Have We Met The Threshold Of Tyranny? Or Are We Quite Beyond…

It is clear that we are presently on a path to authoritarianism / tyranny. Are we already there? Yes. To varying extents, in my opinion. What’s yours?

Throughout history, free societies have descended into tyranny. What was their threshold of tyranny? When their populations realized they can use the power of government to give themselves benefits at the expense of others.

Many will sacrifice their freedoms and liberty for a variety of reasons. Money and wealth. Perceived safety. Free stuff. “Bread & Circuses”. Humans are not angels. Some crave power and control over others.

A government will naturally expand beyond its basic role. It’s the natural order of things. Unless diligently limited and curtailed (the original intent of the U.S. Constitution).

Unbridled, a government will begin to infringe on liberty and people’s rights. Eventually it grows into a authoritarian / tyrannical behemoth. History reveals that it can get much worse than that…

A tyrannical government will first clamp down on free speech and political opposition.

Regarding the the 1st amendment to the U.S. Constitution:

Frederick Douglass said, “Liberty is meaningless where the right to utter one’s thoughts and opinions has ceased to exist. That, of all rights, is the dread of tyrants. It is the right which they first of all strike down.”

True to the core. We are seeing the dread of tyrants in real time, right now. The Globalist elites in cooperation with the U.S. “deep state” entities, Big Tech and almost 100% of mainstream media. They have been, and are, striking down the thoughts and opinions of dissent against their far-left globalist political ideology and goals to bring us all under their one-world dominion rule.

When free speech has been curtailed, the defense of freedom becomes much more difficult, if not impossible. It is always the priority in the order of things.

It’s so bad right now that it’s causing a ‘chilling affect’. That’s when people think twice about speaking, writing, or in any way challenging or opposing. Why? For fear of being targeted in some way. It suppresses free speech.

Dissenting political opinion is being targeted in extreme fashion, right now. Tactics include shadow banning, outright banning, doxing, canceling (cancel culture), intimidation, threats, assault, and even murder.

It even happens on my little blog… There are those who lurk and wait until I post a politically oriented article. Or any article which challenges the present mainstream opinion about (anything). They jump in to intentionally disrupt our conversations and ridicule. They are everywhere. They’re “all-in”. Even right here.

Our Present Forms of Tyranny

We are most certainly under varying forms of Medical Tyranny as we speak. And coordinated Big Tech Tyranny, Progressive/Marxist Identity Politics Cancel Culture Tyranny, and to a large extent, Government Tyranny.

Definition of Tyranny

Merriam-Webster definition of tyranny
1. oppressive power; especially : oppressive power exerted by government
2. a government in which absolute power is vested in a single ruler
3. a rigorous condition imposed by some outside agency or force

Oxford definition of tyranny
Cruel and oppressive government or rule

Dictionary.Reference.com definition of tyranny
-arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority
-oppressive or unjustly severe government on the part of any ruler
-the government or rule of a tyrant or absolute ruler

Macmillan definition of tyranny
1. cruel and unfair treatment by someone in a position of power
2. the power that something has to control people’s lives and the way that they behave
3. a government that treats people in a cruel and unfair way, using force to control them

Collins definition of tyranny
-government by a tyrant or tyrants; despotism
-similarly oppressive and unjust government by more than one person
-arbitrary, unreasonable, or despotic behavior or use of authority

I know, you know this… We’re headed towards difficult times. Two entirely opposite and opposing human ideologies are clashing. At least 73 million patriots opposed the direction of one-world-rule and authoritarianism on November 3rd. Apparently a similar number oppose our national sovereignty, individualism, freedom & liberty. Seemingly half want to live under government rule by a conglomeration of authoritarian government and big corp globalist elites. While the other half just wants government out of their life to the extent of its original founding.

So let me ask you. How much worse will the varying forms of our tyranny get?

People will tolerate until it until it is intolerable. It has happened slow and sure. We have been frogs slowly boiled in water. Some frogs are beginning to jump out. Those that do are being whack-a-moled. Will there ever be a “critical mass”? Food for thought.

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  1. News Flash !

    We’ve been there for some time now.
    When the people who make the laws, don’t have to abide by the laws – that’s a Tyranny !
    Did you stop to think that those who enact these Virus Restrictions and those who enforce these
    restrictions, are still getting their paychecks and are not being affected by them. Meanwhile thousands and thousands of people are continually being put out of work, and the food lines are getting longer and longer.
    The masses are Sheeple !

    1. The masses are Sheeple !
      yup. and eagerly heading to the slaughterhouse. i wont miss them. more for me

    2. What gets me is those who make/break the laws keep being re-selected! They should not have to die to leave office!

  2. the time to water the tree of freedom with the blood of patriots and tyrants is fast approaching and even the IDEA scares me
    i have learned many ways over the years to maim and kill and i hope and pray to god i NEVER have to i may not have taken the oath the military did but i would stand with those that did anyway

    1. Civil Disobedience. The Left is very good at it. It’s not without sacrifice. Patriots need to get better at it. That’s what’s needed first. If patriots cannot first muster non-warring methods such as civil disobedience protest, then the battle is lost before it has really begun. That’s my view.

      The march on DC a week or two ago was one example. Though there are many more ways without kinetic warring (the absolute last resort to final oppression).

      Resistance. Yes resistance creates a situation. But in sufficient numbers, it becomes quite apparent “the emperor wears no clothes”. MANY have woken up. MORE need to stand up.

      1. Ken, you are so right, too many of us just sit around and bitch about how things are happening out of our control, but most of us won’t get out and try to do anything about it

      2. You know any large protest we make in demon-crat controlled areas will be met with violence by Antifa, BLM, and marxists sent by the demon-crats The mayors will demand police not to interfere…..So those who protest better come in huge numbers, armed and with protective gear…. and bring your money for bail and fines.

      3. The producers have everything to lose by taking to the streets with nothing to gain from burning and rioting in the cities.

        The takers have the local, state and federal government, MSM on their side and have nothing to lose and very much to gain.

        Until the persons with everything to lose realize they no longer have anything to lose, they will sit on the sidelines and whine and complain.

        Asymmetrical tactics are very effective and hard to defend against. Just like the VC farmer by day, fighter by night.

      4. so lets encourage truckers to stop delivering ANYTHING AT ALL for 3 hours and have em open state why the are doing so and THAT WILL get ,the lefts attention QUICK

        1. Most of my acquaintances (need to know difference between acquaintances and friends) speak about all the things they will stand against but don’t really….and my few friends who truly believe we are very close to the second coming, and civil war in our lives. When the pleasures of life are at stake they wear the face diapers and believe the government and media hype…they will follow the sheep path just like Europe dwellers did under hitler.

      5. Of all the ideas that became the United States, there’s a line here that’s at the heart of all the others.

        “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and provide new Guards for their future security.”
        in other words.. “If there’s something wrong, those who have the ability to take action have the responsibility to take action. “

      6. The march on DC a week or two ago was one example. Though there are many more ways without kinetic warring (the absolute last resort to final oppression).

        If a fly keeps interrupting your dinner and all you do is swish it away it will keep interrupting you. Swatting it in the beginning ends the problem. For Kinetic to be the last resort gives you less than a 50/50 chance of winning. They’ve been ready for a long time and you will have just begun.

  3. I can not comprehend why 73 million people act like whipped dogs.

    The only analogy I can come up with is;

    a character in the book “The Count of Monte Cristo”, a corrupt millionaire was captured and forced to pay a large part of his final horde of money for each meal. Each time, he rationalized to himself that he still had enough left to enjoy. As the final amount left to him when he was set free, was just a pittance, he still accepted that he had some left and could survive.

    So it appears that many people will go down on their knees to grasp that last piece of bread without so much as a whimper. “Please Nanny State, let me line up on my knees for that piece of bread”

    You call BS – well just look at the lineups for free food. Look at the bewildered sheeple holding that one allotted package of TP to their chests.

    I have often wondered why millions of Chinese would line up to be beheaded by the Japanese as world war 2 unfolded and why the prisoners of the nazis would line up at the trenches to be shot. Now I see the same weakness in a once free US population.

    1. Nothing has changed. What you are observing is not a new dynamic to any human population’s behavior, as you have already imparted.

      Humanity has always been dependent upon a small fraction of itself to enable the general populace to survive and breed. Unfortunately, as a population evolves the ratio of the general population to the critical fraction becomes greater and the maladjustment of the population’s cognition increases. This is because the less IQ you possess, the greater the odds of your parenting more children.

      The dim simply begin to overwhelm the population and this increases problems, while hindering solutions to them. Eventually, the population is easily conquered from without, or becomes susceptible to environmental and social failures.

      In any case, a population’s “warriors” are always outnumbered by its “farmers.” And, its brilliant, overwhelmed by its dunces.

      As always, the basic Human defect is Irrationality and the power to deliberately ignore Reality.

      1. You have summed up the movie IDIOCRACY
        so instead of “Who is John Galt?… I will ask
        ”Who is Not Sure?”

    2. Hermit Us,
      Spot on. The vast majority of Americans are content if they have cellphones, tv, internet and junk food especially if it’s free. They have no self-respect, no dignity, no self-esteem and cannot take care of themselves must less think about what it takes to self-govern.

      I believe 70% of the US population are nothing but wasters of oxygen, have very low IQs, no spine whatsoever, contributes nothing to society and deserves every horror they have coming. Hopefully their future world will make the 1930’s Soviet Union look like a paradise.

  4. So heres the thing,

    Why bother painting a target on yourself by saying stupid crap on the interweb? Im just as guilty,,,

    Just stop contributing, if you have no income and dont produce, you are doing something against this garbage, if you just stay the hell out the way is best for you

    1. Kulafarmer,
      I do my part by not buying products from those who are known to support this dingbat and his haters. I don’t watch their MSM nor post on FB or Twitter, I don’t “invest” in their stocks either, I short them and take money away from them. I send that money I make from these Biden contributors to the republican party, funding the police where they have been cut in funds, and to other conservative and church charities.

      This is how I fight them. It is more subtle, but I am doing something. There are lists of donors available on the net, including republican donors you can support.

      1. To add to that, I’ve been trying to purchase handcrafted items for holiday gifts. I do shop on “it-see” and take it a step further by only purchasing from those in red states. Though I do have to pass up some lovely items made in CA, IL, etc., I feel better knowing that my money is not going to states who do not support freedom.

  5. An interesting logic:

    “If you want to buy back my guns that you’ve never owned, you pay my price.

    If you want to confiscate my guns that you’ve never owned, you pay my price. It’s just a different currency involved.”

    1. If I can buy back your gun, I can buy back your car, your house, your cattle, your land and you.

      1. They can…they just call it “eminent domain” They simply have to decide it is for the “greater good” Sound communist much?

  6. For any resistance to be effective and survive the group or individual must go
    dark.Stay off of any form of communication that your enmities can monitor.They
    will and have identified you and then locating you is easy.
    If there is a plan to implement the blustering and blabbering has to stop because
    they are watching and listening.

    Talk is cheap.Action is what counts

  7. Some time ago I taped a 3-part series called “Apocalypse Stalin.” This morning I finally got around to watching it. The comparison between Russia in the 1920’s is amazingly like America in the 2020’s.

    1. Yes! This is an excellent series. I’ve seen it many times. Watch what happens to the regular citizen/people as Stalin comes to power. I think it was ZMan who recently made the comparison of America to the Russia 1920s on his blog. Comparing us to Trotsky. He rose with Stalin and Stalin killed him off. Kinda took me aback to think of it that way. We may be doomed.

      1. If Trotsky had been willing to be a good little deplorable and let his overlords take the limelight, he might have survived. *sarc*

        That was apparently Trotsky’s mistake–he took the adulation that Stalin believed belonged to him.

    2. Daisy, can you summarize the first piece? The one I found was not available due to “copyright issues in your country.”

        1. Appreciate it. I watched 2 and 3–talk about evil! That man and Hitler were a perfect match.

          1. Lauren, the reason I posted in the first place was because I saw the beginnings of what happened in Russia (and later in Germany) starting to happen in the U.S. They are already talking about re-education camps, deliberately starving opponents, imprisoning people for holding contrary opinions, confiscating personal property, forbidding people who disagree with them from holding jobs, and firing squads for Trump supporters.

          2. Rachel Maddow said that anyone who contested the election should go to jail.

            Tried to edit the post above, but the edit button won’t appear.

          3. I sincerely hope that if Trump loses he has a refuge for his family. Otherwise they’ll be dead within the year.

      1. Lauren, The first part was about Stalin’s childhood and early career. I actually missed the first few minutes this time because I had started to watch it when I first taped it and got sidetracked. So yesterday I watched it from about 10 minutes in. It seemed to jump around in time but I think that is because at the beginning of each hour, they went back a ways.

        He got worse and worse as he gained power — drunk with power, as they say. He eventually killed almost all the people who helped him gain power in the first place.

        Two lessons from that: (1) You can’t let people get away with power grabs or the next time will be worse, and (2) the people who have the most to fear from those power grabbers are the co-conspirators. In every revolution that I know about except the American Revolution, the ones who reach the top of the new government eventually take out all the ones below them for fear those who are second in power only to themselves will try to move up to the top and take them out.

        The reason the American Revolution was an exception is that the Patriots put in checks and balances to keep anyone from getting too powerful. Those idiots who are taking power now want to do away with those checks and balances. They are already fighting among themselves.

        1. They also strongly believed God was part of establishing the constitution and it was designed according to what they knew of His principles. They made sure the people knew what they were agreeing to and the people had to vote on it, so they were emotionally committed to the principles even if they didn’t fully agree. I don’t think that’s ever happened in another revolution.

      2. Lauren
        If you have the AHC(American Hero’s Channel) on your tv service first episode airs on Dec 1st @ 9am to 11am. Giving you all three hours of the show. Not sure what time zone that will be, plan on having acdh schedule it for us to watch.

        1. Depends on where you live. In northern WY they have all 3 Stalin episodes starting next Tuesday at 7 am, then again in the wee hours of Dec 4. They also have a similar 3 part series on Hitler next Tuesday and Wednesday.

          1. DaisyK
            Dh has the wee hours set up to record for us. I will ask if we can slip ol Hister in there with ol Stallin(spelling error on purpose).
            If not I am taking the remote out of his hand!!!

        2. ROFL. I have no TV. Haven’t had for years. No cell phone either (the one provided by my job doesn’t count).

  8. Seeing ads on TV about “please do not commit suicide, call someone”

    I think if one was serious about suicide, instead of calling some help line, why not find the source of the control and tyranny and reach out to touch them before you go.

    or better yet, live and fight to cut the head off the snake by withholding as much as possible, except for local businesses.

    1. What you just wrote struck me.

      A relative of mine was a leftist and told me why she believed in abortion. She said there are too many people the way it is and she wanted to see fewer traffic jams and people in line.

        1. I wish there was some way that when a person commits suicide, instead of dying they could give what was left of their life to someone who has cancer or some other deadly disease. Most of those people are trying everything to live one more day and would be most appreciative.

          1. First off, i mean no disrespect,,

            That said, the reason people put up such a fight against death, IMHO is because they are not at peace with the God of their understanding, nor their own mortality. When its time to go, its time to go

          2. I am going to have to reply or I will be up all night thinking about this. First I don’t know what IMHO means so I will just use words. I don’t think you can make a blanket statement like that. Maybe some but a lot just want more time with their children or some other loved one. They know they will see them again, but it is hardest of all to leave them. I had one of the most spiritual experiences of my life when I was close to death. My savior let me live and I have been able to help more people and tell people of him. Tricky subject.

          3. Old Lady,
            IMHO=in my humble opinion.

            For what worth, IMHO, you and Kula have covered the majority of reasons for people. I’ll mention one more- God put in all nature a response to life threatening circumstances a great desire to live as a very basic animal instinct.

    2. How many people is the limit for earth? Is there such a number? If there is, do we set a limit? Or is it our right to breed without regard?

  9. I have myself blamed the politician’s for this transformation of our Republic, but I am wrong in this thought, it is us, we the people who have done this to ourselves. True, we the people let the educational system fall into the brainwashing state it is in now, from kindergarten through college. It is we the people who voted the very people into office that have been wedeling away at our rights over the past one hundred years and it is we the people who sit back and not only watch it happen, but continue to vote the those very people into office, over and over. When are WE the people going to realize that the politician’s are not in office for life, that it is, We the people who put them in office and it is, WE the people who can remove them from office. We the people do not have to wait until an election cycle to come around, we can RECALL the politician’s through a legal process, but yet here we sit on our hands and complain while doing nothing. WE deserve the the Government we elect. What ever happened to Tar and Feathering and riding them out of town on a rail.

    1. We the People, be stupid.

      The only reason our Founding Fathers worked so hard to establish Liberty in this Nation, making sure it would apply to every citizen, and subordinating government to it, was so THEY could enjoy it.

      They had to make everyone free…so they could be. They did their best to create a government capable of enduring ignorance as long as possible.

      There is no need to re-invent the government they created. All we need do is wait for Reality to play out and lower the ratio of dummies to a manageable level.

      1. Yup,,
        the constitution, or rather bill of rights is addressed to us, not government, the reality, is that government is out of control period, tyrannical, overstepping and soon goose stepping buncha control freaks. Its time for a reversion. Government, OF, FOR AND BY THE PEOPLE. Government serves us, thats they they call them “PUBLIC SERVANTS” these jagazzez forgot that somewhere along the line, its tome to get rid of career polititians and fire anyone who does not understand that the constitution IS the law of the land. Its time for term limits, its time to reduce the footprint if government. I am not, and will not EVER be a socialist, or communist or marxist, people need to grow a pair and start standing up for what OUR COUNTRY REALLY IS,
        to hell with all these people who thing the USA shouldnt come first, to hell with the people who benefit from our freedoms then spout of their communist garbage. Yea you you freakin AntiFaGs,,,, and bLmgarbage,,,, and anyone who supports you or thinks we need open borders, or continuous wars,,,

  10. The fight for freedom will start when we make the first step towards Bastille. This will not end well, not just here, but everywhere on the planet. We are being censored not just by TPTB, but also friends and family as well. When the time comes, when technology is there to read your mind from your facial expressions, your body language, which in itself is control over your thought process, that will be the moment when humanity will rise up.

    Some people in some nations, because of their inherent predisposition to blindly follow rules ( China comes to mind ), will go along.

    When people get rewards for snooping on family, friends, neighbors, close associates, that will be another incentive for the rest of us to rise up.

    I know some of us are quiet, very quiet, in expressing our views in public, but be sure that we are preparing for the moment.

    Some of us, will take the lead and forge ahead with guerilla fighting when the time comes.

    Some will start complaining about those taking the lead in fighting for freedom ( kind of like: who put you in charge-coming from people who will just sit there and wait to be lead one way or another, but not for betterment but for complacency.

    I have been watching and keeping tabs on who is who. Trust will become more precious then water, food and air, yes the PTB forces us with their visible and invisible rules to that kind of behavior.

    1. TxinEP
      i cant even express my opinions in my own house without upsetting the balance,,,
      im just shutting up and doing whatever the hell i want from here on out, not that i didnt anyway, but now,,,, ok, whatever, it sucks, so whatever

      1. You think you got it bad, I can’t even yell at the TV because my dogs will think I am mad at them and think I will kick the piss out of them!

        Back in Pa where I used to live, I couldn’t yell then either at the TV because my cat would attack all the dogs if I did.

        Yep, balance in the house is important—so yell outside in your car with the windows rolled up and hard rock music playing!

        1. hahaha Focus On The Family back in the day used to say, “If your dog leaves the room, you’ve gone to far. (raising your voice)”

      2. There is a a quote from Voltaire – “To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” Whether it’s in our own home or the country, I think this quote applies. It’s interesting to see all the groups crying that they are oppressed and yet any criticism of them is harshly slapped down. Based on this criteria, Trump certainly didn’t rule over anyone outside of the executive branch. And in my home, I certainly know who not to criticize.

    2. TXinEP

      For those that buy into the snitch market they had best remember “pay back is hell!”. This should be taught early and often to minimize such repugnant behavior.

      1. DS,
        It would be a shame for the snitch’s house to burn down on Christmas Eve due to “faulty electrical wiring” on their Chinese made Christmas lights. Just a shame.

        1. RC, “faulty”? Naaah, not just that, their secret stash of blue propaganda had a physical presentation of self-combustion and it burned down their property, or a meteor hit their house…natural disaster anyone 🙂

      2. I have worked a lot of years as a LEO. It is amazing how things have changed in the last 20 years. You would not believe the appalling level of tattling to the police on every petty thing that goes on anymore. It reminds me of my 5 year old niece running to tattle on every little thing her brother does. Stalin and Hitler would have loved to have anything close to the snitch society that we have today. Seriously, I have zero doubt that there will be thousands of phone calls to the police tomorrow reporting their neighbors Thanksgiving family gatherings.

        1. That would be an interesting stat to discover afterwards! Sadly, probably a lot of rats!

          1. Ken
            The ‘rats’ that popped up their heads to turn Lauren in would then expose themselves. Giving her a true accounting of who is the snitch for their location.

          2. That’s where you get tricky. Park one car where it can only be seen by certain neighbors, put very obvious stickers on the windows of others (that again can only be seen by certain neighbors) so they can easily “identify” the cars. The weird neighbor we used to have made anonymous complaints, but it was nearly always about things that only they could see–all the other neighbors were either out of line of sight, or on the other side of high fences. Arrange it so you know exactly who called based on the complaint.

          3. I like to bait them by carrying my Bearcat scanner and Foxpro Hammerjack game call to the edge of the property line. Then I play about a minute of the dying javelina call (it sounds like a baby in distress). Then I discharge a .357 pistol which activates a mute function on the call known as foxbang. Then I monitor the 911 channel to hear where the trouble is.

        2. I worked for the gov’t for 9 yrs and my first supervisor said the same thing. He said most were stories of their own envy and jealousy and he ignored them,

        3. If I lived in an area like that I would be sorely tempted to rent half a dozen cars to park around my house, then take off for somewhere else and take lots of pictures.

      3. Mom had a type of running feud with the next door neighbors for years. Somebody would call the cops/city on them (animal abuse, child abuse, trash in their yard, whatever) they would call the cops/city on Mom for not trimming her bushes or whatever else they could come up with. She would point out that she didn’t call anyone (and in the case of the bushes she pointed out that theirs were completely covering the sidewalk while hers were trimmed back to within 3 inches of the sidewalk edge–they got the citation). Rinse, repeat. Until they moved away. Some people just never learn.

      4. Deep South, I grew up for a few years in a communist country, believe me when I say, snitching is beyond being human, it is worse when done on your own family. And it has been done on me. Misery is a mild word to use to describe my feelings. Therefore, I do appreciate more then most people would realize what this Republic stands for.

    3. As far as facial recognition software being used against the people, face masks will suddenly become popular. BTW, China uses that software NOW in their cities and why everyone wears masks, pandemic or no pandemic. The people in China don’t want to be identified.

      The freedom loving Chinese did rise up in Tiananmen Square in 1989 and over 10,000 protesters in a peaceful march and anyone watching them in the streets were killed by 300,000 soldiers. I don’t think they are “blindly” following their government orders. It is either submit or die with your family.

      What would we do given those two choices? Something to think about..

    4. TxinEP, I don’t think I’ve read a more poignant statement in these forums since I first posted back in the summer. That last sentence says it all. “I have been watching and keeping tabs on who is who. Trust will become more precious then water, food and air, yes the PTB forces us with their visible and invisible rules to that kind of behavior.” I try my best to read between the lines of those who post here and the more I do the more unsure I am about where this country and its people are headed. The most articulate people are usually the most dangerous, while the simpler, basic sentences hold the most meaning. We’ll find out very soon.

      1. Eli,

        you are correct about reading between the lines. I am a mother of two and they are the most precious I have in life. Being homeless for a long time and getting them and myself out of poverty, we learned how those we perceived as trustworthy, Christian, honorable turned to be the most vicious and vitriolic. Therefore, the statement, I watch and keep tabs on everyone. I paid a high price believing that people “just had a bad day like everyone else” when I was treated lower then a dog pile.

  11. “Liberty-21 Virus” – When you catch it…. you don’t want a cure. 73 million already infected.

    1. You have to admit the mask is ineffective against the “covid-19”. Ahhh…… but very effective against the “Liberty-21”. Come on folks…….give doctor F credit, he is brilliantly evil.

  12. The biggest step toward tyranny has already been taken and that is as Ken has pointed out, Medical Tyranny. This website details how Nazi Germany implemented their control of the people:


    “Nazi medicine was implemented by a political-medical complex—on the basis of political health care—a scientific and social philosophy imposed by a totalitarian regime.”

    This country is now controlled by medical fears and the domestic terrorism of the aged and sickly. The media has portrayed a bleak existence if people do not obey the will of the government. Under the guise of mandates our daily lives are scrutinized to an Orwellian extent.

    But there is much more to this political tyranny than just medicine. Bernie, Kamala and their powerful media friends are making every effort to convince people that they should be ashamed of being an American (especially if you are white).

    They want you to kneel before the flag and the national anthem because America was never a great country. This effort is the beginning of the end of America and everything it stands for.

    There are those, even on this blog, who will accept National Socialism. They will kneel when they should stand and they will be ashamed of their heritage because BLM says so. They will do this because they are afraid. Afraid of the virus. Afraid of the government. That is their choice. They are adults not children. But I say to those who would give in to the Left, you better get a good pair of knee pads because you will be using them a lot throughout your life.

  13. I agree with those here who say we crossed the threshold into tyranny a while back, now it’s just a matter of worsening degrees.

    We know privacy is long gone. We see censorship increasing daily. We know laws are being selectively enforced. Many of us are in areas where local regulations are being created and enforced without standing. We’ve heard and seen politicians on the left (many self described as liberal, progressive or even socialist) who have already called for making lists and punishing those who they oppose politically.

    None of this is going the right direction for those of us who cherish liberty, freedom and ourConstitution and Bill of Rights.

  14. I watch Vice News sometimes. They are mostly lefties, however they also call out, so to speak, the government. Their new series is named While the Rest of Us Die, Secrets of Americas Shadow Government. Many of you may know about the Presidential Emergency Action Documents. What is inside these documents is not even shared with Congress and the secret powers are unknown. What is known is, they CAN override the Constitution. One can speculate martial law, silencing subversives and the press, plus taking anything of your items they wish. The second show was about the Continuity of Government. They spend trillions to protect themselves while the rest of us die. Much changed after 9-11. The plans in place for an attack on the USA were still based on the Cold War. Thus it was a fiasco with Bush 45,000 feet up in Air Force One while Cheney stayed on by choice to run the gov. The heads of government departments as well as mayors of cities were clueless and we all know the chatter on possible attacks were IGNORED. When Trump said in a speech he had the ultimate power, he was speaking of the Presidential Emergency Action Documents. Now the Harris/Biden administration will know what the powers are.

    1. Ken wrote an article “Martial Law: Could It Happen Here?” as a good read. I believe Ken may revisit the subject again.

  15. When I get mad about what is happening in our nation, I step back and remember…all this is written in The BOOK…Revelation.
    I seriously believe this is the beginning of the end.

  16. Excellent column here Ken. I’ll add my two cents. “PEOPLE HAVE POWER OVER YOU ONLY IF YOU GIVE IT TO THEM.” I haven’t watched TV in years, not watching/reading much of the internet news cycles anymore either. I refuse to play this game anymore. We still HAVE our freedoms people! We need to say “NO” to these draconian measures they are forcing upon us. I don’t go along with it anymore. I ignore everything. Or say “No.” Wear a mask in my house? “No.”. Wear one while outside? Driving? “No.”. In a store? Yes, if that’s your rule and I want to go in there. But I don’t want to go in your store anymore so I don’t. (Stopped Costco shopping weeks ago – they are insane).

    I do agree it is time to be the ‘grey man.’ No writing, posting, talking about any of this with others. I’ve mentioned before here – although others may not agree – that we will “Starve the Beast” if Biden gets in. Only the most absolutely critical spending will take place; mostly local with our own community and the independents at that. We’ve contacted the Mennonite community here for structural work to be done here on our homestead. A local friend dug our new stock pond with his equipment. Another thing I’ve seen people talking about is “NO BUY/LOW BUY.” Buy used, garage sales, free cycle, etc. Starve the Beast.

    And last thing: Heard Steve Deace on the radio briefly today calling this election a COUP outright. I think it’s time we all do. Egads, I still hope and pray Trump can pull this out. Pray. Hoping God is still merciful to the United States.

    1. Starve the beast: That should include power, gas and other utilities if possible. Once my brother and his family are gone next year, the only water that will be used in this yard is for the garden, and as little of that as I can get away with and still eat. Power use will be cut to as close to 0 as I can manage, using passive systems when possible.

      And keep praying.

      1. Lauren, I agree 100 per cent! Starve the water and utility companies also. Any other suggestions to add? You always have great ideas.

        1. Passive cooking (solar cooker or equivalent), passive heating. A solar water heater can be created which feeds already hot water into the water heater on warm days, then the water heater doesn’t have to work as hard and use as much gas. I have never actually done it, but a small solar box heater that I tested had a 200 degree exit temperature with just a black box and soda cans.

          Consider using the heat in your attic. An attic can easily reach 200 degrees on a warm sunny day, reaching into the 90’s on a cold winter (sunny) day.

          Worked properly, passive heating can also be passive cooling, pulling cool air from an underground cellar or equivalent and pulling it out through the roof vents. During the summer I keep a fan at the bottom of the stairs, pulling the cool air from the basement into the rest of the house.

          Insulate, insulate, insulate. The better your insulation, the more YOU can control the temperature in your buildings.

          If it’s legal in your area, rocket mass heaters for any outbuildings. Built properly there is no smoke to be seen (although on cold days neighbors may see steam).

          Learn dry gardening no matter where you are. I think it’s funny when people with 200 inches of annual rain talk about a drought, but others probably think I’m funny when I think 15 degrees f is cold. A drought is determined by a difference from the norm in a particular area. If you get more than 20 inches of annual rain there is no need for additional water. Learn to use the water you get. I get about 12 inches per year, and under deep mulch I can grow a number of different annual crop plants without additional water.


          1. “The maximum temperatures recorded in our 3-year study for black-shingled roofs were 168 ̊F (76 ̊C),137 ̊F (58 ̊C), and 129 ̊F (54 ̊C) for the top ply, bottomply, and internal rafter temperatures, respectively.”

            This quote is from a 3 year study by the USDA back in the early 90s “Roof Temperatures in Simulated Attics” available on the web if you want to read it…easy find.

            Easily 200F – not likely.


          2. Maybe not. We measured ours at just under 190 on a hot day in the summer. Doesn’t negate the point, however. 150 or 200, it should be relatively simple to use that heat.

            Winter temperatures were cooler, but still too hot for comfort.

          3. Lauren,
            You are so right. As a young engineer I did hear loss/gain calcs on houses built to do just that. Used rock mass thermal storage in the basement. Basically a house within a house, lots of insulation. But it worked, no heat was required to get through a Colorado winter, and all domestic water heating was met by solar hydronic panels.

          4. BB,
            Well that study was conducted in Wisconsin, so I’d say low altitude in northern longitude is why you could only see 168f. Out west here, at say 7000′ elevation down NM or Arizona way, 200f in an attic in summer might not be such a stretch. Also, we are in arid country, no moisture in the air to block the sunlight. Just another point of view to consider. Ever see pictures of homes in the SW desert? Notice how most have tile roofs? Yup, there are parts of the country that can get hot.

          5. What caught my eye was “Easily” and “200F” which means higher than 200 is what you are going to see on a regular basis.

            I don’t think that is likely wherever you live in the US.

            Saudi Arabia ? I don’t know, do they attics over there 🙂 ?


          6. BB,
            I think they live in high rises or tents? 200f is pretty hot. No matter, Lauren is right, lot of useable heat trapped up there, just need a way to gather it up and use it mlm

          7. Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics are subjects that are a long way from tyranny and i apologize for the detour.

            As an Engineer I applaud Lauren and anyone else who can harvest what we have naturally been given. In fact, that just might be a way to fight one kind of tyranny.

            Now, if we can just figure out how to inexpensively get at all that energy trapped in those pig poop lagoons….


          8. BB,
            No worries Ol Son, engineer here too. Sometimes you just can’t let go of something like that. Lol. As for that pig poop, now your changing the subject to politics!

        2. Season extensions for your garden. The more food you can grow, the better. I was going to bring my hydroponics inside this winter, but I think it might be a problem with two dogs that eat everything.

          Do not throw away your leaves, branches, whatever. Mulch them. No point in throwing away a ton of leaves only to go out and buy bags of mulch or potting soil in the spring. Those bags probably contain some of the organic materials you threw away.

          I have other ideas, but I’d like to hear yours. Don’t worry at this point about “impractical” or “too expensive.” The brainstorming process comes first.

          1. Many of those greens will go to seed pretty easily, so if it’s not a plant that needs a male and a female you can get seeds.

  17. So, I agree with everything here, including the desperate need to fight back against this nightmare. My continued question is how? We say “people” need to stand up-but aren’t we the people we are talking about? I don’t mean to be sarcastic in any way, it’s just this is the ongoing conversation in my home. I detest hypocrisy, so it’s hard for me to complain about not rising up if I’m not part of the solution. Just at a loss and feel like we are truly watching it dissolve in front of our eyes.

    1. River Rat,
      I feel your frustration and there are ways to “rise up” without carrying torches in the streets. I will not go into detail but first start by remembering every person (family, friend, neighbor etc.) you know that voted Democrat and every house you saw with a sign saying vote for a Democrat as you must first identify your enemy before you can act.

      1. Agree, Romeo Charlie! For a very long time I tried to convince my husband otherwise; however, we’ve reached the point that the stakes are so high and the ideological differences so vast it’s not really an option to be as forgiving. The things they are voting for are making an absolute personal impact at this point! And, the people I personally know-they are probably more conservative than us-just old school democrats that call the current version of their wacked party “misguided.” I have another one syllable word for it-and them for being so flippant with our precious freedoms!

    2. River Rat, there are many ways to “rise up” against this. It doesn’t always have to start with bullets flying. Hit them where it hurts. Money. Take away their income. Tax revenues. Corporate taxes (those that still pay them anyway). And like Romeo Charlie says, remember who they are. Not to hate them, but to fight them. I am leaving my office in town to work at home because I know the people there voted for Biden. They voted for socialism. They voted for all of this. For cheating and lying and stealing the election. They voted AGAINST our Constitution, our Republic, and the future of my grandchildren. I truly believe this will be the first time in our republic’s history that we do NOT come together after an election. I have no intention of “making nice” with these people. I will ‘drift away’ from these friendships and I am at peace with this decision.

      And if anyone supports Hollywood, Netflix, TV, and those VILE actors anymore – you are crazy IMHO. Lol! (But I still love ya).

      1. could a good lawyer could file a class action lawsuit over emotional distress imposed on the right by the left. lets call it, oh, lets call it reparations

      2. Learn to do your own repairs–not just on cars, but your house/apartment, lawnmowers, whatever.

        1. Quilting can be fun, and you don’t need special backing or batting–get an old sheet for backing, and if you’re up for a challenge, stuff the squares. If you’re not, get a couple old blankets to put between.

          1. At my grandparents estate sale, my grandmother had made a quilt with palm sized pockets stuffed with old pantyhose. I think it was insulating?

          2. Insulating, yes. There is also a quilting form called trapunto, where they sew patterns and stuff the patterns to make pictures and such. For regular puffiness they might just sew through the batting, then they use yarn, or hair,or whatever and stuff it through the primary (interior) backing to make landscapes or 3-d designs. Amazing stuff.

      3. Reminds me of another book for the MSB community- Possum Living. Maybe already mentioned but it’s focus is getting off the working for money treadmill. Diogenes is quoted by the author’s dad.

        1. She actually disavows one chapter in a recent reprint. But there is an aspect of challenging one’s assumptions about living I admire.

    3. I’d start with the basics River Rat. When “they” tell you to be ashamed that you’re an American, tell them you’re proud to be an American. When “they” tell you to kneel for our flag, stand tall and salute the flag. And when they tell you that America isn’t and never was a great nation, tell them where they can go. If they can shame you into being what you’re not, then there is no reason to post on this blog. Correct?

    4. There’s a lot of “It couldn’t get worse” involved in that venting. People complaining, arguing, discussing, because they “know” we’re in a bad situation but it couldn’t possibly get much worse. This is the US, it could never happen here.

      Now we’re in a situation where it is bad, and rapidly getting worse, but there’s still some of that going on.

      The venting does serve a purpose, however. For some it’s not just venting, but working through what they are willing to do and what actions they are willing to take if they are moved to action.

  18. I believe we opened the door to tyranny in our country during Woodrow Wilsons presidency under the direction of Col. House, a very close advisor to the president.
    The federal reserve, a private banking company and the income tax both became a part of the American landscape.
    Since that time we have been slowly dying the death of a thousand small cuts.We seem close to being bled out.

  19. All this talk about the coming conflict………sounds as if some therapy is in order………..

    1. I agree.

      Considering current events, I’ve been tinkering more with my ruger 10/22 (lots of play ammo). I’m having feed issues, specifically with the bx25 mags. I’m thinking it’s the mag not sitting properly. Seen videos on “u”tube about taping mags and replacing the round extractor. Any experience?


      1. had same problem…some mags work great others suck. You can send back to ruger bad ones for replacement, but not sure how long it will take in today’s world. I Saw the video, but didn’t want to go through that much effort. 10 round mags have no problem, they did make connectors to set up 3 10rd mags, but have not found recently.

      2. Food For Thought,

        On feed issues with your 10/22, I would run a few tests.

        First, I would make sure the action was clean and lubricated. Built up carbon around the bolt can retard bolt movement keeping it from attaining the moment needed for extracting, ejecting, then continuing to travel far enough rearward to catch the next round before returning into battery.

        Another consideration would be the amount of pressure (and restriction of movement) on the bolt caused by the bullet being pushed against it’s bottom side by the spring in the magazine. You know how hard it can be to load those last couple of rounds into a magazine. That same extra pressure is pressing against the underside of the bolt. Try loading twenty rounds instead of twenty five and see if it makes a difference. If it does….then try twenty one…twenty two…until you find the sweet number.

        Another consideration, especially in rimfire twenty two is the ammo. I’ve found that it’s fairly common to find inconsistency in power from shot to shot from the same box of bulk ammo. As a rule, consistency and cost rise and fall together.

        You may have already eliminated the possible problems I mention, but if not, consider them and see if it makes a difference. I’ve found that most failures to feed/eject can be traced to something retarding free movement of the bolt, even slightly outside the design’s parameters.

  20. It is always irrationality vs rationality which swing elections. Where is the middle ground between food and poison?

    Independents just like to avoid being tied to definite political philosophies, just as Agnostics like to escape from Atheism.

  21. Ok, so CoViD is real, ish,
    yea i know people are and have been sick,
    i feel it is all very deliberate and orchestrated, or at the very least a case of let no crisis go to waste, these people want us marked, they want everyone subservient, they want us all in fear of government, of eachother, of an invisible boogieman,
    IMHO, its about control, using a crisis to gain control over everyone and everything

  22. Just in from Calif:

    “This holiday season, people could be out spreading cheer,” Newsom told the press, “a dangerous and illegal activity that we will crush. If we see any signs of this — any smiles, any singing, anyone looking like they’re enjoying life at all — they will be locked away for the protection of others.”

    OBTW: The Orange County Sheriff’s Department even has a special container labeled, “Newsom’s Holiday Laws,” though it does look suspiciously like a wastepaper basket.

    1. Don’t you dare smile! Covid will get out! If you must smile keep your mouth closed!

    2. Found this at a mental health facility about people obsessed with control are known as having a personality disorder;

      They make you think everything’s your fault. …
      They criticize you all the time. …
      They don’t want you to see the people you love. …
      They keep score. …
      They’re moody and live on emotions. …
      They gaslight you (lie). …
      They create drama. …
      They intimidate and threaten you. …
      They don’t take “No” for an answer. …
      They speak badly and make negative comments about you….
      They try to change you, by force if necessary to their way. …
      They show abusive behavior. …

      This is a mental illness found in every leftist activist including those governors, Mayors, and those socialists trying to take the Whitehouse.who try to take away your freedoms that are in the constitution. See a resemblance?

    3. Newsom and his family went to his Montana ranch for the holiday. He should stay there and never come back to CA

      1. JF 1962
        You do know what Montana’s will do,, if he stays there,,,,right??🙄

  23. This type of tyranny has existed for decades, 100+ years.
    In the past decade, these short four Trump years, we’ve seen it multiply, 10 fold.
    The opposition is scared of Trump. Damned scared.
    Dems and rhinos alike.

    As with, hermitUS,
    We’ve sat on our thumbs, too long. We’ve let those that are unjust get the upper hand.

    The pushing point of the Constitutionalists/Patriots will be to the extreme, unfortunately.

    We may have already lost. I hope/pray not.

    It’s Us against the world higher elites.

    US History NEEDS to be home schooled.
    Hands on trade, craftmanship, needs to be passed on to our future generations.

    We are losing in the world mind set.

    We CANNOT let that continue to happen.

  24. It appears to me the only outcome of all this mess ends with a civil war.if half of our population feels the same then what is the problem. The problem in my opinion is that society has gotten soft. No one wants to stand up for right anymore. I think the tipping point will come when.gov attempts to control our ammunition at that point the people will have enough of our rights trampled on and we will give them our bullets just not the way they had intended.

    1. Southern Hillbilly

      I hear what you are saying and agree, most people will bitch and moan but not do a damn thing…and most won’t even come close to ever being prepared to fight for their Rights, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.


    2. We may be closer to the 2nd amendment issue than I thought. On talk radio this morning I heard that Biden’s proposed $200 tax on firearms is $200 per firearm and $200 per 10 round magazine, and is an annual tax. They would also require all firearms be entered into a registry. And, it will be a $10,000 fine and/or jail time when it’s discovered that someone didn’t comply. Onerous restrictions that I don’t see many agreeing to, but that law will turn millions of law abiding citizens into lawbreakers. It looks to me like that’s part of the plan. And I’m sure the first lawbreakers found will be made an example of so everyone else will fall in line.

      1. NW Gal, I would imagine this issue would be tied up in the courts for awhile. Sounds like infringement” to me.

        1. DJ5280, I would certainly hope this would be tied up in the courts. I think the problem is that under the guise of a tax to raise revenue, they may have more legal standing because they aren’t actually seizing anyone’s firearms. I think it could be argued that the results of such a high tax is forfeiture or a taking of their legally owned property, but I’m no law expert, so idk how it would play out in court. Unfortunately, I do see how such a law could play out with a large government intent on control and transformational change to our country.

          1. I remember we fought the Revolutionary War over such things as abusive taxes.

            I do not think Americans would have much of a problem being motivated to retaliate against such an obvious punishment.

            For Americans with money, such taxes would not pose a problem, should they wish to continue to have access too, and own the firearms being taxed.

            The tax would only make it harder for an economically disadvantaged person to have access to the taxed weapons, while it redistributed more wealth into government accounts.

            So, taking weapons from the poor, and obtaining new excuses to loot money from the “rich,” and getting a firm grip on who actually has these taxed weapons in their possession, all the while virtue signaling these achievements as “for the good of Society,” is what the tyranny seeks.

            Like thousands of others, the 2nd A., has always been my trip wire. It really does not matter what blundering boot stumbles upon it.

      2. There is not enough money with all the billionaires to pay for the debt and Biden/Harris Plans. This is a way for “We The People” to pay for the sins and waste of Dems poor run cities and states.

        1. Yeah, it’s a matter of simple math. Take all the billionaires in the US, divide their “fortunes” between the 380 million people in the US, and it wouldn’t cover 1 month’s expenses. It wouldn’t even touch the 4 trillion annual budget of the .gov. As usual, it’s the middle and lower classes that would end up footing the bill.

          1. Lauren,
            You’re letting common sense and reality get in the way of emotion and fantasy. Remember it’s for the children and the planet. 😄

          2. Lauren,
            You’re letting common sense and reality get in the way of emotion and fantasy. Remember it’s for the children and the planet. 😄

          3. I understand. I shall try to restrain the logical 9/10ths of my brain in favor of the brainstem. All hail our environmental overlords!

    3. Sleepy Joe and sweet thing want to basically abolish firearms and ammo…starting in January. As we all know this is unconstitutional (shall not be infringed) but they don’t care. If we can’t stop them at the ballot box now and in the future, what’s the alternative? Our tyrannical government will not change anything until it becomes so painful they (our politicians) are forced to make some BIG changes. If negotiations fail, force is the only option. That’s why our forefathers passed the 2nd A.

      Southern Hillbilly is correct… we have “gotten soft”… and the populous will not fight in mass. Only 3% to 4% will actually stand up to tyranny here in the U.S (and that’s being optimistic). The next best thing is a “show of force” with a march on D.C. of let’s say 3 to 5 million patriots armed to the teeth and camped out and ready for a long stay. This will take some strong leadership. We can start this coming Spring of 2021 and do our occupation late summer. But, and this is a big But…the occupiers will have to be ready for anything to include violent conflict. This might spark a Civil War as Southern Hillbilly mentioned.

      1. Friend in 1776 a huge small armed group demanding anything *might* have an impact. Today you’d set up the Socialist’s WET DREAM. Live Cameras with a 10 minute delay for “Adjustments” and a few drones or Mini-Gun Armed Gunships would knock your Militia March into the morgue.

        So Far THEY OWN the Media so the Message that gets out is going to be THEIRS.

        So Far they have a solid grasp on the Police and Soros OWNED DA’s. There is Mad Dog Mathis playing Benedict Arnold (WHO BTW Would have been a HERO if the Revolutions failed) and enough Deep State controlled Drone Operators and Gun Ship crews to do the deed.

        Look at what really happened in Richmond VA from that Armed Peaceful March? All but ONE of the laws they were angry about passed, and the last one wasn’t tossed it was Tabled to be re-started at any time. A few more “victories” like that we are doomed.

        1. NHM
          thats why if its a show they want, give em one nobody will forget for a long long time

        2. NH Michael

          We all already know this. So, What’s your plan.?

          Oh, I know, don’t fight from your front porch, or, maybe, don’t be the nail sticking up, or, can’t say or I’ll blow my OSPEC.

          Well, I’ve already done all three, but, I’m still in the public fight, still defending my/our rights, best I can.

          Am I a target? Yep, so be it, can’t change anything now.

          1. Stand I think your far too intelligent to walk into the Dragons Lair and kick him in the *alls. Or at least I hope you learned something from the various “Adventures” you’ve been in and saw fellow patriots killed or put in prison over them. Maher springs to mind?

            Only an idiot speaks of their “Plans” on an OPEN INTERNET like MSB. That’s how Maher got filled with FBI Informants, that and bragging in or around folks that betrayed them.

            If the Million Man “Armed with only small arms” March is your Boston Massacre FEEL FREE to organize it and go march.

            But I hope and expect your too smart to do that suicide mission.

  25. Once we cross the Concord Bridge there is no going back, so we have to (obviously) let the legal angle play out first. What if they cut the Patriot legal team off at the knees?

    The time to act would be before they come for our guns, but how long before? The original Patriots had no way of knowing that “Lexington and Concord” would be the trigger point before hand.

    We need to be patient, but not docile. Wise but not cocky. We need to be ready – and we are.

  26. Based on what I am hearing about the consequences of the shut downs, the whole holiday season is going to be a bust. Unfortunately, it is the workers and business persons that are being hurt. Millions more people going hungry, loosing housing, …. getting angry.

    So, the tyrannical dictators are becoming more fearful of the citizens and are trying to clamp down even harder using the virus to justify unconstitutional rulings and to hide voting corruption.

    I predict that, if the suffering gets worse over the next three months, there may be enough critical mass to prevent some of the proposed socialist initiatives – maybe even a movement to get a new election. One way or another, I think the reset has begun.

    1. Not if they know anything about socialism. With any level of knowledge whatsoever, that cry of “Mommy, I’m hungry!” will send them in ANY other direction!

  27. Our daughter is a third year college student, she also waits tables at a high end vegan restaurant on the beach. Big Daddy government “allowed” them to partially reopen in June, for outdoor dining and takeout service only. Customers reacted and the market adapted, this restaurant has had a banner 3rd quarter, best on record. Customers were exceedingly generous and my little girl may have earned more than I did in Q3. We can’t have ANY free market dynamics though. So even though this place has a constant sea breeze to carry away the ‘rona, they are getting shut down again anyway, this weekend. Shut down hard, not even take out. Closed. Cease to exist. Do we feel safer yet?

  28. I’ve walked the ground at Lexington and Concord. Followed the route of the British and marvelled at the tenacity of the minute men and the militia. Hallowed ground. Men defending their homes and villages. Our duty will be made clear. DOL RLTW.

  29. If the plan is successful….this is our future…………..

    Headlines?……..“Today, President Harris Announces Bowel Movements Will Be Restricted to Three Days a Week Due to Toilet Paper Shortage”……….and in other news…….“FBI Director Hillary Clinton Reports No Indications of Foul Play Found in Sudden Deaths of All Four Conservative Supreme Court Justices….Mass Suicide Suspected”…………

    1. Dennis, if this is our future, I don’t think even NRP’s 600 rolls is gonna be enough, I went to Wally World on Saturday and even though we have a good stash of charmin, I always try to buy one every week, if they have it, well this time they had some and I got 2 packs, got to the register to check out and the cashier told me the limit was only one. So more hard times are definitely coming for sure if Trump doesn’t finally win for 4 more years, sure hope your wrong about what could happen to the scotus justices!!

      1. Remember, this is for all the marbles… The enemy is all in.

        It is Machiavelli, who is in charge.

      2. The interesting thing with these limits is that it doesn’t account for larger families or TP emergencies. If you go through a pack of TP per week, but only go shopping every other week, you’re sunk.

        1. Lauren:
          Hence the ongoing debate..
          “Is 600 rolls really enough?”

          Seems people don’t realize the question is not about how many rolls of TP one has, but about your total Deep Pantry and anything else you need to “maintain” for an extended period of time.

          Like the Marxists takeover and Communism regime in control of “Our Country”.

          Do NOT count out the idea of the USA becoming the next Venezuela.

          1. NRP & Blue

            I do not see a quick transformation because that would stampede the sheeple. Just a little slice here and another there until the society tips in favor of the nanny state.

            Even the best prepared of us will feel the shortages and inflation. More shortages of necessities; like TP, seeds, then electricity, then fuel, then medical care, then food, ….

            When the idiots that have been rioting realize that the free shit they expected will not come and the power structure is run mainly by old folks from the swamp, they will turn urban centers into more hell holes than they are now.

            Get ready to be increasingly ruled by the 1% unless you are as self-sufficient as an Afghan goat herder.

          2. They’ve been doing the thousand cuts for a very long time. The old, patient soviet guard is on its way out, being quickly replaced by the young and impatient that don’t want to wait for change to come organically. They will INSIST on a quick transformation, and wake the sleeping giant. JMO

    2. Dennis ,,,,and all ,,,,,,,take a look a THE BATTLE OF ATHENS TENNESSEE ,,aug 1946 ,,will history repeat it’s self ??

    3. Not as out of bounds as you might think, with the announcement last year that NK was making people weigh their poop to see if they were holding back anything from the state. Everyone had a poop quota for the fields, you see.

    4. Dennis I suspect that Senator Rand Paul might not find that “No Foul Play” quite so funny as the DOJ has decided “Not to Pursue charges against Antifa for the public assault” on the Senator and his wife in the middle of a ritzy restaurant area in DC”

      In the MIDDLE of the Most Surveillanced area in the known world, No interest in pursuing the blatant case of assault against a Senator…. YEAH RIGHT and Epstein Killed Himself in a High Security Prison Cell with broken surveillance cameras…

      Folks we are at LATE Roman Empire Street Politics here where assault-murder and intimidation of the Senators is in play by paid for street thugs.

      And yet I hear folks thinking the Supreme Court will defy the street threats to stop this Coup against Trump… At best I suspect they will punt it to the Senate to deal with and again the street politics will be there.

      “Hey Senator NICE Family you got there, pity if something BAD happened to them…”

      Might need 50 states worth of the battle of Athens before this is done.

      1. NH Michael,

        I believe that is the over riding anger I’m seeing from the formerly disengaged Joe Blow, go along, get along citizens….the misapplication, selective enforcement of our laws. Everyone I run across…from the sack toters at the feed store….small business owners…local law enforcement officers…to my medical care providers….all are angry…I mean fighting angry….they just seem to be at a loss as to where to begin….never seen such a solidarity with a president…or at least with what and who they see him as representing…folks like themselves, who they see as the forgotten American…I fear the political elites have no idea what a powder keg they’ve created…………I hear it, see it, feel it wherever I go……

  30. “Arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power” sums up quite a lot of what is in play.

    HAMMER was designed and built by Dennis Montgomery after 9/11 to protect us from foreign adversaries. A super computer that runs on racks and racks of servers, monitoring phone calls, emails, financial transactions. The charter under which it was created limited its use to outside the USA, with software written by the CIA. Mueller moved that software to the FBI, thereby allowing them to monitor elected officials, businesses, judges within the US. Mueller also raided Dennis Montgomery’s house in a search for hard drives that would prove what the FBI was up to, with Dennis handcuffed to a tree.

    Scorecard is an app within HAMMER, designed to influence elections outside the US. Yet 2 million dollars went missing from the GOP bank account in Wisconsin during this campaign. Dennis Montgomery caught what was happening but our Department of Homeland Security evidently did not. Interesting since Admiral Lyons said on his deathbed, “HAMMER is the key to the Coup.”.

    The election fraud is simply to place the compromised officials into power, or rather back into power. Joe Biden’s TIGER grants set GULFTAINER up with a 35 year lease at Port Canaveral and a 50 year at Port of Wilmington. CFIUS was installed to ensure that no-bid leases wouldn’t be subject to analysis by the 17 intel agencies. Hunter’s laptop revealed his Monkey Island, Louisiana proposal with CEFC. Compromise our seaports and bring in Club-K cargo containers, capable of detonating via satellite and blow apart much of our defense capability. Russia, China, Iran and Iraq’s WMD all actively involved. Plenty of folks to tie to the arbitrary and unrestrained exercise of power. All of Obama’s people actively participated in tyranny. Yet old Joe and Blow will grant them a continuation to tie up loose ends if they were to succeed. We need to be equipped with real knowledge and speak it to everyone we know.

  31. How about a Constitutional America Autonomous Zone? We could have county boards join as long as they had one border contiguous with another Zone member county AND they voted Republican or Libertarian for President in the most recent election. We could start with all the red counties in Montana Idaho Wyoming North Dakota South Dakota Nebraska Kansas Oklahoma Texas Iowa Missouri and so on.

  32. The Montana Minutemen are growing in number, and just not in Montana. Like the patriots of old, they will strike when ready.

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