Leaders Cling To Lockdown Powers – The Window Is Closing To Fight Back

We are witnessing power and government power which is really characteristic of Italian Fascism in the ’20s… They’re using that to kind of engage in emergency orders that simply strip us of our rights – rights to property, rights to assembly, rights to worship, and all of the rights that our Constitution guarantees.

From Naomi Wolf, author and former Clinton adviser, sounds alarm at growing power of ‘autocratic tyrants’. She warns that the U.S. is about to become a ‘police state’.

Her words:

So people are definitely horrified and people are shocked, and divided. This has all been very sudden. 360 degree full-on totalitarian polices. So a lot of us are in culture shock.

I know from history that no one gives up emergency powers willingly. They always drag it on and drag it on. “Extending emergency measures…”

I really hope that we wake up quickly, because history shows us that there is just a small window where people can fight back before it’s too dangerous to fight back.

Only from studying history do I know how predictable it is when you start to have elected officials saying we are not going to follow the Constitution because…if there’s a pandemic.

Nowhere in the Constitution does it say, all this can be suspended if there is a bad disease. We have lived through Typhus, Cholera, Small Pox, HIV, Tuberculosis, Polio, the Spanish Flu… Never have there been months and months and months of emergency powers when we weren’t actually fighting a war.

Lockdowns have never been done before in free societies. And really we are turning into a version of totalitarian states – before everyone’s eyes.

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“As it has been written,
So it shall be done.”

Ya know, I feel like I am standing on an overpass, with a huge wreck right in front of me, but I’m watching a semi, barrelling towards the wreck, not slowing down one bit. I know what’s about to happen, but am powerless to stop it.

We all know Biden is just a puppet, He’s NOT gonna make it, so, The SLUT will become President, and Lord help us. As f–k– up as Biden is, He’s nothing compare to this nasty slut. A vindictive nasty woman, head of the USA, so many really bad things coming straight at us.

How the hell do you prepare for this, other than the obvious? They want us dead, and Toes Up will support that with, ” the full force of the US Gov’t. We will leave no stone unturned to eliminate these racist white supremacists.” She actually said this out loud.

The FBI is now the KGB, DOJ is in the septic tank, The leader of the Joint Chief of Staff is an admited racist, a POS is in the running for Health Sec, 2nd in command, Merrich Garlan is just an idiot. Biden has picked every POS he could find at a landfill to run this country, AND, they are being CONFIRMED.

How do we prepare for this sh#t storm?

section 8

Jesus my friend. You will not make it without Him. Only those with a Pure Heart will see the Kingdom of Heaven. Read ‘A Heart for Eternity’ by Frank Serritella (45 pages) if you want to know the truth of God’s Word…..not man’s. You can read this book by Frank for free on his site ‘AMIDNIGHTCRY.’ Keep your eyes on the Kingdom and you will gain the Kingdom and this life. Keep your eyes only on this life and you will gain neither. Warning: His youtube channel is not for the faint of heart “Christian” as he explains why most “Christians” end up in hell and not knowing why.

Sec 8,
I feel the same way, and suspect many here do as well.

The pieces have been put in place, and their moves are being orchestrated. We likely do not know all the puppet masters, but we know they are there. I know some here believe we can somehow stop this, but I am not so optimistic. I am simply doing my best to prepare for possible eventualities. I am keeping my eyes and ears open, and spending more time in prayer and quiet thought.

Each day is a gift, and I am doing my best to make the most of them, and give thanks for them.

Does, “Whore of Babylon,” sound familiar?

There have not been this many insane people in political power, since 1933. I mean it is just incredible what we are all witnessing. The preposterous ideas, the absurd laws, the political crimes, the false knowledge, the utter lack of wisdom, the propaganda from every source, the absence of Justice, the constant lies spewing forth about fictional events…

It is truly the End Times for most of Humanity.

actuality she LEGALLY SHE CANNOT assume the title of president BECAUSE HER FAMILY is here ILLEGALLY

i need to correct myself i should have sid she isnt qualified but the libaturds make up there own rules

Her last statement, ” we are turning into a version of totalitarian states before everyone’s eyes” is hard to disagree with . Very sad indeed. Look up the definition of totalitarian in the dictionary , it describes where we are today in the U.S.
The lust for power and control is rapidly becoming very blatant and in our face. The old Boy Scout motto ” Be Prepared” comes to mind as sensible advice.

I’m greatly disappointed in the courts, especially the “Supreme” court.

Too many Washington insiders in the Judicial Department. Those who were confirmed by the so called republican senate under the Trump Administration will most likely soon be outed for what they really are; Sewer Creatures from the DC Swamp…Kavanaugh and Barrett too…as disapointing it is to write this… 🙁

There is no rule of law in America anymore. Justice, if you call it that, depends on who you are, where you live, who you know, and where you went to school.

Clarence Thomas is the only Supreme court justice that is qualified to judge on the Constitutionality of any case presented to the court as he is obviously the only one that understands it.

A good article and even better video. What I find particularly disturbing about this situation is the way the Marxist media manipulated the whole Corona Virus issue. In my entire 59 years on this earth I have never witnessed such a blitzkrieg of “fear” incorporated into every facet of daily life. TV, Movies, Signage, Social Media, etc etc etc… Is it any wonder that the elderly and weak-minded took the bait hook, line, and sinker, without ever questioning the reasoning? The lock-downs have ruined millions of lives and created a mask-wearing, paranoid and totally divided population.
It’s only going to get worse. When Kamala introduces her gun control legislation through her puppet Joe Dementia the “man in black” is gonna start singing.

Most don’t want a confrontation and follow ‘orders’…..I’m waiting for someone to come at me–I am so ready to let someone have a piece of my mind…as my late daddy always said.

I think i will worry more about perfecting my sushi rolls and my hand stitching leather skills than what these turds do,, this bs has been going on for decades

While I tend to agree that Joe (He put the Dem in Dementia) Biden will not make it, I harken back to that evil devils spawn child murderer advocate,Ruth Ginsburg, and how they kept her “alive” for years…

And as far as the state of the union, I believe the Dems will finally listen to the Constitution and say that the Pres only has to report to Congress from time to time..Article II Section 3.

Honestly, I’d prefer this stupid event that has turned into something very weird that we call the State of The Union address, be done away with. I cannot recall on State of The Union address that did just that. Its more of a PC bunch of bull shat.

I’d prefer to hear the actual report on government, financial etc…

I agree. I believe the tipping point will be when the Left attempts to pass/passes some version of a gun control bill. Too many people, both Republicans & Dems, own guns and will begin to fight back…some figuratively and some literally. We’ve already seen on Jan 6th that some people have had enough of the left, the swamp, and the liberal policies being passed by EO. I can’t predict when this will happen, but I believe that will be the tipping point.

Patriot LEO,

I have a few lines in the sand, indicators that the only course of action is active resistance. Gun control is one of those lines. If enough of us make noise at the local levels, perhaps we could stave off some tyranny at that level, but I think that has to happen now, or even yesterday. If local LE is committed to protecting our natural born rights, which the Constitution merely enumerates, we the people could stand beside them and perhaps secure our local AOs. Even then, we’ll have plenty to deal with. Spicy times, indeed.