Unmasked – Have we uncovered the truth about the 2020 election?

This is the best video I’ve seen yet showing comprehensive evidence of the 2020 election fraud. It’s just 16 minutes long and well worth your precious time…

There is little doubt that Big Tech will take this down from its present source. I already have my own copy. So if they do, I’ll put it right back up via another format source.

[ UPDATE: As expected, Big Tech pulled it. But I found it on Bitchute ]

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>> URL on Bitchute (you can maximize to full screen here)

“The price of liberty is eternal vigilance”

~ Thomas Jefferson

“Absolute Proof” by Mike Lindell

2 hour documentary

>> URL to source:

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good article and video ken, thank you.
of course you, I and everyone else in this country knows that the election was stolen. we have known it for months.
the evidence is overwhelming.
when oh when are people going to stand up to this and call B.S. on it.
sadly i don’t see that happening. people have become soft and weak, in body, minds and spirit.
they find it easier to just bend over and take it than to stand up for themselves.
i have not given up on people all together, but i’m getting close. i could post some very rude comments about my feelings about people, but i won’t here.
people, please go out and get active, please, don’t just lay down and take it and hide in you’re homes.
if you don’t get out there and do something, anything, then you have no right to bitch about it,and you WILL have become part of the problem that we have now.
this is how our country has been taken from us. through inactivity on our part. do something !
encourage others, be proactive and be part of the solution or we will lose our country.
we are fast approaching the point of no return, really.

“if you don’t get out there and do something, anything, “
yea but what?

And WHAT are YOU doing? Besides the same thing you accuse everyone else of eh.

that old nail analogy comes to mind.

they be da hammer and who be da nail?

I agree cid. People ask, “what can I do about it?” For starters financially support sites like this one who tell the truth about what’s going on in this country. If you have the resources donate to conservative causes like Pro-life, Religious right groups, Firearms industries (through your purchases). Forty percent of the monies I make off of Apple, Amazon, AT&T stock dividends, I use to support my causes. I know I as an individual I cannot go head to head with big tech and BLM and ANTIFA. But I can do many small things that can piss them off. This is what guerilla warfare is about. How did Vietnam stave off the most powerful country in the world? How did Afghanistan defeat the once mighty Soviet Union? Bitching on a website is exactly what the Marxists want. Don’t play that game.

Common stock ownership is lending money to corporations without a guarantee you’ll get interest let alone get your principal returned. I don’t lend money to the complicit. De-bank the globalists and sell your stock.

In truth you are correct. However if you play the stocks as is then you are not taking advantage of profits to be made. There is no guarantee but as in Vegas, you hedge your bets thereby winning much more than you would ever lose. But I understand where you’re coming from.

Afghanistan’s problem was sponsored by the US government i.e. the CIA and USSR walked away and pretty much told the US “you created this, now you deal with it”. That is what the clandestine agencies do, they do foment communism more then you know.

There is always a bunch of Monday morning quarterbacks that give there speech on how they would have done it better. WELL SHOW US, I have often been the lurker, listen and built my own plan on how I would handle things when they go south. Two hurricanes in less than two weeks made me open my eyes that I’m better prepare than my neighbors, and started showing them how to make things work in their favor, use FEMA to help along with preps, when it come to politics I was never open because of my Job, didn’t want any thing to Jeopardize my security clearance. but I have been attacked on other work related forums that left thought it was funny. but when I counter back with fact they shut up and didn’t say another word. The problem is what is fact and what is fake.

Factfinder. If the political climate were different I would happily espouse information to you. But the sad fact is we have people on these forums telling us that it is evil to down-vote a comment if we don’t agree with the poster. It’s people like this that make me cautious about giving out info that may compromise me and others on these pages. I totally understand and agree with you but we must be vigilant.

I will go back to gray and be a person who listens to the information that is handed out and make my decision base on what will be in the best interest for me and my family.

We’ve seen the overwhelming evidence. We’ve been told the overwhelming evidence….for months.
We’ve talked of overwhelming evidence on blogs, the home, the community and the work place.

How’s the expressing, the evidence working in your community?
Are you making progress with your local judicial system? How about the state level? The Supreme Court?

I’ve seen and posted fraud in Antrim County, MI, in November… one cared.

Us fumbducks have shown the proof. You don’t think Trump has the ability to show more, than us?

We know the truth. It’s not what is within the ‘plan’.
That’s why it is totally ignored.

We’ve lived through the lies, what’s a couple more?

I’ve posted written emails to my reps and their replys…if they ever came about.
All political hogwash. If they even answered?

You supposedly went to Washington on the 6th of Jan.
All I read from you was the same regurgitated shit alt news was posting and nothing more in depth.
Did you even go? Have you been being traced? Questioned by FBi? B of A sold your banking data?

Have you messaged your congress? If so what was the response?

You continuously tell us what we should be doing….maybe you should lead by given example(s).

seems as though i have struck a nerve with some people, that’s good.

You didnt struck shit,,,
what you did was display your hipocracy. when you point a finger theres three pointing back at you.

Seems you have only struck the ability to not answer questions submitted to you, wise(maybe) but secretive one.

I’d be impressed if you could answer one of several questions submitted to you….
on this one series of posts, let alone other questions that you have avoided….on both blogs.

(.crickets from cid?)


Joe c,
it’s called OPSEC, whats on the internet stays there. if you were’nt such a fool you would know that

Its called BS


Who is the one hiding, cid?

Paranoia getting the best of ya?

Uncle Twit

If you are so concerned of OPSEC, we can pretty much assume….
You don’t do shit for your community, your state, your country.
Areas of that, that you bitch about us NOT doing.


You’ve said that before, when you bitched at Ken for having a given email…..
But then….again
You’re still here.

OPSEC, buddy.

You own words must have fell upon your own deaf ears?

Its not like any of it matters anyway,
true, false, fantasy,,,,,,
it dont matter.
i am more inclined to build my pizza oven and BBQ than worry any more about something i have less than 0 control over.
The government is broken, the political class is corrupt, the people are disenchanted.
Does anyone really believe this crap is not intentional?
These political asshats want us squelched, they could all give a rats ass what any of us think, and that includes any of you liberals reading this

Yea right, i bet you will be sitting behind your computer telling every body else to go!
BS bub

Find no fear.
The cid man and woman will protect us.
These types have all the answers, but wish not to share their wisdom.

Hide from the know enemy or hide from those that hide from their own expectations of others….?

Coin flip

Joe c
i thought that i had explained it earlier. but sadly it fell on deaf ears.

from what? A bad pizza? A bad brisket? Oh right,,, is ok cid gots it handled,,,,,

Ohh, gosh, kula
I sure hope you double glove on that hot pizza pan.

cid might blow his OPSEC, by telling you as such.
But I’m gonna throw my neck out there, and warn ya.

Best of Luck

i’m out, later taters

Yeah, me, too, cid.

The old blood sugar has been on the rise, last couple nights…
You know,
the stress and all.

Especially those township hall and community meetings..

Whew, boy.
You attend, but you can’t say a word…..
It blows your OPSEC,
Don’t ya know.

I get to a point that just attending those meetings, makes me a target.


Its possible that soon (this year) Washington D.C. will not be the U.S.A. Capital anymore.

There has to be a “Great Reset” and here is why I think that!

Just to put things in prospective:
1 million in seconds is 11 days!
1 billion is 31 years!
1trillion is 31,900(+) years!

Now think in terms of printing money!!! Which I believe has exceeded 100s of trillions.

Finally I would add, we have NOT seen nor heard the last of D.J.T.
There is a huge amount of good forces working on our future.

ok so WHAT can the average person ACTUALLY DO ABOUT THIS BULLSHIT from what i have seen everything we have tried has either been ignored shut down or laughed at and called nothing and VERY FEW actually WANT the last solution that being violence WHAT CAN I ACTUALLY DO about this

What do mean by violence? And “last solution” I don’t understand, who claims that? Have you ever heard of Ghandi? Or Martin Luther King Jr.?

Have you ever heard of “The White Rose” ?

Probably not….they were a non-violent protest org in Nazi Germany.

Mr. Hitler had them all killed…

Mr Ghandi and Mr King had some success because the Systems they protested against had some elements of the Judeo-Christian beliefs retained in them and they also had a nodding acquaintance with the RoL..

Mr. Hitler’s (and perhaps ours) did/do not.

Nazi Germany had to be forcefully eliminated. Hope that is not the case w/ the US.


Probably yes, I’m very familiar with the White Rose, Bonhoeffer and more.

What you asked is the million dollar question, isn’t it?
A question we’ve been asking for years.
A question that some can give several suggestions to,
advise others to do what they suggest, but have no aspiration to lift a finger.

The term blowing OPSEC is an
overly used, copout, safety zone, excuse.

There are limits, but good grief.

Hope, for some the
basement structure is safe, enuff.

I stand with ya, KEV.

Anyone interested in getting active at a local level should check out this brief interview of Dan Schultz from Arizona. He’s all about how to take over the Republican Party by starting at the grassroots level as a Precinct Committeeman. Apparently nearly half those positions are currently unfilled, have minimal time commitments, and are a good foot in the door to become part of the decision making process in the party. Third parties aren’t the way. Trump supporters are the majority in the GOP, it’s time the party reflected that reality.

Lots of good resources at the end of the interview (you’ll need to pause it to read them all):

….and another clueless stumbles into the saloon……

it looks like utube censorship axed it.

my money is on an EMP,
then “big tech” wont matter AT ALL

Dang it… I was only halfway through and stopped to take a call. Came back and it was taken down.

Well, the first half was good and appeared to be well-made and laid out calmly and factually.

Its unfortunate that after 3 months of propaganda, half the country won’t believe any evidence at this point. And with all this impeachment crap as a smoke screen, it will be that much harder to find people who haven’t already dug into their positions.

This needed to be presented to the masses back in November, but I guess that wouldn’t have been possible either with nearly all media (mass and social) in the tank for the puppet.

It’s also posted on Bitchute, just ddg the title and you should be able to find it. I made a post earlier with a link, but it’s tied up waiting for approval.

If you want to see the entire 2 hour video that Mike Lindell put out last week, ddg “Mike Lindell Absolute Proof”. It’s posted on his site so it won’t be taken down.

These videos, along with the Time article, are pretty compelling.

Strange Game Pt 2 ZH – Time to arrange our affairs to deny the State their piece of our pie in such a way the State does not see your acts. Ignoring ridiculous decrees, demands, & laws is the duty of every American. Irish Democracy, Going Galt, is needed to defeat our enemy. It is up to millions of angry, deplorable citizens to undermine the establishment & force this empire built on a foundation of unpayable debt to collapse. Each individual act of resistance is like a grain of sand added to the unstable pile. We are all capable of becoming the straw that broke the camel’s back. More regimes have been brought to their knees by what was once called Irish Democracy—the silent, dogged resistance, withdrawal of millions of ordinary people—than by revolutionaries or rioting mobs. You can ignore the State & do as you please, as long as you keep your head down. No conspicuous rebels means nothing for the State to crucify for the edification of the public. Quiet, anonymous, lawbreaking and disobedience may well be the preferred mode of political action for peasant classes when it is too dangerous otherwise. One need not have an actual conspiracy to achieve one.

I like it,,,,

just stay away from crowds

Finally we’re going to empty our safety deposit box.

Just watched a video on the news this morning claiming how the postal service has been failing the general public during the pandemic.
☹️ Thought that the postal service had its best year and performed perfectly during the election. 🤣.

Amazing the lies you can catch when paying attention to the media.

I have a big check coming and it has been 10 days late..people I know told me their bills come after they are due out east..They didn’t pay until the coupon came in. I have a list and date due on all my bills. If I don’t get a coupon, I write a check or call them for the amount to send. I asked them why let it be late? You’ll have to pay late charges, Duh!

I was told by customer service of one large insurance company, when I complained about my bill arrived on the 29 and was due on the 20th. I was told I should have used the website to make my payment so they would be paid on time and I would not have a late fee. I ask so why did you wait to mail out the bill, his answer was it was mailed out on time it was postal service fault. That did not set well with me because my dad was a retired postmaster of our little town. I read off the barcode that the printed on envelope and told that person that the letter was not scanned by the post office until the 21 of Jan so he was wrong when he said that it was sent out on the 11 of Jan. was long pause on phone and said there would be no late fee charged, I said correct I paid my bill on the 16 by your web site, You need to look better at my account. I will be changing insurance companys

The narrator asks you to download the video, how do you do that?

Following is from a Zogby poll conducted 1/18-19/21 on whether another civil war is coming for the U.S…………..

“For once, political parties-Republicans (49% likely and 40% unlikely), Democrats (45% likely and 44% unlikely), and independents (42% likely and 44% unlikely) were somewhat in agreement, but the fact all political stripes think a civil war is inevitable is not the bipartisanship we were hoping for,” said Zogby.

There was division, also, among the races, with whites less likely than blacks and Hispanics to see civil war coming.

“When it came to race, whites (43% likely and 44% unlikely) were not as convinced that there will be another civil war, while Hispanics (53% likely and 43% unlikely) and African Americans (49% likely and 39% unlikely) thought another civil war could happen,” read the analysis.

So I’m about half way through Ken’s second video.(Thank you, Ken.)

Our governor’s. Our state AG’s. suckretary of states, justices of law are all against us..

I have yet to read or hear any type of any plausible counter measure(s).

I know for a fact, any and all laws that violate, question the BofR/Constitution, I will not abide by.

These last few, grind in your face, months have told us, we are basically on our own, as individuals.

Stand, carry, pack, secure, ‘hoard’

Various Wars, within our States, are coming. ..and coming fast.

Superbowl 2021

Patriots vs STEALERS

Nope, Saints vs Sinners

Aww, shucks, Bummin’

My reps were truthful, they said they would investigate in the voter fraud investigation, further.

The election results have all ready taken place and set in stone.
What good is investigating the fraud NOW?

And this is one state among 49 others…..or is it 52?
Ask, Biden he knows how many states we will have.

“What difference does it make”, Hillary?