Today I Will Celebrate The Awakening To The Swamp – Thanks To Trump

I struggled to decide on a topic on this day. But only for a short time. Trump left Washington this morning on Air Force One as he returns to his home in Florida. There are many emotions on this day.

There will be plenty of time in the future to highlight the upcoming Fascist regime, and what they’re going to do to us. Rather than going down that road today, I chose a different one.

I decided that I am going to celebrate this evening. I will be grilling a nice thick Rib Eye steak while sipping a top shelf Bourbon.

Trump Was Just What This Country Needed

Trump was just what this country needed, and longed for. Which is how and why he got elected 2016. It shocked the embedded deep state establishment. Caught them by surprise. Big time.

He was an outsider. Never a politician. Didn’t need the job, or money, or corrupt influence. No, he truly was a patriotic American who loved his country – and us “little people”. The middle class.

“He gave it a grand shot. But rule number one of fishing, or draining a swamp >> Trying to land a fish bigger than your boat is probably going to end up badly for you. Trump had NO idea the whole Fkn thing was a cancer. He thought there were some patriots left, was not aware the entire DC was bought out and sold out years ago.” said one commenter.

The Swamp Has Been Fully Exposed

I will celebrate how well he did at exposing so many of the inner corrupt workings of what become known as “the swamp”. Boy oh boy do they hate the notion of America First. So, so many traitors have been exposed. They’re everywhere. Even the Republican Party itself is filled with corrupt globalists. By the way, the GOP is finished.

Oddly, at this moment, I feel a calm. Although it probably won’t last as the incoming regime begins their punishment, I do have a feeling of renewal. It’s kind of weird. Now that “it’s over” in my mind, and Trump has exited, I have a confident resolve.

The man that the entire deep state and MSM establishment loved to hate will be gone. Oh make no mistake, they will still try to punish him. But eventually they will have to look around and find a new enemy to distract the sheeple – so they can continue to fleece the nation.

Biden is not, and never will be, my president.

It’s not even a question. Never was. Most Americans know full well that he is illegitimate – even if they won’t admit it out loud. From this time forward, there will be no holding back of the new Fascist regime.

But you know what? I am calm about it. At least right now. Why? Because I know that I am not an island in this. There are (at least) 75 million others who feel similarly. We will not be going away silently into the night.

The Next Chapter

So I feel like it’s sort of a new beginning. A new chapter in history. I don’t know what’s going to happen next. Or tomorrow. Next week. By the end of the year. Nope. But I do know that these Marxist Fascists will absolutely go too far. The pendulum will swing way too far. And many even on the (middle) left will go, “Oh Shit”! And that makes me grin inside…just a little…

Yes, this evening I will fire up the grill. Pour a good bourbon. I will tip my glass skyward and celebrate all that has been accomplished and exposed. I know not where this leads. But at this moment, all I can do is ponder…

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just watching all the ex presidents come down the isle to be seated with their wives, and low and behold there is bill and hillary, all the other ex presidents holding their wives hands etc and here is bill and hillary, each on the other side of the rail, not holding each other’s hands, hilarious. they act like each other is contaminated. hahahhahah

They are contaminated….

I woke today melancholy for the Republic. Then I thought, “Well, if it wasn’t for President Trump, we would be watching Hillary’s second inauguration today.”
And I felt markedly better after that.
Also, time to burn down the GOP and replace it with an actual conservative party.

then leave and dont come back ever

Leave what? Also, don’t change your alias Kevin or Kevin H. Are you a trump humper? You sure sound like you would love to bend over to take it from Trump..

RuralDude – Hey now! You are sounding a bit umm, “Brokeback Mountain” in your imaginative fantasy there… ‘Dude’. I don’t see anywhere that KEVIN seeks the President’s (alleged) mushroom in his rectum. I think he really just wants you to go away.

Considering your thought processes and apparent psychiatric issues, it’s probably a good idea. Seek help friend. There’s no shame in it. Especially now! You will be celebrated for your bravery.

at least im not on my knees in front of the dnc with my jackcy in the air waiting to get used like you and i mean GET OUT OF THE US go live ANYPLACE but this country wqe dont want so much as your spit let alone anything and you do like my answer go commit a impossible act on yourself


Best strategy, until downvotes work, is Don’t Feed the Trolls. I know I don’t always follow that advice, but I will now.

They deliberately provoke and bait, drawing attention and resources away from focusing on learning from and encouraging one another. Trolls love to sow seeds of doubt and despair. Just ignore him. You won’t get through to him, you won’t change his mind, you won’t even offend him.

I know it will boggle your little minds, but there can be more than one person with the same first name…those of you that aren’t trolls and have been here awhile will know the difference.

Sorry Farmgirl, that was meant for RuralXi

be glad to join the Trump Patriot Party

Man you are so right!

I retract my comment, this is too confusing.

I never was a Republican…I am independent. And I will never support a party that eats their own as the Republicans showed an eagerness to do.

Been a Republican all my life, but now I am so disappointed with them and how they have turned on each other. I am thinking about becoming an Independent.

I’ve been an independent for years. In my state it means that I don’t get to vote in the primaries. Not that it makes any difference anyway. Interesting that since Oregon went to mail in voting there has not been a republican governor.

Hi…I just joined the No Party, Constitution party.

Is that the “No” Party, or the Constitution party? : )

Thanks for that perspective Ken. This is EXACTLY what my DW needs to read! I try and try to ease her mind and calm her down over these results, but my words aren’t being heard. Hopefully yours will cut through the despair she’s feeling over all of this.

You are so right… Trump exposed the whole corrupt, incestuous, BS regime! For that, I am eternally grateful to him!

CA_X2B, sorry your wife is overwrought. These times can certainly be over whelming. Maybe she will consider taking her energy of despair and turning toward a positive action on what she can control. She sounds like a caring person and is concerned about her country. I understand. Give her a hug from ole Mrs. U

Awww thanks so much Mrs. U!!! What a sweet comment! She is like the other 80M + voters out there… she hates the fact that cheaters are winning!

Thanks again!

Filled with so much angst and confusion today. IMO one of the best executive orders signed by President Trump early in his term banned employees of his administration from working as lobbyists (aka swamp creatures) for at least 5 years after leaving the government. Seemed like such a common sense move and showed that his admin was willing to lead by example in draining the swamp. Now this morning I read that he just reversed that executive order last night. I can’t for the life of me figure out why he would do that. Was he just talked into signing it by his more corrupt staffers or what? Any ideas about whats going on there?

I went and looked at, and there it is. Interesting. I have no idea why he would do this, unless it’s to hamper Bidet’s attempts at appearing honest.


From a purely logical viewpoint? So employees of his administration can now work as lobbyists.

Now THAT makes sense.

That’s what I was afraid of but figured there had to be some kind of explanation. Am I wrong to feel betrayed by that move?


Nope. Nor would you be wrong to feel betrayed by the fact that a whole bunch of robbers, drug dealers and fraudsters just got pardoned. But not Snowden, or Assange.

Maybe he did that so members of his family could continue in government . . .

Shh. This is an echo chamber. You’re not saying what they want to hear.

I’m there as well. The pressure is off, I no longer have to anticipate and wonder.

I think in a real way the constant concern over whether we would be plunged into an (un)civil war was harder. Now I have a good idea what to expect, based on historical precedent and what “Bidet” has said he will do. A solid goal.

Finish the yard, use their “stimulus” to buy whatever we need so we can survive indefinitely. Finish the outside kitchen and the chicken coop, even if we don’t have any chickens to put in there yet.

It’s funny. I think in my head I was still planning for some indefinite distant future. Now that the “future” is actually here it’s easier to plan for the reality.

Lauren, we are not out of the woods as it were, most folks can just shrug and get back to it, but the level of tyranny may rear its ugly head and send folks over the edge. Just the way it is.

We are definitely not out of the woods. It’s the difference between hearing a train whistle somewhere in the distance and seeing the train barreling down on you.

Or knowing you might someday be in an accident, then turning your head and see headlights aiming for your drivers side door.

Time to act, no more time for wondering if it will come.

I keep waking up in the middle of dreams where everything is coming unglued like Bosnia or Ireland or somewhere in between

It’ll be Ireland.

Thats kinda my feeling, the english media always painted everything that went awry as “IRA extremist” never mind they started the schitt

God bless America!
God bless President Joe Biden!
God bless Vice President Kamala Harris!

He is your president also and there is nothing you can do about that fact!

Like was said about Trump for so long especially by the useless people in Hollywood I’ll say about sleepy joe”he’s not my president”. Thanks for the perspective Ken. Time now to prepare for the thought police.

I will give Bidet the same amount of respect that Trump was given. And not an ounce more.


Latest deaths nation wide are really 3500 from Covid.
Other deaths are heart/accidents/lung disease/medical malpractice/cancer/stroke/flu/respiratory disease/stroke/diabetes…
Stop spreading false statements…and ,OH, stay away from tv news.

Jay Jay, you have to be the dumbest person here lol. You really think the entire world is lying about covid? I know lots of doctors and nurses and I know several people who have had it and one who died from it. It’s not political and never was except idiot trump made it that way. Seriously dude you need to go check into a mental institution right now.

RoyalTurd – JayJay has quite a bit of recent experience with illness and death you ill-mannered prat. And I’ll listen to her wisdom over your projectile sputum any day. Be gone with you.


JayJay speaks the truth. Do some real research.

Much agreement here.

I’m from the state that where one person died from alcohol poisoning and two from shooting deaths, but all 3 were listed as covid deaths because they had the virus in their system.

Hospitals get more money if it’s listed as covid.

Actually RuralDude, your statement should read, “Obama was a narcissist and nothing mattered to him except himself. It’s why he never accepted blame but would gladly praise himself when he largely did nothing.” Come now, you do not remember the “crocodile tears” Obama shed for the his hometown Chicago for the black on black violence in the murder capitol of the U.S.? Boo-hoo-hoo… now that is a narcissist.

I’m not an Obama fan but I fail to see how your whataboutism relates at all here? Obama was a narcissist. So is trump. Are you so dumb that you think the 2 are mutually exclusive? You and jay jay would get along just great.

Rural Dude….very rarely do I post in disagreement of another, but you are emphatically wrong with your 400,000 dead. How I know this is I have several family members in the medical field and death certificates are listing COVID because hospitals can charge more if the death is COVID related when in essence the person may have died from an underlying condition.

Wisc Badger – You are exactly correct. And the dollar amount is $39,000, as a ‘spiff’ for each paper filed indicating Covid. It is a gigantic SCAM. I have been up to my elbows in PPE testing, NIOSH, FDA regs and standards. The science is faulty, if not utterly fake.

There is a virus. It is a ‘novel’ one. It s NOT the ELE that our minders want us to believe it is.

Wisconsin Badger, I’m not wrong. But you do have a little validity to your point. But that just lends more credence to my point. If someone has an underlying health condition and then they contract covid and die, what do you list the cause of death? I would say covid because they likely would not have died had they not caught covid. Sure there were other causes at play but that doesn’t mean covid played no role. By your definition no one does of covid. What if someone suffocates to death after contracting covid because they can’t breathe? Do you say cause of death is asphyxiation? Of course not, because covid caused that asphyxiation.

Though getting a bit off topic for this article, Here’s some perspective on how survivable the novel virus is, given the thread of discussion:

The updated Covid-19 survival rates by age group:
0-19: 99.997%
20-49: 99.98%
50-69: 99.5%
70+: 94.6%

CDC Estimates for Surviving Covid-19

And I’ll repeat… Not too much different than a bad flu strain in some regards – which often takes the elderly down (and others) – especially and particularly those with bad health conditions… With that said, no, I do not wish to get it. I’ve had the flu before and it sucks big time. The best thing >> Be healthy, up your Vitamin D, and consider following the recommended protocols:

Covid Management Protocol & Vitamin Supplement List

Ken – Watch how fast the masks get dropped, then Biden gets credit for ending the plague.

Oh, make no mistake about it, Biden will get credit for EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that can be construed to “look good”. You betcha. The MSM now has their Boy Boi in there. Happy days for them.

TMAC and all,
Yep… there are already headlines about now that the new rulers are in, there is a plan, including reopening schools. The very thing that many governors and mayors refused to do under PDJT.

He is going to be a miraculous healer of all things, and Fauci – who pushed to not open anything will also get credit for “turning things around” or some such thing. Ya know, ‘cause Old Sleepy has a Plan.

The media are going to have to start some new controversies soon, though. They’ve been making money hand over fist bashing Trump for years, they will need some new cannon fodder at some point.

If they start sending me 2k a month ill just enjoy,,,,
Im no fool, will shut up and pay of my truck and some other stuff

the reality is, the economy is trashed, its going to take a whole lot more than puppets to fix this mess

You are so right W.B. My daughter works on a covid floor and has told many stories of what goes on. A patient comes in from a nursing home 92yso with massive bed sores, tested positive and, BAM $39,000 to the hospital. Sometimes a patient dies in the ER for an assortment of reasons, then tested for covid after dead if it comes back positive BAM, another $39,000. The payments very from region to region, some pay outs are much more.

On a side note, the virus is very real and likely to mutate in time for better or worst! She has received both of her doses of the Pfizer vaccine, reports no ill effects (so far).

I agree!

What you are saying is true Eternal,,,
But then again anyone who has the illusion that government has anything to do with themselves is just kidding themselves

Nah. There’s alot 75 million people can do. Kamala’s gonna have to sleep with a lot of dudes to get what she wants.

go commit a impossible act on yourself and that those 2 turds WILL NEVER BE MY PRESIDENT EVER and there aint damn thing you can do to change my mind

Eternal, you must not be a Democrat because that party does not recognize God. But yes, God Bless America! The other two need God’s blessings because they are corrupt and about to do their worse. The good news is you will get exactly what you deserve voting for that garbage. So…bless your heart!

Interesting, but scary read. Over at Breitbart…

Marc Morano: COVID-19 Lockdowns Set Precedent for Climate Change Lockdown

I really need to find a way to buy some land and get the heck out of the deadly blue-zone.

Im just glad i live away from the hubub on a little rock in the middle of the ocean

your little rock in the middle of the ocean just happens to be the most liberal, socialist , state there is. I used to live there , glad I left.

Yea, i know starman,
believe me, if i could leave i would, at the moment that is just not in the cards,
the other side of that is where would i go? I had ideas, but watch how this crapola evolves under bidet and heels, they will start relocating somalis to freakin Idaho and other points as they were under obammy.
so in a few months, years whatever, will it really matter?
personally i am beginning to see that no matter where you live this battle is coming, rather not freeze

no offense to you personally, its a beautiful place, just couldn’t stay there. I live in a liberal city in a red state, would love to move out into the country, but can’t sorry to say.

Yup, i know,,, I know many in the same boat, careers, or whatever, its just a shame things have gone so over the edge and accelerating

They’ve been saying this for a while, and it’s been implemented in various areas. Full lockdown for the sake of the environment. Look at The Great Reset. All there.

Ken, and all the others that have come and gone:

I agree, time to take a nice S,S,S and enjoy the show.

I doubt if anyone that frequents here is in to bad of shape to not survive the next day or so…..
Well disregarding the ignorant trolls we have accumulated OMG the “its” are extremely humorous to read… HAHAHA

Anyways, I’m with Ken, time to celebrate and yes there is a LOT to be thankful for.
How about starting with waking up and being mostly coherent this morning to begin with?????

PS: Respect the Office, not necessary the person sitting at the desk.
For like bad Gas, this too shall pass…

Well said NRP,
wishing you an excellent day and rest of the week.
thats what its been anyway so yea, SOSDD it is!

That’s kinda how I looked at it when BHO was prez. That, and that Jesus is really my King.
I have a much harder time respecting the Offices of our congresscritters, they’ve defiled them so much.

It is the afterburner effect from the gas passing that has me concerned.

afterburner effect
ya mean like when you were in college in the dorm and yall were drinking and somebody started lighting farts and it went, um, bad?

I’m going to have a beer or two and look at my American flag that I lowered to half mast in mourning the loss of liberty and freedom in this country. Just don’t know how long to leave it at half mast or just take it down until we get our country back. MIGHT HAVE TO BREAK OUT THE BURBON.

in all seriousness, maybe keep it down till next election, just to see how things go.

think i’ll leave my flag up. just to irritate the liberal socialists

MIGHT break out the Burbon?

I haven’t needed to do that in years! It is always broken out….

Im just going to grow my hair and put a Bernie sticker on my truck with a big rainbow peace sign over it

From Ncrenegade. “A little levity. Biggest super bowl ever is going on in DC. Patriots vs. Stealers. January 21,2021. “ I thought this would lighten things up.

Haha now that’s funny!

Good one Shooter

I would politely ask that we STOP referring to the inhabitants of Washington DC as SWAMP DWELLERS.

I’ve spent some time in the swamps of Louisiana and it is generally speaking, a beautiful ecosystem filled with amazing animals created by God! Many of which are wonderfully tasty to eat and I’m here to tell you, fishing or hunting on a gorgeous late summer or early fall day in the swamps of the Atchafalaya Basin in LA is next to heaven!

The inhabitants of Washington DC are much better described as Cesspool or Sewer creatures!


i honestly love gator bits dipped in honey mustard.


Cesspool or Sewer it is! My apologies.

I vote Cesspool. It even works as part of the acronym D.C.

D.C. = Demonic Cesspool

Good point,,, have known some really good folks who lived back in the bayou in Louisiana, shame to insult any of em

ha ha, good one. Used to fish in the Everglades. However I will give the ‘DC swamp’ description to the Water Moccasin. Treacherous critter it is!!!


Just saw on zero hedge that the Supreme Court is being evacuated due to a bomb threat. Reported by CNN. Wonder how something like that got through all those troops.Or maybe this will be used to start the purge of conservatives I mean domestic terrorist

Doesn’t matter how many people they have, or how many have taken their ridiculous “loyalty tests,” the attacks and threatened attacks will continue until they have full control.

At that point the focus changes and they start purging their own ranks.

i know you are a reader,
I have spent some time researching Northern Ireland and the IRA, there is a strong possibility for a similar scenario developing here in the US, the funny thing about authoritarian rule is ya got to get everybody on board, i doubt they all are,

Ireland is a definite possibility–two groups with similar ideals that have been taught to hate each other, living in the same neighborhoods and sometimes even in the same families. One attacks the other, the other retaliates, the police refuse to intervene (except by releasing the “favored” group, or refusing to prosecute).

Evacuated??? Or rounded up?? One can only pray.

Farmgirl mentioned some of the filth that received pardons from President Trump on his way out the door so I had to look it up myself. She was right, this long list of criminals are far from Patriots. Just a bunch of drug dealers and fraudulent bankers. One guy who was head of a lending company had been convicted of fraud in 2009 and ordered to repay $49 million(!!!) that he’d embezzled. I also found out that when Steve Bannon was first arrested he was aboard the yacht of a Chinese billionaire. Sounds insane but it’s true!! Were the last 4 years of being tough on China just a big joke to these people? Or has China finally managed to turn Trump at the last minute??

Hey “Solis”, stop switching your alias name. That violates our Terms of Use. You were apparently posting as “strangedays”. Pick one and stick with it.

I think you’re mistaken, Ken. Never posted as “strangedays” before. In fact, this is my first time posting on the new site.

Solis –

You may be having the same issue that Joe c and I were having a couple of days ago. Sometimes you look like you might be the same as another poster, especially when your IP shows up as exactly the same as someone else’s.

Ken confirmed that having an email address helps to separate you from someone else who is also posting without an email address. If you don’t want to put your email, use a junk address to differentiate yourself.

Okay, some weird stuff going on. False alarm (again).

Update: I figured it out. Apologies. It has to do with cloudflare (a CDN that I’m using right now).

I dunno, i kinda like lil wayne,, ya shoulda seen himon the masked singer, nobody woulda guessed it was him.
Snoop dawgs bud is coo too, he paid his dues, let him go, hell in chicago theres folks actually shooting eachother and nothin ever comes of it,

Plus snoop was ridinaround round round ridina ridina ridina round round round he da grinch

Plus biden andsn shookdownthe Ucrainian government for a few millionand they bestilll walkin around, so WTF let em all go

Thanks, Meep. From the one and only Farmgirl. Who doesn’t say such stupid things, by the way. And who hangs out with smart people who can tell the difference.

Meep/Original farmgirl

I’m not worried about it. I mean really,

I recieved a “simple enough” explanation.
Had all my asked questions and concerns deleted, not answered.

All is good

If a no party system would work that would be best. “Vote the man” my momma taught me. Here we are and what we can do best is take care of our little part of the world.
Semper Fi

Great article Ken. As I watched Trump’s final speech I was so happy 😊 to see that there was no concession from this great president.
As Biden and his two whores take office today I realize that there are 75 million Americans who will not recognize his presidency and more importantly will not comply with Kamala’s and Bernie’s Marxist laws.
Mr. President, I stand with you.

Eli, actually it is more than 75 million Americans! The Dominion system played with those numbers…most likely closer to 90 million or more.

May the odds be ever in your favor

“When I am wrong, I own it.” I WAS WRONG. I was wrong to promote faith in man and man’s institutions. Trump did his job according to scripture. To expose the lies of the leaders. It was wrong of me to promote a belief that Trump (and the military) was the savior of this country as scripture tells us to trust in no man but the Lord. Yet again, I learn from my mistakes. I am truly sorry folks. Going forward, the only comment I would want to make here would be from scripture…. that is the only truth I know now. But that is against the rules of the saloon. Again…. I apologize, I was wrong.


Many of these people on the videos used God as their platform against evil that would be taken out today. One was a preacher who claimed to have ministered to the military. People who claim to be of God led you astray and there are many deceivers. If I didn’t have God’s wisdom, I could have fallen. I just tripped and caught myself in time and I was embarrassed I believed it for a short time. But God gave me a laugh at myself for being so humanly gullible, and I had to tell others it was a fraud (my redemption) So here we are, all making mistakes. All is forgiven.

“It matters not how straight the gate,
How charged the punishments on the scroll,
I am the master of my fate, The Captain of my soul.”

This is not the time to sit back and lick your wounds. What did the Dems do when Trump got elected, they screamed and moaned and cried, but started right out on day one calling for President Trump to be Impeached. So it’s time to get busy and contact your Senators, even the RINO’s and demand they Impeach Biden, and warn them not to carry on with this impeachment of President Trump, now that Trump doesn’t have the bully pulpit, the RINO’s very well may cave and vote for Trumps impeachment. So get up and get busy. Trekker Out

I am thankful today for the time given to us during PDJT’s administration.

I am much better prepared now than then. I guided the sale of our 30-odd year owned family business during the economic upswing before covid. We now have a stocked BOL.

I have had 4 more years to learn from Ken and all of you here. I am a better planner, gardener, I am more politically aware and more self sufficient. We are completely out of debt.

I am grateful.

Rural dude just go somewhere else and spread your fertilizer it’s not wanted here. And to everyone else just remember that arguing with idiots on the internet is like wrestling with a pig. You eventually learn that the pig likes it. As for me I’m just gonna watch and wait for the political establishment turn on each other. Shouldn’t take too long.

i’m out of this one, good luck friends

he gets to the white house doors with the wife and says “i love riding in cars” and “is rusty still in the navy”?????


That was hilarious. Good one!!


Thank you for the laugh! I needed it! has two great jokes today about the inauguration.

I’m sad, and appreciate your thoughts Ken. I’m worried about the future. This will be worse then Obama. They have rubbed my face in it. They wont me to react but I will try your technique and enjoy the fruits of my labor for today.

Trump is Immanuel Goldstein. I have no doubt that Lefties everywhere will, moving forward, grind their teeth during their ‘Two Minutes of Hate’ every time they see his picture or hear his name.

They will pursue him through the legal system for the rest of his days.

He will, sadly, get no rest from it, nor will many members of his Family and other Associates.

It will roll down hill. I am spiritually, mentally, and physically (for an old deplorable) ready.

Thanks Mr T.


Because they are Vindictive to the core.

I would consider that to be a badge of honor.

It’s 5:45. Was just outside snowblowing another 3 inches of pesky new snow. Now inside warming up while my Rib Eye rests on the counter slowly acquiring room temperature after having sprinkled an adequate quantity of granular kosher salt around its perimeter.

In a while I will reverently take it outside, under the deck, to my little protected winter BBQ cubby — after first bundling up, given the outdoor temp already down to 17. Probably 12 by grill time at this rate. Will put on the sub zero rated puffy Down Parka, maybe the snow pants too for comfort.

Then light up a stogie, sip some very good Bourbon, and ponder on the good things Trump has done for this nation as I look up at the stars, if they’re out tonight.

Mr. Ken, 70 and sunny here in Florida, getting ready to plant my Spring Garden. When are you going to make the move down, everybody else is?

Oh, enjoy the steak, and a good bottle of red wine if on hand?

Heck, it was 60 on my porch here in Ky….nice day for January.

68 here but its completely overcastnot even 10 miles away is almost 80

50 here, and really wishing all of you were in my line of sight so I can bean each of you with a snowball.

*huffing out a pouty cold breath*

You mean you would bean them with a pile of 50 degree slush?

There are still small piles of hard-packed snow in the shady areas. 😉

Believe me, I’m considering it… my mom and sis live down there. Been down there now and again during parts of the winter. Very nice. Not sure about the rest of the year though!

Ya lowly dog, you’re making this 1.5 pound 1.25″ thick local raised grass feed slightly marbled Porterhouse Steak sound sorta like Blue Food. 😁😁😁😁

But, will give it a try on the “real” charcoal Barbi. Of course will add a few twigs of seasoned apple wood just cause.

Tis going a good night of remembering what we really do have to be grateful for, including what President Trump has done and given up for all of us.

BTW ya need to finish off the meal with a slice of fresh made Apple Pie including a slice of SHARP cheddar cheese.

BTW, have not said much lately, but thanks again for what you are doing here… Thank You Sir

Thanks bro. The Sharp Cheddar for sure! The Apple Pie I pass, only because I’m on the Keto/Carnivore way of eating… Though you’re making me hungry for desert!

I’m with you tonight, although as a side to my Rib-Eye I threw on a few Jalapeno Venison sausages.Trying out a Jefferson Bourbon paired with a nice Padron. Bon Apetite’

Glad it’s dark so I can’t see my flag that’s now at half mast 🙁

Which bourbon? My favorites are Angels Envy and Buffalo Trace.

Coopers Craft Bourbon for me! Usually! But tonight sippin’ Patron Silver Tequila on the rocks with a squeeze of lemon and dash of sea salt.

Wow! I prefer the SAME Burbon! I just bought a bunch more yesterday! Coopers is excellent quality and smooth, without being very expensive.

Well, I’m out of Blantons, so, I happened to choose Michter’s small batch this time.

Woodford ReserveDouble Oak is good for sipping

I only have faith in God, my Significant other of 23+ years and thats pretty much it

I’m counting on Trump to start a 3 party system that will take down the swamp. The Democrats, the Republicans and the Patriots.

Unfortunately third parties do not have a winning track record in our country.

Closest one in most recent times was Ross Perot in 1992 – he won somewhere around 19% of the popular vote, no electoral votes, though.

While Perot was relatively well-known as a businessman, he did not have the high recognition that Trump has.

Trump may have more success at a 3rd party than Perot, but I don’t know if regular Americans are ready to let go of the two party system completely, yet.

How would the outcome be any different when the dems simply load the voting machines with fake ballots…either paper or electronic using a drive or direct online down load? Either way you get the same results. They figured it out, got away with their deceit, and will continue to use it to stack the votes in their favor.

So heres what im wondering,
How long will it take for the democrat voters to turn on this administration when things completely go to schitt?
All the bigcities and dem states are screwed fromshutdowns, our state is no exception and may well be one of the worst, so when everything deteriorates, and it will, i wonder how bad it will get for these fools? Obamma had the house and senate and they did n o t h i n g! So why would this be any different, especially since almost ALL the same idgits are in CONgress

Well if it goes that far it has to be A LOT worse than the Obummer years after the 2008 crash when 20% of people lost their homes, market tanked, poverty rose, the banks and many businesses got in deep trouble, and jobless claims rose over 25% and he was re-elected…..sometimes you can’t fix stupid. Biden could be a corpset and win the next election unless his supporters are killed off by his socialist crazy agenda. I believe some of them are for defunding the police as we write.

Kinda gave me a thought of Weekend at Bernies.


Oh my gosh! I was just thinking of that, and about to put it up here, when I read your comment. See? Communism can be fun!

LOL, you made my day!

The party line will be (as Gomer used to say ‘Surprise, Surprise !’ ) “It is all Trump’s fault…along w/ all those Repugnant Republicans”

This is history repeating itself as the Ds successfully pinned the Great Depression on President Herbert Hoover and the Rs even though HH was inaugurated in March and the Stock Market crashed in October 1929.


Hiya folks. Just left FB and all the other controlled media. Can anyone tell me some good sites, besides youtube, where I can see what is really happening in this world of ours. Been watching all of you and Jorgy for a fews years but never posted. Thanks in advance.

I have a bunch of them, but not all of them may be the best sites out there. I will be interesting to see what other people post. Here are mine (just add a DOT com after them):


Some that I occasionally visit:



After re-reading your message, I’m not sure if you are looking for websites to read or to watch videos. The ones I provided are mostly articles, but they sometimes have videos embedded in them.

I know there are a couple of alternatives to YouTube. I believe the popular ones are BitChute and Rumble.

I just copied the shared videos on one page..want them?? They are about happenings of last few days.
Some I knew..some not so much…
Like Hillary and the plan to bomb America and blame on Russia…just to thin the herd.

Ken, I know in your infinite wisdom, could you go down the list of Biden’s new regs and in your own words tell us at MSB how that effects us so we can prepare for the new damages coming our way? Some of them have and some have not affected us before.

Yes, that is one reason I started this site… to comment on the various “attacks on liberty” that this regime will be bringing upon us.

Thanks Ken! I will be anxiously awaiting your thoughts.

Great,I hope to hear what you have to say on them.You write such thought provoking articles.

Ken, I did a rapid summary of the EO’s. Do you want me to send it to you? I could post it in pieces, but not without permission.

@Lauren, Sure, thanks.

I agree, however one detail is your statement that Biden will never be your President. No matter your belief’s, and I agree with ninety-nine percent of them, you live in America, the United States of America, as I and the rest of the Patriot’s who believe in the, Declaration of Independence, Constitution and the Bill of Rights. So no matter what you choose to want to believe, unless you rescind your citizenship and move out of the USA, as much as you don’t like it and I don’t like it and all the rest who denies it, this bastard is our President.


Actually, he is not the president. He wasn’t elected by legal means, so he is illegitimate. Instead of saying “Not my president”, a more accurate statement would be, “Not the president”. As of this moment, we do not have one.


To better explain my point of view, if you and I were playing poker, and I had the winning hand; it would be like me laying down, you looking my cards over, declaring that your hand beats mine, sticking all the cards back in the deck, and walking off with the pot. Did you win?

Bastard = illegitimate=not the president

I mean, are we saying now that anyone with a good team of hackers and controlled propaganda arm can be the president if they say so? Not to mention his mental state makes him unfit for office.

I agree with you and Stardust and I understand your frustration, pain, argument’s, but it does not change the fact that he has been sworn into office despite the legality of the election. He is our President, deny it all you want, it is not going to change. Only we can change it now by making sure this never happens again. We the people MUST get involved in our own State’s government and make sure they make future votes rock solid, with no question of reliability. It is us, the people who let this happen, it is us the people that again can make sure it is for the last time.


He may have been installed, and he may even be sitting in the chair, but he is not the President.

If I’m thrown in jail, through some miscarriage of justice, and I have done nothing illegal, it does not somehow magically make me a criminal. It just makes me wrongfully jailed. Same thing. He did not legitimately earn the office. A bunch of goons pretending he did doesn’t change reality.

You are free to decide he is your president, you can have him be whatever you want in your world. In mine, he is not the president.

Curious to know how it was us, the people, who let this happen. It was a cabal of elites, dirty politicians, paid for media and billionaire technocrats, along with other interested parties who pulled off this heist. How exactly are you going to ‘make sure’ this doesn’t happen again? When you saw it happening in real time last November, why didn’t you stop it then?

Having convinced many, including you, that we just have to accept it, they will continue doing this with impunity. And unless you’re a hacker with super powers, you won’t be stopping it next time either.

I refuse to grant legitimacy to an illegitimate pretender.

The constitution allows us to prove a crime, but all denied the court hearings we wanted to prove in voter fraud. They said we had no evidence without hearing it, They denied an audit in the state counties where fraud was committed and with more ballots than registered people, they broke their own state laws to change the outcome of their elections that originally favored Trump. They refused to hear and see the proof the Dominion vote machines could be manipulated and votes switched as we saw it happen live on video.

They fraudulently gave the presidency to an imposter. Biden is not the president. I’d give him the benefit if the courts would hear and see the evidence and judge it fairly with audits without prejudice and threats, but that right was denied to 75 million people. The cesspool is deep and rotten throughout the congress and justice system, and as you see the impeachment of Trump with false accusations (read his great speech) and he had no representation? And in the senate when they will unconstitutionally try to impeach him again without representation and he is no longer president? You tell me if this is not the most insane fraud you ever saw.