WHISTLE BLOWER: Big Tech Will Swing The Election in 2020

The absolute power of Silicon Valley ‘Big-Tech’ (Google, Facebook, Twitter). It should be extremely alarming to everyone. Regardless of one’s political orientation.

Are you are at all curious or concerned about it?

Watch the following 7 minute video clip from c-span. It may stun you.

Robert Epstein, Senior Research Psychologist at American Institute for Behavioral Research.

He himself is very much a democrat. Because he is so concerned with his scientific study results, he’s blowing the whistle on Big-Tech as seen in the following Senate Hearing.

He concludes:

  • Google can manipulate 2.6 Million to 10.4 Million votes
  • Unknowingly to the voter
  • Easily swing an election

Epstein is convinced. Big-Tech (Google, Facebook, Twitter) will be ALL-IN for the democrat nominee in 2020.

Link to original clip

There really is no denying their influence. As a result, I personally am of the opinion that this alone will likely be enough for Trump to lose 2020. That’s barring some other overpowering or offsetting set of circumstances.

We have entered into the unknown.

Three far-left billionaires now control the political direction of the United States. (And that’s not counting George Soros and his influence, for instance).

Google – Current CEO: Sundar Pichai
Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg
Twitter – Jack Dorsey

What happens when ‘enough’ people believe that a major election has been ‘rigged’? I suppose we’ll find out. Or not.

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  1. It’s programming. The big tech companies, like any other, spend millions on determining how to influence their target audience. When people’s only access to “news” is the social media sphere and they look no farther, it’s natural for them to be influenced by what they see.

    I see otherwise intelligent people who accept what they read on FB without question. No research, no objective analysis, if it’s in a meme it’s the absolute truth.


  2. Forgot Bezos, Washington Post who certainly doesn’t like potus. the Post has a a rather significant on-line presence.

    Also according to our intelligence agencies whom potus doesn’t trust foreign players are already trying to manipulate it.

    Now the stage is set for his loss, he won’t concede it and blame it on big tech. Ready for president for life DJT? Will it turn into a hereditary position?

    Anyone else notice how the position is lately being referred to as a “reign”.

    It is getting even scarier than it has been.

    1. me,

      “Now the stage is set for his loss, he won’t concede it and blame it on big tech. Ready for president for life DJT? Will it turn into a hereditary position?”

      “Anyone else notice how the position is lately being referred to as a ‘reign’.”

      I enjoy brainstorming a conspiracy theory as much as the next guy. A president, or for that matter, a city council person, who refuses to step down after losing an election, better have a bigger army than the ones with the law and the courts backing them (ask Hillary, the media, big tech, various federal intelligence and law enforcement higher ups). In other words, Trump could not pull it off any more than they could prevent his win and assuming the office.

      The word “reign” itself describes a period of time with a beginning and an end. I’ll not lose any sleep worrying about this. I would worry, just a little bit, that a p!ssed off population might rise up in anger at manipulation or hijacking of our system.

      1. Dennis, I always enjoy your insight. I guess I’m just a commoner who thinks of royalty reigning and presidents serving. In all fairness I did hear Fox referring to Obama’s terms in office as a reign also.

        I often wonder though if it came down to push versus shove who the military would support.

  3. If you go to the beginning of the hearing on Cspan you will hear Ted Cruz opening remarks then you will hear mazie hirono as is typical flippantly dismissing this hearing as a witch hunt.
    Oh the hipocracy, the democrats in congress are enemies domestic and traitors

  4. Ken,
    At least this guy is awake enough to know that this is a bad thing, most on the left will dismiss it and most on the right wont even see it!
    Wont matter, IMHO we are in a fourth turning and everything is about to come unglued. Im not especially religious, do have faith, but am quite certain that cycles repeat, especialy long wave cycles, as you basicly said yesterday, be engaged but take whatever actions you need to assure you and yours are taken care of.

  5. I highly recommend watching “The Great Hack” on Netflix. It’s a documentary that focuses on Cambridge Analytica and Facebook’s influence on the 2016 election and the Brexit vote. It’s a really good look into the MO of all corporations involved in surveillance capitalism.

    1. I just watched it and WOW!! WE are so manipulated and don’t even know it!! I think just about all advertising is like that. Watch it enough times and it becomes the truth!! Scary time we live in!!

  6. The one thing that I really find disturbing is de-platforming and denial of service by online payment processors because hey may not agree with your cause or speech on your website.

    We are living in Orwellian times. Even Ken’s blog can be denied service and de platformed because some [email protected] A… writes bad things in the comment section and the Communist minder at a financial institution either a – he, him, it or she, her, it – get’s their pretty pink panties in a wad.

    When that happens ken you will have to let us know what freq. you’ll be broadcasting on the 2m. 😉
    Probably have to be a pirate signal while your on the move in your rig.

    1. Ken you should probably put a big display on your site what the 2m freq is just in case you are shut down without notice by 2020 elections. I have been trying to war game a solution for this issue. I’ve been looking at several foreign server companies and domain hosting companies to figure out the best combo for clients. The ones that wiki leaks website use – services like that.

      1. That’s a good idea – to research offshore hosting alternatives, just in case. I believe that Rawles hosts from Switzerland nowadays, for example.

  7. Truthfully, this is not a new occurrence, it goes back a long way with television news. The anti-war movement in the Vietnam era didn’t gain steam until Walter Cronkite declared the war unwinnable on the CBS evening news. Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw didn’t even pretend to be unbiased during the first Gulf War (all while Bernie Shaw was hiding under a hotel table in Baghdad). There is an entire generation that thought Jon Stewart was actually a journalist…It’s just that now, they have perfected their insidious subliminal messaging and woven it into the alleged news they produce on the internet. There are large numbers of people that get their news from Facebook for goodness sake. We are truly doomed, these are the people we are going to leave this country, indeed this planet, in their hands…God help us all.

  8. 2020 will be a no holds barred election for the demicrooks.
    The 2016 election was a Major embarrassment for them, in a big way.

    Prep on, big time. It ain’t gonna be pretty, either way.

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