Vaccine Expert – Risks of Mass Vaccination to Human Population

I am not writing this to change anyone’s mind about the current experimental mRNA covid “vaccine” methodology. Because most people are in one of two camps anyway — those who put blind faith in mainstream reporting and “official” narratives — and those who tend to question “official” narratives. Adult minds are rarely changed about fundamental ideology or how they think. That’s never been my motivation. This is no different.

I am writing this for the preparedness-minded. Period. For those who instinctively dig deeper (or dig at all!). Many of the preparedness-minded will prepare for the worst, while hoping for the best (hope is just a box to shut out risk and danger). This one is certainly “for the worst”, should it come to pass.

Here we go…

“Global Catastrophe Without Equal”

Vanden Bossche argues that humanity is now facing “a global catastrophe without equal,” because of the mass administration of what he considers to be the wrong vaccines.

Geert Vanden Bossche, DMV, PhD, is an independent virologist and vaccine expert from Belgium, formerly employed at the Vaccine Alliance GAVI and at The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

He is a pro-vaxxer.

HOWEVER, “When someone who appears to have devoted most of their career to developing and helping roll out vaccines globally decides to blow the whistle on the current global mass vaccination program, only an incautious person would choose to ignore it. That’s of course just what the mainstream media has done so far — an indicator of just how incautious this communication vehicle has become.” quoted from a related report from

His warning sent chills down my spine after I read the entire report. Why? Because he has been “in the club” so to speak. He adamantly believes the current mass Covid vaccinations (the consequences thereof) may theoretically substantially cull the human population!!

Bossche is pleading with the WHO, the world, to immediately halt the current mass vaccinations, right now.

Although it may already be too late. Man oh man I hope he is wrong! But his credentials are what kept me reading and my motivation to report this to whoever might read this site.

I am a critical thinker to the extent I can shed normalcy bias (which we all have to some degree). Especially when mainstream and/or .gov “officials” and/or Big Tech prohibit non-narrative voices, I become exceedingly and instinctively skeptical. Thus my digging for alternative opinions while seeking out “truths”. Vanden Bossche is pleading for his colleagues to stop and reconsider how they’re doing this [mRNA rollout], and right now.

I have discovered many voices cautioning against this particular “vaccine” which is actually NOT a vaccine , but an experimental mRNA (it’s different). Their voices are eliminated from mainstream public discourse, despite credentials or credibility. There’s not even discussion about this. Which is VERY ALARMING. The present mass vaccinations are the “human test trials” of something that has NEVER been done before. We’re doing it on a global scale. Many experts have warned about the potential for bad outcomes. Some very bad indeed.

Okay lets get to the warning from Vanden Bossche. I wish that I didn’t feel compelled to report this. I want life to return to normal. But there’s a lot going against us… We need to be prepared as we can be for what may come. And if it doesn’t (which is the outcome I wish for) you will have lost nothing, as it only helps your self reliance and sustainability.

Viral Immune Escape

The core of his warning is something called “viral immune escape,” which begets a weakened natural immunity and vaccine resistance to variants.  This is what he believes will happen (is happening) to those who receive the present Covid “vaccination” shots. And it will affect ALL OF US, because of “them”.

“This type of prophylactic vaccines are completely inappropriate, and even highly dangerous, when used in mass vaccination campaigns during a viral pandemic,”

“How long can one ignore the problem when there is at present massive evidence that viral immune escape is now threatening humanity?”

“It’s becoming increasingly difficult to imagine how the consequences of the extensive and erroneous human intervention in this pandemic are not going to wipe out large parts of our human population.”

Vanden Bossche suggests that herd immunity will not be achieved with the current vaccines, as they “turn vaccine recipients into asymptomatic carriers who are shedding virus.”

(NK) Natural Killer cells instead

He calls for the use of vaccines that would be completely different from conventional vaccines in that they’re not inducing the B and T cells, but rather the natural killer (NK) cells.

According to Vanden Bossche, there is compelling scientific evidence that the NK cells play a key role in facilitating complete elimination of COVID-19 at an early stage of infection in asymptomatic infected subjects.

Vanden Bossche has already warned various organizations, including the WHO, about his findings and recommendations.

Immediate Cancellation of ALL Ongoing Covid-19 Mass Vaccination Campaigns

For him, “immediate cancellation of all ongoing Covid-19 mass vaccination campaigns should now become THE most acute health emergency of international concern,” and he urges an immediate international debate on the issue.

It’s Likely Too Late Already – The Worst Is Yet To Come

The worst of the pandemic is still to come. Bossche argues we are now experiencing the calm before the storm. Vanden Bossche predicts the next wave of infection will be dramatic — far worse than anything we’ve seen to-date.

This is because there will be more mutants to which the adaptive immune system provides little resistance, and this will come at the expense of decreased innate immune effectiveness.

While he mentions that NK cell-based vaccines, which he claims to have been researching for the last decade or so but about which he also says he has no commercial interest, are the ultimate solution, he believes it is likely too late to escape the storm.

Source Reports and my closing thoughts

Of all the reports I’ve read or heard or watched to-date, this one has me the most concerned.

If this man is right, we are all in so much trouble that it’s difficult to contemplate the ramifications. Difficult because it’s so apocalyptic. And that’s why I’m reporting this to you, the preparedness-minded. Take of it as you will. But this one has shaken me awake once again.

I had been getting a bit complacent. I have even been making longer-term plans for 6 months from now which may get overturned if this plays out as Bossche warns. Therefore I need to adapt my thinking and alternatives for just-in-case we begin seeing this.

My closing thought is this… Nothing is going to change with the current mass global mRNA Covid-19 “vaccination” rollout. Nothing is going to stop it at this point.

Whatever is going to happen because of this, is going to happen.

There will be coverups. The blame will NOT go onto the mRNA experimental shots. Instead it will all go onto the new deadly strains (which itself will be because of the current mass vaccination programs!).

If this culminates into massive die-offs from deadlier and more contagious strains, the resultant lockdowns will pale in comparison to what we’ve already experienced.

Shortages will be a ridiculous understatement. Systems will come to a halt. We will be on our own. This will become a worst case situation. One that will cull much of modern human civilization.

Survival will be difficult. So many things will have to go “right” just to stand a chance. Location. Year-round Sustainability. Security.

Listen, I hope Vanden Bossche is very wrong. But hope is just a mental box to stuff one’s concerns and fears. That’s not reality.


I encourage you to read the following report, which gets somewhat technical. But it’s the original source to Bossche’s plea to the world, from

>> Expert Sounds the Alarm about Risks of Mass Vaccination

After you’ve read that, (here’s an update). The 2nd and 3rd paragraphs are frightening.

“, a website offering independent global news and policy analysis regarding COVID-19, with special emphasis on early treatments.”

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Barb,—Few reading this are those who would fall in the typical ‘anti-vaccer’ crowd. There have been many contradictory statements, sometimes made by the same person, which makes blind trust in a treatment given under EUA unwise. What part of the information are you saying is BS? The virologist statements? Not clear from your post.

I am only assuming…..
You have taken said shot or plan on?

What is your frame of reference for saying 100% BS? Personal beliefs or something more concrete?

Considering that the man in question (Vanden Bossche) is a virologist (among other things) and trained in immunology, he could hardly be considered “Anti-vax.” In fact, one of his points in his published letter is that the only answer is MORE vaccines, just of a different type (the type he is researching).

Saying that Ken posted it to get cheers from the anti-vax crowd is an obvious attempt to create tension on the site.

If you are interested in the information provided and not just a hit-and-run , please answer the reasonable questions posed by Farmgirl, Joe C and So Cal Gal. I would be interested in the answers as well.

Fortunately, he had the same theory a few years back regarding the MMR vaccine, and he was proven wrong. I agree with you that it’s good to be skeptical, and I do read through as much of the science that I can. I’m fortunate that I have enough background to cut through the BS (on both sides) the get a general sense of the real story. Obviously we’ll learn more in the next few months, but I’ll wager this is a nothing burger.

You are “wagering” your life. The fact is: NO ONE KNOWS. I too am wagering my life by not taking the vaccine. I can only rely on nature to adapt and overcome. This experimental vaccine may be a panacea or it could be disastrous. Again, NO ONE KNOWS. No one is getting out of here alive, so we all get to choose. Good luck to you sir.

I never said we should wager and take the vaccine. I said the viral escape theory was erroneous. That’s the issue here, but the safety of the vaccine itself.

Thank you for sharing your opinion Yooper, it is truly very helpful to me 🙂

You can booster your immune system with vitamins D3+K2, vit C, zinc, and herbal immune boosting tinctures!

The MMR is not the same as the mRNA and DNA vaccines. The mRNA has been on the back burner because the FDA would never allow its use. How do you think the vaccines were available so quickly? They were already in the lab waiting so to speak.

I never said take the vaccine lol. I said his theory about viral escape was erroneous.

Yooper, please cite where Bossche was the one who challenged the MMR. I only found Andrew Wakefield challenging the MMR vaccine.

A man linked to the Gates Foundation putting out information that will draw attention and thus funding to his preferred research. Conflict of interest? It’s possible.

It’s also possible that he’s entirely serious. He is definitely putting his reputation on the line.

I’m pretty certain that a third wave will develop. Bill Gates wants everyone in the world to take his concoction, and pay for the periodic boosters required to keep it working. That’s 8 billion + 8 billion follow up doses + however many billions of booster doses–At $1 per dose he plans to make a great deal of money off of this. If the “disease” runs its course and fades into obscurity, he loses not only all those billions but also loses his chance to be the world’s savior.

I think it’s quite ironic that three of my family now have COVID (first that I’m aware of, and no recent family parties to explain it), just as people are cheering about the numbers declining…

The numbers were declining before the vaccination program started, but just as expected the public information has been skewed and the public now believes that the EMP (experimental mRNA packet) is responsible for the decline.

I hope he’s wrong too.

It feels weird to hope that someone is a self-serving egotist using a public threat to forward his own position…

The first sign would be people who have been vaccinated getting sicker (more time off, more hospital trips, etc) but the causes of the sickness visibly unrelated. With the immune system compromised all attackers would have an easier time even before the full immune escape scenario unfolds.

Gates thinks there are too many humans for the earth to support. Others probably are on board with that thought as well. So how do you thin the population? The elites will have their ‘bunkers’ or clean cities to retreat to. Just as the kings of old escaped the plagues in the crowded cities and went to another castle in the countryside.

So many useless eaters as they call us! God doesn’t think I am a useless eater ~ enough said!

Bill Gates, et al, do not do what they do for “money,” nor for any resemblance of altruism.

Their one and only purpose is to bring about the Georgia Guidestones Zeitgeist. This is not to say there aren’t many lesser mortals entrained into their slipstream for profit.

I am well aware of that. However, I have learned to edit what I know to reach and touch the largest audience. Many people believe that anything dealing with eugenics is “conspiracy theory.” Therefore, any mention of such things automatically disqualifies the attached statements no matter how true.

The money may be secondary, but it is definitely part of the equation and one that most people will understand.

Well, I don’t feel like the black sheep now…everyone, this has been out there for months, but no one would read the links I posted.

I’ve been reading it for quite a while. I formed the opinion that I wouldn’t take the shot and that it is in fact dangerous. From there I just don’t keep reading – the same that I read almost no news that involves politics and especially if it concerns Biden. It is depressing and hurts my mind and spirit.
JFK jr is also another to listen to.
It seems that they again have things backwards. Unvaccinated need to stay away from the vaccinated as they are the ones that are likely dangerous.

“Unvaccinated need to stay away from the vaccinated as they are the ones that are likely dangerous.”

The otherhalf and I were having another discussion last night, on the ‘vaccine’

I told her the same, because you received both jabs (optional, medical).and should happen to get in contact with a stronger, mutated virus, that puts me at a much higher risk.

A moment of silence, then the subject changed.

I hope, too, that we are wrong, because for those that have received the shot, and realizing it could have been a mistake,
it can’t be undone.

….and after all the mass repercussions of the jab, who will be held liable?
They made sure of that, prior.
They won’t even say,

oops, we made a mistake.

One coverup will lead to the next.
Filthy bass turds.

I had read awhile back, a security guard, at a state prison, is suing his employer, as he is unemployed for not taking the mandatory shot.
Forgot what state.

Dr. Tenpenney has been screaming this for a year.


Read Dr. Tennpenny Warns of Worldwide Deaths

Thanks. Alex Jones has a great interview with Tenpenney.

This guy is 100% right on. Whoever takes the vaccine will be completely dependent on vaccines Forever to fight off even a head cold as their immune system will no longer be able to.
AND lets not forget that the vax mfg will be playing catch up for every new strain which means that many many people will die before the new vax is available.
They will be falling over each other to get the new vax in order to live and the vax mfg will make trillions while the taxpayers pay trillions in damages.
But this is all according to plan. This is how they kill us off. And all of this fits exactly with End Times Prophecy. Read what the 3rd and 4th horsemen are about and you will see it exactly describes the economy (3rd) and covid and vaccines (4th). The Great Tribulation starts at the 6th, so you can see how very very close we are to that. Time to Get Right With God. More at

Thank you Ken for posting this, I too was alarmed when I saw the tape of Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche on youtube and voiced my concerns on your blog yesterday. It was another confirmation in the dangers of this mRNA shot. My hackles were raised so bad I got the shakes.

If all this happens, armageddon will hit us. That article you published about the US population declining to 90 million would be a prophecy of things to come.

What is shocking, Dr Bossche gives a couple of weeks before covid increases and starts to happen. Thats gives very little time to prepare with preps that will have to sustain us for 5 to 10 years …What else is bad news, it will happen quick if what that pollster Luntz said today on Fox that 90% of doctors have taken the vaccine. He also said many republicans are resisting it.

I pray it won’t happen. praying real hard. Hard to prepare for something that will destroy our world and country or it won’t destroy us. Like waiting for a 100 sq. mile meteor to hit or to miss us.

We live in the age of information. Unfortunately, we also live in a world of ideological propaganda and disinformation. The days of taking anything at face value are long gone. The job of analyzing and applying information put out by the media and governments is yours….nobody else’s.

Always believed that if it appears I’m being led…or worse…being herded in a direction I wouldn’t normally pick for myself…I’m gonna ask questions.

“Because I said so” is not the answer I’m looking for. Neither is “it’s for your own good”.

The reports of bad results stemming from taking the shot gives me pause…..articles and statements from respected authorities on the subject have got to be considered… do possible motives.

The last several years, observing the abuse by government agencies to circumvent the will of the people in an effort to instill a new form of someone’s idea of utopia….I believe these people to be capable of anything to achieve what I see as a downward spiral into servitude to the state.

I won’t judge anyone who takes the shot….I would expect the same in return….but I have my doubts the government agrees.

I listened to the opposition. One non-scientist claimed because he has a German accent and isn’t a hillbilly, Bossche thinks he should be believed. Claims Bossche be an anti-vaccer.

Others claim the covid vaccine is just like other vaccines, (mumps, measles, etc) but Covid scientist experts said this is experimental and different than those vaccines.

Bossche has a long resume working with vaccine organizations and headed many of them in virology, so why would such a credited Dr throw away his reputation and life as a liar? What funding could he get if he was wrong?

Whether Bossche is right or wrong, The mRNA did not pass FDA regulations but was given a pass for emergency use. I see no emergency use on using an experimental gene therapy that hasn’t proven its safety when many have died and got very sick of the shot and has not been tested for long term problems. There are other therapies passed by FDA that follow the rules of safety and used for many years and boosting your immune system with zinc, D and C works for fighting the virus.

It is gene therapy not a vaccine as we traditionally have know them. I have heard no one in the MSM to clarify this!

Others claim the covid vaccine is just like other vaccines, (mumps, measles, etc)

Nope–not true, as many advise. The measles vaccine makes you immune to the measles; the mumps vaccine makes you immune to the mumps. With this shot, not a vaccine, you are not immune to the covid flu. In fact, many experts say after this shot, you are creating a mutation of this covid flu.
Imagine in a year, a thousand mutations of this flu; therefore, the idea of a vaccine every 6 months could be possible!!!

Azithromycin is available at Fish Mox Fish Flex. I just bought some. Opened to check the lot and it is ‘real’ Azith by Sandoz pharma. Get some Ivermectin at TSC. Get the vitamins D and C and anything else that is Anti Viral. If you have Sweet Gum trees get the new shoots and the old, in good shape brown seed balls. By some Chinese Anise, Illicium verum, not Japanese anise, Make some tinctures. Elderberries, echinacea, …. Be Proactive… now….

Mrs. U,
Sweet gum balls. I’ve got ’em. The tincture, a little more info on making it. I’ve got old “balls” and the new ones should be coming soon. Please remember, I’m still new at this. Thanks

Plains, sorry behind on follow up. I do what is called folk method tinctures. Fill a jar, cover with 190 proof, make sure plant parts stay covered, let sit at least 2 months. Now Just Saying always does a double tincture of Sweet Gum. You would take the finished tincture liquid and add more plant material to it. Let sit again. She also uses the new shoots/leaves of the tree too. Every other day or so Mr. and I take the tincture along with Chinese Anise tincture topped off with bilberry tincture and purchased elderberry syrup. The seed balls can be frozen till needed too.

Mrs. U,
What would be the dose for ivermectin and for azithromycin for human consumption? Thanks!

NW Gal, this is where your own research should be helpful. For Azithromycin, the The Survival Medicine Handbook by Dr. Alton says,,, 250mg to 500mg once a day for 5 days. the first dose is usually a double dose. It is an expensive medicine. If you do not have the book, consider buying it, very good information.
Ivermectin, well this is not the pill kind but the livestock liquid. I do not have access to the pill at this time. Old Homesteader and his wife used it when they had Covid. The are alive. I purchased the brand Durvet from TSC. This is the dosage he used. Half a dose by weight on the box for prevention. Full dose if have the virus. Now there was a discussion awhile back on putting on the skin. My dermatologist said I could use it instead of the expensive cream on my face! I had a rash on my face which Ivermectin gets rid of. Just want to have on hand.
As always, be proactive in your research. I am NOT a medical professional.

What is the difference between azithromycin and amoxicillin? Curious, as azithro is much more expensive and I thought they were both broad spectrum?

I did a quick search engine on these two antibiotics.

Amox is a penicillin based medicine, not to be used by those who have or had allergic reactions to Penicillin medications. It also goes into what this medication was designed for-as type of infection(s).

Zpak was designed apparently for those who need a non penicillin based medication for certain types of infections.
If you do your own search, you will find what you are looking for on these two different infection terminators.

I you have ever had Azith, you will recall how quickly with less pills it knocked out the infection in 5 days, where Amox takes more pills/doses and 10 to 14 days. Sort of balances out. Good to have all you can afford of many types.

Mrs. U, I checked on Sandoz, interestingly they are owned by Novartis. Been going totally herbal for a while because of serious side effects from “proper” meds (prescriptions).

What is being expressed here is the worry of ADE, Antibody Dependent Enhancement, of the virus, due to the shot creating targeted ABs, which become weakened over time and unable to kill the pathogen, but still able to attach themselves to the virus. The virus then uses the ABs to broaden their ability to enter more of the body’s cells.

So, instead of the virus having the “keys” to only one door, “tired” ABs, provide the virus with the keys to several more doors…making the virus better able to propagate. The “vaccinated” people’s immune system will have been depressed by the shot’s effects, and the outer protein coat of the virus will be masked by weak attached ABs, which act to obscure the virus’ genetic signature.

After all, the ABs coating the virus pathogen, which they can no longer kill, are not foreign to the body and they act to hide the pathogen, while allowing the pathogen to invade additional cells, not originally available to the pathogen.

But, this is not all that is going on. It is a mistake to think what is taking place is an unwitting error. It is not. This is a culling.

Nicely Put Ision. Thanks

Thank you for that understandable explanation. What I understood also from Mr Bossche’s analysis was that each mutation, the virus will evolve to such an extent that even those of us who didn’t get the shot and maintain a healthy immune system will be unable to survive contact no matter what, and the same mutated virus will most likely jump from humans to animals, ie, pig farmers, cattle feed lots, chicken farming where animals are crammed together in close proximity. That seemed to be his major concern, wipeout of humanity and the animal kingdom. Did I misunderstand? That was in an interview, not his open letter, same website. Thanks.

So, basically the vaccine is making millions of Typhoid Mary’s. For those who do not know what I mean do a search. She was a Irish immigrant cook who was an asymptomatic typhoid carrier and infected several families and they intern infected the city of New York. She was never sick. Eventually she was put ‘away’ and lived her life out in a sanitorium.

Exactly–we will be the carriers after the shot.

For all my adult life I have been told we cannot do a vaccine for the common cold because it is a virus. Now apparently magically they can? NOT It is not a vaccine, it is gene therapy NEVER TESTED ON HUMAN BEINGS BEFORE. So to all you who are eagerly lining up for this therapy THANKS! I am going to wait to see how this experiment on human turns out, before I take the jab, if ever! If people have known all their life there is no vaccine for the common cold WHY ALL OF A SUDDEN ARE THEY SO ANXIOUS FOR THIS JAB? It’s beyond me!

Dr. Tenpenney when interviewed said the animals tested with this shot all died…know when?? When they were acquainted with the very germ they were being shot against!
Think about that!
I read a suggestion that all is fine with the first shot; it is the second shot that will kill because the germ is introduced to our bodies and it reacts like the animals did– immune system in overdrive and killing our organs.

It’s another “sky-is-falling!” article. Don’t believe it. Another Hoax.
Be prepared FOR ANYTHING if at all possible. Be prepared for off-grid operations for at least Six Months at a minimum. And hone your personal skills….especially for the Winter months.
Out Here.

Let me add that I do not trust any government-run operation or administration except for our U.S. Military. Question: Is everyone on this blog willing to give up their life, fortune and sacred honor to defend our wonderful country? Some will but most of you will not. Our U.S. Military is dedicated to that very mission…against all enemies both foreign and “domestic”.

My point is that there are evil elements working in our government and outside of our government working to overthrow “the people” right now which I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. It is up to us in concert with our military’s leadership to weed out these marxist/leninists at the highest levels, put them on trial for treason and send them to the big house.

The current federal administration will try to use our military against us…I am convinced that the generals in charge will not take action against Americans–they’ve already stated that they will not do this. If they do, that is also treasonous.
Out here.

5.56_Patriot,—No disrespect intended, but have you seen what’s been happening to our military, as far back as Obama’s presidency? The purges started in the leadership ranks, and are currently ongoing down to the ‘boots on the ground’ level. There are many in or recently out of active service commenting on the transformation taking place. I only pray those purged for having wrong-think get to go home to protect their families and communities.

As far as domestic enemies go, I believe the definition being promoted by the current crop of congress critters applies to most constitutionally minded, conservative, Christian, white or white-friendly citizens of our country.

I don’t think most of the politraitors are worried about committing treason, seeing as how they’ve been doing it for a while now.

Is anyone on this blog willing to give up their, fortune and sacred honor to defend our wonderful country?
A) you are addressing adults who prepare, not because it’s cool or for the hell of it. We invest our time, money, blood, sweat & tears to achieve a standard of living from those before us.
B) a lot of us aren’t young kicka$$ Front line fighters any longer BUTT, we’ll be the one’s keeping your belly feed, providing supply line needs, AND, when needed, will defend our home/nation against ALL enemies foreign & domestic!
C). Perhaps you haven’t kept up to date with the questionable actions of the upper elites in the pentagon, commanders going “woke”, screwing up the military fighting forces with he/she/it/them soldiers. Lowering physical standards for female trainees cause they can’t compete with the males.. Better reboot your knowledge.
D) Didn’t your momma ever teach you, never piss off the older people, they know ALOT more than you do! AND, We’re very sneaky.
E) Generals in charge will not take action against Americans?

This whole pandemic is like the car that crashed and burned because it was trying to miss a squirrel in the road. Keep your immune system healthy and don’t follow the prompts of those who are trying to scare you into killing yourself with their rotgut witches potion.

Jay,—That’s a great analogy. And it applies equally well to just about everything else going on. Being afraid is one thing; acting impulsively from fear is another.

Thank you VERY much for this article, and your thoughts. I’m no scientist, but after reading and watching the researchers talk about this as a brand-new, never-tried and even revolutionary “vaccine” the red lights and alarm bells have been going off loudly for me.

We have 2 friends who are phd’s in medical research (both retired) who were among the first we know to get in line for the vaccine. They loudly bragged when they got their jabs, and are nagging everyone they know to get jabbed. True believers.

I too hope this info is wrong, but since it appears this man has nothing to gain and everything to lose with his warnings, I am more convinced than ever to NOT get the jab.

This comment is one of the most dangerous for all of us. Yeah, they are fine now. But, who knows in 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years what/how their bodies will react to illnesses because this shot has been playing immune system wars in their bodies???

Creating antibodies that attack our natural cancer antibodies– and we all have those–is not something I care to have a ‘wait and see’ attitude about…as one comment can NOT undo these destructive antibody warriors once they are in your bodies.

They have timed their run in conjunction with the grand solar minimum that we have upon us. History tells us that this results in mass famine, and hungry people will do desperate things. The plan is to reduce the human population, mainly in the northern hemisphere, to a controllable level.
Don’t go looking for any help or handouts, it’s all down to you as to whether you survive past the year 2025. It will all be done and dusted by 2032.

Had it last April and it was first time I’ve gotten anything in over 30 years. Don’t do flu shots either-never have. Had complete loss of taste and smell for three days and slept a lot. Only outward symptom was hives from my neck down to my toes. Didn’t itch or burn, no irritation at all. Took a month for them to go away. After that, all was good-and still is…
Had a melt down in a parking lot about eight days ago when I was trying to get into a parking space for a local restaurant. I was re-routed through several parking lots, as most of it was taken up with covid gene modification shots. When I finally got parked, this ‘security guard’ told me I had to park two spots over as there was a traffic cone next to my vehicle. Never mind that there were at least sixteen empty spots next to mine. Then he was stupid enough to ask if I had my shot yet. I went off about these f***king sheep that don’t have enough concern (or intelligence) to find out facts, as opposed to their ‘feeling’ and the BS the MSM tells them. Looking back, I could have handled it better with- again, facts- rather then letting the pent up frustration about this BS get to me. Anybody else- comments?

There are young mothers making an offering of their children to Pfizer to test the vaccine. All ages. Hard for me to understand.

follow the money…sad

AP and all,
Ice Age Farmer has a short video up on this topic as well. Christian seems to agree that we can’t be certain what the motivation is behind this doctor’s sounding the alarm on these “vaccines”, but that a less-obvious threat is that Bossche has some verbiage regarding transmission of COVID from animals to humans.

Bossche specifically calls out pig and chicken production due to the way animals are housed closely together. So, this may hit us on more than one front – both in the damage to human population, and as an excuse to cull millions of farm animals (as carriers) – thus, removing more food and furthering the non-meat agenda. Any way you slice it, none of this is good news, and may be a warning of catastrophic events in our near future.

Believe this man to be correct,probably take 2 years for the culling to reach completion

One could ask how we got here; however, it’s been a long time coming. I just don’t have the energy or desire to try to make any sense of it anymore. I trust basically no one when it comes to the world these days. The only explanation for current events is well documented in the Bible. We know how it all ends.

I’m not a medical professional, just thinking outside the box here. The blood of those that have taken the shot is now contaminated. What will happen when these people decide to donate blood and someone who has not taken the shot receives that tainted blood? Will they also become infected.

And what about the alterations made to the DNA of these Vaxxers. Can they pass on their contaminated DNA to non infected /Vaxxed individuals?

It appears that we are seeing increasing cases starting up in the US. This is probably because of the Vaccines. Europe started reporting this weeks ago. They were rolling out the Vax on the 27th of December 2020. This puts them right on Dr Sherri Tenpenny’s time line.


There is a knowledge disconnect concerning how the mRNA serum works. The cells it modifies to produce the protein spikes, which mirror those of the pathogen causing Covid19, are killed by the lymphocytes (Antibodies) the immune system creates in reaction to them. Therefore, the RNA modified cells are NOT PERMANENT and are destroyed by the body, along with matching pathogens, which possess the same spike protein.

Once the mRNA serum has invaded and converted native cells to cause the desired immune reactions, it ceases to exist…itself having been destroyed by the ABs as they destroy the cells it modified.

The danger is not from a permanent alteration of your genes, but from your cells which are destroyed by being impacted from the mRNA serum, and, from the effects of the ABs it causes to be created, as these ABs weaken over time.

There is also the danger from the unexpressed actions of the other chemicals the mRNA serum contains, which have nothing to do with spike protein production in the mRNA infected cells. These other reactions caused by the mRNA serums seem to directly involve our reproduction systems, both male and female, which lower fertility.

Great question and your post mimics all my concerns..this is the easiest way for genocide to occur and not be traced back to real cause??

The mRNA is supposed to multiply… it also changes a Mast2 cell into what it want.s There is a boost to immune response but nothing to take out the trash of infection dead/dying cells/ massive inflammatory response.In short there is no “OFF” setting.
If what i am understanding, happens- there will be many dying from sudden multiple organ failure.,sudden massive heart attacks and stroke. None of these will be attributed to jab.Last of experiments are set to end Jan of 2023. yep scarey stuff.

There will be massive die offs if all this info is correct from scientists who have worked on these “projects” . Data out of Memphis news today- touts 1million jabs in Mississippi. Opening of jabs to everyone above age Tn..
They are pressing key occupations to get – what/how will YOU make it without those services.?
Even those of us not taking, need to get everything famly needs in- for substantial time.Including schooling materials for any children that may come under your care.

Passing on some helpful preventative measures. I started taking Cod Liver Oil ( less than 4 bucks a bottle at Walmart) in November of 06. My mom actually told me about it when l 9 years old. This is what my grandparents gave the kids when they started to get sick. They were from Hungary and they had no flu vaccines to fall back on. Since taking the Cod Liver Oil I stopped taking any type of flu vaccine. I have not gotten the flu. I stopped getting colds. This stuff is amazing. I weigh in at 172lb. Take about 5 caplets daily (adjust accordingly). Hope this helps.

Leviticus 17:11
For the life of a creature is in the blood, and I have given it to you to make atonement for yourselves on the altar; it is the blood that makes atonement for one’s life.

Remember. A deadly virus does NOT have the habit of constantly mutating into ever more deadlier forms, but exactly the opposite.

When we are told a new, more infectious, more potent, mutation has occurred, in this, or that, place, over a period of a few days….this is a lie, meant only to instill and maintain fear in the ignorant.

Put simply, such claims cannot be rationally made, as there has not been enough time for anyone, no matter how educated, to make such statements with any validity, or certainty.

In addition, 3rd Waves, 4th Waves, etc… How many “waves” can there be? I guess as many “waves” as they wish in order to compel as many mRNA doses as possible into the populace.

Ever deadlier viral pathogens and never ending “waves” of viral pathogens taking place over short time periods is simply unnatural and an indication of the function of deliberate design.

Latest News
Cases in europe have risen 30% since the low Feb 20th. Health officials say it may be due to the new mutations that emerged that may lower the efficacy of those vaccines. New lockdowns in France started and plans for rest of the EU if it goes up higher. (the Economist)

Blame is on the mutations for recent increases of cases in the US. The country is also nearing 30 million confirmed Covid-19 cases, but the true number could be more than 100 million people having some protection from a previous infection — a big wall of natural immunity. (Stat)

There will be coverups. The blame will NOT go onto the mRNA experimental shots.

The blame will be highly focused on ?? TRUMP, not the implementation or the vaxx.
Bet on it if any serious die off happens.

All the info I see keeps that uneasy feeling going.
Waiting for some event that paves the way for “mandatory” Gov intervention (shots).

There are more than a few eyebrow raising features to this vaccine thing,
the first and biggest IMHO is the fact that the fedgov made it so the big pharma companies are not liable for damages, thats a big fat red flag. The other is the blackout and shutting down of dissent and info regarding reactions etc. Why would they need to black ball anyone who posts things contrary to the official narrative?
personally, i would almost bet different people get different stuff.

Kulafarmer – I would not hesitate to make such a bet.

Different compounds and nucleotide sequences could be created all tailored to specific genetic phenotypes and desired effects, ranging from absolutely no effect whatsoever, to direct poisoning.

Certain populations could be provided with serums geared to impact fertility, others with risk enhancers, designed to increase lethal ADE events down the road.

The fact is, you cannot know what is inside the vile, nor whether it has been “tweeked” specifically just for you, or for the community in which you live.

Indeed. If world managers wish to cull the population, or simply to allow a government to eliminate certain sections of a population (the section containing rebels, for example), and they DO NOT use contrived disease to do so…they are either simpletons, or simply do not possess the know how.

NO OTHER METHOD is as effective for terminating political enemies, or reducing a population, than an engineered bio-weapon.

****The fact is, you cannot know what is inside the vile, nor whether it has been “tweeked” specifically just for you, or for the community in which you live.***

My friend’s ex went to Health Dept to get shot–he had to fill out papers and get an appt…and you just stated why…it is geared to age/race/health factors!!

We were talking about that last night.
Filling out paper work, prior to the injection appointment.

Non keeper?

What good is this ‘vaccine’?

You still have to.mask up.
You are still susceptible.
You can still pass the virus onto others.

What’s the point?

Mr. Roboto:
I have been vaccinated.
I’m allowed now to,
work, be out in public, travel, buy groceries, celebrate Independence Day.

I may have complications.
I may die.
But I’m vaccinated!!

What a fricking joke

My otherhalf asked if my doctor called last week. (We use the same doc and have given her permission to share info, between us.)

Yep, they called. I didn’t answer. Why?
They wanted to know if you were interested in getting the vaccine. I told them no, you weren’t. Don’t bother calling him.

what good indeed, Had an old guy who is a neighbor, also a liberal who should know better, ask me if i got my shot, i told him no and that nobody was going to force me to, he said oh yes they will,,,
idiot is under the assumption he can do whatever he wants now, i told him to go ahead and try going somewhere without his mask. Our lame azz state, people are calling on neighbors and others for not wearing mask or having gatherings, just like a buncha Nazis.
5000$ fine or imprisonment or both,,, what a brave new wold.

At work today…
A group of three ladies, asked me,
Did you get your shot?

Nope. I don’t go along with anything the .gov suggests or hints is mandatory.
Besides, you’re all doing the same as I. Masks, distancing, susceptible, possible carriers.

Well, I want this whole thing over with.

I want to be able to fly, so I can visit my kids and grandkids in Fla.

I took the shot because it was mandatory to get shots when i was younger. Mumps. Measles

We all feel fine….well my husband, he became flu-like afterward….sleeps alot.
But just for a day.

Well, I guess you all have your reasons. I’ve got mine.

We got the down voter thing going on.
I just upped ya.

Must be a sad, sad life, this individual lives.

What’s the saying….?

Don’t hate me ’cause I’m beaut….., pityful?

Joe c & Kulafarmer
Simple answer would have been that shot has not been approved by the FDA!

It did not & will not pass the testing, it has been the works since 2005. All the test animals died, so if you die from the shot your insurance death benefits can possible be denied(from what I have gathered).

Drop that that hot poop in their hats next time the come at you. Then step back and watch the oh hades looks or he is full of it. Bet they will either do their own research or as TOJS states it. Do you have your funeral services all prepaid along with your will!

heres the thing, the system, ie doctors etc are all on board with pushing this BS, if you die, after taking the shot, it will be attributed to something else, the truth of why these people get sick and get cancer or whatever, will never be revealed. I trust Monsanto more than i trust the modern pharmaceutical industry, and i trust both of these more than the government, the government as a whole is no longer worthy of any level of trust

Our family doc has fallen under the covid spell of $$$$. I am sure they have given him quite an incentive to hot shot/poke as many as possible for those lovely green backs or digital currency.

He is even dumb enough to want it—really! He use to have working brain, now reminds me of the lion in the wizard of oooz.(done on purpose)

If this same concoction failed in 2005, what is to make anyone think it is now a working viable medication?
Repeat it is NOT a vaccine, unless so many like being the unpaid for test porker for the da big [email protected]@.

Not upset with you Kula, it is the lack of functioning brain cells in the human species. How did we fall so far down into the black hole of space?

It really saddened me today.

I haven’t been in a group (outside of this blog) discussion on the vaccine. Other than family.

They are so willing to and as one woman put it, today,
to be guinea pigs.

I understand, their wants, needs, fears, but my gosh.

To me, it’s like,

Don’t put a bullet in my head, just gut shoot me.

There is no fight in anyone.
Too many are….mentally weak and tired. Overwrought by media spin.

If I wanna work, I have to get the jab. Why should I wait for hoards of people to be lined up, in the future?

If it’s required for air travel to Florida, then drive.

Think outside the box. FIGHT
You know it’s wrong, but you gave in.

It can not be undone.

Joe c
The only conclusion is that some of us are given a higher ability to disseminate the truth from from the horse pucky. We do not require the 3D glasses to see what is before our visual cortex. Those of us on both sites whether we speak up or not, know that we were given the foresight to determine right from wrong.

Some of us have health issues, or our loved ones, it could be what makes us take a step back to see reality as it truly is, not which those wish us to see.

We are from a different mold from life, and for that I am truly thankful. Of five siblings, I am the only one who looks at the world and sees what is there. Not the perceived notion which those wish us to acknowledge.

Remember you are not alone.

Thank you, AC/ACDH

‘are are not alone’….

just miles apart,
or so it seems.

Well, they’ve finally gotten to me. Not with good sound science, or fear of reprisal, no. Doughnuts. Yup. If I get vaccinated, Krispy Kreme will give me a free doughnut, every day for a year. C’mon man, how can you say no to that? I’m sure it’s all good. Plus, doughnuts!

(/s – in case you didn’t catch that.)

Most the teachers in a Pa town just got the jab and came down sick and had to close the whole school. Yep, the shot is safe. yep. I wonder if they liked the donuts.

175 teachers and school employees took the jab two days ago. 40 of them said they could not work today, due to effects from the jab. So, if the employees are not lying….about 24% of them have had a reaction to the shot severe enough to call in sick.

Now. How many of these people will again call in sick tomorrow?

wonder how many of those will die and it be atttributed to sudden organ falure.?

When this tactic is used, how can any sane, intelligent human believe the numbers reported taking this shot????
Really?? You’re paying KK to give donuts because it is so safe, people are lined up miles to get it??!!
Folks are waking up and the media is lying out their a**es about the numbers being shot–Great Britain announced today, one jab(and that is the correct terminology since it is not a vaccine)every 27 seconds–so you believe that?? NOPE–never happening.

JayJay,—Not to mention the fact that diabetes and obesity are co-morbidities for a high percentage of covid death statistics. Hmmm. Free donuts…. Trying to kill us faster, maybe?

Thanks, Farmgirl.

Diabetic, myself.
Not so much, as a donut fan.

We try to eat healthy.
Am I still classified as a worthless eater?

Joe c,—Absolutely not! — I was trying to humorously say that they’re promoting an experimental, possibly harmful experimental treatment with sugar, also not particularly good for health. — It was not a judgment on people who are overweight (I have been at times in my life) or have diabetes (surprised I don’t have, since I happen to love sugar). Just that they themselves have said those health conditions make one more vulnerable, and here they are offering donuts. Ironic, I thought.—I don’t think of anyone on here as a worthless eater; just not my orientation.

I was just picking on ya.

I’m not overweight.
I just got the luck of the draw to be a type one.

Still classifies me as a worthless eater.

(Sorry I should have added a sarc to my prior post.)

There is only a few here, I may criticize. (You are not one of them)
Take most of my posts are in humor.

If I have an issue….I’ll tell ya.
No issues here.

Fist bump👊

Joe c—Whew. I thought I must have put my foot in it somehow. Sheesh. Nope, still not a worthless eater.—Anyhoo, in Israel they’re being offered pizza slices. Apparently, the PM signed the whole country up to trial Pfizer’s roll-out, and a certain percentage of the population must get vaxxed to fulfill that agreement. Nice, huh? Wonder how much N’yetandyahoo got for that little deal?

Pizza IS good.

Nah, I’ll pass.

Thinking out of the box here…..what if that doughnut with sugar content stabilizes the effects of shot for a few days??

If you want to go that far, sugar is an inflammatory.

I will continue to ask…….what vaccine was ever demanded/forced on/or bribed to take??

People that can’t see this deserve what happens to them…..thin the herd???

As with everything in today’s divided world, if you try to discuss taking the vaccine with others or you ask questions about results, all you get is “IF YOU DO NOT GET IT YOU ARE TRYING TO KILL US ALL” And this is from an educated family member.

The fear and hysteria is winning the day.

It’s so sad that the correct fear and hysteria, isn’t getting through, to the so called, well educated.

Reminds me of trained receptor sites on our cells. For example, if a cell receptor for iodine is filled by another substance (such as flourine, which is in the same chemical family) the cell can’t accept the necessary iodine.

Same with our brains. We have only a certain number of “receptor sites” for information. If they’re all filled with nonsense, there’s no room for the truth.

Then you say…”but maam, if you are vaccinated, why bother lecturing me–you are immune, right”????

I listened to Doctor Bossche not only is his knowledge incredible, but most of all was his real concern for his family, his kids, his grandkids and humanity, he was almost crying.
For any Country to roll out an experimental vaccine mandate without rigorous testing is criminal.
Testing years ago was performed on animals for a SARS like coronavirus all went well until they were exposed to a live C-virus which killed all the animals.
If millions/billions of people are subjected to similar testing what will the future bring?
Why is the vaccine being pushed? Why is the vaccine free or in some cases employers will pay you to take the vaccine?

Why are cancer patients, pregnant women and children being subjected to the vaccine?
Why is no one researching what’s in the vaccines?
Why is there a vaccine for a virus that is 99.8% survivable?
Why the lockdowns?
Why masks for a virus that can pass through material?
Why is Israel the guinea pig Country and have introduced the green passport, only those who are vaccinated can shop, attend concerts, sporting events, fly etc?
There is an agenda that does not benefit you and me. Open your eyes and really research all that is hidden.


I believe most answers to your questions is…’control the movements of every living thing’.
it’s that simple.

Correct me if I’m wrong please. I thought he stated it would probably rear its ugly head this upcoming fall or thereabouts?

Minnesota “reported” Covid cases went up 50% in the last 2 weeks.
Adult population is 3,632,585 and 2.4 million have been given the jab.
502,000 have survived Covid with antibodies.
Something isn’t right here.

Check your state results. Is there something off ?

I listened to the national news last night, first time in a loooong time.

Michigan Covid cases are up. And that made national news.
I don’t know the numbers.
FWTB and I looked at each other….another possible shutdown?

I mean we do still have independent businesses trying to recover from last year, that aren’t boarded up.

Looks like you got on somebody’s naughty list. : )


Some idiot went through and down-voted every one of your posts. I always do a check for negative numbers and it makes quite a pattern.

You noticed that, too?
Seems as if Kulafarmer has been a target, lately, also.

I have my suspicions,
I must not feed the holdagrudge trolls.

Meh. I just put -1 in the search bar and if there’s nothing objectionable in the comment I put in a +1. Respond without feeding them.

Well, thanks for having my back!

who cares,

👍 😎 😎 👍

Hope ya had a good weekend bud,,

keep on keepin on

its all just inconsequential static in the big picture eh,,,,

Well, since my up vote has been negated all day long I’ll respond…

Yep, had a good weekend, Kula. Thank you
I hope your weekend was good also.
As they say,
a bad day of fishing beats a good day at work.

According to a piece on CTH the gov is working with corps to require vaccine passports,,,,,,

total bullshit, most people who get it barely even know it. Many dont even have symptoms, but these authoritarian pricks are going to make it mandatory to get jabbed with this unknown so called vaccine,
will this be the straw that breaks the camels back?
i just hope there are legal challenges to this crap that shuts it down, i will not get this shot no matter what.

If this is the evolutionary trajectory of SARS-CoV-2, we’re in for seemingly endless cycles of outbreaks and remissions, social restrictions and relaxations, lockdowns and re-openings,” “At least in rich countries, we will probably get vaccinated a couple of times a year, against the latest variant in circulation, but never fast or comprehensively enough to achieve herd immunity.

The never-ending pandemic is what the marxists want for total control of our lives.

Yet there’s this slice of the populace that gets into it. They resist a return to normalcy because their normal lives were not that great to begin with and this is the most exciting thing that will ever happen to them.

It sounds like the common cold and the annual flu have just turned us all into potential slaves with new covid passports.

Is this a true statement.?

Only about 20% of the vaccines being produced are mRNA vaccines (Pfizer/Moderna (USA)). The other 80% which will vaccinate the poorest 80% of the world’s population are traditional, boring vector vaccines using adrenovirus as the vector (Oxford/AZ, J&J+J, Covaxin, Covashield(India), Sinovac, Sinopharm (Chinese) and Sputnik V (Russia)). We have literally been using these vaccines for decades and they are safe and effective.

I don’t think it’s a true statement, because these new covid ‘vaccines’ aren’t doing what traditional vaccines have done. Even the versions that don’t use mRNA, are using genetic modification to introduce DNA into our cells to produce the spike protein. Oxford/AstraZeneca’s vaccine has been suspended for use in several parts of the world, due to concerning blood clotting reactions that have caused death in some. O/AZ is now re-naming their covid treatment ‘Vaxxzevria’.

—I pulled this from Cambridge news regarding O/AZ’s treatment:

“Like the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, the AstraZeneca (ChAdOx1 nCoV-19) vaccine delivers the genetic code for making the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. This is the part of the virus that lets it enter human cells. Human cells then use the instructions to manufacture parts of the virus. The idea is that these parts will trigger an immune response, thus coaching the immune system to fight off a future infection.
The difference between Pfizer/Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines is that the former use mRNA as their platform, while the latter use DNA, which is delivered to the cells by using a weakened version of a common cold virus.”