Will The System Survive Another Lockdown?

Lockdown 2.0

It’s happening again. All across the country. States are locking down their citizenry. The Blue States and their governors are first. They sure don’t seem to care much about crushing their already crushed economies. However they do care about their own authority.

Many months ago I predicted that there would be confusion (and MSM reinforcement thereof) regarding the Fall/Winter cold and flu season. The majority of people have been whipped into a frightful frenzy. As I had said, many who are getting seasonal symptoms of cold and flu are afraid that it’s coronavirus.

Interestingly, “flu” case numbers are nearly non-existent (we must have cured it) while covid “cases” are going way up.

Additionally, covid PCR tests are evidently inherently non-conclusive to an extent. For example, just the other day, Futurist entrepreneur Elon Musk has expressed doubts about the accuracy of coronavirus tests, after claiming to have been both diagnosed and cleared of the disease on the same day. He said, “Something extremely bogus is going on” after being tested while having had symptoms of the common cold. (There are many other examples)

Getting to the point, Lockdown 2.0 is coming. The tinder has been lit. The kindling is catching. The big wood will soon ignite.

Will the system be able to survive another major lockdown?

Harris/Biden have made it very clear.

They intend to mandate lockdowns to the fullest extent within their power to do so. Will they be in power come January 20th? I have no idea at this moment.

Regardless though, State governors will do what they want. Many of them have shown their true blue inner tyrant – as we’ve already seen. Will this time around be worse? They have promised a long and dark winter. Listen to what they say. They often tell you exactly what they intend to do…

Given the political social chaos that is about to unleash, and given the weapon of covid and lockdowns, I sure hope that you all are giving some serious thought to it. This time could be different than the last time. It won’t be just covid. It will also be during an ideological political war (for all the marbles).

I know most of you are quite well prepared. But I thought I would throw out this angle of complication — Lockdown 2.0

Again, top it off…

What to do? Like I’ve said before, “top off” your preps. Most regulars here are prepared. Some quite well with little worries for a long period of disruption. Maybe others need a little nudge to get ‘er done…

I suggest thinking about it from a perspective of the present political battle. I know full well that all of the anti-American powers in play right now will (by any means necessary) attempt to destroy what’s left of our economy, our willpower, our humanism, freedoms and liberty. They want us “broken”. They want Americans begging for socialism/marxism to “save them” (though the same Americans won’t know they’re the ‘useful idiots’ until it’s too late).

So I ask myself, “How can they further their goal this time around?” Well, covid and Lockdown 2.0 is perfect. Do it again. Shut ‘er down. Crush the spirit of the faceless masked middle class. When one person tests “positive” in that meat packing plant, shut ‘er down (affecting millions of us). Keep us all away from each other (whatever you do – you better not gather for Thanksgiving or be subject to arrest!).

It could be so much worse this time around. Why? Because as Dennis recently said here on the blog, “They are willing to risk all to take Trump down.” “This is their Bunker Hill.” “The whole idea was (is) to fundamentally change our country from a constitutional republic into a democratic socialist society.” “They see this moment in time as all or nothing.”

Oh yes ladies and gentlemen. This time could be much worse… It’s the perfect storm.

Remember this… When you give up some of your freedom, you rarely get it back without a bloody fight.

Get ready for Lockdown 2.0

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I know several people who have canceled Thanksgiving because they would have to self quarantine and thus not work for two weeks after that.

The shackles we set upon ourselves are seldom thrown off.

And NO I think the forced shutdown will destroy much of what is NH businesses that are still staggering on.

same here, if they manage to install biden, i hope everything crashes through the floor and beyond,,, good luck governing complete chaos, its what they deserve

If I remember the report correctly, the California governor is telling people they must have Thanksgiving outside?! And not more than 2 hours? And I believe that there’s a method in place for neighbors to rat out other neighbors? This is gone completely irrationally nuts…

They haven’t gone quite that far on a state level (yet). The state guideline is something like no more than 2 families together and opening windows (huh?!?).

Although the whacko public health woman in LA County did suggest that if you are in groups to eat outside. She’s the doctor who is not really a doctor. When she does press conferences she looks like a throw-back hippie chick who looks stoned most of the time. I feel bad for the people stuck in that huge county – they have been in the highest level shutdown the entire time.

I did just read that the gov of OR is mandating a 2-week shutdown again, including no restaurant dining indoors or out. I figure CA and WA won’t be too far behind.

i haven’t heard that announcement yet. All I read was that she is asking people to stop unessential out of state travel and if coming from out of state to self quarantine. The women is bat sh*t nasty though so who knows We could wind up the whole left coast shut down again

From what I read, it starts Nov 18th, goes to Dec 2nd. One article said some counties may be in “freeze” for 4 weeks or more. There was a list of what’s either closed or restricted. I figure it’s just a matter of time before CA’s Gov who wants to be king declares more closures.

Ive been warning family and friends that it’s coming.

OK- I see it just came up on the site that I look at. Looks like she is basically shutting down churches again too. I’m in Central Oregon in a county that ‘seems’ to be having a lot of new cases so I expect to be shut down soon. I’m doing a lot of shopping right now.

Thanks for bringing it up so that I noticed!

Yep, she is! See my comment above on Ken’s post. Absolutely nuts

You’re right, she is.

Same thing here SoCalGal,
but we are a bedroom community to Ca.

Im just incredibly grateful to no longer be a small business owner. I don’t know if the business could have survived all of this.

I just saw it on a special report, it went on and on and on. I’m in WA but know we are close behind. Our crazy governor is on vacay until Wednesday. She also said they would like everyone to stay “local” and not venture from your area. No unnecessary trips or socializing with people outside your family. Even then in very small groups.

Sounds a lot like home arrest.

We are in OR and that WAS the “mandate.” But now we have a new one: starting next weds, no more than six people in a personal household ( we have four kids, guess it’s good we don’t have 5?) and from no more than two family groups, and outside thxgiving or wearing masks inside; all gyms and small retail closed, restaurants to-go only, grocery and retail at 75% of ‘COVID capacity’ and religious organizations restricted to 25 people.

Our numbers are ‘going up’ even despite the fact you have to wear a mask everywhere. Except to attend a ‘peaceful protest’ apparently. If we were truly in a desperate place, why wait til Wednesday? Why not do it now if things are so critical, that we need to sacrifice an already fragile economy?

Team Coop,

Were you ever in the military. Just curious. Your name reminds me of someone I served with.


11HE9 no, but my bro is a retired captain army (diff last name) and my FIL is retired Marine. Tim Cooper. Semper fi 🙂

Actually a judge just recently ruled the governor of california had no authority to issue anymore executive orders that had to do with covid-19 because he was going against the constitution

Saul Alinsky’s 8 steps to socialism

1) Healthcare — Control healthcare and you control the people

2) Poverty — Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.

3) Debt — Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.

4) Gun Control — Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a police state.

5) Welfare — Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income).

6) Education — Take control of what people read and listen to — take control of what children learn in school.

7) Religion — Remove the belief in the God from the Government and schools.

8) Class Warfare — Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor.

Locking people down so they can’t work and make money promotes #3 which leads to #2 and you end up with #5.

LIVE FREE OR DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another lockdown, like the 1st one, would have very little effect on me so I could careless what impact it has on urban and suburban areas. Rural areas will go on business as usual. However, if there is another one I hope it will finish off the blue cities and states economies, riots leave nothing but ashes and give them a good dose of socialism/communism. You get what you vote for.

+1 RC
personally i could care less, in fact i would urge a lockdown, especially if bidet/hairass are in the whitehouse.

Much less info getting out about the dems.
Wih lockdowns and limited*controled media* they can get away with murder.. more than normal with harris/biden

You just may walk out into the socialist states of america in 4 to 6 weeks.
First biden would parden his son then suddenly nothing ever happened, ever.

A Buddhist Fable/Tale
A Wise Man was sitting under a tree when the God of Pestilence came by. Where are you going asked the Wise Man? God of Pestilence said “I am going into town to kill 100 people”. However 1000 people in the town died. Own his way back from the town he again passed the Wise Man under the tree. The Wise Man said ” You were only going to kill 100 people, but 1000 died”. The God of Pestilence said ” I only killed 100 people. The rest were killed by their own fear”.

We are not supposed to survive another lockdown. This will permanently crush small businesses and the economy, which is their intent. But contact your local sheriff and see if they intend to enforce any lockdown orders. Many will not.

DJ5380 , Yup, the Communists hate the Middle Class/Small Business Owners and have always destroyed them because they have Middle Class Values like Freedom, Free Market Capitalism, and Belief in God. Which they hate because those values will defeat he evil known as Marxism

Add that they are running a Color Revolution against Trump/GOP and the way to counter it is get Trump’s people out into the streets before Antifa/BLM can start rioting in D.C. and beyond.

As we all know, the narrative being sold by the MSM that “Joe n da Ho” won is B.S.

I heard they are ‘slow and ho’ now.

We are very rural but Cuomo sends his little spies here to check and fine our businesses. It is probably where some of the COVID comes from…his people from big cities with lots of germs going into many small businesses spreading germs.

I heard a rumor that Walmart was considering closing stores and going to mail order only. We have no grocery store closer than Walmart (and it is a small one). For all of us out here who can’t get same day delivery because of our distance will no longer have dairy or meat products available that isn’t at least 140 miles one way. Time to try out all that powered dairy.

Oh my, I have not heard that. It would be so hard on many people.

Saw a graph the other day that showed WalMart as being the largest private employer in 21 states, with 1.5 million workers. Store closures would send out a ripple effect.

Not to be rude cid but nearly EVERYTHING comes from China or Asia now the tariff’s have gotten the Chinese to pass through sell Chinese stuff through other Asian countries.

I used to be more inclined to buy from the local hardware shop until I saw one too many times the LOCAL Hardware Shop Van AT Wal-Mart Loading up Shovels and other tools FOR Their Store…. Yes, I asked them and they said Wal-Mart can sell them to them CHEAPER than their own suppliers can.

So pass through re-selling or as some call it drop shipping is everywhere.

Ken, do you think a lockdown would also include shutting down transportation and delivery of goods?

T in TX,
To varying extents, it would not surprise me at all.

Do you know why?

Because this tyranny has received little to no effective resistance. Therefore, it WILL continue to worsen. That’s how it works. Guaranteed.

Thank you for your input, it’s much appreciated.

I personally will not do a lock down. No, I won’t wear a mask, unless some unforeseen moment calls for it. No, I won’t be locked down in my home and my movements won’t be governed by some outside force. But things outside of our control will be what governs us, will the local restaurant close down, will the local bar close down, will my church close down against my will? These are the things that control us whether we like it or not. Only small business owners can truly resist, because we know the large business won’t, they’re part of the problem. If and when a small business does resist, that’s when it’s our roll to take a strong and unwavering stand with them. Trekker Out


I feel the same way. I did wear a mask on entering the court house to get a photo ID for refinancing our mortgage.
I removed it even before I passed the cage. No one said a word the entire time I was in the govt. building.

I say we revert to the old Wild West mentality, where everyone fended for themselves.

Ba.Ba, Black ( white, too) sheep have you any wool? The people have shown themselves to be sheep and will succumb to the very government they elected to protect their rights.

i bow to no man now or ever

Ba, Ba, Black and White Sheep too, have you any wool? The people that are actually wolves in sheep’s clothing, will succumb to the flock too!

i had a feel this was gonna happen we FINALLY got our 1200 each the very first thing i did with mine was go hit the local grocery store very hard i got all the normal stuff i normally do but doubled it the point is i saw this coming and prepped for it i just hope this country can handle another lock down we should be able to for a good 3 to 5 months i aint so sure about everyone else

@Ron per your comment:
“Lock downs might not so wide spread and lengthy if some folks that refuse to ware a mask strictly on freedom and constitutionally pretext would truthfully answer the question posed to them by the scientific and medical community.”

The scientific and medical community have lied and will continue to lie about case numbers vs. actual incidents of the virus. This has been documented in many states that have “mistakenly” identified traffic and other types of fatalities (including disease related ones) as Covid-19 fatalities. People are wearing masks and social distancing but the virus according to the media is still spreading. Imagine that! I think it was the governor of Nevada who was threatening to shut down the state before the election because the positivity rate was over 9%. Now that the election is over and Biden has apparently won he has been silent about the alarming rates which are currently nearing 15%. Then, strangely enough he has suddenly given a 2 week reprieve while late votes are being counted before he will enact mandates to “protect the people.”

When people are scared and live in fear, they often become illogical and irrational in their thinking. Because they are so focused on what is in front of them they lose track of the many other dangers surrounding them. You can lock yourself in your house and have everything delivered to you and never go outside. But you can still get a stroke. You can still succumb to disease. You can still slip and fall down in your bathtub. “The government cannot protect from the virus but they can take away your liberties.”

Don’t put so much weight on the positivity rate, it is meant to scare you. The more you test, the higher the positivity in the population, mild cases, asymptomatic cases, false positives, etc. The true indicator is how sick are people getting, so the real thing to look at is the hospitalization rate and it is going down.

Every hospital in Montana is overwhelmed and there are no open ICU
beds.I don’t think that increased testing is what is putting folks in the
ICU ward.

If you hate the mask for what ever reason you’re going to really dislike the ventilator.

The ventilator should be last ditch effort. Giving O2 would slowly help along with other therapeutics they know work. Ventilator just increases the struggling hospital bottom line. It is cold, pneumonia, and flu season – not all is COVID.

There is a small percentage of people who can not exchange enough oxygen with MUZZLE on. I also read lips to some degree.. Those who don’t get the vir.s Nor the vx-ine will NOT need a vent. I will not go to a hospital n normal times – no need…( I am not anti Doc or Nurse. I just am pro personal health..).
This VX ine was NOT quickly “done”. They have been testing this vx’ine on our MILITARY since 2019, (acc to Natural news).. requires multiple doses for each year.. 2 – doses 3 weeks apart and the dose is different …with each one…then 4 more doses each year… quite a windfall for the industry…that produces..
Gov’m mandates will increase their revenue + weaken every natural immune system as it is attacked by the rouge bactera they insert in these to have the v’rus ride on. If you have had Lyme Disease- the flu shot will reactivate that… Sure I want that again.! (NOT!)( this part is not new.. My Uncle had that happen to him about 6 years ago..))

Most of those will self treat first symptoms and be ok. Will this illness….Ventilator is only to boost the hospital bottom line -not to help the assaulted..

OMG! That’s all I can to think to say when I hear those kind of comments.

Old Blow is NOT POTUS YET!

NEXT UP GUNS…..Gun Grab, Gun Tax, Gun Confiscation, Gun Licence, Guns owned limit, Gun Safe Storage, Gun Locks, Gun Magazine Capacity and Ammo limits I could go on and on.

checked local farm store yesterday, *ZERO* hand gun bullets available, only odd caliber or real expensive long gun ammo and about 85% shotgun ammo gone.
reloading section was sad looking, more open space than stock.
would have liked to post a picture or two, more effect than words.

Why the push for fear and another world wide lockdown?

Look up World Economic Forum (WEF) The Great Reset

This Coronavirus is their perfect opportunity to lobby and further this organization.
An organization to instill fear for the population to accept such a radical world wide plan to halt capitalism, owners of businesses and property.
Think climate change, Green New Deal propaganda.
‘Build Back Better’ plan.
(Seems someone here mentioned it…??).

I think Ken should do an article on this, hidden ‘Do It For the Greater Good’, agenda.

I watched that WEF video, and I wonder how many people who watch it caught the hidden meanings. By 2030 you will own nothing, and you will be happy. You will rent everything you need (from whom?) and you will be happy. No borders, the US will no longer exist. A “small group of nations” will be in control (which nations?) and so on.

The implications are staggering. They intend that we will be cattle, happy in our ignorance, farmed for the benefit of those who own everything we need.

They have a plan in place. Livestock can be bred, sold or butchered for the needs of their masters.

Do you really want to live that way?

Exactly, Lauren.

I’m not a writer

So, how ’bout you doing a nice little guest article on the WEF subject

I’m all in, for that idea
Hint, hint

thankfully i have more years behind me than in front NO I DO NOT want to live that wat

Another good research resource on the subject is .
Put “Great Reset” in the search box and you’ll find dozens of articles, along with a huge book he’s written on the subject (for sale as pdf).

No thanks,
rather die in a hail of gunfire

So how is your availability of supplied ammo?

Just enuff?

Me, too…..
Well, I did have….at one time.

Gotta admit, Lauren…shook me a little.

Glenn Beck has a 7 minute video with his view what deep state was really trying to accomplish–global govt, global digital currency, global control of all assets, food, etc.

Gov Cumo -tose of NY locked down his state from the Covid vaccine, so Covid would continue to kill off all the useless seniors. Guess his action of putting Covid patients in nursing homes didn’t do the job well enough

100% True and Cuomo gets his media softball Democrat pass.

Beside a few outspoken family members, two media, and one county executive he gets away with everything.

Kudos to Anne McCloy @ cbs6albany and Darrell Camp @Talk 1300 and Rensselaer County executive Steve McLaughlin.

Cuomo is an elitist moron. He got a pass when running for gov because his daddy was gov before him and NOT one paper in NY would talk about his large role in the 2008 housing crisis crash. He required banks to give loans to people they knew could not afford loans and would not pay them. He is knee deep in complicity of a lot of bad $h!t in this country. And that is why he is promoted by the media…he is one of the anointed ones. Doesn’t matter how many economies he crashes or people he kills. Evil personified.

Mississippi Governor Tate “Taterbug” Reeves stated today that Mississippi would not follow any federally ordered shut down.

Hurrah Mississippi!!!


Way to go Taterbug!!!

Doesn’t science also show that most people now who’s get sick HAVE been wearing masks? You can’t blame this all strictly on the non mask wearers. Maybe you should use your own brain and watch your surroundings and make your own decisions. Dr fauci is a so called expert when was the last time he mentioned your own immune system to fight this thing?? Weird huh?

You all should move to WI our sad governor has been reduced to begging and pleading for us to stay home. He can’t mandate squat now. And of course he blames it all on a court decision way back in May as to why the virus is out of control now. Ufta…..

Northern Boy,

I was glad to read the WI supremes threw out Ever’s lockdown measures again. That Tavern League has been extra busy, lol. Sure hope Wisconsin hangs in there, but I see challenges over time. My old neck of the woods is becoming inundated with liberal minded folks from all over, but primarily Chicagoland. Nice family from the City proper bought my farm. Kind people, and we were able to speak civilly about what’s going on the world, but they will be voting and they’ll be voting for liberal politicians/policies. As the demographics change, I expect Wisconsin to cease being a swing state and become predictably blue. It may take a while for that to happen, but I have no doubt that it will. Best to you and yours.

You should try living in and around Lacrosse. Lib central with the university. 🤮 puke . Downtown is becoming like a mini San Francisco with the homeless. Waiting for their heads to explode if trump gets back in!

Wheels on the bus,

Used to go to Lacrosse from time to time. Farm and Fleet was my favorite store! It’s definitely changing around there.

Yup farm and fleet was my ammo store till that dried up. I think it’s sad people like us have to pay for rest of the worlds idiot decisions. Infuriating. We all prep but still if it hits the fan really only a fraction of us will even make it. Hug those loved ones this Christmas. Screw Evers and all the other tyrants.

Wheels on the bus,

I was hugging people right and left, up to the day we drove out of Wisconsin. Human companionship, and contact, are vital to a healthy immune system. Just doin’ my part to stay healthy! 😉

There’s a gun/ammo store in Viroqua next to Tractor Supply on Hwy 14. Don’t know what their supply status is now, but I was able to get stuff from them when other posters said they couldn’t find what they needed. Might want to check them out if in your AO. If you don’t see something on the shelf, ask Rick if there’s any in back.

My momma lives over on that side of state . It’s something else . I like to visit strapped for the apocalypse unbeknownst to her 😂. Keep hoping they’ll pack up some day and move elsewhere but there really isn’t a whole lot of great places to choose from in this once great nation anymore.

used to be a nice safe place, I remember walking around the city late at night with no fears.
that was about 1997/98

Only in Milwaukee and Madison. The vast majority of the state is deep red and is ignoring Tony Evers. We’ll ignore Biden and his bitch too.

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Back to the question:

“Will The System Survive Another Lockdown?”
There are individuals, small time businesses STILL trying to recover from the first shutdown, if they are now trying at all.
A second shutdown will make those that are sacrificing, plain and simple

As, far as a people, those that are gullible…..mostly dems, will concede to the rules, most will not abide by the rules of a second shutdown. Especially, with the Holidays.
Thanksgiving, Christmas. Times that are (should be) important to family gatherings. Loss of school sports, graduations, planned weddings, funerals, and church services.

But what a perfect timing.
The cold and flu season. Symptoms that mimic that of the vid.
Take a test…..yes, positive.
Nope, negative.
Ohh, wait.
Yes, definitely a positive.
Yep, Earl.
We got another.
We need to shut er down.

Instill the fear
Install the propaganda

Give me a break

I agree. The media refuses to report it, but outside the cities most are ignoring the worst of the mandates. I wear a mask just because I don’t want to be hassled, but half the time I take it off because my glasses dog up. Nobody has said anything about it, and people are moving all over the state and across into Michigan right now as the deer gun season gets going. Totally ignoring Tony’s pleas lol.

How come no one here seems to care about the hospitals running out of ICU beds. The more people get infected, the less likely the hospitals can keep up.

Sometimes I wonder if I had or have the vid:

Fever or chills. Nope

Cough. Yep

Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing. Nope, unless broken ribs

Fatigue. Yep, everyday

Muscle or body aches. Yep, everyday

Headache. Sometimes

New loss of taste or smell. Nope…look at this waistline

Sore throat. Not yet

Congestion or runny nose. Runny nose? Yep, look at my sleeves

Nausea or vomiting. Yep . Usually occurs during the work week mornings.

Diarrhea. Yep, depends on the work week schedule and the flaw in routine.

Trouble breathing. Nope. Just under a mask

Persistent pain or pressure in the chest. Nope as long as those broken ribs healed correctly.

New confusion. Define new?

Inability to wake or stay awake. Every work day

Bluish lips or face. Nope unless bluish makeup has been applied.

Mr. Joe

You got the vid

Quarantine and /or isolate for 10 to 14 days.
Call me in the morning.

Did you get your flu shot?

Well said.

Lol. I see what you did there “Ken”.

Are there areas with actual shortages? Think about the 1000s of beds all American taxpayers provided NYC based on projections that were never used. Local occupancy 80% but they run 75% in normal times. Why worry even though cases are 3x?

Memphis Tn and Nashville Tn.. have few beds.. 91% in Memphis.. last i heard nashville was in mid 90%.. SIL was in the hospital there.about 10 days ago…. I am staying out of big cities, .. going out only when i must and maintaining a lower profile

..DH had appointment with specialist.. we informed them we would not be coming in to office.. could delay it past the “mask order” or do a phone visit… his choice.

. We have 1 hr services in person on sunday and one hour mid week for study… . By staying out of the city and doing what i know to boost My own immunity… i am not adding to the problem of the cities.

They have had mask/muzzle mandates and anti-social distancing for many months- One would think if they did anything… the issue would be reducing..yet it is increasing..huuummmm?

However there are no regular flu incidences.. suicides are exploding..People are finding getting a medical appointment -for an important medical need-intolerable..the wait can be 8 weeks for a urologist…Do you want ot wait that long to get an evaluation on a kidney infection??? It’ happening. with every specialty.!

The medically fragile, confined to home or inside- already at deaths door- Covid neglect – lack of tactile stimulation to show care and compassion is a basic human need….-It’s murdering them.

New Mexico as of Monday, full lock down as per our Communists Governor.

‘Spect Colorado will follow suite, along party lines. Won’t affect our side much. Hell, I dont care, I’m gonna go chase elk around the Juan’s next week. 600 rolls enough? Red or Green, Pardner?

Oy, but we are such a sparsely populated state. Which is actually a big advantage. But, no, we have to spend hours again waiting in line to get groceries. Sigh… Got room for me in your corner 🙂

-In Texas, we are locking down those cities where ICU beds are over 15% occupied by Covid patients; no general lockdown is planned. The small city where I worked is now one of the top ten in the nation.(A lot of our local beds are given up to overflow patients from larger areas, like El Paso, OK City and even Kansas City!)

The problem we are having is the grocery stores are arbitrarily setting up their own limits on purchases, when they haven’t had shortages already reported, to prevent runs on various groceries. We are doing it to ourselves!

-Papa S.

I suspect our Overlord in the PA commonwealth will try to shutdown everything as soon as the election is certified.

Also in PA, Costco and Wally World TP and PT sold out. Wally World had empty/light shelves similar as in March/April….condiments (no ketchup), dairy/non-dairy cooler very light, yogurts lots of empty shelves, frozen area big gaps, eggs very light almost gone, cold juice very light, PNB like Jiff gone…kitty litter my hubby got the last couple ones there. Our local schools go back to online starting this Wednesday at least through Jan 4 2021. So many factors are converging now…I agree with so many of the posts here…prayers for strength and wisdom, healing for those who need it, especially Old Homesteader, may your strength, breath, and energy return to you speedily and may many holy angels be at your side… Good Shepherd keep you all in His utmost care Psalm 23 John 10

“The whole idea was (is) to fundamentally change our country from a constitutional republic into a democratic socialist society.” 

If this happens, NOBODY is gonna like results. Believe me.

Yea, dream on, those are for the elites, for you n me its laborers frocks in a lovely shade of grey

The Demogrinches are at it again. And just in time for the holiday season! Or maybe they realize the danger they’d be in if folks get together and realize they’ve got less and less to be thankful for under these autocratic mayors and authoritarian governors.

Over here in “paradise” the police are issuing citations for not wearing a mask, not wearing the proper mask and not wearing your mask properly, over 265 in a week.
think ill yank that thin blue line sticker off my truck

I’m hearing fines of upwards to $15,000 (Albany) for gatherings of more then 10 in homes for Thanksgiving. Normally I would say that is unenforceable, but PSAs are suggesting neighbors turn in or report neighbors. Sounds a bit Nazi to me . . .

God help us!

Keyboard warriors consitution this, consitution that, tell me why/how does the consitution matter when Dems no longer follow it?

Grew up Catholic the priest would complain at every mass how less people attended church problem he alienated church goers not the people who left. This is how the endless consitution discussion feels.

Democrat city- Cop fired for expressing personal opinion on duty. 1st Amendment.

Democrat County Executive- $15000.00 fine 10+ gathering on Thanksgiving. Executive requesting citizens rat on eachother. 4th Amendment.

Grocery store refuses to sell large turkey assuming customers would invite too many guests.

If Trump won blue states would be closed. Soon enough though.

Does anybody on this forum think they are free the way founders thought society should be? Wait til you take your 2 phase Covid shots like good little boys and girls.

Nope, and they can blow me

I have two kids in high school in Florida. Literally almost every day the school calls to keep us informed that a student has been infected. If the infected student was near others students for at least 15 minutes over the course of 24 hours then those students have to stay home and do elearning. I’m so sure this is happening across the country so multiply that by 10s of 1000s of schools and it’s easy to understand why the numbers are so high now. But the kids aren’t dying from it, and they aren’t spreading it to adults, so the death rate is low. But the Democrats (aka Marxists) so badly want to portray it as hell on earth that they never talk about the death rate. They just want everyone to be scared because scared people do whatever they are told. At 56 years old I don’t want to catch it but I’m not concerned at all. The gov can go pound sand – I’m doing whatever I want as far as getting together with people. I’ll do it where I want whenever I want to.

I have neighbors that are in teaching profession and have teens. I was informed early in the week- there are regular school initiated isolations- one of children’s classrooms have already had 2…other students county wide are on 2 day a week of school instruction…
We have made a habit for a few years of making most purchases -one time a month… we have extended that to every supply we require..
Living in the country means we plan every trip to do the max and every purchase is pre-planned to some degree.(as n)..x amount for feed, x amount for immediate need.x amount for car.Poverty means there is “month” left at end of money.

My daughter in one of the hot spot states received a call a couple of Fridays ago in the am she needed to pick up her oldest for 2 week quarantine after sitting by someone testing positive. Then another call after lunch to pick up the youngest for same reason. By the end of the day they were back to online only for at least 2 weeks but I think that’s going to continue to end of this term. Daughter says their commie governor will have them wearing masks F-O-R-E-V-E-R. Trying to emote the anger and exasperation in her voice. She’s in nursing and says mask mandates are a joke. When it takes someone like her 3 attempts to pass a filmed test donning and doffing bio-hazard suit after practicing for weeks, there’s no way civilians without proper PPE and extensive training can protect themselves. She didn’t think she screwed up until they showed her on film where she screwed up.

I’m ready to lock down because we have been pretty much in a state of isolation since February. I’m focused on accepting the things I can not change, having the courage to change the things I can, and asking God for the wisdom to know the difference. I pray the investigations in to the election will turn out to prove Trump won.

Two main goals of the liberals: Destroy physical cash and replace with digital currency and insert tracking devices in all people, either through facial recognition or implants through vaccines, to totally control the populace. The second amendment would become toast as would all individual liberties. Say good bye to the Republic.

the lockdown is MEANT to harm the economy imo. Its a cover / excuse to implement controls on the people. If Harris OBiden get in, we are going to lose our freedom and our country. I pray the criminals are not allowed that opportunity.

No. Remaining businesses will shutter permanently. Why would someone run a business that can be shut down or instantly made unprofitable at the whim of the state?

Obama, Bernie, and Kamala, will determine what will happen and when it will occur. They will dictate their actions to O’Biden who will execute their commands. It is likely that a nation-wide shutdown happens in order to force the majority of people to be totally dependent on the government. Gun ownership will have to be controlled in order to prevent any type of revolt. We could see anything from forced buy-backs to confiscation. O’Biden will then initiate Bernie’s agenda of “re-distributing” the wealth – your wealth – to those that need it most. BLM, ANTIFA, The NBA, the millions of immigrants that will be coming through open borders will benefit greatly from your money. The Stones said it best 50 years ago. “Ooh, a storm is threat’ning My very life today If I don’t get some shelter Oh yeah, I’m gonna fade away.”

I am still working through this lockdown and we are back to ordering out food for pick-up unless we cook at home. Tonight I made a crock pot recipe for Mongolian Beef. Here is the recipe:
1.5 lbs of flank steak sliced thin against grain,
1/4 cup cornstarch
1 Tablespoon toasted sesame oil
1 teaspoon minced garlic
1 teaspoon minced ginger
1/2 cup low sodium soy sauce
1/3 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup water
4-6 bunches of large, tough green onions cut into 1-2 inch pieces
1/2 teaspoon of crushed red pepper.

Dredge the thin sliced beef into the corn starch to coat evenly. Place into crock pot. Mix all wet ingredients together along with the red pepper flakes and brown sugar. Cook on high heat for 3 hours. Add green onion pieces for the last 1.5 to 2 hours of cooking.

Serve over hot rice. This recipe does not contain added MSG and it is a good use for tougher cuts of beef and old, thick and tough green onions found in the market these days. I miss eating out on days off and I frequent my favorite places in hopes they will stay in business when this is over.

In the meantime, take care of yourselves and each other and we will see each other after this is over.

Since everyone is being told about all the new “cases” of the virus, using a “test,” which is plainly designed to deliberately produce false positives, I guess Fauci, et al, blew it.

People are wearing masks. People are distancing. People are washing their hands and using hand sanitizers. Many are working from home. All kinds of businesses are shuttered. Schools are closed everywhere. Travel is way down.

So, using deliberately falsified virus information, the Fauci types are all screaming LOCK DOWN. But, for what purpose? To save lives? No. No lives are saved by a lock down, as the lock down, itself…causes the loss of lives. To “lower the curve?” When was the last time you heard THAT as the reason for a lock down? Are Covid-19 patients being stacked on top of each other in our hospitals? No.

Remember all the emergency “hospitals” we hurriedly put in place, and all the cadaver trucks parked about them, which were never used?

Are all these people being defined as a “case” actually sick in any way? Do they get sick? How many? How many people are no longer cases? Why proclaim an ever increasing, cumulative, “case” count, which reaches back months and months? Why? Propaganda…naturally.

I am only interested in the actually sick…and getting specific about what they are sick from. I am only interested in Covid-19 patients impacting health facilities, nothing else.

As I have said before, health facilities should have been set up, which are solely meant to specifically handle Covid-19 patients. All others shall continue to handle all non-Covid-19 specific issues.

Screw Fauci.

Agree 100%.

Ision – Those that are actually sick may in fact be suffering from beriberi, a simple vitamin B1 deficiency. Check out – Bill Sardi’s report on November 16, 2020 and see what you think. In that report, read the link “Not Covid.” Interesting.

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As predicted, the governor here just ordered most of the state (94% of population) back into most restrictive lockdown category, effective tomorrow. BOL County still less restricted (low population), but most of the state back to trying to get by.

Retail stores allowed 25% capacity, grocery can go 50% capacity in most counties. 10 days before turkey day. I’m picturing lines around the building against Costco. Knew it was coming.

ZH has an article on a study of Marine recruits subjected to a strict lockdown with drastic anti covid measures. Recruits still got covid-19 at rate actually higher than non locked down control group. Most cases were asymptomatic.