These Ratios Are IMPOSSIBLE – How The Election Was Stolen

I know it’s over already. But that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to question what happened. Or point out glaring irregularities.

Really, it’s our civic duty to assure the best we can, that elections are not rife with fraud. Especially this last one. Although all of the Big Tech platforms will ban such “think”, there are up-and-coming platforms that will not. One of which is Rumble (video platform).

Anyway, The following 3 minute video on rumble, posted by The Gateway Pundit, quickly summarizes something dubbed “Drop and Roll”.

Last week I listened to an interview with a renowned mathematician who meticulously and clearly revealed the statistical impossibilities of voting ratios like those shown in the video below. It was quite interesting (and angering) to observe the clever fraud.

As simple as it really is, “ratios” or simple math is unfortunately above most people’s heads. Nevertheless, those who can “think” for themselves “get it”…

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