‘Commissar’ Garrison to Hunt Down and Purge Those Who Don’t Adhere to Party Principles

Many of the snippets below from:
The Real Commissar – The Thought Police Are Real And They’re Here

In the Chinese People’s Liberation Army a commissar is a party official integrated into the chain of command. He is charged with ensuring orthodoxy and adherence to party principles. No deviation from the approved ideology will be tolerated by anyone including the commanding officer.

In the Department of Defense, we have a commissar now too. His name is Bishop Garrison.

Garrison is officially the Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Defense for Diversity and Inclusion.

He runs the Countering Extremism Working Group.

His job is to hunt down and purge from the ranks all who do not accept the new doctrine of critical race theory and do not believe that America is an inherently racist and evil nation.

Communist China pioneered the path toward a high-tech national surveillance state capable of watching its citizens day and night and grading their behavior against approved Communist principles.

Our new Commissar is preparing to take that to an entirely new level.

He is preparing to implement mass surveillance of literally millions of government employees and to empower artificial intelligence – a machine – to decide which of those employees is a potential threat to national security and should be treated as such.

To help him in this task Garrison has a powerful new tool – Babel Street.

I first read about ‘Babel’ some time ago. Quite disturbing AI being used in a manner whereby the U.S. government is bypassing our rights of free speech and privacy.

If there is a more dystopian vision of the future I don’t know what it is. For years we have watched science fiction films conjuring such visions of the future and dismissed them as fantasy. They are fantasy no longer. They are about to become reality, and we can only imagine that what this government implements for DOD today will be put in effect for all of us tomorrow.


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