Washington DC Is Preparing For War – What Else Can It Be?

But War with who??!

America appears to be on the cusp of falling into a radical left-wing authoritarian police state. Or they are preparing for a nation-state sized assault on the Capital! Just what the hell is going on? My spidey senses are tingling big time. I suggest you stay close to home this week.

30,000 Troops – What The Hell?

Stunning. There are reportedly upwards of 30,000 troops RIGHT NOW, in Washington D.C. — more than there are in Iraq, Afghanistan and Germany! 

They are carrying their service firearms, M4 carbines and M9 pistols. They have been given authority to use lethal force.

The Capital region is now an occupied military zone like Baghdad. Armed troops are manning checkpoints to enter and leave downtown Washington, D.C.

Green Zone and and Red Zone perimeters have been established.

“Green Zone – Vehicle Restricted Zone Vehicle traffic restricted to residents or businesses within the restricted area and National Guard Personnel will be assisting with verifying traffic entering into the Green Zone.”

“Red Zone – Street Closures Vehicle traffic restricted to authorized vehicles only with proper vehicle placard.”

They are closing four of the main bridges in and out of D.C. from Virginia.

The DC area is now a kind of military compound, clearly in anticipation of something far more dangerous than few protesters on Inauguration Day.

Mike Adams: “With an estimated 2.5 million rounds of 5.56 ammo being distributed — along with 500,000 rounds of .50 caliber for the Stryker vehicles — Washington D.C. is being prepared for a nation state-scale attack, which indicates the DoD anticipates an invasion from China or some other foreign aggressor.”

Some of the units now deployed in DC:

56th Stryker Brigade Combat Team

229th Brigade Engineer Battalion

160th Engineer Company

261st Theater Tactical Signal Brigade

198th Expeditionary Signal Battalion

262nd Component Repair Company

177th Fighter Wing (F-16 fighter jets with air-to-air combat capabilities)

105th Airlift Wing

174th Attack Wing (drones)

166th Security Forces Squadron

This Is Not A Defensive Force For ‘Protests’

This is NOT just a preparation for “protests” (which aren’t gonna happen there). No sir. “Nearly all patriots have already decided to stay away from this event, knowing they are being set up for a massive false flag trap by the FBI, CNN, Antifa and other deep state actors.”

[ Read: False Flag Operations Will Turn Gun Owners Into Domestic Terrorists ]

This is something apparently quite different. Something big.

This is way over the top…and whatever it is, it’s happening in the next several days. Obviously inauguration day is Wednesday.


What are they so afraid of? What’s going on?!

One commenter said, “Looks like a banana republic Coup d’etat. Period.” “When you know you cheated and EVERYONE else also knows you cheated and they know you know they know you cheated.”

Another said, “This is all stagecraft to play into The Narrative that Trump voters are uniquely dangerous and therefore worthy of being attacked, muzzled, jailed, etc. No way is there any sort of threat to which this is a proportionate response. No way.”

Make no mistake about it. These troops are there because of the Pentagon. The question is, who’s in charge, and what’s going on?

This is unprecedented. Extraordinary. It sure looks like this week is going to be momentous.

Stay close to home if you can…

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I think the NGs being sent from as far away as Puerto Rico are a show of “solidarity” from all the governors lest their state be singled out as treasonous and exiled from the pork laden money train that is the federal government.

But never let a “crisis” got to waste. The propaganda spouting parrots of the MSM are being spoon fed a narrative to create a mindset that believes something bad is going to happen because of Trump supporters. It’s all a con job. There will be pre-planned “attacks” in DC and at various state capitals carried out by paid mercenaries masquerading as Trump supporters.

The corporate globalists including the techno-oligarchy will use it as an excuse to marginalize/punish conservatives with lost jobs, lost business, de-banking, de-platforming, censorship, and all the attendant cancel culture. The deep state will use it to take out means of self-protection and preservation in a variety of forms but first focusing upon 2nd amendment rights.

We must be ready to defend ourselves from these attacks in a variety of ways. Be prepared! Assess your AO thoroughly and do a risk assessment. Check your preps and fill holes now.

DJT had to do this…. As President elect creepy joe wouldn’t have the authority, until he is officially sworn in. The fence around the Capitol is like keeping the politicians trapped in the Capitol area. All the dem’s would be there for the inauguration perfect time to arrest them for treason (massive voter fraud)…..

Could General Milley or some other agency do it without Trump’s say so?
The secret Service protects presidential candidates. Could they or one of the many national security agencies command it?

So the narrative changes. The true patriots are keeping their heads down and staying away from the capitals. So now the army suddenly has a need to vet the national guard and military members in DC for possible thought crimes. So now expect the mercenaries to pose as guard members from a very red state.

Agree with much of your post. I am an older person and not up on some of the newer abbreviations. What is ‘AO’? Thanks.

AO = Area of Operation (or your neighborhood)



they need more than 30k if its us they are trying to scare

But the 30k is centralized. If they spread out from a central location they could have DC subjugated in a day and a thirty mile circle cleared in a week. Come at each problem location in a large enough group, there’s small chance of resistance, especially if people don’t know what’s going on (I don’t think this will happen, it’s just to respond to your point).

I would say nothing happens as long as Americans continue to have a fat lazy lifestyle handed to them on a silver platter.

The minute they start to go hungry well Katie bar the door!

Is it possible there is a real time credible threat of an EMP being deployed and those troops are pre-staged for Continuity of government plans???

I hope that is not the case… Ken is right and I have said this before a few 100 militia with pew pew rifles will not be a significant threat to 30k troops. Something much bigger is about to drop… Also note all of the Military Aircraft buzzing around all over the US the last 2 weeks. Lots of heavy lifter and transports. .gov Must be moving assets around.

White Cracker –

Ideally they are hauling assets inbound and asses outbound.

yup fixed it





I will no longer be posting under the name “Seminole Wind”. Now it is just Wind

Hey Wind keep your powder dry see you in the swamp!

I’d say it was on life support from November 3rd to January 20th 2021. Since the country was comatose for those three months, which should be on the death cert?


Which handily explains why they went to such lengths to make sure it stayed on life support and didn’t wake to testify…

It’s a massive show of force designed to intimidate any opposition just like Hitler did with the SA and SS. Just like after 9/11, many Americans have gotten use to TSA searches at airports and armed SWAT teams kicking down doors these displays will be common and is a small preview of things to come in a totalitarian state.

RC, yes trump is the hitler like figure. Couldn’t agree more. When he is out in a couple days though things will return to normal. I can’t believe I didn’t see the trump hitler connection before. Thanks for pointing it out

These preparations are being done at the request of the Biden administration, the compromised federal agencies and the liberal mayor of DC. You clearly miss understood who I was referring to in my analogy and I hope we never see your idea of “normal”.

Maybe we could have a secondary downvote button that is labeled “moron” but doesn’t eliminate the post? SMH

Lauren, you are a polite person. Secondary downvote button would be labeled D.F. or A$$hole since either label is diversity and gender neutral and most know one when they read, see or hear one. And, of course, there is always one in the crowd.

Great come back!!!

My idea of normal is not a totalitarian figure like trump. I’m a conservative, do you not like conservative values? The Republican Party became so lost under trump. Trump ran on bigger government, anti states rights and really anti Christian if you have half a brain to look past his words. Are you all not conservatives? I want smaller government, less taxes, and more states rights along with protecting the second amendment. But if that’s not the america you want suit yourself. I hope we never see your liberal version you commie!


If you’re truly a conservative, how on earth can you make a statement about things returning to normal under a Biden administration, which is what comes after Trump “is out in a couple days”?

And you’re calling RC a commie???!!! Might as well just slap a big TROLL sticker on your forehead. Come to think of it, I’m not wasting any more time talking to you.

You are all a bunch of commies. I have seen the posts you put up on here. Get out of our country you commie deep state actor. No one wants you here.

Well, darn it all! What gave me away?

You are one dumbass troll

The problem is the Republican Party isn’t conservative either and how many stuck to the pledge of term limits per Contract with America? What about McCain running against ACA and then JOINING DEMOCRATS TO KEEP IT! GOP is part of the #DeepState. Did you support Reagan? Look at his spending. It depends on what the debt is financing? Plus we had to bribe both Dems and Repubs to get good budget items. Wall and defense spending. Done with GOP since 2018. Trump was not my 1st choice but he did a lot of good.

. . . .
Your atrocious grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and sentence structure are very indicative of a young urbanite. Are you sure about your location?

The possibilities I’ve thought of are these:

  1. Show of force, meant to intimidate, as RC mentioned,
  2. Gamesmanship by DJT, intended to arrest the treasonous in .gov at the last minute,
  3. Set up for a false flag to facilitate external war, or internal crackdown,
  4. Military to defend/fight against military from the ‘other side’ – military civil war, and
  5. A combination of 2 and 4, with preparation for an attack from China thrown in.

Number 5 is the one that I’m worried most about, not that all of the options aren’t worrisome.

In any case, checking preps and rapidly filling holes, and staying aware and home addresses all of them.

Today was supposed to be the big armed protest day at 12 noon at the Washington Memorial according to extreme Trump supporters or Antifa luring them in.

^^^^^ Crickets ^^^^^^^


In normal times, I would say that it’s over for Trump, but these aren’t normal times. I would hate to be in Trump’s position.

He believes, as does half the population, if this election stands, and if the methods used to win are what we believe them to be….there will never be an honest and fair election again.

Trump also knows that once these leftists are in full control of the government, they will use all the strength, wealth, and resources of the federal government to come after him, his family, and every single citizen they deem a threat to them holding the reigns to infinity.

For these reasons….and a few more…I believe that Trump will use any and all avenues to keep that from happening….I know I would if I were in that position.

If he doesn’t….well…. life is gonna get a lot tougher for a whole lot of people….eventually for every citizen.

They are there because the incoming administration is scared. Now is not the time and that sure as hell isn’t the place. Tick-tok.

I just listened to a short video put out by Paul Begley that supposedly came from someone in the Air Force. It’s about 2 minutes long and says to expect marshal law in the next couple of days. Complete shut down for 10 days including internet. There is also some ‘rumors’ that extra shipping containers are showing up at big box stores that are actually some sort of advanced weapons systems. ymmv

I have seen posts on these containers having been filled with Norinco 1911’s, Select Fire M14’s and select fire AK’s. All were Chinese mfg’r. Supposedly, the Navy and Coast Guard are searching Chinese ships for these. Nothing substantial/definitive I could find on the net to confirm this….. They better bring ammo as there is none to be had here…..

What building is that, in the picture? It looks pretty “official,” but I can’t imagine Congress allowing their places to be contaminated to this level (using contaminated in the way they would most likely mean it) without their permission and full understanding of WHY.

ACDH thinks it is the Jefferson Memorial Building. It has been a long time since he walked all those different building. It is his best recollection.

I have looked at all the buildings in the center of DC, and I’m not finding a match. Square columns, striped floor, the stairs to the right, and even the statues along the gallery–no matches. Does anyone know anyone who is actually there? Not orders or details, but just the fact. I’m beginning to think that the idea of troops in DC might be a red herring.

Checked with my family in NG and none of them are in DC….

Lauren –
Capitol Visitor Center is the location.


Was just reading on zerohedge
”armed protesters showing up at state capitols around the country”

Darwin award is all i can think of.

Yeah, all 5 of them at ours.

What if they are plants to as discussed by many to make MAGA look bad??

Don’t know which forum that’s best to post this, but I believe folks should be aware. Plainsmedic, Minerjim, and other hams may want to chime in………

Just watched a you-tube video posted by a HAM operator….title of the posting is “FCC Warns Amateur Radio Operators to Not Commit Crimes”.

Warning was sent out today 1-17-21. The gist of it was that social media traffic had been monitored, leading law enforcement to believe that plans are being laid by “Trump supporters” to use radios to plan and carry out attacks circumventing cell phones and social media…….

You HAM licensees….did any of you receive this memo? I believe the man posting the video said his came in an e-mail from ARRL.

Thoughts? With all the censorship going on….reckon there might be a crack down on radio transmissions they consider offensive, ala facebook and twitter?

This the email I received from ARRL

ARRL on the Purpose of Amateur Radio

For over 100 years amateur radio and ARRL — the National Association for Amateur Radio® — have stood for the development of the science and art of communications, public service, and the enhancement of international goodwill. Amateur Radio’s long history and service to the public has solidified the well-earned reputation that “Amateur Radio saves lives.”

Amateur Radio Operators, due to their history of public service, their training, and the requirement that they be licensed by the FCC have earned their status as a component of critical communications infrastructure and as a reliable resource “when all else fails.”

Amateur Radio is about development of communications and responsible public service. Its misuse is inconsistent with its history of service and its statutory charter. ARRL does not support its misuse for purposes inconsistent with these values and purposes.

The FCC put out this Enforcement Advisory


The Enforcement Bureau (Bureau) of the Federal Communications Commission issues this Enforcement Advisory to remind licensees in the Amateur Radio Service, as well as licensees and operators in the Personal Radio Services, that the Commission prohibits the use of radios in those services to commit or facilitate criminal acts.

The Bureau has become aware of discussions on social media platforms suggesting that certain radio services regulated by the Commission may be an alternative to social media platforms for groups to communicate and coordinate future activities. The Bureau recognizes that these services can be used for a wide range of permitted purposes, including speech that is protected under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Amateur and Personal Radio Services, however, may not be used to commit or facilitate crimes.

Part 2

Specifically, the Bureau reminds amateur licensees that they are prohibited from transmitting “communications intended to facilitate a criminal act” or “messages encoded for the purpose of obscuring their meaning.”1 Likewise, individuals operating radios in the Personal Radio Services, a category that includes Citizens Band radios, Family Radio Service walkie-talkies, and General Mobile Radio Service, are prohibited from using those radios “in connection with any activity which is against Federal, State or local law.”2 Individuals using radios in the Amateur or Personal Radio Services in this manner may be subject to severe penalties, including significant fines, seizure of the offending equipment, and, in some cases, criminal prosecution.

I hope I can keep my pencils. lol

As long as the pencil is a number 2 that has not been sharpened converting it to a weapon of war and it is kept in a locked pocket protector maintained by the original purchaser. The eraser must be removed to prohibit the pencil from deleting any marks, letters, numbers, signs or scribbling which could be used to identify the comments, expressions or ideas of the owner of said pencil.

Too funny.

Strange days,,,
the way things are going we wont even be able to keep our charcoal sketching pencils

Romeo Charlie,

That’s what I saw on the video. Benign enough, just reiterating that there’s federal rules to follow when using the airwaves, but do you think I was wrong in believing there is another message being sent?

I’m not part of the “militia movement”, nor have I ever been a part of an organized protest, but I think it’s pretty well known that groups of all stripes that do participate in such activities, use the GMRS/FRS/MURS handi-talkies to communicate. It would seem to me that the FBI bulletin was directed towards those frequencies and their users rather than HAM operators.

Hello Dennis,
Due to the massive disinformation campaign, comprising of every federal agency and the tidal wave of lies we have been told it’s no wonder even a benign message can be interpreted as a threat. I believe the FCC and ARRL put those out as a CYA so they can say that people were notified should anything happen. At least that’s the way I read them.

Every form of communication is monitored (some more than others) and there are those that will try get around the system. Since anyone can purchase ham radios I’m sure there are those that will buy them and operate illegally thinking they won’t get caught. They may get away with it for a while but if caught it sounds like the FCC is preparing to take harsher action especially if they are connected with a “domestic terrorist group” which is whoever the government decides is a “threat.”

Romeo Charlie,

Yep, I agree. I took it as more of a shot at the unlicensed users of GMRS/FRS/MURS frequencies. I’ve known several licensed HAM operators over the years, and they all seemed almost over zealous when it came to making sure the airwaves weren’t abused and rules were followed. That’s why it surprised me that ARRL posted a companion admonishment to members.

You are knowledgeable on radios, maybe you can answer this….since the UHF GMRS/FRS frequencies are limited in power and range, wouldn’t it be hard to monitor any transmissions w/o those monitoring for possible infractions being fairly close by? I know that HAM’s tend to self police themselves, reporting violations they encounter……wouldn’t any law enforcement agency have to rely on people reporting on perceived GMRS/FRS abusers, or otherwise, have a target and location in mind?

I am guessing they are monitoring and triangulating GMRS/FRS frequencies around DC, State Capitols and other high priority buildings to see if people are using them to coordinate activities, movements instead of cellphones. The average HAM understands the rules and has no desire to provoke the FCC.

Now remind me again why i want another BS icense?

I’m not sure if this is what it seems to be. In order to express an opinion you would have to be deeply embedded in the “behind the scenes” meetings. So all you can do is listen to those who have been in this position before and one source that came out tonight comes from American Media Periscope and I hope this link stays up:

Making Sense of the Madness | AMP (americanmediaperiscope.net)

Click on URGENT MESSAGE: 72 hours to go.

wuz, the video won’t load

I don’t know what browser you are using. I use BING and it loaded when I clicked on the link above. If not just go to America Media Periscope and you will see it on the home page. It’s a good take and John Michael Chambers has interviewed so many of former operatives from every agency of govt. Lots of info.

I am tired of hearing this false hope.
FBI is vetting all NG troops in Washington DC to make sure there is no inside disruptions from Q conspiracies and violent plants in the military.

Let me get down to what I discovered doing research—Q is made up of two people who started it as a puzzle game, based on conspiracy and loonatics took it as far as to have made up false narratives on videos to convince a few gullible people that some secret military intelligence will arrest 75 to 95% of the criminals in government, and all evil will go away. There are a number of these Q supporters including Qanon that believe Biden won’t take office, or be killed, or some other conspiracy to arrest him. These website Posters of these Q related videos take donations to make a living, so they will pump out lies and fake info mixing it with some facts to give you false hope and get your money.

Q member Simon Parkes thinks his birth mother is a 9 foot alien with 8 fingers and his daughter is from an alien he had sex with–his wife and daughter’s mother were having custody problems. The Q leader Jake Chansley was arrested after capital breakin, believed he was an alien from another planet. Loonatics

What I am trying to say, before I ran out of room above, prepare for the Biden marxist agenda, no one will save our *sses, we have to deal with it and stand strong. And if the demons and traitors in the senate try to illegally impeach Trump once he is out of office, I hope you don’t splinter from the party because that will insure another victory for the leftists. You have to clean house and reject the republicans that voted to impeach Trump!

Now you believers of fake Q conspiracies want me to leave this site, I would be happy to go, but you will find out the truth in two days.

Stardust –
I can tell you that in all your posts over a great deal of time, you have always rung true to me. I’ve never once looked at one of your posts and gotten the sense that you were anything other than the real deal. Therefore I sincerely hope no one would drive you away.

As you say, we’re about to find out the truth. I’ve spent the past two weeks looking into Q and I walked away with a completely different outcome. Their main message is simple. The storm is upon us. God is in control. Trust the plan. Prepare. Light will overcome the darkness and the great awakening will unfold. The person you name isn’t mentioned anywhere, nor is Adrian De Los Rios, who was also arrested. Yet I have seen pictures of them with D politicians. Neither of them strike me as believing or promoting good winning, since both fought with A and BLM according to Andy Ngo’s videos.

We will know soon enough what was disinfo and what was real info. But God being in control, good winning against evil and keeping our resolve steady is where I place my trust.

I agree with you. The last 4 years of “trust the plan” and “big news about to drop, arrests imminent” has been a bunch of hooey. Each promise led to nothing, except the next promise. Mike Pompeo tweeted last week that he would be leaving his job as the Biden team takes over. Today, he again tweeted that in 2 days there will be a transition of power and that he hopes the new administration continues to take a firm stance with China (paraphrasing).

We are two days away from those who have been pulling the strings behind the scenes to get their puppet into office, at which point we have little or no protection from their full-blown agenda – they have already given us some previews of their plans. Bad for all Patriots, and for our Republic. I think it’s just a matter of the degree of “bad” they can get away with.

Did you ladies watch the video? I am no Q-tard. Subtract all of that and listen to his hypothesis. To me it makes way too much sense, based on recent observations.

I watched it, it fits exactly to what all Q and Q anon sites say, and it seemed believable at first but I was suspicious of them last week, so I did intense investigation on what Q was and how it started, followed their predictions since 2017 that were false so they moved on with excuses and created a new narrative.

These followers use real and false events and mix them into their narrative of conspiracy that seems convincing even using God as a reference, but there is no evidence of what they predict (some sites make “predictions” on events that just happened) …and why? What makes these people qualified to know military secrets the military doesn’t know about? There is no quantum computer but two people who started this game online.There are dozens of posters of what they claim Q has given them, each different, making unverified claims, each getting their donations for money, and have become a cult. Do your research. If not, go ahead and drink their Kool Aid because soon you will find out,…oh, the plan of the military takeover is still in effect but the dates have changed….and so on and so fourth..

I don’t see anyone asking you to leave? Could have missed it though. I would encourage you to stay. Whether or not I agree with anyone I still want to read different opinions. Sometimes I even change my mind! I had hoped that this site would be open that way. It does have ‘liberty’ in it’s title. : /

Stardust –

I agree with aka, I don’t see anyone asking you to leave, so please don’t go. We all enjoy a wide-variety of views, and love to scrutinize them, turn them upside down, poke holes, nod our head yes, shake our head no, and occasionally like to pull out the tinfoil hat we made in 3rd grade.

What I’m saying is, don’t get upset if someone finds solace in wild theories because someone else will say “wait a minute, that doesn’t make sense” or “not sure I believe that, but we’ll see.” It’s all about the way someone responds, not what they respond with. As long as it’s polite.

So, please stay, and keep us grounded. Also, feel free to let ME know that I look funny in a tinfoil hat, if I start wearing one. Shiny silver really doesn’t go well with my skin tone.

I thought I would be down voted out because my views didn’t fit the narrative many have spoken here. Well, I’ll be darned tootin to stay since you are welcoming me to, tin hats and all. .

I think you’ll find that the shift will change to be more even-handed on both sides of the presented theories as time goes by. This site is only a few days old, and was created during the mass increase of troops into D.C.

Because of the “what the heck is going on?” confusion due to so many troops, theories were being flung left and right on MSB, and Ken wanted to protect his prepper site by separating it from political talk. I think everything was more evenly commented on over there due to Ken separating the two types of topics so quickly, before theories really ramped up.

As more information is discovered or provided, the wildness will probably calm down, or maybe new theories will be presented. Feel free to provided the “grounded” views – we always love to hear things that make us think on topics from a different angle.


I’ve only been commenting on the other site, and now this one, since early last year. There may be some passionate exchanges among ‘regulars’ at times, but I see downvotes primarily used on trolls, those just trying to draw attention or agitate people as a power trip. Also, I see them used if someone expresses a viewpoint that is counter to supporting the protection of our individual rights.

I’ve not seen everyone agree on everything, and that is to be expected. IMO, it’s also a good thing. This isn’t a socialist/communist house, after all!

Don’t take that crap about Simon Parkes. His last podcast posted today is very well done and i makes total sense. I don’t buy all the alien talk but he debunks his work with MI5 and MI6 at the opening. This is the best podcast he has done. Look, I know so many don’t give a rats *** about Q. And who knows what the truth behind “viking” guy is. But I do know that the capitol breach was used by special ops to obtain info w/o causing a peep. NPR published an article on the so-called siege 4hrs before it even started. So both sides knew this was going to occur. I don’t even think Trump had a clue but those around him did. If he had known this was going to occur I really cannot accept the fact that he would have proceeded with the event even though the speech was non-confrontational. Just look at both sides. Q is a cult but in any cult there are those that infiltrate it.

I saw it Wuz. It makes more sense than anything else I’ve heard in the past five years. I think he is right, based on things I continue to see, but am not at ‘liberty’ to present. STBY for EAS. If I’m wrong, then certify me as crazy and I shall take my leave quietly and at once.

Stick around. A little crazy never hurt anybody (but a lot can kill you). : )


Yep….. I am seeing too much that makes me believe things are not as they may appear. I truly believe it’s gonna be alright. If we are wrong………I’ll buy you that beer in the Rubber Room Saloon.

Works fine for me–watch urgent message printed on video screen/pic
Very informative for those that don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes but the man does like to hear his own voice.
Could have cut this to half the time.

True, but he has to make an impression on those that do not believe. As he states, he has spent 40K plus hours researching this and his opinion is not his own, rather it is an amalgamation of so many others. This is a very good site in general for so many patriots. There are many specialists on his site and most of them make total sense, unless you are leftist commie socialist.

Having experience in military operations planning…this is a security and a “show-of-force” operation using reserves and not active duty military. Using reserve military makes it more acceptable by the public. The active duty generals will not use active duty for this mission against American citizens. They will be used in reserve for different missions if (like national martial law). A “show-of-force” mission is to send a message: Don’t mess with us…”.

the message i got was the taliban in afganistan has run rings around them and hits them at their leisure, do they really think all these troops will fold so the democrat socialist can screw the rest of us? Idiots

Agreed and also have military experience. Im nearly certain that with few exceptions (eg officers and MPs) none of those troops have been issued live ammo. Even without the tensions in the streets, the risk of accidents is too great for them to take that risk. While on active duty we were rarely issued live ammo outside of a range, combat zone (even then only when outside the wire) or high level security details (eg guarding a large ammo dump).

This is a show of force with reservists.

FBI Vetting Guard Troops in DC Amid Fears of Insider Attack
From NEWSMAX 17 Jan 2021.

U.S. defense officials say they are worried about an insider attack or other threat from service members involved in securing President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, prompting the FBI to vet all of the 25,000 National Guard troops coming into Washington for the event.

Keep in mind that D.C. isn’t merely comprised of above ground buildings. There’s a vast amount of tunnels running in all directions. Which is why Trump authorized $500 million for training in underground warfare in 2018. So you need troops above and below ground at the same time.

What will finish playing out this week is historic. It will take years to unravel all the pieces that have been in play with DJT to understand the scope of this battle. It will reveal a global enterprise that is truly evil at its core. Operation Legend was the first blow, then the Vatican was dealt a blow. Power outages, MIL assets moved, change of commands. Renzi Party, Estonia, Dutch government and Merkel all in trouble, plus notable “suicide’s” around the globe. The deep state is vast in nature and well entrenched everywhere. Cut off the money flow, which Mnuchin is doing, and the swamp has become desperate to win at all costs.

It’s always been easy to believe that bad guys fight against us. We have good guys fighting with us though too. Across the globe good wants to defeat evil. This is the week to make that happen. Prayers up for DJT and team to complete the victory. Keep the faith.

Very, very well said.

Chief Lamont Ruffin swears in 2,000 NG troops as Special Deputy U.S. Marshals according to the tweet from USMarshalsHQ an hour ago.

Looks like Mordor to me.

Not sure if anyone else commented on this – Just saw an interview with US Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tennessee) who this morning said that National Guardsmen who are white and who voted for Trump fit into the group of people who “might want to try something” and are “folks who you would be suspect of…”

Cohen made the comments in response to a question about whether he was worried about the National Guard posing a threat to the inauguration. The video is out there and articles have been already written about it.

Elected “officials” like Cohen don’t even try to conceal their hate and paranoia anymore. Even the CNN interviewer challenged him on it though. (and no, I wasn’t watching CNN).

Cohen, his district is in the Western Memphis area which is people of color. So no surprise there.


https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJcIQmdbVIM&feature=youtu.be
close the space

I’ve read for several years about the Chinese at our borders and taking over shipping lanes. Also with what is “going on” an invasion of sorts may be in play. Dave Hodges posted an article today that I thought was worth sharing.


I hate to burst your bubble… I don’t think Dave Hodge has been right about anything…..

Did you read the article? What part do you disagree with? I’ve read for a couple of years about Chinese on both borders. It isn’t necessarily Hodges specific. He just posted it today. The Chinese do run/control many of the ports. Even US posts. They are taking over shipping channels. I forget specifically where (location) Canada has allowed China access for Chinese subs to put in some sort of spy equipment right off our shores. It was on the news with a “This is our friendly neighbor?” that just sold us down the river type news cast.

If you do anything before you go to sleep tonight, I would encourage you to watch this. It will explain a lot and it will, in the end, fill you with great pride.

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