TRUMP is CRUSHING Biden Rally Attendance & Excitement

The differential is astounding. I mean, really incredible. The Enthusiasm and Rally Attendance for Trump is “off the charts”. Basement Biden can barely draw a crowd, let alone cheers…

So what does this mean? Well, clearly it indicates that Trump supporters are engaged, and come out in mass to show their support. They will likely show up in large numbers on election day – though many have already voted absentee (Covid, and all that…).

Here’s the thing… The mainstream (and I mean every branch of the mainstream propaganda wing) are in essence declaring / predicting a clear Biden victory. The implications are by a lot!

Given the mainstream’s Loud Proclamations of a certain Biden victory, HOW DO THEY EXPLAIN TRUMP’S CRUSHING RALLY ATTENDANCE & EXCITEMENT?

Answer: They don’t. And they NEVER show it on TV. Ever.

The reality on the street is seemingly IMMENSELY DIFFERENT from the reality that mainstream is preaching.

The following are some statistics that will give you an idea of the differential. Even if these numbers are “off” to any extent — it is SO DIFFERENT that the margin of error wouldn’t ever matter:

Trump Rally Tally

These numbers are several weeks old, so Trump’s “Rally Tally” is WAY HIGHER than these – given thousands and tens of thousands at each of his events. And he’s had many Rallies these few weeks!

Since Labor Day President Trump has entertained nearly 360,000 supporters at his rallies and speeches.

During the same period Joe Biden has entertained around 637 supporters at his events.

~ Rally Tally @ GP

Today I thought I would show a few pictures of Trump rallies versus what I was able to find on Biden’s rally attendance visuals. You will NEVER see these in the mainstream.

Is it obvious which one’s are a Trump Rally versus Biden?

TRUMP Rally or Biden Rally

Can you tell the difference? Does it mean anything?








Biden Circles


Biden (more press than people?)


At this point, I really couldn’t find much of anything else for Biden “rally”, given that he’s mostly in hiding. So, here are a few more Trump Rally pictures…

I think there are a few Trump supporters out there…


This one’s awesome… TRUMP Flotilla

There have been countless Trump Caravans around the country of late too. Untold thousands and thousands of vehicles parading around America’s streets and highways…

The Most Important Election In History

Here we are. The day before this nations most important election in history.

Harris/Biden and their Chicomm & Globalist masters want to jerk us FAR left into a socialist / marxist utopia where we all must obey the state and their liberty-crushing dictates.

On the other hand, and completely opposite, there’s Trump. Passionate to maintain a sovereign nation — the USA — beholden to no one.

Attendance and Enthusiasm is Massive at Trump Rallies. It is nearly non-existent with Biden. Something is WAY out of whack here.

We are being told that Biden will clearly win. He’s “ahead” in every poll. The mainstream is already presuming an easy Biden victory. And therefore “if” Biden just so happens NOT to win the electoral college, then there must be cheating. That’s what they’re planting in your brains. That’s why they do not EVER show you pictures indicating the massive crowds wherever Trump shows up.

Something’s out of whack between the real street and what you’re being told.

Buckle up… Here we go…

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I’ll be the first in line tomorrow, too – at the Voting Booth !

as will i be

I don’t know how true this may be but I’m sure election tampering is a reality.

Could be the reason why President Trump is requesting certain information on who and where those ballots/voting machines will be going. Under who’s control they will held, which I do not blame him. If it were me I would only have people who are trust worthy to be an extra guard on those boxes during their travels to the registers office. You know to make sure gremlins are not around to put a WHAMMY on the voting machines.

No I do not trust the electronic voting machines. Old fashion ballots with a bar code to make sure they were legal. mho

I am truly afraid the Democrats are going to push us into a fight! I really do not understand why they want this, because I am absolutely certain they will lose! I believe the vast majority of the American people want President Trump for four more years. If they do and we win, all those who started the fight should be deported. Their Citizenship stripped! This includes Pelosi, Schumer,Biden, and Harris! Of course their minions need included!

They better be careful what they ask for, thats all i got to say.

Wasn’t me.
But I do agree with this joe….and you.

I know, figured that out after i posted,,,


Many have duel citizenship. We have been undermined for decades.

Paid Trolls lol

must be a lot of them. I got 6 down votes for saying Biden is a liar.

Daisy K

Well, there’s alot of down votes on this one article, and it seems the truth hurts the Biden supporters.
I’m sure they’re all paid to visit sites and cause havoc.
I’m sure BidenMyTime, BMT is a wondering how he’s gonna afford his next meal, or pay his internet fees, because he failed.

It will be interesting, with this coming Trump landslide, if the crybabies cease with their actions or ramp it up.

(I’m expecting a few down votes, myself)

Use the open forum

Ken put the agitator alert at the top of the comments so that all trolls would be sure to notice. Every troll then went down the list of comments and thumbed down every one.

Gives us an idea how many there are.

100% agreed

It is going to be interesting to keep an eye on tomorrow for sure, i just cant for the life of me see a harris/biden victory, i know lifelong democraps who voted for Trump.
the TDS runs deep in some, but it is amusing to see how many people see through the harris/biden sham, locally its also a push back against the so called representatives we have making a mockery of our country in DC.
Popcorn n tea!
Stay safe all!

Wow, hope the excitement translate to votes.
This is the 1st election in USA where businesses board up windows and doors because some might be soooo upset they will riot. New definition for riot, A reason to steal from others, post some mayhem on social media, demonstrate narcissistic tendencies along with meme’s. At least during WWI and WWII we where Americans with a united purpose and most all, did what they could to participate in helping the cause. Now,,, sigh,,,, we feel the great urge so shore up the stead.
Will be very surprised if we know the winner tonight or in a day or two.

Heard a BLM say it was their reparations. Wonder how they would react if someone came into their home and took the TV, jewelry, money and in general trash the place. I know and so do you, whaaaay whaaay whaaay sob scream, how could they do that TO ME…..

Rather like the CHAZ/CHOP people who called the police when their Utopia broke down.

How about this: I want reparations for what the Mongols did to my European ancestors, what the American government did to my Irish ancestors, and what the Romans did to my ancestors as well. Not to mention the Chinese, the Africans, the Muslims…

I think I have just as much chance of getting any of those reparations as I do of stripping to the buff, painting myself blue, and charging Hadrian’s wall. *sarc*

Funny how you never see that looting and thievery at Back the Blue rallies…guess they aren’t a draw for opportunistic types……ain’t that odd…………

Saw today on another site that the FEDs busted a group of Government employees who were planning to work with the Shut Down D.C. crowd to cut off all communications to/from The White House. They were all caught having a ZOOM conference to overthrow Trump.

Tell me that would not have ended in chaos?

Seminole Wind,
Treason charges should come for all those who are trying to overthrow the sitting President. Unfortunately it will not happen. Too many very powerful people control the puppet strings in our country.

That sounds to me like a textbook case of treason.

On the radio this AM they had a audio on clip of what Trump said at his rally and another clip of what Biden said at his rally – after the Biden clip you could hear a few car horns (substituting for applause). It was really pathetic to be honest – people so scared of COVID that they had to do a drive in rally. Don’t get me wrong, I sympathize with those that have suffered and died from COVID, but it’s quite similar to the yearly flu (a little worse) and no one has ever acted so scared like they are with COVID. I gotta believe it’s primarily a fear tactic used by the Democrats that’s being used as a rallying cry against Trump. Anyway, I think the author is right – I’m sure not seeing a lot of Biden support – not like Trump anyway.

Pre recorded sound effects.. are horns and some clapping…hard to justify sound effects when there is no more than 2-8 present… Now Trump supporters showing up at all bdet rallies.. that is genius.LOL

Dad says “Buckle up, winsockie, buckle up, Buckle up for Trumpie, buckle up…”

Rather creepy-that Biden Circle picture literally looks like a funeral, with the flowers and the flag and the box at the front.

A win for him kinda would be a funeral for our republic.

So true! And the media is working hard to gaslight the American public to believe that Biden will win the election. Not going to happen!

The reality is that Trump wins by a landslide! MAGA!

Can’t believe Biden had a rally next to a STATUE. What was he thinking?

He probably thought it was his opponent George! And thought he was at another debate.LOL.

Interesting article over on American Thinker:

October Surprise: The Race Is Over

I don’t know Ken… I just got a VM from Rev Al Sharpton calling on behalf of Biden. They’re pulling out the big guns now LOL. It sounded like it was recorded while he was under his ‘74 Cadillac changing the oil but at least he tried.

I keep getting stuff from the DNC and the “Young Democrats.” Either their definition of young has changed, or they don’t care. If I’m now a “leader” for the Dems, they are really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

“Not every Democrat is a Socialist, but every Socialist is a Democrat”
Senator Marco Rubio

People are either very for or very against Trump. But the Biden supporters are for nothing at all–not for Biden. They are just against Trump because the main stream media has painted a false picture of Trump. Biden lies about Trump whenever he shows up to campaign. People who are not enthusiastic about Biden will still vote for him because they have been told that Trump is evil and everyone has to show up to vote or Democracy will end.

I saw a very irate Biden yesterday shouting about how the Obama/Biden administration didn’t have even one scandal – not even a hint of scandal. He also has had false ads about Charlottesville, how he would have handled the coronavirus differently and no Americans would have died from it, how racist Trump is. I get so sick of the lies. But other people believe them and many will vote for Biden even though they would never waste time going to a Biden rally.

By the way, you say 637 people at Biden rallies? I bet most of them were media. Even if they were actual Biden supporters, I bet there were more than 637 Trump supporters crashing those Biden rallies.

I guess it’s only fair. There were a lot of people last time voting against Hillary, and this time there are probably a lot of people voting against Biden.

Vote early, do your last minute shopping in the AM, fill your gas tank. And above all keep a cool head till we see what develops over the next 48hrs.

It’s not the number’s at the rallies, it’s the number’s in the ballot box that counts.

One is a precursor for the other though

It’s not so good news for the house of Representatives.

Yet, that might be the November surprise!!! If we have a red wave, than the House will most likely flip also.

Also, Trump rallies are a definite statement about masks..they are not needed.

Let this map sink in….

It will be an even bigger victory since democrats have pooped in their own nests.

We’ve had a good test run over the past 5 days after TS Zeta. The electricity went out Thursday morning at 0500 came back on for a few minutes on Friday and has been out since then (it’s Monday afternoon). We have been sparingly using the generator to keep the fridge and freezers, showers and a quick check on the Internet.

Thanks to prepping, we have needed nothing and it has been just a minor inconvenience. Looking forward to a HUGE Trump victory tomorrow night and ready for any BS from the commies.

NBC News is saying that the White House is on lock down and they are putting up a non-scalable fence with 250 National Guardsmen on the scene to stop Election Night violence.

It is also being reported that the Dems and MSM have already cut promos saying that Lie’n Creepy Joe Biden has won by mail in votes.

The Dems Lawfare group is planning to sue anyone who claims Trump is the winner.

Nancy Pelosi said that no matter who wins the election, Trump will be leaving the White House.

For better or worse at least the present angst will be over soon. A new set of problems will grow out of the election results, maybe things will come to a real head soon maybe not.

I hope for/anticipate a landslide for Trump followed by riots, looting, and court fights, especially court fights. Lawfare??? Not a good scenario but better than a Harris-Biden win by far.

Stay safe!

Deep South, I agree with you on the new set of problems after the election. I too anticipate a landslide victory for Trump, hopefully he will get his 270 electoral votes early and will be declared the winner, if that happens, there won’t even be any reason to count all the late mail in votes or anymore at all, OVER and Done.

This could also be just the beginning,,,,
think on that for a few minutes,,,,,,,,


Oh! What a joyous thought indeed! 🙂

A faulty computer model was what got us into this situation in the first place.

Yep, been doing that

Reminds me of Sturgis. 460,000 people attended and after 6 weeks literally one 63 year old guy with preexisting conditions had died. One. You can Google it.

We have a beautiful day here today. Finishing some outside chores and getting some canning done. Decided my freezers are way too full and canning up some meats and soups. Then have most of tomorrow free to watch the madness. Rarely watch TV, but tomorrow is a must, eh?

Tomorrow is the big day! May God continue to have mercy on this country. May Trump win. Peace and safety to all here. Farmgirl, wherever you have landed, be safe.

I’m an old man concerned about covid, but if there had been a Trump rally nearby I would have been on the front row cheering 4MORE YEARS!

never stopped.

“Defend your Ballot”
Trump has a page set up IF you see election fraud you can report it. Way to go President Trump!


So what are the plans if its a slam dunk landslide for DJT and the democommies dont accept it?

Are you ready to stand up to them? Every county has em. Do you know who they are?

Yea, think about it cause it could come down to you or them. Just sayin is all, stranger things have happened.

They have 3 choices

  1. Accept it
  2. Leave the Country
  3. Become worm food

I’d prefer number 2 but number 3 is fine by me since number 1 is highly unlikely.

Romeo Charlie
There is option #4:
A few C-130’s,,,,ok a lot of C-130’s filled with the those who will not accept 2 or 3. Let them try to survive in a lovely dictatorship country in South America, then there is the Middle East, or Africa. Where the farmers are being hunted down by those who believe they are ‘owed’ those farms.
Old adage love it or leave it. Thought I would give you an additional option jic.🤗

After the last election I thought the “exiters” were quite entertaining–complaining that they couldn’t get into the (socialist) countries of their choice without a job in place and a way to support themselves. These who are all for open borders in the US!

kula farmer, I think that’s what it’s gonna be, a slam dunk landslide for the president. Of course the dems ain’t gonna accept, can’t even guess how much hell they are gonna raise, but if it’s them or me, there ain’t no guessing about it

The far left is promoting that trouble will come from far right groups.
What I have seen is the plan to blockade intersections near the Whitehouse and create a large media event. They are expecting thousands to attend demonstrations there. Again, trouble will only be instigated by the far right groups, but they intend to be prepared. There are many groups in many cities intending to “protest”. They want to shut down even municipal governments.
We shall see.

They want Trump out of the Whitehouse tomorrow, no matter who wins.
The old Chinese curse may come true, as we now live in interesting times.

I love it! I went to one in my state of Nevada and could not believe the crowds! I ran into a few people who said they had tried to get tickets but could not. It was “sold out”! This gives me hope. And it makes me pray more fervently. I hope this is an incredible sign. I do have to say…20% of people were wearing masks and the rest of us were not. There were thousands of people there, and they were all very respectful and having a ton of fun. And the security was fascinating! I loved it! I am so happy that, no matter what happens, I know there are many, many people who feel the way we do, and I am glad to have participated.

In the movie,”The Longest Day”, German Gen. Erwin Rommel was surveying the Normandy beach defenses and stated,” If the Allies invade, for us and for them , it will be the longest day.” So it will be for all of us watching the election returns.

Going to turn off web,and radio for the day maybe phone too ,,no Tv ,,,peace and quiet and cows ,ya right peace and quiet with cows ,ha , bet the sun comes up on the 4th at least out here. Popcorn and tea.
John Galt was right. Come to think about it might read a book,

We are going to watch ‘World War Z’, to fill the time. Better to watch zombie movie than the lying horse pucky they will be putting out on tv tomorrow night.

The Amish folks with their horses pulling buggy’s and carts with Trump banners, flags flying proudly, was a sight to behold for me. Trump felt a little bit like a wild card four years ago, yet to see all he has accomplished and the impact he has made across such diverse communities has been an incredible thing to witness as it’s unfolded.

Poor old Joe remains as confused as a chameleon in a bag of Skittles though. Can’t remember the office he’s running for, nor who he’s running against. Struggles with words worse than W. did with strategery. Trump does it and we all hoot with laughter over Coffeffe. But with the basement dweller it just makes you cringe that there will be fools who waste their vote for a man who has no clue how quickly they’ll put him out to pasture. Thank God Trump will win by a landslide and keep us from ever knowing how bad a Biden presidency would have been!

im prayin for that outcome!

Me too, Kula. Me too.

The final countdown! This is the day that changes AMERICA!! Praying for the president today! Blessings to you all & be safe! Gonna be a long day!!

“As confused as a chameleon in a bag of skittles” Love it.

Chameleon in a bag of Skittles, that is hilarious.

I asked an Amish guy 5 days ago if he was going to vote.
He told me they are completely non political.
Don’t vote, don’t want to.
I suppose your area they may be more.. modern ?
I have been told it revolves around their local religious leaders.
Central WI here.

We’re in Western Wisconsin and I don’t know how the local Amish vote or if they do but I do know that each group has their own variation of their beliefs. One will allow cordless drills, the other won’t. One will allow battery operated lights on their buggies, the other won’t.

Horse –

Clip I saw was in Fredericksburg, Ohio. There’s a website welovetrump(dot)com that has the video when you search Amish parade since it was a while ago. On the homepage though there’s also a flashback to 2016’s victory that was fun to see again. Titled – The Trump 2016 Victory Compilation. Started my day off with a smile.

Uh oh… Ken’s clock stopped.

Maybe creepy Joes will also

maybe it will, might have a heart attack when he realizes he loses. Or maybe his family will lie to him an tell him he’s the President…. of the nursing home lol.

Found it interesting that even the libsider media commented in September and October that Biden campaign had no active on-the-ground campaigns going, even in critical states. That’s where you get out the buttons and signs, canvass neighborhoods and malls, make personal contact with potential supporters. Since this is his fourth campaign for the White House – three for himself and one with Obama – can’t hardly imagine how massive that failure was.

But what Biden does have is a ton of lawyers ready to cause problem with the election results that favor Trump. Or they will figure out how to add more fake Biden votes using these attorneys. Crooked filth. We need a landslide today for Trump! Heading down in 15 minutes, taking a friend to make sure she can vote. LOL.

Serbs will support Tramp! Our church and Serbian government call all Serbs in USA for support Tramp.
I hope so he will be again president of the USA!
Good bless you all and his victory too!

Glad you’re back! Come over to the open forum and tell us how you’re doing.

after a hour of waiting in line i voted straight red on the single most important election in my life

NYC for Trump here, was standing in super cold weather this morning 20 minutes before the polls opened… while hard to think of NY flipping red, tons of Trump events bringing thousands of people happened just in recent weeks… so we are still dreaming 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

I think a lot of Biden voters don’t much care for him but really dislike Trump. So, they are not enthusiastic. Of course many Trump supporters are very enthusiastic about Trump.

Can you imagine what the vote would be like if the media was not 98% biased against Trump?

Victory for Trump!
Btw, funny thing, did you know that in Finland “Kamala” means terrible, horrible, awful?
Nomen est omen..

I was only 15 minutes in line to vote just now at local fire station.Yes the most important vote of my life.Praying for 4 more Years of what liberty we have left.Anyone voting Biden Harris is pi$$ing their future down the drain!

On Sunday my granddaughter and myself drove in the Placerville Ca parade. The cars and trucks were lined up as far as one can see.

“Biden Campaign Manager: “Under No Scenario” Will Trump Be Allowed To Declare Victory”
So let me state the obvious, If DJT has a landslide in both popular vote and electoral college, he still wont be the winner according to this democrat POS?

When they start acting out, can we teach them a lesson Ma?

Yes Kula, yes we can. As the skinny Kenyan taught us: “Si, se puede!”

So, a successful businessman and his family got into politics to help the country. Not for the money like the deep state hogs, not for control as he lifts regulations, not for the wall street globalist elites, ….

Trump has lost money in his term and has donated all his pay to charity – what a despicable man /sarc

And if he loses, he just invites his family to join him at some off-shore estate to watch the country he loves crumble.

But I don’t believe he will lose and I hope enough candidates will win to take the House – and that there will be enough true Republicans to overrule the RINO’s.

I’ve dealt with this kind before–for them, the fact that he isn’t in it for the money makes him a despicable human being and below contempt. Seriously. If he started doing things that increased his net worth they might actually respect him a little. They’d leap on it and tear him to pieces, but they might respect him.

This kind gives only if they can get something from it, and respects only those who can AND WILL hurt them. They also assume that everyone around them has the same intent, and that those who don’t show it are hiding it.

I hate to say it, but maybe Trump was too nice, too generous, to patriotic, …. and we, the people that honor the Constitution, have turned the other cheek too often.

It is true that respect sometimes does come from strong actions like Kennedy when he confronted the Russians or Reagan when he fired all the air traffic controllers.

Will never know but I would like to know how many are secretly voting Trump and telling their S/O wife ect they voted biden.
The thought makes me happy.

I wonder how many arguments in the last few weeks started with “I thought I saw your truck at that TRUMP rally!”

I think they have a plan and tec support to fix the final count some how. Saw a clip by General McInerney yesterday explaining how the left will change the final vote count. This will cause plenty of people to get angry, me included. I’m not sure what will happen if this kind of election fraud takes place but I think we are in for a hell of a ride unless Trump wins in a land slide but even then the radical left is going to act out. God have mercy on us all.

Man on foot,

Look up Operation Scorecard

So it begins…
The turn of the tide…
Many an antacid will be consumed by the end of the day…
Do we keep our Republic?
Or do the traitors steal it away?
Do we come together?
Or prepare to stack bodies?
Honestly, I am ready either way…

Nope, nope, definitely not,,,,
Rome fell, it was once the most powerful
Britain fell, it was also at one time the most powerful,
im sure we will fall as well, history repeats, only difference with the USA, it will be from within

Rome and Britain technically fell from within–or from the actions of those within. The final death throes may have been invasion (in the case of Rome) or rebellion (in the case of Britain) but by that time both empires were already dead.

Judging by the young people I know, yes there are a lot who lean Democrat, but there are also a lot who have left that behind and turned to conservatism. Some people prefer logic to emotion, and the left’s tactics are currently 100% emotion. “Feels.”

I have a belief that there are way more young people that will vote Trump/Pence but for fear of peer pressure will not come out and say it. Same goes for many black Americans and old time Democrats.