TODAY Is Our 1776 Moment

The President, and American Patriots have been in this present battle to save the Republic for 4 years. Today is the Final Battle in this period of the war.

2020 Is Our 1776

1776. The American Revolution against tyrannical rule by “the State”.

240 years ago, “the State” was Britain and it’s tyrant ruler King George. American Patriots and their militias of armed farmers and others from every walk of life — fought and ultimately won freedom and independence from tyranny — against incredible forces. American Independence was declared during 1776.

Once Again Fighting Against Tyranny

Today, November 3, 2020 — 244 years later — we are fighting once again against powerful tyrannical forces. Though not a shooting war, it is similarly a war of stark and extreme ideological differences.

We have one side who you might equate with the American Patriots of 1776, holding similar ideals of freedom from a tyrannical oppressive ruling government.

The other, an incredibly corrupt political establishment coerced and controlled by Far Left forces within a socialist / marxist / communist / globalist cabal. The tyranny of which will come down on you like a ton of bricks, should they win.

Today’s Loyalists

The colonists during the times surrounding 1776 were not all Patriots.

“Loyalists” were American colonists who stayed loyal to the British Crown, often referred to as Tories, Royalists, or King’s Men at the time. They were opposed by the Patriots, who supported the revolution, and called them “persons inimical to the liberties of America”.

A very similar situation exists today. Among the American citizenry there are “Loyalists”. They go by different names, including Progressives, BLM, Woke, Antifa, Democrat. They are beholden to Far Left ideals, completely incompatible with those of freedom, liberty, and independence.

Today, Americans Vote for the direction of this Republic.

The outcome may reveal itself tonight. It “appears” on street level that Patriots have an overwhelming presence against the forces of tyranny.

However unless victory is overwhelming beyond any question of doubt, the Loyalists Propaganda Battalion will not concede. Rather, they will set in motion their counterattack. It will get ugly. Though that battle will be for another day – should it be necessary.

If the Patriot side of this battle for the Republic is victorious in this present day battle, it will be monumental. However our battles will not be over. Again, that’s for another day.

First, We Must Win This Battle. TODAY. I Expect ALL Patriots to Fight for Your Freedom. Your Liberty. Your Republic. The battle is here. Right now. This fight is at the ballot box. Let us win, so we avoid the battle which would follow…

Now CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!!

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Request to ALL Patriots who read this — email / link this article to others. We need EVERYONE to vote TODAY.

Hey Ken, EVERY SINGLE person I know has voted in this critical election. Even some in person who could hardly walk…and not a one for Biden.
Acronym BIDEN = Biggest Idiot Dems Ever Nominated… MAGA!!


I posted a link to this article on Gab.

Thank you. Let’s see if we can get some traffic beyond my “normal”…


Vote but don’t forget to pray!!
God has intervened in many ways and many different times in our Nation
He can overcome any fraud of the commies and deep staters

I just took a dinner break from the 24-hour prayer call for this election that started at midnight last night and will continue until tonight (election day) at midnight. There have been many amazing and powerful prayers today for our President Trump to win a resounding victory and for our nation to prosper and be protected from evil. God’s got this election covered! Amen!

Spoiler alert: President Trump wins! The Deep State and their corrupt minions lose!

Personally, i am ready and at peace with the Lord and whatever outcome or direction i am destined to go. My gut tells me it may well be in the last days. I have rarely been wrong about stuff like that.

10.55 AM -JUST VOTED !
Quick and easy. Very short line. In and out in 15 minutes.
Yaay !

Me too. Trump/Pence 2020.

Well Patriots
The time has arrived. Lexington, morning of April 19, 1775. Time to water the tree of Liberty. Captain John Parker, “Stand your ground, do not fire, unless fired upon, if they want a war, let it start here.” It did. It will happen again.

Me? I’m NOT afraid, I see this as the biggest challenge, I’ve ever faced, I may not win, but, I will earn a participant award.

Psalm 144
1: Blessed be the LORD my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight:
11: Rid me, and deliver me from the hand of strange children, whose mouth speaketh vanity, and their right hand is a right hand of falsehood:
15: Happy is that people, that is in such a case: yea, happy is that people, whose God is the LORD.

Psalm 146
8: The LORD openeth the eyes of the blind: the LORD raiseth them that are bowed down: the LORD loveth the righteous:

Ephesian 6
The Full Armor of God
Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace; Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God

Peace be to the brethren, and love with faith, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Grace be with all them that love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity. Amen. 

Stay the course of our Lord. Survive, fight if you have to, run

AMEN your soul is prepped !!

Regardless of election results, the fight is on, not over.

Agreed. This isn’t 1776–it’s the start of the war, not its end.

Take 5 minutes and watch the following video:

Why did all these people come to see Trump?

Very true.

That is a great video! Another good one on YT that will bring tears to your eyes is
“Patriots of Arizona 96 mile Trump Train” drone footage from well, near my area!

Thanks for sharing.
True American Patriots.

In fairness, there were Biden supporters there…..the three of them were in that Yugo….you’ll have to look really hard to find them.
May God Bless the United States of America!!!

Awesome JD,
thanks for sharing,,,,
i sent it to some democrats with the simple message, do you have the resolve to face the hive you are kicking?
😎 🤙🏻

Tucker hit that nail on the head last night. My husband and I have been saying these people in Washington DC have no clue who we are nor do they care to find out. They are blinded by there ideology and surrounded by those who echo their thoughts and (most importantly) their ‘feelings’. I fear a Trump win will only buy us time but I am also praying that I am wrong.

Just a thought,
perhaps POTUS winning a second term, will begin the cleanse by fire that is truly needed. These groups, tied to democrats, are the same ilk who spit on our brothers and sisters returning from war in the 60s,,,,, they didnt go away, they just got older and many got elected to political office etc,
same problem, different decade, all things come to a head

Wow Kulafarmer -You just hit a nerve !
The very1st thing my own mother said to me when I returned from ‘Nam, was”You should have died over there.” My older brother said “You were stupid for even going.”
Those words still haunt me, over 50 years later.

War vet.
Thank you for your sacrifice. Because of you, I grew up safely and my family was raised in a relatively free America. All like you who gave your youth for our sakes deserve more than we can ever repay.

Thank you for your service war vet. I am extremely sorry your family did that to you while living under blanket of protection you helped provide


WarVet, Thank You!

War Vet,
I am truly sorry you had to endure that. Not cool at all.
i am sorry if i offended you in any way bud, but its the same kind of people, am pretty sure you know that though. I know a few of those sort of people, they are on the list

Sad to hear that news when you returned from Nam. Your service is appreciated by this military household.

Welcome home, Brother!
(US Army, Da Nang, 1969)

Thank you for your service.👍🇺🇸🐐


The progressive fascists appear to have a plan in place to make it even worse:

Disguising their rioters as Trump-supporters in order to make the case that Donald Trump truly is a dictator that must be violently overthrown if he wins or arrested and prosecuted if he loses.

A source that has always been reliable was able to photograph an Antifa flyer:

Antifa gearing up for false flag violence disguised as Trump-supporters

If you observe enemy behavior, you are observing the enemy. It does not matter what costume they wear, or if they appear to be respectable authorities, their criminal actions shall reveal them for what they are…the enemy. Treat them as such.

Voted! Longest line ever in my little rural WI community. Lots of Trump support out here, more than last year if you are going by yard signs.

Our country has been crumbling around us for several years due to many causes from within our borders. Our way of life and all it’s past freedoms are not gone yet, eroded but not gone yet. I took an oath when I enlisted in the Navy 60 years ago dealing with enemies ,foreign and domestic. I do not think that oath had an expiration date on it. It appears to me our biggest threats are from the political/ruling class that have been elected by the citizens.

Communism is a brutal system and I pray that it will be eradicated from our shores. The election today is a crucial point for the direction of our future.

Prayers to all for discernment,wisdom ,safety and especially for our president and his family.

Adams once said that The Revolution began within the soldier’s mind before a drop of blood had ever been shed. As soon as they realized that they could not entertain the thought of continuing to be treated with such benign neglect, they willingly heeded the call to “Charge!”

I inherited a sword used in that fight. It’s never meant as much to me as it has this year. It’s not just a relic passed down to a descendant, it is a tangible place for my hand to clasp the same grip they held onto until death. If I should fall in this fight, heeding the exact same call to save this nation, the sword will merely change hands. But a new Patriot will always come along who will heed the call to fight on because America will forever be the land of the brave, as we ensure that freedom continues to ring out loud and clear for the generations to come. May God forever bless this great land!

Sadly many do not know it is even a Republic.

Mrs. U – Yep… “if we can keep it”. Right?

All part of the programming. If the education system makes republic synonymous with democracy then when they transition to a true democracy people will just shrug, and then wonder why it’s so different.

Was talking to my cat Merle this morning. Told him to hope the Dems don’t win today or he might be eating the same cat food as all of the other cats, which would be processed in accordance to the EPA rules. Also he would not have a full bowl all of the time, he would eat only two times a day in the government stated amount. The mice would become equal to him, Momma, and Baby cat, thus you all will have to give up the hunt and you will be declawed as to not cause any harm to any other creature. Merle, no longer will you get to poop anywhere in the yard and cover as you please, but there will be a designated area which you will share with all of the other cats in the neighborhood and you will cover in accordance with the new policies set forth. Merle say a cat prayer!

I will do WHATEVER it takes to preserve America. Too many have gone before me, fighting and dying to ensure that we would have this country now; over 291,000 in WW2 ALONE, for me to NOT fight for her!

In the end, as old as I am, I may go down fighting for my country. I will NOT go down as one of those who just let America fail!

…In 1980, I took an oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic… That oath did not expire on my retirement from the military. This is as much true as it is cliché.

I took the same oath in 82 and it was for life so I’ll be standing shoulder to shoulder with you.

84 for me. I’ll be there.

I voted straight Republican in Florida today. 10:30ish, no line. I pray that God shame the heathen party that opposes Him.

I voted in Missouri, in line at 6:00. The line was probably a third of a mile long, and there wasn’t much social distancing in it, although everyone wore masks. It was cold and clear, so I got to watch the sunrise with a bunch of other people. It took an hour to get inside the building, but once inside it went quickly. There’s something heart-warming about voting on election day!

#138 in line and that was 1hr after polls opened. Took the day off and tomorrow. Polls are packed in my area!

I voted early with only one couple before me. I reprimanded a worker that told a lady she couldn’t vote ‘without a driver’s license’.
I told the lady to go to the court house a block away with her SS card, Marriage license if married, a utility bill for proof of address, and a birth cert and get a ID card.
Still renewable in 4 years, but she can vote today and not miss the opportunity. First time I remember showing ID in Kentucky, so she was surprised like I was.

Jay Jay,
I hope you’re not against voter ID. If you are, please re-consider what it means to vote. I am strongly in favor of voter ID. Helps to complicate any attempts at voter fraud. Only citizens may vote. Many who oppose voter ID, simply haven’t thought it through. Or they’re part of some form of fraud. I do NOT want my vote cancelled out by some illegal alien with NO right to vote.

You didn’t read all my post –I’m glad Ky has finally shown responsibility for ID requirement.
I also learned today from a lady at the Election Commission that those years I wasn’t required to show photo ID was because a worker put his life on the line to vouch for me and he was a church member.

I’m impressed with my little redneck part of the woods voting station.
I had to show my ID with address and was given a tab with number on it. They send you to a table with stacks of voting sheets; they are numbered. They then send you to the voting booth for privacy.
I think each stack had the amount of registered voters in that district. So, when finished, they can count the votes, those not voting, etc.
The number registering on that processor should agree with the number of blank sheets given that day???

10 AM here in Anchorage I just voted no lines I was number 164 to vote at my polling place which was more then usual for this time of the day. The poll worker agreed with me. I read that in Philadelphia there is already problems at some polling places.

i did my part i voted straight red all down the line and im damned proud of it

Loved your last line – “and I’m damned proud of it.”

I have cast votes in the past that felt like nothing more than voting for the lesser of two evils. Yet my vote for Trump made me damn proud too. He has earned my respect, my loyalty and my thanks.

No line when I voted, 2 people ahead of me drove me there.
Quiet with one person checking ID complaining of the rag he has to wear.
Face masks are optional but apparently not for poll workers there.

I am livid right now. I went to vote today & they couldn’t find my name on the registration. Told me to call the election board to find out if they listed me in another but this is where I always vote ! Call the election board & they proceed to tell me they deactivated me bc I didn’t vote in the last election! But I’m sure I did! Tell me I have to reregister & can only do a provisional ballot if allowed!

Oklady –
‘Can you re-register and cast a provisional ballot today?

Actually, there is a hotline to call today nationwide for fraud, intimidation or suppression.

US Attorney’s Office Election Day Hotline

Call and file a complaint. Tell them you want to cast your ballot today and it is your right to do so!

The lady at the election board told me I could reregister but could only do a provisional if allowed but no! My dad said they’d probably hold my ballot anyway & wouldn’t send it!

I don’t understand what gives them the right to simply just deactivate your voting right for some unwarranted reason! I’m extremely mad!!

Call your Tulsa GOP office and ask them what right the Precinct had to remove your name. 918-627-5702.

Welcome to ameRica comrade

Oklady –

Personally, I would call the hotline and report that you were not allowed to cast a ballot. Lots of folks are predicting that the results will be contested and if it winds up in court, your name will be on file with the US Attorney’s Office as having been suppressed from voting.

I also just placed my voting receipt and ballot number slip from this election into the safe with my current voter registration card as proof that I did vote in this election, lest anyone try to pull the same stunt on me in the future. Four years from now the Democrats will really be livid, so what happened to you today may wind up happening to all of us in 2024!

They are required to do periodic purges of the voting lists, usually of people who are dead or left the area. I have never heard of being purged because you didn’t vote. Check with your county rules and see if this is a valid reason to be removed. If it turns out it’s not a valid reason, GET IT IN WRITING.

I know that some states deactivate you if you haven’t voted in the last major election or whatever “little” (local issues only) ones that have come between. It does help clean the lists up–something we know is needed many places! I am so sorry this has happened to you, and I hope that you followed the advice others have given. I would be livid, too.

I don’t know your state’s policy, but I didn’t vote in 2012 because I knew of the vote fraud carried out in 2008 and 2016 I was just damned disgusted with the whole mess.
I haven’t been removed from any registries. In Kentucky.
I voted and I know I’m still registered—I remember reading of voters being purged for not voting a certain length of time or so many elections, but it certainly was NOT one election…it was many.

In the comments section – “You know when the Amish come off the bench that the side they oppose is indeed evil.”

The time may have come to do Patriot stuff. Anyone who supports abolishing the Constitution and replacing it with communism is NOT an American..PERIOD!

#1 ROE…Marxists/Communist are domestic enemies and should given no
quarter whatsoever.

#2 ROE….Anyone not on your side is your enemy.

#3 ROE…Hesitation will get you killed.

#4 ROE…Compassion and mercy is for Chaplains and Medics.

Trump should win of course, but Romney should have won against Obama. There was so much fraud going on that he lost. And then there wasn’t even mail in ballots. I have heard that several states are accepting these ballots even if signatures don’t match. The Republicans lose every year in NM because some of the southern counties always manage to find just enough ballots to put the dems over the top. This usually happens after the count and are found in a closet or someone’s car trunk. Funny they are all for the democrat candidate. So that is my biggest worry, the dems ability to preform fraud.

Willingness. The hard-core libs I know have each and every one told me that the ends justify the means. That lying and cheating is perfectly OK if it means their side wins. It’s also not cheating if it’s not illegal, such as crossing party lines to vote for the least viable candidate in the primaries.

They GLORY in their duplicity, in their ability to cheat their way to the top.

Apologies to any liberals here who don’t work that way, but these are the liberals I know.

Old Lady you’re right. In 2016, in the Southern Congressional district of New Mexico, the Republican was projected the winner, and suddenly 8,000 absentee ballots were found in Las Cruces (a Democrat stronghold in NM), and it seems a monstrous percentage of them all voted for the Democrat.
But this election, the Republican challenger won by about 60% to 40 % and sent the Democrat packing. (But of course this may happen again.) Same two people were running for the Congressional seat both times.

NM is notorious for voter fraud

Went this morning , was very quiet and pleasant here.
Got all who could from our house hold .
sure know joe wouldn’t be happy about it . Hehe

I was kind of thinking you were going to say something about Jo Jorgensen. Significantly more idealistic to preserving freedom than the Republicans and certainly leaps and bounds more than the Democrats.

I like Jo Jorgensen. If she had a chance of winning at all I would have voted for her. But instead went on the Trump train.

Pinky, the most important election in your lifetime, and you wasted your vote.

Would love to think that a vote for jo Jorgensen would have been the better choice , but I think right now third party candidates are a distraction to divide the system and help either party push their agenda as a family we decided to work our vote toward goals we can achieve, our local elections , approaching family, friends , acquaintances, coworkers, making time locally to support libertarian and independent candidates.
We hope by doing this we can help get a true grass roots campaign to make a bigger and better difference for the future.

What a beautiful day for an election here.
Warm, sunny, slight breeze.

The other half went this morning and had 10-12 people in front of her, standing outside. She is usually in the single digits/315 today.
Myself, I walked right in 574. Usually in the 300 range. But they were starting to back up as I left.

Apparently, the State is asking the people to vote on keeping or abolishing our 4th amendment.

Searches without warrants. Phones, houses, vehicles.

I sure would like a list of names of those that even got this on the ballot.

Totally pi$$ed that they would even do this.
Ruined my good day.

My bad.

Proposal was for electronic devises and data searches with or without warrants


I need to slooowww down and read what’s printed, not what I assume to be reading.

…but anyway, I voted no on the proposal
Why? because I believe it opens the flood gates of warrantless searches.

“You, the people, voted yes on warentless searches of devices.

Your phone is in your car?
Alexis/your computer/camera is in your house?

Nope, we’ll get it. Rummage thru your car, house, etc.
Although, there is a boundary of search, with a warrant, there is always more to suspicious eyes.
I believe Reasonable Suspicion is worded in the fourth. RS, is the way you receive signed papers for a warrant.
Regardless of advanced technology, state and nation Constitution has limited boundries.

Give ’em an inch. We’ll take a mile.

Joe c, I understood it that, a yes vote would mean a warrant IS required for access to electronic devices.

Aww hell. I don’t remember.

Maybe I need an MRI.

They deliberately word those things so people see opposite of what it really is. If they want people to vote yes, they make “yes” sound like what a reasonable person would vote for, even if it actually means the opposite. You have to read them really carefully.

You should be able to find what a yes or no vote means online. However, in my experience when speaking of constitutional stuff/proposals and such, a “yes” usually means a change and a “no” usually means no change.

No, I had to read it a few times to make sure I understood. They have a way of wording these proposals that can be frequently misconstrued. You don’t want an MRI unless you really need to. I had one yesterday, strange experience to say the least.

I too read it the same way you did. My heart skipped a beat thinking I voted “wrong” or opposite than what I intended when reading Joe’s post.

I’m sorry I mentioned…
I’m befuddled in the manner, ladies.
Hell, even the other half and cousin were wondering, if they voted correctly on the state proposals.
We all voted straight Red anywho, that we know for a fact.
I’m tired, overwhelmed, confused as hell.
I’m sure we all here did good in our state.

Supper, Andy Griffith
and bed.

Ok group. All day I have been asking myself “WHY.” Why did they (the Democrats) put up such a lousy choice against Trump? Why? An (apparently) corrupt politician with mental impairment for President and a true socialist as VP. Why? What is coming? Here is my guess.

Europe has already gone full tilt for the Global Economic Reset. Add Australia and New Zealand. The US must fall somehow. Will they crash the economy on Trump in his second term? Trump a scapegoat for the globalists? Maybe. However, I do not think they counted on the determination of the American people. They cannot win here in America. I’m betting on that.

Praying for all here and our nation and our great President.

That is an interesting observation and a very possible correct guess.
Biden the corrupt mental midget and Harris an obvious socialist/commie by the remarks she has made in public. Neither one is leadership material.
We , as a country seem to be on the edge of some perilous times. I pray Trump can give us 4 more years to prepare,organize and get strong for his departure 2025.

Amen, Bluesman.

Could also be an excuse for their loss, since they really didn’t have any viable candidates and it’s easy to rally their people against Trump. They’ve been acting like they intend to lose. The only other candidate they could have put up was Bernie, and they didn’t want Bernie–he’s as much of a loose cannon as Trump, they can’t control him.

I think your idea makes more sense. I also think that both Biden and Harris were given this “opportunity” as political payback.

When Trump was first elected, there was a cartoon on Townhall. It showed someone with a dog leash in hand, saying to the new President Trump, “Here put this on.” The next frame of the cartoon showed that person leaving carrying his empty dog leash. I wish I had saved that cartoon.

Could be political payback, but there is so much at stake. Power, being number one. Dems want the power. I dunno. Something is nagging at me. Something is not right.

Go Trump!! 4 more years, please!!!!!!!!!! Egads. Back to the election results….

I read a list yesterday that listed all 50 states and when votes would still be accepted/counted. I was surprised that there are several, besides Cali, that have some form of late count. All the way till about the end of the month in some cases

I voted. Dropped my ballot off at the City Hall drop box. The old men there were especially happy to see “young men” (I’m 37) out voting. Stocked up and ready for whatever may happen to happen. Hoping that the USA continues to be a great nation, and not become a socialist country overnight.

about 4hrs before any tangible results will be reported, and then it will most likely be speculation.
the anticipation is killi’n me.
y’all stay safe, ya hear

Trump loses Ohio it’s all over. Trump already nervous. We will likely know pretty soon

BLT, Ohio has gone to DJT 🙂

live reports can be found here,

All men and women who take the oath of enlistment go with the knowledge that maybe, at some point in their service, that they may be put in harms way. I took the oath in 1969 and I knew full well what I was getting into. Not every soldier gets to the ugly side of service with combat experience like Warvet but we all share the same experience of putting on the uniform for our country. I hoped to pass away surrounded by my wife, children and grandchildren but if it takes my sacrifice to preserve this country for them, I will do it. Ya’ll stay safe.

Too damn many dems moved from NY to NH and held by dems. What a disappointment.

Too many central/mexican americans moved to AZ and swing that State blue.

New Mexico never did wise up.

Not the 1776 Moment we needed to turn this country away from socialism. Where the hell are all the patriots. I’m sick.

Well from this moment looks like Biden’s got all his states done but Trumps sitting on 10, that look like they will go his way. NV still unaccounted for at the moment. Sad to see CA didn’t wise up. Looks like Omars state did though so thats good. I think Trumps got it in the bag.

But the House never turned so we will have no action for another four years and the bitch will tear up another State of The Union speech.

It appalls me how the sheeple keep re-electing the career criminals, Nazi Pelosi, Bitch Mc Connell, Etc. Yea, They are doing a great job to the tune of 27 TRILLION DEBT! ONE BILLION A DAY IN INTEREST! How much longer can this last?

Not me, I 100% agree with your comment on career criminals but here in Kentucky, voting for McConnell was voting for the lesser of 2 evils!


I had an issue pop up yesterday that I would like to share. I needed to get in my gun safe for some batteries for the light on one of my ARs, when I found that my that the battery was dead on the digital key pad. It required a 9volt that I didn’t have. Had this happened in an emergency it could have been catastrophic. I urge everyone to check or replace their keypad battery if they have one on their safe. I had the old dial lock before but gave it up in a move because of the weight. I went with a bigger safe on sale to save $400. Details, details, details!

I wonder if a nice EMP would cause your gun safe to become inoperable and impossible to open?

Personally, I do not use safes, but if I did they would be non-digital, non-electric. Nor do I have any electrical systems on my weapons, such as lights, or lasers, or red dots, just tritium.

All weapons are always loaded, and always ready, no matter where they are kept. I never have to jack a round into the chamber before shooting a bad guy. Less time, less noise, involved…and I am not filming an action movie.

No kids, or stupid people, to worry about. So, no reason to hinder myself in a crisis.

Ision – Most of those electronic access safes feature an EM solenoid throw bolt. A modern 3 pound rare earth magnet, available on ebay can easily cause that solenoid to lift -from the outside- and allow the safe to be opened in about 3 seconds.

I think I am done with this country, it’s too far gone. And before anyone has a knee jerk response – yes, it is a serious possibility in the near future. I have connections that could arrange a new welcome elsewhere, PDQ. New Hampshire broke bad?! Ken! What’s going on? Jesus, please help us! A frigging SENILE, CORRUPT, PEDOPHILE is tied for POTUS?! What the hell kind of people make up this country anymore? Have we finally tipped the scales toward a welfare state?! Cheating aside, the fact that Corn Pop and Trixie got even 3% of the vote makes me physically ill and utterly ashamed to tell anyone I am an American. …….. I think it’s time to go gray for a bit – until the call comes to go hot. Paging Captain John Parker – Anyone?

I accept God’s will. That does NOT mean that I am going to sit back and bemoan my fate without trying to steer it. It will happen as He wills, yes, but I have agency and I have no intention of sitting back with a fatalistic sigh while everything that HE has provided for me goes down the toilet. That includes, believe it or not, our republic and the LAWS that were established to maintain it.

Those who flout those laws will be responsible to Him. Those who knowing steal elections (or try to, or knowingly support those who do) are flouting not the laws of man, but the laws of God. Thou shalt not lie, thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not bear false witness, sound familiar? Love thy neighbor as thyself. Sound familiar?

Those who flout these laws WILL be held accountable to Him. If Biden stole this election, it is his own eternal fate that he has chosen. And those who helped him will slide right down with him. If he and Harris use the presidency as they have said they will, it will seal that fate.

Somehow I doubt you would be saying anything about “God’s will” if Trump had won by a landslide. I had a good friend who is a liberal. When O won, it was all “You’ll have another chance in four years. Give him a chance, he has to undo what (evil former president) has done.” When Trump won, it was “There’s no choice left but violence!”

Interesting contrast.

tmcgyver –

You’re paging Captain John Parker but his spirit is needed for a purpose other than what you’re summoning. The words he said aren’t what made him a vital asset. It was the fact that he had learned to fight like a British soldier, as well as learning to use the guerrilla warfare of the Indians. At each advance of the British, militia men were hiding behind the trees, allowing them to quickly strike from a hidden spot and then fade away to another advantageous spot.

We’ve been a silent army, content to fight cleanly in the open and then retreat from the field to get back to our lives. That’s not good enough this time around. We have to summon more from ourselves, both individually and collectively, for this fight. Parker was dying from Tuberculosis before that fight ever got underway. And quite frankly, our Republic began dying before this election rolled around. Yet we have to stand our ground, not surrender an inch and plot a very strategic course of action because we are at war. As Tucker accurately said last night, “We will only know the outcome of this election when the media tells us. Yet they have proven to be the enemy these last four years.” We can’t run and hide, or board a jet, or only choose to be an American when the optics are favorable. This is our country. She needs every last one of us. The time has come to fix this once and for all, the right way. Come what may, the battle is on. And each of us needs to find a tree.

M’Lynn –

I have a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye. Thank you for the history lesson, delivered just in time.

tmcgyver –

I’ve never doubted you have the bravery to take the first ridge without any flankers. But your mind is every bit an asset too. That street sense you gained allows you to see things with a clarity because for you it meant survival. We’ve got to to hone that skill in all of us right now.

The enemy thinks they’ve been successful at throwing three teenagers into a raging furnace, bound. We’re not falling down to worship their fake golden calf, so they have resorted to publicly humiliating us. We’re not bound though. Nor are we here alone. But we are meant to use this time to keep a very clear eye on the enemy, to understand his movement. Very little coverage of the protests. Yet we need to keep our focus on watching for that information as a means of knowing where they are and how they’re growing because that is the real threat at the moment. The other will work itself out and we will emerge without the smell of smoke if we merely keep the faith and stand the line.

Im shocked so many people voted for biden, i guess they like their servitude, enjoy it is all i can say,

50% of the population has the IQ of a bed bug and even less common sense. I just hope, if Biden wins in the end, the urban democrat run cities and their suburbs turn into a nightmare on a Biblical scale. Let them get a really good dose of lawless, socialist/communist ideology.

One possibility for this HORRID (IMHO) If-Biden-wins-outcome: God has had many of us connect here, build our homesteads (refuges), and prepare for what is to come. That is the message I got from the Lord many, many years ago. And it wasn’t all food and weapons either. “Prepare for what is to come.” Those were His words to me. I was to learn skills, the “old ways.” This is why we have always prepared to live like the 1800’s. Biden wins, we go very, very, grey – and quiet. No more purchases. Starve the (economic) beast. Barter, yes. Only necessary cash purchases. Gonna be very busy today……

Makes sense DJ
Definitely wont be feeding the beast, and those who would support that beast deserve the misfortune that awaits them, unintended consequences eh

My plan exactly

I do believe there is only one way to save this country. Oldhomesteader has been advocating it for years, stop production. But it will only work if enough people live it, suffer through it, and accept the pain it would inflict on urban populations. Do I think there are enough patriots out there to fight against socialism/marxism, no. RIP USA.


Is there an honest or ethical Democrat in this country?  If there were, he, she, or they would be asking for an investigation into the vote fraud that has occurred.  If there is, please come forward.
Not one Democrat will come forward because all of them know that if they do, they will be doxxed, canceled, and tormented with death threats, their families will be threatened.  That is who and what the left in America is today.  This is the Democrat party in 2020.  America-loving citizens should all be afraid, very afraid. American Thinker

No, there isn’t. These bastard are coming after ALL of US. President Trump, is just in there way. God help us.