Things Are Going Active – Get Ready For Fireworks…

What America is about to go through will be epic. “Trump wins this.” say many.

“Something big is happening” which is why the president cut short his holiday break shortly before New Years Eve from Mar-a-Lago and flew back early to Washington.

Vice president Pence has cancelled his trip overseas which had been scheduled for departure after January 6th.

January 6, 2021, just days from now.

The American people and the eyes of the world are going to be watching this… You are living through extraordinary History.

On that day as they begin the electoral college count (it’s alphabetical by state), and once they get to Arizona…the fireworks begin. The challenge will be made, and evidence will be laid bare for all to see. An evidentiary hearing.

There has been extraordinary criminal fraud.

Lin Wood – “Time to clean house in 2021”, “Treason”, The democrats were joined by the CCP. George Soros was involved. The CIA too.

“Massive amounts of evidence will be presented on the 6th”, tweeted Trump. “We won big”

There will be New Bombshell Evidence. “Massive” amounts of evidence. Things we haven’t seen before. Things that have not been presented in any court. “Kraken” level evidence? Formerly classified evidence? The John Ratcliff DNI report?

“President Trump has called for a huge assembly of his supporters on January 6 in Washington. He didn’t call them there to watch him get humiliated. Something is up. You can feel it in the air.” said Mike Adams

Treasonous governors? Treason in Congress? We’re going to find out who… and the high level treasonous traitors in Media, Tech, Politics.

Something massive is happening. Something big is about to break.

The arrests will begin…

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“The arrests will begin.”

And so may the shooting.

100 heads

I pray you are correct. It’s now or never for this country. We stand now or lay down forever.

RR Ummm, lay down??? only if I’m dead or going to sleep (we have some surprises for “THEM” who come to take what is not theirs).

It looks like the answer is “never” . Early returns from GA are coming in, the 2 Marxists are leading by wide margins. America as we knew it is most likely dead and we will live under Communism.


Ballot box has failed. Only one box left.

Pence has come out in favor of the 11 Senators led by Ted Cruz to question the results.

On the Renew America site there is a must read article by Steve Stone, a 31 year Navy vet, who is about 99% sure that we are looking a a full out Civil War within the next week. Stone had an article right after the Geo. Floyd riots started stating that he saw them coming months before by monitoring Antifa/BLM web sites. He wondered why the FBI didn’t?

[insert article: Some thoughts on what the anarchists may be planning ]

“A war is coming. I can smell it. Get your mind wrapped around it. Don’t let it drive you crazy, though. You just need to get mentally prepared for a nightmare. You don’t want it to be a surprise.”

Ken, keep up the great work, it is obvious that you are not afraid of what might be coming our way.

” The Lord Bless us all and keep us all safe in the time of trouble” .

Seminole Wind,

Wow. A sobering read. All things I’ve been thinking about for months, but seeing someone write it out crushes any thoughts I have that I’m just overthinking things. Appreciate the article info. So much to do, so little time… God bless and keep you.

Farmgirl, stay safe and warm, we’re all family here.

Seminole wind, I haven’t ever seen so many downvotes, they actually outnumber the up votes, must be lots of trolls lurking tonight. I just read the insert article and if that man knows even half what he’s talking about, the Shit is really gonna hit the fan on Wednesday, gonna be all kinds of ugliness coming our way!!!!!

I still hope sanity will prevail,bit just too much going on on many fronts to be optimistic.

I just read the article by by Steve Stone. Very interesting and probably very true, thanks for the tip.

If man were responsible to keep the world turning it would have stopped a long time ago.I have to remind myself who is in control now and in the end. however this turning point in our country’s leadership still makes me nervous. Well it’s game time, but this is why we have done what we have done. Best regards to everyone be safe and watch your 6

The gun stores near me have been absolutely packed with customers in rhe last week, after Christmas. I am sure they are just as busy elsewhere.

The only way to save our Country is to eradicate the socialist/communist cancers by any means necessary. Hopefully Jan 6 will begin the long needed surgery and by 2022 America will be cancer free.

And deport all illegals, expired visa holders, and any persons refusing to assimilate. Reduce immigration to 50k per year or even close the borders for five years until we get our house in order. May sound extreme but we have a lot of work to do for American citizens first.

The speeches of Bishop Fulton Sheen are quite apropos

I’m praying every day for Trump but don’t have even a tiny bit of hope left 🙁 … I really, really want to believe that what you are writing is true… but we all know since 2 months that there is tons of evidence that it was stolen fraudulent election and yet all this evidence wasn’t enough to convince a single court… so what else can they show? what else can be done?


The big mistake was for the Trump administration to not grab the voting machines and fraudulent ballots on day two after the election. Now it may be too late to provide the needed proof.

Who says they did not?

National Security Agents do not follow the same rules. The Director of the DNI had two years to put his agents in place. They were in place. Executive Order 13848 set the stage, permitted the actions, and entails punishments for those the report lists.

The financial seizures alone…will be amazing.

With evidence from the NSA, which can be used in such National Security cases, I would not be surprised if the Administration has several thousand recorded conversations of scores of people, who were directly involved, or complicit, in enabling, enacting, and conspiring to commit, the criminal tampering of this election.

Naturally, you would use this information to blackmail, and turn, people…even to pressure Biden to admit the election was tainted, and step down…in exchange for a “hold harmless” agreement.

Spot on. It’s those last minute “negotiations” that have been unfolding behind the scenes, yet a few have been reporting on their existence.

Supposedly Biden’s boot for the fake fractured ankle was concealing an ankle monitor until his agreement was completed. Even that guy Coomer from Dominion has supposedly been singing like a canary. No telling who has ratted who out at this point, so the knives are out all over D.C. and lots of folks are sweating profusely.

There’s a “leaked” recording of a Trump phone call to the Georgia Secretary of State. Media is trying to portray it as Trump attempting to intimidate him to change the votes. I listened to the recording in it’s entirety……sounded all the world to me that Trump was….without outright telling him…that he had the evidence, and was giving the secretary the chance to do the right thing…….

We must be aware what the MSM says, the opposite is true.

That’s how I found the candidates running in the primaries…When the MSM spews all hate for someone they accuse of atrocities as they do, that’s who I think is a good person and got my vote..

why are these azzhats refusing to review these cases?
roaches dont like the light

Joanna-NYC; no court where a suit was filed has reviewed “the evidence”. All cases dismissed for lack of standing or a technical reason. ALL the courts have abused their oath of office and failed to honor the constitution as written. Judges no longer interpret the laws of state/federal but apply their political interpretation of any laws, even make up new laws. Been that way for years. Corruption & power runs rampant in all levels of government, city, county, state and federal. That’s why we elected & re-elected a new Marshal. Now we all must work to clear the houses of vermin.

they just want to slap us all in the face with this
as the scrotus said, we are moot

You are right we don’t matter. They just want us to shut up and obey

oh ill shut up allright,
but ill be damned if i obey anyone,,,
never had that in my repetoir,


Joanna NYC,
Hope and faith is what we have! I learned a long time ago THAT is what keeps us going. Maybe our faith is being tested, but we have to learn to never give up. I will not, and others will not as well. Yes, there is so much evidence-and it will be revealed at the proper time. Yes, we are on the brink of something bad, really bad, but NEVER GIVE UP! Consider who is in control-, He has never left me- and He will never leave you,….or our country- if we turn back to Him. Let’s do this …all together.

Joanna_NYC, It is my understanding that the info moved thru some servers controlled and recorded in real time..The proof is not lost.

I wish you all to come through.

For the dislikers: Your soul is mine now.

I can’t imagine what it would be like having such a useless, meaningless and worthless life to have nothing better to do than down vote comments on a blog all day. I guess if they got a job, moved out of their mother’s basement, began paying taxes instead of begging for a government handout and actually tried to accomplish something that mattered they wouldn’t be so desperate for attention.
Losers gotta lose..they can’t help it.

RC BUT, that would take some effort (to get up, get out and FIND a JOB) which “THEY” have shown that “THEY” don’t have any.

Romeo Charlie – so long as mom keeps delivering Hot Pockets and Chicken Tendies to the basement, these damaged children can go on indefinitely.


I’m still waiting on my Bagel Bites delivery as I already performed my Tendy Defendy duties for the day.

Aint that the truth RC
i use the net to browse things of interest, read a bit of familiar stuff like here, and seek out hardware and tools of my craft,
why the hell in this busy life would anyone waste time trying to convince idiot libtards of a different opinion…..
screw the libs, got no time for their BS

And honestly, it generally is no effort at all to ignore trolls, but can be amusing to poke at them,,,, usually got no time for that nonsense,

you revealed yourself to be so. Yahoo limits comments to only producers. so is not really a free forum…but sucessfully is blocking channels from anythng they do not want voiced. I would call it ccp controlled media.

They are slippery creatures. Dumb too…

Why don’t I ban you? Because I don’t need to. The patrons have bouncer authority. Simple as that. Maybe you should start your own online community…

Well Ken.
just replied to a post below……and a few minutes later, there were numerous down votes on many comments that weren’t there a few minutes ago. Guess the trolls re-runs of sponge bob square pants isn’t on yet. Not to worry…I’m not angry, but I am sure ready for whatever comes. Let’s go….

You’re right, jon

We are under a multi-prong attack. Here on this blog, and the nation itself.

My site alone has undergone 85,180 cyber attacks during the last 7 days. The most EVER.

It appears you have reached another pinnacle of being a ‘royal pain’ to the
non-open minded groupies. 🙄

I was wondering why I had to try several times to get to MSB this afternoon.

A backhanded complement when they try so hard to stir up trouble here.

Good Blog, Good Work Ken.

Only really important sites gets attacked that much. Your site IS number ONE, it’s THE BEST!!

I had a tee shirt that said KILL A COMMIE FOR MOMMY , in fact my mom sent it to me in nam
The night is coming ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Mr. Charles came out at night ,,,,,

Oldhomestearder – “The night is coming,,,,,,,,,,,,, Mr. Charles came out at night,,,,,,”

Yes he did……… but so did ‘the men with green faces’.

Solesurviver,,,,,seal 23.4 .64 ×1 .6.68 ,,ccn

Oldhomestearder – Sorry…. can’t go there. Navy – Honorable / Medical – Anchors Aweigh.

me too, Cincpac, USS Hancock CVA 19 ’67 – ’71

Welcome Home old homesteader

Last time i checked, communism was still not good

That is what I have been praying for

From rocker Ted Nugent:

Dear Vice President Biden,

Although I refused to listen to it, I understand that during your presidential acceptance speech, you were calling for the unity of Trump supporters.

I remember four years ago my President Trump also called for unity.

I remember how Congressional members of your Democratic Party responded by boycotting his inauguration.

I remember how you and your Democratic party cheated and used the greatest law enforcement institution of this country to spy on my President Trumps campaign.

I remember how you and your Democratic Party created a fake Russian dossier to try and impeach my President Trump.

I remember how your speaker of the house ripped up my President Trumps beautiful State of the Union speech on National TV.

I remember how you and your Democratic Party tried to impeach my President Trump over a Ukraine phone call. You accused my President Trump of pay to play. Come to find out Joe, it was really you and your son Hunter.

I remember how you and your Democratic Party blamed my President Trump over a pandemic that he had nothing to do with.

I remember how you and your Democratic Party encouraged rioting and looting of my great United States of America.

I remember how you and your Democratic Party used the media to spread lie after lie about my President Trump.

I remember how you and your Democratic Party stole the election from my President Trump.

This Trump supporter remembers all that Joe and will NOT be unifying with your Democratic Party.

This Trump supporter will be giving you the same respect you gave my President Trump.

Your abject criminal dishonesty is treasonous.

Thank you for posting… I heard about it but had not read it. 1 million thumbs up to Ted Nugent.

Gotta LOVE Uncle Ted!!
He doesnt give a RIP about being PC. Just tells it like it is.
Rock On!

mellow Ted,,
the dude has style, and tells it like it is,

all i got to say is ditto,,,

they can blow me



Not just treasonous underlings, also at least one treasonous ex-President. Lt Gen McInerney gave the first figures that I have seen printed on Obama’s efforts on World View Weekend recently.

From O’s specially outfitted “home”, three miles from the WH, he runs the Organization For Action which employs thirty two thousand five hundred and twenty five employees. Volunteer support is five million. All funded by Soros for 40 million dollars four years ago.

And since O was so concerned about getting millions of rounds of ammo and a wide variety of guns allocated to every place he could think of, such as The Smithsonian getting tens of thousands of rounds, he surely outfitted his OFA with some nice weaponry for times such as this too. Should make quite an impressive army for him to command from his personal SCIF.

Apparently Project Veritas has had a crew in Georgia “for months”…. first video to drop tomorrow.

This group of indoctrinated liberals may not be much of a problem being “active”, but most of them still can vote more free shit for themselves, in other words socialism.

“A recent report in a military news site highlights that military recruitment could soon slump nationwide in large part because America’s youth are too fat or in other cases too dumb to fight.

Going back a number of years this has been an increasing concern expressed by a growing chorus of both active and retired military leaders. It was also weeks ago expressed in a Dec.17 letter to Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller signed by almost 800 retired admirals and generals

They warn that over 70% of young Americans between 17 and 24 can’t make into military ranks because they are “too poorly educated, too overweight, or have a history of crime or substance abuse.”

Military Recruiters Worry America’s Youth Are Too Fat Or Dumb To Enter Service

Thus, all the R&D into fighting robots, drones, and smart, unmanned, tanks.

The fat soldier sits with his game controller and sends his killer bots to the attack!


Many youth do not have math and literacy skills past middle school levels. Society has failed to provide good educations which means that the generation taking over will be the most uninformed in the history of this country. Someone still have to build and direct our military actions.

Your hammer hit the nail square on.
43 million adults in the US have below average to little literacy skills, while the US ranks 30th in math skills around the world. It is an atrocious state of affairs when the liberals took over academia.

Time for some to learn if they strike the hornet’s nest, the hornets will swarm them. If they poke the bear, the bear will eat them.

The 4 x 6 Gadsden is going up on my office wall tomorrow, opposite a 3 x 5 American flag, which shall be mounted upside down. The beautiful part is that I get to explain it to my co-workers accurately, the first time. They haven’t been indoctrinated by liberals here, yet.

tmc, I have been flying the American flag in the distress mode in my front yard for a month. Had a guy at the port office a few days ago, tell me I was the only person in town flying it properly. Just trying to decide when I should put it back to it’s proper position. Trekker Out

Followed MSB for years and appreciate the advice. My family is wiser. safer. and more prepped for emergencies.

(Bleep) will happen and I stand by my comment. Jan 6 will sadly be a joke when Jan 20 is the real joke.

I am surprised with the continued disconnect…People really assume something will change the outcome of this election? .

Society will maintain status quo until economics catch up or some type of war breaks in the world. Domestically it’s easier to complain and reach our hand in the nexts guy pocket. The rino’s, msm, and dems will make all our problems disappear starting Jan 20.

Society is limp we are not the men/women of the 1930s – 1950s. Can you imagine men/women of 2020 changing the world to a vision most MSB would desire? Not happening. (Bleep) is happening Jan 6th.

spot on, we are more like 1930s Germany than we know, except the character of many of the people.
Personally, IMHO it keeps lending creedence to the theory of a 4th turning, Im not especially religious at all but the parallels to the pieces are frightening, I think we are in for a long hard road.

i think we are like the 1910s Russians watching the revolutionary build up before the Bolshevik revolution ushered in communism. Watched Dr Zhivago this weekend so now I am an expert 🙂

Good one Mountain man,,,
thanks for the chuckle,
😎 🤙🏻
happy new year

Ken: If you want to moderate this I agree. It’s hard.

Germany IS like 1933 Germany again… Denunciation is back into play. The masks are like the Judenstern, the Signs in the Stores are like the signd in the stores of the Jews back then, the closing and vandalizing of stores are like the closing and vandalizing of stores back then and next comes Reichskristallnacht and Konzentration camps. There will be showers which are Gas chabers in the name of Hygiene because the People are breathing CO2 and are not vaccinated (genetically engineered) by the former flue shot. We the People aren’t the National socialist. They are.

Chilling isnt it Petra, paralells to a very dark time in history, the democrats and many so called republicans here are mirroring stalin, governments tend towards evil


Yup. And we wondered for years “How could they have just let that happen?” Guess maybe we understand now.

Petra seems America is just a few short months maybe a year behind Germany. Laws for the “Medical Camps” are already being drawn up. You know for the “Safety” of the People vs anti-vaxxers.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said it best while surviving in a Gulag camp.

“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?”
If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

Welcome to AmeriKa Comrade, where your vote is IMPORTANT.

Have done all I can do to prepare my family for bad times, so I am standing in Texas for what ever comes.

Ken – that’s good that the comments can be brought back. I’ve seen a fair bit of that nonsense exploit being used lately. You’re working overtime again.

” And the band played on. “

I will be watching but do not expecting the democrats to allow the truth to be told.

Many are doing some of what you are proposing without needing to be organized into a fricking group with the need for a paid organization and soon to be revealed flawed leadership. Yes the technocrats can troll and bot at speed, but the actual people producing and with money don’t have the time to be a receptive audience for such tactics. So why replicate what won’t work. How do you fight free stuff without only offering different free stuff? The losers that fell for this aren’t worth the effort. What will come will eliminate a sufficient number and harshly educate the rest. Quit waiting for a flock to join. Just do it yourself. Encourage others to do it and get on with it. BTW – history is replete with people with good ideas who don’t get heard because they are tone deaf in their delivery.

even if we do get to keep president trump in office the communists WILL SHIT THEM SELVES

there will be MASSIVE protests riots death and mayhem im afraid it aint really gonna matter who wins this we are at a HUGE cross road that will decide the future of this country

i have NO CLUE whats gonna really happen but this much i do know its gonna be really ugly for everyone and NOBODY will come out of this unscathed

yeah and our enemies from all over the world WILL take advantage of such a war they will stop at nothing to defeat us all the terrorist groups WILL jump at the chance to come here at kill us

I like the idea of them making it easier to remove them from the Earth….


Woke up this morning, get a call from my buddy, former colleague, and competition marksman. He lives in Colorado…he and a neighbor friend are on the road, just gone through West Virginia, now in Pennsylvania, headed to the rally in D.C. ……He’s pulling his RV over 2,000 miles…should be hooking up with the convoy from Texas today. Been overnighting at truck stops along the way. Says that over 1.5 million folks expected.

I was thinking this morning about all the warriors on the road and my mind did a re-write of Nehemiah 2:1-5 that fit the scene.

Paraphrasing – “Then I prayed to God of heaven, let him send me to the city where my (fore)fathers are buried so that I can rebuild it.”

Since its inception our country has been filled with brave warriors who answered the call when we most needed a hero for the battle at hand. My prayers will surround each of those like your friend this week.

When you speak with your friend, please convey our deepest gratitude which he & others are doing for those who can not travel.


A few from my new neighborhood are on the road, too. They’re texting their progress each morning, sharing experiences from the road, and getting encouragement and prayers from us at home. Was kind of exciting when they passed through the Midwest and described places I know well. It’s like they’re taking all of us along with them. My thoughts and prayers are with all who are traveling, for a safe journey there and back, and for their voices to be strong and true.

Dennis, if you talk to him again, tell him prayers are being sent to our Heavenly Father for safe travels and a safe rally in support of our president

Hope is growing but time is short. The strategy of overwhelming an issue with confusion, volume and big, click-bait media coverage along with short deadlines has become routine for democrat machinery. Every conservative and many in the GOP still clinging to hope will be watching. Our government and many voters witnessed brazen and outrageous election fraud. Crimes in these three states were committed under bright lights and in plain sight. If the government rejects that fact, the people’s response will be utterly unpredictable.

One thing predictable –Stock market is crashing today as I said it would and why I got out last Thursday.

Well that explains why Gold is up.


Good for you for paying attention and taking action. I see gold and silver struggling to break free. Interesting to watch the real time changes, and imagine the money masters behind the scenes scrambling to keep the lid on.

Someone told me once that most look at the stock market the wrong way – the higher it is, the more valuable the stocks. He said the more accurate way to see it is the higher stock prices, all other things being equal, reflect a fall in the value of the dollar. It takes more dollars to buy the stock, since they are worth less.

My theory is PM’s will rise more with a Biden/democrat congress because the radicals will try to collapse the economy. Printing money for these huge spending bills may bring Gold to $3,000 an oz, just like when Obama did in 2008-2012 when gold went from $899 to $1873. It is just a theory of mine.

Some investing agencies said the market could drop up to 10 times more tomorrow. It is fear based drop, not really a correction. The market fears a democrat congress and president so the election is important. They will bounce back if Georgia republicans win the senate races, for the market likes a split congress.

And mining stocks Im following up 3.5%,Lot of em up 6-7% up to the highest was 13.3 % today.Banks were down.
Shows what people are thinking.

Yeah freddie – and da fizz is sizzlin’ too.

i see the libaturds are already at it already hopefully some of these turds have a stroke and fall over dead

You also take away any truth when all comments are shut down on liberal articles, so all you have is the propaganda articles with no opposition.

My comment disappeared for hours and the message I was posting to who said to attack democrats at their article comments to shut down all the comment sections is gone. Now I am floating around replying to no one. LOL.

That’s because that (those) comments have been ‘bounced’ via the MSB patrons ‘bouncer authority’. And all subsequent comments within each of those threads go away with it. Read the article about the MSB Saloon to understand how it works…



So I just watched video of State Trooper vehicles escorting antifa charter buses into DC. Leo had marked vehicles, and unmarked black SUV’s. Three in front of buses and two behind. Four shuttle buses. Video over on state of the nation. Things might get hot there much sooner than 1/6. How much you want to bet the antifa goons have access to firearms?

Also, Jovan Pulitzer and his team, who are authorized to audit for fraudulent ballots in Fulton Co GA, are being shot at. One team member’s house was shot at 5 times, bullets going through daughter’s bedroom window. I’d say things are active now.

From Alerts USA: “Acting SecDef approves request for National Guard troops in Washington DC to supplement local, state & federal police during Jan 6th “Stop the Steal rally.”

Also just read somewhere that POTUS has the authority to bring D.C. Metro Police under federal orders for 48 hours before needing to advise Congress.

Prayers for all those brave folks going to DC and representing all of us who aren’t able to be there with them!

Finally outa Ca,,,
wouldnt it be ironic and funny if the NG takes a knee before the patriots!


Not a knee, but a salute!

Agreed, much better, a salute then a turn two against the democraps,,,,
the dems are going to cause problems,,,i dont care if a democrat isnt antifa, if they dont condemn them then they are fair game for retaliation,,,,

Id say
best pay attention and make a list,

Farmgirl,I cant find the video…

farmgirl,found video on their sidebar.Its been scrubbed…..

Can you or someone else who is still reading this blog post the video link to Antifa coming into DC? I used a screenshot of your post to write a rant to some colleagues as to how the storming of the Capitol was by these Antifa thugs posing as Trump supporters. The female 14-year Air Force vet who was shot and killed was a Trump supporter and must have followed Antifa thinking they were legit MAGA people.

4 busloads of Antifa would not stand a chance violently confronting hundreds of thousands of peaceful “Stop the Steal” protestors. Infiltration allowed Antifa to make it look like Trump supporters were doing it and to have mainstream media discredit the “Stop the Steal” movement as right wing loons. This is despite the fact that MSM ignored/glossed over/justified the wanton destruction that BLM and Antifa wrought for months in various cities.

Republican in CA,

Check state of the nation. Don’t know if it’s still there, as lots of video is getting scrubbed from the net.

They never intended to confront the maga crowd, they were there to blend in and get them agitated and rioting. it would appear that they have succeeded in that mission.

I have been boycotting many liberal businesses for years. Hasn’t done any good to stop the socialists. I even buy off brand Ketchup because I don’t like Kerry’s Heinz cats-up. Nor do I buy Nike shoes even though they support Biden and slavery in China.

It only satisfies me, myself that I am not contributing to a socialist/marxist agenda. What other people buy is their decision, sometimes there is no choice. It would take millions of people to make an effect, but remember the left boycotted Chick-fil-A and their sales went through the roof because of it.

I’m afraid that the economy will take a huge downturn and I will lose invested money.


I believe the economy will take a huge downturn, how can it not? If your invested money can be put into something depression proof, i.e., hard assets that hold value, this might be the time to put it there.

Economic society is screwed.

3rd stim check already discussed and UBI $1000 a month in a bloomberg article.

Great debate among family if everyone is being so charitable how about 1 time debt jubille? On all debt in the world.

Yarnlovecat ,,,,,,,,,if you don’t have the ‘money’ in your hand you don’t have it ,,,,,its not yours if it’s in a bank or market accounts , you have loaned it out to them , and they have promised to pay you back at some ‘time’

I withdrew my investments and bought gold last week, how could you not see writing on the wall about Biden and the radicals who will and are destroying our economy??
If you have a 401k you can’t cash in, your only hope is the Republicans win the Georgia runoff tomorrow. Otherwise if they lose, all bets to save what its worth are off.

Stardust ,,,,there is two types of precious metal , the stuff you can hold in your hand ,,, and ‘paper’ PM ,that is held ?by brokers and banks and dealers , oh really? and it’s common to be sold many times. In one one case I know of same gold was sold 200 +times to people and never delivered (lehman brothers)
When I’m asked how much of what my rule of thumb is first silver ,a years worth of income in small sizes 10th oz to 1oz ,silver rounds are ez to store in PVC pipe under the house made to look like plumbing, if and when you get to that point the rest in gold again in round coins ,beware of bars those are a target of counterfeiting ,coins too but not as likly ,DO NOT BUY OFF CRAIG’S LIST ,a counterfeit is no bargin ,,stay away from the web , the gold company that advertises on MSB gets high marks from me ,fair prices,good service. Have used them for three years , when I call I tell them I’m doing so because they advertise on MSB,,,
I expect silver to hit $40 ,,,gold money of kings,,,silver money of man kind ,,

“paper Gold” is rampant right now. I think if they tried to convert all the paper gold to PM, there would not be enough PM in the world to fill those orders. so stupid. You give sound advice on owning PM. I like silver myself, over gold. Have spent a lot of my life chasing both. If things get bad enough, I’ll give up this carefree life as a mining engineer, take my placer equipment and go sluce the San Juan or Dolores rivers, or maybe head over to Ohio City or Pitkin districts off the Gunnison. the old timers were right, “there’s gold in them thar hills”, yup, still is, not i massive amounts, but enough to do well if you know what you are doing. Also wanted to thank you on the information on Ivermectin that you have been telling us about for months and months. You were so right Ol’ Son! Rest Easy, tea and chocolate all around.

Hey old fart.
You stay outa the Dolores. That’s my territory.

NRP & Blue,
Which part? are you claiming the Dolores up over the border too??? sheesh. some people’s kids. I was refering to the area around Rico, but if you and Blue claim that and are threatening to send gunboats up river from NM, I’ll back off. LOL. There has been some good placer taken out of that river years ago. $1/yd, back when gold was $20/oz. Today you could make an ounce or two a day if you found the right location, and could get some small light trommel/sluce unit in there. (Already sounding like too much work). Maybe i just stick to fishing.

Miner Jim ,,,,,have patented clames in Alaska,from 1910 ,great uncle did the 1898 thing ,mostly flower gold ,did find a 5oz that gave to wife to be with a diamond on it as a engagement pendant ,any one can get a ring ,,,,,
Also have a know producer hole in the ground in north idaho,silver ,lead ,and other stuff ,, hoz shaft ,gives me the creeps going in ,,got back in 400ft and came back out ,one time ,,,,has track and all ,like on the last day it was worked,, private land ,,,

Like many here I have “cashed out”.
You can’t eat money invested.
You can’t barter for necessities with invested money
You CAN’T defend yourself and family with cash in the bank that you can’t get.
Only thing you can do with investments is make more money.
So I ask you how much money is enough when your family is without food and you can’t get to your now worthless money?
Loke a tree, the best time to plant it was 10 years ago or NOW.
The time to prepare was 10 years ago or NOW.
Just remember it’s hard to eat money.

I got out in 2019. Ken kept mentioning it on here numerous occasions. I got tired of worrying about it so I cashed out over a few months. I held on to a couple of stocks but dumped them last year.
I do have a couple shares of the Brooklyn Bridge left…LOL!
I have rental properties. Most I turned into units for disabled folks. There is always a shortage for them.Alot of them are funded by state and federal programs paying a percentage of the rent.
I have 2 rental homes in Hawaii. One is rented by a LEO and the other by a federal employee.
When this “fauxdemic” started last year I sent both of them a new lease with a reduction of the rent for signing a years lease. I just sent a new lease with the continued reduced rent.
Figured its better to have good tenants paying a reduced rent than have them possibly empty with squatters destroying them.I offered both of them the opportunity to buy the properties for under market value.
With the way this chaos is unfolding who knows if or when I can get there…

I will believe it when I see it. Too much talk and very little action against this phony election.

Proud Boys Leader Enrique Tarrio was arrested Monday evening as he was being driven from a D.C. area airport for allegedly burning a stolen Black Lives Matter banner taken from a historic Black Washington, D.C. church.

D.C. police confirm Proud Boys leader, Enrique Tarrio, arrested on a warrant charging him in the burning a Black Lives Matter banner taken from a historic Black church last month.

So these Antifa and BLM anarchist marxist maggots can burn the flag of the United States then stomp on it, beat the shit out of whoever they want, including LEO, vandalize private businesses by smashing the windows and doors, then loot, burn and thoroughly destroy private and public property, causing millions in damage, and law enforcement stands by and watches, including the FBI. Then the Prosecutor throws out the charges and these scum are let go, FREE.?? But Proud Boys Tarrio burns a flipping banner and the FBI is on him like a cheap suit charging him for a hate crime. Wrap your head around this one…!!!

He is absolutely correct in pointing out that BLM is not about black lives, it is a marxist organization, PERIOD!!!

Plus, Tarrio was supposedly carrying “2” high capacity mags, Yeah right, after just flying into the airport, I don’t think so.

Stand if the Powers that Be thought Tarrio a REAL Threat they would “Find” Child Porn on his laptop (even if he didn’t own a laptop). It would become a Front Page All hands on Deck Media circus.

Just like the old roach in the 70’s that police would have in a baggie to “Find” in a troublemakers car.

Great trump speech in Dalton.GA this evening,its up at RSBN on utube.Tomorrow the 5th,if Georgia falls that may be the end of America.

Senator Josh Hawley’s DC residence was visited by ShutDownDC activist group (Antifa affiliate) this evening. He was back in MO, but his wife and newborn child were home. Here’s his tweet from tonight:

Tonight while I was in Missouri, Antifa scumbags came to our place in DC and threatened my wife and newborn daughter, who can’t travel. They screamed threats, vandalized, and tried to pound open our door. Let me be clear: My family & I will not be intimidated by leftwing violence

— Josh Hawley (@HawleyMO) January 5, 2021

Farmgirl and I suspect the Senator did the right thing and called 911 for police support. Odd how police are unavailable (or slow walking) to Patriots 911 calls, yet Proud Boys can be promptly arrested for burning a BLM “Banner”.

Late Roman Empire Street Politics in action. Expect that tomorrow every self defense effort of the patriots in DC will be met with police arrests for hate crimes (thus federal courts) while Burn Loot Murder and Antifa will get police medical support and back into the fray.

The Boston Massacre 2.0 BUT WITH the British (Anti-Never Trumpers) OWNING the Media. So ON Live TV with a 15 minute delay for editing to show OUR atrocities (Green Screen Specials for ALL). Joe 6 pack will get a face full of PROOF we are the crazies and bad guys. Faked proof-edited proof but all the PROOF Joe 6 pack will ever see.

Never attack the spear tip, that’s where they are strong. Destroy the spear shaft and the tip is useless. Announcing weeks before to the enemy exactly where your going to show up IN the Dragon Lair seems ah *interesting*.

I can only hope a detachment of US Marines under Trumps command comes to stifle this nightmare and shut CNN down.

if thats the case the DC cops need to be handed a learning moment along with every last leftist turd,,,,
scorched earth, only true cure

There are even discrepances between peacefull content like my first

Petra Stüben ———–1 day ago —— I wish you all to come through. 24/-9

And Comments with the words ‘Kill’ in it

0ldhomestearder——-1 day ago
I had a tee shirt that said KILL A COMMIE FOR MOMMY , in fact my mom sent it to me in name
The night is coming ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Mr. Charles came out at night ,,,,, 24/ 0

@0ldhomestearder this is not about you you where just so neat below my comment it was easy to copy 🙂

Aparently the Bots do not want peacefull people, this is a mind game, watch out for your Judgement

Modern day brownshirts threaten Senator Hawley and his family

Antifa showed up at Josh Hawley’s home in Washington D.C. last night, pounding on the door and terrorizing his wife and newborn baby who were inside. Hawley was in Missouri at the time and sent out the following message:

   Tonight while I was in Missouri, Antifa scumbags came to our place in DC and threatened my wife and newborn daughter, who can’t travel. They screamed threats, vandalized, and tried to pound open our door. Let me be clear: My family & I will not be intimidated by leftwing violence.

I’ve yet to read about a single arrest.

Ken you and I KNOW there will NOT be any arrests (or catch and release at best) of the Socialist-Democrats Street Army.

The DOJ “Declined” to pursue the thugs that accosted Senator Paul and his family in the MIDDLE of the MOST Surveilled areas in the world. Ritzy Restaurant Row in DC…

Late Roman Empire (Post Republic Julius Caesar era) Street Politics in action.

Dark times indeed…

It will get worse,

I have decided in my present AO I am on my own for protection and consequences for the criminals. If I had a family, I would change my AO. The Senator should consider whether his family needs to be in DC and where in Missouri they may be safe. At some point, TPTB will realize they have destroyed society in ways this also becomes their reality. Their non-thug minions are already starting to see.

im just a fat old man that said this many times i aint trying to brag but my family came to this land in 1603 my family has been in our military from day one my ancestor roger sherman was the ONLY man to sign the articles of confederation the bill of rights the declaration of independence and the constitution
all my family members that have served this country have given some some gave body parts some gave there very sanity some gave everything they had and gave there very lives
im quite sure this computer is tapped as is our phone so anyone that is from some alphabet soup agency that reads this I DO NOT WANT WAR I REPEAT I DO NOT WANT WAR but the left is pushing for hard corp communism and HELL WILL BE TRILLIONS OF LIGHT YEARS UNDER ICE BEFORE I WILL ALLOW YOU 7564HEADS TO TEAR DOWN WHAT MY FAMILY HELPED TO BUILD WITHOUT A FIGHT and you had better be ready to kill millions that will fight back

Listen, I totally get your anger. Your comments are often as such. But I ask that you don’t post certain words on my blog which may be deemed threatening or violent. You know the words – phrases…

If you like my blog, then please be careful what you say. Though I agree with the sentiment, I cannot allow some comments to stand – due to the potential trouble it could bring to providing food on my table. So I’m basically asking that you (and others) don’t “screw me over” in this regard.

Over time, I have deleted many comments due to excessive threatening words due to anger (which “I get it”). I hope this makes sense to you and others…

I trust you Ken and thank you for providing this site where people of common sense can talk.Any comments I may make that are inappropriate I will thank you if you remove them.In the heat of the moment I can say things that in print come out looking really wrong,and then cant remove them because time to edit has passed.

Ditto for my comments.

it does and i apologize im a fat old man that says things the way i see em i just want to live whats rest of my life and to be left alone in peace but to many people and i DONT mean you i mean the enemies of freedom want to tell me what i cant do what i cant say what i cant have
this aint the america i grew up in anymore this aint the america my family helped to create and it sometimes makes me so damn sad there is no way to write it out properly

Well said kevin

If accurate, this would not end well:

BACKROOM DEAL: Pence, McCarthy, Pelosi, McConnell Plan To End January 6 Challenge After 2 Hour Debate – Sources

A backroom deal has been struck that will attempt to pacify Trump’s base while ultimately mollifying the January 6 challenge, National File’s sources say.

Vice President Mike Pence, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have reached an informal backroom deal to expedite the January 6 challenge in the Electoral College and end it with a simple majority vote after a two hour debate, multiple Capitol Hill sources have confirmed to National File.

This comes after National File reported that McCarthy originally planned to work with Pelosi to change the January 6 rules so the challenge would not be allowed. McCarthy denied this, and our Capitol Hill sources now say that McCarthy instead pursued a backroom deal with Congressional leadership.


You know nothing will stop the steal.As Kulafarmer says
Hmmm… a civil war vrs shutting down congress and 50 govs,know what I would think is the better deal.We need to show them who is in charge and its we the people.They must be removed to save America against all enemies,foreign and domestic and we are facing both.
Every service person took that oath.

The base will not be pacified. We have tasted the rarified air where main street and rural Americans are treated with respect. We aren’t going to consent to be put “back in our place” by TPTB anytime soon. Joe Biden and any purported government he leads will not be recognized as valid.

On a program called “Flash Point” on victory tv they had an attorney on (John Graves) that is associated with million voices dot org. He said that this is all theater and will fail. Also said that all Pence needs to do is simply not accept the states with dual electors. Does Pence have it in him?? At this time I doubt it.

Friend said that they did not like nor trust Pence, I now understand why, he is up to his eyes in the DC muck. They referred to him as a USED cars salesman. Back room dealing…really?? With those two snakes P & McC, must be looking for additional $$$ passing into an off shore account.

Hello AC,
In a previous post you asked me why I thought Pence was a swamp creature owned by his globalist masters. I said I based my assumptions on my personal observations of the man over the past years of him living in the swamp and seemingly coming out clean.

Everyone can see that you can’t live in the swamp very long without becoming a creature. Now that he helped get rid of Trump, he’ll probably get the blessing from the creatures to run for President in 2024.

P.S. I’d bet Pence was the source of all of the leaks that came out of the WH. Enemy hiding in plain sight.

I doubt Pence on all levels, swamp dweller

Eyes are Windows to the Soul.Pence has the black soul-less eyes LBJ had standing behind Kennedy.

Babies and immature children get pacified,
i am neither and i doubt about half the country or more is either.
the democrats, republicans and CONgress are crooked.
cleanse by fire stands out as a good fix


It doesnt need go that far though,chop off the head will do it IMO.

This is what I found if there is an objection-

The joint session would immediately pause so lawmakers could go back to their respective chambers to debate the objection for up to two hours. They would then vote on whether to toss out the electoral results of the state in question. BOTH chambers would have to agree to reject the votes,

2 hours is not enough time to bring in witnesses to the millions of fraudulent ballots and prove switched votes on that dominion machine. Can’t prove anything without audits which will take 10 days, and I believe congress will walk away saying there is no proof because they refuse witness testimony as no proof and breaking their own state laws to “fix” the election isn’t breaking the laws to them.

I think most of us know it will make 75 million people very angry.

Thank you Ken for bringing us the news cowards fear to cover. The Samson Rope Company is a solid American family owned business, founded in 1878 in Massachusetts. Their most famous product was created in 1888 as a braided rope with a reinforced core, sold under the trademark “Spot Cord”. The product is still sold and used today.

Samson Rope Co does not appear to be a publicly traded company. Nevertheless, as with other American Companies like Speer and Hornady, we might be wise to start stockpiling Samson products as a hedge against near term cost increases and limited availability.

Have used Samson rope for decades, have hanks and full spools in the shed, their ropes last virtually forever.

Well see, there you go. Kula – Any favorite suppliers of dimensional oak lumber? Heck, this is the future, we got TIG welders.

Thank you for this information. Sent the webpage to a family member who works on boats, so they can share with their clientele—-American Made products..wahooo

If we are lucky they will “Give” us the bone of Allowing we the people to “Win” the GA races with RINOS.

Looks like Irish resistance is in order. If Bobby isn’t there to enforce it we disobey.

We might be totally screwed.


245 yrs down the $hitter.
Our forefathers escaped the $hit, the tyranny to write such a document to escape from what they were leaving behind.

“…..if you can keep it”

Apparently, not.

Because every politician has dirt and so much more on their hands.

They ALL fear the TRUMP, because he is not a politician.

Backroom deals….



“if you can keep it” is precisely where we’re at. Right now.

Hoping for today’s GA election to save the senate from Dem hands, but saw this:
(I deleted any links so the post would clear)

GEORGIA: “Dominion machines in… 3 of the largest Republican precincts…are down…They are told they can’t scan their ballots because the machines don’t work…The pole workers are saying ‘When it’s fixed we’ll scan it for you’…There’s all kinds of red flags”

— TheSharpEdge (@TheSharpEdge1) January 5, 2021

There’s an article at gateway pundit about this with more information. What I’d like to know is what will be done about this. You’d think I’d be used to the new reality that sedition and treason are committed in broad daylight now with no one being held to account. I know it’s how it is, but decades of right and wrong, law and order, and actions/consequences are a bit hard to just let go of. Prayin’ hard this week, for all those on the road, for friends and family, and for our country.

What will be done farmgirl?
the usual, it will be swept under the rug as conspiracy theory

They arent even trying to hide it anymore,thats scary.Total fantasy election they are delivering.Like Catherine Austin Fitts says….its ‘Mr Global’ running it all.

I’m having a hard time staying positive. Reading reports of shenanigans in GA already. Even if the RINOs there manage to win, the majority in the Senate will be very slim, and many (R) senators cannot be counted on to vote in ways that are good for our Republic. Kelly L’s husband was up to no good last night, even as Trump was on stage supporting his wife for re-election. These people, I swear nothing is beneath them.

DH has already made up his mind that the swamp is too thick to be conquered. He figures there’s no way PDJT can pull off a miracle, there is just too much stacked against him. Last night he railed on about what good cheaters the dems are… that they blatantly cheated so well that there is not enough time to expose it all and make the case in plain English to the non-believers.

I know all of this is out of our collective control, but I am just so dang mad! The amount of damage these people can do in a short time is immeasurable. I’ve done what I can to prepare us for potential financial, supply and other catastrophes-but how the hell do you prepare for a communist/socialist takeover? Prayers aplenty-but I’m trying to figure out what else to do.

Now magnify your anger times 74 to 80 million…

Ok, when Hope gets tossed out the window. Anger works next for me.

Yep… but it will be too little too late. We will continue to stew, talk about a plan for 2 years from now (or 4) and watch the erosion of our Republic like a snowball gaining size and momentum as it rolls along. We are so screwed.

There will be no “next time” if “they” pull this off. There will never be election transparency again if we don’t get it now. Never. The patriot movement will never be stronger than right now. That’s how I see it at the moment…

so true, started villifying militia groups in the 90s, same schitt as obummer taking guidance from SPLC re “patriots” or III%ers same thing has been going on even while DJT has been POTUS, we are being penalized for free thinking and independence.
The only thing that may fix this is a knock down drag out till the death brawl, yea i know, unpopular, but look at what the other boxes got us, not going out in my knees unless it is praying before my maker, my maker is a spirit, not a man and certainly not a FOS POS politician or hired thug

If its knockdown,drag out civil war know who is the enemy,its the politicians doing it all,they are miniscule.That is who needs to be taken down.600 would do it,all it would take.

in theory, but in reality, communist/socialist/marxist
+ permanent political class + anyone contrary to the constitution and original intent where “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”
There are many, it WILL be awful, such it is, might as well get this over with.

The left is useless without the leadership money and collusion.
Ive seen an idea that just a thou/1500 people control the WORLD and i believe thats accurate.


So Cal Gal
One of the news outlets on line has photos of the Patriots already filling the DC area up. Some are gathering across from the SC building, others are down near the White House. That is what I gathered from the photos. That was before 10am our time, more were on their way.
Discouraged at times, yes. One must always have a ray of hope.

But, I think all those folks are going to rally, pray and will be sent home with a promise to go the “commission” route. And we will all watch the “we’re sorry, but nothing to see here” verdict on TV in about 10 days. And we will take it, as always… with the promises of things being better next time.

So Cal Gal

Sorry to agree with your DH. The nanny state is well on it’s way to taking over with a few corrupt politicians and corporate heads in complete control.

What is most scary is that Russia and China are not true communist governed, but ruled by party dictatorships backed up by the entitled military. The failure of our education system has led our youth down the wrong path, to enslavement.

When the Constitution has been overturned, you and I will not live long enough (in years) to see the eventual downfall of this country – could take decades.

The path we are on can only be affected by internal collapse or civil action by the citizens. The trigger will probably be financial default currently underway or hyperinflation, also underway.

Hermit, ya might want to hold that thought on a trigger,
if there is enough of a nudge by leftist garbage in DC today or tomorrow it could domino, theres a lot of people watching and ready, what happens in DC, wont stay in DC

hermit us,
I agree, both are really dictatorships, with their “President for Life” or other controls… really just strong men backed by a lot of military might. I’m not so sure it will take decades… I agree it will continue to be a process… but I’m thinking it may move along pretty darn fast now.

People survived wars.We will figure it out,already we are miles ahead.Prayers for us all,we are entering the SHTF times big time.
Georgia is the story now,I dont see trump doing the insurrection act,think thats a dead issue,but who knows? We WILL see soon enough.
Dont take that mRNA vax,its a weapon against us,dont do it.mRNA has NEVER worked,ever,at least accept history if you have nothing else to go on.

Now we see the spineless politicians leading with “turtle” making denunciations and objections just so they can tell their electorate they did what they could. Saying I will support the middle ground, in other words, I will cave to the radicals. And, he says, I will not judge those that take a stand against the injustice – as if he is God Almighty.

Damned corrupt RINO’s

There may well be fireworks, figuratively and literally, in Kenosha, WI again. No charges will be filed in the shooting of Jacob Blake. The governor mobilized 500 NG troops, at the request of Kenosha, to stand by to preserve the peace. We’ll see what happens. Maybe the thugs are too busy in DC to cause trouble there.

This thread is as good as any for this BREAKING NEWS…..none of the officers involved in the Jacob Blake shooting in Kenosha are going to be charged……which is the correct decision….but why announce it right now (how many months ago did it happen?)?

Pretty sure the antifa’s and the blm’s will stage a massive meltdown……just coincidence the announcement comes on the eve of the massive pro-Trump rally and electoral certification challenges tomorrow?

…get out the Fire Extinguishers…

That cant wait another few weeks?So much BS being played,here’s your dog whistle…..

Well MSB Patriots, here is your answer for tomorrow..

House Republicans emerged from a two-hour meeting Tuesday mostly united in the belief that troublesome irregularities occurred during the November 2020 election but divided about whether there is a constitutional remedy at this late stage when Congress approves electors.

“troublesome irregularities” You can NOT make this up, You F*****g kidding me..!!

Rep Devin Nunes said he expects large numbers of Republicans to object to one or more state’s electors but he does not expect there are enough votes to overturn Joe Biden as the declared winner.

“The votes aren’t going to be there in either the House or the Senate, to change this. But I do think it’s an opportunity for us for Republicans to make a stand where we feel we don’t have sufficient answers.” Opportunity for what, more worthless hearings, OH Please, We the People are Not that DUMB..!! We have been betrayed by BOTH political parties.

So, Heavenly Father, help all of us, SHTF, IS, actually gonna happen.! I had hopes, but, I have them no longer.

Good Luck everybody.

Troublesome. Great. Kind of like intermittent back pain or maybe a toothache.

PDJT has to already know what Nunes is now saying publicly. So now we’re going to make a stand? When everyone leaves town, and 10 more days are wasted, and then it’s oh well, we tried… just didn’t have the votes to overcome the “troublesome irregularities” in a handful of states. But don’t worry… we’ll get ’em next time. Yeah right.

Now I see a lot more discussion about a new party. You know, for next time.


So Cal Cal
You sound like Ted Cruz on Maria B Sunday morning show which I recently listen to on the internet. Referencing the 10 day hiatus. Move over we can set on the bench together.
He is a Constitutional attorney, saying the bla bla bla they can give us 10 days to go over the irregularities. RIGHT. Horse ***t

I am with you and many of those on these site “PUT up or Shut up” and move over, as 74+ million of us are tire of the dog & pony show they keep dishing out expecting us to roll over.

10 days ‘aint’ going to cut it any longer. This is the end. One way or the other for the Republic.

Yes. Looks like in my lifetime I’ve seen a coup accomplished against a sitting President in the United States of America.

You also are probably seeing the end of the Republic. What will unfold, soon, will be historic for the world. One way or the other.

…and the “Great Reset” will be upon us very soon.

Yes, it may very well be. The moment is literally right now. One way or the other.

Seeing video and pics of big totes of concrete chunks, boards and propane tanks in various spots around DC. concrete chunks are staged on a corner near Freedom Plaza. It’s probably just from some construction project or other, right? Can’t confirm for sure if pics are genuine re: time/location.

Contact on the ground texted that gps directions started going wonky shortly before arriving in DC – directing them to out-of-the-way route changes for non-existent road construction zones and the like. They were using G**gle Maps. Heard chatter on-line that apple maps were just going dark for dc directions. Hope people brought alternate comms to stay connected with their groups.

Hope they brought paper maps of the place. Dh & I were there back in 2010, it was a pain to get in & out of, all we did was go to the Lincoln memorial, and visit the other memorials while we could. We had not purchased our Garmin system yet, after that trip it was our priority to have it with us when traveling again. We still had our trusty paper Road Atlas for the states.

Antique Collector,

I never have been a fan of GPS. It doesn’t show enough at a time, and decides the best route based on???? Paper maps let one see the whole journey at once, choose routes based on terrain, interests, avoiding things, etc…, as well as time. DC streets have an interesting layout visually, but looks kinda maze like.

Watching the results come in, its the same divide again, rural versus urban. This will not be resolved as urban areas gain population and can demand everything from the rural producers. The USSR was inhuman in taking all the food from the countryside. Venezuela and Cuba are nearly as bad.

There is only one way to restore the rural freedoms and independence, stop producing for the market. Let the cities buy from Mexico, Canada, and China = they will soon see that desperation leads to higher prices.

hermit us,

Been watching CNN (with the audio muted, I won’t allow all my senses to be violated) because they are showing actual vote counts, while FOX is only reporting percentages.

Noticed something that makes little or no sense to me. I assume that everyone voting gets two votes, since they are filling two senate seats. The sharp contrast between the two “conservative” republicans and the two far left democrat contenders should make it highly unlikely anyone would split their vote….yet there is about 15,000 votes difference between Loeffler and Perdue, with approximately the same difference between Warnock and Ossoff. This could only occur if 15,000 folks split their votes between parties. I could see that if one of the democrats was running as a moderate, but both are running as hardcore socialist democrats. This discrepancy has held as precincts continue to be counted and reported.


Algorithm at work, maybe? Same machines, same shenanigans.

Yup,the fix just came in,anybody surprised? Bye bye America.God have mercy.


………aaaannnnnnd……boom!…….suddenly it’s a tie!…….no….Warnock slips into the lead, with Perdue hanging in there by a nose….no….a nose hair…….


Can’t bring myself to watch. Did a civics lesson with the boys today, and left out the part about devious voting software. We’ll cover that at the end, I guess. Kind of a comparison between how it’s supposed to work, and how it really works.


Yep…me too. Two hours past my bedtime just to get aggravated….I don’t drink or cuss, so I’ll just go on to bed…..I’ve had some thoughts that I probably need to ask forgiveness for….pretty sure He will understand………

Good night all….seen some pretty frustrating things take place here lately….but we’ve still got plenty to be thankful for….God still blesses, and we’ve got more in store….in His time………tomorrow brings us another chance to do things right…let’s not dwell on what we can’t change…and work to change what we can…for the better


Amen to everything. Peaceful sleep, tomorrow’s a new day.

. . . .
When I am upset from looking down at all this political mess I lift mine eyes to the hills . . .

Dennis, what you just said is so true, everything that’s happening is so much bigger than all of us and it’s all in Gods plan as to whatever happens in our once free country, we just have to put our trust in him and hang on for the wild ride that’s coming!!

well several machines in republican areas quit working and people were told to fill out the ballot and put it in the envelope. Haven’t we heard that one before? and why would they use the same machines that are shown to be er um faulty?


I would guess they used the same machines because they worked beautifully before. Did exactly what they wanted them to do. Still doing it.

thats kinda like sticking your fingers in your ears and going lalalalala. I haven’t even heard it mentioned

Now it appears that approximately 17,500 voters must have split their votes between parties………….

hermit us.. think you have been listening to our other friend… on IAF on u tube he posts yesterday about many countries stopping exports so they can ensure their ppl are fed..

Update for those checking in late, Republicans in Ga are ahead by 2 and 3% points respectively with 87% precincts in, but some heavy democrat counties haven’t been counted yet. These are the votes that will save this country, even if Trump is cheated out of his election win tomorrow.

Newsmax just called it for Warnok.

Sadly, but as expected, DC police have chosen a side and it’s not with the Patriots. I realize I’m generalizing, but that’s all I can do at this point.

From Amy Coello:

“Our team is in Georgia. They took a little walk. They found shredded ballots in Dell boxes. Police came as well. They wanted to confiscate phones with evidence. Here is just the first few photos.”

She tweeted this to Sydney Powell, L Lin Wood, Donald Trump and Project Veritas. I saw the pictures she uploaded. There are mounds of shredded material in boxes in some kind of warehouse.

Yeah, the fix is in. Ballot box isn’t working. I seriously doubt any kind of congressional procedure is gonna work, either.

Well doi,,,,

they just want us to shut up and get back to work,,,,

you mean shut up and obey don’t you

Still waiting for a court to grant a venue.

learn about process troll

Fred Newcomer,
Geese, I thought Neanderthals died out during the last ice age, or did you come back just to do a Geico commercial and got lost? Sorry Fool, your bigotry is not welcomed here.

Beat it azzhat

I stand behind our president Donald J.Trump! May god bless him and all reading this.In JESUS name! Amen