These Ratios Are IMPOSSIBLE – How The Election Was Stolen

I know it’s over already. But that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to question what happened. Or point out glaring irregularities.

Really, it’s our civic duty to assure the best we can, that elections are not rife with fraud. Especially this last one. Although all of the Big Tech platforms will ban such “think”, there are up-and-coming platforms that will not. One of which is Rumble (video platform).

Anyway, The following 3 minute video on rumble, posted by The Gateway Pundit, quickly summarizes something dubbed “Drop and Roll”.

Last week I listened to an interview with a renowned mathematician who meticulously and clearly revealed the statistical impossibilities of voting ratios like those shown in the video below. It was quite interesting (and angering) to observe the clever fraud.

As simple as it really is, “ratios” or simple math is unfortunately above most people’s heads. Nevertheless, those who can “think” for themselves “get it”…

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I read the Dominion machines were programmed to record 1 republican vote as .75 and each democrat vote as 1.25…so when 4 dems voted the tally is 5 and when 4 republicans vote tally is 3.
The algorithm couldn’t keep up the votes for Trump were so far ahead and the polls were shut down.

I also read Hillary in 2016 was guaranteed a win by Dominion with a 22% cheat job. It failed.

I read the same thing about the weighting of the votes prior to reporting Jay Jay. I can’t remember exactly which site or which author. I do remember Sidney Powell stating that in a press conference. Since I only frequent a dozen or so sites, I could eventually find it, but I think many of us did read that at one time or another during the dispute. The Hillary election I haven’t read about but my neighbor has and is convinced that was the case and it explains the lack of campaigning in critical areas or why she was so freaking mad election night that she lost.

I think local jurisdictions should hire auditors with IT specialization/credentials to study the machines including their security.

Voting is a right but there is no right for it to be convenient or easy. If jurisdictions want to offer online voting, only do so with biometric security. Mail in voting – require a thumbprint and state id number on the envelope and VERIFY. In person voting – state issued ID. For presidential elections, a database of who voted (not how they voted) so you can’t vote by mail for your primary residence and in person at your winter location.

Or no one will be able to trust the results.

It was very obvious that the election was stolen. The MSMedia vastly downplayed the event. Unfortunately the masses know nothing else but the controlled mainstream media. There is more of them that are in control than there are of us.It is a dark time for America as we slide down the slopes of tyrrany .

far to many FLAT OUT REFUSE to believe the lame stream media has done nothing but lie at every chance they can

Of course. Once one abandons their fantasies and Reality seeps into their consciousness…it is quite scary. Monsters are not real, until they start eating you.

monsters have many forms too

A Patriot,

In any election, local/state/national, where these machines are allowed to operate there is no hope of a fair election. Voting is a fruitless exercise when the counters can adjust the votes to achieve their desired outcome. The fraud has been brought to light, and evidence gathered and presented to courts and councils alike. It’s just being dismissed as ‘irrelevant’, under ‘procedural’ or ‘standing’ issues. What recourse do we have when laws are not followed or enforced?

I don’t see hope for future elections in any possible way. The fraud worked, the communication arm of the far left (media) made sure of it, and the elites-basically all of Washington, Hollywood, sports world-they all live as lavishly as they wish and “we the people” pay the way and are told to deal with it. The absurdity of what’s happening in the education system will ensure generations never even have a glimpse of the greatness that freedom and individual responsibility could have been.

Well, TIME has already run an article on how the Evil Ones fixed it and caused a Coup. This video just reinforces. They are building a political cage for the general population, which I believe will be in place by Nov. 2022!

If the Election was an honest one, they would not need Troops and fences in D.C. and would have no objection to investigating the issue of fraud.

I understand that the Evil Ones now are asking for $3 trillion more in stimulus money.

America is going to burn and be bankrupt soon, and you can take that to the bank.

Yes, please do Mr. Patriot

You mean take an IOU wind

Perhaps we should rename the MSM , the Marxist Socialist Media. It really explains who they are.

It took years to unveil the fake docea fabricated against Trump, too many criminals blocking information and deleting it…The only way I think voter fraud can be stopped with Dominion machines would be something I can’t say here.

An EMP with complete melt down of everything coupled with the coming of armageddon

Thus begin the days when we will never have a “real count’ ever again. It will be tit for tat from all sides. Each scheming and lying for the power and money. Of course stealing an election or seizing power is not new in the course of human history. But so much is at stake now. USA has been a harbor for the freedoms, making it so very desirable to many and when you have freedoms there will always be a negative evil to oppose and crush the light of free humans. Many who are crossing our borders now, legally and illegally, are voting for what will kill and crush the very freedoms which they sought to have and enjoy in America. As for blacks, their voting only brings invisible chains into their lives which will be apparent in the near future. It will be invisible chains for us all. Everything cost something, everything.

I saw this video way back, and it makes me just as mad now as it did then. Everything I’ve seen makes me believe that Trump won. At the same time, though, I have to question where these statistics came from. (I tend to question what comes on the news/YouTube/etc., whether it reinforces my beliefs or not.) It’s easy for someone to say all of this, but where did they get the lines of vote counts, with each batch listed? Is that something that’s public information? It probably is, but I don’t know where to get it. How could I prove to someone that this is true, and not just made-up information to fuel the “conspiracy theory” of the stolen election?

You are either a troll, or you need to do a hell of a lot more research. Some of those ‘early voters’ are dead. You have an explanation for that? How about the sudden suspension of vote counting in the wee hours, followed by a sudden influx of ‘found’ votes, all for Biden – a statistical impossibility. There’s video, news broadcasts with numbers morphing in real time, personal testimony, etc…

If you are a troll, your job security is in jeopardy, as the days this crap matters are drawing quickly to a close. Good luck finding work after this.


You obviously believe the mantra from the socialist/Marxist left, that “yes there was some voter fraud, but not enough to change the outcome of the election”.

This is supposed to excuse the crime? Like saying “yes I stole your car but I only drove it a short distance” or yes I stole your food because I was hungry, …..

Or how about “the 4 hour demonstration on capitol Hill resulting in some broken windows was worse than the seven months of rioting, looting, and property destruction in several cities”

Quit watching the corrupt news media.

Troll alert. I’m late to the party. Thank God. ☕

Ugh, really. I am leaving some full responses here, and its choosing to leave them ‘awaiting moderation’. and then just deleting them before they reply.

So no, I’m not posting under different names.

If you consider this trolling, then really – what is this for? I’m someone with a conservative background who just isnt convinced that you got this one right – and you cant handle the criticism.

So, enjoy. It highlights why internet discussions really go nowhere.

Local Republicans had the chance to secure the voting machines and ballots in each disputed State the day after the election. No Federal involvement was needed and the State authority would have been upheld.

But in typical order, the Republicans squirmed, bitched, cried, …. and let the evidence be destroyed.

The damage that can be inflicted on this country in the next 18 months because of our weakness and blindness will be IRREVERSABLE.

30 to 40 million illegals added to the census and millions of socialists added to the voter rolls,

the economy ruined by high fuel prices causing hyperinflation,

the education system fractured to accommodate non-English speaking populations,

the elimination of teaching our history,

mandatory vaccinations or no travel, work, or government services, ….

Foreign ownership of industry and agricultural production

and much more.

And we let it happen.

By harassing someone because their ‘view’ is different is just what we condemn here on MSB and accuse the left for doing. Let us NOT be hypocrites here.

I agree that statistics can be used both ways. Does it make sense that the first batches of mail-in votes were mainly for Biden? Sure–even in very unequal amounts. What does seem impossible to me is that after the big dumps in which Biden got ahead, there was batch after batch after batch that had the exact same percentages of votes. That’s why I want to know where that info comes from. I’d love to see the proof of that! Otherwise, anyone could be posting this info, making it up. I don’t want anyone being led astray by lies, no matter what side they’re for.

A lot of the details on election fraud are included in the exhibits for various lawsuits and testimony in front of state committees. Those are difficult to find and dig out. One of the more accessible and comprehensive documents I’ve seen regarding the election fraud is the three part Navarro Report, which is a good starting point for anyone wanting to delve into the research for themselves. Has lots of footnotes to chase.

Thanks, FinallyOuttaCA. I’d heard of The Navarro Report but hadn’t gone to read it myself. Now I’ve got it downloaded to read at my pleasure.

New Hampshire senate to audit impossible election results.


What makes the New Hampshire 2020 results even more suspect:
** Republicans flipped the New Hampshire Senate from 14-10 Democrat to 14-10 Republican in 2020.
** Republicans flipped the New Hampshire House from 230-156 majority Democrat to 213-187 Republican majority in 2020!
** Yet, Joe Biden who was 4th in Dem primary and Kamala Harris, who did not make it to the Dem primary, won the state 52.7 to 45.4 to Trump.

These results are IMPOSSIBLE.