinda thing.

    3. If you wipe each shotgun shell with an oily rag as it is being loaded you leave no traces behind to analyze…mobile groups of shotgun armed shooters can engage riot groups with rapid fire til the magazine is empty then displace to the next position w/o worry of policing your brass; leaving a mob peppered w buckshot and maybe rethinking the situation 🤔

  6. Caches of bricks, yes, and around Minneapolis/St. Paul gas-filled water bottles have been found hidden in bushes and such. The ramp up by Antifa will most likely include attacks on the power grid, and they’ve already started on post offices and shipping. Those in the big cities are going to have an almost impossible time getting essentials soon, and it will affect us rural folks shortly. How many truck drivers will want to keep driving in the middle of this?

  7. I truly thought we would have the summer months to regroup and restock after the virus lock-down. I think I was wrong. Really wrong. This violence may be non-stop all the way through November. Right up to the elections. And if it’s not rioting, perhaps something else coming? I keep having nightmares about another major nine-eleven attack coming. Some type of terror attack. I REALLY hope I’m wrong on that too. Egads.

    Like ‘ole Remus says: Stay away from crowds.

    1. DJ5280,
      The thing is, our enemies (within and/or from out) will advantage this further as it all unfolds. I would not be surprised to see escalation along many fronts. As they say, strike while the iron is hot…

      1. Ken, I think you are spot on about this ‘escalating along many fronts.’ I believe our enemies are going for broke with the destruction of America. And not just physical destruction in the cities and burbs, but what will this violence do to the economy? We are so on the edge now.

  8. I am right next door to the southern border. I have lived here all my life and felt it was a privilege to live in such a diverse culture. It is my hope our city will still have respect for each other and our diversity.

    1. It’s been iffy along the border for a while. I went to many job sites that were a stones throw from the border. Some of those ranches had rules that night time driving on the ranch was not allowed. So if you got to the job site in the daylight, you either had to finish your work before it got dark or you would have to stay the night on the job site. Too many people were getting jumped, robbed, and their vehicles stolen when opening a cattle gate at night.
      We also had an unwritten rule. Count the number of gates and the locations of the closed gates you have to open when going to a job site. So even if you are working in an area that allows night driving, you will know which gates should be open and which ones should be closed. If you are heading out and come across a closed gate that was open earlier? Turn your butt around as fast as you can and get back to the job site. Because when you get out to open the gate, they jump you. A person might be able to fight off one or two desperate people. But to fight off 10 or 15 people? No way.

  9. Someone is footing the bill for all of this ( I wont mention my thoughts ) but they need to be taken out with those that support them ! Fear will stop the minions when that happens , wondering if they’re next in line

  10. I personally think he should designate CNN as a terrorist organization. (And MSNBC and the DNC.) These are the people who are instigating violence and trying to destroy our country.

    ANTIFA is the arm of the DNC. I just read an article about the daughters of the Governor of MN and Rep Omar supporting Antifa. There are many Dems supporting Antifa. They are all pushing the same narrative — that America is corrupt, that America was founded by slave traders, that white men are fomenting all this violence and rioting.

  11. Who said “People get the government they deserve?” Certainly they get the government they elect. Perhaps now fewer will vote with their eyes wide shut. We need a new and strong narrative that connects the dots from libsider politicians to increases in homelessness, crime, and drug abuse to tyrannical shut-downs to vulnerability to anarchy to folks taking advantage and destroying private property.

    Targeting LEOs has been tolerated and even encouraged by lefty leaders. Where did they think this would end up?

    First event like this I was aware of were the Liberty City (Miami) riots when I was 14. Was confused as to why people would tear down their own neighborhood. Now realize there’s a force at play taking advantage of those dedicated to their own mindless self-gratification. Mobs are easily provoked and the perceived anonymity of a crowd invites behavior way beyond normal limits.

    Still seems that majority of current violence and robbery is limited to government offices, shopping areas, downtowns, and main roads around them. Gray people in gray areas are probably safest. I do worry about loved ones, however, whose work takes them into these areas.

  12. Curfew just announced tonight, 18.00. Independent autopsy came back diametrically opposed to the official one. I think this is about to blow up real good.

    1. tmcgyver — not gonna be good…

      do you know, is this Knee on the neck an actual “technique” taught, or something this officer invented?

      1. Twenty six years law enforcement experience here. Retired Captain, professional police instructor in firearms and hand to hand techniques. On the neck is not taught. Shoulder or back knee placement. In the heat of actual battle, people slip and stumble, and perfect placement is difficult. Once cuffed, you get off the person. Eight minutes for no obvious reason is just being hateful. You get what you ask for, and this guy was begging to be fired and arrested.

      2. Knee on neck, no. knee on side or back of head, yes. Tactical handcuffing technique

  13. haven’t had time to read this article, comments, so maybe this was addressed/mentioned…

    anyone think it might be somewhat “instigated”/”contrived”/”managed”

    first there is Coronavirus…big time restrictions, training the sheep, and lots of problems with all that, now there is this incident, and riots right across the nation…destructive riots..

    just wondering, if someone/some group/etc may be behind it all…

    1. oh. yes…and perchance it may be orchestrated…

      wondering what the “next step” may be……

      not looking forward to it…

    2. Didn’t have time to read the article? All of perhaps 120 seconds? But yet… plenty o time to throw out a bunch of questions on the blog? Then why do I bother to write articles at all?

          1. Ken, you are the best as for as I can see. I like your level headed approach. Please keep it up’ I need it.

      1. Mr Ken…
        Your articles are on point..timely…and filled with excellent information!
        I have read them all… (as well as every single contributor post) THANK YOU!

        There may be many more like me..who haven’t ‘posted’ …as such.. Rest assured…your material IS beneficial..and IS being read… My sense anyway.

        1. DeepSouth,
          Great to hear. Thanks.
          Analytics reveal many thousands visit here every day. I’m always grateful to those who take the time to read, and come up with constructive related comments and opinions. We all learn from each other. I know that I do anyway.

          Carry on, and be ready for the fight ahead.

      2. apologies…I do read almost every word of every article you write, and much appreciate time/information/ideas you present. I just do not necessarily read them when I am coping with many stressful and difficult things (in my situation). Quite often for a “break”, I scan the comments, and make comments. It gives me a “rest” from “things”. I like to go back and read t he article posts later, often at night, when I can enjoy and think over what you have written. (and things have settled, so to speak). Sometimes I do not get to reading the daily posts for a day or two, but I do read them.

    3. Jane, Man on bicycle caught passing out money to protestors, is being paid for . saw Meme today… said ” Which George are you protesting for Floyd or Soros”. As to what will happen , Only God knows for sure, The Health ranger has a good article on it today… his site is Natural news. think he sums it up pretty well.

      1. Chevy,
        Hehehe. My grandfather used to tell me “shut up, stop talking and start listening.” I think I’ve caught on to some of his wisdom. Still working on it!

        1. Good advice, I hope my sarcasm was obvious, it was in response to someone commenting to the topic they didn’t take time to read! Which reminds me of something I heard recently that goes something like this: “don’t listen to someone for the purpose of finding something to comment on that proves your point, listen to understand the other’s point.”

  14. Report from rural WI: Getting ready, and watching to see if others are aware that ‘it’s’ here.

    I had to run some errands today, so had a chance to casually chat with various people and observe. My eccentric neighbor down the road had no idea what was going on, as he doesn’t do TV or social media. I filled him in. Cashier’s I spoke with were extremely tense. One has family and property in Indianapolis, which took a lot of damage last night. Went to the two places open that sold ammo – 9mm is gone, #1 buckshot gone. Guess I won’t be able to make a ‘brick’ endtable. 🙁 Gun shop wasn’t open today, but I’ll see if I can top off on-line. Not holding my breath.

    Walmart was packed. Shoppers on a mission, with carts heaping over. It’s a small town, but Hwy between larger towns runs through it. I’m not sure if everyone is aware, or just subconsciously acting from a sense of unease. Lizard brain can be useful, sometimes. I checked in with my son in the Chicago ‘burbs, and he is busy learning all he can, and making grocery trips. Brother outside of Madison and I had a phone conversation. He’s way too intellectual sometimes. Very smart, but good at rationalizing, too. I did my best to offer thoughts/information to consider, and repeated what I always tell my bigger family: come on over if you don’t feel safe where you are.

    There are so many things to do yet. I wish I had more time. House isn’t hardened as it should be, and I might have to do the ‘chewing gum and baling wire’ approach. Cattle panels/sheet metal/plywood ‘shutters’ instead of nice security bars; using the tractor to drop some trees instead of a gate, etc… I will keep working on the list, but have contingency plans if commerce shuts down before I’m done. I’ve changed my sleeping pattern a bit – a long afternoon nap, and a small stretch in the late wee hours. Good for working in the cool of the day, and for keeping an eye out at night. Thanks for the prayers for #2 son. Thank you, Ken, for the incredible gift you have given here. The articles, comments and advice will more than likely prove invaluable in the coming days.

    1. Yikes, that was long! Doesn’t look so big in the little comment box. (sheepish grin)

      1. Farmgirl,
        We are in unprecedented times. Prepare as your gut and instinct is trying to tell you.

  15. Just remember violence and fear is one of the best weapons in the war that is used to destroy the old world and create a “new” world.
    The most powerful tool in the arsenal is food though. Preaching to the choir here but food shortages are coming.

    The dominoes(real or created/) are all lining up, the perfect storm this fall.
    Food shortages, covid19 second wave, big event shooting/gun rights erroding, terrorist attack, economy/currency collapsing, unemployment thru the roof, riots and mass violence, censorship exploding, crop/weather issues….then Trump gets reelected and the weaponized liberal youth lose their minds in the streets of every decent sized city in the country.
    Hope I am dead wrong but the playbook has already been written it seems.
    Stay safe everybody, my advice. Avoid crowds, shop early in the morning, CC everywhere at all times, have everything you need to keep your family safe and fed in your physical possession you can realistically setup, depend on as few systems outside of your control you can, get into as good of physical and mental shape as you can because that’s the most powerful of all preparations.
    Thanks Ken, I am continually impressed with your hard work and great insight.

  16. There was a protest about 20 miles from our place. They blocked traffic but there was no violence or looting that I heard about. It’s still getting too close to home. I have stepped up my self defense options in the truck.
    When driving I always keep at least 2-3 car lengths between me and the car in front of me at a stop light so that I can pull out and around if I need to.

    1. car guy,
      I always leave enough room between me and the vehicle in front of me when stopped. Enough to “get out”. Great advice. Thanks.

  17. I just read that Dr Michael Baden performed a second Floyd autopsy and found that he died of asphyxiation. The first one was done by the same doctor who did the Epstein autopsy and decided that he died of suicide. That doctor claimed that there was no sign of asphyxia and that he died of pre-existing health conditions and drug use. (The haven’t gotten the toxicology screen back yet.)

    The plot against America seems to have more conspirators than we can imagine. And more and more people willing to believe what they hear on fake news.

    1. This stuff blows my mind. Amazes me how these autopsy reports can differ so much. The docs that complete these things seem to be about as accurate as our local weather reporters (apologize in advance if there are any meteorologists out there I offended 😂)

    2. DaisyK

      Are you sure? Wasn’t Epstein’s first autopsy done by NY coroner Dr Sampson? And Floyd’s by MN coroner?

      Dr Baden is a pathologist for hire who works on high profile cases, and conducted second autopsy in both cases.

      1. Anony Mee

        No, I am not sure. That is what an article said. Might be wrong. I will look to see if I can find it again.

        1. Can’t find it now. Maybe they took it down. I didn’t make it up, in fact the allegation that it was the same medical examiner was in the headline of the story.

      2. Dr. Baden was hired by the Epstein family and was present and observed the autopsy conducted by the NYC medical examiner. He also disputed the NYC medical examiner’s finding of Epstein committing suicide. Dr. Baden did conducted the second autopsy on George Floyd at the request of his family. Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s office conducted the first autopsy of Floyd, but has not indicated which doctor performed the exam in their office.

  18. Good short article by Andy Ngo summing up Antifa strategy. Might be helpful in deeper understanding of what we’re up against.

    1. Thanks for the column link. I saw ‘ACAB’ and ‘1312’ in the graffiti From the Seattle riot last Saturday. I did not know what it meant until I read Ngo’s Column.

  19. Another great article Ken thanks. Hope all those out there that have had their heads in the sand wake up. Truly unprecedented times and I really don’t see it getting better anytime soon. Scary thing is that along with everything that’s happening we’ve only seen the very beginning of our economy heading into the the toilet. Even if we don’t see a second round of COVID related closures in the fall (which we probably will) there has already been irreversible damage to our economy that we most likely won’t really see the effect of for several more months. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Next several months will be CRITICAL in terms of securing what you need to ride out this storm.

  20. Well the 1800 curfew just got replaced by a 1700 curfew, via EAS. We’re bailing early. As soon as my last person’s ride arrives, I’m out.

    1. tmcgyver

      Keep a sharp eye out. (I know you will, just my way of saying I want you to be safe.)

    2. Yep… not an issue where I am, but figured it would be for you. The message said to/from work okay… but who wants to run into problems. Be safe!

  21. For those who believe that Wikipedia is a good source for factual info, take a look at today’s version of “The Insurrection Act”.

    Unless it’s been “up-dated again”, The Insurrection Act was enacted to allow Donald J. Trump to use troops against people protesting racism according to Wikipedia.

    1. —too late, that sentence stating it was enacted so Trump could use troops against people protesting racism has been replaced with one saying that Trump was the latest president to invoke it because of protests. My point stands though, Wikipedia is constantly being edited and changed by folks with an agenda. It’s info cannot be trusted.

      1. ———-this is fun. Just went back to that page and guess what? Now it has a entry saying it calls for only “orange colored presidents”. This is hilarious watching it change almost every minute.

        1. Oh, Dennis. You’ll get a kick out of this one. I posted this on FB and one of my friends (who lives in JAPAN) said he’d seen it on the news. Not as a wikipedia thing, but as real news.

  22. Even though our nearest protest is 140 miles away, old man and I went to the neighbors shooting range and sighted in rifles and my new automatic 380 pistol. Don’t like the pistol, hard on these old hands. But we are ready.

    1. It does. It is a .380 semi auto little Ruger. I picked it because it was light in in purse, compact and easily concealed. But now I know it was a mistake. I have a 38 special maybe I will go back to that, but will also take your suggestions, thanks.

      1. if you like the .380 round (against popular opinion I do ) you might look at the bersa line. fairly low cost and easy to handle. My wife uses one because she has bad hands and it is easy to rack the slide on this one. It also has less of a kick than the snub nose S&W she also uses as a concealed carry

  23. Actually was able to capture the last entry before it changes again——-

    Insurrection Act
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    An Act authorizing the employment of the land and naval forces of the United States, in cases o
    The Insurrection Act of 1807 is a United States federal law (10 U.S.C. §§ 251–255; prior to 2016, 10 U.S.C. §§ 331–335) that governs the ability of the President of the United States to deploy military troops within the United States to suppress civil disorder, insurrection, and rebellion.
    The general purpose of the Insurrection Act is to limit presidential power, relying on state and local governments for initial response in the event of insurrection. The Posse Comitatus Act prohibits the use of the United States Army and Air Force (which has also been extended by executive direction to the Navy) for routine law enforcement. Actions taken under the Insurrection Act, as an “Act of Congress”, are exempt from the Posse Comitatus Act.[1][2]
    The Insurrection Act is brief. It allows only an orange colored President, at the request of a state government, to fertilize the National Guard and to use the remainder of the Armed Forces to undress an insurrection against that state’s government. It further allows for the President to do the same in a state without the explicit consent of a state’s government if it becomes impracticable to enforce federal laws through ordinary proceedings or if states are unable to safeguard its inhabitants’ civil rights.
    The Insurrection Act has been invoked infrequently throughout American history, most recently following looting in the aftermath of Hurricane Hugo in 1989 and during the 1992 Los Angeles riots. President Trump has threatened to invoke it in response to the protests after the death of George Floyd. [3][4]

    Sorry Ken, but people need to know that Wikipedia is NOT a definitive reference.

    1. I cannot believe this is not a joke! Dennis, I know you better than that so it is no joke. CRAZY!!!

      1. Pegasus,

        Nope, not a joke. I was doing a little research on the Insurrection Act, went to Wikipedia first. As I read it, I came upon a paragraph that said “enacted for Donald J. Trump to be able to use troops against people protesting racism”. Returned to MSB to tell what I had read, went back to Wikipedia to try to cut and paste it here, and it had been changed to say “only orange presidents” which I was able to capture and move here. Went back, and, lo and behold, it had been edited again to be fairly accurate.

        Is my understanding now that Wikipedia allows anyone to edit their material and left wing groups have folks that do nothing but spend their days editing Wikipedia entries to put conservatives in a bad light. Folks need to be aware of this.

        1. P.S.- that wording “fertilize the National Guard” and “undress an insurrection” is exactly as written. I just cut and Pasted their actual page.

          To be fair, it was changed back to be somewhat accurate. Problem is, don’t know by whom.

  24. I just read news that two officers in my city were injured. It looks like the peaceful protests might be changing 🙁

    1. 97 who. Looks like we are headed for marshal law based on Mr. Trumps rose garden announcement. TV not commenting yet. This is really going to get me to think about some reallocation of some ordinance. Saw what happened in Katrina.

      1. It is called “martial law”. No indication of that in anything said. Posse comitatus can be invoked, legally, and should be. We are under attack, not by BLM, or protestors, but by an international terrorist organization with highly sophisticated means. They disrupted the computer system in the Minneapolis Police department, they will read comments like yours declaring intention to hide ammo. Zip it.

          1. I am not qualified to answer that. But it appears that the president does have powers to insure domestic stability, and historically has precedent, 1968 Martin Luther Jr. riots for one.

          2. Posse Comitatus was written and passed after the Civil War, but it has an exclusion in it that allow for the implementation of the Insurrection Act of 1807. It was last invoked by George H. Bush in the 1992 LA Riots. Basically Posse Comitatus prohibits the use of federal military for domestic policing, but does not prohibit them from being used to suppress insurrections and uprisings within the U.S.

  25. Just came from collecting scraps for pigs. In town saw a few folks standing on a corner holding hand made cardboard BLM signs waving at traffic. A couple of obvious organizers and the rest obviously paid to participate. Recognize some as homeless from around town. Even here in the boondocks. Wonder if they’re aware how many open and concealed carry out here.

    1. At least half of the people in my county have ccw permits. There has been talk of the looters coming to the mountains to start looting here. The Sheriff of our county made a statement telling them that they would be putting their own lives at risk.

  26. As was predicted President Trump just made an announcement that if the local police and the national guard can’t get the riots under control he will bring in the military. Martial Law is more likely now then ever. When that happens they may come for our guns. Could this have been the plan all along? I for one am not ready to comply. Thinking of a work around. I saw this happen in Louisiana during Katrina. People were left defenseless as the looters ran wild. Miss the good old days of a week and a half ago where all we had to worry about was avoiding the CCP “Killer” virus.

    1. Man on Foot,

      Personally, I’m not worried about gun confiscation, not under Trump. Such a move would not only meet with violent resistance (not a threat personal response on my part, just statement of reality), it would end any chance for Trump’s re-election.

      Door to door gun confiscation would require such a massive effort, coupled with violent resistance, it would devolve into an untenable situation immediately.

      I worry much more about dealing with growing anarchy and a massive increase in good ‘ol common everyday thuggery, thieving, and general anti-social behavior. I don’t think it’s a stretch to believe that’s coming shortly.

  27. All these cowardly lootings and riots just have me fed up!

    Think I will head out to NM this week and try to find this youngster I’ve heard about with something north of 600 rolls of TP and see if he will take me fishin’.

    Beer, snacks and boat gas are on me!

    Fishing poles optional.

  28. Right now there is a large protest gathering in the city I live in, just 3 blocks from my house. They started gathering about 7 o’clock and have now become a large group. I drove down to see for myself, and promptly turned around and went back home. I just received a text from a friend, and he told me there is a large armed group gathered downtown, and all of our downtown area is closed down and getting boarded up. That’s all I know so far. Talk to you all later. It may be time to lock and load. Hope not though.

    1. BigBadCat

      Might be time to move to a safer location, unless your home is hardened. Stay frosty, be safe.

  29. Had a black bear try and get into one of my bee hives and he wrestled a couple of my thuga trees that’s the extent of the riots here on our mountain. Bear Lives Matter

  30. Still working on hardening the farmhouse. I was thinking about flaming projectiles that have been used on businesses, and now homes. Don’t have my security film yet, nor bars. I have tightly woven hardware cloth, lath strips and 3″ woodscrews. If I do the inside of basement windows, except one for egress, with that it should stop incendiary bottles, yes? I bought a couple more fire extinguishers today, and have a couple long hoses in the basement hooked up to the well tap. I’m trying to narrow potential points of entry, as I can’t easily cover more than a couple directions at once. I keep thinking I’m way overreacting, but have decided not to care if I am.

    1. Farm girl, Do you have any heavy gauge wire around (like cyclone fence or hog panels)? Lag screw/bolt a piece (cut to fit over your window(s)) to the top of each window, this will give added protection to your windows, so any container with flammable liquid will not break the window. You will still be able to see out.

      Saw this tactic in Germany (German Army) when I was stationed there. They put cyclone fence cut to fit over each window to prevent any hand grenades that where thrown from getting inside. They just bounced off and blew up outside the building. Now a glass container w/a flammable liquid inside still might break but, it won’t/shouldn’t break the window and you will not have to deal with a fire inside your place.

      1. blackjack22

        I have cattle panels and lag bolts. Are you saying to cover the windows from the outside? Thanks, by the way. Chewing gum and baling wire makes the world go round.

        1. Farmgirl, yes, put the wire on the outside, to protect your windows as much as you can.

          1. – Farmgirl,
            I can second what blackjack22 commented. Sorry I cannot send you to a video or anything, but I saw this in a firepower demonstration while I was in Germany in the early 90’s. Yes, it did stop a rifle grenade; I think the original idea came from south Africa when the Boers were getting attacked in their farmhouses. The wire was loose and springy enough that it pitched the grenade back a little bit. The Boers were trying to defeat Molotov cocktails, and it reportedly worked well for that, too.
            – Papa S.

          2. Papa Smurf

            I can see how it would work with that gauge of wire, but I’m wondering about the very large openings. Cattle panels have a pretty big square pattern. I could throw a baseball through one, maybe even a softball. I’ve always heard people use hog panel/cattle panel interchangeably, but maybe there’s a difference?

          3. Farmgirl

            Hog panels have narrower openings at the bottom to keep in piglets and to help deter young hogs from lifting the panel with their noses.

          4. Anony Mee

            Thanks. I’ve never raised pigs, and I’ve always just asked for cattle panels.

  31. It’s almost 9 o’clock now and I think the group that formed up by me headed downtown. Well, I guess I’ll read about it in the morning. Hope all is well with everyone here. I’ll probably sleep with one eye open. Good trick if I could do it. (LOL)

  32. As someone who wants to be an American as soon as I can, seeing all of this happening really breaks my heart.

    Stay strong, smart, and safe everyone.

  33. Wow! It’s now 6:30 a.m. Turns out that both groups I talked about were armed patriot groups gathering because of information about rioters and protesters coming to town to create havoc. They and the police were ready, and things turned out peacefully. Thank goodness. Be well everyone and stay prepared. More info later.

    1. wow image that! Patriots showing up to defend life and property of others! It wasn’t that long ago that certain individuals were trying to label Patriots as terrorists! Nature is out of balance!!!!

  34. It is quite obvious that this is a well planned and orchestrated attempt to overthrow the established government. The cannon fodder that is rioting, if you can call this rioting, will find out they are no longer needed if they indeed succeed. The mayors and governors that are aiding and abetting this will also go by the wayside. Those of us that survive would see a true abomination of a tyrant as the “head of the peoples republic of the united states”.

    Pray Trump has time to expose this for what is really is. Pray we can resist and restore our country!

  35. Antifa — The Communist Blackshirts

    Antifa is a domestic terrorist group. It must be crushed by law enforcement. Anyone who has participated in this criminal violence against the innocent and defenseless citizens in these communities must do serious jail time. Any politicians who have encouraged this criminal violence or have been silent in the face of it, or have failed to protect their citizens and communities, must be defeated and forever removed from any position of public trust. Any media figure or figure in the popular culture — actor, athlete, comedian, etc. — who has encouraged or excused this criminal violence should be forever condemned by the American people. There must be no excuses or exceptions for this violent mayhem and anarchy, endangering the lives and destroying the livelihoods of innocent citizens.

    1. ision, looks like we need another investigation for un-american activities. Also charges for treason and conspiracy to overthrow the U.S. gov.

  36. Hey Farmgirl:

    My cute little end table of 5 cases shotshells have been replaced with 8 boxes of shotshells at the base of cat trees within my house…we have a lot of cats and a good number of them are fat. When a fat cat scampers up a cat tree with a narrow base, it rocks the thing pretty good so the loaded shotshells keep the thing from being rocked too much.

    Today seems like a fine day to water the garden and reload some ammo…I can’t find any at the stores right now.

  37. Ken,
    Another great article man! I believe we are seeing just another step from the PTB to totally phase out any freedom American’s enjoy. I think the next planned step to destroying America is food shortages. I know we have some now but not like what’s to come. That will be real clear by the end of June. Next step in their plan will be power outages on a nationwide scale by August. You’ll be considered one of the lucky ones if your power stays on over 5 hours a day unless you have solar, but that’s a different topic. Every major city in America will experience riots greater than you are seeing now by the end of September. Decisions will be made and martial law enacted the beginning of October. Carrying firearms in public will be banned. Your right to assemble to air your grievances gone. Time is official up to prepare. Patriotic riots spring up around the nation, demanding their constitutional rights. Because we all know that your God given rights does not stop because of a declared emergency. I say riots because I have seen during the current events, police are arresting the peaceful protestors (easy pickings) while a block over, looters and rioters are not being stopped. Elections are suspended and any form of good government is nowhere to be found. The time will be at hand, where you will have to choose, stand and fight or GTFO! Anyhow, that’s just one person’s thought on the matter.

  38. Greetings. I just got home from work. Well, if you want to read the scoop, just go to and it’s on the front page. However, it was a little more exciting than what they say. Apparently, once the rioters crossed the state line from Washington into Idaho, they were tracked and their position posted constantly on facebook. By the time they got to where they were going, a virtual army was waiting. I believe the assembly up by me followed them to where they were going. I heard the rioters put on a little parade for show, then got the hell out of here. There were so many patriots, police, and people backing them up downtown, that there was no room for protesters or rioters, and everyone was armed. Of course, I believe Idaho is the second heaviest armed state in the nation. Guess they forgot to look that up. Anyway, I’ll sleep a little better tonight.

    1. BigBadCat,

      See? you didn’t need to worry about a thing! Those CDA folks don’t take that kind of crap from anyone. If things had gotten bad enough, they would have called over to the Silver Valley, and brought up the Miner Reserves. Whoo boy, if that every happens, watch out! You don’t want to be around when those miners “punch powder” in the parking lot. LOL.

        1. BigBadCat,

          Your in good company up there. They don’t put up with much crap, or change, which is why it is still a great place to live.
          Be safe.

    2. A little update. I guess some of the protesters did stay up at my end of town, but were closely watched. About 30 were downtown, but caused no problems. Good thing for them.

  39. I am so hopeful Trump will call the military up and quell the riots. This is an attack on America and I believe he knows this. Unbelieveable what the deep state has done to oust him and it has not happened yet…so the stakes are high for them. They have been feeding off the public trough for so long that there is no way in heck that they will give up. Period. I do not think they will ever give up and our lives will become a constant struggle to keep our liberty.

    In case no one heard, the State of Jefferson was given a resounding defeat in the courts. The 3 judge panel– 9th circuit– did not even deign to hear oral arguments but decided SOJ had no standing and did not publish their decision. That means no way will it ever get to the Supreme Court.

    There are many evil plots in play. There is no coincidence. We may be at a turning point that I pray we will win.

    I am going to take a cue from Dennis and go get some therapy. Have to practice with the new toy The Donald bought me!

  40. Pegasus
    Listen to the radio program from 9am to 10 then the next show.
    Apparently it is not dead in the water as the 9th CIRCUS of DUFFUS would like it to be. State of Jeffersonian’s tried to do it judicially. Now they(commie courts) have left us no recourse but the one which will be occurring in the not to distant future.

    The lack of NO representation, along with all the poop tossed back into our faces, and that of the attorneys which have worked so hard to represent this long process.
    Enough is Enough…. Stay tuned.

  41. Raleigh PD Chief held a news conference Sunday to say Raleigh PD will not protect business property from looters and rioters. She won’t place them in harm’s way protecting property.

    1. The chief obviously needs to be fired. Will watch and see if anyone higher in the chain takes action but it seems doubtful. Looks like we are pretty close to being where we plan on staying.

    2. Eric, Kulafarmer, aka,

      Police chiefs are political appointees. Their actions reflect the wishes of the ones who appointed them. If you want good, conservative, patriotic police chiefs……..elect good, conservative patriotic city leaders.

      Even elected law enforcement leaders, i.e., sheriffs and constables, reflect the political leanings of the electorate.

      As others have stated, people get the leaders they deserve. If your politics are in the minority…..move, or accept your fate.

    3. Eric
      Bet that police (NO commander)chief will scream blood hades when the owners start protecting their businesses from thieves.

      I am NOT advocating violence. But,, if it can be done, as the example which occurred in the past. What is wrong with them doing the same in Raleigh NC, as during the LA riots in what’s called Korea town??

      Personally I see no difference. Hard working business owners saving their livelihood & pure unadulterated lazy no good THIEVES. jmho

  42. I find it peculiar that some of you are suggesting that the protests should be “quelled”. That we should send the military to stop “them”. These protests are people fighting for “our” rights. There are assholes using this as an opportunity to cause mayhem.

    If the military is sent to stop the “riots” we are a police state. Never before have we had reporters and camerapeople arrested let alone purposefully shot.

    Just because people aren’t doing what *you* want doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. It is about the rights of us all. Treating people fairly.

    There is nothing fair about pressing on anyone’s anything to cause them to die once they are handcuffed. They were handcuffed. What are they going to do to four adult men at that point?

    There is nothing fair about shooting people with rubber bullets that are standing on their porch.

    Do I need to go on?

    Hold people accountable for being awful. I don’t care what ethnicity or religious denomination or gender you are. Cause someone undue duress as written in law and pay the consequences.

    1. No one said the protests should be quelled. The RIOTS should be. Cherry-pick your argument if you wish, but try to be accurate.

      1. Riots are not protests, although the media keeps trying to convince us that they’re interchangeable. A protest is an honest show of determination that something change, and there have been many protests involved in each of those situations. When that protest turns violent, it is no longer a protest. Just because the media only highlights the destructive behavior doesn’t mean the true protests don’t exist.

        1. Lauren

          A peaceful protest in the suburb next #2son is just ending. People had signs, there were speakers, a little dancing, some snacks – just like going to a concert in the park. That’s the general demeanor normally in this part of the burbs. A very low key protest.

          What I’m afraid will happen next is the riot. Seems to be the pattern in other places: protest happens, sometimes on the move; protest ends, many folks go home; small contingent remains, and then the looting starts.

          Agree – they are not the same. Problem is, those with an agenda of destruction intermingle with those who are coming out to promote policy changes, or even just virtue signal.

        2. Are there other protests going on in the area? It seems like the agitators are focusing on only one in each area each day, which makes sense as far as splitting their force. Usually seems to be the one with the largest crowd, possibly because the larger the crowd the more chance of getting a group that can be agitated to high heat.

        3. Lauren

          From the footage I saw, at least a few hundred people at the peaceful protest. There’s been chatter on twitter about the looting plans along the commercial road that adjoins lots of suburbs, including one that was burned and looted this past weekend. Most of the stores along that road are closed, heavy police presence. I’ve told the people I care about in that area about it, and advised them just to stay home today and pay attention.

          This isn’t like the big city, but is a very white, light blue, affluent area bordering the western reaches of the burbs, beyond which is more rural. Every kind of big box, little box, boutique store for miles along this road. Nice big juicy target for the useful idiots stirred to a rageful resentment by agitators. We’ll see what happens. Hope the police looked for the brick piles and molotovs.

      2. There appears to be little differentiation between protesters and rioters as far as I can tell. If you search this page for “riot” and “protest” you will find little differentiation.

        I was intentionally very careful about the words I chose.

        1. Quite the opposite. Protesters voice what the want, rioters loot and pillage and kill. Violence does not make a protest.

  43. I just wrote something that’s going to get me in trouble, mainly with family members. The “white racism” agenda is being pushed, hard.

    “I will say “All Lives matter,” and I will not apologize for it.

    That child trapped in a burning building, because rioters wouldn’t let the fire trucks through? That life matters. The man killed trying to protect his business? That life matters. The police officer killed trying to protect someone else’s business? That life matters. The people who no longer have jobs because their place of employment burned as someone was throwing a temper tantrum? Their lives matter. And no one will even think of them except to scream when their businesses don’t come back.

    The millions who didn’t riot? Their lives matter, but no one seems to be speaking for them. If black lives matter then ALL black lives matter, not just those that will feed an agenda.

    Think about it.”

    1. Agreed. That wasn’t the direction for this one, though. And seriously, those lives do matter because they affect others. Those lives matter when they end.

    2. Lauren

      I agree with you, and that is the perspective I have held my entire life.

      I’m amending my perspective just a bit, though. All lives do matter, and each of us gets to decide what we do with the life we’ve been given. There are consequences for those decisions.

      I haven’t wanted to believe in evil incarnate, the idea that some people are just evil, period. I’m wondering if I just might be wrong about that. At some point, maybe the decisions people make to do harm, to manipulate with callous disregard for the lives of otheres, extinguish any potential for redemption.

      1. Yes, evil does exist, and I could apply that label to some people I have met. Whether those people have extinguished any potential for redemption lies with One greater than me.

        However, as the good people leave any particular area, the concentration of evil becomes a trigger of its own, a race for damnation that can’t be stopped. Each time there’s an event like this, more of the good leave, in any way they can. Leaving, eventually, a situation like Sodom, where the city was destroyed when the last of the good people left (although I wouldn’t precisely call Lot “good”).

        Looking at history, it’s been intriguing to me to note that those “cleansings” were usually a direct consequence of the actions of the people involved, rather than a lightning bolt from heaven.

        1. Farmgirl,

          When I married my wife, her brother told me she could kick start a 747…….he was being conservative……..

        2. Dennis

          Well, then, you are a truly brave man. And/or a really good one. Those are the only kind who could keep up with a woman of that caliber!

      2. I have struggled with that too Farmgirl. Are people born evil? It does not appear to be so from the Bible. We all have free will and I will bet you every single one of us has struggled not to do evil or become evil.

        But what about so-called sociopaths? Supposedly our society says they were born without a sense of right and wrong. I think my brother is one…how did I turn out to be a good guy and he a bad guy? Choice? Free will?

        Guess I will find out when I die.

        1. If born without a sense of right and wrong, I’m sure the Father would take that into consideration. If they were choices that the individual made, that will also be taken into consideration.

        2. Pegasus

          Really good questions, for which I don’t have the answers either. I’m wondering if the idea of being beyond redemption isn’t so much a punishment as the point where a person just goes ‘all in’ and shuts the door themselves.

        3. “A man would be more miserable to dwell in the presence of a just God under a consciousness of his own guilt, than he would be to dwell with the damned.”

  44. Did you all happen to see this on ZH?

    “They’re Getting The Sh*t Kicked Out Of Them”: Antifa Attempt To Riot In California Suburb Goes Awry”

    Guess that explains it.

  45. And while much of the nation’s attention is focused on rioting, looting and general uprising in the streets… how much is it costing all of us taxpayers to try to maintain the peace? How many cities, counties and states are paying O/T to LEO’s and fire fighters to quell the uprisings? How many federal dollars are being spent?

    Our current national debt is over 25 trillion and fast headed to 26 trillion. The interest costs alone on our debt is expected to run nearly $500 Billion dollars this fiscal year… and that may not be taking into account the trillions in COVID relief expenses already passed… and certainly does not include expenses not yet incurred and future bills not yet passed. It’s staggering.

    Our national debt is now running about 120% of GDP, and GDP losses from COVID are not yet fully realized. Our national budget expected to take in about $2.4 trillion in income and excise tax revenues (not counting social sec, medicare, etc…) – before downward adjustments due to COVID. So, even if we were not going to have tax revenues fall (which we will) or the national debt grow further (which it will) we taxpayers can expect about 20% of our income tax dollars to go to interest payments – that percentage is certain to grow as revenues are reduced and debt added. And I also found that about 75% of our national debt is held privately (both foreign and domestic), so only about 25% of our interest costs will be paid to the Fed, Social Security, or other inter-government funds.

    So, we taxpayers will be giving at least $375 billion dollars (just this year alone) to foreign government sovereign wealth funds, mutual funds (foreign and domestic) and other entities that invest in US Bonds. The biggest debt holders – China and Japan – who hold more than $1 trillion each in US debt. Bottom line – at least 15c on every dollar we all pay in to the federal gov in income taxes will be spent just to pay the interest on our national debt. And that amount is growing daily.

    But, not to worry – no matter how high “real unemployment” is, or what kind of hits we are going to be seeing to GDP and tax revenues, or what we consumers are seeing in inflation to food and other prices, no matter how much our nation is spending on COVID vaccines that will be chasing an ever-mutating virus (as viruses are) – it’s all good – at least if you look at the stock market.

    We are so screwed.

    1. Oh, don’t worry. By this time next year we’ll all have the Bill Gates chip and be happy little automatons that don’t care about anything anymore. See? All the bad stuff gone away because our masters care so hard.

      1. Lauren,
        Thanks for giving me so much more to look forward to – and here I’ve been all concerned about the future – I just need the happy chip (and I admit that my current idea of a happy chip is one with salsa or onion dip on it). 😉

        Now all I need are a couple of adult beverages to go with my happy chip and the MSB family won’t have to see any more of these pesky reality checks from me. Cheers! 🍷

  46. Just thought I would let you all know that here are the funeral/viewing plans for George Floyd per Conservative Treehouse.

    “-There will be a nationally televised public memorial service in Minneapolis, MN, on Thursday June 4th from 1pm to 3pm.
    -There will be an additional nationally televised public memorial service in North Carolina, Saturday June 6th from 11am to 3pm
    -There will be a nationally televised viewing and memorial service in Houston, TX, Monday June 8th 12pm to 6pm
    -There will be a nationally televised public funeral in Houston, TX, Tuesday June 9th, 11am EDT.”

    Now ask yourself why are they doing this? It’s no longer about race or police violence. 5 days in 3 states really??? Most riots are slowing down (depending on your location). Maybe they need to get everything juiced back up.

    Many states have sent the National guard home. Heard from a few Leo sources in FL they are expecting more activity this weekend and we have not been hit like other states.

    Just a thought. Things are not what they seem. It’s about the destruction of America. Stay safe.


    1. 11HE9:

      Are you effing kidding me?! Did Conservative Treehouse cite sources? I mean, you’ve always struck me a as a straight shooter, but this….. is like a cartoon plot line. It’s the only word that comes to mind; my vocabulary fails me at this time. Has it been given a name yet? The “Saint George, 2020 Fentanyl/Meth Corpse Tour”.

      Possibly related, some young, punk black azzhole tried to run me off the side of the freeway tonight, about 45 ago. I don’t believe we know each other. Wonder why.

      1. TMC,

        No BS. Go check yourself. Titled. benjamin-crump-announces-three-funerals-and-a-viewing-for-george-floyd-three-states-in-five-days. Will need to look at older posts. They are setting his funeral up like a Royal family member.

        Also watch for a false flag this weekend, when the peaceful protests are happening. I expect a mass shooting to then be blamed on white supremacist, Trump supporters. The news will have all the info of those killers within minutes and the victims even sooner.

        All part of the plan. Division, anger and violence. Till the sheep beg for the military for safety and security, then we have Tyranny and Freedom will die with applause!!!

        Buckle up.

        1. Oh, Benjamin Crump. ‘Nuff said. He’s a master agitator, known well in my area.

          You mentioned: ” Division, anger and violence.” — It’s working. I’ve reached my saturation point.

  47. On Fox News website , News story of announcement/statement from BLM Leader NYC area 40 Chapters…Said Trained Armed “Peace Officers” Will be deployed in Continuing War with Police and Match them fire for fire…. Said All Armed “Peace Officers” have been trained & being Advised by All Black Former Military Special Forces Members… Said BLM Adopting Armed Tactics/Philosophy of Black Panthers of 60’s/70’s who were Militant Arm of Nation of Islam…. IF…strong If this happens, Its Civil War and not Protest.

    1. SthrnRebel
      I looked for this news article you are referring to, as I am wanting to know where the SF take a stand on this matter.
      Could you please give me an exact title as the story was not showing up on the Fox site.

      1. SthrnRebel
        Found the article. The story apparently was/is a hoax to garner money for a man who resides in Australia.

      2. AC, headline was…Black Lives Matter plans armed ‘peace officers’ in ‘war on police’ NY leader says. Tag line, By Peter Aitken Fox News. Published 18 hours ago….lasted bout 90 mins until replaced by “other” news.

  48. My gut is telling me something much bigger is going down behind the scenes, people.

    The President knows who is funding ANTIFA; both it, Hussein and Killary have been investigated since day one.

    I wonder if our Marines are going to be making some arrests soon, which will end in a tribunal or three. I’m thinking they may want us to watch what’s happening over here because what’s really going down is happening over there. Just some thoughts.

    I’ll tell you what I’m NOT going to be doing and am sick of hearing it, frankly — being sorry for my “white privilege” or my skin color. Cuz I ain’t.

    1. MSG12B

      Mike Adams at Natural News has a report out this morning that antifa is planning to target farms as soon as this weekend. While everyone’s attention is on the big cities and suburbs, they plan to bus out to rural areas, to show that no one is safe. No one should be sorry for just being born!

      1. It is a pretty slim chance it affects me,
        Im sorry,,, if anyone comes out and threatens me, tries to destroy anything of mine, im going to light them up and keep going till im dead. This BS needs to end.
        This BS is 100% funded and instigated by democrats and wealthy so called philanthropist and is entirely built on lies and false numbers. I agree with Candace Owens, that dude is no hero or martyr. This is all just another BS setup. The only racism ive seen, or hate crime ive seen, is the incessant assault on white, Anglo, male, Christian, and patriotic individuals and groups. The very organization saying blacks are more likely to be killed by cops shows statistics that actually show whites are more than double the number of blacks killed by cops.
        What about the tens of thousands of blacks killed by other blacks???

        1. Kulafarmer,

          I’ve tried to stay out of the conversation on the George Floyd death and ensuing “protests”. Emotions are high, understandably, but there is a lot more going on than meets the eye.

          What we are seeing, the protests, riots, destruction, etc., was coming, no matter what the spark. Organization, training, logistics have been in place for quite sometime, just waiting for activation/mobilization of forces. These forces are from within the country, outside the country, and most scary, from forces within our on government.

          Ponder the fact that one of the “protesters” arrested for firebombing an NYPD squad car was bailed out of jail on a personal surety bond by a Barack Obama appointed, upper level “intelligence officer” who told the judge that the firebomber was her personal “best friend”.

          Ponder the much denied, but well documented, close ties between Barack Obama and “Weather Underground” operatives and domestic terrorists Bill Ayres and Bernadette Dorn.

          Could go on and on, but to what end? Some are going to buy into the liberal generated narrative no matter what the background evidence is screaming to the contrary.

          Anybody saying that these “protesters” are fighting for us, or on our behalf, are either pitifully naïve………..or complicit in their goals.

          I’ll try and stay out of the conversation for now. Some well intentioned people are allowing their emotions to cloud their judgement. My intent is not to anger, but rather to get people to look past the propaganda for the truths.

          1. Hey Dennis, I haven’t posted in quite awhile. Reading the posts but holding my tongue so to speak.
            You summed it up pretty well. Manipulation and psychological ops on a massive scale. Foreign provocateurs are in the mix as well.
            It bodes ill for our Republic. Way too many traitors to deal with. Much like a tick infestation on a dog. Left untreated the dog weakens and dies.
            I really don’t see a happy ending for us but I hold out some hope.
            Peace be with you and yours in this tultimus time Dennis.
            Take care all and armor up.
            Physically, mentally, spiritually…

    1. In a way she’s right, and in a way she’s wrong. The black community is not the only community that has this mindset. American Indians as well, or some tribes. Interesting that both are communities that consider themselves subjugated. It would be interesting to see if this is a pattern. I understand the Irish are the same, to a certain extent.

      These are all societies whose culture was forcibly eliminated and they had to start from scratch.

        1. She did–it was just that one point, that the Black culture is the only one that has this.

        2. I thought her comment at the end was amusing. “I’m the alarm clock. Nobody likes the alarm clock. But after it rings long enough…you wake up.”

  49. Oh Lordy. Hennepin county just released the full autopsy report. Saint George had Covid-19.

    Once again the haunting melodic theme tune for The Benny Hill show keeps looping in my mind; it plays right through my tinnitus; I can’t get rid of it.

  50. I saw an article in frontpagemagdotcom about the injuries to LEOs so far. 431. I know they’re not perfect, and I don’t want to live in a police state, but my heart goes out to those men and women. I can’t even imagine the insane amount of stress to be in that line of work right now.

  51. Very interesting information re designation of antifa as a terrorist group by Todd Bensman here

  52. I think most are missing the 800 lb gorilla in the corner…The Election will solve nothing…Day One of America-In-A-Bosnia-Type-Civil-War is Nov 3…No matter who wins…Dims Will Not accept another 4 yrs,with all the attached judgeships and prosecutions and Conservative Citizens CANNOT accept anybody they choose to run….we would all be in the camps in 6 months..America cannot survive a year….Once everyone realizes that and takes a longer view of preparing, the better the chance of individual survival…Wake Up Everybody…Day One is November 3,2020👀

  53. If the shtf police will stand with the people because they are the people. Military will stand with the people because they are the people. Nobody is going to vote for creeper Joe Biden. Hahahahahahaha!

  54. Someone pointed out DC has had all the on hand troops disarmed and a million idiots being bussed in..,A Coup in the making?🤔

    1. Forrest – Yeah, that’s what all the kook sites were saying last night. This morning more mainstream outlets are picking it up. Pardon me but I’ve got three grocery stores and a gas station to visit right now. All this rumor-fuel is looking for a spark.

    2. Forrest,
      Incredible isnt it,
      I can almost guarantee it wont end how they think it will, discussions i overheard yesterday brought a smile to my face. People are aware and awake, all kinds of people.

  55. Ken & Dennis
    Whew…thank you for letting ‘JOE’, understand we have a decorum that we follow on Ken’s site.

    The all caps was hard to read, as I do not appreciate being yelled at in cyber space. Nor do I appreciate someone trying to lower our intelligent by using such words which bring nothing to the table for a discussion. mho

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