When Those Who Took The Gene Therapy Start To Die ‘en masse’ This Fall

I have been thinking about this for awhile. Why? Because if there are mass deaths this coming Fall flu season (triggered by mRNA gene therapy side-effects), well, the year 2020 will pale in comparison. I want to be reasonably prepared for the possibility.

Is it conspiracy to contemplate the potential reaction to the ‘vaccinated’ masses when they begin to encounter virus this Fall (as warned by many concerned virologists and doctors)? No, of course not. It’s called critical thinking. Thought process. Due-diligence research.

I am not a mind-numbed-robot who automatically believes mainstream (agenda driven propaganda). Rather, I am skeptical. Especially when the propaganda is shoved down our throats with such intensity. That’s a big red flag for me…

There are plenty of respected doctors and virologists who have expressed high concern for the many possible and probable side-effects of the experimental gene therapy shots.

Without even touching upon the blood clots and strokes, there is an apparent possibility that those who received the spike protein into their blood as a result from the jab – may be in trouble come next flu season, or sooner.

So, what if?

Preparing For Mass Death Next Flu Season

Listen, I pray to God that none of the warnings come true. That would be fantastic. I hope that these mRNA gene therapy shots prove out to be wildly successful. However, I have doubts. Especially given the many deaths and horrible side effects being reported already.

Preparing for the possibility. It will do you no harm to prepare. None.

Instead, if you have prepared to the extent of your comfort zone, and nothing happens, well, you’ve at least beat some of the incoming inflation! Tomorrow’s dollars will be worth less. (Hopefully not worthless!)

Do you know how many have already gotten the gene therapy shots? A quick DucDuckGo search reveals here in the United States, more than 165 million people. About 50% of the population.

The other half (or a good percentage thereof) are ‘waiting’. Refusing at this time. That sounds reasonable. Especially given the survival rate of this current virus strain (Covid-19) – as long as you’re in reasonably good health (and your immune system) and not in the very elderly group who are always most vulnerable to flu virus.

So of the 165 million, what if just 1% die en masse next flu season due to the mRNA altering spike protein effects in the body and its immune system. That would be 1.65 million people! And that’s just 1%…

“What if” 10% of them die? My God, that’s 16 million people! What if it’s worse than that?!

If you think the lockdowns and economic disaster was bad during 2020, this would be mind-numbing. A complete collapse. Can you imagine how much production would be shut down? The massive shortages that would result? It would be incredibly disastrous.

How do you prepare?

This scenario would be a little different from just stocking up on ‘stuff’. It would be (possibly) quite a lot different.

How so? Well, the extent of your preparedness would need to be quite extensive. Very long lasting.

The worst problems for you will be food (shortages), finance (collapse of income and possibly the entire system), and freedom (complete lockdown and tyranny).

So, plan for those three things. That is, if you’re concerned about the possibility.

I am not of the mindset that this is definitely going to happen. I am not going ‘overboard’ on any new preparations. Instead I’m keeping my ear to the ground, so to speak. It’s early as of this post. We’ll see.

We are already hearing lots of ‘scare tactics’ of variants. There is apparent evidence that ‘the vaccinated’ are likely attributing to this (variant strains). Time will tell where all this goes.

Readers here know that there is a massive political angle to this, and all that has happened. Lots of science has been thrown out the window and replaced with ‘political science’. This will remain a major factor in what we see and hear in the mainstream. So bear that in mind.

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