When The New Left Takes Absolute Power – They Will Exact Revenge

I’m not kidding. I believe if the New Left gains the presidency this November, they are going to punish those who opposed them. As you well know (or should know), Big-Tech, and more concerning, the NSA, know all about each and every one of you. Your data has been sucked up and we have all been profiled for many, many years. Evidently there’s a trove of data and information about us – that could possibly be used against us – in a different America.

What do I mean by that? Well, it is my opinion that these powerful people will want revenge for our opposition. In my view, they are not nice people. Quite the contrary. They will push through a tidal wave of “fundamental change”. And if you don’t bow down to it, you’re gonna pay… Just look at what’s happening across America as we speak. How many on our side are getting beat up, mocked, spit on, cancelled, on and on… Now just imagine if they actually get absolute power. You think they’re going to play nice all the sudden?

A President Surrounded By Anti-Capitalists/Marxists/Globalists

And just imagine a president surrounded by anti-capitalists/Marxists/globalists with clearances to mine this vast information storage[1] to destroy anyone they see as a threat to them reaching their goal of “fundamentally transforming America”……………….

That data bank (described below) represents power. Power over men’s souls…….and with that power……….I shudder at the thought.

~ Dennis

[1] From a former NSA operative:

I was an NSA operative and intercept operator for several years.

For a very long time the NSA has been electrically recording the entire electromagnetic spectrum of this planet. Every day. Every where. And, keeping it.

As a matter or routine, we used artificial scanning programs to filter through, roughly, 80% of all coast to coast communications and 100% of all incoming and outgoing communications to the U.S.. If this system became excited by something, it would record the transmission from that point onward, and call the attention of a human operator. If the operator became excited, all parties to the transmission would be recorded, their link locations established, any voices/data recorded, analyzed, and identified. Finally, from that moment onward, the system would automatically target these links and voices and trigger alerts and record any new links and voices occurring in the target environment.

If your voice has been recorded and targeted, the system will find you on every PAST recording in storage and trace your locations and establish new contacts and new links to target…as well as any NEW communications of yours it finds..no matter what link you use.

Naturally, your cell-phones and internet usage would now be monitored 24/7, including your present location, and recorded and kept. Virtually, nothing you ever say, or write, using electronic means is ever “forgotten.”

If you become very interesting to mission goals, other assets would them be applied to you.

Before Carter, this is how we kept the bad people out of the country, save on very rare occasions. But, these “bad” people were not criminals, such as drug smugglers, and such. They were concerns of National Security, and, if we acted against them, they never saw a public courtroom, or much of anything again.

If this kind of data is abused by criminals, and is magnified by other technologies…well, let your imagination run amuck…you still will, most likely, not come very close to existing capabilities.


I have a countdown (to the election) timer on my homepage. You better be using what time you have left to get ready. The United States is in a Perfect Storm setup. We will likely be looking at a Great Depression II, a hotter Civil War, potentially massive social disruption and chaos, tyrannical splinters of governments, more Covid fear, worse shortages, a failing currency, and only God knows what else. No doubt there’s a black swan or two in our near future…

I can’t pinpoint why I have such a bad feeling about this. But I just do.

I sincerely hope I’m wrong.

End of Message.


Years ago, particularly after Edward Snowden blew the whistle on some NSA programs, I went on a mission to research the extent of NSA spying and data collection. I was stunned by what I uncovered – AND what Snowden had to say. If such a powerful entity is used for political power and/or other nefarious purposes, we’re in big trouble. I have no clue as to the “politics” within the NSA. But just look at what Obama did with “his” agencies (and FISA unmasking) during his presidency… (will anyone go to jail for all that? – Hahaha ya right…). The next New Left president will make what Obama did look like a choir boy. Watch out…

In my view, the time is long overdue for the Patriot Act, and now the Freedom Act, to go away. Notice the patriotic words? It’s a guise. When we give up freedoms, they are not regained without a fight. Not sure there’s much fight left for most Americans who are content to accept their new fundamentally changed America.

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  1. There will be an event between now and the election that will turn the country or possibly the world on end. Our economy, workforce and production capabilities have been destabilized and the political divide is at an all time high.

    The Democrats will use whatever is necessary to win the election and have no regard for the safety, well-being or future of the Country. They are determined to destroy the Constitution and the Republicans are willing to sit back and let them do it.

    As a Nation, we are vulnerable to foreign or even domestic attack in the form of financial cyber war, power grid down or a telecommunications black out which would cripple our strained economic recovery and lead to a disaster of Biblical proportions.

    1. No we will not exact revenge on conservatives. Why would we, we are all Americans. I certainly hope for all of us, that some crazy person doesn’t decide that it’s okay, to hurt Americans. Biden will calm our country down. We have no need for all of this anger.

      1. Sarah – Crazy people are hurting Americans right now, and Joe Biden is not in any kind of mental shape to be president.

      2. Sarah,

        You are either an idiot or a troll. Just look at the revenge on conservatives Obama/Biden already perpetrated.

        Obama said, “We will reward our friends and punish our enemies.” Then the first thing he did after taking office was to sign Democrat legislation to give a trillion dollars to his friends and he sent Lois Lerner to punish anyone who voted for or donated to Republicans.

        Then invaded peaceful companies with SWAT teams, audited their returns, and harassed them.

        He gave money from the auto bankruptcies to the unsecured unions and stiffed the bondholders (who were mostly elderly retirees).

        He dismissed charges of voter intimidation against Black Panthers and persecuted the Bundy family.

        He used the power of his judicial department to interfere with our 2016 election and stop the peaceful transfer of power to the new administration.

        He and Shumer kept Trump from getting his appointees confirmed so that Obama holdovers could continue interfering with ‘Trump’s policies.

        This is only a small list. The full list would take me all day.

        You accidentally signed on to the wrong website. We usually get intelligent people on this site.

        1. DaisyK

          Great post. The intentions of the left are out in the open now not hidden by corrupt bureaucrats – a few examples: eliminate the NRA, let criminals out of jail, take away guns, allow voting by illegals, vote by mail, replace police with social workers, perverting our children in schools, ….. we now can see who the enemy is and the time has come to stand up for this country.

      3. Sarah, that is pure unmitigated male bovine fecal matter. The left has a long history of doing just that. Obama went after anyone he felt might oppose his “transformation” Tea party has rectal exams by the IRS for disagreeing with his commie vision. If the left does not stand down with this crap, they will be very surprised when the folks that just want to be left alone become involved.

      4. Biden is a bigger clown than DJT,
        At least DJT has built something, biden has just been on the take all his career as a politician,,,
        By the way,
        Politician, was never meant to be a career

        1. Kula
          Everyone should investigate, the “Continental Congress” which
          meet quarterly was made up of men who were not paid, it was,
          to them, a duty, not a frickin’ career.

      5. Sarah,,,,,,,it is forecast 1/3 of the US population will die in the up coming civil war ,at least that what my company Intel people are telling us, don’t you just love unicorns ,,

        1. Oldhomesteader and that assumes the Power Grid, Food distribution or Sanitation (water and sewer) is not crashed by the festivities. But then again the whole point of a CIA Color Revolution is to leave the countries infrastructure intact as so there is something to “Win” when the CIA Approved Government takes over. No sense “Winning” a smoldering cinder eh?

          I wonder if Sarah knows what a “useful Idiot” is in Communism?

          1. NH Michael,,,,,,the talk is now how to minamise losses ,one idea is to pull down stock in targeted stores ,almost all in intercity , be ready to abandon stores to protect employees ,pull stock down last week of October,1600 stores puff,gone,

            Now what going to happen when in the berbs at those stores ?

            That’s just the talk in the upper offices,,company Intel is full of what if ? Kind of like playing war games ? OH chit this is war games ,for real ?

            I’m going to clean out the cobwebs and rake some hay

      6. Sarah, You admit you are ot conserrvative. in this post.. They have already decided it is ok to hurt Amercans. Look at murder rates in Chicago… How many of those have permanent sun tans.?. how about the deaths in seattle? who died… kids and innocents.. the little girl, murdered by a “movement… So how about,… YOU drop the anger.! I have none . preparedness is not about anger. just providing all resources one can do, within ones own limitations…. for their own family.. be it tp, paper towels or food.

  2. Not that I don’t agree with you on this Ken but I also believe the republican side is completely capable of doing the same thing and will at some point if they are not doing this already. I don’t trust or believe in either side of our government. Two cheeks of the same A$$ in my opinion. they both are just looking for power and to line their pockets and the pockets of their friends they just go about it in a slightly different way.

    1. Agree partly on what you are saying poorman.
      But I haven’t heard of any republicans support some mob that loots, burns, rapes, and murders. This is going on everyday and the Dems act like this is just normal protesting. I haven’t heard one Repub support this craziness.

    2. So, openly dismantling a postal service, during a pandemic, to advantage your own party…. something the democrats would do?
      i dont have a horse in this race, but you’re delusional if you can see both sides using any and all means available to hurt the other side. Will the Democrats return the favour in Jan 2021? Probably. Dont think its not being done now though.

      1. Look beyond the talking points. Nobody is dismantling the post office. Dems demanding multi-billion dollar increase over the already huge subsidies to what is supposed to be a self supporting semi-autonomous agency, in order to pay off the postal service union for their continued dem support.

        If you’re actually concerned, relax. Post office ain’t being dismantled. If you’re a liberal troll, find a less informed audience to peddle your message.

  3. Biden is a puppet, the real President will be a slut (Harris), a nut, (Bass), or a liar, (Rice)

    1. Long Gone:

      Agreed. My bet is that Susan Rice will be the V.P. nominee. She obviously “took one for the team” when she blatantly lied on all the Sunday news shows about Benghazi being a result of some obscure and frankly childish video. You could see she did it because the Great and Wondrous Zero asked her to do so.

    2. What amazes me is that the American people are even letting the Dems consider those three turd blossoms as VP to begin with. Can you imagine how people would have responded 20 years ago if it was even hinted they were potential VP picks? Even the left would have been going nuts.

  4. Ken, one of the first things they will do is shut down your site and probably lock you up in a re-education camp. The first thing dictators do is lock up or starve the opposition and shut out their voices.

    This is already happening. They shout down speakers who might tell the truth; they cancel the social media accounts of people who disagree with them; they get the dissidents fired from their jobs or they cancel their businesses. Once they have full control, it will be much worse.

    I hope you have a place to escape.

    1. The media and Tech are already silencing folks. Just that if basement joe hair sniffer wins, the silencing will go into high gear where anything resembling individuality, freedom, liberty, patriotism, and love of life will be shut down more so than it is now.

    2. Sorry DaisyK, but your comment doesn’t meet community standards, so it won’t be seen by anyone. Hot war, cold war, civil war, depression, I think our first disaster will be Hyper-Inflation, you just can’t keep pumping all this fiat currency into the economy with out consequence, Dems&Repubs, are both to blame. It concerns me when I go to wally world, and see all the sparse items of various things. As for Big Ears, it amazes me that people are either so stupid or so naive, when you tell them that Big Brother is watching. They will always say, well your such a small apple that BB doesn’t care what your doing, WRONG, it’s true that BB doesn’t daily watch what Lightfoot Mountain Trekker is doing, but when ever the need arises, all BB has to do is enter LMT into their data bank and they know ever breath I took for the last 3 decades or longer, and they will then be able to take whatever action they see fit. Sorry to tell you, but when it comes to BB there is no Gray Man. Molon Labe! Trekker Out

  5. A question from a tech neophyte? Who has the authorization to access the information stored by the NSA? It does not seem to be the Senate or many questions on all the political intrigue would be answered by now. It does not seem to be the President or all that info on FISA and spying would have come to light by now. So, who the hell is controlling all the data that can expose the corruption in government, industry, tech, …. ?????

    1. hermit us
      Getting NSA data requires a Court Order (or so they claim it does…heh heh).

      The NSA has everything….including every bit of correspondence from within Obama’s inner circle. (“They thought she would win.”)

      Go to Wikipedia and search PRISM. That’s the code name for the NSA surveillance program.

      Snowden warned us…

      1. You’re answering how to get it legally, rather how it can be accessed though. Remember that sequestration was a very huge hurdle that O threw onto the field of play. You still had to keep up with workload, despite having to downsize to fit under a cap. And the only viable way to do that was through the use of contractors for a great many things. They built and designed systems that would perform tasks rather than someone being in house to provide that code. If a system failed to perform, or had to be taken through an upgrade or patch, the contractor performed those tasks and inevitably had the ability to see how their system was being used. They are not cleared for full disclosure in most instances, they merely perform based on a defined set of parameters. Yet, in so doing, they do stumble into some things that they were never meant to see. That’s just part of the risk assessment.

        1. M’Lynn,
          I briefly answered the question “Who has the authorization.”

          Earlier I mentioned that it was contractors who performed the vast majority of queries. When Admiral Rogers was alerted to the anomalies, he shut the access down. A number of known contractors are closely associated w/ Obama staff, btw. The Nellie Ohr/CrowdStrike/FusionGPS association being one of them. Husband, Bruce Ohr, then the deputy associate attorney general (the top subordinate of Sally Yates), then Obama’s deputy attorney general (later acting AG). Ohr was a direct pipeline to Yates. Yates who, just today, threw James Comey at the bus…

      2. If the NSA still has all the information on the car loan I got in 1996 for a Jeep Wrangler and try to use that against me, well good luck. That car was a piece of crap. Good luck shaking me down with that info. If they try to use it to get me to spill the beans, well I can go on all day about how that was one of the worst vehicles I ever had.

        Just because the NSA has all this info on us, doesn’t mean that it has to be useful info. If they try to use that info to come up with some kind of trend or predict what my life habits are, well good luck with that.

  6. I find this more and more intriguing: the first week of the year in January I had this overwhelming gut feeling that 2020 was going to be a very challenging year, at first I thought for me personally, but then that went away. As things in the world began to stir up I told my premonition to my wife. And now again here Ken projects the same sentiment with good background facts and right after I just finished listening to a program where several other persons have been making the same idea, well before and during the events we’ve seen this year. All this to me means, whether it continues on or not I am going to be prepared to the best of our ability for the unforeseen worst scenario. Hopefully it won’t be as scary as I can imagine. Lots to do.

    1. End of 2017 I was essentially told that I have two years to get ready. That would have been the end of 2019 beginning of 2020.

  7. Welcome to the New World Order — Agenda 2030. The plans were crafted decades ago and political affiliation has no bearing on the end goals. The agenda, by design, has been to remove individuality and freedoms with a lockdown on religious beliefs, cultural norms, and personal properties. This is a global manuever, not just an agenda for America. THEY know so much better than we mere mortals do….and they will be in command. Who are they? The top-most entitled elites in the world: bankers, businessmen, political leaders, ‘intellectuals.’

    Our Nation’s leaders have guided our country into this Agenda 2030 with so many globalized tactics — WHO, the UN, the World Economic Forum, NATO, and many special sector global organizations. And this isn’t unique to the USA, it’s happening around the world. They are all steering their countries into the globalized, connected, controlled future.

    What we’re now seeing is the guided social re-engineering of how society behaves. George Floyd’s death did not bring about the BLM/Antifa uprising, it was merely a tiny catalyst that was used to detonate what was already planned. The Fourth Turning predicted all of this cyclic behavior, and we are in the Fourth now — the early part of the revolution phase.

    People will be (are) tracked and controlled in all avenues of life (we are now witnessing this). Soon, America will be introduced to “social behavioral scores” similar to what has recently begun in China. YOU MUST CONFORM!

    Whether COVID-19 was part of the Agenda or not, the pandemic has certainly helped the Agenda expedite its goals. Being in physical ‘lockdown’ for months now, people are being controlled. It was easy, fear being the motivator for most people to comply with mandates that have never been used on Americans before.

    With the ‘lockdown’ most countries are experiencing harsh economic difficulties. Many people have lost businesses, or jobs. Many are irreplaceable at this time. Is this the intersection where AI is brought forward at alarming speed? Is this the time when our government begins pushing the ‘basic income’?

    The analyst in me sees the reality: America as we know it is gone, and our Founding documents are almost completely destroyed. We have gone beyond anarchy and are living without rule of law.

    The Believer in me sees the fragments of hope: love of God and country, a President who believes in America.

    Good versus Evil. History and scripture tell us of both.

    1. MT

      I guess a good place to start cleaning out the new world order might be at Bilderberg?

      1. hermit us,
        Bilderberg, Illuminati, CFR, Skull & Bones, Porcellian, Sphinx, Ivy Club, Quill and Dagger, Seven Society.
        It’s all out there if anyone dared to bring it forward.

        1. MT,

          I know this seems so out there (bear with me), and I’ve mentioned it here in the past (no interest/no response). But one night I went down the rabbit hole with this “Q” stuff (new to me) and learned that (at least the general consensus was that) because Trump knows where the bodies are (because he used to live amongst all the leftists/liberal/deep state/elitist types and take his money for their charities, etc.) and they know this, that they’re all terrified. Terrified that the longer he stays in office, the more likely it is that he’ll come for them or unleash the truth on the American people (via Durham and Barr). So that’s why they’re all doing everything in their power to get him removed. Apparently that’s what was behind what Hillary said on the hot mic the night she was supposed to concede, “If that so and so wins, we all hang from nooses!” He knows about the pedophilia, the sex trafficking of children, you name it. They’re all deep into it.

          Anyway, what I stumbled upon was that many of them are also deeply involved in the occult and this so-called “spirit cooking” (John Podesta, Hillary and Chelsea, Anderson Cooper, and so many celebs, etc.), as well as cannibalism. There’s even a club in LA called the Cannibal Club (same name DOT org)/Private Restaurant where they serve and “enjoy human meat.” I was horrified.

          Is all of this stuff related? I honestly don’t know what to make of all this evil and its connection to gov’t and the fact that it’s been happening for some time behind the nation’s backs while people fund, support and elevate those in power.

          If you’d rather disregard, I understand. Like I said, no one’s commented any time I’ve brought it up, so maybe I should just take a hint. But it really boggles my mind.

          1. ETA: They would take HIS money for their charities. My bad. Went too fast and didn’t proofread.

          2. MSG12B –

            I wonder if no one comments because it’s all so horrifying to consider. There have been blips here and there about the busting up of pedophile rings. Maybe Trump is chipping away at that from below, and the race is on to see if he can reach the higher ups before his time’s up. That might be wishful thinking, but one can hope.

            The rabbit hole goes so deep with some of this stuff. Not just pedophilia, but that it also serves another purpose of supplying ‘the twisted elite’ with adrenochrome. I’m not even going to talk here about what that is, but you’ll find it if you look. It’s just so evil and depraved. To them, we truly are just livestock to be used, and not just as tax slaves.

            I pray every day for justice, for the children who’ve been horribly abused, and for the wickedness to end.

          3. FARMGIRL,

            You’re probably right as to why no response. And it’s certainly understandable. It’s all so horrifying to imagine.

            I’m afraid I am familiar with adrenochrome (that rabbit hole again). I saw something about a “Life Insurance” file apparently on Anthony Weiner’s laptop; his wife Huma Abedin was Hillary’s assistant and she saved it as this life insurance policy for, well, I guess blackmail? Anyway, then I stumbled upon the email from one of the 11 NYPD officers/detectives who were forced to view the evidence and were so scarred from what they’d witnessed (they were daddies of littles) that 9 of the 11 “conveniently” suicided themselves. Said they could never unsee the horrific things in the file and it was the worst they’d ever seen in their lives. Hillary and Huma had allegedly surgically removed the face of a precious little girl, broke her right arm and then gutted her just before dancing around a room with the little girl’s face up to hers. I even saw photos attached to the notes from the detectives. I had to walk away because I thought I was going to lose my dinner from last night. How on earth these people aren’t hanging from the gallows or, at the very least, at Guantanamo (military tribunals to avoid court system owned by DS) waiting to be disposed of themselves is beyond me. No wonder they’re all losing their minds over Trump being in office. HE KNOWS WHERE ALL THE BODIES ARE BURIED.

            I’m just sick over this. Can’t sleep after seeing some of that. On a more positive note: Satan’s time is running very, very short. Thank God for that. Thanks for responding.

          4. FARMGIRL,

            Forgot to mention, I also heard the John Podesta (also part of the “life insurance” policy on the laptop) clip where he tortures a young boy. Man oh man…how these people are walking around among society…they need to be in cages. Anyone that harms a child, well, let’s just say there has to be a special place in hell for them.

          5. MSG12B,

            If anyone goes beyond basic news blips and starts to dig, it isn’t hard to find official documents to support the facts that human trafficking is being prosecuted at a pace never before seen. One interesting case I researched has been the New York NXIVM sex-slave/human trafficking cult. NXIVM was busted open. Leaders,Keith Ranier, Nancy Salzman; Allison Mack, Clare Bronfman, Laura Salzman have been found guilty on a number of charges but their sentences have been postponed (theoretically due to COVID).

            Another NYC ‘case’ yet to be advanced is the full contents of the Abedin-Weiner laptop which contains very incriminating evidence that could convict Weiner, Huma Abedin, and Hillary Clinton (maybe Bill, too), but the majority of the “Weiner laptop” case has never been brought to light. I’m not sure it ever will be…

            Tens of thousands of political/govt/business figures have been indicted/prosecuted for human trafficking, pedophilia, conspiracy. Sounds like a high count, but since the cases just aren’t being publicized outside of the region where the crimes took place, few are aware of the prosecutions. Court records can be found online, as can indictments. Want to know how prevalent sex crimes are within our political system? Just do a search on this: List of Democrats and Republicans convicted of sex crimes (Do not use Google). Your eyes will bug out!

            A few years back, I dug into the Wikileaks files, re: Hillary Clinton. I honestly don’t know what to think about the Pizzagate issue/conspiracy. But as we all know, the Left loves to broadcast their ideologies and actions through open communication like imagery or blame tactics. Maybe it’s time to backtrack to see if any of the suspicions have been met with indictments.

            About “Q”….who knows, but off and on I have read Q drops for quite a while. Q communication appears to be a method in which messaging can be provided to the public without constraints. Oftentimes, the Q messaging seems to be a warning system to the “DC Swamp.” Other times, the Q messaging seems to provide messaging to basic American patriots. Is Q legit? No substantiation on that, but lots of speculation. What is very telling to me is that no news correspondent as EVER approached anyone in the White House about the Q subject.

            Maybe others will comment?

          6. MSG12B,
            Many of us have been down those rabbit holes for a very long time. Some of us have mentioned similar subjects here over the years. Very few if any ever respond MSB12B. Don’t take it personally. This subject and others are extremely difficult for people to wrap their heads around much less respond or even act upon them.
            Unfortunately, that’s precisely why we currently are in this mess. Normalcy bias or paralysis with no analysis was the issue before the “dreaded virus” was thrust upon a gullible people. Now it’s fear and compliance by force for the terminally clueless sheep.
            I have been in SHTF mode since October of 2016 MSG12B. I saw issues 18 months prior to that. In hindsight, I should of acted in 2014. My own paralysis by analysis.
            That’s why they have been incessantly attacking Trump and the rest of us. If the sheep ever woke up to all the evil around them there would be people swinging from rope on every tree and lampost…

          7. MSG
            I have no clue the details,
            But the democrats have a very unhealthy obsession with DJT.
            So much so that they would rather tear our country apart,,,
            That makes them enemies domestic.
            We will see soon enough how bad it really is, but these people are retarded.
            Its humorous, in away, they accuse DJT of being a babbling idiot,
            What the hell is biden? From everything i have seen he is even worse.

          8. MSG12B –
            In relation to no responses, what is there to say? Their depravity and wickedness knows no bounds. A rabbit hole is just that, a hole. Your spirit becomes buried when you take in all that your eyes read. We need to know what they are doing. And lukewarm people that are proud to vote for them should have all of it as required reading since they condone the atrocities by keeping them in power.

            For some of us though it is so far beyond what our minds can grapple with that it becomes a weight once we’ve taken it in. I personally find myself depleted in such a way that I struggle to shake it off my spirit and get my mind re-centered on what matters most. Which for me is fulfilling my purpose in the time I’ve been given and allowing someone much more powerful than me to deliver the true vengeance that they have coming.

            Ken’s clock is what matters more to me. Perhaps that’s selfish but I have to measure my tasks against that deadline. To follow them is to waste precious time and an available opportunity to infuse good rather than stifle myself with their endless plethora of evil. In that respect, it all comes down to what we each fight to achieve. Maybe for some it is bringing darkness to light. But for me it’s about bringing light into the darkness.

            Within the Praying Medic link that you shared there was a letter from Flynn. For me it is vastly more important because it is fuel. It adds to me so that I may add to others, in hopes that all of us have enough within us to encourage another towards our victory.

            “Americans will never give in to evil. Americans work together to solve problems. NO enemy on this earth is stronger than the united forces of God-fearing, freedom loving people. Decide how to act within your abilities because prayer alone is not enough. Action is needed. Stand up. State your beliefs. Be proud of who you are and of what you stand for. Do not be intimidated or afraid that we are in the minority. GOOD IS ALWAYS MORE POWERFUL and WILL PREVAIL over evil.”

            That’s the response I choose to make within the time remaining on the clock. Eyes and heart turned towards victory, rather than carrying their burdens or allowing them to derail my time while it’s at hand. We all reap what we sow. So leave them to their chaff. We have wheat to harvest for the storehouse.

          9. MT, BJH, KULA & M’LYNN:

            Thank you all for your very thoughtful and wise responses to all that I shared.

            I think in this case, instead of saying anymore, I’m going to take M’Lynn’s words to heart and not get mired down in that rabbit hole of evil. I’m going to instead cling to the only words I know regarding vengeance, and that’s this:

            “Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.” (Romans 12:19)

            God will take out the trash in His own time.

            Blessings to you, my friends.

          10. MSG…I went down that rabbit hole yesterday. It kept me up last night. The level and amount of evil is horrifying.

            I have worked with foster kids and in my previous line of work I have seen evil, but nothing like where that led. I would imagine that many of us did not reply because we did not know or because it is pure evil. No words….

          11. PEGASUS:

            I pray you’re able to move past what you’ve seen in regards to the children; it’s difficult once you’ve seen it. I’m still shaken by those images. Take care, friend. Thank you for sharing.

    2. “The Believer in me sees the fragments of hope: love of God and country, a President who believes in America.”

      My hope is that American Patriots go deep underground and keep the movement intact. It may take years or an entire generation but if God is on our side we will take back the country and restore the pride that was once America.

    3. From one MT to another MT, actually these plans started, when Satan was cast out of Heaven. And everything that is taking place, was foretold 2000 years ago in the Holy Bible in the Book, The Revelation of John. There has been a continuous chain of players down through ages and as of today, it hasn’t come down to one man, but I believe we are getting very close. Are You Prepared! Trekker Out

      1. MT to MT,
        I have enjoyed my life on Earth, and am grateful for the blessings I have known.
        Yes, I am prepared.

    4. MT,

      agree with your sentiments. Also, Chinas social score, we already have one here just in a different way, and it is the FICO. Indebt yourself up to the eyeballs so you can prove you can manage money which does not belong to you, for some artificial number. No reward by our system when you are fiscally responsible with your own money.

    5. MM
      Please God help us All. We the legal citizens of the United States of America need our President Trump with your guidance to establish law and order, protect the innocent, punish the guilty, restore peace, maintain our liberties, our constitutional rights and rid ourselves of the Un-American evil ones that have started this whole mess with their lies, deceit, violence and the like. We want TRUTH JUSTICE and the American Way.! The Fascist, Communists, Socialists, Anarchists, the liberal far leftists should be expelled immediately if not sooner as Nobody invited them anyway.! President Trump Should declare martial law and clean up this mess.! Have a great day everyone… GOD BLESS AMERICA and praise be to the CREATOR the LORD and JESUS his son.! I know I’m praying and so should you.!

      1. MM – Yeah, I’m not too big on the whole martial law thing. As to cleaning up the mess, we all have a part to play in that. President Trump has responsibilities that come with the office he holds, but so do each of us. Our rights and liberties may be enumerated in the constitution, but they are ours to exercise and defend. God helps those who help themselves, as the saying goes. We can’t just sit on our tushes and wait for someone to save us. God gave us free will, and it’s up to us to use it wisely. Prayer is good, and even better when it guides right action. My 25 cents. (inflation)

  8. I agree with the OP 110%. With all the manipulation by the media giants it will take a miracle for Trump to win. I’m working hard to get him re-elected but I’m preparing harder for a major defeat. If Pedo Joe gets elected you can bet all your money that BLM and ANTIFA will be marching down your neighborhood no matter where you live. Gun czar Beto will disarm you with his black booted thugs. There won’t be much left of the America you and I know. I pray the good Lord will help us in this time of danger.

    1. Eli this is gonna look like the “Turner Diaries” in reverse. Before
      anyone says it, I read it as a primer, “Know thine enemy.”

  9. O had his “blacklist,” and boasted about it, Hillary had hers, Clinton had one. Whether the Bushes did or not I don’t know (they never spoke about it to my knowledge) but probably. At least two of these individuals have said that they’ll use these lists to go after the undesirables. Others in their cabal have said straight out that anyone who disagrees should be eliminated by whatever means necessary. If they succeed in neutering the congress, or get both houses, they’re home free.

    With this example, I see no reason that each of the alphabet agencies wouldn’t have their own “lists,” kept in reserve until the laws holding them back are removed.

    1. Lauren
      The laws holding back the alphabet agencies won’t need to be removed but it to get to the point where they will no longer be followed en mass. Example: look at all the immigration laws. None have been repealed, it is just that the leftist/socialist Dems no longer recognize or follow those laws and outright public ally say they will not follow those laws.
      A few years before Trump got elected, the buzz words for while was immigration reform. They kept saying we needed new immigration laws for this and that when in fact those laws were already on the books and had been there for a long time but were ignored.

      It is just a matter of time before the alphabet agencies realize that laws today mean nothing. And if they get caught, eh ohh well, knowing that besides a little questioning, nothing will be done about it.

      How many alphabet agents have been prosecuted over Ruby Ridge, IRS targeting conservatives, Waco, Fast and the Furious, CIA trafficking cocaine to the US, the EPA allowing the release of toxic mine sludge and poisoning rivers, Boston Bombers (US was warned before the bombings about those two crazies), FBI Russia scandal, and on and on…..
      Answer: ZERO

      1. Right now there is still that thin veil where the agencies think that if they do something, they might get in trouble. When that veil disappears, they will operate by doing what ever they want with zero concern for repercussions.

  10. Just a thought… about the perfect storm mentioned above.

    That massive explosion in Beruit… apparently it took out 80% of Lebanon’s grain supply. Wonder what a loaf of bread in Beruit will cost now??

    Where will they get their grain??

    Got wheat??

    Many parts to the approaching storm.

    1. Yes, ma’am. Yet look at how it all boils down to an age old, time proven strategy of having wheat in the storehouse, just like Mrs. U has commented on recently. That’s the only part we can control. Yet to my understanding that was pretty much the starting point for food storage of the Latter Day Saints. I think two women began the process for the members, then wound up trading in wheat futures and eventually sold the wheat being grown abroad.

      Bet they have a whole new market today.

  11. This is Golf Oscar Victor 2021 … Initiate Drone Strike on Mike Sierra Bravo… Location: November Hotel

    Roger Drone inbound… ETA 00:30

    1. Right? It would be that easy. Fortunately I’m a small fish in a big ocean. The big fish will be taken out first.

      There really is nowhere to “hide” anymore, if one wanted to. At least without going 100% dark and offline – forever. Cash and metals for currency. Though soon there will likely be a cash ban and new digital currency – so there will be no purchasing anything without it (that’s another story though – the Great Reset).

      Basically, conservatives, (whatever you want to call the variances thereof), are backed into a corner.

      1. Oh Ken it is just for fun do not take anything I say seriously. 😉
        Pass that on to the NSA for me so I don’t get droned…

    1. Look at Law of Supply and Demand.
      Those who Need urgently will pay any price, out bidding local people to gain any/every possible supply for their people… sure it will affect us/US. so will the Locusts plagues… crop losses from unexpected freezes in summer, frost and hail storms…the world over.All have happened in last few months… stack a worldwide plandemic on top of that…

      1. Just sayin,,
        Ive been wondering about the locust,,,
        Man oh man that would be a devastating thing,,, they eat everything,
        On the continental US it could happen, i hope it never makes it here, holy hell that would suck

        1. It s my understanding they have hit parts of India, Pakistan, Parts of China, Argentina…and a few other countries… with them being in South America it is conceivable they could get to the mainland.

          1. Just sayin’, a report today shows the locusts have arrived in Europe.

        2. Yep, its me..responding..have not deleted the older one off yet…don’t really know how…

  12. This is what World War III looks like. An undeclared fight between Globalists and those for Liberty and Individual rights. By fighting an “undeclared” war there are no rules of engagement; there are no treaties that must be observed. Biological weapons can, have, and will be deployed, and unknowing civilians are the intended casualties.
    Whether they are called Globalists, the Deep State, Communists, or otherwise they are making a desperate attempt to end individual property rights, Sovereign States, and Liberty. Their century long attempt at changing society had been covert, but with populist President Trump, and other world leaders, they have come out from the shadows to impose their ideology on the unknowing and knowing alike.

    God help us all if they win.

    1. Yes’m no declared war. It will be classifies as a police action.thereby will bypass a lot of the political process (approvals).

  13. Just heard on the radio , that there is talk of introduce a bill to ban the bible as it’s sexiest and raceses ,as I catch more will post it. ,,,not sure if California or washington. Will try listen closer ,,

    1. This is just banging sticks against the fence to see what happens.

      Much like if ANTIFA starts putting “666” on their shields.

    2. we have know they would try… is part of socialism, to ban all authority but theirs… like xi has declared he will not allow 3 gorges to collapse- like he is their god….and controls the weather…

      1. Original
        Recently some CCP experts said that the more water there is behind the dam, the stronger the dam becomes. The CCP finally acknowledged that the 3 gorges dam is buckled in one area but that there is nothing to worry about.
        I studied engineering in college but am far from an expert. From what I learned, if any part of a dam is bucked or has moved or tilted then the structure is not sound. I can’t see how they would design a dam to buckle under stress. Plus they identified some places where there have been leakage in the structure which supposedly has been fixed (maybe used chewing gun and caulking).

        All this is like saying: it’s ok you car temp shows 300 degrees, it’s ok, you can keep driving further into the desert because the communist party said it’s designed to do that.

    3. Twitter, Skype, Facetime, Messenger, Instagram will attempt to block prayer to God Almighty.

    4. OHomesteader,
      Its all about shaking the confidence and resolve, they figure if they can interfere with people’s faith it will cause them to be easier to overcome.
      They have forgotten about the crusades. I for one dont need a book, a building, nor a man in a robe to be in conscious contact with the Lord, i am not alone, nor unique. We will not be dissuaded from our faith by these people.

  14. Fear porn.
    Click bait.

    Hah, got your attention!!!

    This information gathering has been collected for decades. Even well before cell phones.
    Remember when land lines first started replacing with fiber optic lines?

    I remember my brother telling me all the information gathering from just the basic land line and what it could do, let alone the optic lines, now cells phones and the internet.
    But now it’s become a free for all to collect information on everyone.
    Our Constitution has been dying, even before we knew it was dying.

    The clock is ticking

  15. After having read this article and having read all of the responses, this will be my own last posting. Best wishes to all. I have something to do beside write. An American Indian once said that “today is a good day to die” -so be it!

  16. “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.”
    Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of the United States, in his address to the American people right after Pearl Harbor.

  17. Oh well!
    If that happens they will find out exactly why people have so much ammo and so many weapons,,,
    Wont be unexpected

    1. I have seen time and time again where .gov (Beto or whomever) will use their jackboots to confiscate the weapons Americans currently have. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Quick question is how many of these jackboots (BLM / ANTIFA) will be alive after just the first month of trying to disarm the American people? No matter what uniform they wear, the color of their helmets, what ‘orders’ they say they are following I for one will never comply and will resist with everything I have.

      I’m 71 and not in great shape but there is a fire of freedom in me that will burn until my last breath. Chances are that I’ll not make it past the first encounter but I will attempt to ensure that fewer jackboots will move on to the next American home.

      I also think that if things go south that there will be an Open Season on anything that calms to be a Democrat, and the radicals they support – they will never be safe from the true American fighting for freedom.

      Bottom line, I believe in God, Country and the Constitution as written and will do whatever needed to protect family, friends, neighbors and country from all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.

      1. VAThom
        You are not alone,,,
        In fact, most of the most dangerous guys i know are over 60, funny how after a certain point people just say screw it!
        Been a good life,
        Wont win the war but can definitely take a few with us eh,,,

        1. Haha
          VAThom and Kula

          Standing strong beside ya, both.

          As we say at work,
          “I’m Sick of this $hit”

        2. Kula
          Yes, many over seventy in my book of operators. I agree
          at some point you say exactly that. These yo-yo’s haven’t
          lived long enough to understand that us “old farts” know a
          few things and are willing to stand up and TCB. As a side-bar
          how do you like Lazie Mazie’s performance, little kid
          picking her marbles and going home mad. (not angry mad)

          1. K-bay
            I dont understand how she keeps getting re elected,,,
            Oh well, when living in a welfare state maybe we need to just join em,,, take till it hurts!

    2. Kula, I live in a very small town, and I just talked to a guy today that has a gun shop, and he said in one day last week, he sold 12,000 dollars worth of guns, and most were first time buyers. Wish I had of ask how much ammo they bought. Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum! Trekker Out

      1. MT
        Our little tiny island gun shops have sold more guns and ammo than anyone could ever fathom, people know we are on our own out here, i still hear libs saying nobody needs guns, luckily, nobody is going to listen to them,,,

  18. Who are the Bildabergs?
    There are people running the show that are not known to us, folks with money and power beyond belief.
    They are the ones planning and pushing the Great Reset
    Look it up— it is scary as hell!

  19. Another avenue of control and harassment is the IRS. There sure seemed to be evidence the IRS was used to target Tea Party groups and individuals during the Obama years.

    1. Well, once cash is gone…the IRS will be pretty moot as a threat.

      With purely digital money, if they do not like you, they just turn off your chipped card…or…restrict the area where it works…or…restrict what you can buy with it.

      Plus, any financial activity is subject to legal, secret, surveillance and constant monitoring.

      When you purchase anything they will know where you are in real time…they will know what you have purchased…they will know where the money came from to allow the purchase…they will know who sold the stuff to you…how much he paid for the stuff you bought…how much the seller made on the sale…and so forth.

      Even if one tries to hide from the system by getting other people to purchase things for them, we can still find you. Is the person acting on your behalf a friend, a family member, or anyone else in your social environment? If we are looking for you, we will notice the changes these people have made in their spending habits…and what they are buying…and find you.

      Happy times!

  20. Lead story over on Breitbart right now sorta fits this thread……….


    Evidently, someone complained of a private party where a large group gathered at a private residence and was not properly “social distancing”. Mayor Garcetti says he will instruct city workers to cut power and water to the home, and any other homes that violate his edicts.
    (of course, the picture accompanying the story shows Garcetti speaking to a shoulder to shoulder crowd surrounding him, he’s not wearing a mask, nor or many of those around him)

    Any bets on whether socialist governors would not do the same to punish rural regions of their state that don’t comply to their orders to………………..whatever they deem you should?

    1. They could try,,,
      Butthen again their infrastructure that supports urban areas is pretty old and might have problems,,,
      Just sayin is all,

    2. Dennis –

      I would absolutely bet on it. Think siege. ‘Course, then, I’m not sending them any of my vegetables. They can just eat that fake meat stuff.

    3. The party folks could just say it’s a BLM gathering. The la mayor will probably give them spray paint and pitch forks for their next ‘protest’.

      Note: Webster dictionary redefinition of ‘protest’– a group of lawless people who loot and burn businesses, rape and murder innocent people (including black peoples), and leave ‘Black Lives Matter’ signs everywhere just like the way a male dog pees on everything everywhere he goes.

  21. Re-Elect No one! Congress and the Senate! One side is as corrupt as the other! I hate them all! Stop Re-electing the corporate owned career criminals, Nazi Pelosi, Mitch Mcconnell, etc. It wont solve the problem but its a start. Btw, everyone talking about going to war? He who owns the sky controls the battle field. Just look at Iraq and Afghanistan. They have drones with hellfire missiles. Good luck with your battle as they are always watching and they will vaporize your ass.

    1. Context my friend. We have drones, too.

      We are not primarily concerned with going up against National Troops, but enemy militias, like ANTIFA, and Marxist mobs.

      It is not going to be a very traditional battlefield at all.

      Gray people will be everywhere.

  22. Prepare yourself, people.

    As someone just said, “today promises to be eventful; you will need your sleep.”

  23. Black billionaire Oprah Winfrey says white people have an advantage because they are white.
    That’s like a horse claiming a centipede has an advantage because they have more legs.

    1. Amen to that, if the billionaires of this world weren’t so greedy they could bail out all the people in the world.I’m sick of people like big O and all the rest they should put their money where their mouth is.

        1. She is the definition of hypocrisy; look at her photos at Bing images when she was a teenager compared to now and it is pretty obvious she has had major work done to her nose, complexion, hair to look more White.

  24. Been reading the above posts all morning….my take away is this:

    As Ken posted in an earlier article, it doesn’t really matter who wins the election, bedlam will break out and will possibly lead to a civil war and the fall of America as we know it.

    Our alphabet agencies have great capabilities and, as we’ve seen from the last election, can and do use them for purposes other than intended (I worked in the government and I know).

    I’m currently reading a series of books under the title of “Black Autumn” by Jeff Kirkham and Jason Ross. Throughout the series, Americans from all walks of like come together to defend her (America) with, in many cases, little more than guts and some small arms.

    I still believe in the American spirit and our willingness to fight, and die, for what our Founding Fathers put forth in the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and our Bill of Rights.

    There is no doubt in my mind that if the worst happens, there will be a fight and people will die….on both sides of the issues. However, America and it’s people will prevail, albeit not as we know it now. We may be back into the 1800s and may still be fighting some foreign force as in “Red Dawn”, but we’ll still be America….and God Bless her and steel us for the fight ahead!!!

  25. If that happens, it makes Stalin look like real pussy.
    You better to fight back. Believe me, you DO NOT want that to happen

  26. Because they care…

    “New York AG seeks to dissolve NRA in lawsuit accusing leaders of self-dealing, causing $64 million in losses”

    Allofasudden, the AG is troubled that Wayne LaPierre and 3 other NRA executives have enriched themselves with NRA money.

    1. If the NRA really gave a crap about the 2A, they wouldnt have “negotiated“ away and “compromised” away our 2A rights,,,,
      Old men with 28” bird guns isnt what the 2A is about

      1. Kula

        This is an old accusation especially about the extravagance of Wayne’s lifestyle. I stopped my membership a couple of years ago for this reason and this is a choice all members can make. If they clean up their act, I will again support this organization.

        Too bad we can not make the same decisions about the taxes we pay, that support the lifestyles of some corrupt lawmakers and bureaucrats in government.

        1. Yup,
          Agree 110% Hermit,,,
          Things we dont control eh.
          Hows those purdy raised beds of yours doin this year?

          1. Kula

            Raised beds producing great. Rainy early summer slowed things a bit, but cool weather crops like peas and radishes loved it. Then hot temps and the others took off.

            But , as you know, gardening is always a moving target. Stay well.

  27. If the electrical grid goes down, things will run for a little while on generators… nothing works in this day and time if no electricity. Sub stations, transformers and elct poles.

  28. NRA, a diversion, added to all the other diversions… read, Dumocrate B.S.
    Same old sh#t different front, still the assault on the second amendment and
    our other civil liberties. What’s next, everyday’s a new diversion.

  29. Saw a few comments on the web that Susan Rice is dumping her
    Netflex stock.
    Speculation is she is preparing for Sleepy Joe’s announcement on
    who will be his pick.
    There are a couple of links for it but its easy to find.

    1. McCat..
      SR is known as a DAMNED LIAR by those whom are really watching,
      so I imagine we shall see what we shall see.
      She can go f%#k herself, she lied about American military personnel
      being killed, that is a betrayal.

  30. In the end the Creator will destroy the evil one by fire and only the righteous will remain. God the Creator will then recreate for the righteous to start over clean and pure. Praise be to the Lord God the Creator and Jesus Christ whom died for us on the cross. May God Bless and don’t forget to say your prayers.!

    1. MM –
      Clean and pure. Those two words speak volumes to me because for me it is the world from my childhood. We had so much fun – playing outside from dusk to dawn and just filthy dirty when we came back home. Drive In movies that were playing something you wanted to see and Wonderful World of Disney movies about Swamp Fox and the White Stallions and stories never told anymore. Sunday dinners after church, then a Sunday drive into the country. Thousands of memories that still feel so close, even though its been decades. Clean and pure explains them all.

      To every force of darkness upon this earth, I will do everything within my power to get the children of America back to having meaningful and sustaining childhoods of their very own again. It is the greatest gift that I can give to them and I will fight tooth and nail because they deserve it. So I thank you for your words and will pray with ALL of my might that victory is close at hand and the righteous re-start can begin very, very quickly. We need it. We deserve it. And I personally will not rest until it is complete.

      1. M’Lynn / MM

        Don’t forget The Scarecrow, and my personal favorite Chip and Dale. Most people are 100% focused on this natural world. The disciples only saw the natural when walking with Yeshua. Can you imagine that? They were walking with God in the flesh and could not see it. But when the Holy Spirit descended upon them, they remembered everything He taught them. I pray for revival. I pray this nation repents and turns to Him. I fear this nation will face His judgement, and I fear that is beginning now. If a person does not love Adonai with all their heart and obey Him, I don’t care how much they prep.. It WILL all be striped away. He will bring them to their knees. When I hear a non-believer say God bless America, I tear up and pray – Father Most High, send the Holy Spirit to their heart for they know not what they do. Yeshua is not fair….He is just. May our Lord bless you.

  31. During the Obama-Biden administration, there were many reports of business owners or leaders who publicly expressed their concerns about policies or proposals and then had OSHA, EPA, DOL or IRS suddenly show up for inspections or audits. Denial of local Tea Party nonprofit applications approval or harassment or delay during the process is pretty well documented. Then there were things like Solyndra getting millions as a friend of the President and then going bankrupt as part of the alleged economic bailout during the financial crisis. I literally shut up for the last 4 years of their administration because I work in an industry with high risks related to IRS harassment. Wanted to stay off their radar. Then there was the supposed nonprofit Clinton Foundation where access to the Billary regime was sold to pad Bill and Hill’s pockets. I experienced grade punishment 40 years ago in college due to political beliefs and now such punishment has spread to most areas of life. Yes, if Biden is elected, all the deferred aspirations I have been working for will be unattainable and I will be going to ground hoping to keep at least the basics. I will try not to cry as I pray daily (in hiding) for my children and grandchildren and their bleak futures without basic freedoms and freedom of fear from the whims of the flawed individuals occupying seats of power.

  32. All
    To para-phrase AG Barr, the left have withdrawn from liberal ideals and
    are now seeking “total victory” and they are not interested in discussion
    nor compromise.

    Also added that the goals from the handbook of antifart is the establishment
    of a communist state via the overthrowing the government with the
    immediate goal of removing TRUMP from white house.

    Time will soon be upon us to stand and fight, or shudder and lose.
    Pick a side.

  33. All…
    Read and grow strong.

    …and once Trumps gone and we have regained our rightful place
    in the White House, lookout if you supported him and endoresed
    his actions, because we’ll be coming for you next. You will feel
    the vengeance of the nation. No stone will be left unturned as
    we seek you out in every corner of this nation. For it is you,
    who have betrayed us. 18 June 2020….

  34. That clock keeps counting, the rhetoric from leftist politicians is mind numbing. Never ending BS.
    Haven’t seen much on rioting the last few days, must be a new squirrel…
    Serious stuff to consider coming our way, some will be insulated, their communities moderate or just still reasonable, but look for the leftist dominated media and the alternatives to push the doom and gloom like it is all of our future.
    But really, what can any one of us do about events that are so far removed from our daily lives or place of residence?
    Is it really worth getting plugged up over?

    1. “But really, what can any one of us do about events that are so far removed from our daily lives or place of residence?”

      Answer: Simply put… preparedness for the potential (or probable) impact of said events. Everyone’s AO is different. So preparedness thereof will vary. Some hardly – others a-lot. As usual, it depends.

      Plugged up? No. Don’t get plugged up. Enjoy the time we have. I also actually enjoy the process of preparedness. But that’s just me 😉

      1. Keeps bringing to mind that little saying Sundance keeps posting over at CTH,
        “Live your best life,”
        It has multiple meanings and applications,
        Simple, yet very deep.
        I feel bad for the youngest among us, will they get to have a life like i did or better? It just feels that time draws short,

    2. Kulafarmer,

      You know……..I know….anyone with half a brain knows, by now….that the civil unrest is orchestrated. Turned on, and turned of by management. The same management that once held power, under and through those who formerly held the reigns of power in the White House.

      The guilty plea by Kevin Clinesmith, I believe, is just the teaser prelude to what will be flood of sewerage flowing into public view as Barr opens the floodgates in the reservoir of evil that was festering in Washington, D.C. before Trump entered the picture.

      I believe that the field commanders of antifa, blm, occupy, etc. have be given stand down orders to regroup, re-supply, and prepper for much larger and intense attacks leading up to election day.

      Remember the pictures of shotgun toting black panthers intimidating voters at polling places under Obama? Do you recall any prosecutions?

      Vote early my friends (not by mail, at the early voting polling places). November 3 may be a day of chaos.

      P.S.- I’ve got it on good authority, my mountain is not a primary target…………yet.

  35. Found this while I was checking in with the rest of the world tonight.

    “Middle class America is no less violent than any other people. They seem passive because they’re results oriented. They rise not out of blood frenzy but to solve the otherwise insoluble. Their methods of choice are good will, cooperation, forbearance, negotiation and finally, appeasement, roughly in that order. Only when these fail to end the abuse do they revert to blowback. And they do so irretrievably. Once the course is set and the outcome defined, doubt is put aside. The middle class is known, condemned actually, for carrying out violence with the efficiency of an industrial project where bloody destruction at any scale is not only in play, it’s a metric. Remorse is left for the next generation, they’ll have the leisure for it. We’d like to believe this is merely dark speculation. History says it isn’t.”
    – Ol’Remus

    Great words from a great man.

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