The USA Titanic – Buckled Hull Plates Now Letting Water Into The Ship

“It is more like standing on the deck of the Titanic as it brushes against the iceberg. You can see the iceberg. You can play with the ice falling off the iceberg to the deck around you. But, there is absolutely nothing you can do about the damage the iceberg is causing, or the buckled hull plates now letting water into the ship, or to prevent the ship from sinking as a result.”

“When comparing this analogy to our current situation, and unlike the historic event, the ship’s Captain deliberately targeted the iceberg and had his crew guide the ship into contact with it…knowing in advance there were not enough lifeboats to save everyone…then restricting the lower classes from access to them.”

said “Ision”

Am I alone? Seems to me we are on a sinking ship – numbly staring as hole after hole is being punched into the hull -the water is pouring in – we are starting to sink. Started slowly, but now is speeding up.

But everyone, while fully aware of the coming catastrophe – keeps hoping someone will shore up the leaks – but no one steps forward to attempt what has to be done.

I apologize for the downer, but as the day broke here on the mountain with a heavy fog enveloping us, visibility down to about 200 feet, the normally beautiful views hidden, realizing that any imminent threats would be hidden also – and would manifest themselves so quickly. A surprise. Reaction would have to be rapid and effective, with what I have right here, right now…

My point? I really don’t know. We prep. We think we are ready. A premonition of a rapid descent into a time of testing? With a constant stream of bad news bombarding us every day – thousands of threats – each possibly devastating. Do we risk becoming numb, frozen in place, watching as the ship goes down – or are we going about the business of ensuring the lifeboat is ready?

Are you as ready as you need to be? I doubt I’m the only one with these feelings?

said “Dennis”

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  1. There is nobody coming to save any of us, we are on our own!

    Aside from a belief in God, its pretty obvious whats going on, and what the outcome will be. History repeats.

    1. I would suggest reading todays offering from bigCOUNTRYxpat today,,,,

      The funny thing about it is i know more than a few folks who have wondered about something similar kicking this shipwreck into high gear. See, the thing is, those so called “elite” are susceptible to a whole lotta awful too

    2. Kula,
      “There is nobody coming to save any of us…”
      That pretty much sums it up.

      As I have been thinking about Ision’s analogy today, it’s feels like we have been steered into iceberg-filled waters, as the puppet masters steer us from one to the next, taking another direct hit each time. How many world conflicts can we stir up? How badly can we trash our economy? How many jobs, companies, even entire industries can we crush with our extreme green-ism? How many forms of civil war can we keep going – race, politics, class warfare, and now jab vs. non-jab… the list seems endless. Mix in shortages, inflation, and the solar minimum and what it will do. We are steered into each iceberg… then told a variety of lies – it’s all being done to help us, it’s not being done at all, it’s only being done because the last administration is at fault. Which hit will be the final blow?

      1. SoCalGal
        What i find so amusing are all the people turning a blind eye to all of this, eventually the leftist dog is going to crap on their porch, then what? They think by ignoring it it wont affect them, i gots news for everybody, it will affect everybody sooner or later. Just because they dont look doesnt make it go away, just makes them look stupid when it stinks up their little corner.

  2. No, no one can or will save us.Captain Biden and first mate ,KH are drowning all of us.There is no READY! I spent my whole life with no help from no one. And now trying to deal with DW dementia on my own watching her slowly disappear, I see no way out! Sometimes there is nothing we can do but drown!

    1. You’re treading water. Don’t give up on yourself.

      I don’t know if this will mean anything to you, but here goes. You know how sometimes you go fishing and catch nothing? Maybe the fishing is the purpose, not the catching, but you sit there with your line in the water and then you move just a few feet downstream or upstream and a fish latches on almost immediately?

      I think that’s where you are. Just the tiniest shift in perspective and you’ll be given what you need.

  3. Setting aside the government spending proposed (of which the bulk of, in my opinion, is just stupid), the constant verbal baiting and goading is trying to initiate a violent backlash for crackdown justification. As the ship is listing to the port side, soon the altercation will be who gets to be in the lifeboats, makes sense to me most here are building, or have built, their own. Most .”city folks” will wait for one to be delivered, or try to take someone else’s lifeboat. I imagine all the large cities as a flotilla of Titanics, which are sinking now with folks escaping to safer areas, leaving the rest to go down with the ships.

    1. nope not everybody in the cities are blind deaf sheeple am i ready for whats coming nope not as well as i would like to be but a LOT better than some

  4. It is all about population reduction, a goal sought for many years by the Prime Manipulators.

    Now…we know the spike-protein, all by itself, the exact same spike-protein the “vaccines” force our own cells to make, can…and do…cause physical damage to our bodies, and CAUSE the exact same symptoms, and dire results, of the Covid19 disease, without the presence of ANY actual virus being present.

    Since the spike-protein can perfectly mimic COVID19 symptoms, the afflicted will be told they are one of the unfortunate vaccinated people, who still contracted the illness, and the sickness they are experiencing was caused by the invasion of a WILD virus, or a “mutant” strain of the virus. They will NEVER be told they are suffering from the effects of the spike-proteins the “vaccine” they took…created.

    Three studies now indicate all that is needed for one to suffer Covid19…is simply the spike-protein…ALONE.

    To continue injecting the mRNA serums, after this discovery, is mutilation and murder!

    1. Incase you all are wondering what Ision is talking about you may want to go check out The Market Ticker and his post titled “There Are THREE Studies; All Showing Serious Harms”. Atleast I think these are the studies he is mentioning.


  5. Being in the poor section of the ship, lower deck, I am ready to jump into my little dingy before they close off my section to drown. I am the master of my fate, and the captain if my destiny.

  6. Our Patriot friend has enabled us to learn and post much lifeboat information. So envision yourself getting in the lifeboats with our life style items around us. Other than faith it is all we have until 2022 2024. By the way, George Bush just said, The Republican Party has a shot at future elections if it curbs its ‘white Angelo Saxon Protestantism.’ From interview Business Insider.
    What this tells me is, hopefully, the party is thinking about the situation.

    1. I think Bush would be a better ex president if he quit kowtowing to the cow-pies of the left like BLM, atheists, and racists.

  7. I can not fathom that over 74 million are accepting the inevitable sinking of the US Titanic under their feet. As a united and resourceful group, there is nothing that could stop this group from correcting the course of the ship, including the woke military.

    The water is already thigh high and soon to invade our privates, which means men being totally emasculated. When the water is neck high, the only instinct left will be to simply breath. If this is the fate of the free world, we might as well just get on our knees now and drown.

  8. Always remember that after George told Lennie about the rabbits again, he shot him in the back of the head. “Of mice and men” by John Steinbeck.

  9. Over five thousand years ago, Moses said to the children of Israel “Pick up your shovel, mount your asses and camels and I will lead you to the promised land”.

    Nearly 85 years ago, Roosevelt said “Lay down your shovel, sit on your ass and light up a camel, this is the promised land.”

    Now Obiden has stolen your shovel, sniffed your ass, raised the price of camels and refinanced the mortgage on the promised land. A guy was so depressed after Obiden’s speech last night thinking about covid rules, the antifa, the blm, the future of the country and his security that he called the suicide help line, which went to a call center in Pakistan. He told them he was suicidal.

    They all got excited and asked if he could drive a truck…

  10. AGAIN –
    ” It matters not how strait the gate,
    How charged with punishments the scroll;
    I am the Master of my fate,
    The Captain of my soul. “

  11. now the useless steamin pile of 6341 from ny schumer is ACTIVELY trying to grant citizenship to illegal aliens

  12. “Are you as ready as you need to be? I doubt I’m the only one with these feelings?”
    No. You are not alone. But let’s be honest here. We all knew this day would come. A one-party system headed by a Leftist tool and a young side-kick chomping on the bit.
    Here in our small town we are gathered in “tribes”. Each one with a leader. We have prayed 🙏 and we have prepped as best we can. Our state and local government is well aware of the storm coming. We have placed a super-majority of right, conservatives in our legislature. Logic dictates that our chances are slim at best but we won’t cower in the corner likes so many beaten sheep. And if we are going down we will take as many with us 🇺🇸 as we can. This government can kiss my ass.

  13. Our battered ship is still afloat. Aimlessly drifting
    All hands are aboard and on deck.
    No one is manning the lifeboats.
    ….and many lives were lost.

  14. i can’t wait to sit around the fire eating squirrel on a stick with the other survivors (sarc)

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