Today I Will Celebrate The Awakening To The Swamp – Thanks To Trump

I struggled to decide on a topic on this day. But only for a short time. Trump left Washington this morning on Air Force One as he returns to his home in Florida. There are many emotions on this day.

There will be plenty of time in the future to highlight the upcoming Fascist regime, and what they’re going to do to us. Rather than going down that road today, I chose a different one.

I decided that I am going to celebrate this evening. I will be grilling a nice thick Rib Eye steak while sipping a top shelf Bourbon.

Trump Was Just What This Country Needed

Trump was just what this country needed, and longed for. Which is how and why he got elected 2016. It shocked the embedded deep state establishment. Caught them by surprise. Big time.

He was an outsider. Never a politician. Didn’t need the job, or money, or corrupt influence. No, he truly was a patriotic American who loved his country – and us “little people”. The middle class.

“He gave it a grand shot. But rule number one of fishing, or draining a swamp >> Trying to land a fish bigger than your boat is probably going to end up badly for you. Trump had NO idea the whole Fkn thing was a cancer. He thought there were some patriots left, was not aware the entire DC was bought out and sold out years ago.” said one commenter.

The Swamp Has Been Fully Exposed

I will celebrate how well he did at exposing so many of the inner corrupt workings of what become known as “the swamp”. Boy oh boy do they hate the notion of America First. So, so many traitors have been exposed. They’re everywhere. Even the Republican Party itself is filled with corrupt globalists. By the way, the GOP is finished.

Oddly, at this moment, I feel a calm. Although it probably won’t last as the incoming regime begins their punishment, I do have a feeling of renewal. It’s kind of weird. Now that “it’s over” in my mind, and Trump has exited, I have a confident resolve.

The man that the entire deep state and MSM establishment loved to hate will be gone. Oh make no mistake, they will still try to punish him. But eventually they will have to look around and find a new enemy to distract the sheeple – so they can continue to fleece the nation.

Biden is not, and never will be, my president.

It’s not even a question. Never was. Most Americans know full well that he is illegitimate – even if they won’t admit it out loud. From this time forward, there will be no holding back of the new Fascist regime.

But you know what? I am calm about it. At least right now. Why? Because I know that I am not an island in this. There are (at least) 75 million others who feel similarly. We will not be going away silently into the night.

The Next Chapter

So I feel like it’s sort of a new beginning. A new chapter in history. I don’t know what’s going to happen next. Or tomorrow. Next week. By the end of the year. Nope. But I do know that these Marxist Fascists will absolutely go too far. The pendulum will swing way too far. And many even on the (middle) left will go, “Oh Shit”! And that makes me grin inside…just a little…

Yes, this evening I will fire up the grill. Pour a good bourbon. I will tip my glass skyward and celebrate all that has been accomplished and exposed. I know not where this leads. But at this moment, all I can do is ponder…

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