Your TRUE ENEMIES Are Not Your Fellow Americans

Looking for the true enemies of America?

The following are words excerpted from a video below, as well as my thoughts:

Your TRUE ENEMIES are not your fellow Americans. The one’s who are your true enemies want you to hate each other, and to kill each other — while they’re taking away your constitutional rights, your freedoms, and your country. Your heritage, your way of life, and the future of your children.

The real and extremely dangerous enemies of the American people are the one’s “pulling the ropes”. They are the main cancer that’s killing America. You know who they are. They include elected officials in federal government, state government, and the court system — those who have made it clear by their words and actions. Many are clearly identified as they no longer hide their anti-American stance.

These individuals are among your Representatives, Governors, Mayors, Judges. Those that are pushing through the agenda that has got us here to this point.

They won’t stop. Unless you stop them.

How We Must Act

Stop caring whether you’ve been called a “racist”. A “white supremacist”. Or whatever name they have for you.

Stop caring whether you offend anyone. The number of people who are offended by you exercising your 1st Amendment rights is directly proportional to how successful you are at it.

Stop attempting to have affect, or logic based conversation. Stop explaining yourself — it’s useless. You are wasting your precious time and energy. They have a play book. And changing their minds is not part of it.

Exercise your 2nd Amendment rights. This means study carefully the gun laws in your state. Next, arm yourself. If you’ve never carried a gun before, it’s important to get some basic training to protect yourself, your family, and your property.

Exercise your 1st Amendment rights. Of course it is very important to vote in November. But I’m afraid it will not be enough. The election may be stolen. You must act now. Speak out. Assemble. Peacefully protest. Let them know. LOUDLY and in great numbers.

Freedom loving Americans have a constitutional obligation to protect this nation if you want to keep it that way. To fight against any form of tyrannical government which infringes upon your constitutional rights. Never forget why you celebrate Independence Day.

Don’t be afraid that you will be attacked for exercising your 1st Amendment rights. You certainly will be. If that happens, defend yourself.

Trump is on the side of Liberty

If President Trump was not on our side, the side of liberty, they wouldn’t try this hard to sabotage him every way possible. To make a nightmare out of his life and presidency. And to remove him from office. He’s in their way of getting what they want. He cannot fight this battle alone. That’s why we must stand united against tyranny. Against socialism, Marxism, communism.

Right now, Trump is the gatekeeper of the free world. This means if we lose America, we will lose the world as well.

The future of the whole free world is in our hands. Right now.

This Yugoslavian Woman Issues A Warning She Wants All Americans To Hear:

More thoughts:

The useful idiots are in full throat, being unknowingly led by those pulling the ropes. There really is no hope for them. They have been turned to the dark side.

While unfortunately we definitely have fellow Americans who are enemies, terrorist organizations (BLM / ANTIFA), Marxists — the thing is… the TRUE ENEMIES are those pulling the ropes. These are the people who need to be removed. Put away for treason against America.

How? We start at the ballot box in November.

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Why would a Billionaire care about you?

my name
Why did he run for president? He doesn’t need the money. Why doesn’t he give the Democrats the finger and resign? No one would blame him. Why would he run again? Power? Money equals power in most of the world, and you called him a billionaire. Why did the original signers of the Declaration of Independence risk (and many of them lose) everything for what was commonly considered a lost cause? Think he doesn’t know the risk, especially after the last three years? Why care about me? He shouldn’t. He should have sat back with his billions of dollars, and a bag of popcorn, enjoying the show. Profiting off the endless crises.

Thank God he didn’t. He stood up, raised both middle fingers to the real forces of darkness and screamed “Not in my lifetime!”.

Is he perfect? No. He is rude, insulting, hard headed, mean. Probably downright nasty in a fight. Has learned the hard way that he can’t trust politicians or bureaucrats. That “experts” are drips under pressure.

I don’t know why he would care. I just thank God he does.

Buck, Amen!

Buck, you hit it on the nose. I once heard it said DJT may not have been the pc president most people wanted, but he sure was the one our country needed. thank God for President Trump and his non-pc candor!

In my personal opinion? He saw his personal international empire going down the toilet if Hitlery won. Since then he’s been treating the US like a failing business, which is exactly what we need right now.

He would fit right in with most of our presidents up to Johnson–putting any two of them in the same room would be two bulls in a china shop. Since then we’ve had pretty-boy liars, and that’s what the current generation grew up thinking was “proper.”

Well said Buck

Damn Buck. That was one of the best comments I’ve read in a loooong time. 💪💪💪

The Presidency is never about the money. You should know that. It’s about the Power that position holds.

Never have I heard of a President saying, “at least they pay me well”. Stupid to think otherwise.

Trump has had bureaucrats in his back pocket since he was a kid. That is how wealthy people do it. Money talks and BS walks. He has the money already, now he has the Power and Prestige of being called forever, Mr. President. Nothing else to obtain now. Unless he runs for Mr. Universe, but until he gains muscle he will never obtain that title.

There is intelligence on both sides, there are militias on both sides, there is wealth on both sides. To think otherwise is foolish.

Both sides have “survivalists”, both sides have preppers, guns, and ammo.

What is sad is many folks, even on here, allow the higher power to tell you what’s wrong with the other side and why they should be hated.

What should really be asked or talked about is who the sides are “catering” too. Follow that money and see where it comes from. Who “earns” it and who soaks it up.

Welfare goes to the poor but ends up in the pockets of the wealthy.
Medicare money goes to the poor but ends up in the pockets of the wealthy.
Taxes pay all that. All taxes either get paid to the wealthy through an avenue of approach or gets spent paying employees and the like so that they too can give it to the wealthy.

One way or another it all boils down to you helping your neighbor and town folk or helping a billionaire become more of a billionaire.

The “Problem” here is:

We just “think” a President has real Power.
He is totally run by his Jew Controllers.
They control them all…and enjoy their treacherous game.
As Sherlock Holmes famously said “The Game is Afoot”.

In this crazy world…you are, of course, correct.
And I add…”Trust NO-One”.

Why would Billionaires care about you? Because Trebuchets hurl FIRE. That is why. They are not entitled to liberty if they threaten ours. None are untouchable. Give a crow a dirt nap and leave it for others to see. Because the left ain’t playing, so give them great pause.

In time you’ll see that the Constitution WILL be Defended. They will wish it were only rooftop Koreans. It is a target rich environment. The Rich will be eaten, and as the founders said, the tree of liberty will be watered.

Rock on TAC.

Damn right!

Making my list and checking it twice… I know who is naughty or nice… Ho ho ho!

Just drove down several blocks of my street and at the far end I noticed two Trump signs next door to each other. Literally the first that I have seen anywhere in the neighborhood, so they got your attention. Up close to the houses versus being down at the street level, presumably so they won’t be stolen or vandalized.

Directly across the street sat a Biden sign. But the guy had attached a lower portion to the sign that read “AND DO NOT RING MY DOORBELL TRYING TO CONVINCE ME TO CHANGE MY VOTE!!!”

As Ken states, the time for discussion is over. They have made their decision and they are sticking to it – nation and neighbors be damned. So WC, I’m with you. Making my list. And I too will know who gets no help from us when the SHTF.

I see the stories are going around that Biden isn’t capable mentally to lead so Obama or someone else will be in charge.
Isn’t that illegal??

Congress, the President, or the VP would have to make the declaration. If upheld, the VP essentially becomes president. If the VP is also incapacitated, it devolves on the Speaker of the House, then Speaker of the Senate, then the Secretary of State.

I believe that they want Biden as the front man useful idiot with the vp running the show in the background.

Really? You think they give a rat’s rumpus room about
legality, absolutely not my friend, their motto,
Lie,cheat, steal and kill, it’s a means to their end.

Agree k
Just look at Slick Willy and the hildebeast. Their closet is so fill of skeletons it is like the catacombs in Europe.

Foe example, the illegal alien issue. They can give a rats behind about the illegals. To them they are just pawns in an attempt to secure POWER. There are umoteen laws on the books about illegals coming to the US illegally. Do they follow any of those laws? NO!! They do everything to subvert those laws.

Jay Jay

This is the conspiracy theory of all times. But I never did think Obama was through ruling just because his two terms were up. I always thought his goal was one world government — with HIM in charge. There is already talk of the United Nations coming to rescue us from Trump if he refuses to leave office. What is there is such confusion and controversy about who won (what with the millions of disputed mail-in votes) that the UN comes in to rule until the election is decided. And then the UN refuses to leave?

You all will say I am crazy. But that is my theory and I am sticking by it!

That is the most nightmarish yet plausible thing I have heard yet…
good Lord, I hope you are wrong.

If the UN comes in, they will learn really quick that once they leave their HQ for a run to not exit the APC. Those blue helmets are almost like a bulls eye target.

Besides, I don’t think the US military would tolerate a foreign presence attempting to call the shots on US soil. Trump has not been able to do much with the riots, looting, and murders because of the Constitution. But a foreign force on US soil is a different ball game.

If Trump loses and won’t leave, the UN can’t do anything except hoot and holler. Otherwise, they would have taken action against Putin and Xi who are essentially lifetime dictators now.

Daisy K
Move over on the bench there will be a lot of us joining you… you are NOT crazy.
Amazing that with age comes wisdom, especially for those of the old school teaching.

Inprepper, not to mention that a good chunk of the UN budget is paid by the US…

Let the US pull out of that agreement, the UN goes down.

Lauren, When you think of the future UN, think China. They have plenty of money to spend if it means taking over the U.S.

Don’t forget: if the United States is fundamentally changed, so will the rest of the world — the United Nations too.

Who do you think built the shadow government? (With George Soros money?). JMHO.

The blue helmet involvement is ridiculous fantasy. The UN has a big management ass and NO teeth. It’s almost comical how this fairy tale maintains legs since the early 70’s. Problems in the U.S. could grow wilder with little to no assistance from the outside other than words…social media. As the U.S. Constitution goes, so does the U.S. Anyone trying to subvert it will have to go from public opinion to the courts, and they will feel a sting and the wrath of many that have sworn to protect it.

He isn’t really speaking for himself at this point; already he is just a puppet with someone else (or a group) telling him what to say. Occasionally he goes off script or they lose control of him briefly, then his state of decrepitude becomes apparent. Note that lately he always has someone walk with him whenever he’s out of his basement, so he doesn’t wander off or start talking to people too much.

Cracker Clause


And they are the ones, regardless of their political leanings, who are trying to rile folks up and get them to act impulsively. Wilding . . . it’s not just for teenagers anymore. . . is what I think when I see these unthinking middle-aged hooligans who are running with the rioters these days.
. . . .

The best way to turn America away from its good roots is for those professing true patriotism to be indistinguishable in thought, word, or deed from those who are trying to tear her apart. No matter what the cartoons and superhero movies tell us, pre-emptive or gratuitous violence against those with whom we disagree is unAmerican.

Is it still preemptive when they have been burning cities for sixty plus days? Attacking federal buildings nightly, blinding officers with lasers, getting anyone who disagrees with their radical views “cancelled”, just exactly when are we allowed to fight fire with fire?

When they fire directly at us. Alternatively join a law enforcement entity which as the full force of government behind it. . . . .

Otherwise it sounds like advocating harming others who are disagreed with and who, in a better world, would have been dealt with by law enforcement by now.

Then law enforcement had best get this sorted because the madness needs to end.


Matthew 8:8-9
Even the centurion acknowledged he was a man under authority. LEOs can only respond within the scope of their authority. The ones ordering them to take no action are vulnerable to the ballot box and to the courts. Let’s take the fight there before we start behaving like those we don’t approve of.

Kevin, allow me to shed a little light on some things.

Our constitution empowers government in certain ways and deeply limits their power in others.

Both elected and appointed officials are generally asked to swear to follow the Constitution, be that the Constitution of the United States, or the Constitution of their own state, which is oftentimes quite similar in many ways.

Take Portland Oregon as a example. The sheriff is an elected official. The Multnomah on the County Sheriff’s also a liberal. The mayor of Portland is a liberal and he is an elected official who is in charge of an appointed official called the chief of police.

These guys are standing by while Portland is destroyed, because they happen to be rubberstamping the cabal that’s doing it. So when you make comments that say that law-enforcement had better get this sorted, you make sense, but it doesn’t work when the constitution that they swore to uphold and defend, while remembering they are servants of the public and not little tin gods is the furthest thing from their mind.

So unfortunately shame on the voters who elected them who don’t know any better but should, and maybe we are all getting an education, when we allow the left to lead. And I use that term leadership and the left very loosely. Because there isn’t any such leadership in them.

I hate to say this, but it is beginning to look like the corrective actions that will be needed Will come from people who are similar to rooftop Koreans. And some of them may be some of us.

Unfortunately but true, any Vietnam vet who saw combat will tell you that you can kill a man, but you can’t change his mind. It’s a scary thought, but there you go, virulently angry people who are extremely misguided are on the loose, and they’re not open to having a conversation that will go well. Sad that it may come to that, but they’re already pushing it. Defiant and daring anybody to come in stop them. And somebody will. Like I said up thread, the Constitution Will be defended. It’s not necessarily the governments job. It’s ours.

@ Anony Mee: The ballot box is my preferred solution, but it is certainly cold comfort to those injured and those who have lost their livelihoods to the mobs. Ask a business owner in Portland, or a recently blinded officer if they can wait for the election…

Our home believes that the United States as a country is a ” Dead Man Walking”. What I mean by this is with the riots, the traitors in Government, the pro-Communist media, the economy in distress due to the Wu Flu. The chances for a return to the free Nation/Republic we grew up in, are slim.

It is my understanding for Communism to triumph over the World, America must be divided into several small countries, thus limiting North America’s economic and military power.

This is an excellent video Ken, thank you.


It’s here. I’ve said before on this website— THERE ARE LESS THAN 100 DAYS TO THIS ELECTION.

How many of you have watched Fahrenheit 451? Not to simply watch the movie, but paid close attention to the underlining message it is portraying. Only 3 books are allowed to be read & they have symbols in place of words. In this case it is a woman computer watching your every move if you reside in the ‘higher’ class of society. Other wise you are an ell, a no body, to be abused as they see fit.
Pay close attention to the training words of the movie, which were being drummed into the children.

We watched again last evening, only second time to view it but this time we paid closer attention to the story line.

The social programming is ongoing. I have a very hard time watching most movies and reading most books because it’s so stinking blatant. TV shows as well, and commercials.

Responsibilities are individual but rights are for the group and contingent on obedience.

If you disobey, the group is guilty (requiring social enforcement rather than legal)

Public shaming for private “sins”

Assumption of guilt based on traits rather than actions

Social punishment for thought crimes.

It’s to the point where someone might be killed for not wearing a mask and people would just brush it off–it would be “justified.” Mob rule is being normalized, and social punishment is outside the law.

I think the video is enlightening . For someone in Yugoslavia to see our problems in the USA mirror what happened in her Country and warn us of what is to come says a lot of how we are perceived by the rest of the world. She is right when America falls so also will the rest of the world.Unfortunately normalcy bias has closed the eyes of most people.They cannot see the forest for the trees, and To motivate enough people would be impossible to achieve at this late date.If there was something I could do that would make any difference other than of course support President Trump again in November I would.

I agree with this lady 100%. But I fear that the younger generation will let this country die. I believe that we are heading for a depression and massive social unrest. It seems that the only ones who care about this country are the older generation folks. The younger generation has been brainwashed by schools, universities and the liberal media.

Running Bear,

I agree with you to an extent.
Now classify the younger generation.
A lot depends on how we raised our children and our grandchildren.
I know my boy and I, see eye to eye in this coming dilemma. And a whole heck of a lot of his friends do too. (Maybe that’s why their friends????)
Thirty something’s.

But some people, my age, at work…. totally clueless…..chasing bubbles, type of look, when you counter and reason their thoughts.
Media, educational dictators (teachers, professors) are gospel and you can damn well bet their kids and grands will be the same.

Wazz, thatta bubble or a buddyfly. Which way did it go?

I think that one reason there are a lot of reasonable people who don’t believe that what is happening is a communist revolution is that it seems so illogical. I mean 1) How could there ever be so many wealthy and powerful Americans would want to destroy our Country? and 2) Even if they did, how could they secretly coordinate it on such a large scale?
My thoughts:
1) Why would any American want to destroy our Country? These America haters first were God- haters. Once they decided to be enemies of God, they became deceived.
2) How could all of this be so well coordinated? You say the rioters are useful idiots. Perhaps the ones in power- the media propagandists, the liberal politicians, the university professors, etc. are also useful idiots. They are playing out a role that they don’t understand. I believe there is one who ultimately is coordinating all of this.

“You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” John 8:44


Mountain Man

You and I agree fully. Some “one” is coordinating this alright!

Yep. Totally agree.


FYI: Check out youtube channel: Headlines With a Voice – 7/30/2020. Round table at Red Cross HQ at 35 min 54 sec into discussion, a reporter asked President Trump : Once you do have a vaccine, how do you properly distribute it? How do you get it out quickly? President Trump answered by saying military will distribute vaccine in a very forceful manner. ????????? Here we go….. Hold on to your lunch box kids.

“Shot in the arm or shot in the head, either way you end up dead.” – Steve Quayle

Correction: “very powerful manner.” Did the President really say that?

In context, I interpreted it as “in a very effective manner,” especially considering his calm tone.

Heard very early on that Trump supporters take him seriously, but not literally, and those from the other side take him literally, but not seriously. Good explanation, I thought.

Finally – I will keep that in mind. Thanks…. BP down a little now.

Yahoo News had the clip and a short blurb:

During a roundtable press conference at the American Red Cross Headquarters in Washington, D.C., President Trump announced that quick turnaround coronavirus testing was up by fifty percent. Responding to a question about vaccine distribution, Trump also announced that the military would be responsible for distributing the vaccine in a “very powerful manner” once a vaccine had been made available.

Don’t change the context and re-interpret Trump’s statement. Trump was asked about vaccine distribution and this was when he briefly spoke about distribution via the US military. Dr Fauci then followed with a brief statement about fair and equitable distribution, meaning that the vaccines would be delivered to the elderly and other compromised people first.

Most people here lament the downfall of morals and ethics (and a nasty blend of rage and apathy) of our young people. Let’s not forget that the younger generations have gotten this way by both propaganda, and by watching and listening to a group of their peers and elders. And as Ken stated above, “.. elected officials in federal government, state government, and the court system”

Our “leaders” are the REAL enemies. The corruption is widespread and our history is filled with it! From the Bush-regime era forward, America has been seriously compromised.

More recently, America has suffered from Obama’s 8 years of the most corrupt political manuevers, “leaders”, and policy-makers. Every politician in the Obama regime was corrupt and that they weaponized the Federal government. Yet the focus is always on President Trump.

Now our dwindling hope is pinned to the DOJ’s Attorney John Durham’s possible indictments of the criminals involved with FISA abuse (aka Spygate). While we, the patient Silent Majority, continue to wait, we are literally watching our Nation burn. Anger has ramped up on ‘both sides’, but for different reasons. The Left knows their day of reckoning is drawing near. It won’t be long before THE PIVOT takes place. The Left will be completely out of control, but it will be Moderates and Conservatives who will finally be forced to take a stand and make demands. The deep-resentment and anger from the silent Majority will force changes. To do this, people MUST get more involved.

There are many investigative journalists who have gained traction and popularity in recent years. There are also a few “assets” who are placed here and there, serving America because the corrupt media-system has failed us.

Saving America must involve rational Americans. Saving America will take hard work.

If not YOU, then WHO?

As worthless as people believe letter-writing is, letters with CONTENT can be very powerful. Begin a letter-writing campaign. Let your local Rep, Congressional, and Senate leaders know that you are deeply concerned about a specific criminal problem. Keep to the facts, and do not use emotions. Remind the politicians that you vote and that you are ‘active’ online. Ask what they are doing to prevent further crimes and abuse. Be specific — use one or two events as the subject you are writing about: Uranium1, the FISA abuse, the blatant lies about Christopher Steele, etc…..But hold the politicians accountable.

I remember watching sitcom TV in the 80’s and there was a big hubbub because one of the characters (a teenage girl) got pregnant. WOW, that was the talk on TV a few days before the episode.
Fast forward 30 plus years—
TV shows about teen pregnant girls and glorifying the whole thing.

Or a character in the late 80’s got caught with a bag of weed on an episode. Today— it is glorified to do not just eeed but all kind of drugs on TV.

The morality of the entertainment industry has devolved and continues to go further into the gutter every day.

As the entertainment industry has devolved, so has US society in general.

Don’t you actually mean the “indoctrination” industry. It starts very
early, look at the truly insipid cartoons and shows today, against the shows
and ‘toons of the past, always a message rather than entertainment.

Yes k,
Absolutely correct. I was just pointing out some obvious mainstream moments where the industry had permanently changed for the worse from that moment.
Just look at Sesame Street. Sure there are many good things on the show but yes, look behind the curtain and see the subtleties.

INPrepper & k-bay
“Entertainment” is more about Leftist propaganda and indoctrination than entertainment.

One agenda that the Left is infamous for is eugenics, but few mention it. Jonah Goldberg wrote of it in his book Liberal Racism.

Ever wonder why advertisements have gone all-in with so much “blending” (aka mixed marriage) in the past 2 years?

And of course, the Left’s darling, Bill Gates, and his genocidal and eugenics agenda with vaccines are offered around the world. Even African tribal members have realized what was going on.

And Planned Parenthood….Margaret Sanger, founder, told on herself over and over again:

“Apply a stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation to that grade of population whose progeny is tainted, or whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring.”
— Sanger, Margaret. “My Way to Peace,” Jan. 17, 1932

“My own position is that the Catholic doctrine is illogical, not in accord with science, and definitely against social welfare and race improvement.”
— Margaret Sanger, “The Pope’s Position on Birth Control,” Jan. 27, 1932.

“We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population…”
— Letter to Dr. Clarence J. Gamble, December 10, 1939

Quit watching TV and movies years ago.

Every heard it said, that world leaders never try to kill world leaders. Wonder who came up with that idea, probably world leaders! Every heard it said, that only a fool represents himself in a court of law, Wonder who came up with that, probably a Judge, where do Judges come from, certainly not store clerks, so you sure ain’t going to get a fair shake from a Judge unless you use a Lawyer. Anywho my point is, if the Schumer hits the fan, don’t set your sights, so to speak on the local Sheriff or the Cop that will come to put you away, just remember “Who” it is that will send them to your door. Of course the one’s that send them will be hard to make contact with, but it’s worth remembering who they are. Nuff Said. Trekker Out

i hate to use such a corny line but in this case its the truth VOTE RED FOR FREEDOM VOTE BLUE FOR TYRANNY

How things have changed. Back in the day, the adage was,
“If your red, your dead.” Now it’s completely turned around.
We the red, will be in it deeply if things turn blue.

There is a reason the oath I took going into the military stated I would “support and defend the Constitution from enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC”. These liberal democrats, Antifa, BLM may be US citizens but they are NOT Americans and are a far more dangerous enemy than Russia or China.

Didn’t the DHS, classify Antifa as a terrorist org. If so, aren’t their
“rights” thereby relinquished via the Patriot Act. I agree with the
the oath, and that these people are not real AMERICANS. I’m not
the sharpest tool in the shed, but just asking.

I’m voting Democrat because of healthcare. Trump is trying to abolish the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Leading up to the last election, Trump kept saying he had a better plan to replace Obamacare which he was going to implement upon becoming President, yet after all these years–NOTHING. Now he’s still trying to abolish Obamacare, but with no replacement plan. Sure, Trump talks and talks and talks some more about a better plan, but it has never come to fruition and I’m not okay with him eliminating healthcare for millions of people without a replacement plan they can switchover to. So for the first time in my life (I’ll be 58 at election time) I’ll be voting Democrat. (Well, with the exception of voting for Sheriff David Clarke–who runs as a Democrat because he has to being in the very Democratic Milwaukee-area–but he’s really a conservative.)

Luke Warm:
I agree with you 1000%.

I’m so sick and tired of these Capitalist I could puke…

We need more Communism in this country.

I want more government control over everything I need and do. They need to do everything for me, I need more More MORE free everything. (tax the rich 95%, they have to much money)

I truly believe Obama Careless should be offered to everyone. Illegals, government workers, rich people, dead people, heck I think we should expand it to foreign countries also, including China, Russia, and Iran to start with.

Thank you for opening my eyes to the need for a 100% Communist Government.

Like you I’m voting Communists.

Well said Comrade! (as I spit some coffee out of my mouth laughing)… 😉

Sorry about the Coffee on the Keyboard.
Send me the cleaning bill HAHAHA

NRP, yeah I gotta wipe down my laptop and change my pants. Glad we all think alike here.😂

Yes, well said Comrade.

Just fyi to us commie lovers. In commie China, even the poor pay for medical. It’s not like the crappy US where you get medical services then skip town and don’t pay the bill. In great old commie Chine, you have to pay in full the services before they will do anything. So if you need an operation and it costs 30 grand? Pay up front or the doctors won’t touch you.

Oopppsss, did I say communism is great. I’m sorry!

For all the lurkers from over the pond

Freedom for Tooting … oh Wolfie 🙂 look it up you will enjoy a gentler time


Absolute scum,,,,

Well good for you luke warm,,,
Bless your heart for coming out and saying exactly what you are doing,,,


Was that “Bless your heart” said with a Southern accent?

Yes vote everyone. Because Biden is going to fix everything just like Obummer ended racism in America.

Luke W: Vote Democrat cause they are supporting riots and burning down police departments and killing fetus’ (that’s real healthcare, baby butchering). Only the Democrats have the ‘nads to put up a wife of a rapist for president, who couldn’t get into a van by herself, and now a decrepit senile hair-sniffing little girl squeezer. Any true enemy of the country has got to love the way Democrats have destroyed every single city that they have overseen for the last 50 years.
And you can not only vote Democrat when you are Luke Warm, but also when you are room temperature.
Sleep on it.

I strongly disagree with the Democrat tactics being displayed by many of their followers/leaders, but I’m disabled and I have a choice of going out on Disability/Medicare and doing nothing 24/7/365 or working part-time and making use of Obamacare until I turn 65 and can go on Medicare just like the rest of the old people all across the USA.

Luke Warm – If the rest of the old people jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?

You are either a troll, or are being willfully ignorant.

You say you disagree with the tactics, but are happy to vote for the people behind those tactics because it gets you something you want, no matter the cost to anyone else. That’s incredibly dishonest of you. I’d have more respect if you simply made the argument for communism, and owned what you’re about. At least you’d honestly stand for what you really are then.


A troll

In Internet slang, a troll is a person who starts flame wars or intentionally upsets people on the Internet by posting inflammatory and digressive,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional responses[2] and normalizing tangential discussion,[3] either for the troll’s amusement or a specific gain.

This is intentional,
We have a few of em

Kulafarmer – Ah. Wasn’t sure if it was or not. So…do not feed. Thanks for the reminder.

Don’t know how to break this to you gently, but if you say you are voting democrat in order to get something for free, you are, by default, enabling an abortion, pro-gay, anti-Christian, pro Antifa, pro-anarchist, ant-white, anti-law enforcement, socialist agenda……shall I continue?

You’re sorta like the get away driver for a bank robber who kills the cashier. Can’t understand why you are being held equally responsible for the robbery murder….after all, you only wanted your share of the money…….you didn’t want to share in the dirty work……..

p.s.- I apologize for mis-gendering you (is that what you call it?). I was making an assumption, sorta like you assuming other people should be happy to pick up your slack.

I like this.

Of course you do,

Ohhhh Chevy,
There’s nothing wrong with the Dem rin cities like Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, or San Fransiko. They are heaven on earth. It’s the right wing conspiracy that they are bad places.

Oooppsss, sorry, it’s time to take my meds.

Luke Warm – “Those who would give up essential Liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Benjamin Franklin

So, you would live in slavery to the State so you can have ‘free’ or subsidized healthcare – perceived medical safety? You would vote for the forced redistribution of other’s time and treasure, on threat of state sanctioned violence, so you can have that? No matter the cost to others, or to your country?

Look around you, at the violent mobs, screaming to abolish anything produced by the so-called ‘white, capitalist system’. Screaming for ‘free’ everything. If you believe you have the right to the product of my life, those are your people.

To get something for free or nothing. Ooohhh fantastic! Isn’t that the American dream? I’m watching a show on my brand new 60″ TV. Only paid $30 bucks for it. Great!! It smells smoky though. The guy I got it from said the place was on fire when he got it. I though he said the place had a fire sale at first. I didn’t know the place was on fire when he got it at first. Something for nothing, ain’t America great?

I get stuff for free all the time. Mostly weeds. And rocks. You’re right. The American Dream.

Yes, and even the occasional FREE nail in a car tire.

Yes, I too get stuff but it ain’t free, like that rock that chipped my
windshield, that I had to pay off, but I guess the rock was, free. Or
maybe luke could buy it for me, nah, I take of my own, myself..

Lauren – Don’t forget earwigs!

So, because you are lukewarm, I will spit you out of my mouth. . . . Rev 3:16. . . .

Gosh I’ve quoted a lot Bible verses this week. Wanted to lighten up a bit, but the opportunity presented itself . . .

What the government giveth, the government can take away.

We need more people voting Republican or at least not with the Democratic machine to have enough votes to fix ACA.

ACA is unsustainable. I know families whose premiums went from $12k per year to over $40k. My small business clients who couldn’t qualify for a reasonably priced group plan would have employees get private insurance and then the business would pay the premium. That’s now a civil crime subject to a $1,000 per day per employee penalty. Since ACA exempts small employers right now, most quit paying for insurance leaving employees to pay outrageous ACA premiums unless you’re part of the working poor. I have a friend who doesn’t earn enough income to qualify for ACA. Yeah there’s a minimum for wage earners. ACA and thinking Billary was preselected to be president, led me to retire early. Trump’s election motivated me to start my own firm even though my marginal tax rates as a self-employed person is just under 45%. Now I might just find a hole to hide in if the Democrats take over.

Don’t know your situation, whether you are disabled or unable to secure and hold a decent paying job. I have read your earlier posts relating how you pay a ridiculously small amount for healthcare under “Obamacare”. I know other folks that pay a ridiculously high premium, double or triple what they paid prior to “Obamacare”. Not surprising that they resent being forced to pay for you to get, for next to free healthcare, while their coverage shrunk, deductibles and co-pays skyrocketed.

You say that you are a conservative? What else do you believe your neighbors should pay for? Your rent? Your utilities? Your food? A car and gas to drive it?

Would you pass up an opportunity for a better paying job if it meant you would have to give up your almost free Obamacare and start paying your own way in life?

Sorry sir, sounds as if you’ve fed at the trough of other people’s money…..and discovered you like the democrat feed lot. Like all feed lots, there ain’t no way out except the gate to the slaughter house………enjoy.

I like my response more than yours…

This person is a troll, they come here and bring this up again and again to rile us up, it works, except i and many were already riled up by this absolute BS.
I dont care if we are in an echo chamber, some ideas need to be stuffed back down the dark hole they came out of
Who is John Galt!

Having a different viewpoint or life experience is not being a troll.

True- but Trump can only say yes or no to what gets passed by congress and makes it to his desk. I can say that my health insurance like millions of went down the toilet when Obamacare went into effect.

Well then why do you come here when you know most are opposed to the onerous increases in cost we have experienced in order to fund you?
You know the response.
In Internet slang, a troll is a person who starts flame wars or intentionally upsets people on the Internet by posting inflammatory and digressive,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional responses[2] and normalizing tangential discussion,[3] either for the troll’s amusement or a specific gain.

You might be amused,
The rest of us are sick and tired of your ilk,
Pound sand

Kulafarmer, I was expressing my reason for voting differently this year. I’ll just stick to commenting on food storage, preparedness, etc…which is the reason I came to this site in the first place.

Hey Luke Warm,
I’m not singling you out or any thing but just trying to show you a different viewpoint on what socialism or communism is in REALITY. Democrats are socialists, simple end of story. Everythingthing they believe and VOTE for is socialist. China is a socialist/communist country. If someone wants a good taste of living a socialist life? Come here., hop on a plane and experience a socialist/ communist life first hand.

The socialist/communist life:
Lose your job- there is no safety net. No work no food-simple.
Don’t like a policy-can’t protest-against the law. If you do, you go to jail.
Criticized the communist party or its leaders—oooo bad. You get arrested and ‘disappear ‘. That means you go ‘somewhere’ and are never heard from again. No courts, no innocent until proven guilty. It’s as if you never existed. Don’t believe me? Ask some of the doctors who betokened the covid story here against government approval. Ooh wait you can’t, because they ‘disappeaed’.
Want to build a house? You can after you pay a bribe to the local government official. Don’t like that? Tell the police them. Now you have you pay a bribe to the local police in order to keep from getting out in jail on trumped up charges.

Again, not trying to single you out Luke Warm but just trying to ‘infirm’ you that if you bite Democrat, that is what you are voting for.

I’m disabled, but instead of going out on Disability/Medicare and sitting home 24/7/365, I choose to work part-time. I’m not a sir, I’m a female. When I turn 65, I’ll be on Medicare just like all the other old people across the USA and this will become moot.

Luke Warm:
And yet you vote Communist
And stand with those that are destroying the Fabric of the Country we ALL took the Pledge of Allegiance to so many times standing in Salute or hand over our hearts standing at OUR Flag

We’ll see how well “Sieg Heil” works out if you get your way Comrade.

No, it won’t become moot, because your celebrated D’s stole from Medicare to subsidize your current plan. So less for you when you do retire. Sad.

Luke Warm

I’ve got news for you….Medicare is limited. While your diabetic medication will be greatly reduced in price, your medical needs will only be partially addressed.

You WILL need supplemental insurance for hospital costs, pharmacuticals, and to cover some of your doctor visits.

And your Medicare coverage is regulated….DICTATED. Better get well established now, not just with a GP but with any specialists you believe you may need after you turn 65.

Being on Medicare puts you into a very different category in the medical world. Being on Medicare deems you to be a “loss” to physicians and hospitals. You will be among the ‘least desired’ patients at a doctor’s office unless you have adequate additional coverage, and are an established patient, AND Medicare actually covers the medical need.

That “free ride” you covet comes with many stipulations. But maybe another welfare program brought to you by hard working taxpayers can give you the additional $$ and/or coverage you’ll need.

Luke Warm,

What do you think Communists do to the elderly and disabled who cannot continue to “pay” into the system? They become a “burden” and guess what usually happens next to them? They hate God, so compassion for the weak and helpless is not going to happen. It takes a lot of mis-guided faith to believe that God-haters will take care of you in your old age…

It wasn’t so long ago that the Nazis were eliminating the “undesirables” and those they deemed “useless”. The democrats and communists are one and the same. Please get a clue.

Luke Warm,

The Affordable Care Act had increased our Insurance costs from $150 a month to $800 a month through the whole ordeal.
This is much better than most were having to pay. We were fortunate the employer picked up most of it.
My husband lost his job of 16 yrs and now we are on Cobra Ins. at $1600 a month which is cheaper than any comparable plan available on the market. All though we saved and can pay this for a short term, that is a lot of added costs per month since the beginning. Not to mention the amount of doctor choices we lost. Medication coverages have changed as well. We are just blue collar folks. Everyone I know has had to adjust their budget greatly or just go without it.

“The best insurance is to not have any,” said the Nurse.

She is right.

On what planet is $1600 a month affordable? Even $800 a month is ridiculous.
But the democrats who dreamed this crap up see it as a small price to pay to forward their agenda….

I pay 55-cents a month for Obamacare. It’s income-based–if your income is very low, the cost is very low, as well. The deductible and co-pays are also based on income. I have $0 deductible and a worst-case scenario of $1,450 per year maximum out-of-pocket cost. If someone is paying that much ($800 or $1600), they earn a LOT more than I do.

Talk to the hand troll,
I dont give a sideways crap what you have to say

A sideways crap.

Is that painful?


Depends on your liquidity margin. 0.o

I’m really Really REALLY trying to get that image of a “sideways crap” out of my mind.
OMG help me brother.

– Kula, you know you are just SO wrong! LOL

INprepper, I don’t see how it couldn’t be!

Lauren, …

NRP, I’m with you.

– Papa S.

All responding to SWC from kula, Actually it’s really
quite easy out here as everything here is sideways
anyway, oh well

Luke Warm,
Its called finding a market that pays with benefits and working to get that job. We don’t make a ton of money but we make a living and live within our means. By definition we are “middle class” and that class is footing the bill for your insurance, but for how long is the question

I had a good job with benefits. The job was eliminated through downsizing. I’m old, tired, disabled with physical issues which will not enable me to find a similar good job with benefits. I’m now working part-time (rather than sitting home on my arse collecting Disability payments) and trying to coast to 65 when Medicare will finally kick in. There’s only so much I am capable of doing at this point. I made a choice to be voluntarily poor and on Obamacare because the other alternative was go out on Disability and sitting home all the time. At least I feel I’m doing something by working part-time. Also, I don’t recall anyone ever complaining about me paying for schools, parks, etc. back when I had a good job and was paying quite a bit in taxes for decades.

Luke –

We’ve done this with you four times now, possibly five. The last time you quit your job because the stress was too much to handle, since you’re so tired and being a part-time cashier suited you better. Now you were downsized when your job was eliminated. How come I’m keeping up with your troll script better than you??

Answer one question truthfully. Why are you here? Clearly this is a group of real Americans who are fighting to keep our country from falling into the socialists hands. Yet clearly you stand by your decision to vote socialist’s into power so it will go up in flames. Shouldn’t you be at an Antifa rally somewhere, rather than hanging out here? Or are you too lukewarm for that too?

M’Lynn: I didn’t quit my job, it was eliminated…I didn’t choose to leave as I was less than 6 years from retirement, but I had no choice. I just didn’t replace it with another high-stress job because the part-time cashiering does suit me better at this point in life/physical condition. I’ve actually been on this site for quite awhile because I’m into preparedness–that’s what drew me to this site. I simply commented that my vote was changing for the first time this election. I would have voted Trump if he would have kept his word regarding his new healthcare plan he spoke about leading up to the last election–but all these years and nothing has come of it. I remember him signing order upon order when he became President and I was looking forward to his new healthcare plan–but where is it? I guess I’ll stick to commenting on the articles about food storage and such.

Warm Puke –

That’s what just regurgitated into my throat when I read your post. Go ahead and stay sitting on your duff and on your precious “obama care”, you necrotic pustule on humanity. When you die alone and the neighbors report the stink, surely there will be another taxpayer funded program to dispose of your meaningless remains.

I’d love to expound on this topic, but I have to get back to WORK to support your existence.

I wouldn’t blame Trump for Obamacare not being repealed. I’d blame the republicans who had congress when Trump was elected. I remember seeing Trump in an interview complaining about that very thing. Before he was elected, the republicans kept going on about how they wanted to repeal and replace ObummerCare. Trump kept saying, send me a bill and I will sign it into law. The republicans never did. During that interview, Trump said that there should have been a repeal and replace bill sitting on his desk the day he took the oath of office. Trump cannot unilaterally repeal ObummerCare. Whether you believe that it’s Trumps fault or just hate him so much you will vote for any Demoncrat, well good luck . I hope you don’t get too stressed when you get put into a forced labor camp. But hey, in a forced labor camp, all medical is free.

To Luke warm: I am disabled, I am disabled, I am disabled, I DISABLED! You wear that statement like a badge of honor. At our age, who in the hell isn’t “ disabled” to some degree? Not only are you Luke warm, your a pathetic crybaby, laying in your self pity, if your actually who you present yourself to be. Frankly, I believe your are just another piss-ant troll posting for kicks and giggles. GrGrandma 1947

Oxy Moron –
You prep while voting in the socialists who will cause you to have to use your preps. Got it. That is as blatant of an oxymoron as I think you’ll ever find.

Appreciate your offer to discuss food storage strategies but will graciously decline. I think the better use of your time would be to watch the countdown clock that Ken has added. That will keep you mindful of how long you have before casting the most significant vote of your entire life.

Each of us has the opportunity to side with good, or vote to side with evil. Personally, I will not support people who will now let a newborn infant lay on a table to die. I will not tolerate changing the sex of a toddler, or sanction a Drag Queen to read them a story, nor turn a blind eye to the pedophile’s that are ruining children’s lives. Those for me are enough to never even toy with the notion of voting Democrat. It would be siding with the devil and all that is evil. You feel differently. For fifty cents and a $0 deductible you are willing to be bought. My soul is worth far more to me. I enjoy being a good and decent human being. And I will greatly enjoy the victory that my team will share. Even if we don’t win at the ballot box because your team has to rig it, we will still win. It’ll take us some effort and some time, but we know how to work. We understand why we work. This is one nation under God. Nothing and no one will change that. Not while we’re here. Good will indeed triumph over evil. It’s just a matter of time now, so keep watching that clock. The day of reckoning draws near.

Not only an excellent, politely put post, but so truthful.

– M’Lynn,
Very well and nicely put. If only all of us could find it within ourselves to be this forthright and simultaneously polite.
– Papa S.

M’Lynn – What a beautifully written, dignified post! Inspiring, to boot.

Well said M Lynn


Thank you. You expressed what we all feel.

They are not only income based, but also plan based. So if you make 49k per year but choose a low cost plan, your ACA vote-bribe might cover your entire premium. Also, if you’re not making ENOUGH they’ll just kick you off on Medicaid and say you’re ineligible.

Then there’s the income vs net worth conundrum. If you handled it correctly, you could have millions in investments, live comfortably and still have your celebrated subsidies. Amazing how government graft works, isn’t it?

Luke Warm,
As one of the many people here who work and pay a boatload of taxes, your nearly free health insurance is a tab the rest of us are picking up.

Rather than criticizing and arguing with the people here who are footing the bill for you, how about a polite “Thank You” instead???

These schiffheads feel they are entitled to a huge break on our dime,,, oh i just love paying over 33% in taxes and about 20% for healthcare,,,

Almost 100% of my husband’s Pension is what it takes to pay for our supplemental insurance after Medicare.

So, freeloader, keep at it. Why do other well-prepared taxpayers have to pick up the tab for you? You did not plan well, and that shouldn’t be MY burden.

So there is some magic miracle that makes the cost of providing medical care go away for you?

Recetionist to nurse and doctor: Luke Warm is here for her checkup. Clock out as 55 cent per month insurance won’t pay your wages….

Your medical care costs the same regardless of what you pay. The difference with ACA is who is paying – not what is paid.

We really need a year long course in basic economics to be required in high schools.

God I love these Friday morning chats

Oops, can I say “God”????

You mean, “you know, that thing, you know…”

– No, NRP, you are only allowed to mention that other being who loves us, and gives his all for us. I am of course referring to that one spelled the other way round, and of whom you have a representative laying close by, “DOG.”

The Other is of course verboten on any good conspiracy site. He may not be mentioned except to say bad things about, didn’t you know that?

Just kidding, LOL
– Papa S.


Yes – you can!

NRP, you can declare, “OMB!” We’ll know it’s Oh my Buddah! 😉


I tried to stay out of it, but I got too irritated.

Man, I’m sick of this socialist crap. Sick of paying for it, sick of hearing about what others feel entitled to. I guess I have joined the old and cranky club.

So Cal Gal:
Keeping you out of a “interesting” discussion is like me keeping Blue away from his nightly Shot of Shine…. AIN’T going to happen LOLOLOLOL

Keepin it real sister,,,,
I hear it, see it, have it living all around me and crawling all over me condemning me for having skills, working, owning stuff etc etc etc,,, im supposed to give everything up to lift up these so called less fortunate,,,
Well they can go fark themselves…..

Yes Kula,
You must be a hoarder. Don’t you know it is our responsibility as a society to all give our ‘fair share’. 33% in taxes! Oooooo you must be one of the super wealthy. Couldn’t you just give a little more to help the needy? Again, if you have more than two days food stored at home then you must be a self centered super rich hoarder. Just give a little more so the needy can have their new car, new iPhone, new TV, newest $200 pair of Nike shoes. If you don’t then you are stingy.
Sorry for the sarcasm.

Kula, “I know where I’m coming when the S hits the fan.”


Has any foreign government done as much damage to our country as the Democrats have done in the past 3-4 years of trying to undo a presidential election through lies, false allegations costing millions of dollars?


No way. The Dems take the cake on that one.

And i hope DJT wins by a landslide come Nov…
Have actually read letters to the editor in a local news paper saying if we want to avoid a civil war we need to vote for biden,,,,,
Makes me sick, these azzhat democrats and their bullzhit, now saying we will get a civil war if we dont elect their guy,,,,,

I’ve been watching the House Democrats this week talking about the peaceful protesters who have taken over Portland the past two months and how they didn’t become violent until the Feds came in a few days ago.

I wondered how anyone could be so stupid or think they could fool anyone else into believing their rhetoric.

But then last night I watched an old Gunsmoke episode from 55 years ago, which described people’s opinions from a few decades before that and I realize people haven’t changed much.

In that episode, an old buffalo hunter was telling a young guy about how many buffalo there used to be and how he had made thousands of dollars in the past killing 100 buffalo per day — having to hire 6-8 skinners to help him.

“What happened to all the buffalo?” the young guy asked.

“They brought cattle in and the cattle ran the buffalo off.”

I think he believed it.

Same incorrect assumption about cause and effect.

Daisy K
These democraps are relying on their gullible low information followers. They are everywhere, just watch a few of the vids people like Alex Jones has posted with these imbecile people wanting to do away with stuff that makes the USA what it is.
Communism was always viewed as a bad thing….

Luke Warm is an example of how they lurk at a forum and get a feel for what the members are like; in this case members are older, some health issues, women, money is tight, and mostly conservative. So Luke, a 30-year-old guy poses as an old lady with health and financial problems to attract compassion and hopefully to dupe people into throwing in the towel and voting their way. Yes, they are actually stupid enough to waste their time doing that. If they ever are successful at it, they can have them.

Chevy: LOL! Have you read the Aluminum Foil article yet? Sounds like you’ve been making plentiful use of the stuff 🙂

You most likely ate too much tin foil as a kid,,,
Caused your obvious impairment…..
Your free stuff will be great right up until your democrap heros run out of other peoples money or everybody else flips yall a big middle finger

Chevy – From the response you provoked, you nailed it. Thanks for providing a valuable community service, and flushing it out of hiding!

– Luke Warm,
I really don’t have a lot to say to you, but I am also older (I could retire at full benefits), slightly disabled, and don’t like what I am being charged for health insurance. That said, I had a long talk with my boss, and we agree that I am of far more value where I am, continuing to do what I do, and even though it is more than a little bit dangerous, I would prefer to go out doing something valuable to my fellow man.
Eventually, I will be forced to retire. Until then, I will continue to put myself in harm’s way for other people, People whom I don’t even know. That has been what I have done my entire life.
– Papa S.

Thank you for continuing.

Luke Warm – My chosen profession was a peace officer. My job was to step in between combatants (domestic disputes) and try to make peace. I seldom yelled. I spoke in quieter tones than those involved. My uniform got their attention. Usually that tactic worked as they had to lower their “energy” to hear what I was saying. I knew that when angry words are spoken, you tend to “hear the anger” not the words.
Please hear this. I was a democrat when I was a young (union) bricklayer. The party was for the working man. Things have changed. Maybe some of their platform appeals to you. Look beyond at the whole picture of what they are doing. Not good.
I refuse to apply for social security, although I need that money. I will do without because I know the plan behind it. Do I condemn anyone for collecting SS ? Nope.
Do I condemn you for your opinion? Nope. It just don’t work for me. I refuse to play their game. Have a super fine day…. and please make it a safe one.

Well said Soul.

INPrepper – Thank you

Ken – You are knocking them out of the park with these “brain food” topics.

Roger that. Thanks. Food for thought…

Spot on SoulSurvivor,,, spot on
Ive been “elligible” for all sorts of stuff, even to be listed as semi disabled because of my arthritis, i have chosen to do my own thing and work, if i dont have enough dough, i work some more or figure something else out,,,

Kulafarmer – I am reluctant to reveal how “dumb” I really am, but…… I did not push for disability. I reasoned that since I had the age and years of service to retire at 50% (normal pension) vs 70% disability, I would take my normal pension and leave the 70% disability for the young guys who get hurt before they could retire. Did not want to abuse the system as I saw some guys doing – and getting away with it. Pretty stupid, right? FOP attorney thought I was crazy. He, and my employer got together and put me out on my regular pension with a disability tag which means I pay no taxes. I guess they liked me. I always looked out for them. They sure looked out for me.

Luke warm,
You blame President Trump for not having a replacement for Bummer care.
The Rino, anti Trump a holes in the House did not make a new healthcare plan because they did not want to give President Trump a win on a damn thing.
The President can only sign what is sent to him from the House/Senate.
Do your due diligence before blaming someone who holds no blame.
You are a typical user— gimme my free sh&t!

Trump actually presented a replacement for O-Care within a year of being elected. The House committees watered it down into O-Care lite. But since the LIV’s don’t pay attention to what’s being presented (or even sent to committee) they keep bringing up this non-issue.

LIV = Low Information-Voter (as in, “Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ve got a LIV one!”)

Lauren –
“Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ve got a LIV one!”…LOL! You’re on a roll today.

Remember when the GOP controlled Senate was taking the first step to the process by voting to repeal ACA to force the issue on replacing and the formerly respected John McCain flew in to cast the vote against it? McCain campaigned on repealing ACA but as a true RINO, he was lying. Trump would sign a repeal or a repeal/replace. But if Democrats win in November, ACA will be replaced by one size fits all government care. It will deplete the already headed to bankruptcy Medicare trust fund and everyone will have worse medical care.

Man-oooooo-Man did we all get some millage out of Luke Warm’s comment or what????

Obviously tis her option to Vote for whomever she wishes to, but I seriously hope she does a little more homework on ‘Why’ Obama Careless has not been replaced if that, as she stated, is the only reason for her decision.

Best of luck Luke Warm on your endeavor

Im sure the boinker is thoroughly amused,,,
My resolve gets stronger and stronger from this garbage and my desire to vociferously and unmistakably oppose their BS gains more with every single encounter,,,,
I know i am not alone either

Luke warm,
Current news, Pres just announced a plan to release a work-up
on a health plan… stay tuned if not a troll, don’t give a “side ways”
if you are. Aloha

Ohhh, i dont know,
If Fellow Americans are these jerks rioting and burning?
Yea, they are my enemies as well as those who use them.
CONgress? Fellow ameriCaNs?
Yea, they are enemies too,,,
I suppose one could argue they arent responsible,,,
Yea, thats right, they are chosing that, willful ignorance, or whatever, they ARE ENEMIES.
Enemies Domestic and Traitors

Wow.. just wow , 55 cents a month??? That’s just incredible vs my $400 a month for myself with a nearly $3000 deductible + out of pocket expenses & fight insurance for everything!! Well how fair that is??? Not!! Flusters me!!

All I can say is WOW! Luke Warm sounds exactly like my youngest brother! He is for everything Trump wants to do and has done…except he wants the free OCareless. That is because he worked under the table for many, many years and squandered his money whenever given any but thinks everyone else should pay for his healthcare. I asked if he was comfortable saddling his kids with that bill as he is forcing them to pay higher premiums and he said yes. I could not believe it.

My younger brother has always felt everyone owes him something. His life is always harder than everyone else’s (his thinking, and he will say it). And yet he earns a good living…more than my other two siblings and they do not qualify because they declare their income.

His actions are dishonest. And his voting demoncrap ticket will hurt his entire family and he does not care. If I do not feel sorry for him, what makes you think I will feel sorry for you Luke Warm? He put himself in the position he is in and he is unwilling to change his current situation because it is easier for him as a slacker. And how do you think the healthcare situation will work out for you when the entire system crashes to the ground?

Yep. Life is hard…..but it is a lot harder when you are stupid.

Wow Din NY,
If I did not know better I would think you were talking about my family.
My younger brother (he’s almost 59) considered himself to be a professional waiter.
Problem was he could never hold a job anywhere because of his attitude.
He has zero years built up for social security, he now works under the table if he feels like it. Lives on his wifes disability and last I heard was pissed because he could not draw anything.
I have not spoken with him in quite awhile but he is just as you say, everyone owes him.
Best thing we do is stay away from him. Sometimes attitudes like his can be a cancer.

I salute the OP. “The future of the whole free world is in our hands. Right now.”

Last night I “tried” to watch the NBA. It wasn’t the NBA. It was Lebron’s BLM circus with the words “Black Lives Matter” posted everywhere on the court. Even in the commercial breaks it was BLM propaganda. My favorite sport ruined by an ethnic uprising. My grandfather was imprisoned in the internment camps of WW2. The Chinese were brought in as forced labor to build the railroads in the 1800’s. Every ethnic group in this country has been the subject of racism and prejudice and yet, yet every other ethnic group has gone on to succeed in this country. It really makes you wonder.

If Pedo Joe Biden is elected in November we all will be witnessing the end of America in more ways than one. When Beto is your neighbor the final seal will be broken.

Great post Eli, for many reasons. Hello NBA? Please meet your new team of bankruptcy attorneys. You also make a good point about Chinese forced labor; building out railroads in the mid 1800’s. Blistering heat, horrid conditions – when one died they just rolled him into the culvert and brought in a replacement. I don’t see them throwing hysterical, violent tantrums 160 years later…. They are just very quietly eating our lunch.

Just because someone is born on the same piece of rock as me doesn’t make him or her a fellow American. If you don’t support freedom to live our lives free from government intervention and freedom to express ourselves, freely associate, live amongst who we want, bear arms, and live with traditional family values, you are my enemy.

Right on!

And Biden has shown himself to be unrepentant in this aspect. Anyone thinking he has or ever had the ability to care for our military men and women should read . . . .