The Next Major Crisis Will Be Ushered In For The Great Reset

Have you heard of the Great Reset? That’s their plan…

“I believe that there will be another crisis. It will be more significant…and we need to start preparing for that right now. When we do see this next crisis, it will be faster than what we’ve seen with Covid. The exponential growth rate will climb – be much steeper. The impact will be greater. The social and economic implications will be even more significant.”

~Managing Director – World Economic Forum – Jeremy Jurgens

“We all know that we still pay insufficient attention to the frightening scenario of a comprehensive cyber attack, which would bring to a complete halt to the power supply, transportation, hospital services…our society as a whole. The Covid-19 crisis would be seen in this respect as a small disturbance in comparison. To use the Covid-19 crisis as a timely opportunity to reflect on the lessons of cyber security, community, and to improve our preparedness for a potential cyber pandemic.”

~Founder World Economic Forum – Klaus Schwab

Predictive Programming

The globalist power centers broadcast their moves ahead of time. It’s called “predictive programming”.

The more you dig into this, the more you discover that is indeed what they do. Most don’t hear about it, or consciously comprehend their messaging.

Many within the alternative media (actually the new media) are skilled at recognizing the big picture. Personally, I see it much clearer than I used to – thanks to self-educating via many sources.

I am posting this today due to a major concern that I have. I’ll get to that in a minute…

First, the quotes above were made known to me from readers here on the blog referencing a 14 minute podcast from “iceagefarmer”.

Listen To What They’re Saying

When globalist billionaires speak, you better listen to what they’re saying. In this case, not just the WEF. But the same thing goes for other powerful globalist groups and organizations. Listen for clues. They comprise and embody the globalist controllers of the world – and they’ve been trying for decades to permanently bring the USA under their total control (with the help of many enemies and agencies within).

The World Economic Forum (as one example) is a Geneva-based international organization that discusses issues concerning the global political economy. They have revealed what they intend to do. And it may be (very) soon.

This gut feeling is based on lots more than just the quotes above. I have absorbed many hours of input from a variety of sources which overlap several underlying probabilities for the globalists next moves.

The Great Reset

Elite globalists billionaires have been planning to bring about a “Great Reset” that would see permanent social and economic changes across the world.

Deep State globalists, Top leaders of Big Business, Big Globalism, and Big Government worldwide — including royalty and mass-murdering communist tyrants — are stepping in to offer their proposed “solution” to the crises they themselves unleashed:

A “Great Reset” to transform the world and everything in it, supposedly for the benefit of the masses, but really for the benefit of the ruling classes.

“The movers and shakers of the world have been meeting on a regular basis, especially since January 2020, to plan ‘The Great Reset’ at the Davos 2021 Summit in January.”

“The DAVOS Great Reset Will Mark the End of Nation-States, the Middle-Class and All Civil Liberties.”

Transhumanism – End Game of the Great Reset

Another key aspect to “The Great Reset,” or the “fourth industrial revolution” as Schwab calls it, is merging man with machine. “What the fourth industrial revolution will lead to is a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity,”

Schwab explains with excitement how upcoming technology will allow authorities to “intrude into the hitherto private space of our minds, reading our thoughts and influencing our behavior.”

Make no mistake, the Great Reset is no spur-of-the moment idea. The WEF website states,

“…anxiety about the world’s social and economic prospects is only intensifying. There is good reason to worry: a sharp economic downturn has already begun, and we could be facing the worst depression since the 1930s. But, while this outcome is likely, it is not unavoidable.”

The WEF sponsors have big plans:

”…the world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions. Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed. In short, we need a “Great Reset” of capitalism.”

Destroy America

For the New World Order to happen, America as we know it (knew it), must be destroyed.

And herein lies my high concern. Trump and his 72 million supporters are standing in the way. It has been well established… The Biden syndicate are agents of the Chicoms and the globalist cabal. Even worse, Harris is documented to be THE most hard left among the progressive/marxists walking the halls of congress. Perfect to finish us off, once in power.

OBVIOUSLY the globalists have desperately tried to rid us of the orange man. Why? Because they cannot control him like the others. Now here’s where I get nervous…

OBVIOUSLY this election was rigged (Dominion Voting Systems) to an incredible extent. The proof that is apparently about to be revealed will shock the world. The Dominion “rabbit hole” is very deep and very ugly. Apparently elections have been electronically rigged for quite some time. The system and its software was apparantly DESIGNED to rig elections in foreign countries! I’ve heard that famous attorneys are about to expose the biggest voting fraud in American History. Soon.

Now listen, if this is true — and I have no reason to believe that it is not true at this point – based on the credible interviews that I’ve listened to — it will be like setting off a nuke. Revealing the deep treason and the many participants.

Globalist Counter-strike

The globalists WILL launch their own counter-strike. And I fear that it might include part or all of which they’ve already said would happen… A worse (much worse) pandemic than Covid-19. And a comprehensive cyber attack which (according to them) would take down the power grid (to varying extents?) (among other systems). Outright assassination would not be out of the question either.

There is NO WAY that this is going down peacefully during the next 4 to 8 weeks. “Stuff” is going to happen. They’ve already told us. And if these attorneys “have the goods” on our electronic voting system fraud — the Deep State and globalists are going to go “nuclear”.

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Good article. Went to our local hardware store today. Noticed that they still had Trump 2020 hats for sale. Lady behind the counter said that she did not see any way that the Election would not end up in violence. She also said that most of her customers had expressed the same thoughts as well.

I believe that many in the Prepper community are also looking out for a second strike of some kind at the U.S.

The lawyers who backed out were doxxed and threatened. The firm they worked for also has a lot of clients who work closely with China. They were replaced quickly with an even better legal firm.

I honestly don’t know what to think anymore. Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum seems quite giddy talking about it, though.

Also just learned that I may be back to working from home again next week, which, if I’m honest, I prefer during these times.

What I don’t understand, though, is why our HPCON level isn’t changing despite our state numbers consistently rising. In fact, they’re at their highest, much higher than when we were all working from home months ago.


They want russian revolution and gulags 2.0

you are most likely correct, some of the far left in government are already speaking of similar. Not out of the realm of possible

It seems that things are getting worse everyday but isn’t that what this site is about? Being prepared for the very worst? I feel safe in my rural area but for how long? Preppers have a bulls-eye on their backs. It’s not because we know how to can and store food or that we grow our own vegetables and raise livestock, it’s because we are, for the most part, free and independent from the government. That’s a bad thing for Bernie and Kamala. The last thing they want you to do is think for yourself and make your own decisions. Dependency on government is their mantra, and you can bet your stock dividends that when they delete Joe Blow they will do whatever is necessary, criminal or otherwise, to establish a tyrannical Marxist government. Wish it weren’t so but the signs are everywhere.

There is a bill passed by the house that will control you and your money— it is a digital wallet that can monitor your health, where you are at, your income, where you spend and what you can spend your money on, and can take it all away from you, if it passes. It is in the senate now, and some republicans like it. It gets rid of all cash so government can control you.

REVELATION 13:17 That no man might buy or sell, save he had the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name”


It is US Senate Bill 3561.The title is Banking For All Act.Introduced in March 2020 by Democrat Ohio Senator whose name I can’t recall. It highlights the coming digital monetary system.

Thanks for explaining some of it…but some of the bill is kept secret covered up in black ink. I mentsaw the bill. It is well being prepared for with large businesses like Wally world, Target, etc.,

The way I know from reading many investment companies’ warnings to protect your wealth (they claim it will devastate your 401ks and be trouble for those who have more than $5,000 in the bank, is to put money into crypto currencies as you mentioned Armstrong Economics Blog, and into actual gold and silver, where these can’t be digitalized under bank, Feds, and government control, (they can only do this with US Dollars)

If crypto currency wasn’t paying into the system it would be shut down in minutes. The fact that it’s being built up by the media and the .gov actually wants everyone on crypto suggests to me that it’s part of the problem, not part of the solution.

Lauren, I agree. Anytime the media is pushing something – walk the other way.

You obviously don’t know shit about crypto

Wow what an informative and intelligent response Emmm.

How about a little information with sources since your Abusively QUITE an EXPERT on Crypto.

Show respect and you get respect. So far your in the negative column.

Unique, in that, anxiety was mentioned, as Lk.21 mentions distress of nations with perplexity, which means quandary with anxiety. We’re not there yet, but sure seem to be picking up steam in that direction.

I went to my local COSTCO Friday for gas, some groceries and medicine for my wife. The credit card readers at the gas pumps were changed to a new system. It had to read a chip in my credit card before it would allow the transaction. Yes I know COSTCO is a member only but this was different than previous transactions that were in place for years.

Charles we have had chips in our cards for years in Canada they cut down on fraud quite a bit as the chips are hard to duplicate whereas the magnetic strip on the card is very easy to copy and can be done quickly in several ways even if it doesn’t leave your hands. Costco gas pumps have had then for years here with no problems. You get used to it after a while.
In these Covid times the chip allows you, if set up, to tap for purchases under a set limit without touching the keys at all! Limits used to be $100 now $250 for Visa and varies for a debit card.

Same down here in Texas, at wally world gas pumps, you now have to leave your card in the machine while you pump gas. Not like it used to be where you inserted your card then pulled it out.

They learned about the problems with the “one and done” method in Switzerland and India. So now they do it slow and easy.

They already ran a test run on it with the coin shortage. A lot of businesses went to card only and some are still doing no cash. From a business standpoint at least retail it makes sense. No money for employees to steal. No money to be robbed. cut labor hours from counting registers and doing bank drops. All they really have to do is to stop producing money and its a done deal weather people like it or not. I’m not for it but it won’t be long IMHO before we are there.


Mishka, many people are not aware of blockchain ID or how it will be used to control everything even further. The few that were talking about it have been removed from regular internet links.

Ken – I understand that you are just trying to cheer us up, but what’s the downside ?

Regarding reset,
Should DJT and his attorneys actually release the kraken,
In my opinion, i would not put it past these azzhats to assasinate he and pence, sensor every single conservative everything, and go after our guns instantly using government loyalist to the left while purging anyone loyal to DJT and true patriots. The whole russia thing blew up for these turds.

they are desperate, covid was supposed to draw everyone in line, all it did was piss people off for the most part and get the sheep scared. Watch for people involved in this resistance to the fraud to start getting wacked, its coming, more people have been killed by their own leftist governments than all wars in the 20th century combined. That includes leaders opposed to leftist/communist/marxist/socialist ideologies.

Harden your hearts, there will be no quarter offered to us and none should be given to those who despise us

In a book I read as a child (“USSA”) there was a three day blackout. No information in or out of DC during that time, and when the news came back up it was a done deal.

My two cents , assassination can work in two ways I believe JMO

Agreed. They’re banking all of this in the illusion of power. Unfortunately for them, 70 million people see through their BS. If even 0.1% of those 70 million were to react violently to a power grab, that’s a huge force to be reckoned with, even if it was widely dispersed.

Weather gonna weather. That’s the main cause behind the current and predicted famines and food shortages. The virus scare which caused and is still causing so many in authority globally to shut down industry, education, travel, etc. has exacerbated it. In pockets of the urban world, protests, riots, burning, looting, and random Islamist attacks have made conditions even worse in the cities, and not just here. Impoverishing the people is simply not the best path to success. And no matter what “they” do, 2028-2032 is coming and with it globally devastating weather when the Modern Grand Solar Minimum bottoms out. Dark cold years, not just a dark cold winter, indeed. How bad will it be? There’s speculation but no one knows. Best to be prepared. We each may end up on our own as available resources dwindle. . . . . . .

Pendulum gonna swing. Trump is just one of the more conservative, classically liberal, individual rights-focused world leaders/movements out there. Somehow, these globalists missed it. They are pushing against huge masses of humanity. Am not sure they can succeed through any of the usual means – elections, controlling the narratives, etc. – especially as so many of them are aging. If they were smart, they would bide their time until the political pendulum swings back, much easier to make massive change when you have the direction of that change in your favor. But in their avarice they want all the power and they want it now. Given what’s coming, not sure I’d want to be in charge when feeding the people may become difficult. . . . .

Man gonna meddle. For those who want to control others, when lying and cheating don’t do the trick, only force is left. And there are quiet means of forcing a catastrophic reset on large populations including cyber attacks on major infrastructure. As many have said, and as Ken says above – Listen when they tell you what they’re planning. Believe them when they show you who they are.

Long time listener, first time caller. I agree with the premise of your article with one exception. I do not believe we will ever be willingly put in a grid down mode by the globalists. In that scenario, they would be forfeiting the ability to track us, monitor our habits, and effectively propagandize us. Simply too much power at stake for that to be viable. Another pandemic? False flags? TBD? Yes. Certainly. Even Trudeau was recently commenting about the “opportunity” this is for a reset. It’s going to be a bumpy few weeks ahead.

Glad you joined the conversation but I have to respectfully disagree. A grid down would give them exactly the control TPTB desire. No electricity, internet, tv, cellphone, water and food shortages would create a panic and chaos that makes Covid look like a Sunday picnic. After 2 weeks the cities will be ashes, the suburbs a shooting gallery and anyone that can restore “order” will be worshipped as a savior regardless of the order they install.

The old communist saying of “out of chaos comes order” doesn’t mean things return to normal. It means a new order is implemented and it will be governed by an iron fist. The world is primed for a reset and TPTB know exactly when to push the button.

Stay safe

But think about the byproduct of that grid down situation. Communities bond together for survival, bartering, food exchanges, etc. relationships get forged, people start to see a better way when the tv and socials are cutoff. Certainly the cities would be a mess, but they aren’t going to be the target of the big reset. They are already complicit. I think the disconnect gamble would fail miserably. An economic reset can happen without grid down. Plenty of wealth destroyed overnight with giant market crashes or forces to hyper-inflate the dollar creating millions of dependents that can no longer afford basics. All the while being assured that .gov has the answer being blasted from the rooftops. The prepared will be labeled as selfish, the new 1% villain – but I digress.

Excellent points and you just might be right. With or without a grid down event, in the very near future things are still going to get bad, real fast.

An important perspective to consider, but I do disagree with the thought cities are not the target of their plans. Just like there’s uppity liberals and criminal ne’er do wells in urban areas, there are a lot of small business owners, freedom loving workers, and cultural conservatives in non-rural areas that will be targeted as well.

My personal opinion, they’re MORE likely to focus on cities. Like most pol-idiots, they totally disregard the rural except as a hurdle they need to clear in order to create their utopia. They MUST get rid of traditional Ag, but their focus of control is the cities.

And I’d bet their control would be about sheer numbers at first. Corral the majority of the herd, then start cleaning up the smaller pockets, worry about the strays after. Part of that control would likely include shutting off egress routes. Easier to contain the big crowds if they have nowhere to go.

Part of the “Agendas” is putting people in population blocks where everything they need is within walking distance–i.e., a city. It involves less than 200 sq feet per person, highrise city, and no personal property, also city. They WANT everyone in the cities because they’re easier to control. And yes, getting out might get very complicated.

Great theory, but they don’t have the manpower to restore order after the national grid has been shut down for a few weeks. That’s like trying to get ahead of a short fuse on a stick of dynamite. Yeah, you might just make it in time, but more than likely it’s going to blow up in your face.

I agree with the previous poster that having the grid up gives them an enormous advantage. Source: someone that once worked in that side. 😉

I agree (to an extent) regarding grid-down (that it may be shooting themselves in the foot – however they do want to crash capitalism, America). Maybe it would be sporadic, or targeted to create havoc and chaos… The fact that the particular scenario was spoken (among other scenarios at WEF), lets me know they’re thinking about it. Maybe it’s projection, maybe not…

One thing I’ve been hearing more often is that of another (more serious) pandemic. The next covid? Another man-made killer virus? Perhaps with an antidote just for the ruling elites? Who knows… But when they assure us that it’s going to happen, well, I kinda believe them…given their wickedness.

I think if the grid goes down, it would be mostly in the major cities. Even a 45 day down would make the mortality rate huge, might make the covid rate look good.

No diesel/gas pumps working would cause deliveries of most everything grind to a halt. Water/sanitation would ramp-up covid and all the bad bugs we kill daily for our survival. Then mass communication(s) start going dark. Cell phones, AM/FM radio, TV, even emergency services would crap out in 2 or three weeks. If you have prepped with some stand alone solar gen set (or wind power) you may have some electricity and hang in there much longer.

All the folks depending on Rx better have a stock pile. (hopefully non refrigerated).

I could think of more, but will leave it there.

Ken there is the “If we cannot control it we Destroy It” Idea. They want America gone as so the troublesome population is killed off and the resources are still there.

A full on cyber attack to crush Trumps efforts to bring to heel the Deep State and it’s allies (ALL Guilty of Treason and Insurrection) would be an easy way to destroy America. Within a week the lack of safe water to the vast bulk of Americans will bring on massive sickness and deaths let alone the violence of terrorists and even “Nice People” when “Daddy I’m Hungry-Thirsty” is the song of the land.

Far from coming together, aside from some nice Apocalypse Novels with a wise strong leader who brings all together We will end up shooting at each other seeking ANYTHING to keep us alive one more day.

Our own firepower is used against us.

Survivors after the smoke clears are easy to co-opt or destroy with outside nations military.

As I’ve mentioned before the POINT of a CIA Color Revolution is to “Win” a still functional country. Thus the Socialist-Democratic Street Armies have AS OF YET Targeted Food Distribution or the Electric Grid. They are following orders so far. I fear they have become Frankenstein Monsters that even the Deep State cannot fully control.

Thus my postings on how the Russian Revolution looked like from the Viewpoint of People trying to survive it.

It looks grim no matter how you slice it. Even if Trump manages to put the Deep State out of business, the Globalists will CRASH the American Dollar under our own debts and make the US Dollar be worthless as the Confederate Dollar after the civil war.

Diversify your assets, skills, trusted friends, tools, food, seeds, some PM’s, plenty of Pb and Brass, a willingness to leave your Mc Mansions for a hole in the woods and prayer that you never have to do any of that.

Praying for our Republic. There is no where to run to, unlike my Great Grandparents fleeing Germany after Kristallnacht for NYC and a restart.

The rule of 3. Look around you in your town or city how many people do you think in all of the apartments, townhomes, house trailers have 3 weeks worth of food? Inside of 3 to 6 months 50% to 70% of the US population will be dead. Either from starvation or gun shot by people trying to steal what they want or keep what they have. Then the take over will happen.

Food is not the immediate problem. Takes weeks for reasonably healthy people to starve out.

Any intermediate term power disruption will cut off the H2O purification and distribution plus as an added bonus, at no extra charge, sewage pumping.

In areas of concentrated pop this is a recipe for chaos and mass death. Without water, many people who cannot escape will be non-functional in 3 – 5 days ( maybe longer if they have access to bottled liquids) and dead within 10 or so. The aged and infirm will suffer most rapidly as usual.

And because no sewage removal is happening, it will be unbearable indoors in many areas.

Really is time to move out if there is any way possible. No guarantee that we country folks just won’t be eaten last, but it certainly is a very human trait to try to survive.


You bring up a valid point South. Of course after a grid down TPTB will probably issue ration cards so they can “help ” the people and we could be tracked that way. The people that didn’t try for cards or need the help would most likely be turned in by friends and neighbors so they could be rounded up. As far as real pandemic’s or disasters ……. well they would probably rather a large portion of the people die anyway as we would then be easier to control

In 1848, Karl Marx said, “England appears to be the rock on which revolutionary waves split and disperse, and which starves the coming society even in the womb.”

The U.K. remains under the Magna Carta. Our pilgrims instead drafted the Mayflower Compact, which I mentioned became the basis for the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. Our Article III though has similar wording to their Treason Act. Just as our President swears an oath to defend the Constitution, their Monarch swears a Coronation Oath with similar wording to defend against foreign powers. Meaning, we are the only two countries in all of the world with the same monkey wrench to thwart control by the UN.

Articles 1-28 of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights appear positive and altruistic to those countries who have never had a Constitution or Bill of Rights. But Article 29, originally including (3) sections is what seeks to nullify those in both the UK and US by saying “These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.” They afford themselves the right to suspend or remove ANY of our rights or freedoms, as well as due process of the law that would grant a check and balance to their power.

Article 29(3) is what would place us under foreign rule. The UN becomes the foreign power upon which both our countries swear an oath to defend against. And coincidentally, it has been noted that when 29 is divided by 3, the result is 9.666 – the true mark of the beast who seeks to rule the entire earth.

So, God save the Queen! And, God Bless the USA. Together, we are the ones with the right sword to kill this coming society in its womb, just as Marx predicted.

Trump’s lawyers have given me hope. Plan B for me gets messy.

The forces that are in play today for America’s future and on the world scene are more than political, it is evil on a Biblical scale. We are headed into “the end times” and whether you believe in Bible prophesy or not, there are judgements coming the likes the world has never seen.

We are in a battle between good and evil and the collateral damage will be devastating to the US as well as the entire World. We are in a fight for not only the future of America but for the World as when America falls there will be no one to stop the NWO. This is way more that Trump being denied a re-election and unfortunately most people can’t see the forest for the trees.

Evil people love to announce in advance what they are planning to do. They just can’t help themselves. But this collapse of America is very serious. I truly believe this time the globalists are going for broke on all fronts. Taking power by any means possible. Food and (of course) ammo shortages. Restrict freedoms and movement by a deadly (and convenient) virus. And my heart goes out to any who have contacted real covid. It’s awful. Control the press and the narrative. Silence truth-tellers out there.

Here is my 2 cents worth. I believe a grid-down situation is coming along with a global financial collapse. All engineered. This is serious people. (And I’m watching Martin Armstrong closely. He is watching for capital flight from countries. A good indication of global moves on the chessboard and war). It is more important now than ever to be the ‘grey man.’ Live simply. Live quietly. For now. If CW2 comes upon us then we all will fight, I truly believe that. But there are more ways than just bullets to fight a war. “Starve the Beast.” For more on this visit and search out an older article by Jack Perry titled “The Frugal Revolution: Bleeding the Beast.” dated 9-15-2016. It’ll get you thinking out of the (ammo) box. There are many, many ways……to accomplish a goal.

My DH just returned from errands today. There is a huge run at Costco and grocery stores. On a Monday yet. The slowest day of the week to shop here. He said it’s absolutely mobbed out there. I took a ‘vacation’ week myself here to wrap up some homestead projects. Will make a final run for goods tomorrow. Then wait and see.

As I’ve always said, God is still on His throne. I just pray He will still be merciful to the United States. Pray for our President. Pray for our country. I hold you all up in prayer.

Thanks, Ken for bringing this to our attention.

As I suggested, a few articles ago, I hope Lauren is working on a guest article to further elaborate on the WEF criteria.

I recieved a text this morning that the Sec of our State is about to certify the votes of our state in a manner of days.

I have never emailed legislatures in my state, ever.
Not until, today.
I’m damned tired of the lies, fraud, deception.

End sentence of my email,

We, the People, have lost faith in our ability to vote, with honest outcomes. We’ve lost faith in Our State. We’ve lost faith in Our Nation
Because our one voice, our vote,
has now been completely abolished by corruption.

The Council on Foreign Relations, the Tri Lateral Commission,Bilderbergers, Club of Rome,World Economic Forum and the United Nations are all members of the same big club that wish to rule the planet. We are not allowed to join the club. I guess we are the unwilling participants on the earthly journey. They make the rules , we follow them for the most part.
United Nations agenda’s 2021and 2030 shows that our future is pretty well planned out for us.

I think we are going to see things ramped up sooner and faster. It is going to be extremely challenging to cope with whatever comes our way be it a financial reset into digital cash, rolling power outages , food shortages and rationing or more China flu lockdowns. It appears that all the stops are out in the march to create a one world government .
I beleive the stage has been set in 2020 . The enemy is not in hiding anymore, our government is rotten at all levels.
It is imperative we use every bit of wisdom and discernment that we have as we move forward in very trying times.

Get out of debt, be prepared for 2 years if possible, have hard copies of any bank statements, investment accounts, and especially deeds for any hard assets.

Great Advice regarding Hard Copies of important documents / proof of things…

How does this kind of stuff NOT make its way in the press?! NO ONE IS SHOWING THIS!

It’s the REAL Joe Biden. As told by REAL journalists.

MSG12B – How is it that this character has no character ? I remember when he got nailed in college for plagiarizing a paper.

Hmm, the Ceo of Dominion vote counting system said, No way Trump will win the election, I made F—g sure of that. Newsmax reported. This is an admission the program was fixed for Biden to win.

could you provide a link to this quote or a webpage
I can’ find it anywhere.

Thank you, I was searching the wrong words.
Interesting article.

Things go bad for us in America, I will do my part of being a member of the 70million cuts to Communist…..

Summit News has the following blurb:

“Globalist Klaus Schwab made it clear that transhumanism is an integral part of The Great Reset when he said that the fourth industrial revolution would “lead to a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity”, which in his book he clarifies is implantable microchips that can read your thoughts.”

Brain wave transmitting microchips have been around for a while.
Sounds like he may be referring to nanotechnology.

SpiritOf76 –
When MSG12B made the comment about Klaus appearing giddy, it caused me to flashback to Josef Mengele. It seems history is not only repeating, so are the people who want to use us as their lab rats.

except this time the leftist are volunteering to get into the cattle cars and demanding to be transported to their Hell.

i bow to no man and they had better ready to kill millions and for millions to get killed

You can vote your way into communism but you have to shoot your way out.

Has anyone noticed on Deagel dot com the “disclaimer” at the bottom of the countries list in the 2025 projection page?

I just read it because you brought it up, very interesting and a little creepy.
Anyone not understanding how small and insignificant we really are as individuals in the great scheme of things will want to read this.

Like a vivid dream or unwanted glimpse into the future. -cut/paste or highlight and search

wow, just wow. sobering to say the least.

Thank you for bringing this pending crisis it to focus. I am a simple man. I am very disappointed with the election results but I saw Sidney Powell on Lou Dobbs a few days ago discussing proof of election fraud. If what you say is true and the truth does come out I would be very surprised. Again thank you for this post. I guess we better get prepared for the deep states next big thing, what ever form it takes.

I still have faith our military… will they let this happen and I am not referring to the top brass.

YES! Just like the guards in the death camps…….They were just following orders.


Perhaps we have 2 levels of military, those above 0-6 and those not, the pawns in the game. Sad situation if that is true.

I guess you have absolutely no idea of what you are attempting to speak about.

Obviously you know nothing of Civil Court procedures and seem to have a completely unschooled opinion regarding “evidence” in a civil suit. Nor, are you aware of the actual evidence in these suits which have already been presented to the public and the media.

You are just a poorly educated, utterly confused, Democrat clone.

I’ve dealt with this particular delusion before. S/he knows, but facts mean nothing. Only the cause matters.

Nation wide, IF the power grid was hit a by millions of cuts…. nothing works… Bad guys will be in a fix…

tuesdayissoylentgreen day did you give your thought a moment before posting?

Yep FIRST ORDER effects, in my tiny circle of friends and neighbors at least 11 families will lose their freezers and refrigerators worth of food. 3 Oxygen Dependent neighbors will die a slow suffocation. At least 5 families will suddenly discover that their fireplace is NOT a success in keeping their homes warm after the electric dependent pellet stove stops. It’s winter in New England OK?

AND that’s just the first 24 hours. By the 3rd day lack of drinking water (as electric well pumps fail as MOST Portable gensets DON’T have the 220 power needed) will start weakening and killing off “Healthy Folks”, the elderly will have already suffered and passed.

NOT ONLY “BAD GUYS” will be suffering.

Second order effects will be even worse as trucking STOPS as communications, credit, Banking and everything needed to support our current population STOPS. Gas stations and stores die off as no electricity NO Gasoline Pumping, No Refrigeration for food.

Frankly given the Bad Guys habit of “Telling us little hints” I think the Hunger Games where electricity is turned on or off as people obey or not as well as the liberal leftist movies “The Hunt” where rich leftist’s Hunt Trump supporters might be AH BAD?

Current Population of the USA some 330 million, Pre-electricity Population 1800 5.3 Million NOT for lack of Large Families but lack of food and medicines to support a larger population.

There has already been a few cases of power/water shut offs. Calif. turned of both to residences that weren’t complying with some covid mandates. New York also did the same thing and in one case in the dead of night changed the locks on a business so that they could not open.

Oh well, and what, you dont think they will suffer anyway with a freakin leftist run schitt show?