We Don’t Have a Violent Gun Problem, We Have a Violent People Problem

Guest post by ‘Dennis’

Scanning the headlines on my regular news sites this morning. I once again was struck by the false narratives and outright lies that Americans are force fed daily.

One story on a gun maker asking the Supreme Court to block a lawsuit against them for manufacturing a gun used at Sandy Hook. Another saying the Presbyterian church has created a “ministry of gun violence”.

Exposure to stories such as these prompted me to, once again, test my belief that guns are inanimate objects. Just tools, to be utilized only at the behest of their handlers.

Guns are inanimate objects.

My first thought was the little Ruger LCP, riding on my hip. It was retrieved from my nightstand where it had rested last night, and placed in the holster as I dressed for my day. I knew for certain that it had not wandered off and committed any carnage.

Then I spotted the “grab and go” bag I had put together last week. It contains my little Taurus PT22 poly, fully loaded plus a round in the chamber. The bag (actually a small “sling pack”) was resting on the sofa, close to the door, waiting just in case someone needed to grab it and go in a hurry. I decided to “grab it and go” to my range.

Jumped into my side by side, drove the hundred or so yards to my range. I removed the little pistol and inspected it. Just as I expected, it was spotlessly clean, lubricated, and unfired, just as I had stowed it away after I used it last. Quite obviously, it had not taken any clandestine excursions on it’s own.

As is common with a responsible gun owner, I stepped to the 7 yd line, the little pistol in hand to test it once again for function and reliability. Quickly I brought the pistol up to eye level, aligned the sights on the 2″ white dot spray painted between the nipples on the steel silhouette target. I quickly, but deliberately, fired ten shots. All shots hit within a 4″ cluster, 5 of the shots hit within the 2″ circle I was aiming at.

Guns have no mind of their own.

I continued on, firing some hundred rounds total, satisfying myself that this little pistol had no mind of it’s own. But it was willing, and quite capable, of performing the task that I, the owner, asked of it.

I returned it safely to the sling pack I had taken it from, to be cleaned and lubricated once again, this afternoon. There it rested safely, benignly, until called upon again, if needed. Hopefully just for more practice.

Once again, I’m satisfied that we in America do not have a violent gun problem. We do have a violent people problem.

This is why it’s imperative that non-violent people should have the ability to access the tools necessary, the un-infringed access to guns, to protect themselves when attacked by violent people.

Gotta go. Don’t like to put a vital tool up dirty.

~ Dennis