The Left’s Ideology Demands Conformity and Centralization

Having listened to the first 15 minutes of Mark Levin’s podcast March-15, inspired the following:

We live in a Republic. This nation was founded as a Republic.

It was not founded as a pure democracy. It was not founded as a parliament. It was not founded as a monarchy. It was not founded as an autocracy.

There’s a big difference between the American Revolution and the French Revolution.

The American revolution was a revolution against governmental tyranny.

The French revolution was a revolution against French society.

The French revolution was about an ideology whereby the society must be focused all the time – not on the needs of the individual, not about protecting the individual or individual sovereignty, but on the general will and the common good.

(Kind of like what we’re seeing today with the Left)

The problem is that the general will and the common good are different definitions for different people. And yet they all think they’re righteous in putting down the individual and putting down the individual’s freedom and free will for the general will and the common good.

That was the French revolution. They destroyed their own society.

(Kind of like what today’s Left is trying to do)

The American revolution was not about destroying the American society. It was about defending it.

What you see going on today is a form of the French revolution against the American revolution.

What you see going on today is a form of a Marxist Autocracy.

Our Constitution was set up a certain way for a reason. Which is exactly why it is under attack by the hardcore Left and by their voices in the media, and others.

We have our Constitutional system. It is the ONLY legitimate form of government in America – our Constitution. Anything else is not legitimate. That means whatever it comes to be, or whatever is coming to be, is illegitimate if it doesn’t comply with the Constitutional system.

We have separation of powers. The purpose of which is to have a functioning government, but to protect the individual. And to avoid two things… Rule by the mob, which they saw in the French revolution, and rule by the monarchy which they revolted against.

So the founders developed a Republic. Separation of powers. It’s right in the Constitution. Aritcle I, II, III, Checks and balances all through the Constitution. Later on they would add a Bill of Rights, the specific purpose of which is to defend the individual against this federal government that they created.

And in addition, they were very concerned that the States retain the vast majority of power and that the individual retain their unalienable rights.

The Left is attacking all of this. The left is an offshoot of Marxism.

Their ideology demands conformity and centralization. They are literally trying to destroy the construct of the Constitution.

And they are out of the closet now. Totally out of the closet.

They are attacking the Constitution. The 1st Amendment is under absolute attack. The 2nd Amendment is under constant attack. Endless efforts.

Always proclaiming in a self-righteous way that they’re doing it for the people. They’re doing it for the safety of the people. They’re doing it in the name of the people.

They insist on doing it by executive fiat, statute, judicial fiat.

But if you’re going to change the Constitution then you must Amend the Constitution (but they are unable). It’s done one of two ways… Either a convention of states, or, 2/3 of both houses of congress to send it to the states and 3/4 of the states to ratify. But they can’t get 2/3 of both houses and they certainly can’t get 3/4 of the states.

So what do they do? They effectively change the Constitution anyway. That is illegitimate.

The entire Republican System is under attack.

If you would like to listen to Levin’s podcast that day, the first (15 min.) segment is a good one.

>> Mark Levin podcast 3/15/2021

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  1. The governance of these several states by these several states was founded as a constitutional republic after driving the British to the sea. Liberty is won overnight at the point of sword and lost through apathy over centuries at the point of a lawyers pen. Mark is a lawyer and should realize that what passes for the color of law today evolves from unelected bureaucrats in over 1200 agencies writing 6000 rules a week into the federal register. All that is legal is not lawful. There is God’s law(the 10 commandments that do not change), physical laws(created by God and under his control) and man’s law(depends on who quotes it).

    1. The comment should have read governance of the people of these several states by the people of these several states

    2. Feral Wallet – it is obviously clear your not at all familiar with who Mark Levin is as a man, a patriot and yes an attorney. Look up his name on amazon, check out his books, read them before you complain about “Mark is a lawyer and should realize“, you are uninformed. And yes, Mark knows and follows our Lord closely. Look before you leap.

  2. cid
    That was totally rude of you against the host of this site. Next time think before you post, you sound rather childish. mho

  3. Proclaiming that they are doing it for the people or for the children usually means they are doing it to the people or the children.

  4. I’m not knocking Mark, but the way the .gov operates it got away from the constitution some time ago.

  5. I love the Great One as he is called, a true constitutionalist. I had his books and donated them to the high school library in the nearest town because the kids are not taught the constitution anymore.

  6. We all know what happened in the French Revolution….
    Madame GUILLOTINE!!
    I can think of a few
    who may benefit from an introduction to Her!

    1. MadFab,—Let us hope we do not go down that path. As much as it may seem like a good solution for unsolvable ‘problems’, it rarely works out as expected. Madame guillotine is an equal opportunity employer, after all.

      1. Farmgirl,
        I agree with you. Was just pointing out that the powers that be should remember ALL history, as it could possibly and probably will repeat.

      2. Farmgirl – You previously asked me what scares me in these final days. What I truly fear is that I might lose salvation due to my totally unrighteous anger and vengeance when I see the slaughter of the defenseless. So I ask my Lord to take me first, if that would be so…. to save me from myself. I value my Lord’s will above my own. I truly am ‘Ready to Go Home’ – Sissel

        1. Interesting article today (03/21/21) on Steve titled ‘In One Hour Everything Is Going To Change’. For the scoffers, I would ask them to remember what the prophet Isaiah said so long ago when this happens and ask… how did he know? Only one true answer to that. Well….that’s about all I have. Please take care. SS

        2. SoulSurvivor

          I pray I have the courage to step up when I see the defenseless in trouble. Anger is not nessesarily a bad thing and some times God calls us to be a warrior.

        3. SoulSurvivor,—I do not believe it is a violation of morality to defend one’s self, family or defenseless others from those seeking to do them harm. I’m sure the money-changers in the temple were met with some anger, justifiably so. It’s not even a matter of vengeance, it’s about standing against evil and doing what we can to stop it.

          1. Self defense is completely justified. The problem comes in when innocents are attacked and/or killed and rather than taking care of them (or others who rely on you) you go out and take care of those who did it after the fact.

            In one of my stories the alien race has an interesting take on it–for the person who has the most right to vengeance (victim, or the family of the victim) to refuse that vengeance is the ultimate insult.

            I personally think SS is stronger than he imagines himself to be.

          2. Lauren – I once held a terrified 20 month old beautiful little girl for about an hour. I was trying to calm her down after her mother was beaten. It is amazing the connection you can make, feeling her heart beat, looking into her little eyes, and feeling her breath on your face. I told her not to be afraid, things would be alright. I lied to her……I didn’t mean to. A short while later, that precious little girl was kidnapped and murdered by her father. His punishment to her mother for breaking up. To date her body was never recovered. Every now and then, that little one will visit at the end of a dream and say, “don’t be afraid…. everything will be alright.” I hope so. I don’t think she would lie to me as she is now being held by Jesus. No Lauren….I think the Lord is showing me how infinitely weak I really am, and only He can give me strength…..if I will let Him.

  7. Good to review this. Man our government is in treatable shape. I have lost trust in them, if I ever had any. I wait to see how for they think they can go. We need Trump. We need to remind our representatives that they were elected to represent we the people. We need a more perfect government. We don’t need to be controlled.

  8. The globalists, Marxists, socialists, RINO’s, …. think we (that believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights) will just conform and forget.
    George W. Bush: “Sick to My Stomach Seeing -Capitol Stormed by Hostile Forces” but “Populist Movements Begin to Fritter Over Time”

    I hope that the citizens of this country never forget all the actions used to indenture them in the globalist/socialist takeover. Too bad it usually takes many years for a corrupt socialist system to fail.

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