This Is Our Pearl Harbor Moment In History

Today is National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day to honor and remember the 2,403 service members and civilians who were killed during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

The experiences of the soldiers, Marines, Coast Guardsmen and sailors defending Oahu, as well as the civilians caught in the crossfire, would exemplify courage under fire and perseverance. Their spirit at the beginning of the long crucible of war would frame the template for the securing of victory and peace.

~ National Park Service

The Stakes Are Just As High Today

I hesitated to tie that historic day in history with what I’m about to suggest. But that hesitation didn’t last long. The stakes are just as high today, although “incoming” are not Japanese Kamikaze’s. Instead and in it’s essence, it is incoming communism – with the final blow to the Republic’s last chance to get out of this without a kinetic fight.

No, we won’t immediately become a communist country on January 20th, 2021 if Harris/Biden take over as puppets of the Marxist-oriented globalist cabal. However it will rapidly “progress” into its own sort of pseudo-blend of social/communism.

The cabal’s “Great Reset” will no longer have any real opposition in its way at that point. Harris and Biden have made it very clear as to their first 100 days of rapid actions. It all has followed the playbook of a “Color Revolution” (look it up) and it’s in-your-face. If allowed to happen, we are officially a Banana Republic. Let this sink in…

“Hey Ken, b-b-but what about the Senate? We’ll still have that to slow things down right?”

Let me tell you something… Most likely not. Besides the RINOs who cave to the cabal (via money, bribes, and/or having “the goods” on them), the Repubs are looking at one last hope for a single majority vote in the Senate (the Georgia runoff election on January 5, 2021).

If “they” get away with this most egregious election fraud in U.S. history (which at this moment seems to be the case), then it will be ridiculously easy to also fix the crucial Senate runoff election in Georgia by the same methods they used for “China Joe”, the Chinese Communist Party’s U.S. franchisee and fake President supported by fake news.

What Exactly Would Be Our Pearl Harbor Moment?

The inauguration of Harris/Biden at noon on Jan. 20, 2021.

This is much bigger than Trump versus Biden though. And it’s why I call it our Pearl Harbor moment. Really, when it’s boiled down, it’s Global Communism (some form thereof) versus Freedom & Liberty as enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.

Does the Republic have until 1/20/2021 to save itself while using the Constitutional Methods and Procedures for a time (of apparent massive election fraud) such as this? Well, sort of. But not exactly.

I am not a Constitutional Scholar. Like you, I listen, read, and learn about the complicated mess of election challenges and procedures that are playing out as we speak. The evidence is massive and overwhelming. However do you actually believe that ALL of our court systems and judges are squeaky clean or that any, or many, are NOT corrupted or biased? These are just some of the road blocks.

However the clock is ticking as we count down to several upcoming milestones prior to a presidential inauguration.

  • December 8, 2020: The safe harbor deadline in the electoral college
  • December 14, 2020: Electors vote
  • January 6, 2021 at 1 p.m.: Vote count is finalized at the results are certified
  • January 20, 2021 at noon: The president is inaugurated

The last step within the list above is final.

“Better to come back later and fight another time on your terms.”

“Hey Ken, just wait until 2022 when we’ll get back the House! And 2024 when we’ll really get ’em!”

Are you freaking kidding me? We will NEVER EVER be allowed to elect a non-member of the cabal again. NEVER. That is if they get away with it this time.

“The fight was fought and, by all honest accounts, won overwhelmingly. To deny victory to the winner, massive premeditated fraud was employed. If successful, the fraudsters will rule for the next four years. “

“Since the fraudsters were able to deny the electorate a fair vote while out of office, what hope is there that they will permit a fair election in 2024 while in office?”

“IMO, if the fraud is allowed to stand in 2020, then this marks the end of democracy in the US for many decades to come (or forever?). That’s why the time is NOW for all decent law abiding men and women to become indignant and to awaken their rebellious hearts!”

…said a commenter

If Harris/Biden are inaugurated, there is no more “next time” for Trump or America.

If we don’t win this and China Biden gets into the White House, there will be no next time. The Democrats will ensure that no Republican ever wins another national election.

Most are lost in what comes through their TV, magazines, and papers. Media influence on citizens is huge, massive.

I can’t believe that they are so naive as to think that somehow things are just magically going to get better after China Joe takes office. As though the corrupt deep-state alphabet agencies, Antifa/BLM, and the radical left-wing will not persecute any and all Republicans/Trump Supporters, especially those in positions of power? As though every election from now won’t be won by candidates loyal to the cabal and China?

The fight is coming one way or another. Appeasement NEVER WORKS with them.

We are getting closer to the point of no return.

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The takeover of the media by communism was the beginning of our end.

I believe it was our education system.

I always thought it was the unionization of the teachers that was our downfall. Once they did not have arms length negotiations, they were committed to the political party that offered them money and benefits. That turned out to be the give-away Dems. Then they got pulled farther and farther left and they taught that leftist thinking to their students.

Oh, if we could go back in time and prevent the teachers from being unionized!!

It started there for sure. What a challenge they had, to convince their students that a system that will starve people to death is desirable. Of course they snuck it in by trashing our founders with accusations of racism and so forth.

Guys the communists took over all mass media, “education AND Media”

They lost with the Witch Hillary by underestimating the alternative media, this time they DE platformed it and thus silenced most of it.

Killary lost because “The Party” completely underestimated how utterly unlikable and untrustworthy that evil sow is.

I am a little offended by desecrating sows by comparing Hillary to this animal, but I get it.

A hippopotamus or alligator cow?

How about bovine defecate?

Lauren: I vote for earwig.

My apologies to swine everywhere.

And therefore misjudged the amount of fraud needed to ensure her victory. I think they misjudged this time as well, but they did plan for a lot more redundancy in the vote.

If the tale about a “blind” test of the Dominion systems is correct, Trump got upwards of 70% of the vote and the margin is STILL too close for (their) comfort.

kevinH: I agree with you so much – Hillary is the worst. Why they ever thought running her was a good idea is beyond me. Whether Obama was a Dem or if he had been a Republican, he’d still have a charisma factor. With Hillary, it doesn’t matter if she’s Dem or if she was Republican, she’s just straight up vile and completely unlikeable.

Immoral and Free, Can Never Be! Abortion of 60 million babies, Legalized Drugs, Legalized Gambling, Queer Marriages, Everybody just Shacked Up together, and then we get God out of the schools! Wow, And we say God Bless America, are you kidding me! God Blessed us for over 200 years and look how we honored HIM. Trekker Out

Exactly correct. More than anything this country needs a spiritual revival.

Yep I agree.

I also agree

Today, 6 media giants now control a whopping 90% of what we read, watch, or listen to. Its not communism. Its corporatism. The corporations own all the politicians! Needless to say We the people no longer matter. Not that we ever did.

“Corporatism”? That would only be another name for facism, government intertwined with business. But that is an irrelevant comparison as an economic makeover is being introduced transitioning to communism. It’s pretty simple to grasp.
Furthermore, to call it “corporatism” is a sly way of pointing the finger at capitalism, ain’t gonna work, not for me.

Agreed. Everyone that is concerned with how to face off with the military is missing the point. The media, big tech exec’s, etc should be the #1 target. Without them, the politicians are powerless.


Watched a little bit of the Georgia debate between Loeffler and the so called Reverend. sad just sad, I will be very surprised if Loeffler is reelected. Neither one of the candidates showed me any spark.

Loeffler looks about excited as a sleeping toad. I don’t think I’d trust a waitress to deliver me a cup of coffee that looked as drowsy as she does. Goodbye Georgia, good-bye USA.

The Demoncrates went down to Georgia. Dey wuz lookin’ for votes to steal…
Dey wuz in a bind ’cause dey wuz way behind. Dey wuz willing to make a deal
When dey came across this young man sawin’ on a ballot and fillin it in like it wuz’ it hot!
And the demoncrate jumped upon a hickory stump and said “Boy, let me tell you what.”
“I bet you didn’t know it, but I know what’s best for you.
And if you’d care to take a dare I’ll make a bet with you.
Now you gonna vote Trump, boy, but give the Demoncrate his due.
I’ll take your constitutional rights against your vote ’cause I know what’s best for you.”

The boy said, “My name’s Johnny, and it might be a sin,
But I’ll take your bet; and you’re gonna regret ’cause I Know what I believe in…

Johnny, rosin up your pen and he’s gonna vote Trump.
‘Cause Hell’s broke loose in Georgia and the Demoncrate deals the cards.
And if you win you get keep your constitutional rights,
But if you lose the demoncrate gets your soul….

Here is another version-
With apologies to the late, great Charlie Daniels!
Joe Bribem went down to Georgia
He was lookin’ for some votes to steal
He was in a bind
‘Cause he was way behind
And he was willin’ to make a deal
When he came upon Stacey Abraham
Stuffing a ballot box till it got hot
And Joe Bribem jumped
Up on a hickory stump
And said, “Stacey let me tell you what
I guess you didn’t know it
But I’m a ballot stuffer too
And if you’d care to take a dare, I’ll make a bet with you
Now you stuff pretty good ballots, girl
But give Joe Bribem his due
I’ll bet this box of gold
Against your soul
‘Cause I think I’m better than you.”
The gal said, “my name’s Stacey
And it might be a sin
But I’ll take your bet
And you’re gonna regret
‘Cause I’m the best there’s ever been.”
Stacey, loosen up your wrists and stuff your ballots hard
‘Cause hell’s broke loose in Georgia, and Joe Bribem deals the cards
And if you win, you get this shiny box made out of gold
But if you lose, Joe Bribem gets your soul
Joe Bribem pulled out his box
And he said, “I’ll start this show.”
And fire flew from his fingertips
As he set the gold box below
As he crammed the ballots in the box
It made an evil hiss
And a band of BLM joined in
And it sounded something like this
When Joe Bribem finished
Stacey said, “well, you’re pretty good, old son
But sit down in that chair right there
And let me show you how it’s done.”
She whipped ballots into the box fast as can be
It was surely a sight to see
Chicken in one hand, don’t cha know?
Did it slow her down? No child, no

Thank you Ken for alerting us and confirmed my belief. Wake up America and fight for your freedom! Our last chance to not becoming Like Venezuela.

Our generation is over folks. The indoctrination is complete. With the censorship and 1984 type of truth manipulation of all outlets at the fingertips and the lack of the fortitude to search out the truth, most of the younger, instant gratification type generations, from Gen X’ers to date are lost. More concerned with “Likes” and “Thumbs up votes” of the social media addiction than real life issues. The institutions have done their jobs well. I never thought I’d see the day that a very small group of wealthy elites could sway so many with the internet and the Fake news. I just don’t think there are enough of us left to save the nation at this point. Unless its with gruella style tactics. I’m game, but I believe the game has changed. Buckle-up folks, I think it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

The Demon-crats will make us weak again and predators attack weak prey. EMPs anyone? All China, N korea, or Iran has to do is sit back with their popcorn and watch as our country self destructs..

They don’t have to attack as it will just be handed to them on a silver platter.

Ah, the CHINESE Bought and PAID for the Democrats and Joe Biden….

The Deep State just became their Landlords aka Satraps for the Chinese.

Satraps (/ˈsætrəp/) were the governors of the provinces of the ancient Median and Achaemenid Empires and in several of their successors, such as in the Sasanian Empire and the Hellenistic empires. The satrap served as viceroy to the king, though with considerable autonomy. The word came to suggest tyranny, or ostentatious splendour.

Chinese also used “Local Governors” in areas apt to be “unruly” for a share in the “Taxes”.

Stardust, sure hope your wrong about this, but wouldn’t doubt it a bit, that’s all it would take , a double whammy!!

We will lose the Senate. If Biden/Harris really steal this election – and it is looking like they might get away with it – we will be going so ‘grey’ and it will happen quickly. Moving things into place now. Everything from banking and investments to moving office/studio back into the farmhouse from town. All electronics and phones are left at home – period. I rarely take my phone with me off the homestead as it is. We will quit many services we are using. (And not one dime to Hollywood or movies or tv streaming ever again. I despise just about all Hollywood actors and what they stand for and their big mouths). I don’t watch the black idiot/programming box, but my DH does.

But this will not be just the United States. This will be global. The Great Reset is global and the US will have a very small part in it. Our small part? Oh, just FINANCING it all. Get ready to fund every scheme they can think up. And we’ll be feeding the world, including all the new illegals streaming across our borders.

I guess I will start learning Spanish this winter, maybe Portuguese? Well, I do love learning languages tho. I’ll brush up on my French and Italian also. Sigh. This all just sickens me.

Might throw in some Mandarine along with some Arabic.

The year 2021 will tell what Americans are really made of.

” Either we hang together now, or most surely we will all hang separately. ”

Words from the ‘1st’ American Revolution.

Only 30% of the colonists became patriots and broke away from the loyalists. I’d say the odds might be the same today. “Give me liberty or give me death.” Patrick Henry


I forgot to add…so many people I talk to now these days think it will be just “business as usual” if Biden gets in. (Just so it’s not Trump). Nothing will change. Nothing. Their lives will be just the same. Even the virus will be gone, no more masks, etc., etc. Life will be great!!!!

Maybe I’m the one in La-La-Land…..

Sure would like to go there, give me directions!

Lol! Stardust, you are welcome anytime!

Easiest way is to just stop looking at news, blogs that have political stuff or partisan anything,,,,

hey, if we ignore it does it really happen?

sometimes its better for our heads to just shut it out ya know

Kula that’s funny, my step daughter and son in law and a different grandson came up for Thanksgiving and I was talking about the Pillow Guy, and none of them knew who he was, and I said are you kidding, you have to be from another planet to not know The Pillow Guy. They are all conservatives and I forgot neither of them have TV. So like the people that say they were so poor they never knew there was a Depression, I guess it’s the sameway if you don’t have the media. Maybe it is better to not know everything that’s happening. Trekker Out

its certainly a lot better for my sanity.
honestly, its just SOSDD again and again and again,
to what end,
id rather read about something to do with gardening, or one of my many hobbies, or pretty much anything at this point. Ya know why? Because there is absolutely nothing i can do about any of it!
Just more BS. So to hell with it.
I made the decision to walk away from a “normal” life years ago, why stop now?

Did the same 2 1/2 years ago, back into outdoor and indoor interests. As far as the “time to come together” schlock of the moment, I will always have a two word answer, first word starts with the letter after E and ends with You. No tolerance, empathy or emotion, just a cold focus, playtime is over.

But..but.. how are they going to get a good night’s rest without the Pillow Guy?

Normalcy bias is a hallmark of the sheep.

I live in GA and the Secretary of State and Governor who are both Republicans threw Trump under the bus and now they expect us to vote in the run off using the same fraudulent Dominion voting machines and the counting being done by the same corrupt officials. Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

America as we knew it is gone forever and in a way it will be very satisfying to see the generations behind us wake up in a communist hell that they created and demanded with no way out.

I just hope they will be able to remember the “good old days” of freedom and liberty and everyday deeply regret the nightmare they bought into. We have no children, we’re not ready to die but we have no fear in dying and will try to enjoy the rest of the time we have left.

That’s actually the definition of insanity, RC — doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

And my wife and I are in the same boat: no children (our two are with the Lord and so we can’t wait to see them when it’s our time); not ready to die, either, but boy oh boy we cannot wait to see Jesus, our parents and the littles; and we’re going to try to enjoy what’s left (in our 40s now) if there’s anything TO enjoy at this point.

Have to admit, though…it’s a bit sad, isn’t it? Our great country and all that it was is seemingly gone. Never thought I’d see this day.

Sir I stand corrected. 👍 It is a shame that the left is so willing to throw away the precious rights and freedoms we hold dear and so many died to protect.

I wonder how many know what happened on Dec. 7, 1941 or even where Pearl Harbor is?

Romeo Charlie, even if you think that there’s no way to win…vote, anyway! There is absolutely no chance of winning if Republicans are too discouraged and choose not to vote. There will be a lot more eyes on this election than the one a month ago; maybe it’ll be harder to cheat. Don’t blow the chance to make things better. We in the rest of the nation are counting on you to do your part.

Hello Wendy,
I wasn’t going to waste my time but I’ve decided to hold my nose and vote for the two RINOs but I have zero confidence that the election process isn’t already being rigged.

In Ware County, GA they ran an equal amount of ballots for Trump and Biden through the Dominion machines and the results were 87% for Trump and 113% for Biden. The built in algorithm gives Biden 26% more votes and the POS GA Secretary of State will allow these same machines to be used in the run off. It’s a scam and they are doing it in plain sight.

Thank you, Romeo Charlie. Yes, I’ve been watching/reading a lot about this election, and the machines may be a problem. At least there shouldn’t be “suitcases” of votes run and re-run through machines with no one watching this time. We can only do what we can do, so we need to do it the best way we can. Thanks for not giving up! Please encourage those you know to vote, as well. I keep hearing stories of people being so disgusted that they’re not going to vote this time. You know that’s being encouraged by the Dems.

Give em exactly what they want,

every last unintended consequence too,,,

Has anyone mentioned this before? Was this accidental…or intentional?

The Biden/Harris official cell phone text address is 30330. Divide 2020 (this year) by 666 (mark of the beast) and what do you get?

You get the Biden/Harris text address….to infinity….2020/666= 3.330303303033030330

Coincidence? Interesting if nothing else………..

Dennis –

I was hesitant to share this because until you opened that door, it didn’t seem relevant. I spend, perhaps too much time looking at equities markets, stock portfolios. etc. In the past few months I’ve seen that triple-six combination appear in daily data FAR more frequently than random number generation can produce. I’m not even clear on the full meaning of it, other than people of faith associate it with evil. I’ve even seen fast moving stocks stop hard at $6.66 for extended periods of time. +/- 6.66%, things like that. It’s rather spooky. I’ve been doing this for years and never noticed such a repeating pattern.

I’ve read them and totally agree with you

I second that. The whole series. Read it now.

There’s another series called The Days of Noah and The Days of Elijah by Mark Goodwin that I’ve been reading that are really good.

I enjoyed that series. Interesting twists.

Dennis, Pretty scary to say the least

You know, we are so conditioned to following our government’s edicts that we don’t even consider just saying ‘NO’.
Maybe we should try it.
After all, it IS our government, responsible to US.
It has become a case of the tail wagging the dog, rather than the dog wagging the tail, as it should be.
Isn’t it about time that we become the dog again, instead of the tail ?

You, sir, are correct. It is time to remind these petty tyrants and power hungry leftists that their power is derived from the consent of the governed

Orange,LA,and San Bernardino County Sheriffs all refusing to enforce Pelosi’s nephews edicts here in Calif.So yes,a LOT we just ignore and let them think they are in control.However,a lot we cant too,like the gun grab and eugenicists vax thats coming by force,that will be much more difficult.

I’ve made peace with my maker, and I’m ready to go. So get ready lady’s and gentleman, i think this is about to go kinetic!

I feel the same way and a modern modification to General Patton’s famous quote

“The object of war is not to die for your beliefs but to make the other bastard die for his”.

I don’t think democrats and liberals realize what is coming their way.

General Patton
“May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won’t.”

“You’re never beaten until you admit it.”

“A man must know his destiny. If he does not recognize it, then he is lost

“Live for something rather than die for nothing.”

I think he knew what he was talking about

I hope your right, but with the total media blackout, any chance of a kinetic uprise gaining momentum is nil. Those that try will likely get in a bit or two and then go down after massive retaliation… with nobody else ever knowing your fate.

can always take one or two with ya!

Boxcar or Blaze of Glory, who cares if the media reports eh?

Resolve to be more than a bad taste in the mouth of the Lion as the crowd roars.

I concur, sir. What a day that will be!

Maybe we could try this first 🙂 “Every December 25th a town in Peru celebrates “Takanakuy”. Men, women, and children settle grudges from the past year by calling each other out and having a fistfight. Then everyone goes drinking together, ready to start the New Year with a clean slate.”

Do yo think that all the guns and ammo buyers are all Right thinking patriots?
Could be lots of the lib/commie buyers too.

Folks, we are circling the drain–

Take a hint from the turtle– wear armor and keep a low profile

I never underestimate my opponent and only a fool would think that only the right is armed. However there is a big difference between someone buying a gun and having little or no training and someone that has spent years shooting, taking tactical firearm classes and knowing how to effectively operate a weapon in various situations.

It will take more than just being able to pull a trigger as knowledge of terrain, knowing who owns what land, backroads etc. will be huge advantages. Hunters know how to track, stalk and move about without drawing attention and these skills will be invaluable in the future.

You are spot spot on about “The Turtle”.

And sometimes it just takes luck

So true. A blind squirrel finds an acorn every now and then.

Sometimes it takes a single match and can burn out miles.

Ken, it might be a good time to repost some of your great EMP articles.

T in TX,
I agree with EMP articles. Problem is, if you’re not ready now ………….? Just so ya know, all those articles are available every day. I didn’t think it would be a pandemic followed by election fraud. Who could have known? Yes, I had a couple of large boxes of the really good n-95. This thing has strung out far longer than I had hoped. Vaccine, no thanks. An emp on top of everything else, wow just wow. You’re right, it is more likely now than before. Our nation is changing. I don’t like it. I live rural and rarely go to town. I rarely wear a mask, only if in a store in town.

Had a couple of ideas; freezer paper, clear plastic wrap. We always get the commercial sized rolls for processing deer. Never enough of anything/everything. On the emp threat, generator, solar/wind, battery bank, #4 and larger copper wire. inverter(s), charge controller(s), spare well pump in faraday, assorted plumbing fittings and pipe, Wood gas, propane, gasoline, firewood, the list is endless.

If ya think this is the ONLY bio-weapon to be released, it’s probably not. Saw a report about bio problems in India, near the Chinese border??????? Who knows. Good luck T in TX. We’ll get through it somehow.

One last thought, if you have a basement or “fraidy hole” how are ya gonna keep the water out? Sump pump? power for it? I’m just a bundle of joy.

Thank you Plainsmedic for your great ideas and input.

Sheep weeping?
i saw a lot of azzhole libtards weeping for 4 years, all i see is pissed off Americans who have had it with the corruption of government, media and the left.

I can’t believe some of the comments I’m reading here. “our country is over with”,etc.. Seriously?
DON’T EVER GIVE UP PEOPLE! Trump and his team has got this! He’s waiting for the right moment to pull his last Trump card! Wait for it. HE’S GOT THIS!
now, go back to eating your popcorn…..

Pacific mist,,,, good post ,,,,,, in nam the hardest time was waiting for the fight to start that you knew is coming ,and what to take and not to take to the fight ,and who to depend on , but then suprises do happen

I admire your optimism and as much as I want Trump to win, the reality is the deck as been stacked against him since 2016 and the only hope he has is the SCOTUS which I have zero faith in. Plan (and be ready) for the worst and hope for the best.

I also appreciate your optimism, and want very much to believe PDJT and his team can make the case(s) in ways that lead to accurate results that truly reflect the ways people lawfully voted.

I am not giving up, but I am bracing myself for what may be ahead. Pray for the best, prepare for the worst.

Pacific Mist, I sure hope your right, but time is certainly running short.

All the money in the world is aligned against trump and america.The golden rule,he who has the gold rules.

Ivy mike,
Even if I believed in old Joe (which I do not) Do you really think Joe is going to make it 4 yrs in office? And when he steps down who will be “the devil we know”… that’s right… his veep.

And what about that she-devil we know – you know, the one who has the ultra-liberal senate voting record. The one who doesn’t realize we could never hope to pay for the green new deal she voted for. The one who said she would use an EO to pass new national gun laws if congress doesn’t do it within her first 100 days in office. The one who is for reparations and open borders and Medicare for all. Hell yes, she makes me gnash my teeth. Any person who loves liberty and can do math should be worried.

This is a blatant communist takeover of the country. Everything is in for Trump to have won, and he did, to deny that is to willfully follow stupid.

I dont believe that this is our pearl harbor moment. This is our revolutionary moment. You can agree or disagree. But without bloodshed this country is gone. We punished traitors with death in the past. We should be doing so today. Government officials are so corrupt they think that they can do as they please, and take away what we have fought for. GOD gave us this land . Just like the revolutionary war pastors started the fight, we need to fight a physical war and a spiritual war. If you truly love this country then pick up a modern day fire stick ,band together and go to your perspective Capitol and start standing up and demanding action. OR TAKE ACTION. If you dont, you’re sheep and you will be going to the slaughter


The enemy is at the top,not next door.So we kill each other and ignore the guilty ones.Not a good plan.The leftist are never going to have free reign,they are also on the list.

They just arent aware they are the useful idiots and useless eaters.

freddie – Exactly. Spot on. That is why I pass on the spikes and does. I patiently wait……the 14 pointer always sends them to draw the fire. That is why he lives to be a 14 pointer. When it is time to hunt……I am a trophy hunter.

Folks, prepare yourselves. Don’t talk yourself into losing before the battle even starts. Am I scared? Damned right I am. But….. I am more DEFIANT than I am scared. Let em come……….

You know what gets me – is the saying “We’re all in this together.”

It reminds me of George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’, with “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”.

Pure Communism.

The people who are pouting this saying (government) are still getting their paychecks regularly, and are not affected by all the shutdowns that are putting more and more people out of work.

“We’re all in this together”. Pure B.S. !

How long are we going to allow them to play us as ‘Suckers’ ?


Make no mistake JohnnyReb there are more suckers than you realize and we need to identify and expose them for what they are – National Socialists – destroying this country. In less than a month we’ll be at the crossroads. We’ll find out soon who bought into Bernie’s and Kamala’s lies. Don’t be surprised.

Yuri Bezmenov, ex KGB told in his interview early 80’s how to brainwash and demoralize entire nation. This is process that takes time, but once it starts, it goes with its own momentum. Teachers, universities and such are taken to control first. All this is really slow process, so slow that peoples do not realize it..just like boiling frogs in slowly warming water, you understand it too late. Soviet union start this and china just takes fruits of it.
But remember; It is not over yet.

I’ve been very aware of the ‘ticking clock’ lately. Has me a little on edge, and I’ve had to work at staying calm and focused. There are signs of it around where I live, too. Chatter in the AO is to check preps for holes, and get stuff now for next spring’s garden/livestock ‘before the lemmings catch on’. One son and I went to the grocery store in the nearest big town for the first time since we arrived. Jam packed, lines backed up into the grocery aisles. I asked one of the floor managers if it was always this busy, and he said it wasn’t. His thought was maybe it was a Christmas induced surge. Maybe. Didn’t look like Christmas stuff in people’s carts, though.

So…instead of worrying about down votes, how about focusing on the immediacy before us? You can down vote the heck out of me for saying it, but not one of us is going to give a rat’s *ss about losing a comment thread or getting a down vote before too long. We might even be missing the good old days when we could argue about such things on-line. How about appreciating what we have right now, giving each other some compassionate swift kicks in the behind to stay alert, and tending last minute preps?

Here’s one I’ll offer. Since arriving at the new place, I’m realizing firsthand the value of having neighbors focused on mutual defense/support, even without fully engaging yet. If you haven’t fully scoped out that possibility in your AO, now’s better than never for seeing what’s possible. Doesn’t have to betray your preps or OPSEC. Just a simple conversation about a neighborhood watch, or a way to let others know you need help. Start by offering yours, which will usually get a reciprocation.

And while winter is surely coming, so is spring. If you’ve got winter covered, both the seasonal one and the disruptive one, maybe start on spring.

Farmgirl – Well said. Don’t know what your AO looks like, and I know you have your hands full right now with the move. But since you mentioned spring……. maybe consider getting a mail order of Trifoliate Orange (seed or plants). Also called Hardy Orange with Flying Dragon being a variation. If window security is a concern or physical barriers needed…….. this might be the cheap ticket for you. The thorns are brutal ( I have experienced them and would rather crawl thru barbed wire naked ) and it has a nice flower to look at while you wretch in pain if you get tangled in it. With some research you may be able to use the fruit as a medicinal or in cooking. Some people have a reaction to it. Will survive in cold temps. Fruit has a lot of seeds so it should be easy to plant around the property ( well drained soil) in place of fencing or to “funnel” unwanted “guests” to where you can properly greet them. Some varieties grow 15 – 20 ft tall and 8 -12 ft wide unless you trim them. Just a thought. May our Lord bless you and yours.


Wow, those are some wicked thorns! Also, the fruit can be used medicinally and to make marmalade. Looks like it needs tending to keep from becoming invasive? I’ll definitely look into that some more; could be a very useful tree. Weaponized oranges, lol. Thanks for the tip! God bless and keep you safe.

Read all the posts here today, seems 1/2 are resigned to believe in the phy-op by the dammed commies/paid for msm.

Ken is absolutely right, this is our Pearl Harbor moment in history. Just as we had the “greatest generation, a lot of us are born from that generation. We must be the leaders for the younger generations.

Wrote a couple of days ago that the politicians/dems are too dang quiet.

Harris has not left her senate seat yet.

POTUS is quiet, why? Cause he has the final Trump Card. Note: EO 09/2018 – look it up, read it.

Kraken is the 305th military intelligence brigade, Gen. Flynn is associated with them,

Gen. Chris Miller now heading the DOI, all Spec. Ops personnel report to him, not pentagon, he reports directly to POTUS..

Spec ops raid in Ger. of CIA office, 5 soldiers killed, 1 CIA person, Dominon hard drives secured, back to US. Hammer/sword programs analysis conformed.

Rumor is Haskel of CIA was there monitoring, taken into custody (true?).

We are in a cyber war with China, POTUS can enforce the Insurrection Act. Because of EO & Insurrection Act, war with China, he can & will postpone election due to war declaration.

His recent press conf. “His most import. Duty is to defend the US from all enemies both foreign/domestic”.

1st he wants to allow SCOTUS constitutionally to rule on the election, vote back to states, 1 vote per state to decide election because of swing states voter fraud confirmation.

Military movement, Camp Roberts & Camp Hunter Ligget, dormant for +40 yrs in Ca. Now new barracks constructed, trains to/from regularly, men/equip, present, DB talked to solider, said being trained for “something” no other comment.

Helos flying all around. Military air traffic increased multiple bases in US.

Radcliffe now head of DOD.

Soldiers coming back from over seas b4 Christmas.

If you stand back and look at all of chess moves, it gives me encouragement, final TRUMP CARD? Lord I hope so, time is short. Hope I got the DOD/DOI personal right.


Good recap. There’s definitely a lot going on behind the scenes. I’ve seen the same info on Haspel that you mention, but if the raid in Germany occurred on the 9th, she made a rather public trip to visit McConnell on the 10th, so i’m not sure that info of her being in custody is other than wishful thinking. She is a spook and disinfo abounds. I believe my dates are correct, but open to contrary confirmation.

A lengthy but rather interesting article along the same lines:

MSM plays war with our minds daily.

is there ANYTHING that we the average little guys can ACTUALLY DO about this other than cry and scream about this ???
because other than asking the truckers union to go on strike until the military investigates the only other way out is blood shed and thatis the LAST thing i want and NO I DO NOT TRUST THE COURT

I do not see anyone crying and screaming about this. However, I do see people getting ready to fight for their Liberty, should the need finally arrive…once all the events unfold, leaving no doubt.

What you can do is to get yourself ready to take the proper action, once it presents itself to you.

You can even “follow” just so you can give the proper “push” at the right time.

This is exactly why this fraud cannot be allowed. Because if our voting system is fraudulent to the obvious egregious extent that it was this time — then, the only other way out from under the resultant RULE is something that most want to avoid… watering the tree of liberty and all that…

This needs to be made right. Right now.

Else that tree thing…

100% agreed so what do we do to make sure this FRAUD is NOT allowed

Right now, we wait while the legal process unfolds. This in itself “might” bring justice. Will it be enough to overturn? Not much we can do but wait and see. If anyone is in one of these “swing states” I would suggest that you CALL (or at least email) your local state rep. Not your congress or senator, but your local rep. Let them know your disgust with the situation. Encourage them to meet and overturn the injustice. In the mean time I simply shed light on what’s going on via articles/posts – to the extent that I feel compelled to do so. Be informed as best one can.

unfortunately im in ny state where the cities are blue and the rest is not which HIGHLY pisses me off

And which way do you all think the socialist/communist eaters would vote? When they figured out that they could vote themselves free shit, even more rats moved into the cultural centers of fairness /sarc

most od the world is running AWAY from socialism the stupid 3467s from the left a=re running TOWARD it

Nothing odd about people being stupid and emotionally conditioned to ignore Reality.

As always, the “elites” who want to be on the top are pushing for something that isn’t good for anyone. Same in Russia, Germany, Venezuela, ad nauseum. They’re not stupid or blind, but greedy. And just like all the elites before them, they think they’re smart enough to not be the ones against the wall when it all comes tumbling down.

Thump has to invoke now! are were toast, aren’t we?

There is plenty of time before the Final Option needs to be taken. Do not believe the media “time-limits” for actions. No one has been elected President, yet, as the Electoral College has not met, and its Electors do not need to be loyal, nor are you aware of actions being taken without public knowledge, and January 20th is not next week.

Ision: True, but there would need to be a lot of faithless electors because some States invalidate their vote and replace them with someone who will vote as planned and I also don’t believe many electors from the Left would jump ship. Hoping for that outcome really is a long shot.

It all depends on the level of bribe being offered, or dire threat.

It is possible the loyalty of only ONE VOTE can turn the entire election.

For example:

Should any action result in the PA vote being modified and this State removed from Biden, then a single vote from ANY Elector…changing to Trump… awards Trump the Presidency.

Naturally, the Socialist Democrats will bride and threaten, too.

Ision: The socialists just have to threaten if they don’t switch their vote to Trump, they’ll have to spend an “intimate” night with Hillary 🙂

Ision: Not if that “ANY Elector” happens to be from one of the states that will nullify their vote and replace them with another elector who will vote for Biden. Different states have different ways of dealing with faithless electors. I’m not saying it’s impossible, just very unlikely.

Thank GOD for Texas and Senator Ted Cruz. Lets hope the Supreme Court hears the case.Texas sues other states for unconstitutional changes the election law.


I was very happy to read this story this morning, and I hope more states join TX in this suit. I would think having more states join would lend more weight, and get people from around the country into the fight!

Much thanks to TX!

Im hearing suits between states HAVE to be heard in the SCOTUS.Is that true? Have to do something to get there,I think they are planning to sit it out.

Yes, it’s true. SCOTUS is considered the court of “original jurisdiction” in lawsuits between states. Of course, they can opt to not take it, but given the current climate, and the obvious Constitutional legal issues (Article 2, Section 1, Clause 2), I wouldn’t be surprised if this is more effective than the ones working their way up from GA, PA, etc.

Pennsylvania case was thrown out today, not even heard by SCOTUS. Makes me believe none of the others will be heard no matter how many laws the Demon-crats broke. I am really sad.

Perhaps the suits by Trumps Lawyers etc are just to stir the pot and then the state suits are the real deal and all evidence turns over to them to be used?

~~~KEN~~~ I have a question for Ken. I couldn’t stand Obama, but between the two, I’d consider Obama to be a much more powerful President than Biden could ever potentially be. I’d also put Obama’s ability to get stuff done over Kamala’s ability to do the same. I do remember when Obama was running so many people thought it was the end of the world, tribulation was gonna arrive, the end of the USA never to have a Republican President again, etc–yet Obama was in power for 8 years and then things moved forward. What’s different about it this time around if Biden gets into office? It’s a serious question as I can’t see Biden being able to do much more than Obama did. Maybe Biden’s more of a puppet, but Obama had the same ideology.

the worst part,
Obammy was a far better choice than John Mcccain,,,, that dude was a jerk

Kulafarmer: I was very “meh” about McCain, but voted for him anyway. I used to joke that Obama spent his free time locked in a room studying vintage Hitler speech film-footage so he could get his speech cadence down pat.

You know, it’s funny you mention his oratory. Back when he was first running, in the early primaries, first time I saw him speak I said “oh crap, this guy is going to be the the next president.”

LeAnne – What concerned me most about the OBamie thing was not Obamie…….. but the folks that voted for him. That was the moment I knew this country was headed into the shiter on a fast slide. Absolutely nothing was know about that man………..and yet the morons climbed aboard. Life is hard…….but it is a lot harder when you are stupid.

SS: Obama’s good at speeches and can draw people in. My daughter was drawn in the first time around and even went to see Obama speak. But the second election she voted for Romney.

LeAnne – I should not have said ‘moron’ …….. my apologies. I had family members do the same. Hey….even Willie Mays dropped one now and again.

SS: No problem. I felt the same when she voted Obama. I was just glad when she switched teams to Romney the second election.

LeAnne – FYI: I just up voted you on two of your posts and those two up votes were erased after I had shut down and then came back. I tried it again to be informed I had already voted. ???????

LeAnne – Disregard…..they are there now. Damn this electronic voting.

Leanne, I loved Herman Cain, RIP, he would have been 100 times better than Obama, in fact Obama was the most devisive president there ever was, and a bigger liar than any of them By the way, he was a pretty good gun salesman also.

David, rcb: Herman Cain/Allen West was my dream ticket in 2016. Herman Cain for the business-side of the economy and I liked Allen West having experience on the military side. I believe they were a GREAT combination who could beat Hillary with the minority vote, as well.

Cain and West were going to be my write-in’s for the 2016 election — but I wasn’t feeling well on election day and when I arrived at the location, vehicles were parked in mud, people walking and standing in mud, and there were long lines so I decided to go home and rest and didn’t end up voting. Living in Milwaukee County, I already knew the Dems were going to win the county, so it was a moot issue whether or not I voted. I just wanted to show my support for Cain/West. I know you all feel strongly about Trump, but I didn’t — and in Milwaukee County, it doesn’t even matter who a person votes for if they’re not a Dem. (Which is why the former Sheriff David Clarke always ran as a Dem even though he’s a conservative).

Cain/West or West/Cain – either one was my choice. I believe the Dems did everything in their power to dig up “dirt” on Herman Cain to drive him out of the running because they KNEW he would get the minority vote.

Before I get downvoted off, I want to say thanks to all that took the time to comment. I really was wondering about it and your comments have made it make more sense to me. So thanks again, I appreciate it.

LeAnne,you are awesome.You learn fast and your mind isnt made up no matter what.So continue to learn.Im the FIRST to admit when Im wrong,and perfectly capable of changing direction when I figure something out.They had me fooled maybe 6-8 weeks with the ‘covid’ seasonal flu fraud.But I started doing deep research and it became crystal clear we are being played.Yup,I was wrong,I admit it,and I got it straight.

Good conversation comment.
I gave this an up vote because this is a good conversation going on and it would be sad if it got down voted…
FYI, I may not agree with you a lot of times. But your right on this time.
Thank You for the comment and question.

What’s different about it this time around if Biden gets into office? 

Biden selected more radical liberals and Marxists than what Obama did. They will rule a Totalitarianism Regime. It is a form of government that attempts to assert total control over the lives of its citizens. It is characterized by strong central rule that attempts to control and direct all aspects of individual life through coercion and repression.

Stardust: Thank you for that informative comment. Georgia is an important run-off election to continue to have checks-n-balances. I’ve always been a fan of checks-n-balances to keep both parties from becoming too domineering and I like that they must deal with each other and come to compromises.

Its harris.

LeAnne, Just watch what info comes out. to start the murder plot of navy seal team 6.. the sell out of lands(parks)minerals and water to china.Do your research … go into the reearch boards and just read the gov documents. read the texts and the server info on all revealed info. enough is there you can fnd the truth if you desire it. The problem is … Bidet can reverse all the good things President Trump has done …and is already sold out… to the Chinese. listen tot eh news media start with tucker carlson and the chinese he had on last night>>>.
Oh and they owe us more than we owe them… in national debt. demand payment… .
and stop feeding them selling our country short on grain our families are gong to need. pre sold before our ppl get a chance to purchase it.

Just saying ,,,,,,,,,certain people are buying up stock in food retailers for control of the company , I call them shell buyers ,,something not right here ,, i suspect front men for Chinese ,it would take more time than I have now to explain how it works ,, but bottom line you /we lose. ,,,,,,

Just think we were free and proud people once

Oldhomestearder: Food is the most powerful control mechanism any government has (aside from water). I’m also wondering about all this talk of seeds not germinating – I wonder if someone higher-up got involved with the seed companies to make that happen or if it was just a typical stupid postal decision to do something in the handling of the mail because of “the plague”.

Farm girl, you said exactly what I was thinking. Obama holds a lot of power behind the scenes. Biden is just a place holder, and a means to an end, controlled by power brokers like Obama and Soros.

Obama is the pretty face someone with a LOT of power and money choose to represent his directives so our country is moved in the manner the hidden person wishes. Obama is that person’s puppet. I say this because he came from no powerful family power or money and had no real following other than what someone else’s money purchased for him. Obama is owned by someone with great wealth and power who wishes to never be seen….so I am not even sure Soros owns him although he will support him because Soros is on the same mission to destroy this country.

it is so interesting how these demons become so wealthy after they transition from “public” offices.

DAMedinNY –

Pretty face is the equivalent to Biden saying “I mean, come on, look how clean he is. He’s a good looking guy.”

I found it most interesting that Valerie Jarrett plucked Van Jones out of the crowd at the Rodney King riots to groom first. Then she brought BHO under her wing next, followed by Kamala. She is definitely recruiting on behalf of someone and I would love to know who that is, as well as how many others are in her corral.

It was like 9 million dollars worth of renovations to his new house to create a working space for him to keep his finger on the pulse. He took more vacations than any other President while in office, yet now he’s hunkered down and working during retirement. And has Valerie Jarrett continuing to live with him. As if that doesn’t speak volumes.

M’lynn, yep, very loud volume

I picked kamala as the dem pick before any of this kicked off.She had it all….sociopath,woahman,commie,self serving,whore’d her way thru the workplace,bought and sold to highest bidder.A perfect dem pick.What shocks me is with 2% dem support they have installed her as our next pres.Now thats something else entirely!!


I’ve been kind of surprised that there hasn’t been a great outcry from the dem voters that the PTB in the party went around them and basically put her in office. Maybe they haven’t figured out that Biden is just a placeholder? It’s hard to believe they haven’t noticed.

DAMedinNY: I guess that’s where my need for more info was coming from. I understand if an election is stolen people being completely angry and wanting to do something about it, but I couldn’t quite understand all the anger about Biden himself….because I thought “Why didn’t anyone do a call-to-arms, so to speak, about Obama?” If there was ever going to be a citizen uprising to take back the country, I’d have thought Obama would have been the catalyst. Biden, to me, is kind of like having another Gerald Ford or Jimmy Carter — neither of those men were able to accomplish much, they were more placeholders until the next election. So all these responses are giving me more insight and I appreciate it a lot.

Obama was and is the most dangerous person ever. More dangerous than stalin ever was. He is person who smiles an talks nice and steals your wallet and kidneys and sends your family to slavery.
And gets money from china just like all democrats

Farm girl, totally agree, I 100% guarantee you he ordered the spying on Trump, I remember seeing him one time quite a bit before the election saying Donald Trump would not be president!! He did more to destroy this country than anyone

But it isnt biden.He is just the straw man.Heels up is the next president.And that is disaster.

Plus hillary will still be calling shots,along with kissinger.

Its not biden,its harris!!! Thats who is the next pres and it looks like theyve pulled it off.


Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, South Carolina, and South Dakota have joined Texas in filing suit against Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin for not following the constitutional requirements as they were required to adhere to.

This should get the MSM’s attention……….


I sure hope it gets the kind of attention that makes a difference! Sad to see Wisconsin on the wrong side of those lists. Where are the redoubt states?! North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho? They should hop on that lawsuit train, too.

Glad to see it, and a little uneasy, too. Balkanization has always been in the back of my mind, not because I want it, but because it can happen. Some have been predicting it for quite a while. If it does, it’s not gonna be a nice little break-up either. And I’m sure there would be other players involved, standing by now.


As has been mentioned, these states are suing these “swing states” on constitutional issues…not fraud. My understanding is that they are asking SCOTUS to force them to follow the constitution which specifically states that only state legislatures can make rules for elections….a clause each of these states violated, as election rules in each of the named states were changed by persons other than the legislatures.

The plaintiff states are asking for a specific remedy be mandated by SCOTUS….. that the defendants be required to have their electors awarded to the candidate named by their respective legislatures. Each of the defendant states have republican majority legislatures. Barring that remedy…that these states’ electors be voided, meaning no candidate will have the 270 mandated electoral votes…throwing the election into the U.S. Senate…one vote for each state…which would give Trump a 26-24 advantage.

Time will tell….got some phone calls today from folks I rarely talk to…all they wanted to talk about was how mad they are about our sorry state of affairs…fighting mad…don’t know why they called me to vent their anger…………..but they sure got their point across. They are looking for justice………


The same approach was taken within the state of Wisconsin when Gov. Evers kept making mandates. The Republican legislature sued in state supreme court and won on the grounds the mandates violated the state constitution by bypassing the legislature. Happened twice, in fact.

We’ll see if the SCOTUS follows the same path. I’m not assuming anymore that majority republican legislatures are foolproof. One only has to look to the behavior of Georgia’s governor to realize not all republicans are going to act with integrity.

I pray every day for a last minute miracle to at least save the sanctity of our election process. Even if we get one, I worry it’s not going to stave off the conflict that’s been building. There are a lot of powerful people who want to implement their plans for humanity, and a free and strong USA stands in the way. They won’t just be giving up because we win on the election front. They certainly didn’t the last four years.

I think Dennis made it clear that this isn’t up to any legislature, it is the SCOTUS that is to judge on whether or not states were guilty of not following the constitution.


Um, yeah, I understand that. I was saying the supreme court in Wisconsin had to decide something similar – the administration changed the rules in violation of the state’s constitution. Unless I’m being dense, which happens sometimes, SCOTUS has to decide that, too – if the states violated the constitution of our country. Similar issue, larger scale.

Farmgirl Okay, I’m like you, just learning this stuff, but it isn’t about the Wisconsin administration violating the U.S. constitution, but interfering with the presidential election in the state, which they have no constitutional right to do. Only the legislature can make any changes. The SCOTUS will judge on whether or not the state of Wisconsin followed the states constitution. This is my understanding.

Bummin’, I see what you’re saying. Also why we need to have so many dang lawyers – no offense to any lawyers who may be reading this. Unless you should be offended, in which case, nevermind.

Bummin’ +others,
here is my understanding.
it’s the National AND their states own election laws( written into State constitutions) they have broken….
WE either have laws OR are lawless…Texas ( et all) are seeking Lawful Rights be maintained for every state.
remember… is more than one state named in this suite. .. Its in the contract that binds the states together that any election changes to states elections must be done by THE States own legislatures… Not by any other body…not city councils nor county by county mandate- but by state.
The charge is….This has disenfranchised their own voters thru unequal application of laws and statues in this election…+ the other states voters..and under the #4 amendment the equality of all citizens and states is guaranteed to be equal….
The relief they are seeking is to Have SCOTUS order each state legislature under the charges- to appoint delegates for the electorial college. This is one way the founding Fathers of our nation set up for relief from voter fraud. and illegal actions on part of individual states..
. this is beside the other frauds that have been documented by witnesses. as well.the dead voting,underage,illegal and felons, double counting of stacks of ballots, pre-marked ballots hidden under tables,( filmed by cctv) tells the story(Ga.)

This is a well thought out lawsuit, charging blatant defiance of constitutional law. The reason the SCOTUS has to judge this is because if they do not, then at the last moment anyone in any state can change an election by a whim. This is not about voter fraud, this is about lawlessness.

Directly from the Texas lawsuit…………………. 

The lawsuit states: “these non-legislative changes … facilitated the casting and counting of ballots in violation of state law, which, in turn, violated the Electors Clause of Article II, Section 1, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution.” […] “By these unlawful acts, the Defendant States have not only tainted the integrity of their own citizens vote, but their actions have also debased the votes of citizens in Plaintiff State and other States that remained loyal to the Constitution.”

cont’d………….. “Certain officials in the Defendant States presented the pandemic as the justification for ignoring state laws regarding absentee and mail-in voting.” […] “The Defendant States flooded their citizenry with tens of millions of ballot applications and ballots in derogation of statutory controls as to how they are lawfully received, evaluated, and counted. Whether well intentioned or not, these unconstitutional acts had the same uniform effect they made the 2020 election less secure in the Defendant States.”

The derogation of statutory controls is where the taint becomes blatant. In just Georgia, there were 66,247 underage voters. 4,926 people voted in Georgia after registering to vote in another state. Another 2,423 votes from people who never registered, then 2,560 felons who hadn’t completed the appropriate steps to re-register were allowed to vote any way. All of which would be indicative of lawlessness in and of itself – before even adding in Dominion or the shady legal settlement that Ryan Germany worked out between Raffensberger and the DNC for the signature changes.

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord –

He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored –

He has loosed the faithful lightning of his terrible swift sword; his truth is marching ON!
Sorry – it just popped in my head like a spiritual aneurism.

Battle Hymn of the Republic not a bad psyops song to play.

tmcgyver: My favorite hymn is “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”

Obviously local news was covering this bright and early. As I was reading through the pages it truly struck me how much of a farce the fraud has been to see it translated into percentages.

”The probability of Biden winning the popular vote in the four defendant states given Trump’s early lead is less than 1 in a quadrillion. For Biden to win all four states collectively, the odds decrease to less than one in a quadrillion to the fourth power.”

Sounds like snowballs have a better chance in hell than Biden had of this being a plausible win.

M’Lynn, yep pretty good summation.
The candidate who stayed n his basement except on certain days and traveled to small gatherings of 1-12 ppl outside his travel group, some of which were in cars… Met by more ppl (that were Trump supporters… all waving Trump 2020 banners and shouting 4 more years )-than his own…sure the snowball had a better chance in Hell than he had of winning without manipulation of the vote
Contrast 10 to tens of thousands…..President Trumps Protest rallies had 10’s of thousands turned away because the venues were not big enough to contain them all. Large screens were put up for them to watch from outside.


Wow. I only saw TX and LA on the filing. Was wondering if more states would follow. Was hoping Fl would join.

From what I understand this carries a lot of weight and saw that SCOTUS already has the filing on the docket.

Its not over yet.


My uderstanding is all it shows is case was filed,nothing else?

Missouri just joined the aforementioned states in the lawsuit….that makes nine states

As of 3:55 ET, seventeen states have now filed in support of Texas lawsuit.

Maybe, just maybe, that will get some attention from the supremes. I don’t think they want to deal with it but don’t have much choice.

Dennis, I see where there are a total of 17 states now, maybe something good comes our way

and just as you think this couldn’t get any better……..Dr. Steve Turley is reporting that the Pennsylvania State Legislature (you know, the body that had it’s constitutional powers usurped in changing the voting rules) has joined Texas in it’s lawsuit against……drum roll…….their own state of Pennsylvania……….


That’s just priceless!

U.S. Supreme Court rejects GOP congressman’s last-minute effort to upend Pennsylvania’s election results
I had to put this bad new on the bottom so people can read it. It’s everywhere on the ‘net


Per Jenna Ellis twitter:

The Supreme Court only denied emergency injunctive relief. In the order, it did NOT deny cert.

Mike Kelly’s PA suit is still pending before the U.S. Supreme Court.”


Based on what I am seeing this afternoon, it looks like about 20 states have now lined up with the 4 defendant states in the suit filed by TX. It was inevitable that CA would publicly back PA and the others being sued, especially since Becerra (one of CA’s worst politicians and a HUGE backer of medicare for all/national health) has now been named as nominee for HHS in old Joe’s and heels-up’s cabinet. Oh, and did everyone catch the nominee for defense secretary – if what I read is correct, he is indeed a board member of Raytheon. So, I’m feeling really good about our chances for peace under this new administration (not).

Anyway, we’ve talked here numerous times about already being in another civil war… and here is yet another sign. The states are split along party lines and as we all fight each other, we have stories of Chinese influence and money controlling the people at even the highest levels of our government (dem’s and rep’s), we are fast heading toward losing the senate in what will be a rigged race if the case cannot be made to pull the Dominion machines and stop illegal voting, and I don’t like the sound of any of it. Our republic is in big trouble right now… everything we love about this country is under direct attack.

Oh, and one last ray of sunshine while I am feeling glum… Christian over at Ice Age Farmer’s latest post is a real bring-down. Soy shortages, lab-produced food… I know none of this is in my or any of our control. But, man it’s hard to shake all of this off. It’s not like ignoring this is going to make it go away.

nope, ignoring it wont make it go away,

but obsessing over it wont help you either, IMHO, just do what you see prudent, whatever positions you to make the best of whatever situation arises. Those are calls only you can make for yourself.

no, none of this looks good, no the track record of action by the corrupted government is dismal at best. So take that info, and do whatever you can to improve your position to weather the worst.

dont forget to breathe

So Cal Gal
Another bit of not so great news. It appears that someone posing as private buyers just suck up a large ranch with a road dividing them from oil fields.

Trying to track down exactly which state this might have occurred in, and they come from the nation of prez x or however you spell his name. It appears to be factual at this time.

On the Hunter Biden investigation…..remember back before the election when the NY Post broke the story?……remember the letter signed by “more than 50 ‘former’ intelligence officials, saying the story was bogus ‘Russian disinformation’ ” ?………………..

Tells us a lot about who make up the “intelligence community” and where their allegiances lie….and apparently, with some, it ain’t with us.

If SCOTUS does not “uphold and defend the constitution” in this case then our Republic is over. Only answer is for States (led by Texas) to secede and form a new union of liberty loving States.