Un-American Activities Investigations – Weed Out Marxist Commies!

Investigative Committee To Find Those With Communist Ties

The House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) was an investigative committee of the United States House of Representatives.

The HUAC was created in 1938. It’s purpose was to investigate alleged disloyalty and subversive activities. This included private citizens, public employees, and those organizations suspected of having Fascist or Communist ties.

The House abolished the committee in 1975.

Re-establish Investigations To Weed Out Marxist / Communists?

The question is… Should we re-establish some sort of Un-American Activities investigation to weed out the Marxist / Communists in the United States of America?

And/or at least those who are actively integrated into positions of Un-American influence?

– public sectors (e.g. public school systems and universities)
– private sector (organized anti-American activities)
– media organizations (e.g. Hollywood, news media)
– government (Representatives)
– judicial (DA’s, judges)
– gov bureaucracies (alphabet agencies / leadership)
– financial supporters / backers
– big business (sympathizers)
– banking sector (globalists / financial influence)
– big-tech (big time Marxists, given their young indoctrinated culture)
– science sector (politicization thereof)

Given today’s glaring and open Un-American activities (seemingly everywhere), can you imagine the dragnet necessary to scoop them all up?

There would be some challenges, to say the least…

We would need to clearly define what “Un-American activities” are.

Why? Because the resulting litigation would likely be stupendous. Though if deemed “treason”, perhaps it could be swept quickly.

The thing is… MANY on the New-Left are openly declaring their anti-American stance. So it should be pretty “cut-and-dry” to nail those with their big mouths and blatant actions.

The Marxists among us are often QUITE OBVIOUS.

Is it their “right”?

Do they have a “right” to influence others to their Marxist beliefs? I suppose one might argue that they do here in the United States (e.g. 1st Amendment). ?

However, Marxism / Communism / Socialism, and/or the blending of these ideologies, CANNOT exist side-by-side with traditional Americanism – the Constitution of the United States, and our own blend of what it is to be an American. No, it cannot.

Generational Marxist-leaning Indoctrination

Many of the post-Boomer generation have been increasingly “indoctrinated”. As a result they have become increasingly shameful of their American heritage. Their race (if their white). Ashamed at their country itself. They’ve been tricked into “fundamental change”.

Boomers (1946 – 1964) Not so much at all…

Generation X (1965 – 1979) It begins… “PC culture” introduced

Millennials (1980 to late 90s) Indoctrination gaining traction and wide mainstream support

Gen Z (late 90s to 2010s) Full-on brainwashing anti-Americanism

We have up-and-coming generations of those now in their 30’s on down — who have been taught that America needs “fundamental change”. They are angry, ashamed, actionable, and dead serious about their motivations.

Yes, I’m painting with an extremely broad brush. However I do believe the majority within this group are more anti-American than otherwise. That is, anti-American compared with the traditional sense of it – as many of the rest of us may view it or what it means.

The process of American erosion. I clearly recognized the beginnings when the “PC” culture (politically correct) became “a thing”. It slowly worsened from there. Drips of water on granite will eventually erode its shape. The flow has since become a torrent. The erosion is happening much faster now.

Four Stages of Marxist Takeover




Normalization (the new normal)

I could expound on each of the four stages listed above (source: Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov). However I’ll bet that your own knowledge of events can fill in the blanks.

We are now in the crisis / normalization phases. A new normal is being attempted upon us. If we accept it as American citizens, well, it will be so.

Marxism is a social religion. Their believers really do believe.

It is so bad right now, one wonders if we should re-establish a form of Un-American Activities investigations to weed it out. It is NOT compatible with our society. There is no peaceful co-existence. We must choose. One or the other. That is the choice presented to us at this time.

Will something like the Un-American Activities Committee ever happen again? In today’s government? No Way. It’s a pipe dream.

But some accomplishments start with a dream…

How to Shut Up a Marxist:

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To restart HUAC would make the Civil War we are in even more intense, as a number of High Profile people would end up being on trial for treason. Think, Obama, Nazi Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, and the whole gang at MS-LSD and CNN!

Sometimes a fight just can’t be avoided, Prepare for Ugly

I think weeding should start at universities.

I’m not even certain that there will be an America after November 3rd?

Amazing that this was shut down under the FORD administration. It may have started when Nixon was still in office, since I do not know the exact date. Makes me wonder what the Con critters had on all the participant’s in order for them to push this through and to be signed by an ‘acting’ president.🤔

Antique Collector,

First, the congress does not need a President to sign off on a committee being formed or abolished. The action fall strictly under congress’s Constitutional Authority. So, you can stop wondering!!!

It’s beginning to sound like the Salem Witch Trials.
Once that Pandora’s Box is opened, things would get out of hand very quickly.
Remember, when Castro’s Revolution first took control in Cuba ?
The very public trials and executions that took place ?
Similar to the French Revolution. “Off with their heads !”
“He that soweth the wind, shall reap the whirlwind”.

HUAC became a standing (permanent) committee in 1946. Under the mandate of Public Law 601, passed by the 79th Congress, the committee of nine representatives investigated suspected threats of subversion or propaganda that “attacks the form of government guaranteed by our Constitution.”

The committee investigated so-called “Communist front” organizations…

We sure do have attacks on our form of government and there most certainly are “Communist front” organizations! They proudly and publicly say it to our face and riot in the streets for fundamental change…

I think for historical context that would be Truman administration (Democratic) at the outset. So it lasted through him, Eisenhower, Kennedy, LBJ, Nixon and Ford. That’s from memory so correct me if I am wrong.

The actions of burning down our government buildings, destroying monuments, set fire to cities, assaulting people and killing them is an act of war against America. How un-American can you get when they act like any country who was at war with us?

yes and it should be done ASAP as in RIGHT NOW

this country needs a divorce


good one i needed a laugh

Kevin: What we need is secession. Secession is not treason. Our Founding Fathers seceded from George III after many years of intolerable abuses, wealth confiscation, and the abrogation of God-given liberties. Read the DOI. I have nothing in common with the Blue States. I do not support the murder of the innocent unborn, college admission based on race, indoctrination of my grandchildren by sexual deviates via the: “Public School System” foreign aid to the rest of the world simply to: “secure markets”(read the book: LITTLE BROWN BROTHER),and endless undeclared wars to support the MIC.
If you look at the real history of this country, the meltdown actually started at the Constitutional Convention and the icing on the cake was when the American Lenin goaded the Southerners into firing on Fort Sumpter. We have been in a cold civil war since then, financed by my honest earned wealth which has been confiscated without my consent by the Leviathan.

you wont get a damn bit of argument from me

Ken, I think you’re right that it would be critical to define what un-American activity consists of. I’m afraid the indoctrination runs so deep, and is so wide-spread even within the government itself, I wouldn’t trust such a committee not to serve as a Marxist tool. Anyone, including patriots, could be accused of un-American activity.


You have a point.
Philosopher, is this what you meant when you said it could quickly get out of hand?

That’s exactly what I meant.
History has shown, that’s what happens.

If this county is taken over by those Marxists this election, we would be the anti-Americans.

News Flash……………….Trump tells white audience in Minnesota they have ‘good genes’

Not Me – So what?

Not Me – 1. Do you know for an absolute fact there were only white people there? Not one POC? Camera shots don’t count. Were you there? 2. Assuming there were only white people there, positively acknowledging white genes doesn’t preclude him from also telling non-white people they have good genes.

Farmgirl – FYI, telling a non-white person that they have good genes is also racist. A couple of prominent sportscasters have been put out to pasture for making such remarks. You just can’t win for losing.

So….no talking about genes at all, then. Alrighty. I could still say to someone “nice jeans”, though, yes? No matter what their skin color?

I like my 501s


Nope. From experience,

DAD.! You can’t say stuff like that over here,(Seattle), this ain’t the Time-Out,(Fly over country tavern, ya know Redeck country) From Virginia Mason Hospital bed.

Stand – I am just now realizing that what I said in a fun play on words could be, um, misconstrued. oops. So…just ‘hi’ then. No genes. Or jeans.

Hey folks,,,
Dont feed the trolls

(sigh) Yup, I did it. Thanks for the reminder.

I haven’t seen one Trump rally yet that only had white people at it. Not me is a Marxist y’all, don’t even reply to them.

I haven’t seen one Trump rally yet that only had white people at it.

Not me.

And there you have it. A new leftist radical has come to bring toxicity to an otherwise civil and respectful blog. Sad. Very sad indeed.

You are a Democrat troll. Go back to whatever Marxist, commie hole you came out of.

The dangerous part about something like this could be potential abuse in the wrong hands. The definitions thereof (changing?).

his topic and discussion is more or less food-for-thought. How to weed out the Marxist influencers and their financial backers…

You mean like how obummer and biden under the advice of the SPLC labled patriots as terrorist,,,, or how the “patriot act” is anything but

Before anything is said and done we need to re-elect Trump. If (and that’s a BIG IF) that can be accomplished then the next step is to replace RBG with someone other than Michelle “The Sum of all Fears” Obama. We’ll need to dump these Democrat Governors who have scared the crap out of people with their shutdowns and insane laws of social distancing and mask wearing. Then we must revamp the education system that is turning out these leftist radicals. Some of the college professors I have read about should be tried for treason. But that’s another story. Seriously, November will determine if we can rid ourselves of this outburst of Communism which IMO is the real plague. It’s perhaps the last chance we’ll ever have.

Heres the dealeo folks,,,
there will be no voting this away.
Yall best suck it up and realize that you may well have to fight for your life.
Yea, i know, it sucks.
i suppose you could just get used to that other option of taking a knee, see howwell that works out….

To shoot in the kneeling position is just not easy unless you have trained and practiced it many times. I prefer the sitting position myself. That said, your point is well taken.

Stand for the Flag

Kneel for the Cross

I agree that there is no voting this chaos,turmoil and lawlessness away.Four more years of Trump does give people more time to prepare for a severe storm.The government is not only severely bloated it is heavily entrenched with people that have treasonous plans.

I kneel when I pray, and kneel when I have to snake out the kitchen drain but I pray at the same time to get that clog out.

Not worried. I just saw him responding to the down-votes as if they were addressing his point, and thought I’d mention it.

Well yes, that’s one aspect. There are more. Many more.

“Should we re-establish the committee…” For me, this is a big no. I don’t believe in purity tests of any kind…does The French Revolution ring any bells to anyone? Once you go down that road, you can never be pure enough… Robespierre anyone? Bad bad bad idea.

Be very careful what you wish for. The subversion of words that incriminate like, nationalist, white, Christian, gun owner, militia, man, veteran, straight, meat eater, pet owner, boomer, southerner and conspiracist are what could define the next discretionary threat against America. The last thing we need is more government to fix a problem.

not so sure How did you know I was all those incriminating words?

I wish the district of columbine had never been constructed, but rather the Federal government was hosted by each state capitol alphabetically for a period not to exceed 6 years.

There would be no fly over country and no beltway.


Worked so very well for the Jews in Germany , didn’t it?
What a bunch of nonsense!

Not the word I wanted to say for sure!!!

Horse apples, maybe? 😉 Guess that’s two words…

No. You know why.

No matter how this election turns out, the fact remains that this country is now split apart – about 50-50.
So, as I said, no matter the outcome of the election – this country will then rapidly descend into chaos.
Be Prepared !

I noticed a pattern developing yesterday. Since Ken gave us the up-vote/down-vote capability, someone has been down-voting every one of your posts, no matter how innocuous.

Agreed. I just noticed the pattern yesterday, and it’s idiotic. I mentioned it because whoever this is isn’t down-voting his information, but him.

Whether someone likes what you say or not, and I sometimes don’t, this kind of idiocy does nothing but feed the power trip of whoever is doing it. It’s troll behavior, plain and simple.

I never noticed that thumbs down thing till i was just reading these comments, like this one here has a bunch of –
WTH? Childish is what it is,

Just tired of you is all, I suspect.

People are just too damn sensitive


Today’s House of Representatives IS an un-American activity, IMHO. No way those scumbags in charge would go for that unless they decide that their imaginary systemic racism, or capitalism, or whatever they want to go after constitutes un-American activity and exploit a new HUAC to go after opinion media or sites such as this one, etc. I fear we’ll have to hit rock bottom before enough of the younger gens wake up and realize the thuggery is their own enemy.

That said, I’m not comfortable with any governmental branch or entity policing citizen thought of any kind. Instead, I think proponents of marxism, fascism and socialism need to be defeated on the battleground of ideas, debate and ballots. Law enforcement must be supported to enforce our laws. When that breaks down, then physical resistance is the last resort.

Here’s a great clip from a Jordan Peterson talk that I highly recommend people watch over and over until they can present the same argument:

[ Ken adds: I inserted the video up in the article ]

Free speech is free speech. What we could do to disempower the marxists is to dismantle government power over our lives and recognize that democracy is just mob rule. The more freedom we have from government, the more freedom we have from marxists. Existence of marxists, non Christians, non whites, and liberals aren’t a problem as long as we are free to live our lives how we see fit.

We need to push religious freedom, freedom of association and to sell and rent your home to who you please, absolute private property rights, gun rights, school choice (meaning not paying for schools you don’t send your kids to), complete economic freedom (no forced taxation), and complete personal freedom over our bodies (all drug laws say the government owns your body instead of you having freedom to decide what’s best for yourself. I don’t care about people destroying their bodies with smoking, alcohol,obesity, or drugs; I care about the government leaving everyone alone so they can make a choice and good ones like me can choose to stay away from it). We need to clamp down on our loyalty and respect of cops when they are the ones enforcing big government bureaucracy and all the laws that cripple freedom. Cops either pledge allegiance to protect conservatives against liberal laws or are liberals themselves. Just following order will not be tolerated as an excuse.

The GOP controls 25-35 states to varying degrees of the executive branch and legislative and judicial. There is no reason why there is leftist indoctrination of students in public schools or public universities going on. There is no reason why government positions are filled with liberals who undermine conservative/libertarian/independent values. There is no reason why we have state policing enforcing liberal laws and enforcing liberal federal laws. The governor appoints the people leading all agencies and these people hire or hire people who hire. We need to use the positions of power we have in these states to challenge federal power. Why aren’t conservative AGs and conservatives DAs indicting leftists governors, leftist prosecutors, leftist judges and leftist bureaucrats and ordering their arrest anything they happen to be transmitting through or visiting a state? Conservatives are persecuted and politically prosecuted by these leftist states and leftist Federal prosecutors. 25-35 states using their power to give them a taste of their own medicine will destabilize the system that works for them and doesn’t work for us.

The leadership in these 25-35 states or conservative counties in other states should be pushing for conservative militias to form, train, and take to the streets in response to federal gun control, persecution of conservatives, or BLM riots. Conservatives have the man power and means. We just lack good leaders.

Life would be less fraught with peril if there were more commonality in our beliefs as Americans. But I don’t think it can be forced or artificially created. There have been many comments already regarding the risks of empowering government to decide on the legitimacy of beliefs or punishing someone for beliefs contrary to government prescribed norms. You’ve also covered many of the institutions infected with what were once considered extreme beliefs. (Although large segments of the population have toyed with socialist beliefs since our inception. Thomas Paine wanted every American to receive $10 per year from the government. He took his beliefs to France to help their Revolution and I believe ended up hanged in their revolutionary purges.) But one institution has not been discussed – our families. My children were always out of sync with their friends. I took them with me to political events and to work on various campaigns from a young age. We talked about political beliefs and the news headlines. After I made a flippant remark about democrats they repeated to a very liberal relative, I made a basic argument on behalf of such beliefs and then explained why it doesn’t or wouldn’t work. (I also reiterated that most liberals are well intentioned but pointed out specific instances of those that were not.) I explained the actual or probable results of increased taxes or regulation on our lives or on our jobs. Despite the echo chamber of their teachers and the teachers’ blind devotees, they remained conservative in their beliefs and have influenced friends as well as their spouses to similar beliefs. The only way IMHO to achieve a change in this regard is to start at home. And, in addition to political beliefs, it is almost impossible to prepare your family to defend their beliefs against the attacks of others without a reasoned understanding of both history and religion as well.

Imagine that, disbanded in 1975 when the Democrats controlled the House and Senate. I believe it would be in our best interest to restart this or some version, otherwise it can only lead to another Un-Civil War.

Jordan Peterson for the Win. Archipelago should be required reading for all High School Seniors.

Marxist dictatorship is inventive;
1) In the 1970’s it adopted “Anti-racist” cloak by claiming that the capitalism works against the working classes; the New Ice Age was threatening our freedoms and we must nationalize everything.
2) In the 1990’s it invented “Global Warming” scam; remedy = nationalize everything with our Eco-Nazis in total charge; after 20 years of ZERO warming the same creeps switched to
3) Climate Change invention in 2015; remedy stayed the same as above.
Enough! Enough!! Enough!!!

The Communist Party USA attracts some inventive SOB’s into its ranks. In the 1970’s it was “The Ice Age”; remedy = nationalize everything with our Eco-Nazis in total charge.
After 20 years of ZERO new ice the same creeps invented “The Global Warming” danger; remedy = see above. After another 20 years of ZERO warming the creeps invented “Climate Change” disaster; remedy = stayed the same.
Enough! Enough!! Enough!!!