Trump: “I have a lot of enemies…may be last time you’ll see me for awhile”

Trump certainly has threats on his life all the time. No doubt the Secret Service is very busy with this presidency. However Trump made a statement yesterday that has raised eyebrows…

“So I have a lot of enemies out there. This may be the last time you’ll see me for a while. A lot of very, very rich enemies, but they are not happy with what I’m doing,” said Trump.

We all know how much the Donald enjoys being out there. That’s how he is. So for him to remove himself from the public square (remains to be seen), there’s something extraordinary going on behind the scenes.

I have very little doubt that a serious assassination threat exists. From who? I’ll let you speculate for yourselves.

Trump is a smart, sharp man. I’m certain that he’s known that “they” may go after him personally at some point.

They’ve tried to destroy him politically and have so far failed at every turn.

  • Russia hoax
  • Impeachment hoax
  • Destroying the economy via advantaging the Wuhan virus
  • Social chaos meltdown, wrecking cities by way of Marxist BLM & ANTIFA riots

…and that’s just naming a few.

The thing is, it’s not working. And in opposition they have a shell of a man running for president who is clearly unfit for office. Surely the are exceedingly desperate. So what’s left for them to do as the clock ticks closer to November?

What if they assassinate Trump?

Ugh… Just saying that will draw attention. But it’s a valid question. What if? They’ve done it before. More than once.

Trump is out in the open a-lot. Even with Secret Service efforts, one wonders… So for him to indicate that he may be out of sight for awhile – that tells us something.

Was he simply being sarcastic? Or is he aware of a serious threat.

The globalist cabal are the most powerful people / entities on the planet. One would logically surmise that if they really wanted to, they could get it done. But will they?

Okay, I’m just putting this out there for your information and consumption (yet something else to be concerned about). But hey, that’s what I do here 😉

I want to ask a question regarding this possibility.

What would happen here in America if…?

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  1. Maybe the investigation of Crossfire Hurricane is about to be made public. Maybe some very important people are about to be indicted.

    1. DAISY:

      I’m with you. I’m not a “Q” follower, but after digging a little on Twitter, I was able to find where he/she made a drop warning about a BIG something or other happening a day or so ago.

      I would think Durham is wrapping things up and getting prepared for the big reveal very soon.

  2. I believe it would be a landslide for the Republican Party on Nov. 3rd with many of the center-leaning Democrats going with the Republicans and VP Pence. However, I don’t believe it will happen now if a threat has been possibly detected. The Secret Service are some of the best cops in the world….I’ve worked with them before…and their attention to detail is beyond belief!

  3. Taking out the global cabal and their various ‘enterprises’, including the pedo/organ harvesting/sex trafficking complex, is extremely dangerous work. I’ve often wondered if that’s what he’s been carefully doing, bit by bit. Lots of dots getting more and more connected. It is hard to know, so one can only speculate. I pray for him every day, that his heart is in the right place, and that he’s kept safe.

      1. INPrepper, we are concerned for POTUS , and you as well. That water system and the flooding of all the cropland, w/locusts coming in, has been foremost in my mind…Hope you are north of that area..been watching weather predictions..some are saying 12-14 inches north and west of wuhan.

        1. Original Just Sayin
          Thanks for the concern. I think I might be somewhat downstream of the Three Gorges Dam. I am not 100% on that. There is a lake to the north of me that is at or above capacity, Dongting Lake. I am in Changsha to the south of the lake. The city is also on a major river. I think Dongting Lake and the river are downstream of the dam. My biggest concern is not the dam but being arrested and put in jail on trumped up charges because I am an American.since I am an American, it is likely I won’t ‘disappear’ like many native folks but they can arrest me and keep me in jail for as long as they want. They will just make simething up about national security or some crap. I am working on my exit strategy now. Hoping to be back stateside pretty soon.

          1. INPrepper:

            Be safe, buddy. Praying for your safe return. Whatever you do, keep your dead down.

    1. Trumps speech in the fall, there are some very rich and powerful people out there that want to destroy me. That says alot. Our Democrats are working with the cabal

  4. 47 Secret Service agents were hurt a few weeks back when the riots tried to storm the White House. Sure as heck Nazi Pelosi and here Commie troops will try to take out Trump over and over.

    1. Long Gone
      I thought that was just a peaceful protest?

      Evidently not! Silly me. 😜🔨

      1. INPrep
        ….silly you, just kidding! no it was a peaceful protest, it’s
        just a myth circulating in Washing-machine-ton. In DC, they
        wash the truth out of everything.

        Sorry guys, couldn’t help myself.

        1. I know it’s crazy isn’t it? At least math is solid.


          Or 2+2 doesn’t always = 4

  5. Trump has always been just one man, fighting for all he’s worth. By my account, he’s as scrappy as they come and would choose to keep re-electing him until the true evil is finally defeated. Yet we have also come to understand that he can’t fight alone, nor can the true victory that we honestly need be achieved without us joining the fight and being as brave against as the opposition.

    In my estimation of things, Trump has truly become the Father of Our 2.0 Nation. Washington in modern times. Each has held a vision of what we can become. Both men have birthed many sons and daughters of a republic necessary to advance the cause towards the greatness that is within our reach if we unite as one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

    I would shed many tears if the worst was to happen. Yet I would also stand up and continue on towards victory in his absence.

    1. M’LYNN:

      Hopefully, Don Jr. will run and win in ’24. That’s our only hope now, I think.

      1. ETA:

        Jesus is only true hope!

        But as far as holding office, sure would be nice if, after Trump leaves, one of his sons picks up the baton.

  6. There is no doubt that this is considered to be “the final solution”. From what is said the military has some that would oblige. There are already statements by Democrat leaders of forcibly removing Trump from office. And don’t forget about the Chinese.

  7. Yeas I read about that too. We will see if his public appearances go dark. Don’t forget they already canceled the repube party convention.

    Think JKF assassination, Think Reagan attempted assassination (MK Ultra), Other Events to take out this country include Sandy Hook (disarm patriots), Vegas Shooting of Country Music Goers (that event was disappeared off of the public radar of the motivation of the shooter) Now open insurrection of major Urban centers.

    I sure hope the Secrete Service is on the side of our president and the REAL American people. Pray for the Secrete Service to make good decisions and protect Trump. IF Trump gets assassinated… KATIE BAR THE DOOR!…

    1. I listen to a lot of information and have been following this security threat for some time. This is nothing new- in that there are threats. What is new is they are getting more and more desperate,They have begun to be called in for testimony and are turning on each other and refuting testimony given by another crony. They never thought she would loose. They underestimated the silent majority. desperation will continue to increase as info releases are made, and election gets closer. Our duly Elected POTUS has extra security at the location , publicized he has gone. Thankfully he has more than standard. I hope and pray his efforts are successful to get the swamp drained and his entire family is protected from the evil that surrounds him and those who are trying to support him.

  8. Civil war (the shooting kind) seems to be getting ever more likely. It seems that the fuse has already been lit and it’s burning away quietly with few noticing it. Will an assassination be what causes the “BOOM” and the beginning of overt hostilities nationwide?

  9. President Trump, not only has the Secret Service, but a battalion of Marines at the White house, and Camp David, but, he also has his own private security army, paid for by himself. I hope it is enough.!

    President Trump, is warning all of us, shit is about to hit the fan. He’s not a coward, so, for him to say, in a public forum, I need to keep a low profile, because, I have pissed off TPTB, He is WARNING all of us. Just read between the lines. He’s NEVER, said anything like this, EVER.!

    President Trump, is effective, gets things done, no other President has since, Regan. They, hate him, and takin him out, is NOT, above their capabilities.

    IF, he is assassinated.? Lord help us, Lord help the USA.

    1. One of the things I’ve noticed about him is that he never says or does anything without a purpose. From toilet tweets to press briefings, he always has a plan. And he has a good idea of how his enemies will react, what they will do, and what he can quietly get done while they’re wheezing about his latest (apparent) faux pas.

    2. As for increasing threats, they are coming for all those who have been labeled. POTUS is right they are coming for everyone conservative, using every manner possible. Now there are 7 cases of a woman receiving perfume, not ordered and smelling it and dying….no other information available to me at this time. DH heard this and had me pass this to our contacts.

        1. if a hoax, then glad no one died… guess someone getting their jollies off seeing how far a report will go.

          1. It’s a crazy, crazy world ain’t it? And yes, glad no one else has died. Enough death lately to last a lifetime.

    3. Im not a US citizen, but have family and friends that I live dearly who are. All patriots ( if I’m allowed to say that word of course..)
      There has been several public warnings against POTUS over the 3 + years of his term.

      1. The very first threat was from Comey when he said to the leftist media that POTUS asked Comey for his “ Loyalty “. Even though POTUS may or may not have asked this of Comey, the veiled warning was there. Maybe he knew three years ago before Comey was fired , POTUS was in fact looking for people loyal to the office of the presidency. Could there be a split ( I hope not ) in loyalties among those who protect the office of the president ??

      2. When Chuckles Schumer has a thinly veiled threat to POTUS that if he had “ messed with “ the Intel agencies, “ they have six ways to Sunday in getting back at you “ ( paraphrasing here and not a 100% quote). The gist of it is there. We now know how stacked the intel agencies were against potus from
      day one.

      3. The chant from your known gang of Democrats saying “ Impeech 45 “ has long been a war cry for 3 1/2 years.

      4. The Most recent protest near the WH proved how close the rioters came to breaching the security of the WH and Secret Service. Weather or not one agrees with what potus did that night after the riots near the WH showed that he wasn’t backing down. Potus will fight to the bitter end.

      5. Pelosi, on a MSNBC station a few weeks ago, even openly admitted she has been getting regular “ Continuity of Government “ briefings that keep her in the loop of the continuity of government affairs and deals etc , in case “ both “ potus and all the Vice President is incapacitated. Was she foretelling a plan that is already afoot?? Just my observations from the frozen north.

      1. WALLY T:

        Re: #5, that’s because if the election goes undecided due to vote counting, at a point Pelosi become the (temporary) acting President.

          1. Ding, ding, ding…KULA wins the Interwebs today! We have a winner!
            [hope you’re doin well, friend]

          2. MSG12B
            You could have given him an internet cookie😂 depending on the what kind of cookie🍪 he likes…lol.
            I have personally felt that is their end goal for ms p as she is still hangin in there.
            Vampirisms is alive and well. Watch the science channel they do rather interesting articles on cell regeneration. Of course they say it is only being tested in mice.

  10. if they the left that is DID kill president trump they would and i hope and pray to god they dont there is a VERY legit chance it WOULD cause open civil war it would cause blood bath the likes of which this country has never seen before it could cause there to be something like the first civil war only MUCH WORSE

    1. Kevin, that is their goal, to kill as many as they can… the useful idiots have no idea they are in danger when any crisis is past.

      1. yeah and i know some of those useful idiots i havent had any kind of contact with em in years but i do know em and they have no clue how seriously they are being used and WHEN the shtf i will sit back point and laugh out loud at em right in there faces

    1. breathless

      I don’t have tv. Where was Trump going when all of the WH staff came out on the lawn to see him off?

    1. Kevin, I believe there is some truth in that statement. I just don’t know how it would go down. i believe conservatives would be livid but how would an actual conflict go down? I suspect the left would be the protagonists. Would BLM declare open war on all police stations? would all Trump supporters be targeted as the enemy? would the left declare mob violence on anyone who supports our constitution? these are troubling times…

      1. Johnny, West Texas – There is no way to know exactly how it would all go down. At present, Antifa has already declared war on all police stations, if not in word in deed. Trump supporters have been sporadically targeted for the past couple of years, at least, so I expect to see more of that. Anyone who disagrees with the narrative of the color revolution currently underway is targeted, for ‘cancellation’, and sometimes physical violence. These things are all happening right now.

        Conservatives tend to operate with a different code of honor than the thugs that are rioting in the bigger cities. We wait. We don’t draw ‘first blood’. When trouble comes to us, though, we will meet it with resistance and force, if necessary. It may look like nothing is happening to stop the insurrectionists, but just watch. At some point, that ‘switch’ will get flipped in the on position. It already has in several small towns that Antifa tried to make trouble in. In those conservative, liberty-minded towns, they were unceremoniously booted out. And that was without exercising any 2nd amendment rights.
        If it goes all out, it’s not going to be easy for them. Especially in conservative strongholds. Then, we’ll see what happens.

  11. tmcgyver – Loyalty, and to pay respects. It may be a while before they get to do that again, if ever. Spicy times about to commence. If you’re a man of God, prayer for all you’re worth that he is successful in the storm that’s about to be unleashed. If you’re not a man of God, pray anyway, He’ll still hear you. And stay extremely frosty.

  12. Let’s see:

    Aug 5th – Lt. Gen Micheal Flynn posts “This is my letter to America” read at The Western Journal.
    Aug 6th – POTUS Trump announces that it may be a while before we see him.
    Aug 7th – Articles saying that Durham will be dropping bombshells before Labor Day.

    Maybe just coincidences maybe not, but it does feel like something big is going to happen.


  13. I know that everybody is probably sick of hearing it—“any day now, Barr and Durham are gonna unleash the dogs of hell on the seditious, treasonous, people who used the FISA court to attempt to overturn the last election”——–

    Got to admit, I’ve had my doubts that would ever happen, but now……..I’m beginning to believe it’s imminent.

    The democrats hauling Barr in front of the House committee in an attempt to paint him as nothing but a Trump lackey doing dirty work for him failed miserably. Barr appeared at times stoic, but grinned like the Cheshire Cat when they broached certain topics……a man that knew he held a pat hand, patiently awaiting the moment he would lay the cards on the table.

    I personally believe that dems are in a panic. I also believe that Trump, and more importantly, those surrounding him, know what those about to be exposed are capable of….and the capabilities of those surrounding those once powerful people.

    Without intending to be over dramatic, I believe we are on the precipice of all hell breaking loose in Washington, D.C……… and the country.

    Is Trump’s life in danger? Without doubt. Is there any length those who fear him won’t go to in order to get him out of the picture? No.

    Life on the mountain is looking better every day…………..believe I’ll go take in a therapy session……….

    1. Dennis and Lauren – Feel like everything you both said is true. Trump has street smarts like nobody’s business, including knowing when looking like a boisterous buffoon is advantageous. He plays that one a lot. Sometimes clearing out corruption means going after the head of the snake, and sometimes it means quietly taking out the little fish, one by one, to get close enough to the big fish to go all out.

      Dennis – I appreciate hearing about life on your mountain, grands included. No matter how serious it gets, no matter the loss, we just can’t afford to lose our ability to take in the blessings our Father brings to us each day. Gives us strength for the hard times. Thanks for sharing those things here, and for the beautiful pictures. In the midst of extreme adversity, I wish you many more beautiful moments.

    2. Dennis, brother, I think you’re right. Trump knows where the bodies are. He used to be their friend and give them and their charities lots of cash. He used to wine and dine them. And then, something happened that made him turn on them and choose his country at all costs. They’re legitimately freaked the you know what out. Don’t forget about Hillary’s hot mic moment, “If that blankety blank bastard wins, we all hang by nooses…!” She knew then and they all know now. Barr and Durham are going in for the kill shot. Can you even imagine how they must feel?

      Enjoy that mountain, sir. I bet the view is amazing and the peace even moreso.

  14. Trump tends to be a bit grandiose on things at times but that is very ominous. If the nutjob left succeed heaven forbid in what Trump is hinting at then it would be open season on his supporters afterwards. The Dems have been completely silent on all the rioting, burning, raping, murdering, and removal of US history except for the occasional Dem who had ‘protesters’ showing up outside their residences. Trump is at this time what they see as the last great barrier to their agenda. He is the face and culmination of what they hate. Trump Derangement Syndrome. It’s not Ron Paul, Ted Cruz, or Mike Pence Derangement Syndrome.
    The solution to stopping the riots and most of the sh*t is pretty simple. When the ‘protesters’ start throwing bricks, bombs, frozen water bottles, you name it at police, put a few of those crazies in a toes up position. It won’t take long for things to settle down. It’s simple, you throw a brick at a cop, you go toes up. To me imho, throwing a brick at someone is nothing short of attempted murder regardless of how much riot gear they are wearing.

    1. What if? I think life as we know it would cease to exist.America. Would never rebound if that happened to Our President.The fires have been stirred too much already, that would be like napalm being dumped over our entire Country.I pray for His safety and for whatever protection he can muster.

    2. INPrepper

      My thoughts exactly. The police officers should have bucked their mayors, governors, etc. and nipped this bull crap rioting in the bud. I’m not sure what it would have taken to go against the stand down orders, but the fact that they had to do so makes the majority of them sick to their stomachs knowing they took an oath to serve and protect. Most police officers are good moral people, yea some are arrogant, cocky, etc. but all of us have character flaws. No matter what, they should be able to protect themselves in any and all circumstances as should we being law abiding citizens. We don’t need new or more laws written we just need to enforce the one’s we already have. Love the “toes up position” description for what the consequences should be for the thugs committing the violent crimes.

      1. Agree 100% SH.
        Each of us have character flaws as no one is perfect.

        Me, I am still searching for my character flaws, Hehe. However, my wife will gladly point out many what she believes to be character flaws. I don’t see them as flaws but what makes me unique.

        Oops, I see the bottom of the coffee cup. Time for a refill.

    3. INPrepper
      Yes… I’ve been whacked in the head by a brick myself,
      so you are spot frickin’ on….Although, I was just thinking
      my solution, “GAU,” six barrels, a boatload of 7.62
      a continuous five minutes orbit… some how I
      think it would get “spooky” quiet rapidly!
      But just me thinkin’ out loud.

  15. All
    Perhaps it’s more about the Epstein/Maxwell situation, rather than
    “Crossfire Hurricane.” An awful lot of very rich and powerful folks
    are mentioned there. If you take both cases, add a dash of the Clintons
    and a pinch of “damocrat” roadblocks, chaos and antifa collusion.
    Stir the pot and get a really deep reaching organic problem in that
    “party.” Can you say it…….?

    1. K
      Yeah, Epstein death was a reminder that tptb can get to someone almodt anywhere. It’s amazing how many People associated with the Clintons have met a mysterious end.

      1. I believe Fox is also trying to secure an interview with Assange regarding the mysterious death of Seth Rich. He got Arkancided, too. The list just keeps on growin.

        1. MSG
          There was another guy when Clinton was pres. His name was Foster or something. Within a short time of his death, the hildebeast and cohorts went through his offic late at night. Of course that was never mentioned on the MSM. They loved the Clintons.

          1. Clintons body list:
            mcDoufal, Mahoney, Brown, Razier, Tilley, Wiley, Parks, Bunch, Wilson, Ferguson, Shelton, Baugh, Martin, Coleman, Grover, Wilcher, Walker, Wise, Meisner, Heard, Seal, Friday, Ives, Henry, Lawhirn, Huggins, Coney, McMaskle, Collins, Winters, Rhodes, Milan, …… I’m sorry the list really dies keep going on. Many, many suicides and some gruesome.

        2. MSG
          Now there is a name you dont hear much these days,,,
          I wonder if he is even still alive?

          1. I believe he IS still alive, KULA. For how long, though, is anyone’s guess. My hope is that he’ll reappear back here in the States and there will be a collective “wet thy pants” moment by the Dems.

  16. First of all, he would have a plan to pluck victory even out of his death. That’s the kind of person he is, flipping off his enemies and grinning in the face of sure defeat.

    What that victory might consist of, I couldn’t guess. He’s a very deep man, lots of onion layers to peel back to get to his real motivations and plans.

    Second, he would then be a martyr to a good half of the country, and possibly a third of the remainder would pull back and refuse to support his enemies. 1/3 would hunker down to wait out the fireworks, hoping to pick up the pieces.

    I think it would be the height of irony and the ultimate insult to TPTB if Pence then chose Melania as his VP.

  17. Trump loves to troll the Left with his Twitter comments. And every time he does it, as predicted, the Left goes bonkers and the ‘fake news’ runs with it.

    Trump’s “I have a lot of enemies” tweet was brilliant. The tweet was an open message to his constituents, as well as to the Left. Don’t take it the wrong way — Trump and his protectors are doing their jobs. The underlying message Trump wanted to convey was that the big shake-up is underway and he was taunting the Left (again) so they can’t sleep (again).

    The WH photo-op ‘send off’ with staff on the front lawn at the WH was another message, reaffirming employee dedication as well as Trump’s status. President Trump is in control. Remember Pelosi said that Trump would be “fumigated” out of the White House if he refused to leave after the Election. “Have a good trip, Mr. President…”

    When you know the MOAB is incoming, don’t you seek shelter? ROFLMAO….Trump is playing the Left like the half-deck of cards they are.

  18. So I watched on u tube, Trump’s speech, that had this quote.
    He’s talking of the pharmacitical companies that are making a mint off the US citizen, by jacking prices. He wants it to end. Eliminate the middle man making huge profits.
    Good for him.

    One of the lesser types that I would assume would put a hit on him.
    But…if you wanna stop the corruption……
    Everyone wants you dead.
    GREED and those behind it, is Sickening.

    As someone posted, Trump is pretty much working on his own, with very little or no support.
    This IS one helluva Prez.
    🇺🇸2020 Mr Trump🇺🇸

  19. He is just effing with the libs and the msm
    Give them something to go crazy over for a few days

    Trump is like a guy with a lazer, and the left is a room full of cats—

    1. tango,
      Thanks for the fantastic visual! I haven’t laughed much in the last few days. Thanks! Beach’n

  20. He must be doing something right for the establishment political class to hate him so much,,,,

  21. A nightmare scenario for sure.
    . . . .
    Worse, in my book would be this: Biden, against all odds and reason, wins, he’s got some Hillary devotee asa VP, Biden steps down, VP becomes prez, Prez picks Hillary as VP, Prez steps down.

    1. I don’t think you understand how powerful a drug that Power is. It is like that Ring in the LOTR. Sam was the only only character in the story who willingly returned the ring. There are very few ‘Sams’ in this world. I predict NOBODY who is elected to the Office willingly steps aside. Forced out (Conviction upon Impeachment or reasonable threat thereof, 25th Amendment showdown, Death, etc) yes, walk out…No. <bb

  22. I posted about snaring deer and electrocuting fish and got crucified by Karens!

    Trump, I feel your pain O Great Orange One!

  23. “Care to cite your phony sources, you phony troll?”

    -Joe Biden’s speech to the UN 2015

  24. Things just keep spinning around the drain.

    Not a good sign that Trump expects to be out on public view.

    I keep reviewing the order of succession in the Constitution. President, Vice President, Speaker of the House. Trump, Pence, Pelosi. I believe that the Speaker is always kept up to date on gov’t issues being 3rd in line.

    If Trump is unable to serve, Pence steps up and nominates a new VP. Hopefully before we step to the Speaker.

    If we get to Inauguration Day without a clear winner for the Office of President, or Vice President, we may wind up with the Speaker as President by default.

    If you are a Tom Clancy reader, go back and re-read Executive Decision where a description of how to rebuild the gov’t from a single VP (dead pres, house, senate, supremes, joint chiefs due to terrorist attack). Clancy has done a great job of describing the succession and how to rebuild it all.

    For the Democratic ticket it is a vote for the VP as President. But I don’t know that we will have a clear winner in time.

  25. I admire a man who faces down his enemy and charges ahead with courage despite the threats coming at him.
    That’s bravery.
    I pray our President’s heart is right with the Lord.
    With the Lord by his side, he will not fail.
    I trust that God’s plan will prevail and that everything done in the dark will be brought to light!

  26. Off topic, but just learned that the Rockefeller family was behind the creation of the American Medical Association.

    Just think how many cures (natural) have been suppressed.

    Every day I’m shocked by more and more.

    1. MSG12B – Check out Epigenetics by Joel D. Wallach, BS,DVM,ND for the reason Jerry Lewis was fired by the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation. That one will really light your shorts on fire. Said info. can be found on pages 332-333.

      1. SS:

        I’m at a complete loss for words. I just did some searching on this and I’m aghast at what I’ve read.

        I grew up on those telethons and Jerry Lewis was beloved in our home…

        [thank you for opening my eyes to this]

        1. MSG12B – That was Someone else’s doing. But you are welcome for my small part. Take care.

      2. SS
        I have tried to locate these pages to read and unsuccessful. Could you please tell us what you found.

        We happen to like Dr. Wallach & Dr. Ben Fuch’s, acdh uses their powdered vitamins.

        1. Antique Collector – “In fact we now know the cause, prevention, and cure for cystic fibrosis and muscular dystrophy.” Wallach presented the clinical proof to Lewis so that Lewis could make the announcement since he has done so much for “Jerry’s Kids”. Lewis presented same to the “Board” and was fired. Non disclosure contract was in effect for Lewis and he was sent on a cruise to keep reporters away. You gotta read the whole book. This only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to MDs. For instance, My little sister was Down’s syndrome (born on Easter Sunday, lost her at Christmas). You know why she was Down’s? One of my parents was zinc deficiant upon her conception. It is epigenetic not genetic. Hope this helps. Type 2 diabetic – cured in 90 days, COPD – cured 2 yrs. Check out Wallach and Dr Peter Glidden on Youtube.

          1. If anyone wants to argue about this info. read Wallach’s Epigenetic book first……then we will talk.

          2. SS ,,,,,,a cure for some types on leukemia was developed over 20 years ago ,useing isotopes from molton salt thorium reactors. BI 212 if I remember correctly,, The two doctors involved both had ” accidents “again if I remember right the cost of treatment was about one tenth of conventional treatment ,,,was only about three office visits,spaced over a month apart ,
            Follow the money ,,,

          3. I had a severe knee issue some years back – to this day I have the MRI to prove it. MD wanted to do surgery. I told him I would get back to him. That is when I decided to see if Dr Wallach was for real. Got on his “pig pack” (how ironical) and with in 3 months my knee was fine. Be a cold day in hell before I trust an MD again. Oh yeah….if any of you want Alzheimer decease, keep taking that cholsesterol medicine. Watch Dr. Glidden’s presentation on that one. Aneurysms / varicose veins – copper deficiency. You want a real blast, Dr. Glidden on heart disease. All forms preventable and treatable. Please folks… the book and watch Dr.Glidden. Don’t believe a word I say. Do your own research.

          4. oldhomesteader – You got it. No money to be made if they cure you. They gotta keep you sick to make that money.

          5. SS. Thanks for posting these names much info is available until it is scrubbed… so if you want it this type of stuff is what is being removed… ti costs pharma and big boys money..when we find what prevents heart, blood sugar, blood pressure , blood vessel weakness, even graying hair is a mineral defficiency .. wow. explains why Moms hair got darker and mine has gotten lighter. I have listened to several of these presentations.. now to go back and take notes… and assimilate. and replace said minerals. JS

          6. the original Just Sayin – Please let me apologize for my sense of humor. It was late and I don’t sleep much. If I can help anyone here, I am willing. I am not that smart and I have to rely on what is given to me. So….I will give you what I get and hope that it is of some value to you. I mean no harm. Thanks to you, and others, for your patience in my scrubbing process. May Adonai bless you all.

  27. To see through a glass darkly! Surely most of you on this site, know that Politics is, and always has been smoke and mirrors, now if President Trump were to not be seen for 14 days ,what would be your first thought? Yep, he’s does have a lot of enemies in high places, but look out for that Smoke. Trekker Out

  28. Have any of you heard of Republican Voters Against Trump? Bunch of vets (and others) who voted for him in ’16, but now they think Biden is “going to take care of us.” A lot of them post videos explaining why they’re no longer voting for him and it’s just…

    it’s a head-scratcher for sure.

    Haven’t had a beer in years; may have to bust one out tonight.

    So much bullshite in the world.

    1. MSG there were a lot of Republican Voters Against Trump, even in ’16, most of them were in Congress! Trekker Out

    2. MSG12B
      They(dems) are waving the ol glory “COOKIE” at those vets who believe they have it coming to them for their service to this country. Do they deserve it? As a dear friend who passed away & her hubby was retired military. I shall quote her to the best which I can remember.

      “It was their damn job!” What makes them think they deserve a special reward for getting their missions accomplished”.

      Her dh who is still with us was higher up in a specialized army unit.

      Like you, I bet the majority of them are not from the Vietnam era but afterwards where the democratic lead Con critters kept promising $$$$$ but gave not a darn thing but wishful thinking. Like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

      You might post or ask them is they are waiting for that mythical kettle of gold. As the lepre cons do not give it up so easily, unless it comes out of someone else’s bank account.

      1. AC,

        So much to say here, but should hold my tongue for now. [They’re being paraded out like the tokens they are for Biden]

        I will say this…it IS my damn job and it has been a privilege and honor to serve this great nation! Leaders may change, but THIS will never change!

        Hooah to your friend’s husband.

  29. My version of an old quote, rough men go to war, so soft men can’t enjoy the pleasures of freedom! Trekker Out

    1. Should read, rough men go to war cause we can’t spell, so soft men “can” enjoy the pleasures of freedom.

      1. MT
        My friend, the pain in my back is a constant reminder
        of what “hard men” have done, willingly, for the rest
        of our fellow countrymen and countrywomen . So many,
        have sacrificed, so much more than I, for those “soft men.”
        but, Isn’t that what our nation is truly about? Those whom can,
        the “true believers,” protect those who can not or those
        that are unwilling . Don’t be so cynical, your words tell me
        what you truly feel. We will all stand and exhibit what we
        are made of, at the end.

    1. Anony Mee –
      I found that article interesting this morning, too. Once again it reaffirmed the complexity with which they weave these webs, as well as illustrated their astuteness in regards to how long it will take investigators to unravel them. All it takes are a few carefully selected personnel working inside on their behalf to derail and delay the truth from coming to light.

  30. So, did I miss something? Who was the actual threat? When did the President have to go in to hiding?

  31. If the democrats decided to steal our president? I know its a question that is out there but. I have seen it on movies

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