I Warned About Their Revenge… “Truth and Reconciliation Commission”

That’s what Marxists do. Silence and Destroy dissenting voices. Punish and exact revenge upon their enemies.

Months ago I suggested the notion of the new Democrat/Marxist Party getting their revenge. They have lists.

Well guess what… Now some Democrats (I mean, Marxists) are talking about establishing a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” if they gain power. They apparently intend to put people in front of a tyrannical tribunal to punish their political enemies.

One apparent Marxist, Robert Reich, said in a Tweet, “When this nightmare is over, we need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. It would erase Trump’s lies, comfort those who have been harmed by his hatefulness, and name every official, politician, executive, and media mogul whose greed and cowardice enabled this catastrophe.

The thing is, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission would not be about truth and reconciliation. It would be about revenge. Punishment.

“They’re Maoists. Marxists. Look into it people. This is not a game.” said one commenter while reflecting on this new information.

“Truth and Reconciliation Commission” is wokespeak for “Cancel Culture”. said another.

Chinese Communist Party re-education camps anyone?

Sound similar to Orwell’s 1984 truth ministry?

Shhhhhhh…. Shooshhhh…. “We should be quiet until they are on the trains”

Remember, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”― Edmund Burke

Also remember, Communists aren’t people, they are property of the state.

Oh, and one more thing… All these idiot celebrities, billionaires, and the rest of the Marxist sympathizers / America haters — don’t realize when the revolution goes down they will be the first against the wall. The left ALWAYS eat their own after the revolution starts.

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Well they might as well start with Pelosi, Schumer,Biden, And the rest of the Democrats.There is no reconciliation for what these people? Are doing to this once great country.

Interesting the thumbs down on this remark. Is this from ‘our’ group?

Probably from a triggered clever troll.

Agreed Mrs. U. It’s not only interesting but disturbing that in a forum such as this there would be a double digit figure in the “nay” column. With less than 2 weeks to go before the “big day” it would seem the SJW contingent has targeted all conservative websites. A portent of things to come should Kamala make it all the way.

I don’t think it will be immediate but changes will eventually come to the prepper community. After all, in a Marxist/Communist country everyone will be equal, no? Why would you prep when everyone will have more than they need? It will no longer be sanctuary cities in your state, it will be sanctuary states in your country. “Danger, danger, Will Robinson.”

I am in our group

group,,, means just the ‘regular’ readers and posters on MSB, no under bridge dwellers.

ha ha, just sayin is a BFF and she can put in her two cents too….. group is general term for MSB

As demonstrated by the Biden cartel, it is their pocketbook and power that are their #1 priority. Why do you think Pelosi came off the hinges the other day when Blitzer zeroed in on her?

I agree 110%

The law only applies to the common people. It does not apply to well connected Democrats, celebrities, billionaires, and other useful idiots who help forward the Marxist agenda.

Grew up in South Florida and went to school with kids from Cuban refugee families. Living now in North Florida and meeting many refugees from Venezuela. In both cases they tell of similar revenge tactics. One often used is to shoot one person in a group of pro-liberty protesters and watch the others scatter.

As a close buddy said the other day, ” Antifa won’t survive The South, we have too many deer hunters down here”.

Seminole Wind :

When you say “won’t survive the South”, Are you forgetting all the large city Democrats that are here and more moving in every day ?

The average democrat voter has no clue about the ideology or the consequences of their choices. Many just want a government handout and have no problem living in a government compound, getting free food, free college and just enough money to buy alcohol, pot and cigarettes. They have no ambition, they are ignorant, have no self-respect and they are the perfect target for the Marxist communist.

This election will determine the future of America (and the world) like no other in our history. If America chooses Marxism/communism the markets will crash, the economy will go into free fall and China will be licking their chops like a wolf staring at a sheep. It’s all on the line and if you don’t think so you are in for an extremely devastating awakening.

Personally, I expect the sense of urgency to increase with the succeeding elections.

Just read about this happening this morning.
Right in line with your article Ken’


Catfish, heard on the radio today from an FBI source that “big trouble” is being planned in Jacksonville Fl. post election by radicals. With all of the dumb as a box of rocks leftie collage students in Gainesville I expect the same there too.

Most have most likely heard on the doxing of a candidate for Congress named Kat Cammick by Her super leftie opponent here in Central Florida. Antifa showed up at her house the last couple of nights.

antifa better watch their asses,Kat knows how,and more importantly,WHEN to shoot!

That’s shocking!

Yep, that letter is also going on close enough to us to cause concern. Not sure if copycat or the same People. They must be worried if they are sending these out.

could this be a letter that the FBI was talking about this evening coming from Iran and Russia

We have seen a few of these here, a little too close to me for comfort. While I do not have Trump signs up, I do have a Gadsen flag at the end of the driveway. The women folk wanted the flag to come down when the mobs started, but I decided that it would stay. After all, isn’t that the very definition of allowing yourself to be tread upon? I will not give up any more rights for the illusion of safety. We are as ready as we are going to be, let us just hope it passes quickly.

I’m not too familiar with the history of socialist/marxist movements of the past, but I seem to recall reading that things did not go well after the French Revolution, the Mao purges, the Russian revolution, …. and more recently, the Venezuela dive from affluence to poverty.

To our advantage, the population here is well armed and the socialist sheeple can not survive without government help for more than a month. As Tom Cotton said, “winter is coming”.

Yep, we still have most our freedoms but I know that will change if Biden wins. I say “most” but Gov Nuisance of California ordered Ban on in-home gatherings, strict rules how to eat, what to eat, where to eat, How many can stay 6 feet distance from each other outside wearing masks while eating, this thanksgiving day, and NY Gov Cumotose ordered a quarantine for all persons coming to NY from out of state for 14 days. If Demoncrats have their way this will be nation wide with not only personal freedom taken away, free speech will end and religious freedom will be abolished and guns taken away. This WILL be Venezuela if the dem marxists take over.

I’m wondering if they plan on using firing lines or the guillotine for reconciliation.

Do you say that when Trump “tweets”?

I was just referencing events from history. At this point, I’m just waiting for the party to start. Events in the near future could be boring (I hope) or it’s gonna get very interesting and active. Time will tell.

Yea and Hitler was misunderstood,,,,,

The administrations of 2008 and 2012 BOUGHT the guillotines.. Do you really think they bought them for a yard ornament.?

Better for the environment I guess.

Y’all know where I stand. I love my Country, My fellow Patriots as well.

We the People have reached a serious crossroads, with all the corruption, lying and cheating, the graph of the Elite. These demons are coming to KILL us, and, I’m not kidding, already happening. Lavoy Finnicum, Vicky and Sam Weaver, 126 innocence men, women, and children at Waco, Jay Danielson, there was an order at Bunkerville, to open fire, BLM swat teams, on un-armed men women, women and children, under that overpass. They are KILLING us, as I speak.

When the killing starts in force, the right, will fail in the beginning, WHY? We the People are not possessed by these Demons. We the People are not, “vigilante citizens”, but, there will come a time, when, enough is enough. When that time does arrive, the our Heavenly Father, will convey his wishes to “Each and every one of us”. Until that times arrives, We the People, will turn the “other cheek”, towards the hate, brought forth upon us. Revelation chapter 6, verse 9-11.

Do I believe this? With all my heart, yes I do. But, I, also believe, that when they come for us, Our duty to our Heavenly Father, is to, not die like sheep, but, to put the Armour of God on, and fight a righteous fight.

Ephesians 6 The Full Armor of God
Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.Put on the whole Armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Myself, and many others here, have been tested under fire, We all know our capabilities, both good and bad. We know We will, Stand our Ground, protect our families, But, will we go on the offensive? I can not answer that for myself. I’m not looking for trouble, but, We, can not see the future, We do not know all the evil that now faces us, but, We will.

Stay calm and Armor Up…
Physically and spiritually…

STANDMYGROUND ,,,,,,there you go again posting something I find my self having to agree with,i could add a number of names to your list ,,Gorden kaun,Bill Degon,Rock Smith,and more ,and what about the good men that have been broke of spirit???that number is even greater,
This can only end one way ,and I no longer care,i have given more than my fair share of blood, sweat, and treasure , This is not the America of hope and dreams anymore,, I no longer file new patents on things that would have a profound impact on things ,, I still think and study and create but as long as things are not mine to keep ,damm the looters,for 30years I have sat on a micro reactor that works ,, the public and the looters will never see it ,25 years ago I had a team I funded built a long-range electric car ,some of what we did is used today by one of the leading EV company’s to do that over again I wouldn’t do it ,fight a good fight just as long as you can ,,,but the only way to win is not play ,

Pebble bed?

and i hope and pray to god it DOES NOT HAPPEN but these buckets of turds will cause open civil war will it look like the first civil war ? most likely not there wont be lines drawn on maps will states secede? nobody knows for sure but the body count will make the first civil war look like a girl scout cook out lets make sure trump wins by a huge land slide

Sir, with all due respect, while I endorse the theory of a landslide for Trump and have already done my duty for that end, I don’t think it will matter. Do you believe Joe Biden is the most polished jewel in the communist toy box? No one in the party could outshine him? No better candidate?
He is cannon fodder. Expendable. Irrelevant to the real plan. I don’t claim to know details of the plan. It is obvious that it involves a contested election, massive civil uprising, blood and terror to the “make it stop!” level.
Then comes the ministry of truth, to make sure a deviation like Trump never happens again.
There is no easy way out. As President Reagan said, we can have peace right now if we just surrender. Nope.
Yes, I’m on the list.
Respectfully, Buck

” A house divided cannot stand. ”

Sounds like a post election prediction.

We pledge to each other
our lives our fortunes and our sacred honor.
Its the only oath I can think of that is stronger than the oath of enlistment. Do not go quietly into the night. EVER

i never took the oath the military and a lot of leos did but i will stand with those that did anyway

Stardust –

You said “we still have most of our freedoms, but those will be gone if the democrats win”. I was thinking about those freedoms the other night when I first read about this guy, Reich, and saw the responses he’d gotten to his tweet.

FDR spoke about the main ones. Freedom of Speech, which has now become a game played by Big Tech. Freedom of Worship except for Jews gathered on a NY street, or Christians singing together in a parking lot. Freedom from Fear, except if you wear a MAGA hat anywhere near an Indian who will bang a drum in your face, or if you’re a business owner with plate glass windows that will succumb to motivated looters. And Freedom from Want now means getting to repeatedly stub your toe on boxes of OH’s canned goods, or being creative on where else to fit NRP’s 600 rolls.

It seems to me some days that this isn’t America anymore. Not the one that FDR spoke of in 1941. Not the one I grew up in. Yet one line of his still rings true today. “We must especially beware of that small group of selfish men who would clip the wings of the American Eagle to feather their own nest.” Right now it doesn’t feel like it’s a small group of selfish men. It feels like an invading force that we worry will make us retreat. Yet quite frankly, there comes a point when enough is finally enough. And I believe we’re all there. To a degree we have backed up a bit. Moved out of center fire to take cover and size up the competition, just like a real army would do. But there’s always that moment where they don’t take one more step. They turn. They stand. And they take aim, knowing that their armor defends them from a forward attack. It was never intended to cover us during retreat, nor will we need it to.

God is watching this battle play out very closely. We are one nation under Him. Anyone who fights for the cause of good over evil is on our side, regardless of whether they label themselves as Christian. Together we cannot be defeated. Good will win.

I will fight to the death.
You democrap azzhatscan put me down as your enemy. I hate you.
Go ahead froggy, jump

Like hell i will,,,
dont like it TFS

Here is the book by R. J. Rummel called death by government.
Worth the read, it isnt over just because its the 21st century,,,

this evil is throughout our land and government.
Think Im kidding?

People need to lay aside their normalcy bias and see this BS from the left for what it is.

Nope, not going to bleed off a vote that could put Biden et al in office.

That is a weird way to look at it. I vote for what I believe in. I guess you have fallen for the media’s narrative on this one though. I think given Trump’s history of failing our 2A rights, I’d feel safer casting my vote for a libertarian who says they want to get rid of the regulations Trump put in place.

Well, you just gave a vote to the dems.

Nope I gave my vote to someone who will protect my 2A..

Whether you want to face the facts or not, a vote for anybody who isn’t Trump or Biden is a worthless vote. Nobody else has a chance at becoming president so I would suggest picking the best candidate between the two. If the 2nd Amendment is a huge voting issue for you (as it is for me as well) vote Trump.

It is sobering

Having a beautiful day here on the mountain…bright sunshine, clear sky. mid-70’s…what a change from the last two days of fog and drizzle.

Came in for a few minutes…lo and behold..Ken has put up another thought provoking article.

Truth and reconciliation commission? Who’s truth, who’s reconciliation? History tells us that…with Marxists…there is only one truth…theirs. Recent U.S. history tells us that…if you disagree…if you don’t kneel down to their “truth”…they will assault you…destroy your property…where ever they find you…but only in territory they have installed their politicians into positions of power.They have been emboldened enough, due to a year of getting away unpunished and pretty much unchallenged for their war on middle Americans, that they openly flaunt their plans for when they hold the executive and judicial reigns of the country. (make no mistake, Biden ain’t their man…never was…

What are my plans? Can’t say…I would prefer it to be a surprise………

In the meantime? I’ll keep doin’ what I do…steadily increasing my stores….a little therapy every day…and today? Me and the grand daughter carved her first jack-o-lantern out of a thirty pound pumpkin.

…..and life continues to be good on the mountain…I fear no evil…because I know who walks with me…..

Amen, Dennis. God is still on His throne! I am beyond worrying anymore. Have everything we need and then some. Not the least bit worried about the outcome of this election nor what the future holds. We’ll just have to adapt to it; and yes, maybe fight for our rights and freedoms to be preserved. But somehow, some way the DC Swamp” must get cleaned up. Good must triumph over evil. But I refuse to hate. For any reason. But this fight….this fight must begin with prayer. Or we lose.

Amen, DJ5280, Amen

Apparently there are some letters going around some areas that are “threatening” violence to Trump supporters – without the Ministry. Just got word of it today. If Trump does not concede, the homeowners had better make sure they have fire insurance. Hmmmm I thought it would be directed to those in big cities, but some people in Olean, NY got a letter. Not sure it was mailed…sounded like left on their door. Hopefully someone had the person distributing these on camera.

Head on a swivel.
Know your state’s castle doctrine laws.

Stay away from crowds. Thanks Remus. RIP.

Excellent advice Ken. We voted today and on Nov. 2 the gates get locked and the overwatch posted.


Great advise: Know your Castle Laws. I found mine for Colorado. We are allowed to use lethal force if someone enters our house and we feel threathened. Also, and this is important, the law in Colorado says we are allowed to use lethal force to protect our property if the perpatrator is intending to burn our home.(presumably with us in it). So, if some mob were to show up here and start throwing molotov cocktails, we would be legally justified to shoot them outside of our home to stop them.
Good advise, check you local law, you’ll have a better understanding how you are legally allowed to defend yourself!

Shoot the molotov bottle,and let them die slow in their own fire!

This was definately what the FBI talked about this evening. It came from Iran and Russia that was able to get into private information

Yes-fire insurance AND fire extinguishers. We bought several for house and garage. Fire seems to be their favorite MO

Regarding the threatening letters…..100 Heads.
Look it up.


Posted my first comment here on MSB regarding voting choices for the election and now I can’t find it or any of the comment thread I responded to. The header says there’s 58 comments, but only 40 show up. Is this just a glitch or do comments get mass deleted? First time paying attention as it was my first post.

Welcome QS!

Unfortunately, your comment must have been a reply to someone else whose comment was downvoted enough to get it deleted, along with everything else in that thread. Check out the post a couple days ago, “MSB Saloon,” for a further explanation.

It is still visible under Recent Comments, and was a very good one. You may want to re-post it as a standalone, as Recent Comments eventually also fall off.

Hey thanks for letting me know!

Reposting your comment: Whether you want to face the facts or not, a vote for anybody who isn’t Trump or Biden is a worthless vote. Nobody else has a chance at becoming president so I would suggest picking the best candidate between the two. If the 2nd Amendment is a huge voting issue for you (as it is for me as well) vote Trump.

Thanks Lauren!

The Democratic party doesn’t exist anymore. They became so inclusive with special interest groups, they invited in socialists, Marxists, BLM, antifa, and radical muslims, not realizing there will be no room for moderate Dems anymore. Their party leaders still believe they can control them, but they are truly holding onto a tiger by the tail. I’ve tried to let people know this is not the same democrat party that our folks voted for, or even that I sometimes voted for as an independent until Bill Clinton became president. Their transformation is nearly complete now. You can’t be a Democrat representative without marching in lockstep with the others. I’m praying many have had their eyes opened by the riots and the weak response by Dem mayors and governors and will vote republican for every position. If Trump isn’t re-elected, I don’t see the Marxist Dems letting power out of their grasp ever again. We truly need to be on our knees in prayer and be prepared for whatever may come.

No one who looks at the history of communist counties should be surprised. The ones who definitely will be surprised are the ones who think they are the power that made the “revolution” happen. They will be the first to be “erased from history”. Most of the foot soldiers will also be eliminated.

Stay safe and pray.

This generation of woke, college educated, brainwashed punks have no idea of the hell on earth they are begging for. They never saw the real Mao China, Stalin USSR or Pol Pot Cambodia and their idea of socialism/communism is some old white-haired crazy Senator from Vermont yelling “free sh#t for everyone”.

When the day comes that they realize they willing gave up and even demanded they take away their precious Constitutional freedoms in exchange for a brutal dictatorship, they will begin living a nightmare so unimaginable and everyday will think of how good things really were. I’m glad I am on the downhill side and was able to enjoy America when it was for Americans.

You can vote your way into socialism/communism but you’ll have to shoot your way out of it.

You only get to vote for socialism once.

So my brother tells me tonight that there is a web site that names contributors to the Trump campaign, including names, addresses, and dollar amounts.
He found our cousins name and the amount contributed.

These POS lefties, political, media, radical groups are just begging for short rope and tall trees.

Hold strong.
Armor up in these coming days.
The true $hit will hit the fan….in either direction.

Joe C,
Open Secrets dot org has been around for some time. It tells everyone who has donated to any candidate or to one of many different groups and goes back years.

Joe c
. . . .
Donors to political campaigns provide their identifying information. Campaigns report this to the Federal Election Commission. The FEC posts updated info at least quarterly. Them’s the rules. See fec.gov.

Hmmm, that’s interesting. I never knew that.
I guess a person’s privacy is not there own.
I went back to the site and it did recognize fec as the information source.

Anywho, where do I go to get contributors info on those that donate to Antifa, BLM, Green new deal Agenda 21/30???

Hi Joe c
. . . .
Just got into town where I have internet service on the phone. None at the farm yet as I am such a cheapskate. IRS only requires public disclosure of political donations and those made to private foundations. The groups you list aren’t even registered as charities,

Anony Mee,

With all this money floating around, I find none of them as charities, but yet we have the certain lists.

“A charity must have one or more of the purposes which have been defined in law. These include things like: relieving poverty, education, religion, protecting the environment, animal welfare, human rights and community development.”

Don’t all those examples said, qualify? Should be mandated to qualify as ‘charitable’ organizations.

But no,

Different rules only apply to special circumstances.

Imma cheapskate, too.
Just ask the other half.)

i got plenty rope cuz,,,

Is it just me or is anyone else here having a difficult time reconciling the idea of a close relationship with those that support what is now the Democratic Party? I am literally struggling with it as I never, ever had in the past. I’ve always been of the belief that what made America great was the freedom of thought and varied ideals. I have family that bowed to the Clinton altar, and whatever-didn’t understand it, but I didn’t feel like I do today. Now-we seem to have reached a point where what they are standing for is so far extreme and anti-American that I simply can’t look beyond it. I truly believe we’ve reached the point that the traditional conservative approach will no longer do. We’ve choked it down far too long, and I’m officially over it. We are staring at the cliff’s edge, and half our spoiled country is too ignorant to see what’s coming.

River Rat – Like Bruce Willis said in Die Hard “welcome to the party pal”. I got run out of a job and a career in 2017 when a couple of poofters in our Canadian office learned of my support for Trump. Word got back to the main office in Europe and my ass was loaded into a virtual box car and railroaded right out of there. That’s about the time when everyone turned nasty. So I initiated a purge of anyone of a leftist mindset from my life. I’ll make one exception for my lovely daughter away at college… with age and wisdom… her butt should automatically expel her head at a certain age. When that happens, she will be welcomed back.

Wow-we are in the same boat for sure. I opted to leave a 24-year career this September with no plan to do so until faced with the idea of choking down a seemingly never ending soundtrack of racial injustice, diversity training, and whatever other flavor of cool aid the left is selling. Apparently all the PR, advertising, and marketing people found a new mission in the absence of real work during the China virus collapse. Companies have truly sold their soul, and retirement was the better option for me. I couldn’t and wouldn’t simply suppress my own views. Best decision thus far!

You’re not alone. Times have changed. There’s more complexity to it now. As SoCalGal noted the other nite, even Mondale’s speech would be considered Republican these days because the old Democratic Party is a thing of the past and common ground is no more because they’ve just gone too far into an evil realm.

Over my lifetime I’ve known friends who have had abortions, to pick one example. Back at that time you were glad that Roe v Wade existed, otherwise they would have been faced with a dark alley and a butcher. Yet fast forward and we now have babies born alive and put off to the side while “a conversation” takes place. People pray for children to adopt, are faced with huge financial hardship if allowed, yet a healthy baby lays off to the side on a table, waiting for an answer to his fate. That sends a chill down my spine. It is the persona of evil. Which circles back to forming a whole new stance on Roe v Wade because it is every bit as evil too. You evolve over time and through your experiences. Yet they have only devolved, with no hope for reversal.

Many times I wondered if I could take a life. Yet if faced with seeing a baby on a table, while a discussion took place, that baby would be coming with me. Regardless of what it took. Anyone sporting a Joe & Blow sign feels differently about the sanctity of the human life and the nation’s life. So the line is in the sand. They set it. And I am at peace with their decision because they shall reap what they sow.

So very well said. Evil and dark-without a doubt.

The only way I can have any relationship with a Democrat is when I have no idea they are a Democrat, such as people I casually must deal with, like cashiers. Otherwise, there is no need for me to associate with any of them, as I consider them to be a danger, due to their defining mental instability.

I would rather vote for an empty orange juice can, then for any Democrat for any public office, and know, with certainty, the rusted can would do a better job.

Yes, I get tense thinking about my late 70’s staunch catholic neighbor lady that hates anything Trump and thinks Biden is OK. Just blows my mind. Don’t spend as much time visiting as we used to.

You are not alone River Rat

When people hate a man more than they love our country then all may be lost.

Yes Ron. The fear mongering of the MSM has affected all levels of society. As Yoda said, “Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” The Marxists/Communists have a plan to ease the fear. It’s called re-education and if Kamala Harris gets her way, the tuition will be free.

River Rat, yes, we have also found ourselves struggling with those thoughts. I try to not let it get to me but the thoughts are there – a lot. We have family members who will not have contact with other members because of their political stance. They feel their support of the opposite party is going to be the death of them and this nation. I have a hard time understanding how good people that we know personally could align themselves with socialism, BLM, and Antifa….or line up for a corona vaccine. We have taken a wait and see Approach, but it is disheartening. I find myself in prayer A lot throughout the day.

To Romeo Charlie:

It is a different generation and different country in that which I grew up in.
When I was 12years old, in New England, when I walked through my neighborhood with my .22 rifle or 12 gauge shotgun over my shoulder, my neighbors would shout at me “Good Shooting !”
Imagine that.

I had a James Bond lunchbox with scenes from Thunderball on it of people trying to kill each other. It might have some army men in it, a dead a animals foot (rabbit), maybe a pocketknife…

I have noticed that the Ds have been attempting to criminalize the politics of anyone who disagrees with their program for decades.

This proposed commission is just the large, putrid fruit of that poisonous tree.


Something tells me that most here would hardly be threatened by comments. From my seat, MSB is a motley crew of determined, individual thinkers who educate themselves on current events and bounce that off years of life experience to “call if like they see it.” No problem at all.

He’s not quite in the same class as Paul Krugman, but Robert Reich is consistently wrong about everything. Even the liberals routinely criticize him.
His latest comments seem to have come out of some fever dream. I wouldn’t worry too much about them.

Anony Mee they use those folks to run “Trial Balloons” that they can deny later. Just like the often outrageous Linsey Graham for the Republican’s.

I’ve heard softer versions of this Revenge from the lips of others in my neighborhood.

History shows it happens often enough. And we both know history often rhymes.


No matter who wins the election, does anyone REALLY BELIEVE that Antifa is going way?

Not a chance.

I love America and would sure hate to give up my home but the thought has ocurred to me that if the time comes when this country is on the brink of falling to the commies, and I mean no hope for freedom to triumph, would leaving the country be an option? Anyone considered that?

Mountain man,
there is no where else to go. America is the last true bastion of freedom left in the world. We must defend it at all cost.


Yes. For a time at least. My wife can request dual citizenship in Italy due to her grandparents and we’ve considered it once I retire from DOD. Very inexpensive to buy (and rehab) small home in beautiful Italian countryside; we’ve also considered buying a small place there in retirement. But there’s really no place like America and every time we get to really talking about it, I realize that more and more. And there’s no place to run for Americans. We must depend on the Good Lord to protect us and use the skills he’s equipped us with to fight for our great nation. It’s worth defending.

Where could you go? This is the last bastion of freedom left. If we loose it, it is gone from the world.

I’ve often thought of that too. Maybe an island nation? Theoretically, someone with a lot of wealth could purchase an island from another nation and claim sovereignty. However, I agree with most here that the US is the last holdout for true freedom.

Folks, this is real. I warned you about this. They will exact their revenge. That’s what Marxists do. Every, Single, Time:

Voices on the Left, including Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), are calling for lists to be kept of Trump supporters so that they can be ostracized and otherwise punished when the election is over.

“Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future?” Ocasio-Cortez asked on Twitter. “I foresee decent probability of many deleted Tweets, writings, photos in the future.”

“Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future?”




I only have two words for AOC

“Bring it”

But the other two words would be appropriate for her as well.

Biden state media appointee advocated using propaganda against Americans and ‘rethinking’ First Amendment

If I don’t dot my i & cross my t it wasn’t my intent to violate comment policy but this is my daily prayer re. the dem. take over of the country once again:. Oh Lord I ask grace & mercy on your believers & permit victims of wrongdoers to experience/witness your justice.