20th Century Genocide Has Required Gun Control | Every Single Time

Here in the United States, the political left regularly calls for “gun control” (more of it). Especially following a shooting incident which fits their narrative.

The political left are opportunists (as of course are other political groups). However the political left will advantage the horrific acts of a violent person committing mass murder with a gun. They do this in order to vilify the weapon itself rather than the monster who committed the act.

Ask yourself why this is?

Well it’s rather obvious to most who have been around long enough to know the motivations of the anti-gun crowd. Their agenda, their end-game, so to speak, is to ban and remove ALL guns from the civilian population.

Other than the young and gullible who really really believe that more gun laws will curb violent people behavior, the rest of us know that of course, this is not true. It’s so ridiculously illogical that I won’t even bother wasting 500 words on why it’s illogical. It’s pointless to do so. You cannot argue with these people.

So I thought I would dig up some data where “gun control” and gun confiscation has led to some pretty horrible things… genocide.

What Is Genocide?

Genocide is a term used to describe violence against members of a national, ethnic, racial or religious group with the intent to destroy the entire group. 

Though it has happened throughout history, the term came into use following WWII. “Genocide” combines genos, the Greek word for race or tribe, with the Latin suffix cide (“to kill”).

The Causes Of Genocide

Some internet research (and common sense understanding of human behavior) reveals the following possibilities:

Catastrophic Crisis

Catastrophic events such as war, economic depression or revolution are triggers for genocide or other types of mass killing.

Genocide motivated via a particular group which is identified as the cause of “the crisis” and that the solution is to eliminate the group.

“The crisis” creates the opportunity for a group to consolidate their power.

Government Power

“The more power a government has, the more it can act arbitrarily according to the whims and desires of the elite, and the more it will make war on others and murder its foreign and domestic subjects.”

Political opposition to the dominant power. State arrest, persecution or execution of a few members of a group. Designed to terrorize the majority of the group into passivity. ‘Authorities’ physically exterminate enough (not necessarily all) members of a target group so that it can no longer pose any conceivable threat to their rule or interests. This is more accurately referred to as Politicide.

Fractionalization | Dehumanization

Fractionalization or religious fractionalization within a country combined with grievances between groups. Dehumanization of the victim group.

20th Century Genocide

Here’s a summary of twentieth century genocide. Think it can’t happen again? You would be wrong. Look for a common denominator in this data. And then read on for more opinion.

Ottoman Turkey | 1915-1917

Gun Control Scheme:
Permits required, Government list of owners, Ban on possession.

Targets: Armenians (mostly Christians)

Civilians Killed: 1 – 1.5 Million

Soviet Union | 1929 – 1945

Gun Control Scheme:
Licensing of owners, Ban on possession, Severe penalties.

Targets: Political opponents; Farming communities

Civilians Killed: 20 Million

Nazi Germany | 1933 – 1945

Gun Control Scheme:
Registration & Licensing, Stricter handgun laws, Ban on possession.

Targets: Jews, Gypsies, Critics

Civilians Killed: 20 Million

China, Nationalist | 1927 – 1949

Gun Control Scheme:
Government permit system, Ban on private ownership.

Targets: Political Opponents; Rural populations; Enemies of the State

Civilians Killed: 10 Million

China, Red | 1949 – 1952 | 1957 – 1960 | 1966 – 1976

Gun Control Scheme:
Prison or death to “counter-revolutionary criminals” and anyone resisting any government program, Death penalty for supplying guns to such “criminals”.

Targets: Political Opponents; Rural populations; Enemies of the State

Civilians Killed: 20 – 35 Million

Guatemala | 1960 – 1981

Gun Control Scheme:
Register guns & owners, Licensing with high fees, Prohibit carrying guns, Bans on guns & sharp tools, Confiscation powers.

Targets: Mayans & other Indians; Political enemies

Civilians Killed: 100,000 – 200,000

Uganda | 1971 – 1979

Gun Control Scheme:
Register all guns & owners, Licenses for transactions, Warrant less searches, Confiscation powers

Targets: Christians, Political enemies

Civilians Killed: 300,000

Cambodia | 1975 – 1979

Gun Control Scheme:
Licenses for guns, owners, ammunition & transactions, Photo ID with fingerprints, License inspected quarterly.

Targets: Educated Persons; Political enemies

Civilians Killed: 2 Million

Rwanda | 1994

Gun Control Scheme:
Register guns, owners, ammunition, Owners must justify need, Concealable guns illegal, Confiscation powers

Targets: Tutsi people

Civilians Killed: 800,000

A Nefarious Reason For Gun Control

As you can see from the data above, all 20th century genocide followed a pattern of gun control followed by various methods of banning. The obvious reason for gun control in these instances were to remove power form the opposition.

The entities who are planning totalitarian rule and/or genocide will ALWAYS take the guns.

Why Our 2nd Amendment Exists

This is the real reason why our 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution exists. To protect ‘us’ we-the-people from such a government. Whosoever makes any attempt to diminish that defense is in my estimation a traitor to the founding principles of a free people.

I recently read a comment on another site which is related to today’s topic:

You can erase the second amendment from the Bill of Rights, but you cannot disarm the American public. Too many will not comply.

If another gun or another round of ammunition is not manufactured for private use from this day forward it will make no difference what so ever.

Hundreds of millions of guns and trillions of rounds of ammunition are in the hands of millions of people who believe that it is their God given right to be able to defend themselves from the dictatorship of the majority.

These people rightly understand that any effort to shred the Second Amendment breaches the social contract between the federalist and the anti federalist.

When the Constitution was first written, it was published in the nations news papers. It was cussed and discussed in the parlors, porches, pubs and pulpits in every state. It was not well received.

The statist who at the time marched under the banner of the Federalists quickly came to realize that their attempt to centralize power did not have enough support to be ratified if they could not get the anti federalists, the people who believed in state’s rights and popular sovereignty, on board.

It was at that time the statists made a gentleman’s agreement with the anti federalists to amend the Constitution and include a bill of rights protecting the individual from the dictatorship of the majority.

Break that agreement and the social contract is broken.

The only thing that stands between the dictatorship of the majority and the minority is the second amendment. Once the minority is disarmed, genocide is the inevitable consequence.

The Rush To Gun Control After A Shooting

My inspiration for writing this today follows the horrific mass murder in El Paso and Dayton over the weekend.

As expected, within minutes and subsequent hours afterwards, politicians are using this violent person’s actions to further “gun control”. Here we go again. It happens every, single, time.

And this time won’t be the last time.

Reasonable people know and understand that mental, crazy, violent people will be able to get their hands on any weapon they desire, regardless of law.

Most reasonable people also know and understand that there will always be a element within human society which is capable of such things. We must be able to defend ourselves against it. Not to have our tools stripped away.

As a reasonable people we also know and understand history. And so did our fore fathers.

One wonders about the real truth behind the desire to diminish and/or ultimately abolish our 2nd Amendment right.