Biden & Harris Will Use Executive Orders To Override 2nd Amendment

How Joe Biden Will Attack Your 2nd Amendment

Biden says…

  • He wants to bankrupt America’s gun makers
  • He wants to repeal PLCAA (Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act)
  • Wants to ban popular semi-automatic rifles (you know the one’s)
  • He wants to “buy them back” (how do you buy them back when they weren’t yours in the first place?) e.g. “confiscate”
  • He wants to create gun registries
  • Wants to “pursue legislation to regulate possession of existing assault weapons under the National Firearms Act”
  • He “supports legislation restricting the number of firearms an individual may purchase…”
  • Would use the Social Security Administration to deny older Americans their 2A rights
  • He would “end the online sales of firearms and ammunitions”
  • Biden says he would give “states incentives to set up gun licensing programs”
  • He would “put America on the path to ensuring that 100% of firearms sold in America are smart guns”
  • He would “pass legislation requiring firearm owners to store weapons safely in their homes”
  • Would “prohibit the use of federal funds to arm or train educators to discharge firearms”

How Kamala Harris Will Attack Your 2nd Amendment

According to a GovTrack analysis, Kamala Harris scored as most liberal US senator in 2019 (outranking Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren!). She has made it very clear that she WILL come after your guns if elected “President”. In effect, she will be president — since we all know Biden’s faculties are failing.

Mandatory “buyback” of (so called) “assault weapons”

During the presidential debates:

“Five million (so called) assault weapons are on the streets of America today…We need action, and Congress has had years to act and failed because they do not have the courage.”

“When I’m elected, I’ll give them (Congress) 100 days to pull their act together, put a bill on my desk for signature and if they don’t, I will take executive action and put in place a comprehensive background check requirement and ban the importation of assault weapons into our country, because it is time to act.”

“I will require the ATF to take the licenses of gun dealers who violate the law.”

“We need to ban military-style assault weapons.”

“We need to ban high-capacity magazines.”

“This is a national emergency. We need to act.”

Kamala Harris is willing to send cops to people’s homes to confiscate banned firearms:

Interesting statements:

(around the 3:00 minute mark)
(around the 5:20 minute mark)

Make no mistake about it. Biden and Harris are extreme anti-2A.

They absolutely WILL enact anti-gun (and probably anti-ammunition) executive orders soon after taking power. They have made it pretty clear as to their intended extent. And this only presumes that Congress won’t do it in the first 100 days. If the dems gain all of congress, it’ll all sail through and be signed into law right quick.

One of the biggest hits… The most common rifle in America today — will be banned by EO. Untold millions of people will likely become felons overnight (depending on their “buyback” time frame). Harris is also apparently willing to order confiscation if they’re not turned in. Obviously that won’t work. But it’s going to light the powder keg. They don’t care.

Of course these executive orders will be challenged in the court systems. Depends which “courts”… Some are pretty far left. And “shall not be infringed” is not part of their vocabulary.

Do I actually believe that Biden and Harris could be elected into power this November? Well yes, it could happen. Will it happen? I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not. However “if” they are, you can count on what they’re going to do with the 2nd Amendment.

Motivation for today’s post came after reading the following article over on Natural News:

Never forget: If Kamala Harris takes over as president, she WILL come after guns with a vengeance and may send law enforcement to take them

Biden quotes garnered from September addition of “America’s 1st Freedom” publication.

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  1. If bidet/harass win, they will ban firearms. Ohhh, the Constitution prevents that you say! Of course it will be challenged in court. BUT, the way the SCOTUS has been going, banning firearms will get the stamp of approval.
    The next question is? How many in law enforcement will go along with the confiscation and help carry out orders from Bidet and Harass?

    1. How many in law enforcement will go along with the confiscation…? Answer is all of them, Just like the Nazis working in the death camps they were, “just following orders.”

      1. I’m confused…….you’re comparing cops to nazis? Golly gee, so do blm and anarchists..……..who are attacking cops all over the nation as we speak. Strange bedfellows you choose….

      2. There have been many instances of law enforcement refusing to enforce some covid ‘mandates’. Some individual LEO’s who refused to enforce were immediately suspended to local law enforcement leaders announcing some ‘mandates’ will not be enforced within their district/communities.
        But under a gun confiscation scheme, it’s hard to say how many in law enforcement would go along. I would suspect not many. But I could be wrong, I’ve been wrong once before.

        1. Those that would will have to face the reality of having to live amongst those they oppress.

    2. Don’t worry, firearm ownership will still be legal. They won’t want to chance a Second Amendment fight through the courts. After all nobody “wants” to take away your guns.

      They will just pass a few “common sense” measures to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, the mentally unstable, and “the potentially uncooperative”. These common sense measures will focus mainly on the most dangerous members of society:
      veterans (PTSD), racists (all Trump supporters) “alt-right radicals” (Republicans), those who have ties to uh…certain radical religious organizations that teach intolerance (only Christians), and of course any color of “nationalist” (American Patriots).

      As long as you are not one of those, you will probably still be allowed to own guns. Of course under the Green New Deal certain heavy metals will have to be tightly regulated, so “disposing” of lead, copper, and salt peter back into the environment where it came from will be prohibited in order to save the Earth.

      And of course a national snitch line will be setup so that friends, loved-ones, and neighbors can receive social justice credits and help themselves feel safer by anonymously reporting all violators…..or anyone who you feel may potentially become a violator at anytime in the future. (or if you just want to get your ex-boyfriend/husband/neighbor swatted)
      Remember: If you see something – say something.

      1. I sure hope you are kidding around,
        Otherwise that is a load of crap that you can shove where the light dont shine

        1. Hey Kula – Pretty sure he is goofing on a few memes. I recognize his snark as similar to my own.

        2. Kulafarmer,
          I was using satire to illustrate the tactics the left will use to impose their anti-second amendment policies. In the past they’ve never honest enough to just come right out and say they don’t believe in the Constitution. They just chipped away at it until it’s unrecognizable. But lately, many of them are being very honest about their communist intentions.

          But even though my comment was kind of satirical and sarcastic – it’s also pretty much true. Those are exactly the kinds of things they already say and do….with the full support of the leftist media, so it’s not really far-fetched at all, is it?

          Whenever you hear the left saying things like “Nobody wants to take away your guns, we just want to take some common sense steps to keep guns out of the hands of criminals”…….What that really means is “We intend to disarm the patriots so we can implement our Marxist totalitarian agenda without resistance”

          I believe if the radical left ever gets full control of the federal government, they will absolutely 100% proceed with disarming the people and it wouldn’t surprise me to see many of those things happen for real.

          Some of us will say: “From my cold dead hands”. They’ll say: OK no problem. Why not? They did it in Russia, Germany, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Cuba, Venezuela, etc. They’ll absolutely do it here if we ever give them the chance.

          1. Today’s Americans don’t have the balls to fight for individual freedom of choice and constitutional liberty. The only freedom left is for one man to marry is homosexual lover, but what good is that to us real people who seek to advance economically? Where is our freedom? I suspect very few have the insight or education to even know what individual choice means. I am shocked and appalled when principals tell me 60 % of students who hold high school diplomas can’t read or do math at a third grade level. I am meeting an astonishing number of people forty and under who are totally illiterate. So the state owned public school system must be spending its time indoctrinating students in social communist theology, since it damn sure isn’t teaching them subjects of true value.

          2. Several years ago I was talking to my young nephew about a school project. His history teacher had divided the class into “teams” along racial lines and gave them assignments regarding Columbus. The non-white team had to support the actions of the Indians. The white team had to support the actions of Columbus. The students themselves would vote for who won. It was set up in such a way that the “Columbus” team could NOT win because they had to use the information they were given by the teacher, which was all anti-Columbus.

      2. Greg P.,
        “Nationalism” is the cause of most wars….I found that out when talking with a very young teacher I worked with a few years ago. At least, that’s what she was taught in school. For instance, the main reason for WWII was because the Germans and the Japanese were so nationalistic about their countries. This teacher was fairly conservative, but she had no idea that the “facts” she had been taught weren’t necessarily so.

        1. Wendy,
          I would have to disagree with your young teacher. Nationalism is nothing more than patriotism – pride, priority, and focus on your own country and putting it first.

          The problem with the Germans and Japanese in WW2 was that they couldn’t keep their hands off other people’s countries.

          1. Greg P., I agree with you. She and I had this conversation because I proudly taught my first graders about our wonderful country, patriotic songs, etc.

        2. Both Hitler and Stalin were Nationalists and both were in favor of Socialist/Communist control of the world. But Hitler wanted himself and Germany to be the ones in control and Stalin wanted himself and the Soviets to control the world.

          There is nothing wrong with nationalism if it means that each country has full control of its own policies. President Trump said something like that to the NATO countries. He said that each country should favor the policies that helped his or her own country. (Paraphrasing — Not an exact quote.)

  2. Will that be the same for the Democrats will they give up their guns, I bet not they will be given some kind of exception to the rules. Don’t think they would be able to take the guns away if they do win the election. when that starts it will be the flash point that will start the next civil war.
    oh I’m not worrying lost all my black sticks in the boating accident summer of 2018.

    1. Factfinder,

      I am pretty sure those non-police (social workers, psychologists, peace activists, antifa members, BLM members, IRS agents, postal workers, etc.) who will be replacing law enforcement officers, will be allowed to have guns.

      Congress will exempt themselves. They will also exempt mayors, city council members and other officers of big cities. School teachers will be exempt from the new laws.

      All county officers will be exempt if they supported Democratic candidates. Remember how it was during the auto bankruptcies? Obama closed the sales offices of Republican donors and registered Republicans. Democrats got to keep their businesses. Unions were paid in full for the unsecured obligations of the auto companies. Secured bond holders (mostly elderly retired people) lost their investments.

      Celebrities will of course be allowed to keep their guns and their armed security guards.

      The gun grabbers will take guns away from people in rural areas where people will be alone in their homes with few neighbors to help them. They will arrive at each targeted citizen in such overwhelming numbers that no resistance will be possible.

      1. DaisyK – I agree with you that if the CGM take power, those on board with them will be allowed to keep their guns. And yes, they will try to disarm the rest. I take exception however to the statement ‘no resistance will be possible’. Resistance is not only possible, it is absolutely critical. With nothing left to lose and only possible gain for oneself or those remaining, resistance is the only choice. Bigger picture thinking is what turns the tides of wars. The 300 at Thermopylae against the full force and might of the Persians comes to mind. That stand made a difference in the longer run of the war.

        1. Farmgirl

          I guess I shouldn’t have said “NO resistance will be possible.” It is always possible to resist. But they way I think it will happen — starting with rural citizens, by surprise, with overwhelming enforcers — resistance will usually either be in vain or result in the death or arrest of the resisters.

          If you are living in a farmhouse or ranch with only your only family within earshot and a dozen or more armed swat people show up, most people would not be able to stop them.

          I live alone in a house with only a dozen or so near neighbors (say within 2 blocks.) I doubt many of them would come to my aid if they came for my guns, especially if we had heard of the deaths of those on nearby farms and ranches who had tried to resist.

          One of my neighbors is a minister; one is an elderly retired sheriff; one is a town police officer; 4 are temporary residents (renters in a 4-plex with lots of turnover); a couple are Mormans that don’t associate with the rest of us; one is an elderly lady known as “crazy;” another is an elderly lady that doesn’t own guns. The next block is a group of Mexican-Americans all related to each other, and who are all friends of mine, who help me out with home repairs, try to teach me Spanish, etc., and who would defend me if I were attacked by a criminal. But I doubt any of them would come to my aid against official law enforcement agents.

          1. DaisyK – I understand completely what you’re saying. I hope I didn’t come across as being unfeeling about it. Unfortunately, we’re living through this time where we have to give deep reflection as to how we’d handle certain situations should they arise.

            Some are easy – if your life or the lives of your children/family are directly threatened, it’s pretty clear you’re going to defend yourself because the risk of not doing so is immediately at play. It does get a little harder when it seems like you can buy time by going along with an immoral or illegal request. ‘Live to fight another day’ and all that.

            It seems to me that we’ve arrived at this moment in history because we made a lot of choices like that in the past, collectively. We went along and didn’t risk anything because the risk seemed not worth the reward.

            Everyone’s going to have to follow their own conscience on this one, and may not come up with the same answers about what to do. It’s good to get clear, though, ahead of time about where you stand and your most likely response. Deep soul searching for sure.

          2. far better to die for something than to live for nothing under what these turds want

        2. At Thermopylae, also, 6,000 – 8,000 others from Greek city-states and auxiliaries.

          1. Yes, there were others. After being sold out by a local shepherd, Leonidas dismissed the majority of Greek forces though, so everyone didn’t have to get slaughtered as they got outflanked. He made a deliberate choice to save as many as possible knowing there would be future battles, and held back enough to buy them time to get out of there. There were more than 300, not that it made much difference to the outcome of that particular battle. Point being, there are battles, and there are wars. Sometimes sacrifice is required, so that others might live to fight on. I’m sure a lot of parents are giving that some pretty serious consideration. I know I am.

      2. DaisyK
        Believe it, here in socialist land, auto are banned, except for senators,
        reps, cops. I recall being at the range one day. I was sitting out a round,
        I watched a cop’s private car with globe on top pull up on the other side
        of the range (police side) he gets out, opens the trunk pulls out two
        “little black guns” and with one in each hand, let’s off full-auto, a full
        mag from each. The noise alerted all of those on the civ side, who almost
        to a person, boo’d the officer. Toys for me, not for thee.

      3. Resistance is always possible, and always beneficial…. although the resister may eventually die in the process…. each of us needs to be prepared for that outcome.

        1. Homer,
          Thats why that saying about the tree of liberty being fed with the bloot of tyrants and patriots

        2. Resistance doesn’t always mean guns. IEDs, sabatague, booby traps, cutting wires, cables across roadways, the list is long.

    2. Factfinder,
      If you “lost” all your scary black sticks then why have you spent the last 6 months buying up 50,000,000,000 rounds of 5.56 with your credit card? LOL

  3. if for some reason Trump does loose the election do to fraud. When is the last official date that he is still president?

      1. As a multiple gun owner with an assault rifle and hand guns banned in California due to clip size, nothing is going to change. The same this was said about Obama and nothing happened. There is no need for alarm.

          1. Duh – the thing you clip to your belt or the thing you clip to your gun. Geez.

          2. Ken
            Think, U.S. Army Rifle, .30 caliber Garand M-1, ya
            remember, “clip” loaded right… as you write… (sarc)

        1. Not an alarmist:
          I want to seriously thank you for posting as you did.
          I need a good reality check this afternoon.
          Think I’ll grab my 200 round clip, slap in my 20mm ass-hult boom boom and go shopen for a raskely rabbit.

          All harassing aside,
          I seriously hope you are correct and nada changes.
          Fact is there is a LOT of government not to trust nowadays.
          Good comment, just a bad delevery.
          Thanks for commenting

          1. INPrepper
            yeah never even seen a gun except for in a Rambo movie.

            Lol! Yea, probably crapped his pants until he realized it was just Hollywood special effects. Go easy on him with “handgun” comment ATF does use the term to distinguish them from long guns.

          2. SH
            You mean to tell me the guns used in Rambo movies were ‘fake’? I thought everyone in the military carried their M60’s around and fired one handed. I am crushed. I better go now to my safe space and cry with my favorite teddy bear.


        2. Yeah, I think Ken caught on to that. LOL. I know many of us questioned the assertion. Excuse me while I store my assault knife.

        3. Not an alarmist

          There is no need for alarm.

          Says the guy holding the chainsaw in a horror movie.

          Come on, if your 2A guy/gal then be respectful of the tools you speak of. Firearm, rifle, shotgun, pistol, revolver, muzzle loader, etc. but not Assault Rifle. That’s a term typically used by the anti gun people. A persons fingers poking someone in the eyes could be an assault weapon but the Dem’s will never ban them because they are to busy picking their nose and scratching the butt then swapping hands and blaming the stink on Republicans.

          1. “A gun is a tool, Marian; no better or no worse than any other tool: an ax, a shovel or anything. A gun is as good or as bad as the man using it. Remember that.”

      1. Yea, they brought all kinds of stuff to Afganistan, howd that work out for em? And those were not their own people,
        Me thinks it wont go how these commy pukes think it will

    1. Kevin,
      How about this for a reality check:
      80% of law abiding citizens will turn their guns in when told. The other 20% will follow soon after they see a couple examples made on the news. The few hardcore ones that are left will be Waco’d and Ruby Ridged out, the feds will go with the usual claim they were neo Nazi white supremacists, they will “find” a huge cache of “military grade weapons” in a building on their “compound” (otherwise known as a house), a disturbing manifesto will be “discovered” of course, along with child pornography on their computer to eliminate any sympathy from the public. The media will dutifully run the official story for a couple of weeks, and everyone will be relieved that the sickos were stopped before they “did something”. Agents will get promotions, politicians will get re-elected, someone will write a book and a movie, the Remington and Winchester names will be bought by investment bankers and will be re-branded into overpriced Chinese made hipster clothing lines sold at select malls and specialty outlets – and available on Amazon Prime with free 2 day delivery (2 day shipping not available in all areas)……and our grandchildren will grow up in a country that won’t even remember the 2nd amendment or ever experience the simple joy of plinking tin cans or pine cones with a .22 on a cool September morning.

      1. You understand exactly what has happened and soon coming and how lucky we who have grown up at least thinking we were free! What is happening now is our 1917 Russia. The problem is no one saw or looked at what our children were being indoctrinated with or even seemed to care even if they knew . We now have what lennin and stalin called “usefull idiots” that will fullfill the takeover with false promises. Then the fun will begin and all the woke croud will winder what happened and want the Country back but it will be 70 more years of hell for them and thier kids until reality comes back to the “North American Union” as it willl be called by then! The old 70’s song about the year 2525 should be changed to “In the year 2025”,,

  4. I’m Ok with them trying to disarm all patriots by force… It is time to let the bad blood out.

    John Parker once said to his men “Do not fire unless fired upon but if they mean to have a war let it begin here.” Make sure you adhere to that principle. We are not the aggressors we simply want to be left alone.

    It probably is time to water the tree of liberty. Not sure how this issue resolves itself peacefully at this time with the radicalization of the Anti American Democrat party.

    Some times the only way my boys learn a lesson is when I have to give them a good spanking… Same goes for the democrats…they will need to learn their lesson the hard way.

  5. INPrepper – The next question is? How many in law enforcement will go along with the confiscation and help carry out orders from Bidet and Harass?

    I think the question should be how many LEOs will be willing to give their lives to follow these illegal orders? If these LEOs kick in a door at night would the owner just give up or would he try to drop a couple? Would the neighbors respond and pick off one or two of these LEOs? How many LEOs would die before they ran out of bodies trying to perform these illegal gun confections? Do you really think there are enough men and women in uniform to confiscate Americas weapons? They may use LEOs, National Guard or even Foreign Blue Helmet’s – The end result will be the same.

    If these LEOs attack my home / family I know that their own family’s will become fair game. I also know the ‘leadership’ issuing these orders would become targets.

    One cannot / will not attack my family, friends – country without opening a can of kicka$$ and forcing this old man to become very ugly and deadly in response.

    In America we WILL protect our God given rights, we WILL protect our families, friends, neighbors, country against ALL enemies – foreign and Domestic.

    1. When Como did the “Safe Act” at 2:00AM, I’m happy to say our sheriff said straight out he would not arrest or enforce the 7 round capacity rule. AND our county still got 2 new crime seen vehicals (trucks). Now years later the Safe Act has been repealed!
      To bad I’m living in a blue state . . . It was a red state when I got here lol.

      1. Eop3, exactly! And Cuomo only got about 7% compliance on registering those nasty “assault” rifles. Most people said “$crew him” and refused to sign up to have their protection taken away at a later date. He is such a weenie king and liar.

      2. When was it repealed? I can find nothing to indicate the New York Safe Act is anything but still the law in New York.

    2. True VAT
      I also believe very few in the law enforcement community would ‘willingly’ participate in such an endeavor. Going into someone’s home to take their defense weapons is not the same as preventing grandma from going to church or arresting someone on the street for not wearing a mask.
      Under a confiscation scheme, every encounter would be considered an armed and potentially dangerous situation. I don’t believe that is what the average LEO signed up for. Going into people’s homes is not the same as giving speeding tickets, doing security at the county fair, helping an accident victim, or stopping teenagers from doing butnouts on a residential street where little kids are playing outside. I would like to think the vast majority of LEO’s would think ‘heck with this crap, I didn’t sign up for this’.
      So then, the next question is: who would the gov send in instead to enforce the ‘law’?

      1. Blue helmets.
        But then again, even that is infeasible.
        G un confiscation is every democraptics wet dream.
        It’s failed in every state that has banned hi capacity mags, ‘assault rifles’, etc.
        They would have to have a monstrous army to disband one state, let alone a country, as a whole.
        My state alone (2019) has 500,000 plus hunters, even if a quarter of them stood for their freedoms, it would be a horrendous battle.
        If confiscation
        were ever to start, a major catastrophe
        would be the prelude. All comms would have to be nullified.
        It is your state and local goobments you have to be leery of.
        As someone had previously posted, I see higher taxation of g un s/ ammo.
        IRS, homeowners insurance involvement. More “qualifications” for being in possession of.

        You wanna be armed?
        Have a good standby attorney and lots of moola.

        Yeah, it’s coming.
        Piece by piece

        1. A gun confiscation scheme would not involve just us freedom loving 2A patriots it would also involve the bad element in society. The criminals would not want to give up their weapons either. Can you imagine how it would go if the gov went into a crypt controlled neighborhood to round up weapons? The bloods and other gangs would jump on that power vacuum. So I wouldn’t see the crypts giving up very many if any weapons.

          1. @ InPrepper: A lot of guns are being bought these days. Do you think they are all being bought by Patriots or suburbanites worried about riots coming to their neighborhoods?

            No, lots of them are being bought by BLM and antifa. Those guns will not be given up when the confiscation begins and I suspect that TPTB will not even try to get those.

            By the way, I never knew what BLM meant (burn, loot, murder.) Thank you for telling me. If you don’t mind I will let my friends know. Thanks.

      2. If cops don’t be participate, I guarantee the enlisted military won’t….. the brown shirts would have to “try” to do it. I doubt their level of success will be too high…

  6. The answer is “NO.” Whether by laws passed, executive orders, hoping and wishing…the answer from all Americans must be NO. YOU CANNOT HAVE OUR 2nd AMENDMENT RIGHTS. Period. No, no, and no. Pass all the laws and exec orders you want..the answer is still NO!

  7. I seriously can’t even think logically about this! What we’ve been seeing is anarchy, insurrection, and a coup d’etat, along with Federal corruption that is DEEEEEP.

    Quite a bit of shake up has happened in the past week: the big reveal of Durham’s lead investigator William Aldenberg, the ‘discussion’ between Aldenberg and Sundance had (along with his interpretative hunches), the Clinesmith sweet-deal (matching the Wolf sweet-deal), the Lindsay Graham gloss-over of the SSCI dindoo behaviors, and both Brennan and Comey claiming they’re not ‘targets’ or ‘subjects’ of Durham’s.
    investigation. If these actions are all designed fake-outs, they’re doing a damn good job of it. I feel that Barr, Durham, and Aldenberg will not meet expectations.

    For the first time, I feel that we’ve lost.

    Is it me, or does it seriously appear that Durham’s investigation will lead to little more than a few deals with minor players? Sundance has repeatedly said that the govt is too compartmentalized (they are) and that there isn’t sufficient organization where the top players (leads) are linked to crimes. Well, Durham and Aldenberg HAVE all the evidence — but will they use it?

    Pinning crimes on the top govt weasels is my wish….but it’s pointless. The phrase “without a doubt” is troubling…. I think every one of these bastards is going to get away with their crimes — from treason on down to the smaller crimes of perjury or tampering with a govt document.

    On the surface, it sure appears that Trump’s popularity has been gaining. There is no doubt for me that many who were once Democrats have truly left their Party. But voter fraud — more crimes — could steal this election. And the ability to rectify it, and/or track back for the criminals isn’t going to happen because of the time issue.

    So everywhere we look, we’re overwhelmed. It’s the classic Cloward-Piven strategy to destroy America. Politics is taking over our lives — isn’t that what Communism does? The powerful and the guilty go free, but you and I become criminals for unconstitutional laws that will infringe on our rights — all because THEY have rendered the US Constitution void.

    Never did I see this coming. Until now.

  8. The 2nd amendment will be in jeopardy if Biden wins. The real question I think will be how many of the people who bravely wave their pro gun status on forums such as these show up and vote. How many will talk to their neighbors and friends and try and convince them to vote Trump? It’s easy to sit behind a computer and “talk” bravely. Hopefully the brave also walk the walk.

    1. If this election does not get folks off their ass to vote, what will?
      This will be THE most important election in history!

  9. Friends discuss your tactics offline with those that you trust to be willing to help. Key word here is TRUST.

    Beware of folks eager to “Start Something” as Fed plants are often on a time frame to get something going for their investigation. Beware of folks with anger issues and a or a loud mouth as they are a weak link in OPSEC as well unlikely to obey orders in action.
    Beware of folks with Drug (even Legal ones) and Alcohol issues. If they are unstable under Todays minor stressors what will they be under the stress that they and their families will be punished for rebellious actions?
    And finally any group big enough to have meetings already has weak links or Feds implanted in them.

    Better a cord of three strands with a strength you can TRUST than many that are likely to have weaknesses you will find out about at the worst time. Ecclesiastes 4:12 A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.

    This is an open board on the internet. If Divorce Lawyers can use things written on the internet in court I BET the US Government also can use our words here for their needs. As we have seen social media (and that is exactly what Modern Survival Blog is) WILL be mined using key words by computers to let them know who to start monitoring using their limited human resources. Even some of our SJW Trolls here might find it useful to have you DOXXED and your IP figured out for some “Social Justice” if anything like what you said happens. If the 3 letter agencies can get your ID from your “Anonymous” (No it’s Not) email name I suspect the SJW’s can do it too.

    Protect ourselves, yes, but start by not setting yourself up for a Ruby Ridge event with hot words on the internet.

    1. NH Michael
      Come,come now bro. I think that everyone of us here, is aware that the first keystroke
      that we made here was our sentence. Remember, that even you new reefer is “spying”
      on you. You know that the 4th does not apply to anything electronic don’t ya? Eddie
      told us all that, think he’d be livin’ in Russia if it wasn’t true. It’s the mere fact that we’re here that makes us the “seditious” entities that we are in their (damocraps) eyes. Our level of angst
      matters not. My opinion.

      1. k-bay – Truth. Today the NJ Supreme Court ruled that one does not have a 5th amendment right to refuse to give phone passcodes to the police. If they want it, you have to give it to them, even if what they see on your phone incriminates you. That Constitution of ours is looking pretty tattered lately.

        1. Farmgirl
          Yeah, looks like it’s smacked around a whole bunch by the
          damocraps with their hammers and sickles. Imagine that,
          and they have the gall to call themselves Americans?

  10. American Thinker has a great article today proving that what they really want is a bloody Revolution. There is a saying among those Jews that survived the NAZI camps. ” If anyone says that want to kill you, BELIEVE THEM”.

    If this comes to pass, I pray, ” Lord, make me fast and accurate”.

  11. Remember the Supreme Court ruled the Obamacare penalty was constitutional under Congressional authority to tax. What about the possibility a Democratic controlled Congress would assess unaffordable excise taxes on guns or ammunition that would have the effect of preventing ordinary Americans from affording guns and/or ammo and permit the wealthy to be the only ones other than the government with self defense? Could that pass constitutional muster? I worry it might. There’s no constitutional right to be able to afford either. Scary.

  12. VAThom,

    If it eases your mind any, I offer this. I spent 34 years in law enforcement at the local level. I dealt with, and worked alongside county, state, and just about all the varied federal agencies.
    I think your fears are misplaced. They are your friends, neighbors, fathers and mothers of your kid’s classmates and buddies.

    Yes, there are some who might have no qualms about enforcing a gun confiscation effort, just as there are some folks who would willingly give up their guns. I see neither of these as being a huge factor in this picture.

    My question is this. Why should the police be the ones having to make this decision to start with? If “patriots” are so itching for a fight for their rights, why are they waiting for the actions or inactions of the police as the litmus test to rise up? And why, pray tell, would you respond by killing the messenger……when maybe they should have dealt with the issue long before police were put into the position to decide?

    It would seem…….as always….folks want to put the onus…and blame…..on anyone else…other than themselves. Me? I don’t worry about the police taking my guns. Even if everyone of them spit on the constitution and became the “jack booted thugs” as some seem to fear…there are not near enough to even begin the task.

    1. Dennis, only 26 years LEO service here. For the most part I agree that most officers used to be pro 2nd amendment rights, folks our age and just a bit younger. Late in my career, I was personally involved in recruitment and training. I was amazed that the first time a lot of recruits touched a firearm was when we handed it to them. Gone were the days of the average recruit being ex-military or a recreational shooter. Many criminal justice degree holders could not pass the field training program. Have you noticed how many young officers who speak out publicly on enforcement of unconstitutional laws lose their jobs? By the way, why do you think the big push to defund the police? Not the alphabet agencies, the local yokels(I was one). The adversaries know that push come to shoot, WE would always side with our local communities. Us and the Sherrifs. You and I should not take for granted that all young officers are like us.

      1. I agree with both Buck and Dennis. Though I come from the better side (firefighter! haha…sorry, had to give the dig.), I know what Buck says is true. Those coming into the fire service and the law enforcement side now are the Snowflakes we have seen in not-so-recent years. They are pansies. They do not necessarily know right from wrong or how to accomplish either.

        On the Dennis side, I also agree. My LEO friends say they would never go to try and take peoples’ guns because of the carnage that would ensue. Because the older LEOs would not be the ones to go (would refuse assignments), the younger Snowflakes would be given the tasks. And the Patriots/gun owners would make those Snowflakes an example. As those Snowflakes see each other fall to the gun owners who fight back, the rest would then be reluctant to follow those orders.

        Would it then go to the military? Would it be the same or different? I know I had to take an oath to protect the Constitution. So did LEO, so did military. Would they refuse? I guess we will see.

        1. Pegasus,

          Do not lie! You know God created police officers so fireman would have Heroes!!!

    2. Dennis, There are many who feel the same way- that it will take many to take on that task for each individual. It is my concern they will begin -a sweep and designate all who don’t become subservant to their wishes will be automatically be considered teror istas.under the unpatriot act. No single family has the strength to withstand a Waco/Ruby ridge type event.

    3. Dennis,

      Thank You, I just get so darn frustrated sometimes it drives me crazy. In my heart I do believe and understand that most LEOs would side with the people.

    4. Only 20 years under the badge here, as a deputy. Our sheriff has said we will enforce no firearm seizure laws nor red flag laws. In fact, we will probably park the marked Tahoe in your front yard and fight for you.

      I understand this isn’t everyone. But we talk about it. You should know.

      As a side note, some of us are not getting any younger and we stick around in case we’re needed. Even if everyone is sh-tting on us these days.

      1. Thanks Big J for sticking around. There are soooo many of us who appreciate all you do.

      2. BigJ – A lot of us are deeply grateful for what you do, and for your dedication to upholding the constitution. Thank you for holding the line for us. May you stay safe.

      3. Thanks BigJ, not only for staying with the job despite all the negativity and abuse, but also for the encouraging word. I have huge respect for y’all.

    5. Well said Dennis
      And also it seems like there are fewer and fewer officers on the force today. From increasing retirements, officers having enough and resigning, to budgets cuts resulting in layoffs and fewer new recruits.

  13. Question: someone define “ assault weapon” or “ assault-style weapon”? Civilians can not purchase or own military grade firearms if I am not mistaken. Any weapon used to assault another is by simple definition is a assault weapon. I have a .22 LR tricked out with black plastic things to appear like a AR ( why I bought it, I’ll claim brain fart), so is this rifle a assault weapon? Isn’t a 30.06 by far more deadly than a A R15 with the exception of magazine capacity, semi auto verses bolt action + grain of ammo? Didn’t the Supreme Court just rule that Ca could not place a capacity limit for magazines? What numbnuts are going to volunteer to collect over 50m firearms from 50% + patriot Americans? B & H are just blowing smoke out their backside forgetting to remove head first, beware of smoke existing naval as well, sight to behold I suppose if you enjoy gross images. GrG

    1. GrG,
      You are using logic and reason. That’s not how the D’s “think”.

      Rather, most of them follow their emotion (the so called “useful idiots”) and are led around by the nose. While those truly in charge (the Globalist/Marxists behind them all) truly want you disarmed. By any means necessary.

      Black guns “scary”. They know nothing about the reality or technicality of guns. If it “looks” like an “assault weapon” to them (via their own fear factor), then it must be an “assault weapon” to them.

      If they were pink? Maybe not so scary? /sarc

      1. Ken
        My friend just purchased one for his daughter, I kid you not,
        the darn thing is pink and purple. But as we both understand..
        Color don’t matter, long as it gets the job done.

        1. My husband is very annoyed that I’ve been shopping for a purple one. Even more annoyed when he saw they cost more than some of his. 😉 Agreed – if it doesn’t do the job or you’re not comfortable using it, it doesn’t matter what color it is!

    2. G
      An ‘assault weapon’ is a firearm that has a pistol grip. The pistol grip is what makes an ‘assault weapon’ so deadly. The reason is that when you pull the trigger, you push forward really fast. This makes the bullet go faster than it would otherwise thereby making it more deadly. It’s all in the pistol grip that makes an ‘assault weapon’ deadly.
      Hope this helps

      1. Nice one. The fight part about that statement is that most anti 2A types wouldn’t even understand the humor in it.

  14. It will balkanize the nation as pro2A rural areas of states will break off and join up with other conservative areas isolating the urban cesspools and leaving the suburbs to die on the vine. This has been discussed in several states (North GA combining with western NC and eastern TN etc) and support would immediately begin gaining traction if the 2A is repelled.

    If these areas use asymmetrical warfare tactics to shut down interstates into and out of the major cities, destroyed the trucking hubs located along the interstates outside of most large cities and disable rail traffic it would require a Berlin Airlift type of operation to bring in food and supplies to the cities.

    Balkanization is the future of America as the urban and rural areas ideologies have grown so far apart there is little chance to continue to live together. Communism and a Republic based on a Constitution and Capitalism cannot co-exist. It’s one or the other.

    1. All it would take is a couple of Red Necks or Hillbillies with a few cahinsaws and a track hoe to shut the beatch down…
      Just saying … Then they would have to run through the small towns in the hills. I can hear the bajos stringin now…

    2. Finally someone hit the nail on the head, asymmetrical warfare tactics. That is how a bunch uneducated goat herders has thwarted the USA and Soviet Union in Affganastan for years.

  15. I don’t believe they will “confiscate” or “outlaw” as the repercussions are rather obvious. Yes, they make “profound statements” and arbitrarily pass laws as that is what lawyers and politicians do now and again….make stuff up and hope it sticks. CA large magazine capacity is a perfect example – I think it “passed into law” in 2002(?) and now, 18 yrs later ruled unconstitutional. Just dependent on who has the $$ and the time (and patience) to fight it.

    No, my concern is more direct and is laid out in IL law – you have to have a firearms license (given to you by the local police, photo, fingerprinted) in order to purchase a gun or ammo or hunting license – law has yet to be overturned if not mistaken.

    Top the above off with SIGNIFICANT taxation on ammo and or firearms and then the icing on the cake…..required insurance policy for every individual gun you own, just because you own it – likely $1MM minimum.

    These are my fears….manipulation of the law to where it is “legal” to own, but dang near impossible to afford it.

    1. How does one make a firearm useless? Take away the ammo. With no ammo, it just becomes a lightweight boat anchor. That is one direction they could go. Shut down the manufacture of ammo, then replenishment of ammo is taken away. Or make ammo so expensive people will no longer purchase like $6.00 per round of 22LR. This way, they are not going after firearms. You can have 20 different firearms but if there is no ammo for them then essentially you don’t have any firearms. One caveat-folks who do their own reloading.
      That is not a frontal assault on firearms but is essentially disarming the majority.

  16. I’m not so much concerned with some sort of “security force” going door to door to take “things.” I’m more worried about bills and executive orders that would financially coerce people to “voluntarily cooperate.” For example, exorbitant yearly registration fees for each gun…enforced and collected via the IRS. Don’t want to cooperate? Bank accounts frozen. Can’t prove actual loss in a lake? No more S.S. payments, or reduced refunds, or wages garnished, or liens placed on property. Every ammo, cleaning kit, primer, powder, and accessory could have a red flag attached to the sale as evidence of your taxable possessions. The IRS scares the crap out of me because of their power to destroy lives and livelihoods. It seems people have to prove innocence and hire expensive legal representation to fight even unwarranted IRS claims. SCARY!

    1. AZ
      What is scary, is that the IRS has “swat teams” stationed on both coasts that I’m aware of.
      Don’t know about interior.

          1. Yea, we have one azzhat over here, he likes going to the range on open day and just bein a prick,,,
            Was at the bench next to him one day and he was loudly explaining to some butt buddy of his how they clear a house,,,,,
            They rarely clear the house with people in it, generally surround it and yell through a bull horn, thats why you hear about standoff situations pretty often here in the islands.
            Sick of this crap,,,

          2. Kula
            Wasn’t the Hulk a hitchhiker?
            Do you turn green sometimes?


  17. Just read where Biden like to quote Mao Zedong. One of his main advisors is also an avid Mao student. Harris is ranked the most liberal (read communist) Senator. All of this together, imho, means firearms are only the start of what they want to do. Will November 3, 2020 be a historic date as the last free election in the US.

    1. A coward not only dies a thousand deaths, but they take none of the enemy with them as they die, which only happens after trying to save themselves by telling the enemy every secret they know.

      Not only do the brave only die once, they are prone to taking some of the enemy with them, as they do. You know, the enemy the coward’s last words sent.

  18. Take a lesson from the Israelis, when they stated at the end of WW2 :

    “Sheep no More !”

    1. And I suppose strapping bombs to yourself and blowing yourself up in a bus full of kids isn’t tyranny? Or am I confused somewhere?

  19. All A long while back, when I was a young man, I was friends with a couple
    of ATF agents, (yeah, yeah, I know) any way both of these men were former
    military. When talked about the possibility of gun confiscation, their thoughts
    were, should that day come, that would be the day they turned in their
    resignations and went home. Short story, they didn’t wanna die on that hill.
    Koo-Koomala is gonna get a lot of people killed with that idea. By the way, I
    think that should they win and she becomes the president, were in for far worse
    things than they have stated publicly. Just look at some of the leaks concerning
    “elite” members of that party.

    1. Yep, he has been around here for some considerable time – he occasionally enjoys jabbing at me in his superior way. Obviously not a person who is cohesive with our general preparedness / patriot mindset around here. Might make for an interesting psychological study as to whey these people hang around… I’ve always found that to be quite odd. Because if I was browsing the internet and didn’t like the messaging or enjoy a particular website, I certainly wouldn’t subject myself to daily reading! I simply wouldn’t return. So strange… Oh well, there are all kinds out there.

  20. So, with the stroke of his pen, President Joe Biden, because of what he believes to be right,
    would make millions of law-abiding Americans criminals.
    Just because he says so.
    Well, after signing the Declaration of Independence, when asked what kind of government the people now had, the answer was ” A Republic – if you can keep it !”
    What say you ?
    Do you want to keep it ?

  21. They can have the lead,,,,
    Any gov employee confiscating firearms,,, you are in violation of your oath.
    You will be treated like the traitors you are.
    Most of us are not afraid to die defending the constitution and our rights, THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THE 2A WAS WRITTEN FOR

    1. Kula
      So, So right you are. The 2A is not open for interpretation, not matter what scotus says, PERIOD. It was put there for and is our protection against, a tyrannical government, and WE THE PEOPLE, get to decide if it is tyrannical, not them. You spit on your oath, we spit on your treasonous corpse. Signed, a pissed off, gun owning citizen.

  22. the original…. Yep. just witness Japan, For the most part guns aren’t legal
    there. There are about four to six gun crimes each year…. The Yakuza,
    are the culprits… Yakuza, criminal organizations in Japan. Criminals will
    have the guns, so we need bigger guns.

    1. Are you anti-gun? Your statement is often used by anti gun speakers. Japan’s low crime rate is often quoted for gun control. Can you imagine 4-6 gun crimes a year in the US? There are more than that an hour…

      Yakuza is not a big issue in Japan anymore just FYI. Lived there for a several years myself and it was an amazing place.

      1. NN
        No sir, I am not anti-gun. I simply used that ref to illustrate that if the law-abiding
        are de-gunned then, only the criminals will have them. When I see news about a gun crime in Japan, I’m appalled. I watch almost exclusively japanese TV here in the US. Can’t stand most of the insipid programming here.

        Further, Sir, I too have spent some time in Nihon. I lived there and I have returned for two months every year, for the last twelve years. Well, maybe not this year. I agree that is a wonderful place.

        Konnichi Wa!

  23. Kula – You mean, it’s not about deer hunting…..?? 😉 I love that I get to teach my boys exactly what the 2A is for, and not the gruel they’re dishing out in most public institutions now.

    1. Farmgirl,,
      Yea, didnt you know, they are going to let us keep our single shot deer hunting shotguns….
      Fer all them tyrant deer.

    1. The main point of these demicraps encouraging abolishment, is that they all know these sights are aimed on them.

      They wouldn’t be a target if they followed the Constitution and the Bible.

      Look up any shooter. Any attemped assasination. Cold blooded murder.
      Registered Demicraps.

      Yeah, I’m gonna voluntarily give up my rights, because some POS says it’s now law.
      Don’t bet your life on it.

  24. Promises, promises. Can’t recall a single promise kept, in my lifetime, that was made by a D presidential candidate.
    . . . .
    I don’t worry about Ds taking the White House in 2020. Trump supporters are fired up and Biden supporters are uncertain whether his election would be good for them. And if Biden did win, there are tens of millions of D gun owners, with families, many of whom bought them out of fear, who are in no hurry to let go of the last barrier between themselves and anarchy. D governors and mayors, emboldened by their ability to totally trash their states almost overnight, might get up to something, big not, I think, on a federal level. FWIW.

    1. Obummer kept his word. Hope and change! He didn’t say that the change was for the better, just ‘change’.

  25. The battle for the island of Iwo Jima lasted 37 days (more or less). The battle for Portland, Oregon is entering it’s 88th day. The police, in a purely defensive mode, are taking casualties each day.

    Anyone believe that they are building up a lot of love and loyalty to the politicians and their Marxist/fascist constituents?

  26. Did you hear about the 3 Prince George County Police officers who were shot today? No, of course you didn’t. For some unknown reason, didn’t make the cut as newsworthy by national media.

    Answering a robbery call, arriving officers were ambushed on arrival. Don’t know the ethnicity of the officers, as they were behind the dash cam recording the two black males opening fire on them as they pulled up. Guess the media thinks they deserved it.

    1. Dennis:
      I saw something, but it was in response to a domestic violence call…
      Why would any LEO stay on the job nowadays, yes I know all the answers…… but this is really turning stupid.
      A War is coming my friends, get ready in what you need to do.

      A seemingly stupid question but.
      “Is 600 rolls really enough”
      Think about those 5 stupid little words……

      1. I pray the day never comes when my brothers in arms or our deputies state troopers or city police become our enemies. The politicians have no real idea the destruction this would bring. They are kowtowing to their masters. Blue helmets foreign intervention all bets are off RLTW DoL. 2/3 house 2/3 senate ratification by 2/ of the state. Not do as I say not law set by judicial review. If they do this we do have their address. Just like they have mine

    2. Dennis – That was a pretty prominent post on Gab today, so some people are seeing it. Just not anyone who only gets their news from MSM. And where are the riots for them?

    3. Dennis:

      ZH picked it up… from a local affiliate… only. It was an ambush. Perps made a u-turn to go back after additional responding units. All four cops who discharged their weapons, are of course on administrative leave, pending. This country is sick to its core.

  27. with all the talk of defunding the police… it seems dems want it both ways, right off quick using the cops to disarm the populace,,, cant have it both ways. can ya?

  28. Off Topic…where do you buy your popcorn?
    I have thrown out a bunch a while ago(well, years) and am ready to throw out a small bucket full from IGA store. It is so hard when popped, it hurts my gums!!!!???!!!
    I buy in bulk so any help is appreciated as I trust this gang to know these things.

    1. JayJay
      Have bought a large bucket of old fashioned popping corn from Lehmans before, was pretty good,

  29. Lets be clear the U.S. Constitution only means something as long as the majority of Americans believe in it. Once the majority see it as nothing more than a historical document like the Magna Carta, we’re in serious trouble as a country. Sadly we’re very close to that reality with the socialist controlling our educational system and the brain washing of our kids since the 1970s.

    1. Gray Man
      So true!

      Sadly we’re very close to that reality with the socialist controlling our educational system and the brain washing of our kids since the 1970s.

      This is partly because of lazy parenting. Parents need to be involved with their kids and carry on normal
      conversations with them daily and educating them with real life examples of actions vs consequences (our own and others). We can’t let other people instill their values in our kids we have to do it. Then let them make the best choices that they can with the information they’ve been given.

      1. SH in NC,

        parents need to be involved, I concur, but you can’t be involved when you have a new generation of teachers who are brainwashed and tell their students that anything being thought, disciplined by the parent or things like that, and hurt the child’s feelings/emotions, needs to be reported to the teacher or any adult with that capacity. The result is that you have children who would sell out their own parent to the “authorities” and the parent looses custody of said child. On top of that, you have these brainwashed adults butting into others child rearing attempt. Seen it many times.

    1. I just call them for what they are-socialist/communists. But their version of socialism and communism is far more evil than what we see in socialist and communist nations today. A democrat that even claims to be a centrist is pure evil. Sure a centrist democrat might not support Antifa but they support BLM (burn, loot, murder), supports sucking out the brains from a seven month old fetus so mommy can deliver the dead baby, higher taxes, some gun control, and on. These centrist Dems are not chanting ‘Death to America’, but they are not denouncing them either. The Dems ideology is socialist and communist even though they might try to paint a different or softer picture. More and more ‘centrist’ Dems are coming out showing they are fully fledged socialists. It’s just that it wasn’t feasible for them to do before.
      Think about this–would AOC or any of the ‘squad’ have been elected to any political office in the 90’s, even in solid blue cities? No way. But the Dems had the same ideology back then as they do today. It’s just their true colors are now out in the open because there is no fear of backlash.

  30. Not to worry, folks.
    They’re just ‘Demonstrators’.
    They burn, destroy, loot, rob, beat …
    But, they’re just ‘Demonstrators’.
    The word ‘Rioters’ has lost it’s meaning.
    It’s OK – they’re just exercising their right to ‘demonstrate’.
    So, just give up your right to defend yourself, and we’ll all live in peaceful harmony.

  31. Hmm, after working ( spending time ) 40 yrs in the packing plant and being told by people ( were supposed to be ) who were smarter than me that I was full of that brown fecal matter, but here is my two cents. When and if B and K do win the on Nov 3 and they do send ” people ” around to individual houses / homes to confiscate ” guns of war “, they won’t just stop with just “AR ” firearms,they’ll take everything in sight ( just to be on the safe side ). I’ve been wrong a lot of times ( and hope I’m wrong again ), but then again I’ve been close to the mark more than once.

  32. Since the 2A exists, the only legal way to abridge, or remove, this part of the U.S. Constitution is via one of the stated methods of legally amending it, which methods always require the States to ratify the proposed amendment. Any extra-constitutional means of alteration, or amending the U.S. Constitution, is automatically invalid, and may only take place at the behest of a criminal government.

    The 2A is specifically intended to enable citizens a means to defend themselves from, and a means to defeat, enemies of their Lives and Liberty, including governments, whether such invade the land from without, or manifests itself from within our own existing polity.

    Therefore, in the absence of proper procedures to amend, or eliminate, the 2A, any attempt to eliminate it, or to confiscate small arms from the citizens, becomes a criminal act…the gravity of which being severe enough to justify the use of lethal force against the involved criminals, to prevent the criminal act, and, to forcibly bring them to Justice.

    Remember, Article Five of the U.S. Constitution allows the STATES to by-pass Congress and propose Constitutional amendments to the country without them. If such STATE proposed amendments are then properly ratified by the STATES, it becomes the LAW OF THE LAND, without a single vote from Congress being required.

    National government become criminal? Article 5. is your only solution before, and maybe during, the use of bullets.

      1. The treaty purports to require nations to regulate the conventional arms trade. President Barack Obama signed it in 2013, but the U.S. never ratified it. This means it is not in effect, and never was. Besides, Trump officially removed the U.S. from this proposed treaty from consideration.

        Regardless, the U.S. Constitution is not subject to the U.N., nor to any Treaty, nor to any non-ratified vote, or executive order.

        Clearly, Obama is a Marxist, as are the entire Democratic elite. They are all criminals.

    1. Article 5:

      The Congress, whenever two thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution, or, on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments, which, in either Case, shall be valid to all Intents and Purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the Legislatures of three fourths of the several States, or by Conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other Mode of Ratification may be proposed by the Congress; Provided that no Amendment which may be made prior to the Year One thousand eight hundred and eight shall in any Manner affect the first and fourth Clauses in the Ninth Section of the first Article; and that no State, without its Consent, shall be deprived of its equal Suffrage in the Senate.

  33. They cannot override the Second Amendment with an Executive Order! It take an AMENDMENT to change the Constitution!
    To try to do it with an executive order is TREASON!!!
    That will give the Military and American Patriots a VALID reason to overthrow their Administration, by force if necessary.

  34. Clips are used to load magazines!
    How many cops will follow her orders, well, since most of them are more concerned with protecting their paycheck, and pension, than protecting the Constitution, and your rights, I would say– most of them!!

    1. tango
      your wrong I know a lot of LEO’S that hate her and would not follow her orders, look how Sheriffs refused to obey Governors on mask mandates. And as far as protecting their paycheck why not they have the right to have a nice life, they put their lives on the line for what most are paid less than the trash collectors. I dare say that is she gave the orders that’s when a large amount of LEO’s would walk off the job.

      1. tango,

        I work for an elected Sheriff and my paycheck come from the citizens of my county, not the federal government. My current Sheriff would never give such an order as he has said so!!! So, yes while we work for a paycheck just like most everyone else here, we will not blindly follow some man or women who is called President.

        We currently have a fractured governmental system to prevent the centralization of power, which the Democrats hate I might add!!!

  35. Oh– one more thing–
    If Joe and the Hoe get elected, and if, the Libs keep the House, and if the Libs take the Senate—


  36. Yesterday Pelosi called half the county “enemies of the state.” Never in the history of this country have more harmful, divisive, and potentially dangerous words been spoken.
    . . . .
    I hope the ground opens up and swallows her. Alternatively that her tongue gets permanently paralyzed by all that Botox in her face.

    1. I am an enemy of any Marxist State, and all other criminal governments. So, I have no problem with Pelosi thinking I am exactly what I am, her personal enemy, and the enemy of any government she approves of. Those acting against the U.S. Constitution are my enemy, as are those attempting to curtail Individual Liberty.

      She is right, at least half of the U.S. population is her enemy.

  37. We can’t let this happen. If we loose the election it’s going to be go time. As Charlton Heston said at the NRA some years back, ” From my cold dead hands”.

    1. Man on Foot
      Funny, the buckle on my belt, says the same thing. It also says something
      about “prying it.”

      Met that man a long time ago out here. A genuine and personable man,
      and Chuck was right!

  38. toJS
    Think your onto something, start stocking those “assault scissors”

    Sorry couldn’t help myself

  39. You can have my guns, after I have completely worn them out using them upon those wanting to take them. By then, I will be using fresher weapons taken from the enemy dead.

  40. Factfinder,
    We can agree to disagree
    You have your opinions, I have mine.
    I truly hope we never find out who is right
    Be safe

  41. If during the confiscation process, when LEOs come to a home, if the residents resist with “force” will it will deter LEOs thereafter? But then will the resident resisters also deal with LEO Chiefs & Mayors for their participation…. sooner or later I think so. We don’t want patriotic Americans to turn on the LEO community…. because if that happens the revolt will be in full swing and everyone will lose everything…. we don’t want to go there…

  42. I think a confiscation process will be a very difficult process to implement. Many Police/Sheriff’s will not cooperate…. unless maybe in a large liberal city. And remember a county sheriff is elected by the populace. Each LEO that participates has to interface with friends, family, neighbors that may not support this action. Also don’t count on the enlisted military to participate, they just won’t. The only avenue available to the gun control politicians is the brown shirts, as described by a former president….. & I doubt the brown shirts would be very effective. I can’t see these brown shirts being any different people than the people now rioting in American cities.

  43. Ken,
    This is from back in June.
    I looked and could not find where anyone has posted it before.

    I think it is interesting. Kinda shows what her side feels about the destruction we are seeing.

    The best part is for about 20 seconds from the 5 minute mark.

    [Ken adds: I set the video to start at that point… ]

    Harris says, The Nationwide Protests Are A Movement. They’re Not Going To Stop.

    1. Wow… boy oh boy, she is crystal clear on that, isn’t she? The protests are not going to stop, not going to let up, everyone should be aware… not before the election and not after (paraphrasing).

      So much for all those libs who think putting the Joe/Blow team into power will bring things back to “normal”. I’m sick and tired of these politicians pretending that these people are “protestors”, and that they should be encouraged and supported in these misbehaviors. Good grief.

      Well, we can’t say she didn’t warn us. And, if creepy/sleepy manages to get himself elected, we are hearing the words straight from the person who will be running our nation at some point after he takes office then steps down. I think I just threw up in my mouth.

      1. So Cal Gal
        Share the video with like mind friends, pass it around. Be sure to let them know the key point is about 4:50 into the dribbling diatribe. Where her famous words can be located, “will not stop even after the election”.

        What a threat for this nation as a whole. mo

    2. McCatfish
      Thanks for the post… and the dems aren’t behind all this, we all know that’s
      where the useful morons are getting their marching orders. I would think
      that it will stop when enough regular folks say it stops, one way or another.

  44. All I saw was criminals will have more control over law abiding citizens. I will take the law abiding citizens ability to protect themselves and make it easier for criminals to kill those sheeple. I guess I will become a criminal to protect my family from some punk who thinks they can break into my house and steal from or rape my family. NOT on my watch!

  45. Solution – Remember the Declaration of Independence and the Gadsden Flag. Standing together against traitors and treason will not be easy. This upcoming administration can be convinced otherwise although it will take resistence, blood, tears and sweat.

  46. Kamala is dangerous. America needs to get up off her rear and push back. No more! We cannot forget that EO’s are not legally binding. Only congress can make law.

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