Dispelling Mandatory Masks with Current Data

Things that make you go “hmmmm….”.

I have tip-toed around this issue a number of times with several previous articles. Mask wearing has become a sort of cult. A symbol of membership. And the members thereof trigger easily upon a visual sighting of a nose-and-mouth. Additionally, they steam-and-fume at States with no mask mandate.

By the way, I have zero issue with anyone who decides to wear a mask. None. In a free country, you’re free to make your own decisions such as this. However, the problem arises when those who do wear a mask actually believe that someone who is not wearing a mask is “killing grandma”. That’s just not accurate.

As I’ve said before, unless you’re properly wearing a N95 or better mask, 99% of the mask wearing that you see today doesn’t seem to help much of anything (examples below). A cloth or dust particulate mask? Really? Do you know how small the virus is?

Okay, there’s the spittle argument (some virus potentially on spittle globs caught inside the mask if you’re walking around coughing and sneezing from covid symptoms – which would be stupid anyway to walk around while sick like that). This all has it’s own arguable problems and issues.

However, I challenge you to look at the following data, if you dare…

“There is simply no way to spin these numbers, though Democrats and the media will certainly try.”

Scott Morefield is a reporter and columnist for DailyCaller, TownHall, The Federalist, National Review, and The Hill. He pointed out the following covid data (and graphs), and said:

“Well, Texas ended its statewide mandate well over two weeks ago. By now, hospitals and funeral homes should be overwhelmed, right? Nope, not even close.”

In fact, the rate of new covid cases per 100,000 is currently down 29% from the previous week according to healthdata.gov statistics.

“Georgia never had a statewide mask mandate at all. At this point, things there should be pretty close to an apocalypse that makes “The Walking Dead” (minus the zombies) look like child’s play. Or not.”

“Tennessee never had a mask mandate either. Sure, we had something of a casedemic, but things also never got close to getting out of control – and the curve has been more than flattened. How on earth did this happen without a statewide mask mandate?”

“Mississippi also lifted their mask mandate over two weeks ago, but cases continue to decline like the masks never had anything to do with it.”

“South Dakota never had a mask mandate and is widely considered the most maskless state in the union. Yet, their recent curve is remarkably flat (this is similar to surrounding Montana and North Dakota as well). It’s almost like viruses are gonna virus, regardless of what we do.”

“On the other hand, masked-up New York is leading in new cases and hasn’t really had much of a downswing. It seems like if masks were the answer, New York would be doing better, doesn’t it?”

“Same with mask-loving New Jersey. These two states (New York and NJ), by the way, also LEAD THE COUNTRY in deaths per million. People always say that without masks things would be worse, but truly, how much worse could it get than #1 and #2?”

From ‘Bonchie’ who wrote (The Latest Data Absolutely Eviscerates the Case for Mandatory Masking) over on RedState.com,

In social media terms, that thread is just an absolute beatdown of Biden’s position that mandating masks is necessary. As we’ve seen time and time again, masks don’t do anything, at least not in real-world applications outside of a highly controlled medical environment. Right now, the largest spikes in the country (and really, the only spikes) are happening in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and other Northeastern states. All of those places not only have mask mandates, but they have semi-lockdowns with strict mitigation measures.

If masks and their mandates did absolutely anything, you’d be seeing spikes in Southern states that have booted them as a requirement. Instead, you are seeing them precisely where mask-wearing is at the highest frequency. People can argue all day about why that is, but what can’t be denied is that Biden’s call to reinstate mandates is a partisan ploy to deflect attention from where the real hotspots are.

There is simply no way to spin these numbers, though Democrats and the media will certainly try. Their golden calf is actually spray-painted iron. States that have booted mandates and re-opened continue to do better, now and over the course of the pandemic, than many blue states with far tougher mitigation measures. You can’t hide from the data. It exists, and it blows up the political narratives of Joe Biden and his allies.

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These tyrants dont want facts

I asked my VA Dr. if mask helped stop the virus. He resisted answering at first but finally said that the mask people are wearing don’t help at all (he was wearing a mask at that time with his nose uncovered). He said the distancing helps some but MOPP 4 is the only way to stop a virus. I will wear a mask if asked to but otherwise I do not. I don’t insult people that do wear mask because it is their choice. People should have the freedom to make their own choice. The gov has used this virus to demand conformity and obedience. We have lost another big piece of freedom and many people are wanting to give up even more. I don’t understand how people can be so blind.

car guy, either the MOPP or a BL 4 suit. The logic behind demands for these masks are beyond me. If this virus was so deadly and airborne, every single person on this planet needs to wear a suit like that and be in a pressurized isolating chamber with air scrubbers beyond what is available. And before someone comes out swinging at me, seriously, if it makes you more comfortable and gives you a sense of security, then wear one. Yes, I had more then once cancer and am very aware of the risk regarding germs. And even I know with having survived that, I need to live life and can’t avoid exposing my body to unwanted critters, but my body needs to learn to fight it off and develop immunity.

And they don’t want us to live either.

One of the ways Leftists deal with the perverse nature of facts and data goes along this line

“Imagine how bad the [PROBLEM UNDER DISCUSSION] would be if we had not spent the money.”

I would also imagine someone in authority has already used that argument in Bad Covid States #1 and #2 relative to mandatory mask wearing…


Living in Florida we have had tons of tourist….you can tell the Blue Staters by the way they wear mask while driving and even walking outside with no crowds . They are shocked that we only wear masks in stores and when gong to and from your restaurant table. I think as soon as spring break ends will go maskless in most places. Big chain stores will still insist on masks , but as they loose customers that will change. IMHO

Honestly, at this point, mask mandates seem like child’s play to what’s coming. Cruise lines are already announcing vaccine requirements moving forward-and still wear masks, holding cells onboard if you come down with COVID, and must get permission for every port excursion beforehand. Sounds dreamy don’t ya think? And, like lemmings, people will do it.

I ain’t going anywhere, I live in vacation land. Got my own cruise ship, carries one person and one dog, Cruise speed is 6 mph, entertainment is free, I can visit historical sites, can swim in clear water and walk the pristine beaches, camp along the lakeshore, catch fish, go to Raspberry Island, grill on an open fire, don’t need permission, and I don’t wear a mask.

Not sure any of this is true but passing it on:

 In 2008, Dr. Anthony Fauci co-wrote a paper with two colleagues explaining that influenza was not the predominant cause of death during the 1918 flu pandemic…. The cause of a rise in infections among mask wearers today matches what Fauci claimed to be the real killer in 1918.”


“The “Spanish flu” attacked healthy people in their prime. Bacterial pneumonia attacks people in their prime. Flu attacks the young, old and immuno-compromised. In actuality bacterial pneumonia was the real killer — and thousands of autopsies confirm this fact.“


Most importantly:


May God protect us all!

Karen herself – I read a few years ago that influenza combined with TB is what caused it to spread like wildfire in the healthy people. There was an outbreak in the US and our soldiers took it over to Europe in WW I. After it took off there, they brought it back here (upon their return) where it fired up again. Don’t know if true but it makes sense as TB is very contagious. Might want to research Dr. Peter Glidden’s protocol for lung infections using Argentyn 23 and a nebulizer. According to his web presentation, Argentyn 23 (high grade colloidal silver) kills flesh-eating bacteria in minutes. Take it for what it’s worth, I use it internally and topically and it is amazing stuff.

That’s sort of where we are now as well. In spite of retiring from an airline with lifetime free travel benefits, our little slice of heaven with a river, lake mountains, fresh air-and most importantly hard working common sense people around us. No permission required-at least not yet.

well covid would certainly and the jab will help knock down the numbers of sheeple thats for sure

Found out yesterday that a couple of my neighbors are on the same page. SUCH a relief.

Also found out yesterday that the stupid state legislature actually turned mask mandates into law (or at least, there’s now a legislation number attached to the new signs). Time to do my homework!