Is Ultra Tolerance Killing America?

Societal ‘norms’ have changed over the years.

Some have changed for the better. But many have not, in my estimation.

Today’s young people have no perspective on many of these changes. Why? Because they’re too young to have experienced what society was like decades ago.

But for us middle aged (and older) folks, many of these changes are stark and clear.

Ultra Tolerance in today’s America

Do you know what I mean by that?

In short, the social ‘norms’ today are such that we are expected to ‘tolerate’. While tolerance is good to an extent, ultra tolerance is going overboard or taking tolerance to an extreme. Particularly on issues which fly in the face of common sense.

Young people (many of whom are now adults) have been brought up in a environment where they were taught that it’s bad to challenge the new (at the time) political correctness ideals. Today it’s much worse.

They’re a coddled generation (and the one behind them) lacking in the skills of verbal debate and disagreement. They apparently do not understand the concept of our First Amendment and free speech in America.

When confronted with real world differing of opinion (especially in the political realm, or that of one’s own ideals and core beliefs!), some of these people tend to ‘flip out’ or go ‘bat$hit crazy’ in response. Which of course is ironic, given their upbringing in a environment of ultra tolerance.

On another note, how long now has everybody been a winner? It has become frowned upon to criticize performance, to have losers, to punish.

In general, today’s societal ultra tolerance ‘norms’ have resulted in a bunch of softies. Coddled spoiled brats. Indoctrinated into a particular mindset at most of our schools and Universities.

Eventually, when they’re out of the cocoon and don’t get their way, or when confronted with real world differences of opinion (or God forbid, losing!), they throw a tantrum.

Do you know what I mean? Is this making sense? You’ve seen it, right?

Yesterday’s America

Years ago, before the shift into ultra tolerance, people were ‘tougher’, thicker skinned so to speak. They weren’t a bunch of cry-baby whiny pants pansy ass sniveling snotty brats. I know, I’m painting with a very broad brush. But you get the idea…

It was not uncommon to have your failures pointed out. To have your work criticized. To be punished when you were ‘bad’. To actually lose sometimes. Not always getting your way (seldom getting your way).

People had little choice but to face tough issues head-on. Put up or shut up (gasp!). Some people were bullies, just as it always was. And you just had to deal with it one way or the other.

Side note: I recall when I was young, having been harassed at school by a ‘bully’ for awhile. One day in gym class I had enough – he challenged me to fight – I accepted – it would be right after school. Word spread, a crowd gathered at the agreed upon place and time. He was bigger than me. I was so ‘mad’ that I ended up beating the $hit out of this bully. I was never bothered again.

(Today, the school would go under lock-down, SWAT would be called, and subsequent ‘special training’ would be required before re-entering society.)

Why did I bring up that story? Because that’s how real life works. Life isn’t soft. It’s hard, or can be hard at times. As we grow up, so long as we’re not sheltered from ‘real life’, we are forced to learn how to deal with things.

Ultra Tolerance isn’t Real Life

Today’s ultra tolerance has sheltered too many people from ‘real life’. The teachers of this tolerance believe that they can change the world in this regard. To make it some sort of utopian society where there is no tolerance for the things they deem intolerable.

The problem is however, we are human beings. We are who we are, even with all of our flaws and bad tendencies. We are capable of good, bad, and even very bad. Our human nature cannot be changed or controlled under an umbrella of forced ultra tolerance.

Instead, we must LEARN how to deal with each other, how to recover from failure, and a multitude of other uncomfortable truths in life.

Learning begins when we’re young. It extends into adulthood as life’s uncomfortable truths reveal themselves.

The problem today is, ultra tolerance is killing America. It has divided us dangerously.

In your opinion, what are some examples of today’s expected ultra tolerance? What are you being forced to accept that doesn’t make sense to you? Why have we become this way?

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What’s this “we” $hit?????????? ,,,other than that good subject,,,wasn’t it a pope that said ‘kill them all ,god will know his own ,, I’m very tolerant as long as you think like me? Ha Ha

Thats my favorite sayin,
“Whats this “we” shit,,,,”
Thats the beauty of standing off to the side,

SF have a patch with the following saying”.

“Kill them all, and let God sort them out”.

Was it original to that section of the military, who knows you guys like sharing certain phrases.

AC , that saying is from the 1200’s.

My dad used to have a saying. ” Want in one hand, and sh!t in the other, then see which one gets full first!”

I believe political correctness has helped to throttle free speech.

It is a speech control program that keeps people from voicing their opinions in order not to make anyone feel bad.

We all live in a big ,warm and fuzzy world , right? Nothing ever goes wrong, right ? If we don’t talk about evil things they won’t happen, right?

The big question is who sets the rules ? Why can a black person call me a honky, white privileged racist but I shouldn’t call them a nigger ?

Oh I am sorry I was perhaps too offensive, but I used nigger to make a point.Who really does set the rules , something for you to think about in these very interesting times.

When our young people are sheltered from the realities of life , they will crumble when confronted with the realities of life .

I hope I didn’t offend anyone .

Bluesman, you hit the nail on the head. I believe that is what it all boils down to. People can’t be offended.

If someone is ‘not for’ LBTQPDX whatever, then they are offended.

So, what do irrationally conditioned minds do? They lash out and call someone everything hateful in the book.

Don’t believe me? Just check out the article of the brainwashed lady lashing out at the seasoned citizen wearing a MAGA hat.

This whole PC culture was designed so that no ones feelings get hurt or offended. Designed I say? Yes. Go back to the 70’s and all of a sudden a white person couldnt call a black person what they all call themselves to each other every day. But it’s ok to say whitey or honkey.

It is all because they are some perceived minority group. Fast forward to today, every perceived minority can call a white person whatever they want because they are the offended ones in some supposed way by the white man.

So, the PC culture has come to the point where every perceived (real or not) minority group has the right to offend whites solely on the basis of their perceived minority group status. By them offending white they believe somehow that they have vindicated themselves.

So, if you are not a moral family loving white person, then you have been offended by proxy for being the way you are. I call BS on that. I don’t give a crap what a person does in their bedroom, just don’t push it in my face and tell me not that I have to accept it but have to somehow be happy they live what I consider an immoral lifestyle.

Our society has “decided” that offense is determined by the self-proclaimed victim. Not only that, but offense determined by the self-proclaimed victim can be tried in a court of law and their opinion used as evidence. This is not law–it is the beginnings of rule by mob.

A person can be “tried” in the court of popular opinion and lose homes, businesses, families, and even life without the courts saying a word. This is mob rule. We’re already there, it just hasn’t moved into the streets for the majority yet.

I am not looking forward to seeing where it goes from here.

Occasionally, while out and about, I’ll make a strange comment to my wife. I’m not a racist, but I do enjoy a little fun. If shopping or milling about in public, I’ll say “what-up my cracker” then smile and give her a little hug. My wife and I are both white, german heritage Americans! I’m 6’5″ and 245lbs. I say it loudly, but not screaming. I guess I want my comment to be heard.

I/we get very strange looks, if there are black folks around. Think about it, I’ve not offended anyone with my comment. Well, maybe the wife, but she knows I’m joking around. All I’ve done is imitate a comment, I’ve heard before in public.

I would not be offended by the “cracker” moniker. Are white folks not allowed to use the word cracker? Why is it OK for blacks to sing about “n_ggers” but whites are not allowed to use the word? I never use that word. I think it is ugly and indicates lack of education, by those who choose to use it. It is, however, a real word with real meaning.

Banning the use of a word is very similar to book burning. Hide it, cover it up, pretend it doesn’t exist, really! Are we all supposed to be THAT STUPID?

The pendulum swings. We are told, there was once slavery. No one alive today, has personal experience with slavery in America. That was a horrific thing, slavery. Guess what, I didn’t do it and it wasn’t done to anyone else.

Throughout my career, the black person was given the promotion. The woman was advanced. The hispanic became foreman, even though he/she had less time and experience. Though surely not as harsh as slavery, it is favoritism/discrimination. The pendulum swings. At what point has the son, paid enough for the sins of the father?

Now there is foolish talk about reparations. That will never happen. Those who claim to be eligible for reparations, are perpetuating favoritism/discrimination. The us against them attitude, is a normal function of most people’s thinking. My thinking included. In a tight spot, we often band together with like-minded people, regardless of skin color. The pendulum swings.

Until everyone decides to make their own way, without favoritism/discrimination, the pendulum swings. The pendulum is picking up speed, so it has apparently, reversed course. Thank goodness. It swung waaay too far, the last 50 years or so.

Malcom X, Luis Farrakan, The black panthers, The fists in the air of those long ago Olympians, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Reverend Wright, etc. etc. etc.


I had a few add ins to add to your comment. But lost one and deleted the others.

What up,blood?

And flaunting pretty rainbows…..
(Boiling blood)

Snowflakes aren’t always white.. LOL…

Singer Kate Smith of God Bless America fame is the latest person to be ostracized for her past.

Singing 2 songs from the 1930’s that offend.

One song in question was sang with a famous black male singer. The Philadelphia Flyers hockey team took down her statue and will not be playing her rendition of God Bless America even though it has been considered good luck since 1969.

Never mind that during WWII she was personally responsible for 600 million in war bonds purchased during a radio type telethon. sigh………………… common sense is naught.

Her statue is being removed from a park. Insanity reigns!

What I love about our country is that rights are vested in the individual and not, as in so many other countries, in the state, the worker, or the head of state/government.

Everyone has the freedom of speech, of assembly, of religion, the right to bear arms, etc. with certain reasonable limitations based on public safety and ownership of property. If two opposing groups want to stand on street corners shouting “shut up” “no, you shut up” at each other that’s fine.

I’m not tolerant; I’m also not intolerant. I simply do not care. No matter whose feelings might be hurt, who might feel victimized or micro-aggressed. As my mother used to say “too bad, so sad.”

Where that line is crossed, for me, is when actual violence is used to try to restrict rights. Say anything you like, just do not lay hands on another. No one has the right to force silence or conformity in a public forum on another. I hate that local governments have developed a tolerance for violence directed toward their political opponents.

Oh I’m gonna melt some extra butter for my popcorn and just sit on the side. This is gonna be a great show

Not much to add to a great synopsis. Like many, “I was bullied for awhile” and had to deal with it like you did.

What a shame the generation my generation created.

Like the old saying, “Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.”

Illegal immigrants,
Until CONgress gets back on track AND the gov starts enforcing laws evenly and properly,

Who is John Galt…..

If a law is passed it has to be enforced and that takes force.
Sometimes it is monetary and possessions, and sometimes it is prison.
Unfortunately TPTB choose whether or not to enforce these laws.

In Canada there is now a pronoun law. They will enforce speech through fines and prison to force people to show tolerance. All but one member of parliament voted for it.

It is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING TO ME, the extent of restriction on free speech in other countries. It really is.

The more I hear about places like the UK (which I’ve visited multiple times in a previous career), Canada, and others, I realize how precious our 1st Amendment is. And it is being attacked right in front of our eyes here in the United States. Unfortunately our indoctrinated young have no idea how bad it could get without it.

Did you hear that in Austria they want to make everyone use their real name when they comment on social media. Read that yesterday on a home page news site.

Tommy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,HEY THATS MY SOAP BOX ,,,,,,,who is John Galt

It most certainly is!
Hey, we got to have some leaders bud, you the guy!

Tommy ,,,,,,allready there ,,but not by choice , but I’ve been there before,,, does that put a target on my back?,,,,but remember community ,,, not commune,, April 19 just passed can’t help but think back 244years ago ,about a man named Dan Mckay,, and what he was thinking that morning on the road to Lexington ,he was there,,he was a old man for the time ,served with Roger,s rangers,but that day he was at odds with some of the very men had served with ,cold very cold to think about,, but he made a stand ,, he was my great ×7 grandfather,,you do what you must,,,,,,,,,,he also served under Knox at breeds hill and later help drag some cannons in the winter with Knox ,,,

Probably the most “ultra tolerance” would have to be abortion. When the “supremes” first ruled all laws against abortion as unconstitutional, basing their reasoning, the right to privacy, it was a ruling abhorred by a large majority of the country. Early on, it was restricted to first trimester pregnancy, but as each new law worked through the courts, almost every restriction was ruled against, to the point that now, killing a live birth infant is being sanctioned in different states. Early on, abortion was ruled legal, now, even those who view it as evil and repugnant, are forced to underwrite it with their tax dollars, funding an entity (planned parenthood) whose mass murders have surpassed multiple times over that of all the genocidal regimes in all history combined. Oh, and it’s “politically correct”.

They want the stem cells. That is my theory. Science and pharma.

Last I heard, they want the “age of life” to be extended to “full socialization,” which for most children would be age five or six. This is a step in that direction. Some children would never achieve that. Children deemed unwanted by their parents (or a drain on society) could be murdered with impunity and it be called after-birth abortion.

Since the backlash against after-birth abortion I’ve seen the campaigns for abortion tick up, pushing the “maternal choice” idea. Once they have the public in line they’ll start pushing again on after birth abortion and more states will pick it up. Then they’ll say one year, or maybe six months, and there will be another backlash. The advertisements will pick up again once they know where the pushback is, gently nudging the public toward acceptance of infanticide.

I’ve watched this pattern most of my life. I just don’t understand why more people don’t see it.

Where does tolerance stop? Even ten years ago if someone suggested a law advocating after birth abortion there would have been a public scream that couldn’t be ignored. Now most people shrug it off or don’t believe it’s happening at all. In the meantime we’ve been pushed, ever so gently, into accepting the government’s right to choose for us, and the mother’s right to choose for her child. Oh, excuse me, her 2 year old post-birth fetus.

And take it to the other end of the age spectrum… when will they begin promoting early termination of the elderly, who after all are a drain on society, right? (/sarcasm)

Ken J
You mean to tell me your doctor has not handed you the FINAL DYING paperwork so the hospitals & doctors do not have to take care of your ill body?

Wow!! We were hit with this back in January at a visit with the family doctor.

CA is NOW requiring doctors, along with Medicare that they “”have”” to give you paperwork to be filled out so they will know IF they have to keep you on life support or give you that extra assistance to keep you alive until your vital organs come back on line OR not.

Pizzzzzed OFF, was a very calm term for what I had to say to the family physician. He knows how I feel about practitioner’s of medicine, not the first time we have butted heads. He said he had no choice it was required by law……ahhh yah right!!

When the Medicare bill came in saw how much $$ they paid him for the death bed removal services($150.00). Now times that against his Medicare patients(he has a lot of them), a tide sum of money for paperwork.

You are wondering where is that paperwork at this very moment, no idea. If we had household birds it would be on the bottom of their cage, being used for exactly what it is good for execration collection.

Get prepared this is the OB’s health care system for killing off the older generation & keeping the $$ for give me dat’s. MHO

I’ve seen it referred to as “end of life counseling.” To give the useless agers their options, heavy on the euthanasia. Read Obamacare (the actual legislation, not the dumbed down for the media version).

Lauren “referred to as “end of life counseling.” To give the useless agers their options, heavy on the euthanasia”====sounds much like what I recall reading on various “news’ sites.

Ken…I have seen news reports in North America, and some countries (maybe Denmark?) where this “service” is offered.

They sort of have- at least to certain degree. Oh- we can just put off that surgery and do x,y,z and then tada- all of a sudden they don’t want to do the surgery or ‘procedure cause your kinda old ya know,

Dad started getting bills for his kidney stone operation(s). Medicare denied every instance of the anesthetic for the surgery. The reason given was “Anesthesia–patient under 1 year or over 70.” There are no death panels, but we reserve the right to deny medication because of your age. We reserve the right to deny CARE because of your age.

Do not take no for an answer keep appealing it.!
. tell the Drs ?Billing clerks etc…they have to get it approved. Surgery can’t be done without some kind of anesthesia. Just be glad the surgery is done before they refuse to pay.
Denial of care is has been being done for I know 6 years. as soon as they started talking about o bam shute care. they began denying medications and services. to anyone who was over the age of yes about 70. they are also actively denying services for people who require a lot of support services… emotional counseling. for instance. Family member die and need someone to talk to.?… be careful that you get it from someone who will not keep a record and bill government because that will be used to deny services because of mental instability …and who knows how far that will be going
.Don’t you know that someone won’t need a cardiac stint, or cardiac by pass…. because they are emotionally challenged 3 years ago when lost a dear family member? Yep. Is already happening.

I really hope that you are pursuing the denial. I use the VA which has it’s own set of huge problems but there has to be an avenue to dispute it. Good heavens -won’t pay for anesthesia ???!

They are maneuvering the mind set of the younger generations to the book “Brave New World” concept. Where conception will only be in container uterus for the human to grow. Unless you are born in the waste lands the old fashion way and are consider a wildling. A freak of nature.

Humans raised this way will be set into different classifications. Higher functioning to the lower class, so there will always be the “dumbed down slave labor” workers. Of course, all color coded so that the replacement humans only come off the assembly line as required for replacement producers or worker bees.

At the time of reading this in my teen years thought, wow,,, what a story, this will never happen. We humans are to intelligent for this type of occurrence within our species. Laughs on me and others who thought it could, or would never happen, progressive
control of the human species to reach a higher plain of existence at any an all costs is occurring every day. Via education(lack there of), dumb down phone in everyone’s hot little hands, can not leave home without it. We as a nation are in deep POOH!

Political Correctness:
“It is a speech control program that keeps people from voicing their opinions”

It goes beyond that too. The tech giants are suppressing the voices of conservatism and patriotism, whenever they get enough of an ‘excuse’ to do so. The thresholds to get banned or pushed back in the rankings are very slight. Manual penalties are applied behind the scenes, shoving you right out of the picture, so to speak. Demonetization. They figure if they cut off the money, they cut off the message.

The indoctrination of political correctness has played right into the hands of the long-term plans of the controllers (of that side of the spectrum).

It gets worse… We are now witnessing banks cutting off funding to industries (and individuals) they deem ‘bad’. For example some banks have been cutting off the firearms industry from loans or transactions. No money, no business. It’s always about the money, right?

We on the right are being shut down. Bit by bit. Our speech is being controlled. Our monies are being squeezed. We are demonized, demonetized, and marginalized.

And it all started with ultra tolerance (or was it simply another means to an end)… to what end? I’ll let you use your imagination…

…and the worst part of it is, we (the right) are the only ones that ever “give” when we compromise…in other words, we are complicit in our death by a thousand cuts…in a world were even in college you are protected from opposing view points, how can anyone learn and grow? I fear we are doomed to go down in a flaming mass of thousands of invented genders while banning straws, plastic bags, profit and dissent.

The end will undoubtedly be the same end as was seen for the political opposites of the left during the 20th century in Germany, Russia and China,
These tactics are the same tactics employed by the left on their own countrymen, history is repeating itself with some 21st century twist added in.
This will not end well, get one far left person as president and the wheels will come off and the conservatives will be open season. It is not the first time,

Just look at how deep the weaponization of the FbI was, if hitlery had been elected deplorables would have been screwed, we still may be, tick tock

The one common theme you will find in all the new “rights” that are proliferating, is that they are government granted rights, not “natural” or “God given rights” or “in-alienable rights” (rights that can’t be taken away) or even “self evident rights”. No, they are “granted rights”, that is “given” therefore subject to recall. Tolerated today, taken away when no longer convenient for the master.

Ain’t liberalism grand?

Thats one thing that really chaps my arse,
We have a bill of rights,
Its not a bill of wants
A bill of if we feel like letting yous,
It is a bill of rights, period.
Amongst the things in there is 1A
This stuff was written during a time of war, not a warm fuzzy whiny libtard time,,, but a time of war,
2a especially, pertains to We the People, having the right and ability to throw off an abusive government,
To me, this is exactly why the political class chips away at it constantly,
If they ever succeed in labeling talk of righting the government as hate speech or domestic terrorism, and then outlawing private ownership of any or all firearms, you can be sure that a murdering spree of those who consider themselves patriots is close to follow,
But then again, the left says it will be different this time,,,

To everybody, please keep in mind the way the left is acting.
Keep in mind the fact that throughout the 20th century, more people were killed by their own leftist government than all wars combined.
History repeats itself, evil is evil period, those trying to stomp on the USA and our way of life are of the same cloth as the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc etc,,,
Why else would they be flooding western countries with the garbage they have been, this is way way more than just a per chance event that tens if not hundreds of thousands of undocumented migrants are invading our country, if they could boat africans here they would but that would be too blatant, uneducated city dwellers from south america are the same thing, i hate to be like that but true is true.

If these buttercups are offended or hurt by what someone says or what name they or someone else is called, they can’t imagine the fear and distress they will be feeling when the lights go out and the jackals start preying. They are going to wake up in a world that is far scarier and deadlier than any of their video games could ever portray.


double bingo


It all started when parents quit spanking their kids. The world has gone soft because of it .

Maggie’s farm,
Good point , spocking instead of spanking. It is not ending well.

Our Founders innately understood that the United States was much more likely to collapse from enemies within than from abroad. Our republic is only as strong as its weakest link. When Ben Franklin remarked that we were a republic, and not a monarchy, never forget the second half of his remark: “if you can keep it”.

We the people will be forced to risk life, limb, and property to battle this. It is much closer now than it was 35 years ago when I began to write, petition, and implore politicians to look carefully at their actions. They have paid no attention. They aren’t listening. At that point, if the electorate pays no attention to the voters and can employ the right kind of lies, they will remain in power through corruption of their words, cheating, police state, and dis-obeying their oaths. Voting really doesn’t matter much any more, there is so much cheating. Yet, I’ll continue to vote.

Time to chose? It is possibly time already to protest with arms at the ready, for they have already limited the ability to legally display arms to show the depth of our displeasure. If through some criminal influence on our 2020 election, we lose President Trump and do NOT retake the Congress then it will no longer be a question of if, but of NOW! We the People, can not allow the Democrats ever to regain control over our Republic, or us. To hesitate then will be the end of freedom as we know it. Freedom isn’t free, it’s earned. Payed for in blood.

The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America was expressly written in by our founders as a tool for citizens to protect this same United States of America from the menace of a tyrannical government that could and is rising in this country. It was not put into the Bill of Rights for the purpose of hunting It is to counter tyranny. The Second Amendment, protects all the other Amendments.

There comes a time, when we will ALL have to choose. Just like the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Look what happened to those men. That kind of Patriotism, does not exist anymore, that includes me. But, it does not mean that kind of Patriotism is dead, just needs to be re-kindled. And it will be re-kindled, when Gov’t starts killing Patriots, attacking our families, and destroying our way of life and Republic.

So we are supposed to tolerate the left?
Kamala Harris says she will enact sweeping gun control through executive order.
Tell me again how disarming law abiding citizens is going to stop criminals from using guns?
Yet this same beech wants to just let any old schmoe over the border willy nilly,,,,
Yea, tolerance, its wearing out
As Bracken says,
You can take one with you


Liberal logic. Got a problem with drunk drivers killing folks? Get the sober drivers off the road.


Liberal logic. Not all illegal immigrants are dangerous terrorists or gang bangers. Same logic if meat processor issues a bulletin because an unknown percentage of their product may be tainted with botulism, but not to worry, the majority of it is safe.

Dennis, is like my bud says,
If someone gave you a bowl of M&Ms and said that a few of them were poison would you eat them? Or toss the lot?

For me, it’s not killing America, it already died.

Too fractionalized to recover if anyone wanted to try, which the various “groups” have no interest to do. No listening, no compromises, no civility, no tolerance and no ethics. Any means necessary to achieve a particular endpoint.

No common vision, or a belief in “The American Dream” or even what is the New American Dream, or future direction of the United States. So, my opinion only, just a symptom of the decline of this country, not reversible, unclear where it will end up.

Funny article. From what is going it is obvious that the Left is completely in-tolerant. We have entered an unprecedented area not seen since before the civil war. You know what that led too.

Yes I find it extremely ironic how they have ‘preached’ ultra tolerance, yet resulting with indoctrinated ‘offspring’ who are evidently extremely intolerant (to viewpoints that differ from their own indoctrination).

My friends 4 year old grandson played his first board games with her. He lost and got very upset he lost, so his mom gave him a prize for losing.

Rather then explain to him sometimes you win sometimes you lose, and explaining to be persistent and build his skills etc., they gave him a prize and coddled him. Plus he’s being raised by all females, his mom is a lesbian.

Ya, thats always good, 2 women who dont like men raising a little boy,
He will most likely be a queer,,,

Or not. Most people raised this way don’t follow it as adults. Many hate the lifestyle and what it did to them.

A very sad, but unfortunately true, commentary on our current culture. Think I’ll have a shirt printed with the following:

Your Right to be Offended
is Equal to, but not Greater than…
My Right to Not Give a *^%&#@$.

The wheel will turn, although I fear things will break completely before they can be repaired.

Though it might cause some heads to spin around on their neck, potential convulsions, screaming, or hysteria by the ‘triggered class’ among us.

No doubt you will be reported to the nearest future-crime bureau and picked up on charges of hate speech. Perhaps never to be seen again…


I have be filling my phone with utube music. I love all sorts of music, but I made a playlist of bands that think and sing of what we believe in, Our Country.
It’s very sad these singers and bands don’t even come close to the air time others do. They are not in the correct political mix.

Madison Rising does an excellent Star Spangled Banner….better than Jimmy Hendrix.
Hero and Something Wicked from the same band are good tunes.

They to need our support

They are on Itunes,,,
Good stuff

Right to bear

Yeah, buddy.
GF sent me the Star Spangled years ago.
I couldn’t get enough of it.
Sent tears to me eyes

For one Christmas, I received a Madison Rising t shirt. Right to Bear and a CD.
When wearing the T-shirt, the checkout girl at the.local store gave me a 👍.
“Like your shirt. The Right to Bear.”
She said.

There are truely more of us, than of them.

Ohh, Democraptic Demons…..beware…
….. something wicked this way comes….

While song searching, might as well change a few lyrics on ‘whiskey glasses’
by Morgan Wallen…….

Pour me, pour me another drink
‘Cause I don’t wanna feel a thing
No more, hell no
I just want to sip ’til the pain wears off
Pour me, pour me another round
Line ’em up and knock ’em down
Two more, let’s go
‘Cause I ain’t ever hurt like this before

Don’t wanna think about her
Fly a Flag without her
Don’t wanna hit the karaoke bar
Can’t sing about her
So make them drinks strong
‘Cause, brother, she’s gone
And if I’m ever gonna move on

I’ma need some whiskey glasses
‘Cause I don’t wanna see the truth
She’s probably gone right now
Corrupted With someone new

Gonna need some whiskey glasses

Hey all,
Interesting subject and posts.

Not for nothing but that is why My group has been in SHTF MODE for almost 2 1/2 years.

It forced us to make big changes and push harder on many different issues related to preparedness.

I didn’t like what I saw or what I was hearing from the politicians, industry and especially from my wealthy clients who left the CONUS enmasse to parts known and unknown. It started with my clients leaving ,starting in 2014, a whole bunch in 2015 and2016.

Now,are things better today than they were in 2015?

I’m not talking financially.

I’m talking about the state of the Nation. Attitudes,behavior, lies,Corruption, rumor of civil war,crime,fear,loathing,despair,violence,sheer craziness…

Think about where your head was at just 4 short years ago.

Compare your state of mind then to now with all that has transpired especially in the last 2 years.

S HAS HTF whether you like to admit it or not and it’s gonna get worse.

I stay focused and busy. There is always something to be done.

I don’t post much these days but I read what is posted.

I see the difference in people’s post over time. The anger,stress,worry over the ever worsening of the world and folks place in it. The word I would use is grim.

I know folks are getting physically prepared. Mentally and spiritually prepared are every bit as important if not more so.

I care about the folks here as I do the people in my own sphere of influence. Work on those local relationships. It’s important…

I am amazed with everything that Ken does to make this forum function and grow. The content here is some of the best out there.

Ken is one the rare voices in the wilderness. Useful information not fear mongering. So rare these days. A man called to the work with all that entails on a daily basis.

How fortunate we are here…
Stay calm and armor up

Revisiting the “Is Ultra Tolerance Killing America” thread. Is it possible that conservatives are the most guilty of being “ultra tolerant” and are therefore guilty of paving the way for our own demise? We gripe and complain about how liberalism and socialism is ruining our country, but we sit idly by, not making any waves.

We talk of a possible civil war brewing, beat our chests and brag about our superior firepower should such a war break out, yet, have we made in preparation for such an event?

Civil wars have leaders, followers, and a majority that sit on the sidelines hoping to avoid the conflict. Who are you going to follow? Who is going to be your general directing your efforts? There will be opposing forces. Lead by who? Overseeing the nationwide battle plan? Does anyone have a clue as to how to answer these questions?

I am convinced that those we blame for destroying our country are organizing as we speak (have already organized), right before our eyes. Alliances are being made between seemingly odd bedfellows. Far left communist socialists, radical islamists, anarchist groups, race haters such as black lives matters, nation of islam black separatists, new black panthers. Obama’s organization “OFA” (organizing for America) has graduated over 30,000 radicals to go out, recruit, organize, train, and direct the coming violence on the streets. The people already in government who tried to prevent Trump from being elected are standing ready to lead these folks. Their network is already in place.

What are we prepared to do, other than hunker down? I submit that if you believe a civil war war is coming, you better be thinking on these things before you just brush it off with cute comebacks about how well armed you are and how they are just a bunch of “snowflakes”. They are serious.

In all honesty, i dont see myself ever using my guns for anything other than target practice or taking a deer from time to time,

Im no gunfighter, and being 100% truthful, dont want ta be either.

There may well be a civil war, we may already be in the beginning of it,

For myself, im tired of the BS, i dont buy into either side, and ill be damned if im held responsible for stuff i had no hand in creating. Im a homesteader, i just want to get by, i really have less and less interest in politics, government, and the problems created by both. My location is unique compared to most of yall, as we are geographically isolated.

I feel we are at larger risk of a severe economic downturn than to become embroiled in a civil war here in the islands, perhaps a downturn exacerbated by a civil war in the Contiguous states,

Have no crystal ball and am not claivoiant, so who knows.

Im sure there are leaders, im sure there are followers,

Ill stick with Ole Remus advice,
“Stay away from crowds”
Sounds like good advice.


I totally understand. What I’m pointing out is the belief by some is that, if a civil war starts, conservative “patriots” will have the advantage because, after all, we’re the ones that have guns and know how to use them. Truth is, I believe, most conservatives (myself included) just want to be left alone to take care of our families and hope our constitutional republic with it’s guarantees stays intact. Those that would turn us into a socialist “utopia”, where folks like us won’t be tolerated, are more organized and willing to use whatever means necessary to achieve their goals.

Many folks believe that civil war is now inevitable. I hope and pray that’s wrong. Those that seem to be looking forward to such need to take a hard look at the reality of what we would be facing, a well organized, dangerous ideology and foe. How organized are those who believe as we do?

How organized?
In my AO,
Not very. If at all.


What got my attention, and precipitated my original post, was a you tube video of a Lou Dobbs interview of New York Post reporter Paul Sperry. He (Perry) has done extensive investigative work into OFA (Organizing for Action) and the Obama Foundation and found that they run a training program that, at the time, 2017, had turned out (graduated) from a six week training course in Alinsky tactics, over 32,000 with in excess of 20,000 more in training.
Go to you tube and search for “Paul Sperry: Barack Obama has trained tens of thousands in Alinsky tactics” watch the Lou Dobbs interview that comes up.

Like you, I don’t see this in my rural, mid-America location, but you can bet they are present, busy, and ready to be activated in the major population centers and college campuses. You know as well as I do that the attacks on conservatives around the country are not spontaneous. No, they are planned and coordinated, no doubt with a chain of command leading back to leaders who would rule over us.

Tommyboy-Anony Mee,

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see a list of graduates and see how many in the media have taken this course of study?

It would be interesting to see the reactions if someone used their own tactics against them, publishing the list (as they have done with gun owners and CCW holders). Freedom of information, right?


And they are armed. A former boss of mine who was practically rendered catatonic by HRC’s 2016 loss mentioned how heavily their family was gunned up because the conservatives were coming for them. True believer that one.

Saw a cousin recently in CA. He and spouse are artists and retired farmers. Always very liberal. He and I have loved each other and been friends our whole lives. We never talk politics; just family stuff, farming, sunsets, stories from our past, that sort of thing.

In the past couple years he and +1 have become radicalized (mostly by MSNBC and liberal bloggers) and moved far left. They post their views on FB where I read them but have never commented. They jumped on me while I was there and said two things (among several awful things) that are worrisome. My cousin believes that it will only be six months before the conservatives begin a bombing campaign in the US. His wife shouted at me that physical violence from the left is an appropriate response to speech they don’t agree with. Rattled me, and haven’t been able to source the six month comment.

But to address your questions directly will take some thought and some reaching out to folks of some prominence. Whatever is coming will not look like the Revolutionary War, or the Civil War. It may end up looking like The Philippines. Low-level, asymmetric, cut-and-run attacks, with various authorities either trying to stand up to them, or pandering to them, and others taking advantage of the chaos. Portland, St. Louis, Chicago come to mind. As does the Shining Path Communist Party of Peru guerrilla war; took a couple massacres to get the guv off its duff. A lot of the initial rhetoric and activities seem mirrored here today, esp. that previous attempts at socialism were flawed thus failed but that theirs would not.

Anony Mee,

The kin folks and acquaintances you mentioned are examples of how people are susceptible to the non-stop propaganda they’re exposed to by the liberal media. Like most conservatives, you and I avoid networks like MSNBC, CNN, etc., but it’s eye opening and shocking when you suck it up and force yourself to watch and listen to what they broadcast. They live in a different universe. It has become cult-like, a religion with devout followers who have been brainwashed to believe that anyone who doesn’t believe exactly as they do is evil and a deadly threat to their very existence. Their is no “live and let live” allowed. That’s why public attacks, both verbal and physical, on anyone foolish enough to wear a MAGA hat or openly question abortion happen so frequently and to much applause.

Anony mee,,,,,good post ,well thought out ,, the way I read it too

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,tea and chocolate

Thanks 0ldhomesteader

Chocolate chip cookies and ice cold milk


Maybe, I’m money ahead, for not responding to this post.

Review what I have been saying

Dennis, I believe you are “spot on” as they say. I am in a position to “see” the organizing taking place. I am quiet about it. I am also in a position to assist in “leading” should that be the need….and I WILL. Though DH and I are “old” by many standards, we are healthy (today) and well positioned both to hunker down and to lead if asked or determined to be the right answer.

I think the big question is “who” will we lead? Because, as you say, I think the conservatives have become complacent and ultra tolerant hoping this phase will pass. I do not believe it will pass peacefully. I have children and grandchildren who deserve better futures than the ones intended by the ultra liberals, and I am prepared to do something about it if given half a chance.

I recently have been less quiet about the nonsense….changed public party affiliations, withdrew support for many of the legislative committees I have been appointed to over time….changed the way I verbalize my stance at the legislature etc. We MUST stand up and have our voices heard.


I watched the video you mentioned and it was very interesting to say the least. Especially since it was from 2017 (I believe). If those numbers indoctrinated have continued that is a sizable force.

Your statement that us conservatives always say we have them out gunned. Is one that I have heard many times. But it always makes me think about the huge amounts of ammunition and weapons that were purchased by non military government agencies back when obama was in office.

If I recall there were billions of $ of ammo and weapons bought for the IRS, DHS, SSA, USPS, NOAA, VHA, NPS and several others that really dont have the need for that much ammo or weapons. I guess there could be a logical explanation for all of that but I havent heard of one yet.

So combine all those indoctrinated since 2017 and for many other years prior, with all those weapons and ammo sitting in a warehouse. Then you have a sizeable deadly force. Of course they may or may not be proficiently trained with tactics but even a idiot pulling a trigger can kill.

But this is just a comment from a dude wearing his tinfoil hat too tight I’m sure.


Just keep in mind that more people were killed by their own leftist government in the 20th century than all major wars since the revolutionary war combined
All by willing leftist followers

Have been in a funk on the site for a bit. More on that later.
Wish like HELL we had a more common link and with a few/many others.
Personally I see nada but failure in the Country in the next xyz years. God knows we need a community to help each other live out our days. Remember we’re a bunch of old farts.
A lot of talk, my question is when do we, you me old SoCalGal, BeachN DaisyK and dozens/ Hundreds more unite and be/act as one?

And how?


Start with coffee, maybe, when we’re in the neighborhood? Heading down to the livestock auction tomorrow a.m. could be in Portland early afternoon. . .

NRP ,,,,,friend is that not just what I have been saying ,,,,community NOT commune,,,that is the message in Atlas shrugged ,,,,when your in Portland your only a little more than a hour from some of us on the blog ,,bet Anony mee would meet us for lunch at a truck stop on i5 north ,at ex 57 , there is a way to make contact,,your alone only if that’s what you chose ,,,,,,except for blue

,,,,,,,,,to late for tea ,going to let the frogs sing me to sleep,

Yep, anytime.

Coyotes must have had their pups. Elk were in the back pasture last night and something was yip-yipping half the night.

Thanks for remembering me in your comment! I’m here, lurking and learning.
luv ya’ll, Beach’n *julep*

As Matt Bracken says of the reds,
You can always take one with you!
Or more,,,,,
What a mess

Wanna know how our PATRIOTS are treated on the border? PayPal and GoFundMe have banned the United Constitutional Patriots (UCP). On April 19 barred the group from collecting donations, citing policies not to promote hate or violence. ACLU investigating United Constitutional Patriots (UCP) for civil rights violation of illegal immigrants. “We cannot allow racist and armed vigilantes to kidnap and detain people seeking asylum,” I kid you not..!! Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham said “They have absolutely not been authorized by our office or any other. We are actively working with the AG’s Office, state police and local police to determine what has gone on and what can and will be done,” said Tripp Stelnicki, a spokesman for the governor. “That migrant families might be menaced or threatened in any way, shape or form is completely unacceptable.” The Government of Mexico expressed deep concerns and pointed out to the “abuse of human rights for those who want to migrate or ask asylum in U.S.” Of course, the Government of Mexico never mentions or condemns the way Central American migrants are treated inside their territory. How Mexican cartels and criminal organizations are profiting from these caravans. How tens of thousands of migrants disappear inside Mexican territory before reaching the U.S. southern border. Or how Mexican Gov’t soldiers can dis-armed US Gov’t soldiers on US property. FBI arrests UCP leader: Hopkins, 69, also known as Johnny Horton, was arrested in Sunland Park, New Mexico, on a federal complaint charging him with being a felon in possession of firearms and ammunition, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said in a statement. The jack booted Feds HAD to do something to protect their image. I trust the militia groups far more than the FBI! FBI is just scoring public points with NOT arresting the true criminals within their own agencies and expect us to applaud them arresting true patriots fighting against an invasion by foreigners illegally entering our country by the thousands. Mr. Hopkins has done the unthinkable in NM. He challenged the commies in charge of the state. Given that the governor and AG of NM don’t want to protect the southern border of their state and our country against the invasion of illegals, Mr. Hopkins did it. And is going to pay for it. Probably, dearly. The state will probably figure out a way to silence him and other dissenters. Mr. Hopkins arrest and incarceration is nothing more than a warning shot to all the NM patriots who are considering resisting the Gov. and AG in their apparent actions to populate the state with illegal aliens. Somehow, I don’t think this will end well for the citizens of NM. Border Patrol, ” they don’t work for us or with us. We do not condone their purpose”. [email protected]@king lairs, political [email protected], I’ve been down there, BP appreciate our help, just can’t say it publicly..!! Go ahead, look at the videos and decide for yourself. Hopkins is innocent until proved guilty. These charges are from 2017,… Read more »

Just an observation from a country bumpkin,

If everything is digital and electronic, how does it work if theres no power?

You are correct that he is innocent until proven guilty and so just based on the charges and articles I think there are also other lessons to be learned for many such as don’t have firearms as a convicted felon, social media, including this forum, is and always will be a double edged sword,

you don’t make statements that you are training or planning to hunt down and kill people and you understand that the press is not on your side and often times neither is the public.

You are often burdened with the same issues, crimes and opinions as those within any organization you join, work in, attend, or wear swag or markings of such as tattoos.

These lessons apply to preparedness as well. They are also things I taught my children as well.

Ken, this article sums up much of what I heard from my parents when I grew up. For roughly a decade, I sought to prove them wrong.

In retrospect, it led to a life of travel, adventure and some danger. Later in life, I was able to settle down and live normally. While i did not tell my parents to: “eat their words” I must say they gave me respect even within their own house when I visited.

I would simply like to point out that the headlines never put the spotlight on somebody that goes to work every day and does the right thing for their family, community or church. It is just not considered: “Newsworthy”.