The USA Will Be Unrecognizable After Harris – Biden

Today, I continue to write about our present “current event”. The most important election in U.S. history. It is THE most important thing going on right now as to how it will absolutely affect our lives as we head into the (unknown) future. Articles on traditional preparedness topics take a back seat to all this.

So, although I’ve already written about the topic of “what if Biden wins”, and what might happen afterwards, I’m going to present some further possibilities of what they would like to do, or what they might actually do.

The following points have been gleaned from various recent comments and opinions. They are not my words. However I tend to agree with some of the possibilities to varying extents (yet to be determined).

Fundamental Transformation will Happen Very Fast.

To anyone thinking that a Biden “win” can be undone in 2024….

By 2024, the USA will be unrecognizable. The Constitution will be shredded within the first 6 months. The RINO Senate will do nothing to stop the Fascist take over.

Before April 1 the caricature known as Joe Biden will either resign or be deposed from being the President. Queen Kamela will be installed to lead the destruction of America and turn it into a charcoal briquette. She will immediately give the Bidens a pardon for all crimes. There will be a big party celebrating her race and sex. Any criticism of The Queen will be called racist and sexist.

All investigations into the Criminal Elite will be extinguished and all evidence destroyed.

The local police will be augmented or replaced with a heavy handed Federal Police (Gestapo, Stasi).

The First Amendment will be destroyed – Big Tech and the MSM will complete their total dominance of all media controlling all news and information, and crushing all forms of public dissent.

Freedom of speech will be replaced with controlled speech. There will be a return to suppression of religious liberty, especially for Christians.

The Second Amendment – will be diminished significantly through heavy handed regulations. The Right to Bear Arms will be made irrelevant as the ownership of guns will be made impossible through severe taxation of guns and ammo. Corporate America will simply take a knee and stop offering guns and ammo for sale as Walmart did.

The Courts – won’t be be packed with Activist Progressive Judges just yet, as long as the Senate can stop it (Progressives didn’t take the Senate – Beware the RINOs). Eventually the Progressives will increase the size of the Supreme Court to more than nine, possibly fifteen. The Progressive judges will be able to “legislate from the bench” and have the radical laws approved by a corrupt judiciary. The size of appellate courts will also be increased in order to dilute the effect of the conservative judges appointed by Trump.

The Economy – will be crushed by heavy taxes and regulations. Energy companies will go out of business as a by product of the “Green New Deal”. The cost of electricity will sky rocket.

Taxes will be increased to the point of suffocating average people. There will be no business expansion. The economy will have to be propped up by trillions of dollars of government spending and money printing to the joy of Wall Street. Dependence on government for nearly everything will become the norm.

The Military – will be treated like it was during the dark years of Obama. The military budget will be cut. Ships will be placed in dry dock and forgotten. Spare parts will become hard to find. Supplies of ammunition will be depleted all the while demonizing the soldiers and sailors.

China will invade Taiwan and the USA will do nothing about it. Nor will anyone else. Thereby cementing China’s position as the new world power. Iran will start a war with Israel before the end of the year.

The Public Schools – will ramp up their level of indoctrination including severe anti-white rhetoric and hate. History will be re-written destroying every level of pride in America. White people will become the new underclass.

Medical Insurance -The government will take over health care insurance. Service will degrade significantly and the cost will be suffocating. Millions of new immigrants will get free medical care creating a massive back log of patients such that it will be nearly impossible to see a doctor. Only the rich and upper level bureaucrats will have private medical insurance.

Everything Trump did that was good will be erased and replaced with hate. He will be vilified.

The Border Wall will be torn down. Illegal immigrants will invade by the millions and they will suck the welfare system dry.

Every criminal & terrorist piece of garbage from around the world will be allowed into the country to live off welfare and get free medical care.

Crime will increase significantly but not be reported on the MSM.

Massive tax payer funded bail outs of liberal **** holes like CA, NY, IL, WA, OR, NJ and others will be approved.

Reparations will be paid to blacks for slavery with the burden placed onto the backs of white people with no credit for 60 years of affirmative action. The DemonRat Plantation will have a revival.

Lock Downs, masks, and forced vaccinations will destroy the human spirit.

In 2022 mid terms, Democrats will control both chambers as people vote out of fear of “benefits” being taken away.

SCOTUS packed, rights paved over with lopsided rulings.

Puerto Rico will be granted statehood. DC will be a state.

Perpetual single-party rule at the Federal level.

A Citizen Score modeled after China and implemented by Big Tech. Favoritism will be granted for members of the Party. Poor rating for existing GOP members.

Complete autocratic rule. It will be Communism without the label.

At this point, the USA will be over.

The USA is going to look a lot like 1930s Germany by 2024. There’s no going back to 2019.

Okay, those were just some of the predictive comments by others “around the room” so to speak. Maybe some of them seem unlikely. Maybe, maybe not…

At this point much would depend on the ability for a “R” Senate to stop it. Certainly, if the Senate turned “D”, a rapid destruction would occur. All the wheels would be greased for a rapid fall of America as we once knew it.

I know this article’s content doesn’t really help you. The election has not been called yet. And we have not yet gone through the Contested Period.

But I just thought I would throw it out there… What are the primary things that you believe will happen if Harris/Biden take over the White House? And do you believe that a slight majority Republican Senate will be able to effectively minimize the damage (or not)?

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  1. Yes, it is a downer. We are living through a historical and difficult moment in history. A choice between freedom & liberty, or, oppression & tyranny. Some men look away. Others, straight on. I choose to consider even the worst possible outcomes. Some of those are listed above. Whether or not “any” of them come to pass — time will tell. I hope NONE of them happen. But my head is not in the sand.

  2. I think that every possible infringement on the constitution every single progressive policy and every possible decree will be the norm,

    Ayan Rand will look like a clairvoyant prophet!

    1. Kulafarmer, please remind me which Ayn Rand novel this is referring to. I desperately need to read it. Thank you

        1. They made Atlas Shrugged Movies a few years back, three movies, not as good as the book, but mostly because you don’t get the fullness of the speeches.

          1. I agree they are not as good as the book, but I still have them to try to further inspire my friends and family to be self-sufficient, productive individuals and fight against the slave state of liberalism.

          2. When they announced the PA would be counting the suspect votes I realized that the election will be stolen. I’m watching the movies now as a coping mechanism, Ayn Rand has a way of capturing the times.

            Maybe this is a good thing for Trump, he can go on strike, not work for the sake of another. Maybe it’s a good thing for everyone else, if anything as a reason to go on strike against the left. Imagine if all the rural right wing farmers stopped sending food into the crazy left cities.

            It will probably never happen but it’s nice way of coping with the election result.

          3. Florida farmers are already having that discussion as a tactic against the evil left.

          4. Don’t be too sure…
            If harsh leftist imposition abd retribution comes, there is NO LIMIT to possibilities to bust their wagon…
            Up to and including state legislatures outlawing federal tax remittances by their states.
            Farmers, truckers, distributors… Limited only by imagination.

          5. Great idea, give in to strike before they take our money. But we have to come out of our comfort zones. Kinda like “give me liberty or give me death”.

      1. Loveley Poet
        i refer to Atlas Shrugged.
        It is actually a good read, has romance, intrigue, disaster, silver linings and dreams all in one,
        It is though, a cautionary tale. Anthem is also an excellent short read by her.
        i highly recommend them,
        You will find the correlation to our times most curious.
        😎 🤙🏻

        1. One of the best perspective shifting Ayn Rand works is The Virtue of Selfishness. Sounds terrible right? Actually, words used to mean things and selfishness was defined as concerned with one’s one interests. Not in a nihilistic if it feels good do it, but in being a productive, self supporting individual. I think this was the work where she said the best thing you can do for your fellow man is so order your life as not need to lay claim to the lives of others meaning the fruits of their labor, their savings, their property, or their lives. In other words so much of what MSBers are about – being self-reliant. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if more individuals joined us in that belief?

        2. Yes, but I think Ken’s scenario reads more like 1984. Big Brother is Watching You!

    2. As always thought provoking article. I agree any and all these scenarios could happen. Even half would render USA unrecognizable.and I don’t think it could be undone.The idiot’s that voted blue will get what they deserve, unfortunately we will not have what we’ve worked for all these years.We have prepped for the worst, still praying for the best! God save us all!

      1. I have learned to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. The best is yet to come-:God save us all is such a great prayer, reminds me of John 3:16. Sadly all will not be saved, only those who have repented. (Rom. 3:23, 10:9-13 & 17 KJV.) Born again. Next Biblical prophecy is the “Rapture of the Church” then the anti-Christ in the Great Tribulation. Don’t be left behind.

        1. There is no Pre-Trib Rapture. It is not biblical. However Yah (God) will protect his people to an extent as in he always has had an remnant and always will have a remnant. We will be persecuted and killed for our beliefs.

  3. Even if the GOP can hold a majority in the Senate it will be razor thin and with all the Rinos and the VP being the tie breaker the Commies will get anything they want through. Would not be surprised to see “accidents” happen to those Senators that cause too many problems. Things like that happen all the time during the “transformation” of a country.

    Looking a Politico right now shows both parties at 48 seats with 3 states still not called. AK, GA & NC. They are leaning GOP but by a very close margin (except AK) and I belie GA may have to do a runoff again in Jan if neither one breaks 50%.

    There will be no stopping the destruction of this country.


    1. In GA, if Senator Perdue doesn’t achieve 50% + 1 vote, then he and John Ossoff will have a runoff in January.

      In the other Senate race, current , recently appointed Senator Kellie Loefler will be in a runoff with Dem Raphael Warnock who were the #1 and #2 ( both less < 50%) in a special multi candidate, non-partisan election to fill the 2 years left on the term of the resigned (for health reasons) Senator Johnny Isakson come January.


      1. It will be close in the Senate for a while. There might be no Georgia Senator for a while if Perdue doesn’t get 50% + 1. The runoff isn’t until January sometime. I tried to look up the exact date, but I can’t find it. Anyway, if Biden wins, Kamala will have to resign from the Senate and that won’t be until January 20. I wonder if Governor Newsome will appoint Adam Schiff to her seat??? Whoever he appoints, he will likely do in on the afternoon of January 20.

        1. DaisyK. it will be another family member who agrees with him…and like you think- will be done as soon as throw the senate to every degree possible.

        2. DK:

          Both Purdue and Loefler are current Senators and are able to vote or otherwise discharge their duties – or did you mean the next Senatorial terms are un-decided ?


          1. You are right. I was thinking about the next senate. But doesn’t the new Senate start around Jan 3?

        3. If vacant the Governor of Georgia who is a republican can appoint Senators for the interim.

      2. bb in GA

        The septic tanks called Atlanta, Maconga and Albany will do to GA what Chicago has done to IL. I live in the N GA mtns and wish we could break away from the rest of the state and merge with Western NC and WV. I am a GA native and what my state has become is disgusting.

        1. bb in GA

          People in CA want to merge with Idaho. Some in Colo want to merge with WY. Illinois would be better off if Chicago became a separate state. If the country divides this time it will not be North against South or Coast against Interior. It will be City against Rural.

        2. Right behind you in Paulding county, Ga.
          Leftists have descended upon metro Atlanta like vermin… Almost unrecognizable now… Cobb, Fulton, Clayton, Dekalb and Gwinnett are irretrievable.

      3. Plus there are 2 independent wild cards in the Senate. Plus Susan Collins who votes against the party on a regular basis.

      4. It looks like Perdue has sunk for 49.9%. If that holds, then there will be two runoff elections for Senate in Georgia.

      5. The Ga legislature will be under ENORMOUS pressure (rightly so) to OUTLAW MAIL IN BALLOTS, to make this a vote in person affair ONLY!

    2. Speaking of RINO’s, it’s truly a sad day when we have to cheer a victory by Susan Collins. Trekker Out

    3. Prediction is a seat in Utah will be won by the R Owens. Not sure if it is Senate or House seat, though.

    4. Yes it will be stopped. The same spirit, heart, and courage that shaped this Nation will rise up to save it. The American people will not let the USA be destroyed. The DEM Nazi regime will force Americans to either die or fight. You won’t have an option.

  4. We will soon be in the third step of the four steps to a Communist takeover outlined by Col. Yuri Bezmenov in the 1980’s. “Crisis“.

    Yes Creepy Joe and Kommie-la will come to power, but only after much violence, law suits, riots etc. Thus a Nation in Crisis.

    To stop the fighting/riots Biden/Harris will call on the Insurrection Act and attempt to have the Military confiscate all firearms for ” Public Safety”. This step is the final one, ” Normalization” .

    Needless to say, I would guess that a few Red Neck Deplorables, just might not want to give up Grandpa’s old shotgun.

    Just my guess

    1. I’m sure quite a few will object in a very convincing way. Grandpa worked hard for that shotgun.

    2. any crisis events will be laid to Trump supporters, whether they are – or not… and be “bad actor initiated” in reality.

      1. Just Sayin’ I’ll tell you one thing, I’m sick and tired of all these Klansmen and White Supremacist doing all this rioting and looting. Last Klan rally I went to, all I saw was new Nike’s sticking out from under them Sheets, I know they stole them from some of them stores they burnt. Trekker Out

        1. MT
          ya know what im sick of?
          Im sick and tired of government, the corrupt, meddling, lying, cheating, lame asss alphabet soup swamp dwelling hiding behind color of law bullshchitt fooking government goons who think they are supposed to be able to dictate to everyone everything right downto the freakinlight bulbs we have to use…..
          🖕🏻 😎 🖕🏻
          thats all i got for government

    3. Mine has a very sharp edged instrument of the M1917 variety affixed to a smoke pole without a disconnect. Normalcy bias isn’t becoming. Government isn’t a victimless crime.

        1. Oh and councidentally the Chinese are supposedly staged and ready
          pissant communist garbage

          1. Who knew that the new re-make of the movie “Red Dawn” was a preview of Chinese/U.N. plans?

          2. Florida Boy
            When Nixon was told to make nice with them during his administration. My parents said this country was headed towards hades, it was only a matter of time. Now it is at our door.

  5. Who is doing all the down voting with having the balls to give an accurate response to the comments?

    1. Bible does not say all leaders are ordained of God; it is the institution of civil government for our peaceful civil peace. It is lunacy to use that verse in Romans to okay such despots as others have mentioned.

      1. Remember in 1 Kings 18 when Elijah challenged the gods of Ba’al to see whose god was the real God by calling down fire to consume a sacrifice? 450 priests of Ba’al tried for most of a day – to no avail. On the first time Elijah asked God to send down fire, He did – the fire consumed not only Elijah’s sacrifice, but all of Ba’al’s as well (after they were drenched in water). This was monumental! Collectively, the people acknowledged the God of Israel was the real God!

        Ahab and Jezebel were ruling Israel at the time – very, very wicked people. They were key in Israel’s rampant sin and departure from God. Elijah very much wanted these people to be removed from power and his heart was that Israel would be restored to their God.

        That didn’t happen. In fact, Jezebel wanted Elijah dead and he fled to the desert to escape. He got so distraught he asked God to take his life (so his misery could be over).

        Elijah wanted God to do something political… to intervene… but He didn’t.

        God’s plan was different than what Elijah wanted – or could even conceive of. But you know what? Shortly after that God took Elijah to heaven.

        Elijah had no way of knowing God had a greater plan. There was no Bible at that time, no precident.. only faith.

        Stay strong my brothers and sisters. God’s plan may not be all rosy and feel-goodie.. but He rules supreme.

        Another verse that directly applies:

        Daniel 4:17
        “..that the living may know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men.”

        Trump or Biden, God’s in control.

        1. I did get all that.
          I just have faith that a man keeping his word is FAVORED over a lying pc of excrement.
          I believe the FAVOR of God is ON DJT.
          I do not think that people making up ballots, stamping them received, and then marking them for a cANDIDATE FOR AN HOUR on video, is valid PART OF our process. nor is
          ‘finding’ votes stuffed in a box in a closet.

        2. ScrubbyRunner and others, I’m okay with your references until you said “Trump or Biden, God’s in control.”
          If there is a choice to be made between the three my vote would be for God, but God is not on the ballot. The phrase “God is in control” is repeated over and over by well meaning Christians that are ignorant or uninformed of the chain of command situation. God is decidedly and lovingly not in control. The bible states that Satan is the god of this world, but also states that “greater is he that is in you than he (Satan) that is in the world”. We are God’s proxies, we have been delegated control to act on God’s behalf. If we do not act, it don’t get done!

          When it is said “God is in control” it is no different than resigning responsibility to someone else so that we don’t have to do anything. It’s like being okay with going on welfare; my life is in the government’s hands, not mine. We are in control and are ordained by God to do the works of God.

          So you know what to do but it takes courage to do it and you are afraid to take the risk so you cop out by saying “God is in control”. But it’s your job, God put you, us, in control.

          What are the works of God that we are to be doing? Learn from history what other Christians have done when confronted by tyranny; look to the Black Robe Regiment in American history during the revolt of British rule.

    2. tmcgyver as also plenty of blood thirsty tyrants listed in the old testament.

      Is there not Buddhist mysteries still to be understood? Christianity is full of mysteries.

      Goodness is not a mystery that evil people are so good at faking Goodness and getting Elected?

      The older I get the more I know I simply don’t know about.

      Peace my friend.

    3. Original Just Saying did you read the many times God’s Chosen People went into SLAVERY for sin against the most High? Slavery back then wasn’t much fun, a lot of random abuse, rape and murder… Mostly for worshipping false Gods and sacrificing live children to Baal? HEY does that sound like Live Birth Abortions’ in NY State???

      Bad things are also in the Bible OJS. Just saying 🙂

      1. Yes, I have read studied and taught those books.They are not new. None of that material is new to me..
        Sacrificing those children was done in several ways one was to light a fire under a bronze statue… and lay a precious infant. in statue arm til it burned to death. another way they did it was throw little children to the Alligators to “appease the gods”. They would also throw them n bonfires…in the various temples..
        I never approved of abortion , and have offered to take more than one small child to raise. God knows each persons heart..He will deal with those who promote abortion as well as those who save the children from abuse..each will receive a reward according to their works.
        There is no way God approves of evil.He does sometimes use evil doers to accomplish His will. I do not believe allowing communism to take over our country is Gods will .. He has said his Word will always be available… in a nation where we can print and practice our religon and in communism where the rule of the current dictator is considered the Highest… there is no comparison..
        When right prevails …. You and those others who are bashing what i say will realize lying and cheating and stealing is NOT God’s will. I think too many people are trying to make th Book of Books fit THEIR OWN o narrative- not Gods. I am done with this subject.

    4. Don’t know if this applies here and I don’t remember the exact location in the Bible, but I remember that it is said that God punishes the bad and unrepentant people by using other bad guys to wipe each other out. That would be interesting.

      1. The whole Israelite nation did not think it was funny or interesting.You can read about the Egyptian issue in Genesis and Exodus.. .The whole original nation of Israel was in Egyptian slavery . Then they were carried away into Babylon Captivity with meat hooks…. because they worshiped other gods… .concurrently.. had idols, statues- in their house and then said they were worshiping the Most High.(.God want’s our everything whole life and being, or it is HIM.).King Cyrus let them return to their homeland.The Jewish community,and descendants- NO longer have that issue.

      2. I don’t think I’ve seen it stated flat out, but the PATTERN in the scriptures is self-immolation. If you look at the history, the Jews made a lot of bad calls and completely ignored the prophets, which led directly to most of their wars and occupations, not to mention the diaspora. When the prophets said “Don’t look to Egypt, they won’t protect you,” the leaders of the Jews did exactly that and reaped the consequences. When the prophets said “Just bow the head and this will all blow over,” they went to war directly against their enemies. They brought it all on themselves.

      3. farmmommy; this is how it works: God says “don’t stick your tongue to the fence pole when it is below freezing”. But you do it anyway. Did God make it stick to punish you? “Bad and unrepentant people” by choice stick their tongues to the flagpole.

    5. So many fantasies are attributed to God, but when I seek to confirm such statements in the bible, the book officially approved by God, I can’t find it. Show me in the bible where it says that God allows all this or that evil shit, you can’t because it doesn’t say it.
      Satan=bad, God=good.

          1. yes,About 40 writers, one author over 1500 years. Many of the writers did not know each other, yet cohesive as one story. The need for and the salvation of mankind.

        1. Farmmom; Albert Barnes commentary on that verse: “Evil shall slay the wicked – That is, his own wicked conduct will be the cause of his destruction.”

  6. Ken, how much longer will you be able to have this site before it is deemed detrimental to the regime?

    1. During Obama years, the left wanted to shut down conservative radio, and wanted opposing views in their broadcast if the shows were allowed on the air. Didn’t pass, but I thought if something like this happened, we would have to go underground, like when the Romans persecuted and crucified early Christians so they hid in caves or fled into the wilderness. Curriers were used like in Paul’s letters to the Church while he was in prison for his beliefs.

      When I think about it, this regime may take us back 2000 years!

    2. I have been wondering about this, too…but how can we discuss private means of communication without giving away how we’re going to do it?

      Y’all are a huge encouragement and support to me. I would feel really cut off if they shot down MSB.

    3. yahoo has already done away with commenting i expecting that to become permanent any day now

    4. Ken, we are doing away with TV, Bookface, and revenue streams from us for the gluggle (and others) that helped fund this Marxist takeover of our country. We will keep and manage internet using VPN. We are just one family, but other family members outside our household will join…then hopefully many other families. Until we have conservative platforms that can get messages out, like yours, we are screwed with the direction we are heading. We may be prepared, but our lives will not be what we hoped and prayed for our children and grandchildren. The elephant will be eaten one bite at a time.

      Anyone who thinks moving to another country or location within the US will help, it may, but I doubt it. It will hit our entire nation. Many will welcome the Marxist takeover so be careful who you befriend. Know your enemy.

  7. jcb, and you called the article a “downer”?
    Yes it could happen..including your comments.The only thing has been stopping it is our Great present POTUS!

    1. Agreed! This scenario is not going to happen. This election is a major sting operation to expose the corrupt election system and all the corrupt players (Democrats, judges, bureaucrats, etc.). Justice is coming and a major purging of corruption.

      Spoiler alert: President Trump wins reelection by a landslide!

      1. While i would applaud that from the mountaintops, we’ve been hearing about this ” big exposure plan” for 3 years!
        Nobody’s going to jail, nobody is getting prosecuted or sanctioned, Hillary, Barack, BIDEN, Holder and a whole host of other scumbags continue to walk free….
        The 2020 election to get stolen???
        Oh, wait…. It just WAS!!
        Stock and faith in this ” Big master plan” is dropping like a rock by the hour…

  8. You know what, you are probably right about China. But, we wouldn’t take it laying down, that I can tell you for a fact. Remember the Polish Cavalry in WWII ? They charged the tanks of the Blitzkreig on horseback. The results may be the same, but we will not roll over for China, or anyone else that wants to invade CONUS.

    1. The Second Amendment exists for good reason. The Japanese were very afraid of the widely armed U.S. populace! The Chinese will try us,and we better be ready! Pray for Trumps victory,or we lose our country to the dem/communists.

      1. Florida boy,
        they only control you if you let them,
        They can occupy America, but i doubt they will ever control the whole thing, the sheeple, yea, but they were already lost. Its up to you n me

  9. Just remember your family members, friends, neighbors and coworkers that voted for Biden are personally responsible for anything (rights, freedoms) you lose in the future and they must be held accountable for their voluntary actions. They cannot say they were coerced.

    Many years ago I shed all contact with anyone, including family and former friends, that voted democrat as I have no desire to associate with traitors, liberals and communist.

    1. RC, I am about to shed some friends also. I am just astounded that they voted for Biden and to undo all the good Trump has been trying to do. Bringing our soldiers home for one, and my eyes were opened discussing Trump’s Platinum Plan with them (which they hadn’t even heard of). That program probably won’t even happen now. Many of his good programs, getting out of poor Climate Accord agreements, etc., and stopping the US from paying for every thing in every country in the whole world!!!! Plus, if my grandchildren are to grow up to become good little socialists, I am going to be pissed. And I have a loooooong memory.

      Enough said.

      1. DJ5280,
        They made their choice to jeopardize our rights and freedom, now we must make ours. Decisions and elections have consequences.

      2. i walked away from 2 guys ive known for decades 2 years ago because there bullshit thats for the left

    2. RC, yes I believe you are right and for that reason we are no longer selling our eggs to those “innocents” that voted for Biden. We will simply tell them we are scaling back because of the uncertain times and our ages so our chicken flocks are being reduced to a couple hens for our use. Our other animals will be managed the same. They can reap the benefits of market shopping availability like everyone else.

  10. If the demo/comms win the white house, my take is we will see a much more rapid erosion of what is left of our Constitutional rights . Once the firearms are taken it is pretty much over. Venezuela is an excellent example of socialism/communism at work and what the results will be.

    The Republican party appears to be a pretty hollow shell and I cannot put any faith in them.

    Food has been used as a weapon before and perhaps it may again. Self reliance may be pretty darn important in my estimation.

    1. Whatever you do, don’t immediately comply to any order to turn in weapons no matter how intimidating it may sound. It would likely be overturned – and if you turned in your weapons they will have been “lost” permanently.

      Ya know, sometimes when you go deep in to the forest – weapons, especially handguns, have a way of getting lost. But with a metal detector you could probably find them 4 years later and they’d still be in fine condition.

      1. Im older, real bad arthritis, i think they can have 175g SMKs at a bit over 2800FPS first,,,,,,,
        i really dont givea fork

  11. job, not giving you a thumbs down because you are not looking at the whole big picture. This is a GLOBAL ECONOMIC RESET and global socialism/communism returning. The US must fall to the globalist elites. They are using Biden to do this.

    Trump was our last chance to stop this and preserve our country and constitution. Biden wins this election and it is “game over.”

    Now, the question is….how will you respond to the “new” USA? It will be (as history indicates) a very different country, and push more people into poverty and government dependence.

    I could write volumes on what I have learned this year. But, each of us must decide how we will respond to what may possibly come in a leftist progressive socialist run government in the United States.

    Me? I’ve stated how we have gotten ready to live here. Should that not be possible anymore we will head to Texas because they will already be seceding, Ill bet.

  12. Good news, everyone! A Mussie who identifies as an “it” has been elected to the state legislature of OKLAHOMA.

    In addition to Oklahoma, there have been two more homosexuals along with one transgender senator added to the pile.

    God must be so proud of the U.S. of A.!

      1. I’m thinkin’ just plain ‘ole freaks, TMC. They’re comin’ out of the woodwork, man.

  13. Ken, I think you are spot-on… just a matter of degree as to how bad things get… bad, really bad, or holy crap I can’t believe it’s this bad.

    For those who might think this is an exaggeration, a few highlights from his presidential campaign website:

    “Biden will make a $2 trillion accelerated investment… setting us on an irreversible course to meet the ambitious climate progress that science demands.”

    Biden’s plans to address student loan debt as part of covid relief: “…forgiving all undergraduate tuition related federal student loan debt from 2 & 4 yr public colleges for debt holders earning up to $125,000.”

    Here’s a doozy:
    “Biden will reinvigorate the COPS program with $300 million… As a condition…hiring of police officers must mirror the racial diversity of the community they serve… additionally, Biden will establish a panel to scrutinize what equipment is used by law enforcement in our communities”

    Or, how about this quote in a CNN interview:
    “I’m going to get rid of the bulk of Trump’s $2 trillion tax cut, and a lot of you may not like that but I’m going to close loopholes like capital gains and stepped-up basis.”

    We all know he won’t go 4 years. It won’t be long before an exceptionally liberal senator (protected from heavy criticism by gender and race) is running our country. And there are rumblings that Pelosi’s rule is in trouble… are her critics in the House looking for someone even more liberal… will they pander to the AOC’s and Omar’s who were re-elected by wide margins? And the Senate majority will barely be that what with RINOs and enormous pressure to enact racial justice and climate driven legislation.

    Although I would love, love, love to see President Trump prevail, that cannot be counted on… so my household is looking at what defensive steps we need to take to protect ourselves in every way we can.

  14. Ken, I agree with most of what you say but my gut tells me that change will be far more subtle and devious then what you have written. Kamala must be the president first before the Bernie Agenda is put fully into play. Biden will be the president for the first couple of years before he steps down. His main job is to start the process for a number of far-left revisions. Chief among them is gun control. He will appoint Beto O’Rourke as the gun czar. Confiscation will be discussed but will not happen until Kamala takes the reigns. Biden will then raise taxes on everyone because he will need to pay for the massive increases in welfare benefits due to the influx of millions of new immigrants at our now open borders. Remember, this is the first steps in the redistribution of wealth which is the cornerstone of the Socialist Left. A warning to MSB’rs. Do not think that redistribution will not involve food and foodstuffs like grains and rice. Your painstaking efforts to prepare and store foods will be looked at as a cost-cutting measure for the many mouths to feed. It will be easy under Kamala’s reign to confiscate for “the needs of the many.” ANTIFA and BLM, in partnership with the government, will enforce “law and order” in our cities and towns. They will be given Carte Blanche when it comes to enforcement protocols. Did you really think Kamala would allow local police forces to have legal authority and jurisdiction in their own communities? Not in Kamala’s world.

    These are sad times. In my 30 years of voting I have never witnessed such a corrupt, criminal process of presidential selection. This is only the beginning. To fight will be the only way to survive the Kamala years.

    1. Not too long ago it was illegal to hoard food and Ken discussed it here when it was happening a few years ago.

    2. Yes, those who will steal a national election will take everything you have.

    3. Biden will not make 6 months as President. They pump him full of drugs to keep him somewhat responsive during debates. He needs multiple days to recoup after those “pumps”. He has some form of dementia. What a farce,

      1. Have you listened to any of Pastor Dana Coverstone’s dreams? If even any part of them come true we haven’t even begun to see “interesting”.

  15. jcb. “we are better than this”. Indeed. the Democrats are so much better they went out and blatantly stole the election when it was clear that Trump won.

  16. Here’s a relatively foreseeable consequence of a leftist win on a prepper: We have a wood stove as one of 2 backups for heating. In a grid down situation, the fuel for the generator will be unavailable. However, I live in an area where wood will remain. Also, my retirement plan includes living somewhere I can heat primarily with wood. One can envision heating with wood would be restricted or prohibited because of its impact on air quality and the climate in a whack-a-doodle commie regime. Not saying I agree there’s any measurable impact, but I bet they would do it because it will impact primarily rural, conservative, self-sufficient families. Actually we will all be targeted because self-sufficiency is antithetical to their holding power over you.

    1. In my area it’s already illegal to heat with wood unless you live in an area without access to natural gas. Add in “burn days,” when you are either allowed to burn or not depending on the pollution level, and no one uses wood any more.

  17. What’s this “USA will be unrecognizable” stuff?……..everything is normal here on the mountain……. I fed the hogs and slopped the chickens….bush hogged the kitchen and mopped the pasture….trimmed the yard and mowed the hedges……things are runnin’ smooth here….how ’bout y’all?

    1. Well Dennis, I’m just providing an outlet for Patriots to vent during these tense times. 😉

      All is well at my a/o too.

    2. Dennis

      And when you can not heat using wood as is already the case in some States as MamaLark commented on. And when your property tax doubles as teachers unions get their way for limited students per class or some other restriction. And when gas goes to $5.00 even your generator use will be expensive. And when your insulin only comes from China with a higher price and suspect ingredients. And when certain guns are no longer allowed or concealed carry. And on it goes as control tightens around your neck ?????.

      Not trying to be difficult but the death by a thousand cuts continues.

      1. hermit us:
        Got most of those covered, EXCEPT if that SOB puts a tariff on Bombay Gin ….. well there will be hell to pay….
        Enough said.

          1. My uncle Adolphus is smiling. Throw in a wood gas generator for those wayward revenuers.

        1. NRP

          You figured out “death and taxes”? You went troglodyte and moved to one of MinerJim’s mines? But if you are still in NM you might prefer the other choice – just kidding.

      2. hermit us,…….re-read my comment…a little tongue in cheek humor during trying times…..

        1. Dennis

          Sorry, but emotions running a little high about shit storm that could be coming our way and this is not a joke. Take care sir.

          1. Dennis
            I didn’t see the humor in it either. No fault of yours. I’m-like others, beside myself with disbelief and shock and agree that we are coming to a fork in the road that may be irreversible. I just don’t know what else to say….except the Lord will deal with this country in his own way. That, I’m okay with…

      3. Dennis-your light-hearted Godly approach is food to my soul and a smile to my face. Hubby and I are working on building on our own mountain, so I personally always look forward to your “view.”

      1. Get a sense of humor. Does the body good.

        Some of you are kinda harsh Dennis, don’t ya think?

        I’m pissed as hell, since Tuesday, but still can have the ability to laugh, on occasion.

        Saw the neighbor, this morning, trying to milk his bull again.
        Yep, all the norm here.

        1. Joe c……when life gives you lemons………we were struck last Monday evening with a family related incident that has both immediate and long lasting negative repercussions for us….yes, I know what’s happening on the national stage is tragic…..but I can’t allow myself to be sucked under nor lash out in anger…, I’ll grin and bear the pain and go about taking care of what I can…dealing with the challenges as they come….try to find a few laughs along the way……certainly never intended to ruffle any feathers……….just trying to deal with my stress with a little levity………

          1. Dennis

            Your statement brings to mind part of a song from “Fiddler On the Roof” that ran through my mind during the BO years:
            “God would like us to be joyful even when our hearts lie panting on the floor.
            How much more can we be joyful, when there’s really something to be joyful for!”

          1. 11HE9,
            Good question.

            They’re an odd couple.
            feeble and weak acting. Rarely see him.

            Snobby and full of herself. The man of the household, so to speak.

            the farm’s a cluster bucket.

    3. Nope,
      Not until your sworn in as president.
      Then it’s nappy and heavy medication time.

    4. Dennis, read your other comment..don’t know your difficulty.. One of the ones i always know to pray for by NAME..
      . I had a similar list of chores to do yesterday and today… threw the list up in the air and picked it up and started all over again… Nothing about this sounds good .. life will go on til it doesn’t…and then we have our final reward.

    5. Dennis, everything normal here at my a/o also,I think it will stay normal for us folks in locations like we are in for a while. I do appreciate the humor, got a lol 😂 from me. You keep on keeping on my friend, God bless you and family on your mountain

    6. Dennis
      We happened to like your odd humor. Times like these which we are experiencing need a laugh to release the tension we are all under. 🤗

      1. Antique Collector:
        FYI Dennis’s humor is not off the wall….
        It’s absolutely Fan-Friggen-Tastic AND exactly what we all need right about now.

        1. Here’s a little humor we can all use…..

          I’ve discovered that for whatever reason my rooster does not like my boy. It’s now become an amusement in the last few days. Last night I sent him out to the front yard to sheppard all the chickens in. The rooster saw him and made a mad beeline towards him, probably thinking he’s messing with his ladies, I don’t know. So funny to sit on the front stoop and watch the boy get chased, yelling the whole time.

          Today I sent him out to the hen house to “look for eggs” He asked where the rooster was and I told him in the front yard. About 1/2 second after he went in, he came running out, screaming like a little girl, Rooster hot on his trail. I almost spit out my beer laughing so hard.

          The DW put the brakes on when I said I was going to wait until he went to bed, then get the rooster and put him on his bed and wake him up. Mean? Maybe. Funny? Heck yeah! Maybe I’m warped but damn I needed some laughs the last couple of days. 🙂

          1. Double Tap,..WE HAD an aggressive rooster. the 4lb brd decided to challenge 40 lb dog on short chain( for potty break).
            th rooster had male parts like a young pig.. way too full of testosterone…. there are u tube vids showing how to break rooster. an adult spurred roo- could put out the eye of one bent over. You have an accident waiting to happen.

          2. Don’t think he’s aggressive. Just protecting his ladies from the boy for some reason.

          3. DT, give your son a styrofoam bat like the kids use for whiffle ball and when the rooster comes after him, have your son nail him. It will teach the roo who is in charge.

          4. Funny you suggest that. I actually gave him one of those Styrofoam pool noodles. Old Roo was introduced to it last night, gently, but I think he got the message 😉

          5. He wont, something about that iddy biddy head,,, shovel handle would be my choice,,,

          6. DT
            azzhat trolls, the typical dregs of our society,
            they are the same sort of ilk that send my head to a very dark place

  18. This sounds like a apocalyptic movie,,I’ll call “THE HUNTED-The End Of America”. Special rights will be put in place for Minorities, LGBQT and Illegal immigrants, Everybody else is lower class…fighting for resources. Anything you say or do can land you in jail or reeducation centers. If your on a GOP funding list, Gun owner list or even a member of religion group deemed unacceptable, your family will live like Germany 1936. Neighbors will turn on neighbors.

    Sounds unreal, and most people will say “well Obama was in power 8 years and we were OK” , true, we may have not agreed with what was happening in government but were not afraid for our life and liberty.

    Now in 2020 its a whole different ballgame, a large portion of our country, internet billionaires, politicians, young indoctrinated by our education system have lost both the meaning of the Constitution and religion.

    I could go on and on, but now I think solutions to our future of survival is of greater importance. I don’t think this will happen over night but like all good Preppers we need to prepare. As liberties slowly erode we need to prep. Besides all our toilet paper we all love to talk about, we need to be looking to relocate to safer areas. Also disguise your homestead, don’t make your property or home look too nice, the saying goes “Hide in plain sight” would be my plan. Hide supplies, guns, ammo and equipment in multiple locations. And the best key word would be Self-Sufficiency.

    I hope this will spark some new ideas to prepare for the Biden Era. May God protect the Constitution of the United States.

  19. But Mrs U, if there was no Twitter we the people would never know what he was accomplishing. The press suppress the news. And he is right to call them out negatively. Just MHO.

    1. Joe c:
      Not to worry about those “thumbs down” I figure if I dont get a few a day I’m not pissing off enough people LOLOLOL

      Kinda like a badge of honor.

      BTW “is 600 rolls of TP really enough?” Not when ya have shithead liberals/democraps/socialist/communist TROLLS hanging around 😁 😁 😁 😁 😁

      PS: Just cause I can, thanks again Ken for the Fan-Friggen-Tastic BLOG you have going on here.

      1. It is pretty funny! (the thumbs down by the left-mob sitting on our site)

        Indicates our presence and influence of MSB (which is under attack in more ways than most of you know).

        1. I suggest that you make your posts invincible to down votes as they are obviously poopy-heads that are doing that.

      2. NRP & Blue

        I couldn’t give a flyin fig less on the down vote(s).

        I just had the opportunity and ran with it.

        I really don’t give a hoot…up/down
        All around.

        601 rolls at my house

      3. NRP
        the libtards can kiss my arse….
        if biden somehow steals the vote,
        forkin democrats, guess what azzhats, what goes around comes around

        1. And when they have a known and recognized pedo in the whitehouse, and he starts eyeing their children and grandchildren, maybe they’ll see the problem. Maybe.

          1. Lauren
            I doubt it, they will turn away & make excuses for the OL piece of crap! To early for chocolate, more coffefee

          2. Lauren – Be realistic. Trump showed videos of Biden over and over bragging on his in-the-pool games with little kids, bouncing them on his lap, etc. There are plenty of other clips in the public domain that ought scare the crap out of anyone with half a brain cell. No… ‘hermit us’ got this one right. It’s the renters and squatters and the gibs-me-dats. This sub-class of humanity cares not what horrific things are done to children in the dark, by people of power and means. Just make sure that benefit payment hits the bank on time. Biden and Hairy-ass will see to it that our earnings are re-appropriated efficiently and transferred to slobs on time each month.

          3. It was meant as sarcasm. I have family members in the “see no evil” group.

      4. TP man – Have you ventured into the new-ish bamboo sourced TP? Not a joke! It is superior to paper TP, IMHO. Definitely a contender for the Beavis/Cornholio award, best new pandemic product. Worth a try, at least until we catch up to the rest of the developed world and install bidets.

  20. Sigh. Thoughts are things. As Stonewall Jackson stated; “Do not take counsel of your fears.” I walked the streets of the SFV for Barry Goldwater in 1964. I was 17 and could not even vote. When LBJ’s useful idiots trounced Barry at the polls, the mainstream members of The Dead Elephant Party were changing into sackcloth, hair shirts, rubbing ashes on their heads, and whining that the end was near. Yet, in four years, the fallout from our MIC-Deep State-generated Viet Nam War had turned the USA on its ear and LBJ was out.
    It is patently obvious that the pathetic, demented career politician and his call-girl running mate are just puppets. But, before you go off with conspiracy theories and divinations about WHO is really behind it all, consider this: America is STILL a constitutional republic. There is a “conservative”(I use that term loosely) majority among the 9 black-robed Druids of SCOTUS. Mitch McConnell and his Dead Elephants still hold a majority in the Senate. The Marxist-Abortionist Party did not make the “Blue Wave” gains they were expecting in the House. The election issue will take weeks to decide, just like the Bush-Gore Kabuki Theater production of 2000.
    All politics is local. How is it going in your A/O? If it is deteriorating, as has been documented on this Blog for the last several years, maybe it’s time you relocated to a more genteel, ethnic, and politically-friendly location. Here in Winterfell, we are still holding the line against the forces of darkness. Remember, the only person who makes slavery possible is the slave. If you believe in your heart of hearts the stories about coming food shortages, information blackouts, zombies, etc. then take steps to counter these tales for your own sake and the sake of your tribe. In the meantime, be of good cheer.

    1. DTW,

      I’ve been sitting here, feeling like I had something to say about all of this and just not finding the words. It appears you had them! Thank you.

      And yes, thoughts are things. Every single solid thing begins with an idea, an impulse, a word. God’s pure creation happened that way, in the beginning. The little, impure, minds of men make things, too, in a less than perfect imitation of our Creator. We can align ourselves with the Father of Light, or we can serve the father of darkness – our choice. The children of darkness are very busy these days, and they’re trying to use words to create a world of their choosing.

      Guard your hearts and minds.

  21. China won’t do anything to USA except steal more tech, steal more intellectual property, steal more jobs, cause more destruction. They’ve pumped tens of millions into this election through legal back channels and to the MSM. There was more damage done through the revised Algorithm and new AI backend with the tiktok ad than most Americans will ever understand. Its nothing new though. As a Sr level technologist for 3 decades, anything the CCP is doing is old news. I have log files form audits in 2015 of small and medium businesses and nonprofits, a few c6 and several c3’s, and back then it was common, VERY common to watch on avg 9100 hits on small networks Per MINUTE. That’s multiplied by a factor of no less than 40 times since then.  (Monitoring means specified below)
    The normal SMB has a cheap wifi router, or an inexpensive router/firewall, many times unprotected or misconfigured, and more than 90% of SMBs have the switching layer secured ONLY with a username and password on a switch due to these being configured primarily by local talent. Networks only have adequate protection when all available layers of security are enabled and properly configured, and that even in larger businesses is rare. This makes America a Data Buffet for its enemies. A Free buffet at that..) It was clear five years ago their hacks were not meant to damage. They were conclusively recon, some were future RATS or future backdoors, but MOST of what we saw and still see? is Massive, massive Massive data collection and storage.. Think about this. How powerful could you be and what would you know and who an what could you manipulate, IF you had the majority of the world’s hard drives essentially copied and stored on your own private network? You’d be almost invincible. This Chinese hackers took down a website because they are mean were Chinese Army crap? Its bunk. They’ve been scraping data, and creating massive massive amounts of data storage, specifically its our data for years now

  22. Remember as long as the Republicans control the Senate, the majority leader, Mitch McConnell decides what gets voted on, not the Republicans as whole. The Republicans will lose one seat in 2022 with the retirement of Toomey of Pennsylvania. Other than that seat, all the Republican Senators up in 2022 are in solid red states. The Republicans can also allow votes on every Biden appointment and than vote them down with a simple majority. The Judiciary committee can also block every Biden Judge from even going to the full Senate through majority vote of Republicans on the committee.

    I still have hope, but will continue to watch things closely and continue with my own plans. Biden will turn a blind eye to China and Taiwan for sure. PR and DC will not become state, not before 2024 at least. Also the Republicans will only need to re-take 15 seats in the House in 2022 to regain control. If so January 2023, impeachment of the Socialist President Harris. Ok, maybe I am dream on the last one!!

  23. No matter what the future brings, let’s not forget

    “Here in America we are descended in blood and in spirit from revolutionaries and rebels-men and women who dared to dissent from accepted doctrine. As their heirs, may we never confuse honest dissent with disloyal subversion “
    -Dwight D. Eisenhower

  24. I love Trump’s style what with the way politics works today. He was almost the only candidate that wasn’t a lawyer by day job. He argues with a fool to watch their head explode. As a businessman with an economics major he is the bean counter that America’s elite need for an accounting job.(ROTO-ROOTER)

  25. william w johnston wrote number of books where this very thing happening its call THE ASHES series its a very dark look into whats gonna happen only he wrote it back in the 80s
    maybe its time we try the tri states idea

  26. Good thinking on the judges, Grey Man. Some Federal judges have been holding off retirement for a post Trump era. If Mcconnell doesn’t allow Biden’s nominations to go forward, then attrition will change the courts toward the conservatives.

  27. Georgia is taking 24hrs to count the last 2% of votes. That alone tells you how corrupt our system is. All RINO’s need to be voted out of office for not standing up for Trump.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,my money is on TRUMP for 4 more ,
    ,,,,, can’t wait to see what happens next ,,,,,,,,better than Saturday matinee when I was a kid ,any of you remember the Cisco kid and poncho or hoppalong Cassidy, ???

    1. Homesteader,,,
      if there is anything to that water mark thing theres going to be a lot of unhappy democraps,

    2. 0ldhomesteader
      They are still on tv but it requires satellite set up to watch them. Every once in awhile we watch those old shows for the fun of it.

    3. Yes! Heroes of the good days. Randolph Scott, Audrey Murphy, Lone Ranger & Tonto(?), Roy Rogers on horse Trigger, DaleEvens on Buttermilk, German Shepard- Bullet(?), Have Gun Will Travel, Johnnie Rebel, Gunsmoke, The Rifleman, Jim Bowie, even Tarzan & Jane, Dick Tracy. Long walk down memory lane, spooky at a distance, how about “the Thin Man” – “only the shadow knows” (on radio b4 tv), that one scared me as a kid at 6.(1953).

  29. Granny – You seem like a beautiful soul. The problem I have is not with Gay, trans, LGBTQXYZ. (…guy lives in California fer God’s sake…) For whatever reason most of those folks are born that way, and yes, many of them can be great people; some not so great, just like everyone else. MY problem is with the gay agenda being jammed down our throats at every turn, and with government sanctioned preferential treatment. My other problem is with the flamboyant bullcrap. Go be gay, that’s great! Love and peace, wherever you can find it. But get the hyper-sexualized circus act out of my face.

    1. I agree. I have known gay people my entire life. And for some, I didn’t know they were gay for decades. The problem I have is with ANYONE who identifies who they are by their sexuality. It’s the sex oriented hedonistic lifestyle thrown in our face BY SOME with the demand to affirm it. Who and how you love consenting adults behind the walls of your home is your business – not mine. Don’t make it mine! This goes for anyone along the “spectrum.”

      1. Maybe a little off topic, but I’m a writer. I was asked once why my characters sex lives aren’t on full display. I told her their sex lives are none of my business. : )

      2. There were over 60 sex identities with many names they all demanded or you will be fired, kicked out, or attacked if you don’t address them what they want. So to be safe I give those non-heteralsexual people the names “It and Them”,

        Unfortunately, both those names were titles to Horror films.

    2. And out of the schools! There is NO NEED to sexualize kindergartners, except to forward a political agenda!

  30. Only Trump would stand up to this challenge. George Bush, Mitt Romney, John McCain would not only surrender but would apologize. I know Trump runs under the Republican party name but I don’t think of him as one, I consider him to be an American president with balls.

  31. YouTube pulled the plug on Steve Bannon’s War Room live today, Twitter and FB swiftly followed. This is a new kind of war.

    1. Can’t say that it surprises me though. Anything that may show Trump in a good light is banned, shut down. I know that some of the independent media is moving to private sites. But they don’t get the coverage there that they of course got on YT etc.

  32. II Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. I serve a God of mercy and miracles, This isn’t over yet.

  33. Know what pisses me off today. My dad battling stage 4 cancer due to his service in Vietnam he went drafted unlike the pontificates like Rush. I like how Trump got out of going but I give Trump tons of respect for not starting any wars during his term. During a Biden presidency how many American soliders and blue lives will be destroyed?

    Who started most American wars the left. What cities are war zones cities governed by the left.

    Too bad the US wasnt like Israel where everyone has to sacrifice 2 years at age 18 in the military in some capcity.

    1. I enlisted during Viet Nam and I will never approve of a DRAFT of ANY KIND by the government for duty in military service…ever. If a person may be drafted and forced to risk their lives to fight in a war they have no interest in, and face being killed, wounded, maimed, and psychologically damaged, then why not draft people into perform forced labor tasks…for the good of the country…where the chance of death is remote?

      If the people of the United States will not voluntarily enlist in the numbers the government desires to conduct a military operation, it is incumbent upon the government to put forth its case to the people to entice those enlistments. If the government cannot obtain such enlistment, they should be restricted to the manpower they have…and if that is not enough…they do not get to “play”…and this would be a good thing.

      Forcing a youth into military servitude is a crime, and against the principle of Individual Liberty, and the subordination of the STATE to Individual Rights. There is no Right to enslave.

      I want ONLY volunteering citizens in our Military.

  34. I tell you one thing for sure,,,
    The democraps are creating one huge army of disenfranchised individuals, all these mail in ballots the usps supposedly is finding miraculously after the bell has rung and all for biden is total bullshit,,,,

    1. You are so right. You can’t simply turn off the lights ON ELECTION NIGHT in battleground states with high percentages going to one candidate, spend the next two days and nights magically overturning the lead with the lower percentage of counts remaining and think it just makes perfect sense. It’s sickening beyond belief it’s happening IN EVERY ONE OF THOSE STATES that turned off the lights, and we have to choke it down. Looks like they are now set on using GA to get the Senate. We are not united, haven’t been for a long time, and what the hell will we do about it?

      1. River Rat
        1)If you are a ‘Producer of Goods’–stop as OH states to each & everyone of us that is producer or consumer.
        2) Succeed from the Union. If I understand correctly Texas has that ability.

        In the State of Jefferson, not sure what is going to happen but there are a lot of RED necks in this area who have had enough!

        1. AC-

          —Texas is overrun by every single state that votes deep dark blue. Literally, we can see 10 different license plates every day on a short seven-mile stretch of I-35. I encourage the freedom to move about, but somehow the warped sense of what government is responsible for follows them here. Every major city is blue already, and there aren’t enough of the rest of us I fear to prevent the final tipping next go round.

          -I find comfort in knowing that some minority groups are breaking through the decades of brainwashing that they can’t accomplish anything or have individual thoughts or success without the self-serving politicians and horrific so-called ministers and community organizers. I am happy for their future generations if the trend continues-happiness lies nowhere in being bound by the will of others.

          -As for me and Hubs, we have no children, are in our 50s, and are working feverishly to check out of corporate America and bail to our Ozark mountain property. We’ve worked hard as reliable, productive and successful employees for 24 and 26 years with our employers; I just retired (unplanned) in September. I could not choke down the required brainwashing in the name of social/racial injustice. I refused to allow my employer to establish my morals and ethics. Hubs is not far behind me. What they hire today in two extremely large and successful companies-God help them as nobody has work ethic anymore.

          -God tells us how it all ends, and we will fight for our personal freedoms and quality of life while on this Earth. However, I will seek every possible opportunity to preserve every dime I can from the clenches of those hell bound to torch our country.

          -As for succession, I would absolutely fight for and encourage a divorce in this country. We no longer resemble a united nation.

        2. Atlas Shrugging – Yes we need to shut down the money machine by only transacting with like minded individuals. Unfortunately money = power and money is truly the root of all this evil. Secede from the system designed to enslave you, steal your life, the productive capacity of your life, and the fruits of your labors for the enrichment of those in power and bribing their sheeple to stay in power. Even if you can’t bug out, utilize your preps and quit feeding the machine. My CD in Nebraska went blue and I will be traveling across the river to red Iowa or out west to real Nebraska to replenish every few months. I have one or two local businesses with which I will transact. My husband commutes outside the CD for work and will pick up anything needed on an emergency basis. I am intent on my hard work not feeding the beasts. Wisconsin went blue and I am glad we did not find property there. Now looking to Idaho, Wyoming or Montana as our retirement location.

    1. According to Fox News this morning, “Remarkable personal story.” Talking about Biden.

      “No evidence of fraud.”

      1. ???
        Those type people can fool themselves, fool his supporters, but he can’t fool God nor fool people like us.

  35. Please remember this, folks :

    Nobody has the power to take away your Rights –
    But, you can give them away.

  36. Well it worked. The socialist/marxists put enough fear into the minds of the stupid, the scared, the vulnerable, the unemployed, the renters, …. and they voted for the nanny State.

    With more than 100 million people getting some form of support from gov, millions of kids getting food at school (in school or pickup), 40 million or so on food stamps, … it was easy to threaten their survival, especially the ones that honestly need the support. So, socialism wins.

    But they think they have all the power now and fail to know history, that socialism eventually fails.

    What really sucks is that the dem voting people do not see that many of the candidates are nothing more than thieves in the game for short term riches like the – you know them – now after being in office are filthy rich. The community activator now has an 11 million dollar mansion in the Hamptons, the fake minister now has millions and refuses to pay his 5 million in taxes, a fake foundation ripped off the island population after a hurricane and now, a once broke family has more than 250 million – and on it goes.


    1. Spot on Hermit,,,
      i think ill stop taking ibuprofin and drinking my tea for a few days and go get meself declared disabled by my doctor,,,, get a check every onth and housing assistance and power and water assistance and one of them nice blue plackards for my mirror so i can park close at stores,,,
      why not,,,, its en vogue

      1. Kula

        They will pay for one of those scooters as well and you can chase obese non-gender pigs around wally world. And just push your way to the front of all lines using your obvious disability and the power of that EBT card.

    2. Hermit, I am still not convinced that all of those votes are legit. I think ballot boxes were stuffed with a Biden votes. He did not have the turnout nor did he have the Twitter following that the young would present. Old folks homes are hit with people “collecting” and changing votes (project Veritas) The apathy people felt for Biden was not reflected in the huge number of votes that are showing up. This is an all out assault on our republic and I refuse to fund or help the people and corporations who are complicit.

  37. So, that is it. Orwell’s combined with the Hunger Games, what a future. Coming from a commie country and knowing what not having freedom means, this JB win and that thing along the way with him for a veep, gives me real life nightmares.

    1. TxinEP
      we be screwed,
      well sorta, the fact of the matter, harris/biden being elected, will accelerate the decline, JMHO

      1. Kula, you are right, BUT BUT, we will rise!!! There is a loud fight to save our country (BLM etc) and there is a quiet fight (us). We have to do the quiet, guerilla fight. Never, ever give up hope. These four years will be a nightmare for most of us (the lefties will think they are on paradise island until the typhoon called life gets them-Darwinism trophies will be issued to them).

        Margaret Thatcher: We are all socialist until we run out of other peoples money-my favorite saying. And the money will run out, you can only print so much.

        So, to all, hunker down, develop your resistance tactics, test, try and implement. One small step at a time and don’t forgot YOUR psyops tactics against the downfall of our great country. They want a fight, we will give them a fight, but not the one they want or think of.

    2. And nowhere else to run. No “last bastion” left. So we deal with it here, now, come what may.

        1. Yep. And the meaning of the word “grey.” I had a dream when I was a little kid, about digging through the wall of the basement and creating my own little world back there, where I could read in peace and quiet and no one could find me.

          As I grew older I “added” lights and a computer, and had a beautiful garden. Interestingly, at that point I started hiding people in there, hiding them from the police or from those trying to kill them for whatever reason. I had devolved our country to a marxist utopia in my head before I graduated high school.

          Now it’s happening. Makes me wish I’d actually dug out my hidey hole, regardless of the risk of Mom’s reaction or having it cave in on me.

  38. Why drag out the pain. Trump should concede now and do whatever he can for the people before he leaves office. The dems will have the House , Senate, and Presidency as well as enough liberals in all levels of the judiciary to crush the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    Mr, President, I thank you for all your sacrifices, including loss of income. Go out and enjoy the life you worked so hard for and take out as much investment from NY as possible.

    As for the rest of the Constitutionalists over the age of twenty nine, bend over, or fight for freedom in four years.

    We have only ourselves to blame in letting the left indoctrinate our kids just like Hitler did. The marxists took our lives while we enjoyed getting lazy in a world of bread and circus. RIP USA.

    1. Hold your horses HU…We are 48 apiece in the Senate.

      There are likely 2 runoffs in GA. In the upcoming Warnock-Loeffler race there were about a dozen candidates (so-called Jungle Primary Special Election) and Warnock (D) got ~33%, Loeffler about 26%. The next candidate down and (first eliminated) was Doug Collins (R) who got about 20%

      How many Collins and other R voters do you think will vote for Warnock ? and remember in GA, only voters who cast ballots in the original election are eligible to vote in the runoff, so if you end up w/ more votes than that number there would be fraud.

      In the other election, Senator Perdue is up 2% in, but less than 50%. (Perdue 49.8% Ossoff 47.8%) So that leaves 2.4% to distribute (assuming everyone votes – unlikely) among the two, but for the sake of argument split the 2.4 in half and Perdue wins.

      In order for Ossoff to win, he would have to get almost all of the 2.4 (about 2.2 % or 90% of the outstanding vote) Perdue won the election and is likely to win the runoff, unless there is a way to cheat I don’t know about..

      Uncalled races in NC w/ the R ahead and Alaska w/ the R ahead. 52 for the Rs is a real possibility.

      There are a bunch of HoR races that haven’t been called yet. It is still possible that they could be almost split (odd number 435 where 218 is the majority.)


      1. I voted for Doug Collins, but will vote for Loeffler in the runoff, since she’s R. I didn’t vote for her before because her campaign ads were so vicious, but I think she’s more likely to represent what I stand for than a D.

    2. hermit us
      I wish I could give you more than 1 up vote.
      We’ve allowed this to happen to ourselves slowly over time because it was easier than the fight,
      telling ourselves we were picking our battles and it’s hard to stand up to the schools, government,
      colleges, kids teaching grandkids the indoctrination that some of us allowed them to endure to fit in.

      I also agree the fight is coming. It’ll be a gruella type fight with some police & military that follow
      their oath to defend the constitution against domestic enemies. When the uprising is more than the
      the snowflake government can handle, they’ll bring in the UN troops made up of mostly Chicom soldiers. Then we’re on to the truths of Revelations. But I think that’s still a long way down the road.
      For now, we hunker down, deal with what comes at us as we’ve prepared for. Pray, plan, execute
      our skills etc.

      its been great following you, getting to know all the good people here. I’ve been sharing in the lives of you all for quite awhile, good times & bad. First time sharing anything of my thoughts but feel I know you all and finally wanted to say Hi…

      1. USADR,
        Thanks for joining in the conversation.

        Yes, the fight is coming. It cannot be avoided. It is going to happen. How do I know? Well, my basis is on history. Know your history about Marxists and you will know the chain of events that ALWAYS unfolds. The Marxists have been here for a long time. Infiltrating. Most everywhere. Things always progress the same way. Again, know your history (I’m not saying “you” in particular – I’m just being general here for everyone being “you”…). We are very close to the next major step along their progression.

        When? That I do not know. Our present current events and how this plays out will absolutely affect their timeline. I hope that we can delay this yet again. But I’m not so sure about that…

        1. What gets me is the fact that supposedly educated people actually support this trash. My SIL is a history teacher, for heaven’s sake, but she’s lib leaning socialist. Hitler awful, Stalin awful, but socialism great? How is this even possible? It’s like every one of them has multiple personalities. or they compartmentalize their knowledge.

          Oh, that’s school stuff. That doesn’t apply to real life.

          Mao is just a historical figure. He couldn’t have anything to do with me,now.

          Hitler was right wing, so I’m safe. I don’t need to consider the patterns.

    3. What do you think happens when kids are parked in daycare 10 hours of the day and in front of the electronic babysitter most of the rest? I notice that most of the young people who aren’t “indoctrinated” had parents who actually paid attention to what they were learning, spent time with them, more than just watching a movie together at the end of the day.

      1. This is the truth right here, Lauren. So, so true. Seen it in my own family (our nephew, like your SIL you speak of above as well).

        1. Unless your father was an abusive communist like mine. Sometimes it is best not to allow that influence on children.

      2. Lauren, one good thing came out of COVID…more people are homeschooling their kids. Not just having them online doing the school curriculum but actually schooling them using great ideas and texts…how it used to be done. We had a group of four kids at the farm yesterday for a two hour study on regenerative farming. They are the grands of my dear friend. They think as we do.

  39. So – Whatever happened to the ‘MOLON LABE’ folks?

    ‘ Retreat Hell – I’m just advancing in another direction. ‘
    Marines answer at the ‘ Frozen Chosin’ in Korea, where they were out manned and surrounded, and carried their dead with them as they fought their way out.

    Where are your guts ?

    1. How exactly do we collectively pursue this mission? I believe countless many feel as you do-but with millions of Patriots scattered across the nation, and most wary of losing their jobs for being on the wrong side of the latest-trending socialism mantra-a very, very real scenario today-what does a “we refuse to take it any longer approach” look like?

      1. Sometimes observation is part of the mission. Especially when inthe midst of the enemy. Patience.

      2. River Rat – You ever read “Unintended Consequences” – John Ross ????
        Your answer is contained in the last 1/4 of the 861 page book. 100% guaranteed solution to the problem at hand. 2 weeks tops.

        1. Soul –
          Is that the one that detailed how MacArthur and Patton used troops against Americans who called themselves the Bonus Army? Seems like it was a really big book and had quite a bit about ATF, too. Same one?

          1. M’Lynn – Yes, that was covered along with all the other atrocities against liberty through the years. I was just trying to point River Rat in the direction of an answer to the question of “How exactly do we collectively pursue this mission?” If you read the book then you know what I am saying. It would be an individual response as they have NO defense for that. But we are just talking theory here…… right?

          2. Absolutely, Soul. Just some interesting theorization that amounts to nothing more than a benign game of Risk or Strategy for an adult who appreciates a little more historical context to add a level of intrigue. 😉

          3. Damn you are good with words. Please remember to watch your 6 in these days coming.

    2. SemperFi

      Sure get the military and LEO’s on our side and go and crush all the large Liberal cities? Go and burn down the Capitol Building? Take over all the State Houses?

      No, the system must now collapse, with a little help from Galt, on it’s own.

      The socialist/marxists must come to see the error of their ways by themselves because right now they will not look behind the curtain – brainwashed.

      And the greatest motivator is still hunger.

    3. All we would ever need is the United States Marine Corps! The other branches can stand down. LEO’s can watch and learn. No man is an island SemperFi. Muster a viable force and every capable civilian will fall in. None of us wants to be that lone nutter on a rooftop screaming ‘Molon Labe’… because they will.

  40. Praying for those who despise you and despitefully use you is a time-honored tactic, and it works.

    1. “Lift your head weary sinner, the river’s just ahead
      Down the path of forgiveness, salvation’s waitin’ there
      You built a mighty fortress, ten thousand burdens high
      Love is here to lift you up, here to lift you high
      If you’re lost and wanderin’
      Come stumblin’ in like a prodigal child
      See the walls start crumblin’
      Let the gates of glory open wide”


  41. If the globalist actually get away with the current coup d’etat in progress now, all will be lost. We will have been the generation that gave away our freedom, and none of us will live long enough to ever see it restored. Their taxes will ensure that private ownership becomes a thing of the past for everyone except the elite ruling class. The Republican Senate would not be strong enough to change anything, and their admitted plan of granting statehood to Puerto Rico and D.C. would flip the Senate before the next election. Having gotten away with rigging this election, the people’s votes would become meaningless from that point on. Banana Republic would be a compliment to the autonomous dictatorial rule that the new political elite would have.

    1. PuertoRico has voted DOWN statehood several times. They get all the benefitd and none of the responsibilities.

  42. Columnist over at AT wrote this “you vote your way into socialism but must shoot your way out.” . . .

  43. Wife and family are worrying themselves sick over the election…obsessing over ever minor shift in reported results…told them that, other than both sides declaring victory, they could turn the TV off until next Friday…cause they’ll still be squabbling…folks will be gettin’ madder…and we still won’t know nothin’ for sure…..

    Me?…well I went exploring to check out a spring about 100 feet to the north of my property line…absentee owner who signed permission for me to oversee his land…this spring could easily be accessed for good drinking water should the need arise.

    After looking at the spring…and marking a route to open up a 4-wheeler access trail through the woods…I eased on deeper into the woods…quietly…one tentative step at a time..caught a movement out of the corner of my eye…I freeze in place…one wild turkey, slowly feeding…soon followed by another…then another…until I was counting ten plus turkeys within 25 yards or less…..

    Standing still for as long as my old legs could take it…I thought to myself…”Dennis, you could easily take any one of these turkeys with that .38 revolver on your hip….”, but…I didn’t try…turkeys ain’t in season here right now…but the thought was comforting…should a time come when game laws give way to sustenance.

    Legs finally demanded that I move..the turkeys faded quickly and silently into the underbrush…I make it back to the house…not before my wife checked on me using the FRS radio….

    Much better use of my morning than fretting over something I can’t control……..I needed the break…..

    1. Excellent Dennis,
      Made teriyaki marinade this morning and stuck a bunch of steaks in it to soak for later, made banana bread and a big flask of tea,,,

      Some stuff, is just so far out of our control, not even really going to worry about it. Sure might discuss, or passing thoughts relayed to others, but life is too short to obsess.

      Turkeys, slow roasted in a big roasting pan with some pork butts rubbed with rock salt and liquid smoke sounds good,,,

  44. Media is deleting news like a shredder right now. If and when MSB is taken down, how do we stay in touch?

    1. Bummin,
      the first thing the commies did before exterminating opposition, was isolating them, Information closely controlled, communication restricted, then movement, along with restrictions on supplies.

      but hey, people have said it cant happen here…..


          1. Well, I tried and got an error message. Says I am already subscribed, but I don’t think I am.

      1. Ken where is the link? i tried to sign up for comments to the thread yesterday… said confirm, but i never got an e mail…also have proton., so will change my address to that one.

        1. Home Page, near bottom. “Newsletter”

          I should add it to additional places to make it more prominent…

    2. I suspect that all Internet traffic including email will be heavily scrubbed. Another reason why getting up to speed on HAM radio is now going to become essential. Starting to memorize the questions so I can get my licenses before year end, as well as getting a few of the Baofeng’s configured and ready.

      I think it was from the movie Full Metal Jacket…. It’s a huge S#!^ sandwich and we’re all gonna have to take a bite”

      1. Also, DO NOT use gmail for ANY private comms. Their AI reads ALL OF IT – forever… That’s why I use protonmail for MSB and my personal email. Anyway – just saying…

        1. Kula,
          I get your humor. You’re wrong about the “don’t need no steenkin license.” I must be a horrible writer. I’ve tried in many ways to communicate the need for a license. It’s not about the license. It’s about learning your way around ham radio. Ya can’t learn if ya don’t do. Ya can’t do without the license. Well, ya can but……………

          You’re in a unique situation, living on an island. I’m not picking on you. Unfortunately, both sides of this election issue, have their own specific reasons for “shutting down comms.” If it comes to pass, no one will know or care if ya have a license. The problem then, is actually using ham radio. If ya haven’t DONE IT ahead of time, you’ll be lost. A crisis is not the time to be learning about ham.

          Think of it this way: Your old mower needs an oil change and the blades sharpened. You think, no problem I’ll get ‘er done in no time. You have wrenches, oil filter, a file or a grinder, oil, etc. You’ve done it before and ya can do it again. Your neighbor has the same issues with his mower. He owns no wrenches. Oil is an icky stuff the mechanic uses. You neighbor has no clue how to do this task. Good luck.

  45. Nobody was voting for Biden and certainly not for Harris. Hell, Pepe le Pew, Arnold Ziffel, or the weather rat could have been running and won.

    The vote was for the false promise of safety from the virus, false promise of free stuff (medicare for all, free college, wokeness, ….) The Status Quo plus socialism on steroids.

    All the deep state cards were stacked against Trump, not necessarily the Party. And the fear BS worked on 60% of the population.

    1. hermit us. The only thing that is certain is that the fear and disinformation campaign orchestrated by the MSM will slowly begin to fade from the headlines. Things will be back to normal shortly after the inauguration. BS is too good a word my friend.

  46. What angers me most about the blatant theft of this election is that those who orchestrated these criminal acts will never be brought to justice. China, WHO, The Media, the governors of the contested states, all in the pockets of the Social Democratic Party. So dawns the Age of Socialism in our country. In the months ahead new “laws” will be enacted. Tax laws. Taxes on producing and storing large amounts of food for instance. Taxes on your “living” space. My 2.5 acres of land that I live on maybe subject to a sharp increase in property tax – unless – I take in an immigrant family.

    How will the spoils of this election be divided up among BLM and ANTIFA? Surely immunity from any criminal prosecution will be one of things requested. BLM may become the de facto public relations agency for the new administration. ANTIFA? Perhaps they will be the official “security detail” for Kamala among their other duties.

    My neighbors and I have agreed that we will not comply. We will not recognize this president – either one of them. We will not obey their mandates. We will not give up our freedom. How you react to the new administration is your business. Some of you will choose to die on your feet but many I think will choose to live on their knees. It is human nature to want to survive. Choose wisely.

    1. Eli, I don’t have room in my small house for an immigrant family. Maybe they will kick me out and let someone in. They better change the locks. I have more than one spare key.

      Eli, I am not one of those who will give up my home and freedom. I don’t think others in my state/town will either.

      1. DaisyK, That has already been done in England../UK your house has been appropriated and you can no longer live here… for immigrants. who trash the place..

        1. Just Sayin,

          Like I say, I have extra keys — not just inside my house. A couple hidden outside, one entrusted to a friend, one hidden in my car, one in my safe deposit box, and one in my jeans pocket. If they force me out, they better not sleep. If they change the locks…. well the house is wooden and would burn. If I can’t have it, no one can.

    2. We must “Starve the Beast.” That is my intention. I will not support a Biden economy. Making my list now of essential expenses for us. And I mean the most BASIC ESSENTIALS (DH meds, veterinary expenses, utilities, very basic groceries (like dairy and bananas are about it – we grow veggies and fruits and raise butcher our own meats now), taxes (as always), etc. How much can you really cut from your expenses? We must wound the Beast or kill it now. The day Biden is sworn in is the day I start. Right now picking up a few more things – in the Trump economy. We are emailing everyone we know to also “Starve the Beast” come January. How tough are you all? It can be done. We have all prepared to exist during all kinds of scenarios. This is just one. A tyrannical takeover of our beloved USA, and stealing the election from our President. I am pissed and if this is how we can fight back, I will. Break ’em financially.


      1. Purchase one time reuse until nothing left., make replacements for all possible. Yes pick up what you can in Trumps economy… if you think is needed in next few years.. Pick up used if it will service. Get ready for your own personal lockdown… I am not convinced POTUS has lost. They knew that and election steal would be attempted. Democrats / Deep state has used it for years ,All ballots without a blockchain encryption are phoney.and will be trashed- because they are fraudulent….
        I saw the post by Steve Pieczenik. He said is a sting operation and ballots are traceable even to the garbage dump. DHS knows where every one has gone who in possession of them…blockchain tech.

        1. I just read a tweet from Sebastian Gorka. Its dated today around 0100.

          He is saying that the ballot watermark thing is not true.

          Says that each state is responsible for their own ballots and the Feds have nothing to do with it.

          From his tweet:
          This man (StevePieczenik) is a liar. The U.S. Constitution is clear: every State runs its own elections, including the printing of ballots. There is no secret “sting” watermark. Pieczenik wants attention or to sell you his book. He is a con man.

          There is another story about it on tx anti media.

          Guess this is something we will have to decide on ourselves.

          1. McCatfish – I may have been the first to bring up those rumors, thank you for setting the record straight. I think we are past that now. Kulafarmer said it very well… good luck governing the ungovernable. This election chicanery went several bridges too far. I happen to believe it was pure fraud. NONE of my fellow Americans, save for the extreme lunatic fringe, could ever actually WANT Corn Pop and Trixie running this country. It’s just impossible to believe there are that many idiots in a country that remains powerful.

          2. Not a problem.

            Occasionally I get lucky and find something that is useful.

      2. DJ5280,
        I agree on starving the beast. It is a difficult task to pursue but every little expense that we save helps toward self sufficiency and away from reliance on the beast of a tyranical political class.
        Our country has been infiltrated by socialists one small move at a time over many decades.It will probably take decades to right the ship of state once again.

      3. DJ5280 – Move all bank accounts and investments offshore. Liquidate all stock holdings in US companies. Convert cash to gold, then use anything but cash wherever possible. Maximize (tax deductible) donations to food banks and homeless shelters, in Delaware; then promote the effort nationwide…. turn the Del-Mar-Va area into the world’s largest, infectious tent city…. Dunno – coffee is just hitting me – gimme some time.

  47. China is going to have a new New Year to celebrate. The wall will be taken down. A free for all is in the making.

    1. Mrs. U – “China is going to have a new New Year to celebrate.” — Yes. Yes, they are. It’s being priced in to the ’21 export strategy right now. Well, at least Americans will see better quality. The factory folks in VN have been a bit slow on the uptake.

    1. I can’t find the verse for that Mrs.U.???
      God works in many ways.It does not always require one to drop and ego.. sometimes he even uses those big ego’s to bring about his will.
      We only find out in hindsight… Yes He can change Hearts.It is a personal choice ..what happens to all of us. Satan has a vote, God has a vote. Our personal one = tie breaker.

  48. NY cop busted posing as antifa hoodlum. Residents of local apartment called cops on man causing trouble claiming to be with Antifa. Cops show up and “antifa man” reveals he is a cop. Now NYPD investigating officer and looking at suspension. Video is now trending all over twitter. ThE LeFt iS sO vIoLeNt.

  49. I forgot to point out one of the biggest reasons the population of dem cities are voting blue is the big bailout coming with a Biden win. All thoses gold plated pensions are now secure thanks to the rest of us. Yup, it is a battle of urban hellholes versus rural. Start the political battle now for the 2022 and 2024 races – the dems are.

    1. Hermit,
      whats these dimocrats CoVId slogan,
      “were all in this together” or some BS like that,,,,

      1. Kulafarmer

        Yes, that has been the supposedly comforting comment by the elite to us serfs about the lockdowns. I thought it was quite appropriate that our local McDonalds posted a picture with that statement on their dumpster enclosure.

  50. Intresting times ,,,,,,my great aunt was a triblinka survivor as a youngster I shared a bed room with her ,after a time she opened up and would talk to me at night ,and tell me how it was ,,,the things she left me with are ,,never surrender,,,never,,,,,, those that said things will get better and did what they were told went to the ovens ,,most that did live went quietly in to the night and lived underground in holes dug in the forest. Heavy shit for a 8year old ,i remember her hiding in the closet during thunder storms and shaking and peeing on the floor , but not making a sound and holding me to protect me ,
    We are facing the same evil now ,when this goes bad. And it will ,,,,do you really think all your preps will matter? Are you ready to live like animal in the woods ?would you burn your home and preps to keep them out of the hands of the enemy?

    Interesting times ,

    Never again

    Remember RAND escaped the red terror of communism , and left us a book to read so we could understand

    Who is John Galt?if you don’t know your about to learn ,,,,,,

    1. Still olive barrels, Cash purchases of dry foods and supplies like heavy duty plastic sheeting and such that makes hiding in a hand dug home much better Available in Walmart-Lowes and so on.

      My nightmares continue to come true, still praying for my Republic and somehow the Socialists will fall to prayer and honest law.

      1. NHM,,,,,,problem now is the eye in the sky , it sees in the dark ,the latest sees through clouds , NO way to hide anymore ,ground penetrating radar sees deep in the ground and can see something as small as a 1911 5feet down ,i know of it being used to map mine shafts 1,000 feet down it’s used to map veins in silver mining, it sees voids as well as hard ,miner Jim might be able to tell us more ,,

        1. OH,
          Electronic remote sensing has come a very long way in the past 30 years. On the ground siesmic arrays & ground penetrating radar can pick up deep structure, voids, etc. How do you think the USBP finds those tunnels in Tijuana?. That said, stashes can be “camouflaged” if you put a mind to it. The proverbial “olive barrel” buried….under your junk or iron pile. While Fed agencies have some of this high tech gear, I don’t think our local or State folks have those resources. Just have to be creative in your hides, multiple buries, etc. If they do come, how many times do you think they will dig up old empty 55 gallon drums before they get tired?

      2. OH and Minerjim I am well aware of eyes in the sky and all the high tech search equipment.

        I also know they have limited manpower. Limited amount of equipment and as the “Build HUGE Amounts of Ventilators for COVID” doesn’t mean you have enough SKILLED Motivated People to run them.

        Otherwise with all our Whiz-bang equipment how does the underground tunnels prove PROFITABLE for the Mexican Smugglers? Seems even with a fairly limited area to search they still FIND tunnels years after they were built.

        Also HUMAN nature is in play. How many police and Soldiers really want to DIG here and there over and over again…

        I used to help train search dogs, the dog is very good BUT the weak spot is the human operator’s willingness to go there and there and there…

        I’ve watched the wiz-bang crowd work in the Sandbox. Not that impressed. Goat Farmers were pretty clever.

  51. Lauren, Isaiah 5 is a beautiful story about Israel, and I do believe it is applicable to the USA. What an easy life God has given us in our country, but for some it is not enough. It did not have to be this way, except for the love of money, power and evil. This is a spiritual warfare. I am not worried, because I have read the Book and it has a glorious ending for the ones in Christ Jesus. That said, I will fight for my children and grand children when the time comes.

  52. The Trump Accountability Project. look it up.
    You better believe it. We just launched the Trump Accountability Project to make sure anyone who took a paycheck to help Trump undermine America is held responsible for what they did.

    Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future? I foresee decent probability of many deleted Tweets, writings, photos in the future. AOC tweet, 11-6-2020

    Right now, I can’t find the interview, but I’ll keep looking. Heels up Harris said” They will be held accountable. We will use the full power of the US Gov’t, not leaving any stone unturned, to prosecute these , white supremacists, and PATRIOTS, to the fullest extense of the law.

    Y’all think “they” aren’t coming for us?

    1. SMG, the website is up and running for their data collection. I sent them an email telling what I thought of their family heritage. Use your imagination on that. I also advised them to add my name of their roles and offered my suggestion that they can kiss the north end of a south bound mule. I sure can have a way with words when needed. =)

      More than ever… Avoid crowds. Keep your powder dry. And watch your 6.

      1. They are making the classic mistake the fanatical make when rushing forward into machine gun nests…that they are invincible and that their names don’t appear on any of their opponents lists.

  53. Ken, I would offer a few thoughts. House gains in the suburbs were completely unexpected. State races were especially devastating to the dems. They can’t figure it out and there is a civil war brewing within their ranks. The dnc is filled with academia, persons with doctorates in absurd degree fields, and social justice warriors appointed to appease the howls. They do not understand the suburban working class much less the rural working class. At best they despise us hillbillies and demand the suburban people bow down to their will. So they are completely perplexed on why they lost so many state races and about 8 house seats so far. When confronted with the truth, the new dnc screams racism, russian collusion, and a host of other standard call outs. I’m not kidding; go listen to their leaked conference call. Those within the party that get it are screaming at them to shut up or they will lose much more in 2022. The dnc and super lefties are cussing them and telling them to leave the party. The new left is even demanding a database be set up to list all the names and all information on those that worked for, donated to, or supported Trump. Seriously, the website is up and running. The Nazis collected that same data on their opponents.

    Biden will end fracking of federal land. This is a money move. His family and many of the big names from both parties own various amounts of stock/ownership of Ukrainian O&G companies or have family members that benefit from contracts or sit on high paying boards. Names like Kerry, Blumenthal, Pelosi, and Romney. The Bushes were no better; they preferred middle east oil. The fracking ban will benefit both and hurt the US drillers. Didn’t hear much out of Jeb or Dubya during all of this did you?

    Finally, elections have consequences. Trump filled a massive amount of judges seats with selected people. They aren’t going away. Their rulings are already being felt around the country of various issues.

    1. I think Trump would have won by a similar percentage as wins in the House if not for voter fraud. They submitted tens of thousands of empty ballots — ballots that voted for Biden, but were empty down below. The Dems were mainly trying to prevent a Trump victory; they didn’t waste time marking the rest of the ballot.

  54. i just ordered a 24” x18” metal sign for the gate that reads in bold letters


    1. Romeo Charlie Using my Best Faux German Accent “Brave but Stupid”. Hogan’s Heroes if you don’t get the cultural reference.

      Not all Democrats are socialist’s. The Socialists are the problem friend, not the otherwise good neighbor who happened to believe all the Propaganda they were fed by CNN.

      Nothing like declaring war against otherwise good neighbors. Not like we have enough trouble coming.

      I suggest you go the next logical step and get some sweatshirts also with that signage to wear about town with your daily work-shopping and such.

      WHY NOT? You think folks will not talk about your sign in town? You think the REAL Troublemakers will not drive by to “Admire” your Signage, take GPS coordinates and pictures to “Share” with already Half CRAZY People to “Take Direct Action”???

      Guess getting burned out early will “Water the Tree of Liberty” properly.

      I prefer Patton’s idea “Help the OTHER GUY Die for His Country”.

      Grey Man dude, live to be a pain in their *ss for as long as you live.

      1. NHM

        Consider this bud,

        that “good neighbor” who was so gullible and uninformed that they voted for this BS, is the same “good neighbor” who will mention that they think you are a conservative and have a stash of food,,,,,

        dont kid yourself, if they are dumb enough to vote for this BS, they are shallow enough of character to turn on you ifit buys them brownie points.

      2. Kula sadly I happen to agree with you. However throwing more fuel to the flaming Dumpster seems less than clever.

        The last part is the important part. Voles live on, hidden underground and destroy things IMPORTANT to gardeners.

        There is a long term thought there to ponder. 🙂

      3. NH Michael,
        “Good” neighbors don’t vote Democrat. This isn’t about property taxes or the school board it’s about whether someone chose to vote for communism. If you are too scared to express your beliefs that is your business, but I served 6 years in the military to preserve that right and I’m not afraid to express it.

        I also agree with Patton’s quote and he didn’t fear troublemakers or fall-crazies when he express his opinions. If any troublemakers or other fools that would want to do harm come my way, I will send them to the grave with a smile on my face

        Not being a keyboard commando I just give no value (as in zero) to a life that wants to do me harm. Staying silent and in the shadows is what has gotten us where we are at.

      4. NH Michael
        . . . .
        Wasn’t that the little Nazi on Laugh In? Played by Arte Johnson.

  55. A little bird told me so ,,booky friend tells me has stopped taking bet for a Joe and blow win,

  56. Ken

    I will again repeat I live in a Democrat toilet. I my state continues to move from purple to blue. When it falls apart I do not want to be behind enemy lines. When balkinization has run its course I would like to be living among like minded individuals. Can you please host an article where this topic could be discussed by the participants of this blog? Where might the lines be drawn?

  57. latest word from trump lawyer….. they found a program glitch that 30 states are using in their computers which give wrong numbers that will be looked into. 30 states!

  58. “Software GLITCH”

    Yea right!

    Is it a coincidence that there is CIA software in the hands of the Democrats called “HAMMER” which is designed to spy on you? There is a portion of this software called “SCORECARD” which is designed to change your vote. Don’t believe me ask the CIA Contractor who designed it and turned whistleblower named Dennis Montgomery. It is believed that this GLITCH infected many states. It was discussed by a guest on George Noory’s show tonight.


    1. CQ
      and the sheep go baaaaa

      most sheeple cant get their face away from their phone taking selfies, let alone contemplate stuff like this,,
      Plan accordingly.

    2. Also on the news reports at The Blaze claims tp have video of vote counters filling in blank ballots to add to the vote count for Biden.

      Guliani said there ARE many dead people ballots for Biden counted.


  59. J Rawls,
    And 99% of Americans went on with their lives without any problems. Who’s to say the democrats didn’t conspire with the Chinese to bring in Covid to create the exact idea you are believing. Remember it was the dems that didn’t want to shut down air travel, close the borders and even Pelosi said everything is fine go out to restaurants in Chinatown.

    They wanted it to spread and then scream we need to shut down and ruin the economy (Trump’s greatest success) because they knew Trump would win in a landslide. Throw in a little BLM Antifa communism and voter fraud and you end up where we are today.

  60. J Rawls – ‘Covid’ is a psyop. Per your post, it was an effective one. President Trump did exactly what I expected of him. He followed the experts advice… until he determined they were full of crap. THEN, he told us to take basic precautions, but get on with our lives already.

    1. i know people who live under the same roof as a family member that got it and it didnt infect them all,,,,
      sick and tired of this cOvId BS,
      more people have died from suicide than CovId

  61. One thing for sure, things are going to get weird. Conservative blogs, websites etc are already starting to get shut down or frozen and the ink hasnt even left the pen yet. Stay frosty folks, best to make plans quietly and only with those you really can trust.

  62. There’s an even bigger threat in the midst that most people missed…..
    Going to a cashless society!

    Banks, by a mandate from leftist govt, can begin controlling WHAT YOU ARE ALLOWED TO SPEND YOUR MONEY ON.

    * Spending caps on energy expenses. Example… Each household can only spend say, $200 a month on home energy. Instant green new deal inposition!

    * Gasoline… Each driver can only pay for $60 bucks of gasoline a month.

    * Meat. Only allowed to purchase so many pounds per month.

    * Alcohol and cigarettes. Sale of those items can be controlled as well.

    * Unapproved political activism can be punished by cutting off access to your money.

    The above is just a basic starter list. It is only limited by the evil creativity of those that wield it.

    In essence? A cashless society becomes a Soviet/communist rationing system.
    Don’t think leftists would use it?

    Haha! Think again…. I’ve lived in and visited communist and totalitarian countries back in the 70’s and 80’s. Even got a tour through East Berlin in the late 80’s before the wall came down. I’ve SEEN it…..

    Take my word for it, you don’t want anything to do with it….

  63. Wow, they went from commies to nazis in this article. Two different ideologies and one is definitely worse than the other. The multicultural nightmare you mention is pure communism.

  64. Since the U.S. already is divided, I’d formalize the divisions. I’d establish the United Cities of America (UCA) as a new nation. Any city with more than a million (negotiable) people automatically would become a member. The remaining land masses and residents would comprise the United States. They would trade and compete with each other but would elect their own political leaders and both the UCA and USA would operate under the existing Constitution until amended by their respective governments.

    1. Good luck with that, Gene. You’ll need to enjoy that version of your new USA while you can because it won’t last long.

      Your UCA will remain the only entity with fighter jets and military, which will easily stave off enemy threats. Whereas your USA will fall well before your first City Hall meeting.

      Like it or not, we have cities for a reason. And those cities provide you with far more than what can be accomplished in Farmer Brown’s pasture.

      1. Pfftt,
        yea, cause the cities grow so much food, grains, have so many oil wells or mines and so many incredible water sources….

  65. I am tired of hearing that we need to come together as a country and let bygones be bygones. Seriously? You people are joking right? I will never forget what has been done over the last twelve years. There is no forgiveness for what has been done to us. If you think being nice to these people will bring peace and unity, you are sadly mistaken. They will continue to trample all over you until their boots are covered in your blood. Make no mistake, “THEY”, will come for us. It’s not pleasant to think about, but you need to get your head right and harden your hearts for the Dark Days that are fast approaching, are NOT gonna be pleasant.

    I can’t see in the future, but, we all know, this election is a disgrace. Keep you heads, work on prepping, know what’s going on, do not PANIC. What’s next will soon reveal, we all need to get ready for anything. Yeah, I’m worried, but, as a whole, I did my duty, I voted. Everything else is above of my pay grade, so, I’ll just keep on keeping on, prepping supplies, and try to keep a positive mental attitude.

    1. Anybody who believes that the socialist liberal democrats really want the nation to come together, is a fool.

      The socialist liberal democrats want one thing, and that is power/domination. They want control of the Trillions of Tax Revenue and the global riches that come with it. They want all who support Trump and the Constitution out of their way.

      I do not believe anything that a democrat says. Except they are willingly passionate to kill and dismember babies in their mother’s wombs. That says it all for me.

    2. SMG ,,,,,,,,,, going to have to agree with you again ,,,on some points. ,,,,,there is no going back,,no forgiveness ,,but a better way is to turn OFF the food ,oh so sorry tractor is broken ,to wet to plow , to late to plant ,,should have used a bull to breed the cows not the steer ,turn off the food , We have more power if we just use it ,, we know how to produce food ,they DONT , we know the little things that makes things work , they DONT ,,, to much moisture in the grain ,well try again next year ,,what do you mean the hay will catch on fire if you bail it wet ? ,,,,,don’t feed the enemy,,, we don’t need no stinking gun ,just play dumb ,, im in the process of cutting off all loans for planting to all that I can for this year ,, unless DJT stays ,i will extend on land payments if no crops are grow,,if you grow I won’t work with you ,
      The only way to win is not play,,,,gives real meaning to who is John Galt don’t you think ,
      Read the book to see what happens ,strange times we live in don’t you think ?

      1. OH

        I am no longer a producer of ANY Ag products, I sold my cows, bees, and shut it down, my land sits idle.

        I do not plan on helping anyone, who, plans or works to feed the beast.

        Also, I plan on re-bugging out soon, going completely black. Not gonna play their game, not gonna quit, just gonna be real hard to find, I read the book, I have a glutch.

        1. SMG. ,,,,,,,,,,, you know we might actually might see eye to eye , there is even a chance we could share a camp fire ,

          1. OH

            We got a lot of differences, you and I, you have called me out several times, I didn’t like that much. but, I don’t hold grudges.

            You and I are strong willed, opinionated men, but, we are able to agree to dis-agree, as adults..

            Times have changed, so have we. This ain’t funny, this is for real, and you know what the old sayin is “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

            tea and chocolate….

  66. SMG

    There will only be one way that us 70 million can restore the country, only shop local for needs after Jan 20. No holidays, no excessive driving, no fast food, take sick days owing and any holiday time from big dem companies, ….

    We can show the country who really controls Barter Town.

    1. Liberal states can secede if they want but America is us and we are America and we’re not leaving.

  67. Seems like Raphael Warnock is a sick racist with a warped mind. The comments that he is allowed to make are nothing more than criminal hate speech.
    if justice prevails he will be silenced for his contempt for humanity -it is a sad testimony love is not a virtue in his set of values -truly a shame it’s not the America I have grown up in-by the very nature of his comments you can see he’s a lost American foreigner of espouses illegal doctrine if not his thoughts are not of nurturing one another he is divisive and painfully and hopelessly biased unless you fit his prescribed depiction of how Americans must conform- that’s not freedom neither. Democrats are only here to harasss and destroy freedom there is no empathy of what it is like to be the recipient of his verbial assault on race this is not how I was raised so we can have a whole nation of clones like him and no one to correct him.God help us not to become like him.

  68. I hope you’re right, John. I certainly DO NOT wish for this! A great deal to do with what it will look like in 6 months will hinge on the election outcome. We’ll see…

  69. I Hope God can stop Biden and Harris, because it seems as though they are above the law. And next they will make it against the law to ask why. Give me liberty or give me death.

    1. Gordon C, They are already drafting laws to oppress anyone with a voice not in union with them.If the senate goes…. and we loose the POTUS. There will be horrific results.

  70. Bill H
    Nice try!
    How many times do we have to turn our faces away from being beaten upon by the evil that pours out upon us??
    I am tired of turning the other cheek. We as a nation did not ask for this trash to be dumped on our door steps. If you do not like our ‘ideologies’, sorry try another channel, aka another blog.

    1. AC, Even Jesus got angry and overturned the publicans tables. He said they were making the house of worship a den of thieves. We are nOT to turn our back on evil, but to fight the spiritual warfare against it….to reprove it…

  71. Bill H,
    WE have put up with the socialists wanting to destroy us way too long.Someone imported them with out vetting… and refused those fleeing persecutions… ..clue? Last name started with O… Hummmm. who was that masked man, woman, person???
    They do not want peace. The want all conservative voices Gone. They want them in isolation and with the apple in their mouth..
    Look at Canada they have an advertisement for remotely controlled guillotines… now if it were centrists or conservative wanting those they would have been used long ago… specifics it must be able to come with sharpening and tools for each unit.and be able to be reset from any position- quickly without humans touching it – by a remote use…… to be delivered to the covid camps- the ones for people refusing testing…Before it’s news… copy of specifications.

  72. Absurd! Merely being wealthy is not a crime, nor an indication of any particular philosophy, or political standing. Those, who automatically hate the wealthy, are automatically scum.

    1. Ison,
      IT wasn’t HIS money!. It was government grant money…
      he re- directed after the refusal to transfer it to china for that project was refused… for what ever reasons/security/etc….
      Nothing to do with personal wealth./riches! You need to reconsider labeling other as that for the traitors that dealings can be traced BY their money laundering.
      .I have no problem with wealth. I just have mine invested elsewhere.

        1. I think her comment was supposed to be put on another post, farther down. The one about Fauchi.

  73. Maybe, but we go about it in very different ways. I do not vote multiple times, or encourage others to do the same. I do not go to someone’s house, scream at them, and threaten their children. I do not tell someone I do not agree with that their wife deserves to be raped and their children killed. I do not use words like “deplorable,” or demand that anyone who disagrees with me be eliminated or imprisoned as a traitor.

    I also do not condone this behavior in others. I don’t say they deserved it, or cheer as someone gets fired because of a difference of opinion.

    I have had friends threatened and doxxed because they spoke the wrong words.

    I have family members who have told me to my face that ANYTHING they do is OK as long as it forwards the Democratic socialist agenda.

    Afraid? I’m afraid of the Chinese-style cultural revolution forming right before our eyes. Children turning in their parents for a social score.

    If you actually believe that we have the same ultimate goals, then don’t look away as others lives and liberty are threatened.

  74. The thing is the conservatives and Christians have let it go and look where we are now. They want us dead and will not compromise. I say a sying on a Trump pic awhile back. It went something like “they don’t want me, they want you, I’m just in the way.

  75. Bill H ,,,,,,,,,, nothing personal ,,,,,but kill a commie for mommy , no getting along ,

  76. Because the differences are in many ways incompatible. We believe in individual rights and freedom from government interference with those freedoms. Hence really small government. Liberals believe in group rights. So groups empowered by government impose regulations. Groups impose government taxation on one group to fund payments or benefits to another group. Liberals believe society as expressed by government actions can interfere in my individual freedoms. The big versus little government is a bridge too far to cross at the national level. I am perfectly okay if a community of liberals decides to do their thing to themselves in their own towns. I will just observe from afar to see how it works out trying not to smile too much.

  77. Is it fear mongering when you believe someone will do what they say? Is it realism, when you know they’ve tried it before, if unsuccessfully?

  78. I fear America is going to die. So many voted to end it with their blue wave. I’m glad I’m not young. I’m sorry for those who will have to live in the communist country that’s about to unfold. I’m glad I believe in God.

    1. When the elections of the last twenty, or so, years have all had many fraudulent votes effecting their outcomes, it can seem to the innocent person…people are voting themselves into tyranny. There was NO BLUE WAVE, but exactly the opposite….in this last election!

      This election is actually a Marxist COUP, carried out with the aid of treasonous government officials and foreign enemies…. This criminal WAVE is to be fought to the death…THEIR death.

  79. For the last 6 decades We watched the liberals / left infiltrate Our country with their communist ideologies and said or did nothing about it. The average American is a sheep , apathy and self centered thinking in which all they care about is themselves. The only patriots left are over 50 with a few exceptions. The globalist own everything so they run the show. Its all over and its Our own fault . Its too late now America is done.

  80. Of course there could be a civil war and or secession of red states… We are almost there now… 30% ++ own a gun legally and approximately 60% have access to a gun via friends and family. Though there is no way to actually know but it is estimated that as many as 18% of the populations own guns illegally. According to the Department of corrections 86% of incarcerated juveniles admit to owning a firearm and 64% of incarcerated adults. There are an estimated 393,000,000 firearms owned by civilians in the USA. That is 60% of all firearms owned by civilians in the world.Considering that police are being abolished and crime rates particularly violent crimes are skyrocketing. I do not see a lot of guns being confiscated, just a lot more people owning firearms illegally. I might ad that 79% of guns in the USA are not owned by Democrats. A California state senator trying to repeal the states castle law and ban civilian owned firearms said. ” That by banning civilian owned guns only criminals would have guns and as a result there would be far fewer gun related deaths and injuries. Her reasoning being that an unarmed civillian woul give the criminal what they want and then the criminal would leave there by being no violence.” Complete truth. Of course she did not iterate t if what the criminal wanted was to rape your wife or child or just simply to do harm for the fun of it. Of course they could do so with impunity because if you called 911 they would send an emotional support counselor. Who would probably either be laughed at or shot as well. In conclusion of this thought exercise 99.9999999% of legal gun owners do not commit gun crimes except in self defense. The second Amendment was put in place to allow us to defend against tyranny.FACT Any government that wants to take the ability for the population to own guns is afraid of that population having guns because they intend tyrannical acts. The 2nd amendment is to ensure that a tyranical government is afraid to act.

  81. This will bring an all out civil war where the police officers and our military officers will back the far right because they know that will be the only way to save the country they love And want family’s to live in as it was intended for it to be. The civilian people will back and stand shoulder to shoulder with the police and military. Harris will not change the belief of 80% of this great country. She will be forced out into exile maybe India will take her cause the Americans will no stand for this great country to fall. America will be great again. God bless America and the Americans

  82. If God does not intervene in our Free World , we will see the destruction and death of our Beloved America. Trump must prevail by the grace of God in order to defeat the BidenHarris socialist take over .

  83. Patriotic Americans and the US military will not let the US Constitution fall or the USA. This will be stopped.

    1. Common Sense: I disagree. I believe President-Elect Biden will take office the same way President Obama did and the same way President Clinton did and there will be no “great patriot uprising” over it. There will be much complaining about it, but I do not believe there will be a bloody uprising over it. Time will tell.

  84. Its pretty apparent that the repubes and the demtards were in on the election fix of 2020.

  85. Stoned: That Roundup soaked ditch weed has wrecked your brain man.

    Rx – Switch immediately to some organic, fire, indoor Purple Haze; the kind with those gnarly glow in the dark trichomes. Bong only, no blunt wrappers; you’re just too excitable. If no improvement is noted in 24 hours, add some clarified shatter on top and huff it deeper. – You’re welcome.

  86. If the Marxists win Georgia, civil war will be upon us. The correct thing for President Trump to do would be to mobilize the armed forces to save America before January 20.

    1. Brad Sharp: I disagree. There will be much complaining about it, but I do not believe there will be a large-scale bloody uprising over it. Time will tell.

  87. And this movie would be called ,Nightmare 2021,or creepy Joe Biden’s America ,or maybe Queen Kamal’s dream scape 2021

  88. The future of America in light of the Democrat hate vs. Donald Trump Make America Great Again may take a turn by refusing to leave the office to a couple of Communist swamp dwellers. Before Jan 20 he may use all Presidential power to STOP Joe, communist Harris, and the Democrap mob of traders. Declare Marshall Law to arrest Biden – Harris for verbal threats to overthrow this Republic. Their crimes, Terany, violation of Constitution. Additionally, Nancy Pulossy, Schumer will join these traders in Gwan Ton Amo. I am confident that Trump plans to fight anyone who tries to overthrow our Democracy. Think of the battles since the Revolution fought to secure our blessed freedoms, is it worth another battle? If Trump, the Commander in Chief calls out the Military to seek and destroy any and all threats to overthrow America; if not do we do not pansy down and let bunker Joe have the sacred keys to the most powerful office in the world. Consider this; based on the Democratic Socialist Doctrine which opposes our Constitution, how can they legally take the Oath of Office when the Socialist Democrats no longer support the Constitution? A fraud election, courts dismissed legal proof, corrupt!

    1. You all give me a small amount of hope reading this page.

      I guudledd by accident “im tired of all the socialists in my country” and then duckduck searched it to get here.

      Im glad you old farts still hang around. Im in my 30s but everyone around and in all of my hobby circles are a majority of socialists and democrats and at best agnoatic or at worst atheist. Im so tired!

      1. Hi. I am an Atheist Republican, who makes Ayn Rand, look like a Communist.

        Oh, and by the way…Agnostics are really just Atheists, who just want to avoid the stigma. After all, there is no middle ground for them to stand upon. If they do not possess a positive belief in some theological construct, they are without belief…and Atheist. If, however, they DO possess a positive belief in some sort of theism…they are Theists.

        “I do not know.” Does not change this.

        Just so you know…. Atheism is not a school of thought, nor does it indicate any political affiliation. It only means a person is without a theistic belief…for whatever reason…even complete ignorance of the issue.

        A denial of God, for example, is not required.

        1. Ision
          I know that stuff.And be sure im glad you arent subscribing to popular liberal ideology. Id fight along side you for freedom to associate and believe what we will or wont.

          Im libertatian, not republican. Im conservative and christian on a personal level, but i dont think belief should dictate policy or that government is or should be responsible for controling others. I think the constitution is a great and beautiful document. I wish people held open disdain towards rulership and collective power beyond individuals. I wish self responsibility was the norm and anything beyond that was appreciated and voluntary.

  89. A vote for biden is a vote for suppression and suffocation of our freedoms. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and has NO BUSINESS to be in our government. The only thing biden wants, besides more money, is power and he will use that to the detriment of this Nation and its people.

    1. CM
      pretty much NONE of the turds who call themselves “representatives” belong in government

  90. Oh my everything I have just read is spot on. And all the people I have talked to think, I have lost my mind. Each time I say something like this on Facebook it get’s blocked. And I if I respond with my opinion negitively about Biden it comes up with a 404 error or page not found.

  91. I agree with Whistl’n Dixie. Give me liberty or death. We can’t become compliant and just accept what is to come for our great country. Patriots to the rescue.

  92. About the only thing I can add to all of the comments is something my Dad used to say ” grab your rear end people with both hands, because it’s going to be a bitch for our future “. (Dad used the word ” ride “. I’ve remember him saying that this would or might happen 60 and 70 yrs ago that he was saying this )

  93. you could’t be more right , some Pastor said if TRUMP loses were going into the END Times , I believe he was right reading your prediction .Look at what hoppened this week for Free Speach we are in for big trouble

  94. Bad news folks, the Senate is now controlled by lib-tards [sic]. This means that the courts are going to be packed, DC and Porto Rico will become states. Everything above is going to come true. The real question now is: Are we going to let this happen or, are we going to take aggressive action?

    Death before dishonor! This is easy to say right now; however, time will separate the men form the chattel of the Communist Party of America – the Demorats [sic]. Get ready!

  95. “The Revolution”,

    No thanks. Smart enough to smell a trap, as are most of us here. You don’t happen to have one of those flyers, do you?

    1. Farmgirl,

      This, “The Revolution”, person’s comment will probably get downvoted off….as it should, but fly-by’s such as them are to be expected. He/she/it is probably part of the concerted effort to make conservative leaning blogs like this look bad and evil.

      I don’t know what “intel” is driving the overkill of protective measures being deployed in D.C., but I suspect it is more for optics than for any credible threats. There is a concerted effort to make conservatives, who consider themselves patriots, appear to be dangerous lunatics that only the government can protect the public from.

      Propaganda is the long suit of the left…well organized, well executed, with a wealth of purveyors.

  96. Local politics can count. No one pays attention to who’s on their school board, Town Council, State Legislature. They didn’t start in DC – they worked their way up the food chain

    This writer work for both liberal Law Offices starting in the 70s, and Social Services through the 80s and 90s – a whistleblower who tried to warn people that through your schools, fake dossiers – they’re destroying families using Social Security funds

    Your local Family Court does the most damage behind closed doors, sealed records, No Rules of Evidence – there really are not a bunch of drug-addicted horse raising kids. Stand by moms and kids

    The Liberals picked up on what conservative didn’t care about – beaten puppies and children get idiots to throw money at the problem but never audit – this is where they got you – areas you couldn’t give a darn about. Real women are being destroyed by feminazis while the boys are off playing and not supporting their kids.

    That’s where we can start to rebuild and fight

    Social workers greeting your kids first day of school? Don’t fill out the free lunch program form – it’s the barn door to take over your life

  97. usa is already dead,pray god comes down and didposes of these hateful sickos,obama started it and plans to finish it

    1. lou, “usa is already dead”, I didn’t know that. Did you read that somewhere or is that your own conclusion? That god, you know the thing, comes down bit; how does that work? And the “didposes” trick, wow! What was it that Obama started and plans to finish? I thought he said “you didn’t build that”, does that include him too? Just askin’

  98. oh god. if there truly is a living god, please help us. I’m a retired, 62 year old woman, raising my grandchildren in a new world order where I have to teach my grandson not to call his teachers ms. mrs. mr. she/he/him/her or his parents mom and dad, and forget about girls and boys, we don’t live in a world where humans are male and female anymore – i am so, so, scared of what the future holds for any and all of us.

  99. Here I totally agree as a uk citizen British throughout I’m horrified listening to these two Biden/Harris continual blatant lies how and why would anybody want to deal with them ? All I can see be very careful

  100. In my daily job I witness couples that once were successful business owners now selling everything they have left to move to a state they can afford and try to start over again. The one thing America is known for is never giving up. With or without any government assistance we will rise above COVID and political craziness and rebuild trust within ourselves to move forward and bring back a stable ground just as our ancestors did years before.

  101. Its happening like the article says! terrible. But patriotic Americans who see this may not roll over. The left is lying, distorting and going after Trump supporters. I think Obama is having a third term and in the background running Biden.

  102. If we won’t choose to pay the price of liberty, then by default we shall suffer the cost of servitude — whether it be the iron chains of a tyrannical oligarchy or the regulatory chains of unelected, faceless bureaucrats. When we witness our neighbors being abused by tyrants, will we cower away and hope we’re not next? Or will we stand by them and fight — as freedom-loving Americans — the tyranny of the fraudulently elected lawless leaders. Remember 800 people that’s 8 f’n 100 out of a estimated 74,000,000 people decided to fight for this country [i know you cant really call it a fight more like a occupy] but at least we showed up at the capital. Screw the silent majority its about 73,999,200 are couch potato so-called patriots. you can drive your big trucks with flags waving in back, here and there but it means nothing if you don’t show up it when it counts.🤬

  103. She won’t last long. She is the most despised woman in America, and somebody will end up blowing her away.

  104. I can’t believe that (WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) can’t putan end to this debacle that C.S., N.N.P., J.B. K.H., AND TO THINK OUR MILITARY HAS TURNED AGAINST US TO PROTECT THE White House That has a bunch of elite liars in it. Lest they forget that ( We the people) pay for that. . They should all be impeached but HOW?

  105. The Democrats will have to move fast, but the destruction they will cause our beautiful nation and in the world will take many years to fix. The 2022 Midterms have to begin the Red wave into a fully controlled Republican House, Senate (eventually) and the Presidency again in 2024. We cannot let these far left individuals ruin our way of life. We are not racists, even though they try and push that narrative on everyone by repeating it over and over again. I love America, I love our freedom, I will not live in a place that is run by extremists that think they know how I should live my life, nor should you. There is too much at stake for America to cave in and I believe that the people, us, need to go out and vote for candidates that will help up remain free, not dependent on foreign energy or federal government programs. Wake up people, our country could be taken away if we keep sitting on our tails and don’t do anything to stop it. God bless America, God bless the world, stay hopeful but get involved and do everything in your power to solidify our freedom. If all that is, is to go out and vote, then do so.

  106. HELP!I am stuck in a backwards country called the United States. There’s nothing united about it; it’s full of crime, poverty, drug addicts backwards laws and racists and lovers of guns instead of people.

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