The Great Divide In America

Have you noticed?

There’s a Great Divide in America,
perhaps as extreme as it has been since Civil War I.

There’s little or no civil discourse about it.
There’s no discussion about it.
Except you might hear,

“You’re and idiot!”

You all know what I’m talking about, because it has seemingly affected everyone… The great political divide. But it goes beyond political. It’s more of an outlook on life. Core belief stuff… It touches on many things.

I don’t like to label it as left vs. right, but that’s easiest I suppose. Short one syllable words. However it’s more complicated than that.

Maybe it’s more like globalism vs. nationalism (and their associated ideals).

To break it down further, maybe it’s socialism vs. individualism.

We as humans form tribes. The way it has always been.

Sometimes a tribe will join up with another in order to serve mutual beneficial purpose.

Other times tribes will fight (over resources or other issues). As humans we don’t always “get along”. Just the way it is.

While a conversation about tribalism can get complicated (purpose, ideals, and much more), I’m using this as a convenience for discussion.

Most people identify (even today) with a tribe. Political, a religion, family, a club, a team, a country. You get the idea.

Nationalism is one tribe for a given country.

Globalism, one might say is one tribe for the world. (Is that even possible, given geopolitical differences, human nature, and other differing factors?) I don’t believe so. There are too many variables. I personally believe that globalism is “simply” (is it really that simple?) about ultimate power & control over humanity.

(in many ways)

– Those preferring smaller tribe, smaller government, individualism.

– Those indoctrinated into ideals of globalism, big government, “government knows best”.

How about “Producers” & “Takers”. “Black” & “White”. “Trump haters” & “MAGA supporters”.

I know it’s more complicated and intricate than that. But I’m trying to keep it short.

The divide is so deep that it is becoming increasingly dangerous.

What I’m seeing in my estimation is this… Globalism is losing right now and they (and their tribe) have become increasingly unhinged and desperate. They’re lashing out in all sorts of seemingly “insane” ways. When a tribe feels desperate, that’s a dangerous thing.

Sort of related, and what inspired me to post this, is an observation from an article that I read this morning: “Robert De Niro Shouts “F**k Trump” At Tony Awards, Gets Standing Ovation”. If the video is still there, you might want to check it out for the crowd reaction and then come back here and continue…

The hysteria is nothing like I’ve ever seen in my life. That Hollywood crowd (in the linked video) and their seething contempt is representative of much of “the left” and how they feel. Now compare that to a Trump rally where tens of thousands will gather and cheer with deep passion.

This exemplifies the deep divide. Both ‘sides’ are deeply passionate.

Each side essentially shouting to the other, “You’re an idiot!”.

Remember awhile back (during 2015) when a picture of a dress went viral around the internet? You were asked to identify the color of the dress to be either black and blue or white and gold. No one could agree.

Here’s the original photograph of that dress:

The Dress


The color of the dress exemplifies how we as humans perceive things differently, sometimes extremely differently. And we’re 100% convinced we’re right.

When we’re so divided on seemingly more important things than the color of a dress, where does it lead when either side has great difficulty communicating with the other, as though there’s a solid barrier in the way?

Answer: It leads to trouble.

Like I said earlier, I don’t really like to lump ideals into today’s stereotypical “left” and “right”. But it’s convenient. Sure, I identify more with the right, but I abhor what some of the right are doing. Many of them are “in bed” with the globalist agenda for example.

Maybe there’s a third outlook: “Neither”.

Politics tends to ruin a conversation because there’s no way anyone is going to change the mind of another in a single conversation or comment thread. It tends to get passionate and angry. Our ideals are embedded in our being over a lifetime. Emotions often get in the way.

When it comes to the Preparedness Lifestyle, I know there are a number of ideals among this “tribe”. Probably ‘mostly’ “the right” or Libertarian mindset…

That said, just by identifying with the preparedness lifestyle reveals something about us:

We must be more self responsible and self reliant to mitigate or reduce dependency upon bigger systems (bigger government too). For most it doesn’t mean we’re necessarily against big systems – but we understand that dependency itself is risky. While others have no problem or concern about depending on others, big systems, or big government – in fact many of them relish it.

I feel like I’m rambling a bit. So where am I going with this?

I’m pointing out that the divide is still there. There’s hot boiling lava down there in that abyss in-between the two apparent sides.

Will it erupt? It might. It might not. However I prepare as though “it might”.

What do you think?

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the current situation with regards to a divide has definitely changed my personal reaction, i am not likely to go along to get along with any of this rubbish, if its a deplorable the call me im going to be the best damn deplorable i can be,
I find it amusing how these people who call for 15$ minimum wages and equality and social justice etc etc, are also the very ones who will cheap out and dont want to pay you what a job is worth, and are the very people calling for our God given rights to be removed.
Ive grown to hate the left, im going to stick with that

I owned a landscape construction business through 2010. The pre-planned 2008 market crash was devastating. Exploited by a presidential campaign to gain power.
I gave up my small because the same scum suckers you speak of refused to pay a man like me an honest days living. The risk to reward ratio drastically changed and by 2010 I had enough. I threw my hand up in the air and said screw it. Now I’d rather let my God given Talents go to waste. Provide minimal sub-par service on a level with my low skill competitors. Why provide high quality?
Screw the Proletariat!
-Sorry for the rant that is a huge flash point for me. I am still very bitter… 🙁

Have you read the book ,?atlas shrugged??? It might help to give you perspective and help to channal the anger ,,OBTW your not alone,,,,


Its interesting too how these people for big government overwhelmingly are trustfunders, or have been sucking from the government tit, they havent had to actually work for anything ever and are cool with those who do work having to support those who dont,
Who is John Galt

Yes Ken I agree with you. We are sliding down the slippery slope at a very fast rate. This self destructive mind set has been around for many years and was slowly growing, in the last several years the entitlement programs have accelerated this to a giant tsunami wave that is all consuming. Unfortunately I am trapped here in Ca. watching this culture grow.

There is one positive with regard to the divide, the lines are more clearly defined.

Take the moral divide for example. When the Minority Leader of the House speaks more in defense of a porn actor than in support of the President trying to fight corruption, you know where they stand as a Party.

Another example of the divide is economics. When a millionaire politician says that a few thousand in tax savings for the average worker are “crumbs”. you clearly know where that Party stands.

When the Leader of the House supports bringing in more immigrants to take American citizen’s jobs and is highly acclaimed by the Commerce Department, you know where theses RINO’s stand.

Will the November election bring the Red wave with more elected in the Freedom Caucus or will there be civil strife to correct the direction of the country????

Comment was hermit us

We are separating along ideological lines. I do not see this getting better. I fear it will continue to grow worse.

The divide is getting worse…the lack of civility in the political discourse is shocking.
We have always been able to reach across the aisle and find common ground, this ability has been lost in the last decade. The identity politics being placed upon us by the left is mostly driving this, in my opinion. When the left can not win an argument using facts, their first play is to demonize the opposite side. We are racists, Nazis, misogynists,whatever label they can slap on us to make our opinions illegitimate. There is an agenda, and facts be damned the globalists in the left will have their way. I do not see it getting better, we (the right) have compromised endlessly, but the left will not give an inch. It will be death from a thousand cuts for the republic.

Trump did start a movement that brought out average conservative citizens by the thousands to rallys in several States. Other conservative leaders should have expanded on this movement to bring in more support other than the NRA and some Tea Party members – Oath Keepers, Rolling Thunder, ….. and many more. Trump lit the match and set out a platform that has majority support in this country – why are they wasting this chance to go National and put down the PC garbage that draws the unreasonable lines that go all the way to the Supreme Court for resolution.
The problem is that the people of high moral and ethical standards are too polite. By the time the Rubicon line has been reached to take action, it will be too late. Sweden, Germany, England, Venezuela, …..

Some days I am hopefully optimistic, other days I just wish it would “kick off” so we can get it over with and move forward. I guess it is the doomsday fatigue people were mentioning yesterday,I don’t know. However it goes, the one thing i am sure of is that the republic will not survive in its current form.

I think that one of the reasons the “Right” is constantly losing is because most of the people I know who would identify with traditionally “right” values hold more of a “live and let live” stance.
We don’t want to be in your business.
We don’t want to be in your life.
We don’t want to be in your mind.
We don’t have any desire to rule over you as a despotic emperor.
We simply want smaller government, and we want that smaller government to do what it was originally supposed to do, and little to nothing more! Thus, we are more freedom oriented, and don’t want to confront others. We believe in personal freedoms, and have no desire to limit them unless those freedoms are infringing upon the freedoms of others; i.e.- your right to swing your fist ends at the tip of my nose.
We know better than to lie, impugn the character of others, etc. So… we don’t.

This results in the “other” side running the narrative, which in turn, allows them to make increasingly outlandish accusations and claims.
The “other” side typically see’s themselves as the masters of others. They “know better” than the mere peasants. They want to micromanage the country, right down to what you as an individual are “allowed” to think, do, own, etc.
They want to tell you how you may run your business to the smallest detail.
They want to tell you how you may live your life.
They want to control how you think through political correctness, indoctrinating our children, and villifying anyone and everyone who does not get into lock step with them.
They frequently lie, attempt to change the facts, etc. to support what they want at the moment. When the truth finally does come out and shows them to be in the wrong, they don’t acknowledge it, and even continue on course- doubling down on their lies even in the face of factual evidence to the contrary.

These two ideological systems cannot peacefully co-exist for long.

When the tea parties rallied, they were peaceful. They even cleaned up the areas they rallied in.

When the myriad of “groups” on the left rally, they use violence, threats, and destruction to intimidate and drown out opposition. They are getting worse.

How can a nation divided thusly stand for long?

You’re quote, “How can a nation divided thusly stand for long?”
It cannot stand much longer….
The concern then becomes, what comes next?
I believe it has already been planned how the two party system ends and
where the new central governance will be operated…
But even with that, divides will still exist, and true respect and honor from one person to another, valuing one another, is and will be extraordinary…

With all due respect, I am a progressive who leans very far left also very interested in prepping. The nastiness and vulgarity was extremely present toward Obama and his family in an almost evil way – there’s no difference now with Trump, you’re just experiencing those who are extreme who are now doing the same thing to you and to Trump. This is a humanity issue, it goes beyond left or right.

Except the part where the media fawned over that commy turd

I’m with you on that one! No matter what kind of lie he spouted they agreed with it. Fawned is an apt description

What gets me is the Left are the one’s being the bully’s, attacking people and shaming them on social media. The god-fearing people on the Right usually tend to mind our own business and try to live and let live, but the idiots on the left keep stoking the fires towards destruction of our way of life. The Left political cronies have obviously gone insane, otherwise how else could they defend MS-13, illegal immigrants, giggling for Kim Jong Un and obstructing the duly elected president at every opportunity!

There is a wave coming, and it’s not gonna be BLUE!

The Human Animal is just that; an Animal that, like most animals, has an aggressive/self-surviving/protective instinct. Yes we are thought to be docile and giving, but in our core there is and always will be that urge to be one better, to be the best, to fight to the top of the food chain so to speak.

Violence and aggressiveness are on the rise, extreme rise. Suicide (a form of violence) is up 25%. Look at Road Rage, Spouse Abuse, Murder, personal attacks; ALL are sky-rocketing. One simply needs to ask why?

Ken talks of Tribes, another Human Animal Instinct, for to survive 5000 years ago, a sole animal would not make it very long, but a Tribe of 20 could Hunt, Scavenge, and Prosper well. These traits are will hidden, but there are deep in out instincts and come to surface at times when the Human Animal feels threatened.

A perfect example is the Mother that will literally lift a car off their child that’s trapped underneath. Or the Man that sees his children/family starving, this Man will do literally anything (even murdering others) to provide for this Family.

The article states we are splitting more and more into Tribes, I agree, for the Human Animal has little to challenge it at these times of prosperity. Basically “Life is Good” (yes I know not for everyone) but in the general sense Humans have very little or no challenges, no War, no Natural Conflicts. So, as most Animals will do, we are fighting amongst ourselves, splitting into Tribes and NOT fighting to “Survive”.

Humans are very Violent and Deadly, Use Caution my friends. Major Conflict is coming.

Evil is rising……

I’ve read allot of good, truthful comments in this thread, but yours is the most truthful.
Not to start a debate or step on anyone’s toes, but anyone familiar at all with end times BIBLE prophecy can see that finally, over the past several years especially, they’re all converging. Over the past few months even more so. Look at the Middle East, and how China and Russia are backing Iran, how the world gangs up on Israel, like it’s such a wonderful place, nearly barren of any natural resources.
Yes, evil is rising, and while we all hope for the best, it’s time, imho, to prepare for the worst, because it appears that without divine intervention, there’s no stopping this.
Those four horsemen are running at a fast trot these days. God be with us all.

Old Chevy your choice of friends is good but Mobs operate on different thoughts. Thus be aware of the Media Spin as they create Mob actions.

Or as someone recently posted “You can ignore reality but you cannot ignore the results of reality”

Grey people have a chance to see the storm erupt on obvious targets before they are too at risk. Plan and prep for the often unenjoyable reality.

Ken- my answer to the question you pose about the dress?

Is it Black and Blue?

Is it White and Gold?

I think it’s… ugly. LOL

It’s quite obviously white and gold. 😉

Mrs.J sees black and blue. It’s amazing.

I concede that I see a hint of blue in the white, but that’s about it.
Definitely no black though – it’s gold.

I guess I’m just different, I see blue and gold!

I see Blue and Gold also

I see light blue and gold. And I agree – it’s ugly 🙂

It’s a matter of how your eyes adjust. I see the blue as far too dark to count as white, although it could be white if it was lighter, but I see the gold–or rather, I can see how that piece can be seen as gold. But the gold is too dark, so it counts as black to my eyes. It’s not a difference of spectrum, it’s a difference of light and contrast. If your eyes see lighter, you’re going to see white and gold. If you see darker, you’re going to see blue and black.

On the screen I’m using today the white has a blue cast to it, and the gold is still and laws gold. Most of the screen I’ve seen this on look more white than blue, and not one has ever looked black to me. I just don’t see it.

Sorry Ken, the Mrs. is correct.
Three different net searches and three different “authorities” clam it’s Blue and Black…..
Hate to blow your Poll; but ya know, when the Mrs. is right you better admit it HAHAHAHA

“The dress itself was confirmed as a royal blue “Lace Bodycon Dress” from the retailer Roman Originals, which was actually blue-and-black in colour; although available in three other colours (red, pink, and ivory, each with black lace), a white and gold version was not available at the time.”

The dress – Wikipedia

What #TheDress Color You See Says About You — According To ……/what-thedress-color-you-see-says-about-you-112243093272….

On February 26th, BuzzFeed[2] posted a poll asking readers to decide what color the dress really was. Within 10 hours the poll received more than 1.8 million votes, with 72% selecting “white and gold” (shown below).
So let’s settle this: what colors are this dress? 72% 1.3M votes White and Gold 2 8% 491.6K votes Blue and Black
Later that evening, BuzzFeed published a second post[7] revealing that the dress was actually blue after finding it available for purchase on United Kingdom-based online retailer Roman Originals,[8] which listed it as a “Royal-Blue Lace Detail Bodycon Dress” (shown below


The real question is;

Is it Potato or Patato
Tomato or Tamato

It’s crik. 🙂

And you probably think that the sky is green too.

I see white and gold as the dominant colors (although some blue is in the white as I see it).


Isn’t it green? o_O

Well actually the Sky is kind a heavy Smoke Color these days…… couple of nasty fires going on around here….
🙂 🙂

Lol! That was my initial reaction! Quite! 😃😃😃

Great divide?
The United States of America entered a new era when it put men on the moon.
The Divided States of America entered a new era when Obama put men in women’s restrooms.

In order to have communication, both sides must be willing to communicate, but I find that few people are willing. From either “side.”

I remember years ago having a conversation with a friend who insisted that the Clinton years were fantastic. He reduced the national debt, blah, blah, blah. We discussed it, but neither of us was willing to change our stance. I knew I was right and she knew she was right and we parted friends. 🙂 Clinton did, indeed, decrease the deficit (primarily through additional taxes). NOT the national debt. But to her, the difference between national debt and deficit was semantics. She KNEW he’d decreased the national debt, and wasn’t going to budge.

So when one person has a set definition for a word, and another person has a different definition, and neither is willing to budge but they insist that they’re talking about the same thing… Something has to give.

Buzzwords are easier. Labels are easier than actually researching and coming to a conclusion. Soundbites are easier than a discussion. Echo chambers are easier than dissent or (GASP!) possibly coming in contact with Badthink.

And like it or not, badthink is necessary to discourse.

The entire article was great, and, like most posts on here, it engaged me and made me think. One line really stuck out for me though; “Politics tends to ruin a conversation because there’s no way anyone is going to change the mind of another in a single conversation or comment thread.” No, certainly not. However, if one genuinely has an open mind, coming here and listening to others CAN do just that over a period of time.I speak from experience. I guess it must be abotu 2 years that I have been following this blog now, and along with some newer friends in my life, I have learned how to see other perspectives more easily these days. I used to call myself a liberal, mostly because I have been in some pretty crappy situations, I have a lot of empathy for others, and I do truly care what happens to “the underdog.” Now, with that being said, who I see as the underdog is based on my life experience, which forms my perspectives. Learning to see how people can think in vastly different ways than I do about something can still be a challenge for me at times, especially when I am passionate about the topic, but it does help me personally to see that even ifI do not agree with an opposing perspective, where that person is coming from is not necessarily a place of hate or broken humanity. I don’t call myself a liberal any more because I feel that what a liberal has become is just too different now a days. I don’t label myself at all, (politcally) because the label isn’t the important part. My values and my actions are what is important. Thanks for being a part of my evolution.

Haven’t heard from you for a while. Glad you’ve still been here, even if not commenting.

Thanks Lauren. 🙂

lovelypoet, good to hear from you 🙂
Agree, I do not label myself politically either…
I don’t like boxes 😉
Rather, I like to grow…

Like all my green friends! 🙂 The ones out in the dirt, of course.

Thanks Shepherdess. I think that is just it…if you are too closed minded to listen and think, you cannot grow.

lovely poet you said it so well “My values and my actions are what is important”.

However what makes me a bit sad is that your “crappy” life experiences, and thus empathy for the underdog made you think you were a liberal. From where I stand that say’s that non-liberals are not empathetic and care less about underdogs. Most of us here at MSB are not related to Warren Buffet and also have “crappy” life experiences and I expect have a fair bit of empathy for others.

Values and actions count right? Liberal actions helped for example destroy the Black Family buy paying more for each child an unwed mother had. Non-liberals are attacked as evil that we tell folks NO to an ongoing flood of unwed baby factories. People Do what they are rewarded for. The kindness of feeding cats for example can cause an explosion of feral cats and disease issues. No I am NOT saying unwed mothers are cats OK just using it as an example of kindness gone wrong.

Hospitals are often named after those that created them like Children’s Hospitals, Catholic Hospitals, Baptist Hospitals, Johns Hopkins and so forth were Built and Are funded by Conservatives and continue to lead the way in helping people. Research into disease cures and charities are by a casual bit of GOOGLE research paid for mainly by Conservative people. I do not mind giving help to needy folks I OBJECT to others Telling me I have to PAY for Their Causes with MY TAXES.

My Actions and Values and Accountability for the results of those actions is what makes us who we are. When I screw up I do what I can to fix and resolve that issue AND avoid that screw up again.

A Brick House is a solid structure but each small brick is useful and NEEDED for the rest of them to remain solid. Each act of kindness and each act of anger does something to the bricks of the house we call the United States of America.

Short comment
“F……”. DeNiro and Hollywood.
-Crowd cheers with standing ovation-

Like your spirit. He has ruined his future in my opinion….as has MOST of hollywood.

Yes Ma’am
I didn’t mean to offend anyone with that comment. It’s just how I feel.
And thanks

No offense taken by most here! What matters most, Joe C, ….is that we are with you… 🙂

Joe c;
Would you please tell us how you really feel? 😁👍🥃

I would but I think uncle Tommy Nailbender could do it in more ‘clear colorful ways’

Ya think!
Those people suck

TB, my man!

As PW stated “ruined his future”, never thought of him as a ‘good actor’, like those who keep patting themselves on the back and stating “what a good person I am”,,,right!! as I choke!!
Told dh do not ask for a movie to be rented, or purchased if it has one of those supposedly Good Actors in the film. Our $$ can be used for better things, time to be a tight wade, we need the money more than a pack house of blow hoards.

Indeed! Most of those window lickers lost all respect in my eyes when they produced that video early in the previous president’s first term in which they swore an oath to support him! That raised serious internal alarms when I saw it. I think most of us remember the last “leader” that demanded an oath of loyalty be sworn to him instead of to the nation and it’s ruling laws.
I’ve raised my hand twice and swore an Oath. It was to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America… NOT an individual person.

“window lickers” ! I’m at lunch and that made me spew my salad I laughed so hard! Window lickers…. I’m going to use that saying a lot now. Thanks! Beach’n

I have written this before, but for those who missed it, here is a good way of describing an opinion.
There is a glass of water. The person who is warm will dip their hand in it and say that the water is cool. There person who feels chilly will dip their hand in it and say that it is warm. Both are correct based on their own experience.
The temperature of the water can only be measured accurately with a thermometer.
When talking with peopl, especially on the great divide issues, it is so frustrating to present facts and hear the inevitable “Yes, but”. Sometimes I will ask them to tell me what they are saying “yes” to, but usually they can’t tell me. They just don’t listen.

Yes = you are right
but = I’m going to argue with you any way

The “dress ” is back. How weird. That was a few years back.
When humanity is fracturing inside itself the energies of the earth are not far behind.

Yes, how weird! Agreed, humanity is fracturing itself, AND the earth!

I posted this to my Facebook wall in 2017:

“I’m disappointed that merely posting easily verified, irrefutable facts is enough for some to delete an entire thread, or worse, delete only the posts they disagree with. Civil discourse is dead.”

This is a strategy to try to rouse the left wing useful idiots. The idea is to get the masses to mimic what DeNiro and Samantha B have been doing. They want crowds chanting such slogans. As mindless as their followers are, this will fail.

An interesting article here, Ken! Here is a thought…what if the ‘right’ gets the photo that is white and gold, and the ‘left’ gets the one that is blue and black? Which one is accurate? What is their source? Each will be certain they are right. Kind of an analogy of the truth vs. the F MSM, isn’t it?

P.S…..the F doesn’t stand for fake. Apparently, it’s quite a popular word these days….

2 years ago was my 50 year class reunion back east. At the time most classmates were talking about how great Bernie Sanders was. These are friends I thought were smart! I asked a question about Bernie and socialism. I wasn’t nasty or snide. I was really interested. I was called all kinds of names and accused of sitting in my mother’s basement typing on facebook. I told them my mother was dead and I didn’t have a basement. Finally they took me seriously but couldn’t answer my question. They had no idea why socialism was good and why they were voting for Bernie. A classmate, who was knowledgeable talked with me and We had a great conversation. We agreed on many things and of course disagreed on some. We left it that way and wished each other luck. First and last time that happened.

A friend of mine was pretty blunt about it. “If he wins, my kids will get all kinds of free stuff.” SMH. She complains about taxes and then calls that “stuff” free?

Lauren…—Yes, I seriously support your “point”…._____Way too many folks think that “free stuff”/”subsidies”/etc, falls from the sky. Huh? I have seen many “sensible” /”smart” folks react in just this way…Sigh..

I had another discussion with the same friend about the state of the world, etc. She was adamant that “conservative policies” were going to destroy everything. I mentioned the economy and she was totally confused. Education at its finest!

They see only what they’ve been trained to see.

We are a country of many divisions . I feel the divisions are well planned by , who knows who ?? Someone has to be guiding and planning this stuff ! The divide and conquer phrase has been around a long time , and the process works very well . Someone wants the USA to be radically changed into a “socialist paradise” such as Venezuela , Cuba or perhaps Sweden .
We try to ignore the bread & circus that is performed on the MSM and focus on our little spot of the world. We try to stay gray, stay away from crowds, no TV , no Facebook and try to become as self reliant as we can possibly be .
As a veteran , I am very sad to see the level to which our country has fallen.

Personally I am just tired. Tired of explaining basic history and reality to people who are ignorant or indifferent. I do this for my job, so when I am off I like to keep things light and fun.

There is obviously a divide, and I sometimes wonder whether it can ever be repaired. There is such a fundamental differences between the two sides. I personally believe the main issue underlying the divide is postmodernism. If you believe that everything is relative, there is no truth, there is no morality and no right or wrong, then all you have is your subjective opinion. People make themselves these new meaningless identities and groups to try and cope with the massive loss of culture and purpose as a people from these awful new nihilistic values. Whether you believe in small government or big, freedom vs order, the underpinning question is this: “Who are you and what is your purpose in life?”. However we answer this question decides where you stand. More importantly, it demonstrates whether you actually have a purpose in life–especially a meaningful one.
With all of that said, there are those who find meaning in their lives, and those that try to find meaning in the meaningless. If you truly think that it would be an easy task to sway either of these viewpoints to the other side, you are a fool. We all know which one is the right side, but neither could accept each other’s words because it would mean the complete destruction of what they know.
I don’t really know. I think I’ll just hide in the corner and try not to die when the glass house shatters. Hopefully I can pick up a few pieces.

They should try telling gravity that it doesn’t exist, or sunlight. Truth is there, for anyone with the eyes to see. Whatever you call it, those who believe absolute truth does not exist are deluding themselves. They make themselves Gods. No longer of wood and stone, but of flesh and blood, and totally fallible.

When I was going for a business degree many of the classes had us to right a mission statement for our life. At first I struggled with this assignment, but then it became one of the easiest assignments. My mission in life is to be of maximum service to God and the people around me. Now the big question is how to be of service. First is to be a productive member of society, take care of my family and pay my bills. I participate in a recovery group to keep me in line. I raise a garden and share with my neighbors. We donate food to people in need. I have a few elderly people that I fix there cars for cheap. The liberals think the government should take care of people. I think it should be more personal. I help people that deserve it not the ones that are too lazy to do for their self.

Something I have already noticed about the MSM, is they appear to be scared that Trump will make progress with the nuclear missile talks with Kim Jong Un.we all know the MSM is against anything good that Trump does, they throw up crap about him everyday, a lot of it , I feel is lies and some who just want to make a buck off of him, to me he is the best President since Ronald Reagan, and if all goes good with the talks, he will be reelected to a second term.this is a right way against a left way.

Here is a division, there are students along with others who want to have ar-15s access either curtailed or outright banned, but this would cause danger to our Constitution, or perhaps lead to a war , and it still appears to be no middle ground, but to me the right to have firearms is the law of the land it is the 2nd Amendment and there is no other law except the law given to us by God, which has been given to us by him to decide our fate, and my fate would be to defend the Second Amendment.

Not just AR15s but all AR platform rifles and ALL semi auto rifles,

Is the problem our differences? Or is the problem that our differences are being exploited and to cause division?

America born under an Tyrant King became a great experiment of a Citizen Republic was and is an immigrant nation where differences could be accepted and even celebrated in peace under the umbrella that we were First and Foremost AMERICANS. Those immigrants left their old country to become Americans, not to recreate their homelands here.

We were NOT created as a Democracy as our Founding Fathers knew well and feared the power of Demagogues creating and using Mob Violence.

So in answer to CR’s question our differences are being Exploited by wanna be Demagogues who desire to ride the power of Mob Violence into a Tyranny of their own control.

It’s not Gun Control it’s People Control. Stalin/Hitler/Pol Pot/Mao (WHO were all Demagogues in their own right) could not oppress a whole country with their army and police unless those people were DISARMED. Thus the 2nd Amendment was to prevent a Tyrant from taking over the great experiment of a citizen Republic.

Remember it was “Liberty and Justice for ALL” Before someone brings up slavery at that time (and indeed given Amazons recent slave labor scuffle today) slaves were machinery like a Tractor or a Truck. Today even now some are protesting that AI is being “Enslaved”….

Excellent observation! I’ve been saying this since our previous “leader” and his cohorts ramped up their race baiting and other – group – hating efforts. It’s been painfully obvious for so long. Divide and conquer was hardly a new strategy when he employed it, and its use is only going to become more popular and apparent as the next few years unfold.

The major difference I see between the left and right, I haven’t yet seen addressed here. The left is driven almost entirely by emotion. The right is driven primarily out of values and facts. I didn’t support Obama, but no… I’m not a racist, I didn’t like his anti-American attitude and policies. I strongly supported Col. Allen West, a solid conservative who happens to be black.. The right is deemed racist and women haters, but it’s actually the left that attacks blacks who go off the liberal reservation (they spent millions to defeat West) and strong conservative women (Google “feckless c*nt”).. Liberal hand-out policies have destroyed the black family, which has lead to higher black crime and incarceration, but the left and their media continue to drive the irrational emotional narrative that Republican prejudice is responsible for that high incarceration rate and Democrats are the party for blacks. Black unemployment is at an all time low under Trump–the left and their media ignore that.

I imagine most of us have seen the man on the street interviews where college liberals support the liberal candidate… yet, when pressed on policies, don’t have any clue as to why. Facts matter in the real world, but not to the left. When one side argues with facts and logic, and the other side argues with emotion and name calling there can be no reasoned discussion or hope to reconcile.

The real divide, I believe, is driven from the spiritual battle that is going on behind the scenes. Satan has blinded those on the left to facts that are obvious to us on the right. It’s no accident that the policies of the left have resulted in an increasingly evil society.

People spend a great deal of time and effort trying to figure out the mastermind behind what appears to be a multi-faceted, multi-generational conspiracy. What’s happening is far too well coordinated to be accidental. And yet most of those people completely discount the possibility of a non-physical evil that has a plan and a goal. There doesn’t have to be a human mastermind as long as Satan can influence those in positions of authority (either political, popular, or spiritual) to do his bidding.
I don’t discount the human mastermind–they’re out there as well–but the primary mover isn’t physical.

Well said, Lauren!

Eph. 6:12

Exactly! Very well stated. These issues are all of spiritual origin, the hatred and deepened perversity all being pushed from behind the scenes. Scripture warns that in the last days, darkness will cover the earth, and gross darkness, the people. It’s clearly happening now.
It seems to me that the convergence of those things prophesied of the last days is here, and that things are not going to get better this side of the Messiah’s return. Politics and humans can’t fix spiritual issues. I’m doing my best to be ready for what’s obviously ahead, especially with a view toward eternity.

Throughout history, the worst killers and spewers of propaganda did not wear uniforms, but hid in society to corrupt from the inside. Citizens were more afraid of the secrete police than the army.

The scum now hide behind the political parties, like the Pakistani infiltrators of the DNC. And how can anyone support slick willy and hilldabeast when their positions in office resulted in the abuse of women and charity scams that got them from self declared poverty to multi millions today.

This is just the tip of the corruption but a large segment of the population will not even consider or question what is now being disclosed. This is not just a divide in opinions but the brainwashing of millions of people. The truth must come out. And a few more lamp posts might be necessary.

Darn forgot name – hermit us

Yes! Another great observation. It’s mind boggling how many people I’ve tried to explain this to, but they’re so brainwashed and deceived, they absolutely refuse to consider even a remote possibility that everything they believe is a lie.
Really sad. I’d be terrified, knowing how many deluded, even demonic people there are around me who hate my guts because someone said they should, if I didn’t know that my Father in heaven has my back. Definitely time to be sure of where we stand in relation to our Creator, and not be concerned so much about what anyone else thinks or says.
Buckle up, we’re in for a bumpy ride.

I think it’s both. I know of people IRL who think along the same lines as the mental midgets in hollywood.

the answer to the dress question is all of the above.

Odd topic on this website, which once ran a post about who is and isn’t “sheeple”.
I guess when you call someone a name, it’s ok, huh?

Sigh just Sigh

And I suppose you can find a reason to be offended or is the liberal term “Triggered” by a simple Sigh?

From my POV a Sheeple is a person who chooses not to exercise his/her Free Will or Engage their God Given ability to think through a statement that may not be factual. So from my POV it’s not a term I would say to a Sheeple (THAT’s Name Calling) but a description of how a person chooses to act as a Sheep following the crowd rather than being a free willed individual.

Now saying anybody who disagrees with you a Nazi or Fascist or to refer to an intelligent woman as a Feckless C–t THAT is name calling.

Mr. Gray,

I guess I’ve developed battered white guy syndrome (BWGS). Liberals have called me deplorable, red neck, hill billy, honky, cracker, etc., so often that I’ve embraced and accept the labels with pride. I smile back at ’em and say “you betcha, and proud of it”.
But then, I’ve got a life.

I once made a comment about leaders and followers and got called a sheep because I said I was tired of leading all the time.

I said thank you 🙂

That was a wonderful response to their statement about you. Just
awe inspiring!

I’ve read and heard a lot lately about ‘white privileged’ and colleges having classes on unintended/unconscious bias and it is always aimed at Caucasians. Really? what a bunch of clap trap. Maybe all these people need to take a good look at themselves for bias and quit blaming their trouble on others.

Lol! I know what you mean. I’ve got battered white woman syndrome. I was raised far north of that Mason Dixon Line, but I’ve been in NC since I was old enough to leave home with my now deceased ex 41 years ago.
My 3 adult sons also know how you feel. We wear our names proudly as well. Blessings from one deplorable cracker to another. 😃

I think Old Chevy points out one significant problem – chanting crowds. Chanting in groups is seen, heard, spoken, and felt. It creates waves of reinforcement in an individual’s psyche. I’m not sure it is possible to think while participating in a chanting crowd; seems like the capacity to be able to to so would be reduced to almost nothing.

I am a firm believer that we are made to care for others, but that doesn’t mean we have to expose ourselves to toxic speech and behavior. I’m sorry to say that in my experience the meanest nastiest people are the unthinking blind followers. Recently, mostly because of where I find myself living and visiting, it is folks on the left who say the worst things, in my hearing, about other people.

My likeminded friends and family members are quieter (non-chanting), and tend to be of the live and let live, laid back, gettin’ on with their own business types.
Wishing Peace, love, and friendly faces to all on this site tonight. Thanks Ken!

*** I was just about to enter my comment when, the dress changed colors??? When I first came to the page it was white and gold. I scrolled down, read the comments, and scrolled back up, it is blue and black. SHOCK.***

I fled from my crazed place of employment because of this divide. The people who were in my office (I don’t call them coworkers as they did no such thing as work) were suicidal and took days off when Pres. Trump was elected. I had made celebratory cupcakes and laughed inside as I watched them eat my trumpcakes, though I knew I could never let them know how happy I was. The office was flagrantly anti-christian (most “atheists are really just anti-christian). I knew we were getting to the flash mob stage so I ran. What bothered me most was that when I spoke to these people individually and made them aware I was Messianic Christian (so they would at least no persecute in front of me), they were like “oh that’s cool”. but in the group setting it was always “when are all the Christians finally gonna die off?”

And for those looking for a biblical perspective, look at the events that happened in the world since the solar eclipse “divided” the US. It is kind of interesting 🙂

p.s. most of the people in that office didn’t vote, and now I understand that was a good thing

I would like to post a warning and travel advisory to those who may be traveling through Portland, OR.

The latest violent clash took place over a week ago between a gathering of Patriot Prayer and the ANTIFA group. It took place in downtown and there was minimal talking. LOTS of yelling, cursing and physical attacks against each other. Scene was chaotic enough that it took about a week to figure out what the riot was all about.

ANTIFA is well established and organized with the aid of social media in the Portland, OR metro area. If you must travel through these areas, keep in mind that these gatherings that turn into riots tend to take place on weekends in Portland, OR.

I am not politically motivated butt I do have money in investments so that makes me be aware of how politics will and continue to affect the market. We live in interesting times right now and to the Chinese, this is not a blessing but a curse.

To the folks on this site:
Be careful in your travels out there and check out the possibility of civil disruption taking place in the places you may travel. God be with you and may his angels keep you safe on your journey’s. I would hate to hear about anyone being caught in the crossfire out there.

Thank you for the heads up on what is happening in POT land Or. Dh has a son in that area, will send him a note to be care if he has to take his mom thought that Hill Hole.

THIS will sound selfish, it. Is where I have ended up-i no longer waste energy talking with people who are close-minded, or fanatical in beliefs, waster of energy and time. I do observe what is going on and being said and either react accordingly, or plan ahead (proactive) for the appropriate actions, the screaming arrival is filtered out to look for anything that does or might impact my little world. Zero tolerance for lack of manners or civil behavior, no emotional reaction will allow an immediate response selection and implementation set up. In other words, the pin is pulled, do I put it back in or us it. Talking is over now.

Climate Change … Government Entitlements … Illegal Immigration … Abortion on Demand – the list grows. For me, it was the Abortion issue which started it all. Bad enough having it legal, but to make it a free service provided by public money ? What happened to choice ?

See – I do it too. :^)

As said above numerous times, people have given up getting along with others who don’t have the same opinion as them. Listened to a coworker yesterday blasting Liberals, thinking your just the other side of the coin with a different opinion – they can say the same of you. We get along, but when it comes to politics, the factions are fused !

Maybe if (when?) SHTF, we will finally be rid of the petty stuff and have to focus on survival. That is only thing which will bring us all closer together.

Of course they are idiots!
They celebrate the degenerate or abnormal, and condemn and berate what was moral and normal.
They want to eliminate our rights (1st, 2nd etc.) and pursue imaginary rights. (illegal aliens, protection from something that may offend them, like God)
The list could go on, but many of our differences have already been covered. We are becoming more and more polarized, but in my view, there is no compromising with wrong.

Amen, couldn’t have said it any better! God be with His people!