Vaccinations Mandated to Travel, Get Medical, Work, Shop, Buy, or Sell?

Moncef Slaoui, the chief scientific adviser for Operation Warp Speed, said that the (Covid-19 vaccine) rollout will include “incredibly precise … tracking systems.”

The purpose: “To ensure that patients each get two doses of the same vaccine and to monitor them for adverse health effects.” Slaoui described it as a “very active pharmacovigilance (also known as drug safety), surveillance system.”

Across the pond, here’s what UK’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer has told Britons… They will need to get the coronavirus vaccine, if they want their FREEDOMS back.

It looks like this new mRNA vaccination “will be, at the very least, strongly encouraged by means of economic pressure; and, at most, submission to medical tyranny will be mandated in order to travel, work, shop, buy, or sell.”  

One MSB reader asked “If it comes to this, how are we gonna survive in this scenario?”

“Vaccinations will be mandated in order to travel, get medical, work, shop, buy, or sell?”

Will it? It’s certainly beginning to look that way in parts of the world. And mandates are working their way into various big businesses.

Did you notice the picture up at the top of this post? Recently the Department of Defense released the first images of a Covid vaccination record card.

“Everyone will be issued a written card that they can put in their wallet that will tell them what they had and when their next dose is due,” says Dr. Kelly Moore, associate director of the Immunization Action Coalition. “Let’s do the simple, easy thing first. Everyone’s going to get that.”

(“easy thing first” ? That sounds ominous… what do they intend after that? Oh wait… MANDATES. Just wait and see…)

Consider this:

“Imagine a vaccine, so safe, people are being profoundly threatened in order to make them take it, because they need to be made safe from a disease, so deadly, people need a test to know if they have it…or once had it.” said one reader while expressing a logical thought…

The same day as the DoD release of the Vaccination Record Card, The Ingraham Angle on the Fox News channel broadcast a mind-boggling live interview with a world-renowned microbiologist who said the “looming” COVID-19 vaccine is “downright dangerous”.

>> Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi has published over three hundred articles in the fields of immunology, bacteriology, virology, and parasitology, for which he has received numerous awards.

Allergic Reactions? Cytokine Storms? and Yet Unknown Consequences?

Did you know that evidently some people who have begun to take the vaccine are having “significant” allergic reactions?

What about the FDA who says Pfizer’s Covid vaccine is safe and effective. But trial participants warn of “intense” symptoms after a second shot?

One Pfizer trial participant said that after the second shot, he woke up with chills, shaking so hard he cracked a tooth. “It hurt to even just lay in my bed sheet,” he said.

I recently heard a report indicating some potential apparent likelihood of the vaccine’s affects on women’s reproduction?

Listen, here’s the thing. I could dig up more quotes on the apparent side effects and dangers surrounding this mRNA vaccine. I could report on the obvious money angle (untold $Billions). The tyranny / control angle (we’ve all seen what’s going on out there). The “Great Reset” angle.

However lets talk about “what if” (and it’s looking like it at the moment) there are MANDATES for this new vaccine in order to participate within “the system”.

Presently, the apparent majority have said they will not take this vaccine at this time. Thus, “the push”. Many are concerned (for many various valid reasons).

More reports of bad encounters with the vaccine are trickling out. But you won’t hear it from the mainstream. In fact, Big Tech is suppressing any “off the narrative” reporting on this subject. I can guarantee this very article will be scrubbed from the Big G (for example). Sites like mine that occasionally challenge “the narrative” (whatever it is) are de-ranked by these monsters. Oh well. Instead I depend on my readers and my own advertisers to keep the lights on, but I digress…

Did you know…

Did you know it was reported today that Australia has cancelled its current vaccine trial program because apparently people are testing positive for HIV as a result? Though they’re saying they are false positives… Smartly, they’ve stepped back a bit from the “rush”.

Did you know that Fauci threatened all of us yesterday when he said unless Americans take the vaccine, masks need to stay on…?

What about the UK’s deputy chief medical officer, who said last week that despite the arrival of COVID vaccines, face masks will still have to be worn “for years” to come?

Are you aware of a massive Danish study on mask usage that found no statistically significant difference in coronavirus infection rates between mask-wearers and non-mask-wearers? In fact, according to the data, mask usage may actually increase the likelihood of infection. (source)

Note: I’m not bashing masks. Instead, just know that it may be a somewhat false reassurance of safety. There are lots of credible studies being avoided in the mainstream which indicate the false sense of security of wearing the typical mask that you see out there.

Medical Mandate?

Okay, back to the article’s thrust. The increasing apparent likelihood that “they” will demand / require proof of vaccination in order to participate in “the system”. In other words, essentially, to “buy and sell”. It looks like Medical Tyranny to me.

Are we looking at a new medical mandate? Monitoring? Immunity Passports? Contact Tracing requirements? “Tens of thousands of new government workers to spy on and enforce compliance?” (source)

If Vaccine is Required, What’s Going To Happen Out There?

There is no way I would ever consider this vaccine at this juncture. Not only is it messing with one’s DNA (sort of), but God only knows what this “messing” might do inside our bodies upon some yet unknown circumstance! No friggin way.

Those who refuse the Covid vaccine will become the persecuted class. We will be called vaccine deniers – even though that’s NOT the reason (for me).

The short answer is this… If it becomes a requirement to buy and sell, there will be a HUGE VACUUM / VOID / OPPORTUNITY for a black market of those restrictions / prohibitions.

Will it happen in the U.S.?

While at this rate I can just about guarantee it will happen in other places (socialist European Countries for example) , here in the USA it will begin a little more slowly. Ridicule and Restrictions will be first. But the pounding of MSM will rapidly make compliance an essential “requirement”. Governments won’t have to do as much when businesses (most of which are BIG Business) require it themselves. After all, they control the government anyway…

Your turn. What do you think? Is this going to become a requirement?

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It is time to stand up and shout “NO!” Loudly and in their faces. Not only NO, but HELL NO! And I will shout and scream into anyones’ face that tells me we have to do this. It’s time (past time) to take our freedoms back.

Don’t worry, if your white and middle class you will not even have opportunity to get the vaccination till July 2021.


  1. hospital/healthcare workers
  2. nursing home and elderly over 70yrs old
  3. food store and food delivery personnel
  4. sports teams and support personnel
  5. main street media…sorry FOX News and Newsmax
  6. minority groups with push for inner city dwellers
  7. all politicians starting on the left first
  8. sanctuary cities
  9. super rich/internet companies/hollywood
  10. fill in
  11. fill in
  12. fill in………….100. US

OK i’m a little cynical

P.S. Where can we print a few of those cards..same place they print mail in ballots.

Jim s
is that the same place that printed obammas birth certificate?

ok left those politicians from the left have at it hopefully it removes em for us

Rightly so 🇺🇸👍

The Ingraham Angle on the Fox News channel broadcast a mind-boggling live interview with a world-renowned microbiologist who said the “looming” COVID-19 vaccine is “downright dangerous”.

I saw that interview and he was suddenly cut off. I guess we weren’t supposed to hear that or know why it was so dangerous.

Well, I have nowhere to go and will keep getting supplies mailed here until the virus disappears or everyone disappears.

Remember ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement). The vaccine could cause a worse (deadly) response if you take it BEFORE you are infected by covid. See Dengue fever vaccine in the Philippines. This was also on th Ingraham angle show the same night.

My son who is a molecular and cellular biologist with a background in virology also says to stay away. Not enough long term testing and great potential for long-term harm.

I WILL NOT COMPLY EVER there is Far to much that has NOT been studied about this

Ya sure, ill be right on that,

Where can I get a black market made vaccine card?

If they look like that picture, easy Word, card stock, a paper cutter and a printer. Probably a template for a post card on Microsoft’s website. Just have figure out the pesky patient number . . .

It will be a mandatory smart phone app,followed by a physically implanted record in some form.So keep dreaming if you think a passport is it.

freddie: I’m not quitting my 2007 flip phone that has the original battery and still works 🙂

Yes you are.I am too,the network goes down on them at the end of the year.You can get a motorola smartphone.A motoE5 for example that the battery can be removed.Mine has only left the house a couple times so I could pick up groceries.Get on ebay with enough minutes included for a whopping 79 dollars so if you RARELY use it,thats a cheap alternative. Think its 2000 minutes,2000 texts and 2 GB data,good for one year IIRC.Not that I want it but never know,some things do demand it.Personal choices have to be made there. 🙂

The controversy and fear as it relates to this disease has blurred the line between reality and sanity.

Nope. If it means we live on our mountaintop void of many so-called freedoms we used to enjoy, so be it. I think I’ll get all progressive and jump on the “my body, my choice” bandwagon. Those few pathetic words are the excuse for legalizing extracting human life from the womb so why shouldn’t it work to decline injection of a vaccine?

Is this the mark of the beast, I don’t think so, but it sure looks like a precursor of what’s to come. Maybe we should just call it a trial run.This might be your chance to practice for what we may have to face in the future. God is never surprised! Trekker Out

Nope. Maybe part of it. The mark of the beast (the number of a man, or the number of his name) will be complete allegiance to the Beast system, either mental/emotional (head) or through actions (hand).

Sorry MT and Lauren,you are both wrong.This is absolutely part of the mark of the beast.Its part of the great reset,aka the mark of the beast.

Every time another government mandate comes along, it’s always “To make you safe.”

That’s funny – I never felt unsafe before I was being told that I was being made safe.

NOW I really feel unsafe !

boy oh boy, what a mess. Not to mention the Pfizer vaccine has to be kept at such a low temp, UPS had to buy special freezers. What happens if that vaccine gets a little too warm for just a little while and nobody knows about it.

Mrs U, I thought only bioweapons had to be kept at such low temperatures……

This injection becomes unstable anything above 70 BELOW zero.. that means it is UNSTABLE at body temp.
It is a BIOweapon . Watch who they give it to first… infants, the elderly( who trust their Doctors) and Medical personell who think they have no other options…. but work in a place that requires them to take it.
It produces severe allergic reactions in people wth various allergy issues. It is not a true viral vax.
It has no virus in it according to my reading,has been in waaiting and refinement since 2017-2018 paid for by computer whiz.BG, it changes the body’s response ( from RNA introduced that migrates and multiplies)… and the next virus that goes around- ONE MAY have a cytokine storm…
As long as Hell is NOT froze over- i am NOT taking it.

The other half was talking tonight, that her doctors, she works for, are getting scheduled for first and second round vacs.

she needs to be looking for other work Dead people can not employ her.

I think it will become a requirement. However, I don’t think it will be required for everyone–it will be required for those TPTB want to eliminate, such as the old (Social Security), the weak (SDI) and the unwanted. Which for the left, unfortunately, means us. I’m pretty sure it will be required to keep SDI. I hope not for SSI.

I can almost guarantee that the leftist politicians won’t take it. Their families won’t take it. Hollyweird won’t take it. But like all other possibly dangerous options it will be pushed on the helpless and the unwanted.

Hopefully by the time they work their way down the chain of unwanteds the results will be showing.

And yes, my paranoia can be wearing at times, but it’s served me well in the past.

Just because you think someone is out to get you doesn’t mean they aren’t! 🙂

Seriously paranoia can be a survival tool in some situations.

Yep, Lauren
Always on the side of caution.

With the enhanced push of ‘safety’ regulations. The MSM fear mongering. The governors of states that have been shut down of their power, but continue to enforce covid law.
Yeah, this vaccination will be required and there will be a list of those to start…..
the ‘unwanted, burdens’ will get the first go around.

If my employer requires, I hope they make sure the exit door doesn’t hit me in the a$$.
Will the restrictions be hell? Yep, but the ongoing major self adjustments will come and probably be for the better.
I’ve been an adult for a few years now, I don’t need another government mandate, telling me what’s best for the people.

Although we can no longer trust the judicial system, regardless, many a lawsuit will follow required mandates.

This will be no different than ‘proposed’ law on the second.
Turn ’em in or you’re labeled as a criminal.
Accept the vaccine or you’re a criminal.
Comply or you’re a criminal….

Is that why states have been releasing prisoners the last 8 months?

I can see them requiring the vacicine if you want to keep your social security. For some people that is the only income the get.

We won’t get vaccinated but know many who will. I can foresee some really bad things happening to businesses, companies and local/state officials that try and make this mandatory because then it becomes personal and that is dealt with on a whole different level.

RC, when people tell me they will take the vaccine I ask them, “When you die can I have your stuff?”

That should get their attention or at least make’m think.😁

Anyone have a printing press to make our own cards?

They are to be registered thru the foreign entity called the CDC.

None of the stores where I shop object to not wearing a mask, and the Walmart greeters are still very friendly. I can not envision them asking for my papers (vaccine record), nor the gas station, etc. The restrictions would probably be like without the Real ID, no airline, military bases or federal buildings. I can, have, and will continue to happily travel by vehicle.

Ema….wrong. Thats called normalcy bias.

Saw on another site, that four of the trial run people that used The Pfizer version developed a case of Bell’s palsy (temporary facial paralysis). The CDC said that wasn’t because of the vaccine. Riiiight! Follow the money!

So what do we do when our employer mandates this?

I retired earlier this year to escape the extremism approach to all things BLM, and my husband will be kissing it goodbye the second his employer imposes a mandate. I guarantee it’s being mulled over in every boardroom in America.

Well Folger I have contemplated this scenario for some time, I for one have worked for a company for 26 years I “like” my job my coworkers are great people, leadership are elitist arsholes but since they work at home now I never see them😁. To your question, I would say if they require a vaccine to continue employment then tootaloo MF, I take my red swing line stapler and my lunch kit a play the Johnny Paycheck song on my phone on the way out the door!

Listen to Bluecatmatt.He has a RED swingline stapler,this man is woke! Im with ya bud 100%.
BUT….what about my family around 40,with kids,2 jobs,car payment and just getting by? Its a whole nother can o worms for those folks.

thats my better half, sans the kids and mortgage, sadly, she will take it because her sister is a nurse and they think it will be great to be vaccinated,,,,

i already had a dream a couple months ago that they all died, scary thing, is my dreams have an uncanny and quite troubling way of coming to pass, wouldnt be the first one.

wifa and I are both nurses and wouldnt touch it with someone else 10 foot pole.About 1/2 nurses have been around long enough to have seen enough medical scams and are awake,1/2 drink the koolaid with a vengeance.
Good luck friend.

Employees band together and say AND mean,” NO way.. we are taking this.” and all walk the same day. clean out your work area of all your belongings.

Make them fire you. It’s much better for the lawsuit.

O puhleeze,lawsuit????? You are just another unemployed schmuck,hope you have a much better plan B than that…..for you AND your dependents.

Quit.Like when they forced the flu vacs on us nurses.One dose and I was thru,find someone else skilled to run your ICU.

Sounds like a zombie shot


I’ve been a silent fan of your website for sometime. It’s nice to see there are other people out there who can connect dots, regardless of what others (80% of the population, Sheepole) out there believe or are lead to believe. I’m a medically retired, disabled combat vet, who’s been sadly watching the downfall out once great beloved nation closely. It’s very sad to see people so downtrodden that they will give up their freedoms without a seconds thought about the ulterior motives which are behind them. I think everyone here should do a little research into the COVID Certificate Initiative (CCI). It addresses the use of Quantum Dots which will have “certificates” associated with them. This will eventually be used as everyone’s “passport” to be part of the new system. Some would call all of it conspiracy theories but it’s literally free information anyone can find….

Start. with MIT….they’ve published the paper on Quantum Dot technology (and hydrogels). Funded by…….you guessed it!! Billy Gates! (And probably Soros)

COVID……or Certificate Of Vaccine I.D.!!! Does anyone think that name was a coincidence??

Oh thanks Ken, I will never get to sleep now. When I do, it will be nightmares. Arg.

I am in Kentucky and have not worn a mask or changed my behavior..yet. I did wear a mask Monday to get a scrape of my cancer sore on my face to be sent somewhere before I can get it removed??? But, I only wore it in the outer office, not in the exam room and not on leaving.
Why should I be punished for the 1% that may die from this flu if health is compromised, when 99% will not be affected.
This charade has global domination written all over it:
surveillance state, cashless society, totalitarian lockdowns.

“incredibly precise … tracking systems.”
I am still confused on this…I don’t have a cell phone, definitely not a smart phone–track me HOW???
Majority, nope???? only 40% refuse this vaccine–this bothers me a lot. Is this number being posted to fool us like the voting polls??
The test…you mean the one that the PM of a country just used to test a coke and got a positive result??
Sweden did not lockdown. It is the same population as Michigan that did lockdown more than once; 10,000 died in Michigan, 7,000 died in Sweden.
If mask wearing is still a must, why have a vaccine endangering your health??
Will mask wearing make us sicker and a plus for bigpharma??
It is different when govt suggests or advises one to wear a mask, but when govt mandates wearing a mask, it’s dictatorship.

Majority of 7000 who die in Sweden to covid, was over 70 years old. And they lived in nursery homes. When somebody had covid , they did not give any medicines, only morphine, and that is how they die. It was major scandal in Sweden but it was quickly removed from msm. My daughter in law worked in nursing home but could not take it anymore, lives now in Estonia

Jay Jay,
NWO.And yes you WILL have a smart phone and vax record or you will NOT buy,sell,travel,leave your home.We aint seen NOTHING yet..

The answer is no that a card will be required.The push back would be to much.

Then there is the International Certificate of Vaccination booklet that goes along with your passport, you can get a 2-pack on Amazon for about $12. Recognized around the world as a travelers record of immunizations needed to go to certain places. You might need shots for yellow fever, hepatitis, diphtheria, tetanus…

They WANT people to fake the card. It gives the appearance that more are participating. They will fail if more say no instead of feigning compliance.

Heard two interviews today that the vaccine should not be given to senior citizens because of reduced immune system and health problems yet they are targeted to be one of the first groups. What a slick way to reduce medicare and social security costs since we’re not “productive” any longer. Side bar: did you know many aliens, legal or illegal, get disability social security, their disability is they don’t speak English. I know this because I was a County revenue collector for civil/criminal court costs, fines etc. and no, couldn’t collect if on any gov’t assistances, just a write off, what a waste of time and money.

Those have been my thoughts on giving the shot to seniors first. Like, what the heck!? That’s like Cuomo sending Covid patients to nursing homes, then acting shocked that so many died in those nursing homes. I do think that they secretly patted themselves on the back for reducing the number of people drawing medicare and SSI.

The final stats might prove interesting. What’s the chance that the actual percentage of folks that die from the vaccine or it’s side affects, both short and long term v.s the real percentage of the number of folks who dies from the COVID virus?

My expectations on real stats for the vaccine(s) is rather low.

A Johns Hopkins newsletter recently published an article/study on the total deaths for all reasons from last year to this. Difference was about 11K, which could be explained by population growth. Was promptly removed, because it could “lead to disinformation”. Yeah, right.

A graph of seasonal flu deaths in the US for this time of year is nearly flat. In fact, extending back to last year, it looks like a waterfall from last year down to nearly zero.

Covid has cured heart disease, cancer, and the seasonal flu. Unreliable PCR tests with false positives, and the fact everyone (hospitals, etc.) get more $$ with a Covid diagnosis doesn’t play into it at all of course. Nah.

Start paper, long term biometric.

Speaking of biometrics -Researched friends updated mailing address as it changed. Simple search online had mailing address (all past-present), ***political party affiliation, several phone numbers, emails, realtive information, education level, marital status, field employed plus salary range, Birth date, vehicle information. Said she had a mortgage..Information 95% correct. Even included neighbor info.

Realize no one likes google do a google search of your own name. Do a street view where you live.

My friends worst information spread was on mylife even had a reputation score. Preparing for our Chinese takeover?

Notified friend she was very upset and started investagating. Some sites allow removal some don’t. Some make it easy, some not

Told family and friends to search in the process of getting things removed mine not as bad as hers but bad enough.

Was mowing google maps drove by recording street had a great pic wrote to request they remove my photo. They semi honored my request with a highly blurred photo.

Just thinking is this how Deagel forecast 2025 comes true?

good chance of it,
it could all kick off this weekend with the people marching in DC, all it would take is random gunfire and IMHO all hell will break loose.

Between a bad vaccine, people infected with COVID and this sham election and social tension from the left it could be the end of a lot of people

I seem to remember when this first came out everyone was screaming that we were all going to die. People were talking about cooking their mail. Locking themselves in the house, not touching their pets ect. I said then i felt maybe we were overreacting and was laughed at. Well some people died that’s for certain. Were they all from Covid or was that just being blamed ? I don’t know. Now everyone is saying the vaccine is going to kill you but unless I missed something no one has died from it yet. Will I be one of the first in line to get the shot NO. Do I think we are all going to die if we get it NO. I’m going to say the same thing I said when the virus first came out. We need to see what happens and quit building our own worse case scenario’s.

And here come the thumbs down

I think that the real problem from the vaccine will be you will walk away from it with other health issues requiring you to be on pharmaceuticals for the remainder of your life however short it may be. They are going to create new customers for themselves.


I agree. What caused the panic is lack of accurate information. We really still don’t have accurate info. It appears to me that the science has been manipulated to make it appear more serious than it is. Now it is true there are people that have died and had a very bad time with this virus for sure but now the death rate is around 0.2%. Not good but far from the 3% or so predicted. Definitely not what we think of as a bio weapon!

If you can’t believe rhe msm and you can’t believe the “experts” and the science is being manipulated what do you do? I have to believe you better use common (or is it uncommon) sense. It is all we have left.

I don’t think this is the true mark of the beast but I would agree with some others that it certainly looks like a precursor to it. They essentially started with the masks which were less invasive, now bumping it up to a mandatory vaccine. What’s next? They are gradually training the masses to follow blindly like sheep. I think we all need to be praying and if you haven’t repented to God now is the time to do it. Make things right with the Lord before the time passes to do so

I see a lot of different scenarios here, but the top three most provocative for me are:

1. Legitimate vaccine in this order

Government officials first but not publicized for obvious for reasons
Healthcare workers seen as first.
The most at risk (elderly 70 & above and those with underlying conditions) next.
Mission essential such as transportation, food industry, and infrastructure personnel.
The back bone of the economy, those that actually work
Any and all that actually want the vaccine

2. Political agenda vaccine

Government officials first but not publicized for obvious reasons
Those deemed obvious supporters of their far left political agenda, which will include groups like illegal immigrants, ANTIFA, and BLM
The gaps would be discretely filled in with healthcare and mission essential and publized as seen fit
All dissidents (registered conservatives) last

3. Undetermined legitimate “thinning of the herd” vaccine

Government officials would publicly line up to take a placebo vaccine for obvious reasons
Conservative back bone of the first (dissenters) chosen through discrete selection methods
In tandem would be those deemed unable or unwilling to work or contribute to their socialistic view of society
Those who are unable to make an informed decision on their on who ask for the vaccine

Please feel free to add to, subtract from, or fill in the blanks as you see fit. Lord help us all

The Great Reset
The Mark of the Beast
The Tribulation.
There,that should cover the next 7 years.

Im getting marked down mentioning the Great Reset.Do you folks know what that is??

I didn’t mark you down Freddie, but sure would be interesting if you would splain to us what the Great Reset is. Trekker Out

The Great Reset has been marketed by globalists for some time, following their “reset the table” campaign and a few others. It’s essentially world-wide socialism with them at the top.

End of national borders, end of personal property, essentially a jump-start on Agenda 2030 under another name. Per the World Economic Forum, “By 2030, you will own nothing…and you will be happy. You will rent everything you need…and you will be happy.” But they don’t say who you’ll be “renting” from, or who will own everything that you don’t. They talk about a few countries being in control, but fail to identify those countries (except that the US will NOT be one of them). Etc.

Apparently the whole thing will be aimed at saving the environment, and anyone who speaks against it is a conspiracy theorist.

Sounds like a conspiracy to me! Trekker Out

Conspiracy truth? : )

holy place = human body (John 2:19,21 ,  1 Cor 6:19)
abomination of desolation = a satanic poison inserted to the human body ?

When you see the abomination of desolation inserted to the holy place
flee to the mountains (Matthew 24, Mark 13)

The vaccinations will start in Dec 14 morning as they say.

I recall reading an article months ago about this Scamdemic. Its all part of what was laid out in the scenario of “Event 201” which occurred on 18 Oct 2019. Also involved is ID2020 as pertaining to the microchip with this vaccine. And finally what does COVID 19 really mean? Certificate of Vaccination ID. The 19 refers to the letters A and I of the alphabet. Artificial Intelligence. Welcome to the world of “transhumanism” as Daniel Estulin explained in his book from 2014(TransEvolution: The Coming Age of Human Deconstruction). All part of the Globalist agenda for their New World Order. You can still read about Event 201 and ID2020 on line as the tech giants haven’t stripped it away from your viewing.

CNN World 12-2-20 says that China has largely contained the virus, and nearly eliminated the virus so there is no urgent need to vaccinate all of it’s population. What’s the difference between the virus there and the virus here. If they can contain and eliminate it without a centralized plan for vaccination, then why can’t we? How did they contain and eliminate it without the vaccine?

Hmm: Chinese citizens followed draconian rules and wore masks – or else!

No doubt about it, Covid19 is Biological warfare carried out by the Chinese to over throw Trump. They could careless about a few million deaths worldwide to further their cause. Now that one of theirs is coming to power in the U.S. things will begin to flow back to China and the useful idiots in this country will be none the wiser. Trekker Out

they are involved in almost every country to some degree economically, they are overflowing and using up their own resources to the point of exhaustion, so it is only logical for them to want more,
Personally, i doubt they will blow it up, is like we used to say about the Japanese here in Hawaii, they couldnt bomb us out so they bought us out, in the late 80s early 90s they were like the chinese buying up everything, then their economy tanked,

I could see the same thing with the Chinese, but with a little secret sauce to speed the process, not only here, but everywhere. What better way to dominate than to be the strongest manufacturing entity on the globe, but that got pushed back with growing nationalism, like DJT, Brexit, etc,,,,

Since I know the virus is a lab modified pathogen, and now believe it was deliberately released, and knew from the onset no “vaccine” (non mRNA) was possible, due to the virus phase changing abilities, I have always thought the virus was designed for population reduction. But, I thought it would lower populations by directly causing fatalities, as the Chinese propaganda indicated this.

However, this Corona virus is NOT killing enough people directly to be an effective population control pathogen. The normal expected death rates have not risen to any degree close to what would be required to effect the population’s size.

Instead, distortions in medical reporting and fraudulent testing, together with a hysterical spewing of propaganda, and the censorship of information, started me thinking the “pandemic” was staged in order to allow the massive inoculation of the population with a new type of “vaccine”…and it was the delivery of this “vaccine” into the blood of the population, which was the entire purpose of the panic over Covid begin with.

But why? It seems the mRNA inoculation attacks the female reproduction system, causing infertility. (continued)

Was THIS how they intended to reduce the world’s population? After all, lowering the birth rate would result in a reduced population without all the problems of a plaque…and reduce the population much more gradually.

I thought this must be close to the truth of the matter, until the new study regarding how Covid 19, itself, has been found to directly attack the MALE reproductive system, too!

Back in March, it was reported the disease attacked the male testicles and damaged their ability to produce sperm properly and lowered their number and vitality.

TODAY, a new study has been released with a small test subject group, with a control group, confirmed Covid 19 attacks the ability of men to create sperm cells, and can make men infertile, or lower their counts to the point of making it hard for them to father a child.

It seems population reduction is, after all, the goal of this contrived pandemic. The virus, attacks the male reproduction system directly…and the “vaccine” directly attacks the female reproduction system.

In the interest of fairness…we must give this new vaccine to all the minorities first..and the entire Third World…to show we care.

Glad that there is a vaccine 💉 now let the people decide if they want it or not! Their choice not the Government’s!!! I don’t want to see the government asking us “SHOW US YOUR PAPERS”!!! Nature has a way of thinning the herd!!!

Vaccine acceptance, or off to the Gulags with you. Human Population control is in the sites of George Sorros and other Evil Figures. Pray to Jesus Now!

well Cov does have Sars and HIV and Corona all mixed in, so I’m not surprised that people are testing positive for HIV…