Threshold Of Societal Chaos – Dominoes About To Topple

When critical mass is reached from forces or triggers of sociological, political, financial, or other structures of life-dependent entities, these systems may break down or even collapse under the pressures applied to them.”

I copied that quote from an article that I posted years ago. I do not recall its origin. However I have been thinking about this. That is the threshold at which the dominoes begin to fall – as it relates to current events here in the U.S.

You’ve all done the domino thing before, right? Lots of time is spent setting them all up. Then upon tipping the first one – the result is a surprisingly rapid toppling of the rest…

The first domino is just standing there. You place your finger upon it and slowly start to tip it. At a certain point it’s exactly balancing on one edge – and then gravity takes it the rest of the way over and into the next one. The rest just happens as the laws of physics does its thing.

We are living through a time of great stresses. A historical time. Many of us instinctively know we’re in a perfect storm of sorts. Storms are stressful and dangerous. This one in particular is a big one. Likely the biggest that many of us will live through in our lifetimes. It began awhile ago. It has developed into a raging tempest. And many people are quite nervous about it as the winds howl outside…

Of course the perfect storm is a metaphor to today’s sociopolitical climate and division. The battle, if you will, is so “righteous” that it’s tied in to “good” versus “evil” for many/most. It is deep. Philosophical. Core ideological beliefs and values.

Now couple all that with the stressors of Covid and all that it has caused. Then add in the great injustice unfolding since November 3rd (and the previous four years of beatings over the head, so to speak).

It feels like the dominoes have been lined up and the first one is ever-so-delicately balanced on its edge… And there’s a breeze that might be just enough to start that process of physics…

Does anyone else sort of have a bit of a knot in your stomach lately?

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I was talking to my son on the phone just a couple of days ago, and we were talking about world events and he asked me, don’t it seem like things are happening at a rather fast rate. And my response was, yes, I can’t believe how fast things are unfolding, can’t really put my finger on any one event but it seem like we’re headed toward some kind of big event. So just as this article mentions, when the first domino topples, we had better be nimble, because thing will unravel faster than most can react. Trekker Out

in the Bible this is referred to as the “birth pains” of the end times

Fourth turning at the very least

“It’s always something” Gilda Radner. A humorous statement at one time, but I find myself trying to adapt that attitude to keep things in perspective.

Bummin, so funny. I quote that to Mr. sometimes. Rose Ann Rosanna Danna….

Loved her!!!!

Then there was Gilda’s Emily Littela “oh, never mind.”

“What’s all this about Violins on Television ?” Emily Littella <bb

Agreed Ken. But for the first time in years the “equalizer” will not be how well armed we are or how many bags of grain we have stored. It will IMO be how much money we have at our fingertips at any given moment. I know this sounds like a Democrat ploy but bare with me. Money is the one thing that even Socialists want and need. Their greed and corruption is fueled by insider deals with China and the tech giants. To them money makes crime right. BLM, ANTIFA, and many other domestic terrorists are counting on Bernie, Kamala, and Barack for financial support as they “legitimize” their platform into political parties. If we the people have our own resources we can retaliate. But we need a particular leadership to do so. Financial Flexibility is the key to our survival.

and if BLACK LIES MATTER or the stupid turds from antifa start attacking smaller towns they should be chopped down like weeds with no mercy and no prisoners

tmcgyver For me money represents the ability/option to physically move anywhere you want, anytime you want. Money allows you to have control over your life. The more money, the more control you have. It sounds greedy and selfish but the times we currently live in force us into a direction which may not be to our liking ethically or morally. I want to help others when I can and of my own choosing. I do not want government to tell me who I should help. The Democrats will take our money and use it to erect a Socialist regime which will in turn create a huge welfare state. It will become America’s heroin and we all know where that will lead.

Maybe not so much as a knot in my stomach, but wow, does my brain hurt.
And its been hurting for quite some time.
This rapid goings on the past few days have really gotten the brain a going.
Seems alot of names are stepping away from the end result of the domino effect.
Lots of info coming at us from all directions. Fact, rumor, based?
Who knows for sure. The brown substance will eventually hit the fan…..just a matter of when.
That’s why we prepare.

That’s why I come here.
Thank ya, Ken and everyone.

Debt of all types,insane money printing by the Fed,and the falling value of the
dollar will expedite the rate at which the dominoes will fall.

Ron: I also believe many people backed into a financial corner will be willing to accept just about anything that will keep a roof over their heads and food on the table.

According to Lunar Planner, as I have mentioned before, he wrote an article back in the fall of 2019, before covid, on the Societal Reset beginning 2020. In the same article he spoke of 2021 as having Disruptive Technologies and the emergence of entirely new Sociopolitical-Economic paradigm. 2020-2030 he has labeled the Great Transformation. I know many do not believe the planets have an effect on the earth and humans. The Father made the planets for a purpose. Otherwise we would have only needed the Sun, Moon and Earth.

Let the dominos fall. Tired of seeing the country die the slow death of a thousand cuts with lies and disinformation from both democrats and republicans. I hope it breaks wide open as the majority of Americans do not appreciate the fundamentals that made it great and blessing have become expectations.

Someone posted on FB a hopeful outlook of returning to celebrating the “we” of early 20th century progressivism. Got me to pull The Fourth Turning book out & start my 3rd read through. If this is indeed the turning to a time of “we” groupthink & anything else is verboten, how am I to make it? How will my unwillingness to go along just to get along be responded to in a world such as that? Should I care? Will so-called irredeemable deplorables become the undesirables of the 21st century? Will clinging to my guns and Bible be sufficient? I have abandoned every organization, company or group who refused to permit discordant voices in their echo chambers. But how can I abandon my country? Can I keep my head down & my mouth shut when a 12 year old is encouraged to demand the government pay for surgery to turn himself into a turtle & then sue to be included on a female special Olympics track team under the banner of combating trans-specie-ism & “society” says I am the crazy, illogical, & ignorant one? What does one do when the response to expressing a divergent opinion is to metaphorically murder the source of the opinion? Are wars & pograms ahead?

Turn to the ‘word’ –there are so many examples in the Bible. One thing that gets me through with my anger daily is remembering that Revelation tells us this is a plan.
I am so blessed with good health (except for cancer on face tomorrow hopefully removed this time..dumb doctors); I save what I can from my SS check; I pay utilities several months ahead just because of unsteady times like these when we have no idea what tomorrow brings, let alone next month.
Faith…and there are bad people everywhere….but, try each day to read an uplifting article…today?? A person with back surgery scheduled was presented with a snow blower and a $3000 check. He has 3 children.
Someone with a lot of money chooses lots of these people to help. This was just one example.

Certain dominoes have to be removed out of the lineup in order to keep the stack from completely falling. I think this needs to be discussed I think it needs to be observed of how we can push dominoes out of the lineup of falling.

yeah i have had that feeling since 2019 i had a feeling that something very seriously BAD was about to hit soon we are quite possibly seeing the end of the usa the next few months will decide if remains the USA or becomes the USSA or SOCIALIST usa and quite possibly the break up of this country to the point we end up balkanized and even the IDEA scares me

Kevin, balkanization of the U.S. should scare any sane American. The world is made up of basically 3 Super Powers, two of which really have no concern of freedom for the people. When the Balkan Peninsula was in turmoil it was made up of mostly small Countries and the Super Powers just watched or played secret roles in what was happening there, but if the day ever comes that Balcanization should happen in American the other two Super Powers would very quickly take control of the entire world. I have always been a Confederate at heart, and my ancestors were Confederate soldiers, and I believe that when the North won the war, that was when States Rights were lost, But God in His Infinite Wisdom knew that the Union must be preserved, and that is most likely still true today. Trekker Out

Mountain Trekker,
history has been rewritten to say that the civil war was about slavery, when in fact it was about the states rights to govern themselves.

This is correct. Imagine telling a Union Captain that they were fighting and dying to free the Negros…and he would have smacked your face.

“Sir!” He would have declared, “We fight to preserve the UNION!”

Lincoln never freed any slave in the United States. For six months AFTER the war was over Union troops were occupied RETURNING escaped slaves into bondage…as the Emancipation Proclamation only freed the slaves in the Confederacy…and not ONE within the United States. As the Union army captured territory..that land returned to the United States…and the Proclamation did not apply…there.

Not until the Civil War Amendments were enacted…were the slaves freed.

So very, very true.
History continues to re-write itself.

yeah and it was MY triple great grandfather that fought FOR the union his name was WILLIAM T SHERMAN and believe it or not i to am a rebel at heart i think if my great grand father was alive today he would shake his head in utter disbelief and would be right along side us

Too bad General Sherman can’t make another trip through Atlanta as it would be greatly appreciated this time.

There have been several hurricanes, tropical storms, and other weather related “emergencies” this year. Now Wuhan flu and economic disruption has hit the country and FEMA has no money to help the latest storms areas clean up and I heard today on the radio that the current winter storm moving through the country has areas declaring “emergencies”

With Biden and company planning to take control what else would it take for the domino to fall? If the certification of the electoral college vote in congress is thrown for a loop by the republicans there will be blood in the streets and likely cwII in one form or another. We have already been divided for political reasons a little push is all it would take.

Another thing is Ken had a post last year about a black swan event. If another comes along that would surely be the straw that broke the camels back! I think it could be something along the lines of China invading Taiwan since Cina thinks Biden will be in control in the US, mho.

glad to see you back Deep South


Not gone anywhere just commenting selectively. 🙂

I was thinking about dominoes the other day too. How purposely they are beginning to fall, as well as how their momentum grows the further they go down the line. Soon there will be additional lines that topple off in branches from the main one set into motion. Some won’t be able to be stopped or diverted. They will have to run their course to their own conclusion. There’s no guarantees what we’ll be left looking at when they’re done.

I had hoped that justice would intervene. Yet I’m at peace with it being Just Us, if that is all that’s left. Trump has a lot of cards to play. I honestly have faith in him winning this game and outsmarting the traitors. They’ve got a lot of dirty tricks up their sleeves though and as Ken has said, they are all in. The only thing they don’t have on their side is a Trump Card. And we are it.

We are not the same people as we were when this year started. Our eyes have been opened to the corruption and our disgust over what our government has become has grown exponentially. This country is unlike any other on the face of the planet. We are what makes it great. On this 250th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, we can still bring about change.

I have been feeling this way for more than a year. Each day I expect that first domino to fall but somehow it keeps hanging on. In March I thought sure the pandemic would be the toppling factor, then the riots and violence, then the fraud in the election. I tell members of my group regularly, I pray every night that I’m wrong but every day I try to do something else to be a little better prepared, just in case.

has anyone here ever seen the movie “idiocracy”. seems to me that our world is on a fast track to being there.

cid: Good gosh, you too? I agree with you so much. That movie is spot-on. It’s almost like a friggen documentary 🙂

a very, very good read is a short story published in 1951 by Cyril M. Kornbluth titled “the marching morons”. i first read it in the old Omni magazines published in the mid 80’s.i highly recommend it. looking back i find it prophetic.
its available online for free and is a short read. enjoy

there is a series of books written by willaim w johnston called out of the ashes these where written back in the 80s and 90s they are almost prophetic in whats going on right now

Kevin, yep read them all, got a bad feeling bout all this, I think it’s gonna get uglier


Well…I was doing great this morning until I watched Christian’s new video at It is about the coming “Cyberpandemic.” Disruptions and cyber attacks on defense, power, water, finance, and supply chains. And the marvelous Klaus has a bit of a video appearance.

I need aspirin.

As a kid, a good spanking always worked to get me back in line and maybe what America needs is a good social, financial, physical and psychological spanking to get back on track.

RC, I think you’re right.

I think we need an alien invasion like the “War of the Worlds” to bring us together on common ground… for at least it would last a little while.

A good high altitude high yield nuke should do it,,,

Kulafarmer: Just out of curiosity, don’t you ever feel trapped living on an island in the middle of the ocean? I knew a native Hawaiian that loved living on the mainland because he was a biker and I mentioned Hawaii’s year-round riding temperatures and he said he would lose his mind if he had to ride around and around and around that island ever again. Is Hawaii self-supporting (in that it can create everything it needs)? One thing I like about Wisconsin is all the lakes and rivers – to me, they are escape hatches to other parts of the country. I don’t like living away from a quick-exit water source, it makes me feel trapped. Hawaii is surrounded by water, but it’s too far from any practical destination so that would make me feel trapped. I don’t know that I’d like being cut-off like Hawaii (and Alaska is dependent on most items being transported in, so I don’t think I’d care for that either).

Um, LeAnne, That’s your problem. Not Kulafarmer’s problem. Why are you busting his chops over that?

Plus, you said you live in Milwaukee. That’s a population-dense apparent liberal / blm/antifa-loving city to an extent (you’ve indicated that yourself). I would take Kula’s residence on that beautiful island any day over that. Just saying…

Ken: I’m not busting his chops over it, I just was curious which was prompted by his comment, “A good high altitude high yield nuke should do it,,,” My very first thought when I read that is he’s on an island in the middle of the ocean and if an EMP takes out the mainland, Hawaii is far enough away to probably not be initially affected, but can they self-support without shipments from the mainland and how could he get off the island if he needed to?

Most locals here would be fine,,,,, we do have the ability to produce everything that we would need to survive,

Spending the morning up at the north shore, diving at Sharks Cove exploring the death cave then playing golf on Hickam watching a sub come into the harbor. Good times!! Been too long. Enjoy it Bruh!

😎 🤙🏻
will do,,, thanks,,
Merry Christmas!

There is no end to an argument as to what location is best to live in as it is up to one’s personal preference. On this I agree with LeAnne. I haven’t been to Hawaii but I have been to Milwaukee and have moved freely amongst what would be considered people you should avoid. I’m not afraid of living in a ghetto either, I’ve done that. It is actually a gratifying experience as people on the street are not political and relate to one another as sort of a family. But you cannot impose your preferences or judgments on someone else’s. To each his own, or as Sly & the Family Stone sang: “Different strokes for different folks”.


Milwaukee is an island of sorts, as well. A densely populated one. Kind of like a feedlot, if you really think about it. Food is brought in, waste is managed, each human occupying enough space to live on, but not enough space to self-sufficiently provide for all, or even a significant part, of their needs. Those deplorables in the hinterlands of Wisconsin, and in other parts of the country, may be grumpy enough about being screwed over by the blue city folk, they may just decide to let the cities take care of themselves.

If I were a betting girl, I’d bet on Kula on his island before I’d bet on almost anyone living in Milwaukee. If I’m remembering correctly, he knows how to feed himself.

Farmgirl: It doesn’t have to be Milwaukee. Anyone from anywhere in Wisconsin (or another mainland state) could start walking tonight and eventually end up in Florida, Texas, whatever. Living on the mainland (and especially by rivers and lakes) I don’t feel trapped. When I lived in Florida, I was living inland and felt very trapped – too far away from water, which is an alternate navigation route (or can just be followed on foot to another location). I hadn’t even thought anything of Hawaii until Kulafarmer brought up an EMP scenario so I thought I’d ask him what I thought was a basic question out of curiosity.

LeAnne and Bummin’,

Bummin’ – What you are saying is true, mostly, in normal times. However, the context for LeAnne’s comment was location during an EMP. That matters.

If there’s an EMP, have fun walking *anywhere*. I don’t know your background, but unless you’re a Ranger or somesuch, that’s going to be a very unpleasant walk.

You won’t be stopping at markets or restaurants, because they won’t be operating in the context of an EMP. Where does the food for those markets and restaurants come from? How’s it gonna get there? I guarantee you they aren’t growing all of it in the city. How will the grocery stores stay open in a grid down situation? How well behaved do you think all those people living so close to each other in grid down are going to be?

You’re right, Bummin’, not everyone in the country is self-sufficient. Most don’t grow all of their own food. But a lot of them I know have enough skills to at least have a shot at it. And the space to do it in. And a lot I know supply a substantial amount of the food they eat right off their own land. Not a guarantee of success, but a much greater possibility of it than in the city during grid down.

Farmgirl: I wasn’t comparing EMP survival locations, I just instantly thought “He’s trapped on an island” when he brought up EMP. Before moving to a farm out in the driftless region of Wisconsin, the first thing I looked up was the distance to the Mississippi River and how long it would take to walk there (17 hours, 30 minutes) and best route to take – which ended up being the Elroy Sparta trail followed by the La Crosse River trail. I wanted a major navigable “escape hatch”. It’s probably just a me-thing.

17 hours without rest, without going around communities that will have blocked themselves off, without any issues with blisters, falls, sickness, stopping to eat. Consider desperate people setting up at access points “charging” you all your goods to be let through. When you get to the river – then what? Rubber raft? What will the fare be? Can you trust the person to not just kill you once you’re on their craft and out in the water just to get your stuff? What if you have a craft or a friend with a craft? There will be river pirates like I suggested. Desperate people in desperate times maybe. But there are also some communities along the river with significant criminal elements. Or are you thinking about walking to the river and heading north to the woods? There are a lot of communities along the river that aren’t going to be open to outsiders once the hordes start fleeing the cities. In between are incredibly high river bluffs in some locations.

I have locations to bug out to, alternative routes, 4WD, weapons and other tools for escaping the city I am currently stuck in and I still don’t give myself more than a 50% chance of getting out safely.

Farmgirl, I never read the EMP factor to this discussion which I understood to be about access, availability of essentials like food, and so on (not sunshine and coconuts).
Despite a commonly held misconception (someone else mentions it here) cities are far more sufficient than rural communities. The largest mid-size city to us has enough food warehouses to feed it’s population for months. There are no such storehouses in small towns, everything is trucked in daily from the storehouses in the city. If trucking ceases the small towns will be without, it will all stay in the city storehouses.
But I choose not to live in the city so I overcome the supply situation by self-supplying. I didn’t do that when I lived in the city.

You should understand that all of these food distribution warehouses have already been identified and targeted by several armed groups in the immediate area of each. Further, most of these distribution sites are located outside of the cities in centralized locations, which are quite rural, and usually serve more than one city’s outlets.

I expect these warehouses will be pretty fun places, after more than two survival militias show up to claim them….

Do not wish to break your bubble, or cause a squabble. Are you sure about your quote?

“The largest mid-size city to us has enough food warehouses to feed it’s population for months.”

You must have missed a posting about a certain warehouse which once was stacked & packed only holds air now. Which gives to rise to the question are those warehouses full of goods or air. Just thinking outside the box, because we are in a different world situation now. 🤔

then theres that inconvenient little factoid that if it isn’t in your hands it ain’t yours!

OH, my yes!!
Finished watching Stalin, he was a major butt divot! Peasants raised the crops then Stalin had all their food confiscated, would not let them keep any grains as all. If caught hiding said items they stripped them of that food source along with their winter clothing to starve.

that will be comrade biden and harris in the coming years,,,
unless of course certain individuals within our govt grow a pair…

Antique Collector, okay, for public consumption I am full of it. Nonetheless regardless of that confession I still will have my personal observations to hang on to in privacy.
I will have to look into it more.

No check into it. They may not have months or weeks but days worth on hand to be distributed out to the stores. There is a center for the WM down south of us, and the trucks are coming in & out of there all the time. As to the amount they have on hand at anyone time is anyone’s guess. If the :Pzzzz hits the fan that is one of the first places everyone south of us will go to for supplies. I had forgotten all about it until your posting. We do not go that way unless it is for doc’s appointments for dh at the VA.

Antique Collector; I am familiar with this operation, I’ve been in it and it is a huge multi-city block operation in a remote, hard to find, location. I understand all the skepticism, but this place supplies outlets throughout the state. If all of it’s resources were confined to be used solely in the city where it operates I do not doubt that it could provide sustained operations, which is what I originally was conjecturing. Not only high quality prepared breakfast, lunches, salads but fresh produce and meat as well. The point being, this is a go-to place that not many people would consider in shortages, but although it is in a city, it’s outlets are throughout the state. Again, point of origin is the city, not the countryside.

point of origin? do they grow it in the city, just wondering.

Good point, from what I understand a large percentage of farm goods are from local farmers, not trucked in from across the country.

CID I know you are in disagreement, but you make my point; I can see a 600 cow dairy farm from our backyard but it is illegal to buy milk there, You got to go into town to buy it.

i hate to burst your bubble, but most cities will exhaust any supply within a week or two. Just fact,

There are several large facilities in that city. One is a massive production/warehouse facility that is supplied by local producers with great capacity to produce, store and deliver. Perhaps not months, but compared to our local grocer that rarely is fully stocked and with no local such facility, I’ll stick to my story.
But to wrap up my input on this topic; at one time when I was deciding where to move I opened up a magazine to the letters section, I closed my eyes and decided to move to the city and state where the letter was from that I put my finger on. I stayed there for several years, met the future Mrs and moved on.

I worked as a trucking dispatcher for a year, and all the product was shipped in, usually from long distances. Sometimes to a warehouse, yes, but then immediately shipped out again to the stores. Most warehouses actually held little to no product–they were trans-shipping facilities.

When one company was unable to ship the product because of a computer glitch (product was produced on demand in their factory–very little warehouse space) the stores started screaming within hours and there was panic within 24 with people snatching the product almost off the trucks. Production had to stop because the product could not be shipped and they had nowhere to store it.

Judging by what I saw, this was normal. If a factory or distributor fell behind and the product could not be shipped, stores went without. Few stores held any level of product in reserve.

And while there might be warehouses in each urban area as you state, in order to take care of 50,000 people for even a week they would need massive amounts of products.

No disrespect intended… There is no way “the largest mid-size city has enough food warehouses to feed its population for months”.

Warehouses are simply distribution (unload / load) points along the chain of transport. Across all industry, there is little to no real warehousing of goods because it’s a tax liability. Hence, the just-in-time systems.

Sure, there’s product at warehouses, but it doesn’t sit there for long.

And yes, small towns will be SOL too if trucking stops.

Regardless of where you live (city or small town), a self-reliant person of a preparedness mindset will store some of their own food for just in case. Most don’t (as you yourself said that you did not when you lived in the city).

Ken ,,,,lauran,,,,,,,,,, if I may jump in ,,,,i have access to two warehouses ,one I’m part owner with family. 100k sf ,,first time that I can recall not used this year. ,,second one family has large stock involvment ,half mil sf inside storage ,plus truck dock for 200 trailers , truck dock is working ,,dry storage is air storage ,,,normal to be full to the roof trusses this time of year ,zip,nada,air storage ,,,rail car track is rusty ,from lack of use ,,have 20 rail car doors.
Gov people are using dry storage area right now, I’m not allowed to see or ask
100+ employees are on full pay to stay home as part of gov contract,,,racking has been taken down
Make of it what you will ,

Holy S**T! OH – that’s more air than we’ve been moving. Those are some truly frightening numbers.

as long as someone is paying the lease on the warehouses i wouldn’t care what they stocked. YOU can’t lose. air pays the same as merchandise.
i know, i know. but the warehousing business has always been that way. they have primary and secondary warehouses. the secondary ones are for overflow in inventory. not much overflow on anything these days.

CID,,,,,, no lease on little one ,,,my nickel,,,,,,,,how about a indoor go kart track????? HaHa.

i love go carts, HA HA. i would buy a ticket or twelve!

I am for an inside golf course. No rain, snow, thunder. Oh course the golf clubs might take a beating since there is no real grass to hit off of. Do you have artificial turf??

Indoor arena

An indoor cannabis growing operation,,, big $

OK ALL ,,,, I’m letting a friend use it to store a train in it for the winter ,yep a real steamengine locomotive , and passenger cars he is restoring, 1890s stuff ,

Cool stuff Homesteader

Just one more comment on warehouses. I’ve made a point of talking with managers at numerous grocery stores (independents to national chains) and they’ve all told me the same thing:

Foods and supplies like paper goods and cleaners are passing through product warehouses, then store regional facilities out to individual stores at record pace. There is little to nothing in the way of food sitting on shelves anywhere. The individual manufacturers are struggling to keep up with demand, and once loads hit regional grocery warehouses they are literally going in one door and out another. That’s why we are seeing longer “best by” dates – nothing is sitting anywhere. High demand items are moving straight through the system faster than ever.

Yes, there may be some supplies in an outlying regional warehouse on a given day, but it wouldn’t last long. I don’t think proximity to warehouses would help, might be a disadvantage as it would draw in people/groups looking to take over those facilities.

SCG,,,,,,,,,,you should have a job as a spokesperson,

Thanks OH, just sharing what I’m hearing. You are our real source on all of this – thank you for every bit of info you share – I believe many of us appreciate and have acted on your updates.

you couldnt pay me to live anywhere within a 10 hour drive of a major metro area…..

now if you said, west Texas somewhere, remote Appalachia, or rockies and up into northern Idaho,,, we could talk

Kulafarmer! FINALLY the person whose comment I was looking for – Good Morning 🙂 All the areas you’ve mentioned are good choices (remote Appalachia or northern Idaho seem more promising) I’m sure you can hunker down at your place, I’m just wondering if being on an island means no escape. Maybe it’s just me, but I get very on edge when I’m away from navigable water. Technically, your water is navigable, but that’s a long 2,500 miles to paddle through waves and it’s salt water, not fresh water 🙂 I hate feeling trapped.

i suppose its trapped, depending on how you look at it or scenario, but im almost 60, my almost 90 mom lives on property too, my DGF mom of almost 70 lives nearby, her sister and almost 70 DBF live close too, so where am i going to run to? And why? Honestly, im not even considering a bug out,,,
i will stand my ground and piss in whoever’s cheerios think they are going to overrun us, or whatever. Its pure fantasy imagining you could outrun a hoard of people, especially if you are in a huge metro area, just too damn many people, think an ant hill you scoop the top off of, same smell in a city of any size.

Kulafarmer: Given a choice, I want to die in Milwaukee – my second choice would be to make the 10 hour walk to ancestral Menominee lands which begin only 30 miles north of Milwaukee. Shelter-in-place is always the best choice – survival odds plummet if you hit the road (or walk along the waterways as I would choose to do).

Do you have any idea about how big Hawaii is? This is not the island of the movie “Cast Away.” Nor is it Gilligan’s island.

Plainsmedic: No, I have no idea the size of Hawaii. I only know the native-Hawaiian guy said he could get on his Harley and do the island in a day and that if he had to ride around that island one more time he’d lose his mind – which is why he moved to the mainland.

heres a funny little fact,
On the ranch i grew up on over on the big island, an island of over 4,000 square miles, many of the oldtimers,
had never been to the other side of the island, let alone another island….. our place was over 32,000 acres with the state leases

Kulafarmer: It’s the same in some parts of rural Wisconsin. There are people who’ve never been even 50 miles away from where they were born. When I lived on the farm, a guy took me on a date to a movie theater and it’s the first movie he’d ever seen in his life – and he was in his mid-50’s at the time. He was still living the outhouse-n-radio lifestyle and hauling water (no indoor plumbing at all).

Eww. For goodness sake LeAnne – There is a world beyond the Sheboygan CL Personals. MKE-LAX is dirt cheap right now. Come on out Saturday, I’ll take you around and straighten you out. Raise your standards a bit.

Thats pretty funny TMac,,,

is a bit like comparing LA with Mammoth

tmcgyver: LOL! It wasn’t a personals ad and was the southwest part of Wisconsin. I was working at the lil’ town grocery and the guy walked in and said, “I’m going to marry you someday” – well, that didn’t happen, but he sure tried to win me over. Last I heard he’s still living out there (milking a couple hundred cows in a town named Mauston). There was nothing wrong with him, I just didn’t make a connection with him, he’s a very nice man.

LeAnne – Ohhh… Madistan. Ouch! Yeah. Hmmm. Well, I could run ya up to Venice on Saturday, show you our freaks.

tmcgyver: hahaha @ Madistan. Yeah, that place is more of a freak show than Milwaukee could ever be. I’ve never liked Madison.

Right you are Plainsmedic.
just in our rural area we are surrounded by hundreds of thousands of acres of ag land, within 20 minute drive is hundreds of thousands of acres of lands that have nothing on them, yet, from my deck i can see the edge of Lahaina where theres about a third of the islands population and can see Kihei and Kahului/Wailuku/Waihee that has the other third or more of the population, within 2 miles straight line up the mountain we have a major USAFinstallation that tracks satellites, is amajor satcom hub as well as some other interesting hardware. This aint Gilligans Island by a long shot. 727 sq miles from 0’ elev to 13,000+’ elev

Your state is beautiful. I was only there for about a week, one time. Hawaii is equally important, if not more so, than any other state. Stay well. I’m just a country boy from the middle of nowhere. I love where I live too.

Milwaukee is anything but an island. We camped just outside of the city in what was a very quiet wilderness. The city has vast access to land and water transportation. The idea that food is scarce in big cities and abundant in rural areas is poppycock. I live in rural Wi and we go to the city for our groceries in several outlets. There is only one in our town, likewise in all small towns. There was a severe crises a couple of years ago when a grocery chain folded and towns were left without any market and had to travel 2 hours to the city. Milwaukee has an incredible variety and volume of food from a vast array of ethnicities. Look up markets and restaurants there. The food markets are fabulous; sausage, teas, vegetables, cheeses, beer, aged meats… I could go on. And you don’t need a boat to get there.

EMP and the trucks carrying that fabulous foods into Milwaukee STOPS. Water pumping and sewage STOPS. Gas Stations assuming your vehicle isn’t damaged by EMP stop pumping. Traffic jams and Road Rage *might* be difficult to deal with.

You *Might* not be an Island like Maui but walking through a lot of unhappy people maybe snow to WHERE some basic life support services still function is a pretty deep moat.

EMP and my gardens and chickens don’t even notice. Will I suffer lacks like no banana’s and such cheap and wide variety of foods YES. My Well runs on back up power (or the hand pump) and the septic gurgles along unaware a EMP occurred. Yes less convenience but in my mind a better situation than a City full of scared and angry people when the light go out for HOW LONG?

A person can go native in Maui assuming police and crazies don’t get him and do well enough for decades.

NH Michael: I wasn’t comparing EMP survival rates of Milwaukee vs Hawaii, I was just wondering if Kulafarmer ever felt trapped living on an island that a person can’t get away from if the planes, ships, etc. stop. It was a simple question. With the right skills, people can go native in Wisconsin for 10,000+ years, as well.

This has been an interesting discussion. Leanne – You have mentioned you read Rawles’ SB blog. Have you read his books on survival? One of the first rules is to not be within walking distance of a major city. Yes he does discuss if you are stuck because of work or family. But he says it is likely not survivable for most whatever the scenario WTSHTF. Plus avoiding being part of the golden horde isn’t very safe either. Lines of drift and all that. Ever considered river pirates depending on what waterways you are thinking of using for evac? Have you read the Going Home series by A. American? The first book includes a 250 mile walk to the safety of a man’s homestead. Plus consider all the FIBs, Badgers and Gophers who will have the same thought. (I think I can say FIB safely since I lived there twice for a total of 5 years.)

All you need to do is look at the lines and traffic jams coming away from the gulf coast when a hurricane is about to hit,
not pretty, now imagine that, with no fuel, no supplies, and everywhere anyone would be going to in the same predicament,,,,
Good call on JWRs books, that Patriots series is excellent, another good one is Matt Brackens Enemies series, ditto on A American, while those are all fiction, they get your mind going.

MamaLark: hahaha @ FIBs 🙂 In my book, anyone is welcome to refer to them by what they are. I want to die in Milwaukee. I’ve actually prayed that when I die someday, please let it be in Milwaukee, or at least on ancestral Menominee land in a flee situation. It’s just that I don’t like feeling trapped. I felt very trapped when I lived in Florida away from navigable water (and not filled with alligators and water moccasins and such) and all I could think of is “Please don’t let me die here” and now that I’m back in Milwaukee I’m very much at peace inside. I just like having “escape hatches”. People are reading too much EMPishness-survival into my original comment.

Gator and moc are both good eating,,,


Your original comment: “My very first thought when I read that is he’s on an island in the middle of the ocean and if an EMP takes out the mainland, Hawaii is far enough away to probably not be initially affected, but can they self-support without shipments from the mainland and how could he get off the island if he needed to? “

Seems pretty EMPish. Hence the responses you generated. But hey, you got people talking and had lots of interactions, right?

Farmgirl: I guess you’re right that it could be interpreted that way and was. In my mind, I was just thinking “trapped”. It didn’t even have to be an EMP, what if a volcano has a major eruption (and not just cute lil’ lava streams moving so slow you can walk ahead of them while taking pictures). It’s triggers a YIKES! TRAPPED response in me. I probably could have worded it differently. You’re right about getting people talking – usually I just get downvoted off the page hahaha – it’s been a great thread-o-discussion.

So right NHM,
police, not so worried, crazies? Well, its a numbers thing, If the crazies survive, witch i doubt most will, just too many armed folks here who will not put up with that,

My chickens and garden and the deer i hear barking right now wont miss a beat,,,, and i am pretty sure we can adapt.

My son and his family are currently living on Maui for the next six months, or so. They have an expensive home there and are busy with my new born Grandson, as they dive and do the beach thing.

He is a highly trained combat martial arts type of guy, who jumps out of good aircraft for fun, mountain climbs, is a trained first responder, and free dives in all kinds of water, at any temperature. His wife is just as well trained, too.

His first name is TARL. No one else has that name…so, you can know him..if he shows up.

its a beautiful place,,, lots to do, if you like the ocean its paradise, well, its paradise even if you dont, i used to surf and windsurf and dive and all sorts of stuff, we are super home bodies now,, just so comfortable ya know, is a good place to be in.
I hope they get to do all the stuff they want here, is a good time to be here all things considered as its not as crowded.

Kulafarmer: Another bright side of your island-living is in an EMP situation, you’ve basically seceded. You just have to get through the initial golden horde and then it would be at least a decade before you’d be bothered again by mainlanders or the government.

dont forget, we have a huge military presence, huge,,,
small enough population and of those many are generations deep, we got rootz,,,
there will be no “golden horde” not here anyway, and on Oahu, they got nowhere to go,,,

Not really,,,
i have lived all over, yes its nice to get out and roam on the mainland, but the track my life has taken and my personality fit just right on our island homestead, i have never had the luxury of being able to just take off and drive, the need to make a living has always taken precedent, just was never in my cards. Now days i enjoy just puttering on the homestead, or working in my shop or studio, my other half doesn’t have any desire to roam either, her job is so intense that when she gets down time she likes staying put too.
so no, i we dont get island fever. Honestly, barring the chinese or some such invading us, this spot feels pretty safe and pretty good for weathering anything. So that is a good point as well, plus we are extremely fortunate to live in a prime spot, views as far as the eye can see,,,
We have a mild climate and weather, and year round growing in some of the best soils you can find, wildlife is abundant, so much so that there are no seasons on anything other than game birds.
And did i mention,,, it will propably be in the mid 70s today, nice n sunny, with trades blowing,

It’s overwhelming how many things, wrong things, corrupt things, indisputable things have happened in such a short span of time. What’s even more mind blowing is how you can apparently tell millions of people the color they are looking at is red and no matter how green it is-they believe it’s red. If God doesn’t decide to act first, our species is surely destined for extinction with the level of ignorance displayed and lack of ANY useful skills. Raccoons and roaches reason better than the average human these days. Dominoes are, indeed, lined up for a big fall, and most morons won’t even see it when it’s piled on their lawn.

When gender is fluid and math can be defined by skin color, when science comes down to consensus and medicine is determined by politics, the foundations of what we have referred to as civilization are literally crumbling. Who do they think is going to do the math and the science and the medicine, when they’ve eliminated the foundations? Do they think this technological world will continue to function when no one knows how to add?

At best we’re headed for a new dark age.

Well said Lauren. That’s why the two articles on starving the beast really hit home for me and I think others as well. My thinking is that assuming some of us “de-google” we should begin the task of taking our thoughts and our skills underground. I don’t mean the dark web – yet – but we should be thinking about keeping certain things amongst ourselves and among the trustworthy. We really don’t know who’s watching and reading this website but we can guess that they’re not conservatives in the vein of Rush Lilmbaugh (God help him now).

There is a saying that I have heard that goes something like: If God doesn’t do something soon he is going to have to apologize for Sodom and Gomorrah. Isn’t good to mock God.

That saying is in error and ignorant of the ways of God. God has done something, in brief, God has delegated power and authority to us and is most likely waiting for us to do something soon; that being to fight this battle on a spiritual level.

Yes, I agree that it is some what “up to us” to do something. But, yes, it is also a spiritual battle between good and evil. At some point God will act. I see the saying as people expressing frustration, exasperation and a host of other emotions.

“A fervent prayer of a righteous man availaleth much”.

it’s not for man to know Gods plan. God knows what is best for us and it will be fulfilled.
but we will have to pass the test, the tribulation. and it may well be upon us.
i believe that the first two seals have been opened.

Not from what I’ve read. The bible is littered with verses stating that God wants us to know, that is why the book was penned!!
And the book of Revelation is not of our time.

the bible was written by men, not by God

written by men inspired by GOD. GOD used them to write what he wanted.

The only thing that needs to be “inspired” is good fiction. The truth is merely written down.

I believe that there is three ways the Dominos might fall. #1. Biden wins the White House and we become a Communist country. #2 The Red states follow Trump and secede from the Commie Blues. #3. Full out Civil War.


As they used to say in Nam, “There are Zips in the wire” , so it’s time to Shut Up and Nut Up!

You are 100% correct. Perhaps more so then you think. Every one reading this “listen up”.

Yes, and no on the knot in my stomach, there is just so much happening, so many people who refuse to see what is going on. I keep trying, day in day out to just not pay too terribly close attention to the “news” or doom porn as it were. Most of the time, all is good, but then i see a piece of “news” or slanted bullschitt from here or there and that knot starts creeping in, its tough being conscious.

it’s the same for many of us now.

good post, something has got to happen, God help us

On December 21, 2020, there is a “great conjunction” to appear in the west. The great conjunction is so labeled because it is when the biggest planets in our solar system align with the sun. There’ve been several conjunctions but not referred to as “great.” Saturn and Jupiter will only be 0.1 degree apart and from earth will appear as a sort of starburst which it is believed 2000yrs ago this was the event that the wise men saw when finding their way to the first coming of Jesus. I think this same event could be a sign from Jesus that his second coming is nigh. Jesus often made reference to his apostles that there would be signs and wonders in the sun, moon and stars or in toto…THE HEAVENS.

So all of us who are God-fearing Christians and love our Lord need not fret. Caste your anxiety and fears on him as He will never forsake us. I don’t know or understand how anybody lives w/o Christ. He also said that the generation that He returns in will NOT pass, but see ALL of these things happen and then the end.

I’m not given to dates but just the generation. None of this was possible before His people returned the land of Abraham. We are living in some extraordinary times!

For those who have been expressing anxiety about military moves you might check out Dr. Peter Pry’s most recent article. —.
. . . .
He also has this to say “Also, for those interested, I warn about increased nuclear risk during transition between administrations and debate General McInerney on the implications of invoking the Insurrection Act to thwart an illegally “elected” Biden Administration on the Dan Happel Show, now banned from Facebook.” — 

Ahh, let the chips, cards, dominos, whatever, fall where the may.
I’m tired of preparing. Wondering, waiting and worrying of silly things that don’t add up to nothing.
Am I fully, truly fully prepared for what comes?
Probably far from it.
I’ve done the best I can, and still try to continue to do as such.
I was disappointed in Y2K. The Aztecs prediction. OBummer years. The rigged 2020 election.
We can only do so much before we’re burnt.
I’m burnt.
Let it begin.
I can’t get ahead. Seems as if I keep declining, the more I do.
But I will still give ’em hellfire, come what may.

Joe c or is it joe c… hummm
Well said Sir.
Me n Ole Blue, well we’ll give em hell for sure.
Getting mighty old for the waiting game.
But honestly, through all the SHTF ( BTW it’s ‘Shit’ not all the political crap of Stuff… it’s “Shit Hit The Fan”) that’s happened over a lifetime.
Friggen bring it on or get the hell out of my head….
God help the children and their children for what we have done….

NRP & Blue

Joe c, joe c.
Doesn’t matter.
Just don’t call me sir….
I makes me feel older than you.

Give Blue a hug from me and Red.

And yes.

Thanks for responding, bud.

What dominoes? I’ve yet to see one single domino fall in Gov’t. These assholes treat all us, WE the PEOPLE, like mushrooms, they just fed us horse sh_t, and keep all of us in the dark.

Want PROOF/ Well, here it is:

Report has been delayed until January???? The EO states no later than 45 days after the Election (Dec 18). Is Ratcliffe Deep State too? Is President Trump okay with Ratcliffe missing his EO 13848 45-day deadline?

This is pretty much the end of the Republican party, and USA, as we know it. The crime of the century, the greatest heist in world history, the most complicated coverup in human history, election rigging on an unprecedented scale, the most surprising thing about it, how complacent and indifferent GOP legislators are, about it. We find our Republican lawmakers happy to congratulate the most incompetent, the most feeble, the most corrupt president-elect and vice president elect, Nuts and Slut, in American history…!!!!

Dominoes are little. It’s hard to optically pick out #8, or gauge how #32 fell. But the line is moving. Granted they don’t appear any bigger than the crumbs that Hansel & Gretel followed. We’re ready for meat. But like Trump’s theme song, “You can’t always get what you want. But if you try, sometimes you get what you need.”

We need is irrefutable proof of the acts committed by a nation-state because that will be grounds for an act of war. One of the surest ways to get there is following this SolarWinds hack because it was massive. Think about the entirety of who was hacked. It is potentially a digital Pearl Harbor, which is why a new UCG has been formed that isn’t the one O built. Much of what they find won’t be released to us, yet the classified report can be delivered to DJT as effortlessly as Ratcliffe could have done on a flight with him to the Army-Navy game.

Trump didn’t just declare a new federal holiday on Christmas Eve, he’s reportedly told his staff to get out of DC. The WEF didn’t randomly write “What the Covid-19 pandemic teaches us about cyber security and how to prepare for the inevitable global cyberattack”. Gather little crumbs. They lead us home.

I keep reading here about all the references to God.
Takes me back to ‘NAM, many years ago.
We would have the church services just before going out in the ‘Boonies.
Then we would go out and burn the natives homes, displacing them.
Of course, we were doing God’s work, invading another country, killing the inhabitants because they had a different set of beliefs.
Just like we did to our American Indians.
Who are the savages here ?
Of course we couldn’t win that one.
Just like there will be no winners here. Only Losers.
Of course, I’m in my 80s now, and as I’m approaching the ‘End of the Trail, I see things quite differently that I did when I was 20.
And I, like every one of us, will face the Final Judgement.
In war, everybody loses.

Warvet. A walk in the jungle can change your outlook on life ,don’t you think ?,,,anyway welcome home bro,,,,,i think ????

WarVet I spent a month as a tourist in Vietnam in 2018. I was amazed at the friendliness of the people there and what a great country it has turned out to be. You would think everyone would line up to throw rocks at every white face they saw but I found they are a welcoming and hospitable country. I had drinks in a few establishments with old timers who were most likely vietcong vets of the American War as they call it. It was sad to see so many old guys about my age with one leg or arm and wonder how American politicians can lie their way into justifying any war. Makes me wish I knew as much about America then as I do now.

…its hard to read your post and not feel a great sense of compassion. I’ve never been in a war nor do I want to, but I am proud of you no matter your age for serving this country so I (in my 60’s) could live free. What you did was preserve and protect freedom. There have brutal wars throughout history as far back as time is recorded. So I for one would like to say God bless you and your family as freedom ALWAYS come with a price and you paid it. Thank you!

Okie dokie……….this is interesting……

Just saw a video clip of Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo saying…on air…that she has an intel source that has told her that Trump did, in fact, win the election, and that it’s now up to SCOTUS to allow the evidence to be presented…….

Bartiromo is a straight shooter, not an opinion purveyor….could this get traction?…..or is it a warning that if SCOTUS doesn’t do it’s job, Trump will take a more direct route to expose what the intel community has found?…….invoking the Insurrection Act that’s been rumored?

P.S.-the video clip is over on Weasel Zippers (very short clip)

Its criminal how our selected officials are completely ignoring the real issues. Americas insolvency, coming soon, Global warming, not real…..right? Peak oil, a finite resource will never run out. among so many other problems they refuse to address and they continue to get re-selected. Party affiliation is irrelevant they are ALL Guilty!

The first domino fell when the election was quite clearly rigged. The level of judicial, legislative, corporate and media corruption is self evident. Welcome to the greater Chicago land corruption, exported to the federal level by Obama. Compliance is as simple as doing nothing, saying nothing and paying your taxes.

I’m super pissed how things have gone the last 45 days, check that, 2020 has been a sh$t show. The thing is, the chess game continues. Yes, pieces have moved and been lost, but the goal is always to win. For me, winning is taking care of my family.

I took the oath to defend the constitution in 99 and again in 04. I will always do my part to uphold my oath.

Please take of yourselves and help your neighbor where you can.

Things are dicy, we know the election was stolen, so does everyone else.. but some have their head in the sand waiting for sports or checking their 401k. They will be blindsided.

Does President Trump go all balls in and declare a stolen election and go forward with attacking the deep state? We will be the last to know, butJan 10th. Is a sign or a few days after. But if nothing by jan 20th… Then all we have talked about and preped for, that day will be here.

If they can steal the first election, all elections after that will be stolen also.

Our Forfathers diet was GOD,GUNS and GUTS… some in America may have that same menue.

We are not down and out yet..

We must think of this as 1776 all over again. The game has changed but the desired outcome has not. The only way we get through this is to stick together. We are prepped, we are one and Where we go one we go all. This is the path. With God as our strength, His light as our path, His love as our guide, His grace as our confidence…we move forward because the alternative is not acceptable.

There is a lot of chatter about a state(S) to secede/
Anyone ever looked into what would be necessary for that to happen?


Not the simple solution some seem to think. So much we take for granted….social security, medicare, medicaid, pensions, upkeep on water reservoirs, electrical grids, interstate highways, freedom of travel (or lack of), trade agreements, border controls and egress/ingress,……the list is endless………all would have to be worked out prior to an amicable secession….all would be used as a bludgeon to crush a hostile secession……….

Not being a wet blanket…just pointing out some of the obstacles to such a “solution”……..


tango has a valid question.

Do we know what the flyover States contribute to the Blue coastal States in terms of food, fuel, energy, taxes, …. so what would be the disadvantage of the country being split into three.

I believe that the central States could do very well on their own and being more conservative, would have far fewer nanny state eaters – and yes I do recognize that people deserve the SS they have worked for all their lives. The major liberal population centers appear to become more socialist and militant everyday.

One thing the Feds could say to a secession proposal from a State. (besides Hell No !)

“Sure, you are welcome to leave when you pony up your share of the $27 Trillion national debt.”

If you do the arithmetic, that is 27E12/330E06 = about $80,000 per person in the country. So for every 1 million people in your State that would come to about $80 Billion if you do it on a per capita basis .

So a State like GA, with our roughly 10 million people, would owe about $800 Billion.

All the other pluses and minus I’m guessing are at least an order of magnitude below that. If I missed a big one in this 2 minute deliberation, please point it out.

Just for comparison, the Fiscal 2021 GA Budget is just under $26 Billion or this debt alone is 30 times our annual Budget.

I don’t know if the value of all the land and stuff we privately and publicly own in GA is enough to borrow on to pay this Bill.


Sure, we should all pay our share of the National debt immediately even though most Red States have been more physically responsible than the corrupt unionized States.

When most are not paying for student loan, many are not paying rent and mortgages, … we that live in flyover States need to cough up $80,000 per person to leave the Union?

I suggest they try and collect it as they travel across the hinterland, eating trees and grass as that is all we will leave them.

Busting my chops again LeAnne?

Some people crave attention. It’s truly sad.

That is apparently it, exactly. Well it may not be for much longer…

I would tell them we owe nothing. Get it from California’s inept politicians (sorry friends), Chicago, NY, and Washington DC.

(And I would happily help our MSB friends move out of CA if they so desire).

I don’t believe the USA government/military would ever allow states to secede. I disagree on that because I believe if a state can join the union, they should be allowed to un-join. Anyway, given that I strongly doubt states would be allowed to secede, I think the best solution would be for people to choose specific states they’d prefer to live in and then move there in a large enough mass to be able to vote state-wide to create more of an oasis within the USA structure. Seize local and state control, so to speak, and then keep voting to make it a less pleasant place to live for those whose ways you don’t like so they want to leave. The USA government would still be an overlord on some issues, but I think people could create some states more to their liking. Everyone spreading out over 50 states dilutes the like-minded people too much.

Interesting post LeAnne. Our state is Red to the core and we vote Red all the way. But California folk are a stubborn lot and sometimes it takes more then a hint to get rid of them. We’ve found that a cold, rude shoulder helps to keep the rats out of our state. P.S. – with apologies to SoCalGirl.

Eli – Rats? Ya know, umm, California is a really big state. …. We have a couple of localized, festering, necrotic population centers that could benefit from a quick lance, drain and cauterize; … or possibly a limited nuclear strike. But 95% of our land mass is occupied by patriots. Baby – Bathwater – discernment.

tmcgyver. Didn’t mean any disrespect sir which is why I P.S.’d SoCalGirl.. But I understand what you mean. The other day I bumped into a guy exiting his car with Cali plates and a Trump hat. Can’t judge a book by it’s cover, eh? LOL

It’s not all that easy LeAnne.

Death By A Thousand Cuts….Biden/Harris administration will start off, mask 100 days next Feb 1st lockdown. Then the real cuts begin, immigration and open border policy…the human train from Honduras has already began. Next Iran deal and Paris accord resigning, and Iran gets bonus check, minimum $150 billion. Joe’s team just getting started, over first six months open China policy, NO TARIFFS. Also open borders to all Trump previous closed country policy.

The wake up call for conservatives is GUN CONFISCATION. SCOTUS, don’t count on them, let alone the speed at which they work. Think all that ammo was bought by preppers, think again. Every government agency has stockpiles around country…guns and ammo(so I have heard,not verified). Think civil servants with guns…scary.

We lose freedom of speech, only Correct Speech Allowed, loose freedom of movement around country..thank you china virus.

So what is the solution? In every time in history a leader comes forth and a spark is lighted. Most of us here are over 55, and the young people of this country will have to decide how they want the future to be. I believe that the spark will start on the west coast.

i WILL NOT COMPLY with the mask crap and the only way someone will take my guns away from me is when they pry em from my cold dead hands

Just read on Zerohedge that the virus is expected to be just about gone by the end of January. How convenient! I mean, how wonderful!!!!!!

WHAT IF…????

President Trump is part of the problem and is simply holding out to us a slim hope thread that is keeping us, WE the PEOPLE, from acting in our own best interests.

What if..?? It’s all in the “PLAN” and Pres Trump is the deep state reminition of the Trojan Horse..??

This must be considered as a possibility if one is strategically minded

I’m just thinking, outside the box.


I do think both Trump and SCOTUS are trying to keep the country from blowing up. They are wrong if this is the case. We are not allowed to see the truth and decide for ourselves. Everyone in Washington want compliant sheep rather than a militant population – even if it further gives our souls to socialism and China.

I don’t like to down vote, but think “The Horse Has Left The Barn” Wishful thinking. Need to be realistic and move forward. IMHO

Stand my ground….When all we get is propaganda you have to consider what we think we know may all be a fallacy.There are some trump things leaving me shaking my head.Example,trump anti vax,JFK Jr to be on his team.Then you have Gates of Hell give an interview and saying I told trump that would be a very bad idea. Now trump is the vax fan boy?

We have no idea who is actually pulling the strings.

A lot of talk on the gov being hacked,blamed on Russia (I would say China,they are powerful and rich and we are seeing too much China in this ‘election’).Gov sources saying we are under a major cyber attack.Im reading Pentagon hacked and rumors galore like our nuclear has been hacked but thats pure rumor at this point.

Pushing the big genocidal vax hard.Not mandatory.But if you want to buy,sell,travel or have a job,yup,employers are demanding it all over the Country Im reading, you will choose it,YOUR CHOICE.Got mark of the beast all over this.

Sure sounds like the balloon went off and TSHTF right now.

we and ours buy and sell locally, travel? Pffft. to have a job? not in my A/O. employers and business leaders here have all voiced their opinions on that. state and county officials also.
but it could make it hard on a lot of people who are dependent on the system in large areas and cities.
our state governor, Tate Reeves at a news conference said,
“The president doesn’t have any authority to tell a Mississippian to do what they can or cannot do,” he said, adding that Biden’s plans to curb the virus during his first 100 days in office “are going to have zero impact on the virus and where we find ourselves.” source WLBT news
good luck !

It is China. They have money, manpower and motive

Lou Dobbs talking about the cyber attack tonight.See it on youtube.He mentions the nuclear stockpile has been hacked..False Flag?? Big freaking news night tonight.

I watched ice age farmer’s latest video on bit chute today. If you haven’t seen it, you may want to take some time and do so. He explains the current situation with the cyber breaches that have happened, how they might fit into the globalists agenda, and the vulnerabilities they expose. It’s concerning, but needs to be considered when going over last minute preps. It ties in with other messages out there, and also with the local chatter I’m hearing about securing important electronics, and making sure supplies are all in order, asap. Just a heads up.

Farmgirl – I appreciate most of Christian’s videos and I can tell you this… NOTHING is moving properly right now. I’m not sure if it is ‘cyber breaches’ or what, but USPS, FDX, UPS, DHL are ALL upside down. Do NOT count on Amazon or Walmart to get your stuff to you on time, or ever from this point. I don’t care what kind of membership or Prime benefits, US logistics are broken. If anyone is lacking preps at this time… I’m not even sure what to advise.


Yeah, I’ve had some issues with USPS stuff. Priority mail to family in the midwest taking almost a month to get there. No explanation, just ‘late delivery’. Supposedly, part of the issue is UPS and FedEx dump their extra deliveries on the USPS when they can’t keep up, and now the USPS is overwhelmed. It’s Christmas, dontcha know.

Any vital missing preps will most likely have to be locally/regionally acquired. Unless one gets lucky. I did get some school materials delivered UPS within a week, so that’s something.

I’m *still* unpacking, and locating things I want to protect for future use as I go. Extra computer and USB sticks, extra radio, walkies, etc… Probably go pick up a few more gas cans and fill them. Bought some metal trash cans, as my stockpile evidently didn’t make the last trailer out. Oh well, hope whoever has them makes good use of them.

I have noticed here in Small Town, USA that our USPS does their normal mail run and then, sometimes twice at night, the mail van runs through the neighborhood delivering again at different mailboxes. I’m assuming it’s packages.

When I went to our little post office to buy Christmas stamps I couldn’t believe how many boxes were stacked in every corner, on every table or counter, and some near up to the ceiling.

They are busy busy.

Covid hasn’t caused anything. We have caused it out of factless fear. I have decided to yell ,” I’m not afraid!” Every time I hear baseless fear. At work, at home, everywhere. Sounds crazy, but others have joined me.

Im also not a MSM news watcher but did yesterday to see the message they are pushing.I saw some congressman,with a big smile on his face saying…We dont have a clue whats going on.What has been hacked,what it means,we dont know.But we do know its massive and still going on.And the fool is smiling!! Thats a psycho/sociopath if there ever was one,totally inappropriate response.

And Lou Dobbs was freaking out and talking like this is a new Pearl Harbor.His opening comment was along the line of…’Who is in charge of the US gov right now,WE DONT KNOW’

Yet the rest of the ‘news’ I saw was totally ignoring this.

And then people swear they couldnt hack the election yet we are seeing our entire gov has been hacked???

As for the mail its about a week from NV to Calif,and Im only 2 days in for an in state delivery and it should make it to me today.Both USPS.Really strange mail going on,eh?

I think the “hack” has been going on over a long period, as this intrusion was not supposed to be discovered, or to be noticed, and is not a sudden event. The discovery of this security compromise IS a recent event, however, and our alarming realization of the extent of the compromised, is magnified..and all the more shocking…due to how long this intrusion has been developed and grown.

The discovery of such a system insecurity is the very mission of our cyber security personnel. The longevity of this breach, and its successful exploitation by its foreign managers, who managed to penetrate a multitude of targets, does not speak well of our cyber security watchdogs.

It is like someone noticed a small “thread” sticking out of a shirt pocket. When they pulled the small “thread,” it started to unravel the entire garment. It is like finding that a once small cancer has metastasized.

But, developing such intrusions is exactly what intelligence operations do…what WE do..what everyone does.

Any such “hack” can be committed, and managed, from anywhere. Thus, blame can be manipulated, too.


I readily admit that I don’t know diddly squat about cyber espionage, hacking, etc, but I do operate under no illusions when it comes to our “leaders” and my expectations of truthfulness in their dealings with their “subjects”.

The reports of hacking only pertain to government accounts….none of us would have known the hacking occurred or was successful, unless someone in government believed there was an advantage to be gained by allowing the public to know.

Now, the only thing is to figure out what direction they are steering us….and why……I suspect that shortly, certain government actions will be pushed, using these revelations as justification…………….

Dennis –
As the old saying goes, “He may be a ring tailed tooter but he’s sure a straight shooter.”

You’ve hit the bullseye, my friend.

Exactly. I cannot detail all the ramifications and tactics involved in how the Intel Community handles revealed information..or chooses to reveal it is a nebulous subject.

To be sure, if it is reported in the media…and all over the media…the powers in charge wanted it so. While the existence of the “hack” is public, the extent of its impact and its internal details are not.

This could explain the several “Sky King” EAMs of late, as we may be testing, and debugging, these critical channels of communication.

That ex-head of our Cyber Security operations, who was fired after stating how secure the elections were…was also the guy in charge of preventing cyber hacks in the systems we now find to be violated. The guy was probably “turned.”

Dennis, that direction may very well be shutting down the internet access for the US under pretenses to protect the country and its infrastructure from the hacking. That is one the first steps in population control implementation. Just like mil tactics toward an enemy, you take out first communications and then life support infrastructure. Just this time, its us the people TPTB consider as enemy. Food for thought…

States that would secede will have to be power, water, and any other system independent.
They would provide their own security against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
They would have to be a country.
Think about that, trade deals with other states & countries, security agreements and on and on.
It is a very big deal
Hell, look at the Brexit mess, been on for years, still not done, may never be.

Well, they say stress within the collective unconscious can manifest through exterior phenomenon, I would look to strange celestial events maybe, also earthquakes and solar…


Per Lin Wood’s Twitter feed a few days ago…

In discussing in @realDonaldTrump phone conversation in 8/19, Justice John Roberts stated that he would make sure “the mother f#*ker would never be re-elected.”

Roberts engaged in phone conversations with Justice Stephen Breyer discussing how to work to get Trump voted out.

1:25PM Dec 17, 2020 Twitter for iPhone

Also, there’s this from Mr. Wood…

I have long had questions about “the John Roberts” on Jeffrey Epstein private jet flight logs. I suspected it was our Chief Justice. MSM has shown no interest in investigating issue to find TRUTH.

America is now entitled to know the answer.

Every lie will be revealed.


1:34PM Dec 17, 2020 Twitter for iPhone

Readers are encouraged to read Book 5 of Aristotle’s Politics to see for themselves just how accurate and applicable these tactics are to those being used by tyrants in our own day.
• Ostracize outstanding men.
• Embarrass the virtuous people.
• Prohibit eating together at public places.
• Prohibit the meetings of clubs.
• Close schools.
• Keep close watch over anything in the society which could lead the people to develop confidence or pride.
• Close down any venues where people could gather to discuss or debate politics.
• Do whatever is necessary to make it difficult for people to get to know each other.
• Keep the people who live in the cities constantly under the surveillance of the government.
• Never allow the government to be uninformed about any conversations or actions of citizens.
• Keep spies among the people or keep them under surveillance so that people become afraid to speak openly.
• Cause friends to quarrel with each other.
• Create class warfare.
• Keep the people divided into groups and pit those groups against each other.
• Make sure the people are not able to employ private security forces