What Will Happen if the Left Controls ALL Government | 2020

Seriously, this could happen. I’ll explain how and why in a minute.

I’m asking you an honest question. This is not conspiratorial or too far fetched.

What kind of things will begin to happen and what will take root if the far left (there really is no center left anymore) takes over this country following the 2020 election?

The time period leading up to the election is still more than a year away. But I’m fairly certain that it’s going to get rocky around here as we approach.

Can Trump Lose?

Yes, absolutely he can lose the 2020 election. And he might.

How Might Trump Lose?

  • Economy downfall
  • Big Tech influence
  • Voter turnout will be less (on the right)
  • Failed illegal immigration promises

Trump May Lose 2020 (Collapsing Economy)

Most thinking people know that the current economic bubble is the longest in history and is WAY OVERDUE for a fall. Every president tries to influence economic policy to keep in favor with the voting public. Even at the expense of long term repercussions.

Have you looked at the debt lately? Do you recall last year’s budget? Have you seen Trump’s latest budget agreement with the Repubs and the Dems? It’s astounding. There is ZERO effort to slow down or cut the ever expanding deficit. NONE.

The problem is, they’ve been blowing this bubble larger and larger.

While the membrane of the balloon’s lining is stretched to it’s breaking point, the masses look in unknowing wonderment and glee at the pretty round orb.

Sadly, their ingrained normalcy bias prevents them from thinking clearly. It can’t go on like this forever. If it blows up before the 2020 election, Trump will be blamed. Count on it. He will likely lose the election because of it.

With that said, don’t you think there are powerful entities that want Trump gone? Why wouldn’t they blow up the economy to get that done? Just saying…

Big Tech Influences Millions Of Voters

Yes, that’s right. Most everyone knows this to be true.

Recently, Dr. Robert Epstein, a democrat and a senior research psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology, said the following:

“Google not only has the power to shift opinions and votes on a massive scale but they exercise this power. This is what I measure in my research.”

“Google and similar companies like Facebook are completely unregulated in the United States, so, they can do whatever they please.”

“And if they all work together in 2020 to support the same presidential candidate, they can shift upwards of 15 million votes with no one knowing they have been manipulated and without leaving a paper trail for authorities to trace.”

And there is no doubt whatsoever that Google, Facebook, Twitter, will be doing everything within their power to oust Trump and usher in their preferred president.

Fewer Will Turn Out And Vote (for the ‘Right’)

It’s a natural thing. It’s more difficult for a Republican President to get right-leaning voters to get off the couch and go vote. Same thing (reversed) if it was a Democrat President.

Why? Because they’re already in office, the incumbent. Many figure that re-election will be won. They’re a bit less motivated. So many stay home.

Trump 2016 had a very motivated base and he tapped in to a angry middle class which got him the delegates to win the election. Perhaps this time around the motivation won’t be as strong (comparatively)? We’ll see.

Trump’s Apparent Failed Illegal Immigration Promises

What largely motivated his 2016 fan base was the issue of slowing down and stopping the massive illegal immigration on our southern border. (plus the fear of a president Hillary)

Remember “Build That Wall!”? Well, apparently portions of existing inferior wall is undergoing some replacement. However best I can determine there has been no new walls where there hasn’t already been existing walls.

There are MORE illegal immigrants crossing the border than under Obama. There are FEWER deportations (so far) than under Obama. So what has happened to his promises? Yes, he has been fought and fought hard by the left. But many on the right are looking for results.

When The Left Controls The White House, Congress, Senate

I’m telling you right now, if this happens (and it could), it’s going to be SHOCKING.

The new ‘Far Left’ is here. They are a reflection of perhaps what is to come. And possibly in a very big way. There are millions upon millions of additional younger people who vote each year. Most of them are indoctrinated into the new Far Left ideologies.

That means more and more ‘representatives’ who will be elected to reflect these ideologies. It’s a coming apparent tidal wave.

Incidentally the only way I see it curtailed (the new Far Left ideologies) is if we enter into another Great Depression. That kind of a life change will bring about ideological change. But I digress.

The Things That The New Far Left Wants Most

POWER. Period. Then they can get the rest of the ‘things’ done.

They Want Your Guns

It should go without saying. They always have, and always will, want your guns. The tools of resistance must be eliminated. That’s REALLY what it is always about. Just look at other socialist and communist countries. That’s what they do. And they do it early.

They will start with the most popular sporting rifle in America, the AR-15. The so called “assault rifle”. No, the “AR” does not stand for that, even though most of them think it does. Armalite Rifle (you can look it up). But I digress again.

Then they will limit magazines to 10 rounds. Then they will start the ban on semi-autos. On and on. That’s what they’ll do. They will have the congress, senate, and a president who will sign it all. Count on it.

Silence The Voices Of Opposition

If you think that “hate speech” is bad already, wait until you see what they’ll do with it after they control the presidency, the house and senate.

They define it today as pretty much anything that they don’t agree with. Then it’s used to silence the opposition. They’ve been doing it since Trump 2016 and during the next year it’s going to be stunning.

They will likely criminalize the use of words and expression of ideals to an extent that scares the $hit out of everyone else. This in turn keeps the potential opposition mostly silent – in fear of prosecution or deplatforming.

Buying and Selling Only If You ‘Fit in’

They’re already doing this. There are a number of ‘too big to fail’ banks and other banks that will not do business with other businesses which they don’t agree with.

They are using the power of money to forge and shape only the ideals of their own beliefs. In other words, if you’re a start-up gun shop business, good luck getting a loan or banking with them. There are lots more examples, but that’s the general idea.

Social Score Monitoring | Loss of Privacy Rights

They are doing this in China, right now. And I can see it being implemented here (though it already is, though in a lesser way).

Pretty much any of your so called rights will be based on your social score. That is, how you conform to the proper behavior of a good model citizen.

Technology and data collection already exists which collects unknown vast quantities of data about YOU and your BEHAVIOR. We are all profiled.

It is not inconceivable that this information could one day be used to enforce, allow, or limit you in your everyday life. Well, it already is, but I’m talking about a more encompassing way.

Intimidation | Violence

Look at how the violent Far Left has been beating on those of the Right. In some parts of the country they are going entirely untouched by law enforcement (e.g. Portland).

Can you imagine how empowered they will become after ‘they’ control all of government?

The new Far Radical Left really is a violent bunch. Some of what I see on TV appears so absolutely insane, I believe they’re possessed by devils. It will spread like wildfire if unconstrained.


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Left/Right is an illusion, there are very few so called “representatives” who represent anything other than their own interest and power for themselves.

And forgot,
Stay away from crowds,
Who is John Galt!

It is necessary to break eggs when making an omelet,

Contemplate the reality

Your response, the first one, is exactly what people here need to see to know what we are up against, ignorance and apathy.

At least i dont drive a chevy!

Kulafarmer, Dennis or Nailbanger, to all three of you; you drive this Chevy nuts.
Not really, but a little.
I use the word “ignorance” referring to an attitude, not the person. And the word derives from “ignore”. It doesn’t mean stupidity, it means you know what the deal is but you choose to not acknowledge it, to ignore it. Like when I sobbed at the dinner table because I hated green beans, my mom ignored me.
I guess island dwellers who live on volcanos probably have to learn how to not care.

So ya mean its sorta like you drive a chevy, in spite of the fact that they fall apart,,,
Got it

The first car my dad, myself, and my son owned was a Buick. But not the same one.
But Chevy’s breaking down? It’s news to me.


Don’t know how I became a target. Kulafarmer, Tommyboy, and Nailbanger are one and the same.

I’ve been Dennis from day one, I’ve drove Chevy’s since age 15, my first a ’57 hardtop. Got three right now. I don’t live on an island, I do live on a mountaintop in mid-continental U.S.

Me and Kulafarmer are both exceptional bright, but I’m a bit better looking and more humble.

Hope this clears up the confusion.

Dennis, my apologies, couldn’t remember “Tommyboy” alias. I agree, you sound like a much better looking guy and smart enough not to live a volcanic island driving an old Ford. But I’m glad somebody does live there to keep the flow of coconuts, pineapples and old TV shows like “Hawaii 5-0” going to keep Hollywood afloat, so to speak.
But if he’s too busy banging nails he might not notice the island tipping from all the Spam imported from the mainland. You say he is exceptionally smart, but is it smart to live there? I don’t know if I could be happy in a Gilligan’s Island type of environment, or even visit. Women running around in grass skirts all the time, in Walmart too? I don’t want to know.

Old ford?
Superduty still smells new,,
Live on a volcano but it aint coming back to life,
Ya, its rough livin here, especially when it is 80 in the middle of winter

being a Christian will be illegal. Cash will be gone so they can track every purchase you make

Totally agree with them wanting to eliminate cash. Also hold on tight if you are rural, they think we are all uneducated, toothless and married to our cousins.

Country, THAT’S the kind of country I want to live in. A place where you are left alone to live by your own values, w/o somebody coming around and sticking their nose in my life.

Have to agree with Kulafarmer. Not much will change except maybe the pace of how we are being stripped of our individual rights. The Left will increase the pace dramatically and it will be more painful but the Right is on board with wanting more power and control as well. They just do it at a slower pace and use pretty colors and words.

There will need to be a major reset in our government and nation before we can even start to slow down this train we’re on.


It amazes me to realize the naiveté people have towards the ambitions of the Left and I don’t see anything changing that. An image that I think of often is how a handful of German soldiers marched hundreds of J e wish people to their death. Where did they think they were taking them? To a party?

I do not foresee the Left creating a socialist state but a fascist one. The framework is in place already and operational in the media world. The media is where the power is and is the first place tyranny seeks control. When the Left is in the White House there will be one voice in the country, only one. Almost a done deal now.

For the Left their agenda is the law of the land, they do not regard our legal constitutional form of government to be legitimate.

What will it be like? Look at San Franfeces, gated wealth and homeless camps.

Absolutely, the Left are the actual Fascists, as any path to full blown Socialism in America must be paved with ever increasingly Fascist pavers. Any mixed economy, where private property still exists, but the government controls the property, is Fascist. After all, Fascism is nothing but a dishonest form of Socialism and not its political opposite. Both subordinate the right to property by an individual to the whims of the State.

What must happen in America, to achieve a Socialist paradise, is a continuing plague of creeping Fascism, until the mask is removed from the dumb driven cattle of citizens, now subjects, after they are safely enslaved and find themselves inside the human insect hive, created by their new Masters.

In keeping with this horrible goal, please note how the Millennial mindset seems so emotionally immature, sensitive to every imaginable insult, as it abandons truth, whenever it contrasts with their feelings, the feelings of others, and prevailing opinions of their selected social click.

Political Correctness is a symptom of a Fascistic mindset.

You hit the nail on the head with your statement:

“In keeping with this horrible goal, please note how the Millennial mindset seems so emotionally immature, sensitive to every imaginable insult, as it abandons truth, whenever it contrasts with their feelings, the feelings of others, and prevailing opinions of their selected social click.”

“Political Correctness is a symptom of a Fascistic mindset.”

I like the reference to “emotionally immature”. That’s a big part of it. There certainly is blame to go around for that one…

They will expand the Supreme Court and the lower courts to dilute all the judges Trump appointed.

No more immigration judges. They will do away with immigration laws. Anyone and everyone can come in and everyone who comes in can vote.

They will do away with all voter ID laws.

They will legalize almost all drugs.

They will take all the guns, not just the AR-15’s (except those owned by the “citizen militia”)

They will lower the voting age to 16.

They will force all businesses to pay $20 per hour plus pay for health care.

They will pay ‘reparations’ to everyone who claims to be a descendent of a slave.

They will outlaw fireplaces, wood stoves, gas furnaces, and private water wells.

They will outlaw private vegetable gardens.

They will outlaw home schools and charter schools.

Everyone will get free education from age 2 to 22. Such education will be required. Parents will lose all control over what their children learn.

Speech critical of the government will be outlawed.

All Republicans and Conservatives will be required to wear a badge that says, “I am a racist.”

I forgot to mention rampant inflation, high taxes, more regulations, collapse of our economy, long lines at stores, rationing, anarchy, sexual perverts on the street corners, reinstatement of the Iran Deal and the Trans Pacific Partnership, salary increases for members of Congress, requirements that all owners of real estate remodel their properties to new environmental standards, restrictions on owning a motor vehicle unless you can prove you need one. (If you are a Community Organizer or a Democrat campaign worker, of course you need one.) And they might cede Texas to Mexico, establish re-education camps for “homophobes” and who knows what else. They keep coming up with wonderful new ideas all the time!

You do realize you just described San Francisco and LA, right?


I got some of my ideas from them. And some from Booker, Biden, Sanders, and the Goon Squad. I don’t need original ideas. Theirs are so good.

Daisy K; Don’t forget about the increased death rate due to people not getting the meds/food they need to live. Or the increase in the murder/suicide rates, Not to mention the deaths of people due to the increase levels of lead and copper in their bodies from trying to take something from somebody else who doesn’t want to give it up.

So your saying they will turn the USA into Sweden…
rape central. so long as it’s only whites because we don’t matter anymore.

Mad Max Amerika

Just glad I’m old…..

No you are not glad you are old. Old people will be denied health care — not enough productive years left to justify the cost.

“What Will Happen if the Left Controls ALL Government”……….great question, glad you asked. Time to tell folks where we stand.

Once they take control, the surveillance state will go on steroids (yes, It can get much more efficient) so in the spirit of that knowledge, I will state my position.

Life will be euphoric. The climate will be perfect…….world wide. Butterflies and unicorns will frolic in the flower filled fields and forests.

In anticipation of this coming paradise, I was compelled to destroy all those offensive firearms and return the scrap to mother earth to replenish the minerals stolen from her to make those evil implements.

I have repented for my white, testosterone driven, maleness and privilege, a promise to do my best to repay those who great, great, great grandparents may have been slaves.

………..but, then again, I may just be yanking your chain and remain one of those they’d best pass on by when they start their purge.

I was about 2 sentences from asking you for some of those drugs you’re on… HAHAHA

Don’t forget, above the butterflies and unicorns is a sparkling rainbow. Can’t forget the rainbow.
Hmmmmm, I wonder if the unicorns poop skittles? If so, that would be the most eco-friendly food ever. Fascism sounds so great. I wonder why our founding fathers didn’t think of fascism first?

One might remember that TPTB are not stupid, they know where their Money and Power come from. They also realize that 100% Socialism does not work. Eventually Socialism runs out of other people’s money. No differently that AOC’s Squad of Four are loud in their Speech, yet get slam-dunked when totally out of line as Potoski & Trump have done few times now. The true power (TPTB) in the world knows full well that they need people working, and for those working to be “somewhat” happy and thinking they are getting ahead. Yes they will eventually dissolve the Constitution and all of our “Rights” but this will not happen at the blink of an eye or on the day after 2020 elections. We have indeed been losing our “Rights” for decades, and has not slowed down even with Trump and the Rep’s in full power in congress, they got absolutely NOTHING accomplished, ZERO. Except further the dream of lower Taxes down the road, and how did that work out? Are we not paying more for “Stuff” now than we did 2 years ago? Think on that. Did not your local Taxes go up? Did not medical go up? How about the total budget of a household? How did that fair? Mine actually took a full on dump in the toilet. Want another slap in the face? How about the Debt Ceiling of the Feds or the National Debt how about personal debt and CC debt? Shall I go on? State and Local Taxes, budgets…. So, as we worry about who is in the .gov running the show, Trump or maybe Saunders next, what is going to change? Seriously, what will change? Maybe another war over there, but seriously what will change? Yes they will Tax us more and more, the cost of living WILL keep going up, we will keep losing our Gun Rights, Right of Speech, and almost every other “Right” we thought were guaranteed. “They” will push more and more, up to the point we all believe there will be a revolution to change things, and then TPTB will back off a little bit, give us our Trump and play nice for a decade, than right back at it. This Greatest Country in recent history WILL fall we WILL fail to survive the forever on-slaughter of the Human Race, it has happened hundreds of times in the past, it WILL happen again without doubt. Read your History This is not only a fault of the Democratic/Liberals, it is the way we have allowed Congress, President, and all of .gov to control everything we now do and see. People are blaming Social Media, the News, and so-on for the direction we now think, really have we become that STUPID to not think for ourselves anymore? Have we allowed someone else to indoctrinate the entire society into being Sheep? Yes we have, we have become lazy, we have become a society of people that don’t want to think anymore, I… Read more »

Land grabs will be more frequent.
Ownership of personal property/property in general will be taxed above and beyond what one can afford.

Already in the making…who can’t forget the Big 0’s numerous EO’s of .gov take over of water sources, land, farm equipment, livestock, any and all food sources, etc

That’s a pretty good rant, I agree in all respects.

Although apathy is causal, I think we have degenerated past the point of no return. What they cannot win through fair elections they will steal. Look at their efforts to undermine the electoral college.

I also believe that should they wrest control over all government, be it by fair means or foul, change will gather speed. We won’t have long to wait.

WHEN this happens, what shall we do? What can we do at this point?

We play by rules, it is the nature of decent and intelligent people. They do not.

😎🤙🏻spot on NRP

Thanks NRP, Now, I am DEPRESSED! Got to go find and take a “HAPPY” pill (sarc).

I think Israel would be finished. I just saw on Fox News that the Goon Squad have declared war on Israel, comparing it Nazi Germany. I guess they don’t teach history in college any more. Good thing we have them to teach us about the friendship between Jews and Nazis, and to teach us that the concentration camps were the places where Germany put criminals and didn’t allow them enough showers.

Mossad operatives here in the US will take care of that issue.

Did anyone mention the “New Green Deal” yet? I personally cant wait to walk to Hawaii.

Ill have a tall cold glass of tea waitin for ya NRP
Then a few balls off the front lawn!

Nothing will happen!.

Much like today, the masses will remain as whipped dogs. It has been covered before, but I regurgitate – most people do no longer farm or produce anything. So, as long as they get that loaf of bread they will not fight back against the whip.

Many countries are on the same path. Some are further into the quagmire than us but you can see the results in the oppressed citizen population as the invasions of third world migrants change the demographics. Most migrants will not assimilate, but will tear down all history, values, traditions, wealth, …. Oppps, it is already happening.

The turning point is near – sustain this country under the Constitution, or …

If you want to see how degraded down the population can become, just look at the “homeless population. Try and offer many of them jobs and see how many refuse. Try and offer them decentralized housing away from the city core and see how many refuse.

The exponential increase in the self-ruination of people due to laziness, drugs, booze, … is directly a result of socialistic practices that were supposed to help society but are at fault for the downfall of the country.

hermit us;
I have been waiting for the report that Homeless in LA has hit 1/4 million….
Cant be far away.

Who could refuse. All you need is a tent, a bike and an EBT card to live well near the beach. Party on, but don’t let them see you smile. Remember that surfer dude that bragged on TV about the good life on welfare .

Report that came out 6/5/2019,

The grim stats from around California have piled up in recent weeks:

In Alameda County, the number of homeless residents jumped 43 percent over the past two years. In Orange County, that number was 42 percent. Kern County volunteers surveying the region’s homeless population found a 50 percent increase over 2018. San Francisco notched a 17 percent increase since 2017.

And on Tuesday, Los Angeles officials released the results of their most recent count: Homelessness was up by 12 percent over last year in the county and up 16 percent in the City of Los Angeles.

That puts L.A. County’s homeless population at 58,936 and the city’s at 36,300.

Does anyone think all the illegals coming into the country have homes waiting for them? I have seen them dig tunnels along the rail road tracks, like WWI bunkers, to live in. You do not notice them until you see a head pop up to looking around.

We found them living on Walt Disney World property in underground bunkers. A Disney electrician, working to repair a sign at one of our water parks, found a thick cable attached to the sign’s power supply. The cable was buried a few inches to conceal it.

As part of Walt Disney World’s Security, I, along with five other officers, followed the cable to an underground bunker complex. These bunkers were furnished and had A/C. A perfectly camouflaged, underground, home for several people…and free, while being inside Disney’s gates. Amazing.

I remember one illegal bragging to me how he had his own bedroom in a house in Woodland Hills, California…and how happy he was. This bedroom was a closet, with doors, which separated him from the 12 other people in the room it was in.

How many homeless are actually illegal aliens?

So, you’re suggesting that nothing will happen if the radical left gains control of the presidency, the house, and the senate?

I disagree, though I respect that you have your opinion. I believe it will be like a steamroller squashing what’s left of the good old U S of A.

Yes, a steam roller, but very slow so the frog will hardly notice. Servitude for that little bit of bread and circus. The founding fathers warned of the difficulty and perils of keeping our freedom.

Thinking hermit us is implying that nothing different will happen, we will keep on the same path, for which I agree, a death of 1000 cuts is a death none the less, Trump may have slowed the cuts, but we’re still under the knife.
Honestly can I say I’m better off than 2- 5-10-15 years ago? Well a little older, but still see the downfall of the Roman Empire so to speak.

…and after the Empire falls, the French Revolution will be upon us. In all of it’s permutations.

NRP, I believe our family is better off than we were 5 years ago simply because we are all better positioned to deal with the changes that continue to pound away at our liberties. We have the “insurance” policies in place. However, it greatly saddens us all to see this country seriously contemplating becoming fascists while believing it is the right thing to do. I remember hearing the TV would be our downfall because it took all our attention and dumbed us down. Then it was the video games; then the I Phones. Those are just the distraction – our schools were quietly taken over and they stole the hearts and minds of our children. That was the major accomplishment. Our media was taken over so they could continue to indoctrinate. I don’t see a way out of this conundrum that doesn’t involve lots of pain.

It will move much faster with the left in charge, but even with the right at the helm it continues in the same direction. They hate The D so much, I can picture those in charge (monetarily) causing big problems for our population just to swing the votes to the left.

Do you really think the younger generations even know what a steamroller is? History is being killed off as fast as possible so no one will object to oppressive controls..

My comment wasn’t geared towards the young – I figured though that you and most other regulars here know what a steamroller is. So I felt it to be an appropriate term to get my point across.

Yes, History is being re-written as we speak (and has been for many years).

With that said, I believe that “if” the Far Radical Left (or even just ‘the left’) gets control of the executive branch AND the entire legislative branch (they already seemingly have much of the judicial branch – though Trump has slowed them down a bit), well, things are ‘gonna’ get real.

Ken J & hermit us
There is still a tv channel devoted to giving the actual history of what brought about the rising(and fall)of Germany. Then ushered in Hitler/Gestpho, dvded recorded it the last few days on AHC channel. You will see the mindset of then, being used here in the USA. A little modification, but training to create the dumbed downed effect is being used from their WWII playbook. Then it was newspapers, news reals, gossip, local speeches encouraging the younger generation to follow the pied pipper. Today it is social media, and the younger generation are soaking up this free lunch for all. Preprogramed from grade school to college. mho

What’s a steam roller?

Joe c, I think it’s what dry cleaners use to press your clothes.


I was thinking the same….
And they use an iron board, with that so called roller?

– No, what dry cleaners use to press your clothes is called a “mangle”. Doesn’t that put all kinds of images in your mind.
I fear that the left will not be happy no matter what results follow the election, and there may well be violence in our big city streets. Friends I know in Europe are in horror at what American politics have become. They are commenting that war seems inevitable. Should that happen, they think they will suffer similar fates as well.

– Papa S.

I thought it was something that women use to curl their hair 😅


The “Left” has controlled the Federal Government since the Wilson Administration. Trump has done a very admirable job in many areas but the evil socialists in Congress and in damn near every Department have stood in his way since his inauguration.

There is no doubt that if the Anti-Constitutionalists in the democrat party officially take the Senate, keep the House and take the Executive Branch that we are in some deep doo-doo.

If that happens, I firmly believe that “they” will also get to the Conservative Supreme Court Justices just like “they” got to John Roberts. Clarence Thomas may be the only hold out.

Your friend,


The only record we have to go by is what happened when BHO was pres and the house and senate were both D controlled. Not much happened.
Its an interesting yet morbid dance to witness, the one wrench in the works is the far left, but they are primarily a minority snd are only illuminated because the press sees fit to enhance their BS

Though today’s left is quite further left than the days of BHO. This is why I’ve asked the question.

In my opinion, it will not be the same old song and dance. Well, to an extent it will, but I believe the Far Left wing has taken over the party. This will not bode well for those in the center and God forbid for those right of center…

It will be interesting to say the least, none of it is any good, and the younger generations dont even see it for the most part, thats why that whole incremental creep works,
Whats that saying?
When in Rome……..
IMHO, way out of my control. Worry? Ok, maybe, but honestly what good will that do? I would rather worry about where and how i will plant my medicinals ive been propagating, worry about do i grow jalapenos? Or poblanos? Or both?
Do i go for dino kale? Or a blue Scotch curled? Or both i think,
I know i am not alone in that i am paying attention, talking about this stuff with friends, but refuse to let it consume me. Is of no use.
Does not mean as chevvy said that i am ignorant and appathetic, all of my friends are in the same space, life goes on, i prefer yo live it well!

Some people are simply worriers and fearful of lots of things. I’m glad I’m not one of them. When I write an article like this I do not express my opinion based on being consumed by worry or fear. Rather, it is to either inform others of something I feel is worthy of mention – or to invite the opinion of others (which is what this article focus is about).

Being a preparedness site, I don’t write about kittens. I do try to mix it up though.

There were years gone by when I wrote LOTS about political current events and “end of the world” scenarios. These days I’ve not done that as much (though I do enjoy those topics). When I do write about those topics, there’s always a few who complain that it’s fear mongering, nothing we can do about it, don’t worry about it, etc.. Oh well.

Come to think of it, maybe I would do better if I scrap this site and build one about kittens. Maybe that’s my retirement plan…

Na, cant see ya writing about kittens🤔
Maybe snowmobile site,
Or RV travels site,,,

You must continue to issue the wake-up calls. Many refuse to look at the writing on the wall, the beans, bullets, and bandages are the proverbial finger in the dike. But not the full picture.
The discussions about the kittens, bulls, chickens, rabbits, … are valuable information – but only a part of our survival.
It is too late to worry about one’s luggage as the ship is sinking. I, for one, would like to focus more on the country as a whole. I can exist well in isolation but in what kind of country – floating on an island in a pile of shit would not be a great life.

Quote, “I, for one, would like to focus more on the country as a whole. I can exist well in isolation but in what kind of country – floating on an island in a pile of shit would not be a great life.”

hermit us,
Though we may be able to survive as an island with our preps and preparedness, we need to do what we can about the sea itself.

Lets see how BOGO deals with London, that is if he wants to bring back some law and order to that city.

I don’t see any other solution than stopping all immigration until the workforce is stabilized, cut all welfare for the able bodied, stop all opioids except in extreme cases, boot out all politicians that will not honor the Constitution as it was written, acknowledge that there are only two biological sexes, ….

Hell who am I kidding.

If they tried to go back to the constitution as written, they’d have to eliminate (minimum) 1/3 of the laws passed since 1920. 90% of the government employees would lose their jobs and most of the government buildings would sit empty. The external military bases would all be shut down, there would be no standing army except in time of war but every adult in the US would be part of the militia.

And the problem with that is?

I think it needs to happen. I don’t think it will, but it should.

I’m for that!

The economy is the ticking time bomb. If the economy stays floating Trump wins, if not he loses.

The left winning would be bad for sure. But I don’t have much faith in the right either.

Reply to Dennis and Kulafarmer:

In the world I work in, people are running barefoot through the fields of flowers and grass. ( yard within a locked perimeter of an insane asylum.).

I had to give epinephrine to those folks stung in the feet by yellowjackets or bees. ( consequences of frolicking barefoot through the clover.).

If people are not happy here, we have medications for that.

I do not fear AOC and her young, cool gang-of-four as much as I fear the experienced, silent operatives that truly hold the strings that make the puppet dance like Pelosi of California. The young ones are just overly dramatic and loud. the older experienced ones like Pelosi appoint others to get-things-done. ( I have watched her before she started using botox doing exactly this for over a decade before I left California.).

Beware, the older silent ones that never show up on front-page-news. The gray hair or receding hairlines within Congress or the Senate are badges of honor similar to the stripes on the sleeves of Police Officers in uniform. ( each stripe meaning 5 years of service on the job.).

Though I am a law-and-order conservative, I am still quiet when I go to work, avoid going to rallies unless I am driving an ambulance these days and I have friends from both sides of the aisles including a Superior Court Judge who votes Democrat and has a reputation as “the SOB that doles out long sentences with minimal leniency.”

He may be a Democrat butt you would never know he votes that way when you see him at work in the courtroom.

Cali refugee,,
Excellent point on the yapping dogs.
IMHO as you said the quiet sneaky ones who have been in office for decades in many cases.
Most people have no idea exactly how much power nor exactly how corrupt that group is, it does prove that left right as an illusion thing as i have personally seen these people chummy at parties patting eachother on the back talking about their kids or golf game or new vacation home and then for the press acting on script as opposition, its all a lie, it is also as others have said, its a club and we aint in it!
Oh well,,,
The things we do not control!
Popcorn and a nice tall sweet tea

Good to see you Keeper, been a while.

Ken has listed all the disasters awaiting us so… Just the loss of separation of Governmental Powers added to already proven active Socialist Judges actions blocking Trumps efforts…

Keeping it short Roosevelt (Democrat) won because they laid all the troubles of the Great Depression on President Hoover (Republican). Look up Hoovervilles and Hoover Blankets etc. as examples of the Democrats ramming Hoovers name into the blame.

The Election song of Roosevelt was “Happy Days are here again”. His actions in outlawing gold to force turn in at 20.67 an oz. and then REEVALUATING it 35.00 was a despicable act that effectively STOLE 30 percent of US Citizens monies to fund his GREAT Society plans. There was a LEGAL requirement to have 18 cents worth of gold for each dollar the Government issued. Thus they couldn’t run the presses like today. I could go on but, short…

The Federal Reserve CAUSED the Great Depression by raising interest rates into a weakening economy. If the current Fed chooses to (or claims like the 1930’s Fed) they are FORCED to raise rates our % of taxes collected yearly spent paying SIMPLY for Servicing the Debt (Not paying anything off, just reissuing more debt bonds) will destroy us.

That and the ongoing loss of Reserve Currency by our EU “Allies”, Russia and China (and most of the rest of the world) bypassing the US controlled SWIFT system will ensure the value of the US dollar to fall at least 50%.

The Greater Depression anyone? No citizen Gold to steal BUT they have been LOOKING with eager eyes at our Retirement funds.

A sad to say Truly Bipartisan law to “Provide” more “Safety” for retirees IRA’s and 401K’s etc. has been in Senate and House working groups about 2-3 weeks ago. It’s called the Secure Act. Like the poorly named “Patriot” act and others it’s not for our benefit but to increase their power to control and tax our retirements. There is serious talk about Forcing Retirees to BUY special Government Bonds for their “Safety” from an unsafe Stock Market.

I guess they need more money for their grand plans…. History often rhymes.

A leftist takeover of our Government is a real probability. As I’ve said before there are more Millennials who feel totally robbed by college debt and lack of real jobs etc. to simply OUTVOTE all the rest of the older voters.

Should we start a thread on how to hide assets from a thieving Socialist Government agent?

My assets are mostly in “hard assets” Except the land which is the last pot they can rob through taxes. I guess my rock pile will down the priority list for value – especially the price they would need to pay to take it over.

Well said, me2

I’d love to see a thread about hiding assets from a thieving, treasonous, socialist government!

Your response was interesting in that my spouse and I were just discussing what is considered a “safe” retirement vehicle. It appears nothing is truly safe at this point in time.

I’ve been concerned about the gummint’s drooling over my retirement account for quite a while. I think the LEAST safe place for assets is in the bank, second least safe place is in stock holdings. We cashed out enough of it (at painful tax costs) to pay off the mortgage a few years ago, thinking that at least owning our home with enough land for a garden and some fruit trees would secure us from some gummint thievery (recognizing that, if they get desperate enough they can seize it all by raising property taxes). I, too, would be very interested in ideas of how to prevent them from getting their hands on what we have left.

Hi Chipmunk and joe c

Only think I could imagine is to find a place where they generally leave you alone. Where I sold my rentals last year, little more than 100 miles from here, county was up in everybody’s business. Lots on lefty initiatives that needed paying for.

Where I am now, unless you come to their attention for some reason, you’re generally left alone. But there are trade offs. A quarter of this county is on food stamps and if one wants to shop for things other than necessities it’s at least a half day there and back.

Only thing . . . Mad Fab isn’t the only one with fat fingers.

Whichever way the 2020 election goes, there will be factions who do not accept the results. I think it is going to get really sporty really quickly. If it swings to the left, Ken is absolutely correct, they will have no problem outlawing dissenting views, making it impossible for anybody that does not agree to earn, taking what you have to “redistribute” it “equitably”

had a interesting day ,relevant to the topic for today ,i have family in a high level of government ,i got a ‘this can’t be happening call’ this morning,im a good listener ,it’s funny how not saying a thing and listening what you will hear ,, i believe if things continue as they are now,the anger is building.the conversation to day was ,I’m going to stop those people any way I can , now this is someone I’m close to ,,but hates things I stand for ,, I won’t back down nor will he , yet he is closer to my standards then he will admit ,,,,,, Oh well ,buckle up we are in for the ride of our lives ,,,

Living in Washington State, and in the Seattle metro area (not King linty though) I don’t have to imagine what an ‘all blue’ environment is. Not pretty, but what the majority wants. A few more years and I can up sticks outta here.

Same here DLS
Hawaii doesnt even have any R elected anybody. More government workers per capita than any other state and the highest government assistance payment totals of all 50.
Camouflage !

DLS is right. I may be 150 miles from metro Seattle, but that thinking permeates state as well as big city policy.
More taxes but less to show for it.
Decriminalized petty crime but crime rates still climbing.
Housing programs with funds that could give a suburban house or apartment to every person without one, yet more and more living and dying on the sidewalks.
Legalizing marijuana and decriminalizing most possession of others but increasing drug-related crime.
Free needle exchange yet a 286% increase in HIV among IV drug users.
Massive public expenditure projects that should have been cancelled like CA’s high-speed rail was.
Rising socialism among elected officials and increased anarchy in the streets; it’s gone way beyond 1999’s WTO battle. Now it’s all the time in left coast cities with people seriously hurt, and now killed.
More identity politics coupled with increased segregation.
Very strong teachers union, graduation rates below the national average (except in the richest districts where voters put extra into the schools via increased property taxes).
Seems like the left’s preferred next steps are always “rinse, repeat.” No lessons ever learned; no stopping to think; eternal utopia is just around that next corner.

Good comments all! Please remember that NO ONE can fix the problems we have in 4 years. It will take a long hard road to fix or the next civil war where no one wins.

Very good point about fixing our problems. It has taken a long time ,decades, to get this far down the drain and it will take a long time and tremendous effort to ever regain what we once had.

it scares me to even write this let alone seriously think about it IF president trump LOSES we very well could end up in open civil war

the REALLY scary thing it would make the first civil war look like a girl scout cook out and it would american against american with no true battle lines

this very well could end up looking and becoming like northern ireland

the left doesnt have a clue how vulnerable it is or how simple it would be to bring em down begging for mercy

We are ALL vulnerable. Not just the left. Strange to think that families will be torn apart by ideology and age gaps. I have children on both sides of the divide. They tolerate eachother because I stand in the middle of them (though they ALL know where I will come down if the SHTF). This country WILL fall. I believe it will be slow UNTIL my generation is unable to resist. Then it will race to hell. I am very saddened by this thought.

IMHO we should worry more about the left if they lose, they are sorta sore losers in case ya didnt notice, the radical wing is going to be a problem.

Kevin do you really believe your statement: “the left doesnt have a clue how vulnerable it is or how simple it would be to bring em down begging for mercy”??

Sun Tzu has a lot to say about underestimating your enemies.

The rest of your post I fully agree with, that is why I am mystified how you can see the horrors of an Undefined Battlefield where you don’t know friend from foe with families will kill each other. And yet jump to US Patriots will defeat them.

As POGO said “We have met the enemy and they are Us”.

One man’s Freedom Fighter is another man’s Terrorist.

All of us are vulnerable to terrorist attacks between the Left and the Right and no one aside from an self supporting island or gulch will be safe from the terrors of trucking disrupted and water purification chemicals failing to reach “Leftist” cities CREATING nasty sewage contaminated waters to flow down stream to our “Patriot” Towns water supplies and private wells. Food shortages, random violence making Antifa look like a kindergarten spat, power outages making Oxygen dependent people slowly suffocate and die, the list goes on.

Not everybody who lives in a city or California for example are “Leftists”. Not everybody who wears cowboy boots and farms are “Patriots”. Lot of grey areas here. Thus my fear of a Venezuelan 2.0 Socialist Nightmare for years of suffering.

Make it STOP will be the cry of the land. And the Socialists are fully willing to destroy millions of lives to get to that point where “Make It STOP” gives them total POWER.

Nothing easy about the oncoming storm, thus I prep to outlast it.

Death by a thousand cuts!
Unless there are some major events that tilt the whole shebang, we will more likely than not see the same slow erosion of the USA as we have already seen. The bad part is some older folks see it,
But most people are oblivious.

i wont even try to argue that because you are correct but for the simple fact that the left MOSTLY live in hard blue cities and states and i will give away nothing about how simple it would be to bring em down

Kevin I am well aware how to destroy soft infrastructure, that’s the easy part.

I was describing the non-left folks that will suffer and die because of the loss of infrastructure. It’s hard to destroy the “evil ones” while not destroying 90% of our population doing so. The first casualties in Civil Wars with targeted infrastructure is Old Folks and people in Hospitals. Power outages means O2 dependent people (like some on this list) will slowly suffocate and die.

There is no clear battle lines, no real way to ID enemies, and once the Terrorism from Right and Left go to town nothing but the peace of the graveyard will end it.

One man’s Freedom Fighter is another’s Terrorist until someone “Wins” and then writes the history blog with their side the Heroes. Our Forefathers were Terrorists to the Loyalists, British and the 90 percent that wanted to be left alone folks until the big battles like Concord when small scale Terrorism was replaced with armies.

If a pack of Freedom Fighters show up at my place demanding food and shelter are they better than thugs? If Police show up seeking payment in kind because their paychecks buy nothing due to infrastructure damages are they better than Mobsters selling “Protection”?

So how will you show the 90% that simply want to left alone with basic services that YOU helped destroy that YOUR the “Good Guys”?

I believe that all Kevin was trying to say, or point out, was (is) ‘the left’ have no idea how bad it will get (for them) “if” they light the match resulting in civil conflict/war. And I agree. The reasons for which are for another article… But I’ll mention one of them here: ‘The Left’ are not the one’s with most of the g u n s.

Makes me glad i live on a little island,,,,
That stuff aint happening here.

This is a simple question. Just remember how many French citizens we killed driving the Nazis out of France in WWII. A bombing raid might kill 5,000 Germans, which were the enemy, but also kill 20,000 French citizens. We just do not talk about it. This is why many Bomber pilots had issues…

War is war…people die like flies. Same thing happened in the American Civil War, we just do not linger on the food riots conducted by women and children, and how merchants drove up the prices of necessities, proclaiming scarcity…while their warehouses bulged with goods…and children starved.

Humanity is totally, genetically, driven toward conflict. Murder is hard-wired into our brains, which allows us to chemically activate this behavior…(See “Jacob’s Ladder”)

I have no doubt the future will be quite violent and result in the deaths of millions.

These examples are part of what forms my opinion of humans as the most destructive species on earth.
They completely pollute and destroy their own habitat whenever they are placed into a close proximity environment.

It is truly an interesting phenomenon just how awful most humans are.

This is yet another fear article. The “right” is for us and the “left” is against us..did the “right” get rid of Obamacare? No . They made a couple of meaningless changes. Did the “left” take ours guns? No. Both parties are working against the American people. They create a boogeyman and use it for their own agenda. 9/11 we got homeland security with a “right” president in office.
How long will it be before people wake up and realize our government no longer works for us.

The political prostitutes (politicians) appear to be one big happy club and we are not in that club. I see little difference between the two major parties. We have been screwed over the last 28 years by the Clintons,Bushes and the Obamas.It is all about power and control of the people. Keep the people distracted with lots of meaningless blather and their agenda continues to grind forward.The power elite have done a very good job of dividing the population into several splinter groups .

Our Constitutional rights have been slowly eroded away. Our government is so bloated with meaningless departments , agencies, regulations and worthless bureaucrats that I think it cannot be fixed without some kind of a major reset of some kind. Our national debt is so staggering it is impossible for anyone to even understand the numbers.

I wonder if it really matters who the President is, I do not think so .

You wondered, “I wonder if it really matters who the President is,”

In my opinion, yes, it matters a lot. Why? Because the president can sign into law new legislation. Or the president can veto it. In addition to that, the president has authority for executive orders. The president also influences judge positions all over the country. That is all VERY powerful influence. The person behind that desk can potentially affect your life in very big ways.

When every two bit Federal Judge can obstruct the enforcement of any law or legislation nation wide, does the President really have any authority? When every Department in government can refuse to produce documents to the head of the Executive Branch, does the President have any authority? When even the desire to secure our borders is challenged, does the President have any authority?

Sorry but the swamp is winning.

Agree 110% Hermit.

Said it before, POTUS is basicly a figurehead. The poster child of the L/R farce if you will.
People get all riled about the POTUS,
CONgress are the ones guilty of almost all the BS that we are being fed.
Stir the pot.
If the people truly united and dumped every last sitting so called rep we could do a lot, but it will NEVER happen, people are too divided, we even see it here.

You are correct, it will NEVER happen. Ever. So the best we can do is live within the system we’re dealt. Ignore it, or fight back in one way or another. That’s about it.

Congress legislates (makes the laws). But it won’t go into law unless the president signs it. That’s one reason why “WHO” the president is, is so important. What are the ideals of said president? Regardless of D, R, or other, the president does have great power (if the president chooses to use it). Some go along with the deep state. Others buck the system (we’re seeing that now).

hermit us,
The swamp has been winning for quite some time. One very good thing in my opinion is how the current president has exposed the swamp. A few years ago, most Americans didn’t even know the term. Now, thankfully, most probably do. A big bright light is being shined on some of them as they scurry into their corners. This is all good. It is an epic battle. Frankly, I am surprised at his stamina that he’s still standing. There haven’t been too many others willing to take up the fight with him – though there have been several VERY GOOD reps in the house and senate who are fighting quite strong.

You sound very down trodden. But that’s okay. To answer your question, yes, the president has authority – to do many things.

– There is a good bit of discussion about what the various parts of government can and cannot do. Congress is the part of government charged with producing the laws we agree to live by; the Supreme Court is supposed to be the final arbiter of what Congress intended when they pass those laws; and the President is supposed to be our final defense against things that shouldn’t ever have made it out of Congress.
All the confusion of late is because every one of those agencies is allowing themselves to get confused about what, exactly, they are supposed to be doing. *That* is exactly our problem with our government. Has been for a good while, now
– Papa S.

I agree with your general opinion about the left / right paradigm. It is just the way this system is, and has been. Since we live within it, we can choose to ignore it and go on with our daily lives (97% of people do this). Or some might choose to get involved in some way.

You asked, “How long will it be before people wake up and realize our government no longer works for us.”

In my opinion, they won’t. That is if you’re referring to “people” as a majority of sorts. One HUGE problem is that a apparent majority of people benefit in some way off the teet of .gov, therefore they believe that .gov is indeed working for them – a benefit for them.

As more and more become dependent upon the government (which is exactly what ‘the left’ tries to do), then fewer and fewer people will ever “wake up”.

And by the way, regarding “This is yet another fear article”, well yes I suppose it might be for some. Fear can also be a powerful motivator.

One more thing… You probably don’t know my style or political ideals, but if you’ve been around here long enough you would know that I am not one of those who believes “the right” is always right. I am more of a Libertarian / Constitutionalist (though I don’t agree with all Libertarian ideals). I’m a bit of a mutt I suppose in that regard. Right of center.


“Or some might choose to get involved in some way. ”

Whats that saying about hitting the nails that stick up the most,,,,

This is why i like Ole Remus’ advice,
“Stay away from crowds”!
I know people who go to rallys and make a PITA of themselves to get a point across.
Interestingly, they are also the ones who have gov issues, TSA issues, etc etc,,,
If getting involved means painting a target on myself i will have to opt out o that one.

Getting involved in some way does not have to mean that you paint a big target on your back. Though you certainly could (as per your example).

A few examples:

My way of getting involved is primarily this site, Modern Survival Blog. I’ve done it for 10 years so far. Hopefully enlightening one or two people over the years.

Another way I get involved is I vote. I don’t care what anyone says. It’s important to do – even if your district seems hopeless.

I also get involved by writing (emailing) my various representatives on certain issues that are important at the time. Hardly anyone contacts their reps. This is an important thing.

Additionally I join a few different groups and pay my annual dues, essentially helping to fund their causes. Several of which have to do with firearms ownership and the 2nd Amendment.

Another thing I do is, when it’s appropriate during conversation, I’ll ‘gently’ insert my (right of center) opinion into the mix. Discourse matters.

The point is, there are things you can do without making yourself a target at a rally.

I feel personally fairly powerless to affect any change on the national level. I vote, even though it feels like tilting at windmills. Maybe a little more influence from my vote at state level. Makes me feel sometimes like just throwing my hands in the air and giving up, but I’m a great believer in the idea that if you don’t vote, then you can’t complain.

Sooo… I just try to make things better in my small circle of influence. Try to treat right and fairly the people whom I come into contact with; try to appreciate the good I see in others (even my uber liberal neighbors); try to encourage people; try to remember that I’m not necessarily all that and a bag of chips myself so think about what I say and do before the fact. (Notice I say try on all these–I don’t always remember to even try). I have occasionally been thanked, but mostly ignored, less than appreciated, and even sometimes stomped on for making such attempts, but what else can one do? You gotta work in your corner of the world or give in to despair.

What’s the very first thing that’s going to happen ?
The same thing that always happens when someone new takes control.

I said that way up near the top of these comments. Congress is already talking about pay raises. They will need it too, because we are about to experience inflation not seen since the 70’s. (Already starting to happen. Have you noticed the huge price increases in cat food and kitty litter?) Ken, maybe you should start that blog about kittens.

DaisyK, I discovered the increase a couple months ago when my dog food was increased….well, actually decreased. The bag went from 30# to 28#. The company said they had to do it to avoid a price increase. Ha! It was a price increase, just hidden.

We feared the Obama years. Made it through that. There were the WWII years. We made it through that. The big depression, majority made it through that. The Civil War is probably the worst and though thousands died we still made it through that! We will roll through what ever comes, it is what we do. What is the quote, ” The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. ” Will there strife, horror and BS? Yes, it why we prepare. Awareness is of the essence. Thanks Ken.
Peace and Health, may we never needs our preps.

I read NO optimism in these posts about our future – no matter what party is in power. Most here are well informed, educated, and see the attacks on way of life – so we prep for the inevitable.

But what about the silent majority out there – I just read that the economy is booming, led by the sales of RV’s. No surprise there. Some are bracing for the collapse, wanting mobility and a place to live. Some can no long afford to live in a fixed abode. Next step, tent city.

So what can a blotted government do? All the rats are permanently entrenched in their departments, claiming to be necessary for the future of mankind. Can they heat my house during winter in this northern climate? Can they feed all the people when the trucks no longer run? Can either party even control the runaway debt that will sink us in time?

It may be too late to even discuss government leadership and cooperation. It is fast becoming “every man/person for themselves”. Perhaps it is more accurate to say “every political/economic/ideological cluster for themselves”.

If they try stuffing the ballot boxes, let this news be a forwarning.

Heard there is a petition to recall the worthless CA gov due to more votes in certain areas than there were registered voters. It is just starting, and does not look good for the nephew of Pee low C.

My pledge
America must win this war,therefore I will work,I will save,I will sacrifice,I will endure,I will fight cheerfully and do my utmost,as if the issue of the whole struggle depended on me alone.
Martin Treptow. 1918
Kinda fits today. The war is on America itself

Quote, “The war is on America itself”

D B Cooper,
Yes, you are exactly correct. I agree.

I will not comply.

Don’t tread on me.

I figured out what’s wrong with California, its infested with Demo-rats and they have a disease called the moronic plague…. LOL

After reading most of the (whining) comments all I can say is that if you don’t want this type of future then get out there and back candidates that are of the mindset that you want. Stop whining on a anonymous comment page and back the candidate you want. I realize that will take work but it is better than sitting around complaining all the time.

I agree. The more who do nothing, the more difficult for the rest who are doing something. The more who do something (e.g. vote, participate, etc,) the more likely the possibility of effects or change. It’s (partially) about the numbers.

This string of coments struck a note. Have seen it before on mountainguerrilla. HE WHO DOES MORE IS WORTH MORE. Sorry for shouting but some really need to hear it.


I agree that action is very important but many of our comments on Forums like this help raise awareness and are more than simple whining.

The sad reality is that most of the so called Conservative/Patriotic politicians that we have cast votes for in the past 50+ years have lied and sold us out as soon as they arrived in DC.

Nothing short of a total reset will help restore This Once Greatest Republic…and by reset the words “1776 Style Revolution” might be more appropriate…

Your Friend,


Actually, a Convention of 36 State legislatures could enact amendments to the Constitution, which would then be placed up for ratification by the people. This is the ONLY Constitutional way to enact law outside of Congress and the President, without taking aim down a gun sight.

Do not forget your IRA’s and 401’s, they will take them.
POS Pelosi said, back when she became speaker during the Muslime in chief; reign–
“All those IRA’s out there– that’s our money, we will just go get it.”
There is talk now about that.

And, all the island folks, what happens when they stop all the shipments until you fall into line?

I wish I could be supportive and give some hope but I think fusa is going down in a few short years . I have my Samson Option ready and I’m not going alone but this is what I see for america .
Dan 5:25
And this is the writing that was written, MENE, MENE, TEKEL, Uphardsan 5:26
This is the interpretation of the thing: MENE; God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it Dan 5:27
TEKEL; Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting .

Theres all this talk of “the squad” that buncha beeches in CONgress,,,
And talk of socialism and communism,,,
It aint never going to happen and if they push too hard they are going to get stuffed in a hole somewhere.
Political theatre for sure.
Bu there far too many BBQ and gun and freedom lovin folks quietly going through life out there who aint NEVER going along with this inner city crap. Me included. I am at peace with my maker. Nobody will force anything on most of us and get away with it

It will be interesting to see if any (or all?) of the ‘squad’ gets re-elected 2020. Will be telling I suppose.


Ilhan Omar (is that even her true name?) will get re-elected, or at least, someone from the same mold. That district was tailored by the Obama administration by targeted tactical “refugee resettlement” engineered to insure a muslim congress person. It was not by accident, it was planned non-assimilation.

The other three come from districts that will always elect whatever democrat the DNC chooses to support (allow to run).

The Iraqis, at their BBQ’s, thought the same thing till the hell fires started falling from the sky. He who controls the air controls the battle field!

If you really want to know what it will be like once the far left, rinos, globalists, demonic elites and socialist/progressives take control, all you have to do is read 2 Timothy: 3-7. This amazing prophecy tells us, over 2000 years ago, how the end times will present themselves. Prayer Up!!