The Border Is Wide Open – It’s Not Secure

Illegal Border Crossings Jump to 150,000 in March

MISSION, Texas—U.S. Border Patrol apprehended more than 150,000 illegal border-crossers during the month of March—50,000 more than February—according to former Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Mark Morgan.

A further 30,000 evaded capture, according to Morgan, who has received the provisional CBP numbers from internal sources.

“The border is wide open. … It’s not secure. Drugs are pouring in, and criminal aliens are pouring in right now,”

Morgan said during a press conference along the Rio Grande on March 30.

Morgan said Customs and Border Protection had provided “exhaustive briefings” to Biden’s transition team to warn them of an “unmitigated crisis” if Biden ended the Migrant Protection Protocol program and the Asylum Cooperative Agreements with the Northern Triangle countries of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.

“We told them that again and again. We told them that the surge numbers would skyrocket and the Border Patrol facilities would be overwhelmed.”

^^snipped from theEpochTimes story

[ A Patriot adds:

It’s all part of their plan to flood the USA with illegal migrants. Part of the erosion plan.

There is a massive problem at our southern border right now. The second the puppet was installed, the gates were in essence swung wide open. All of the previous administrations efforts to plug the gaps and require LEGAL entry – were halted, and dismantled.

These leftists absolutely hate America as it once was.

What nation can survive this?


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I believe that the goal is to turn Texas blue. That along with HR 1 will kill the Republic and start multiple mini Civil Wars across North America.
Stumble’n Joe’s new $2.3 trillion Bill takes away our States right to be a non-union state and has billions to build millions of Government housing Projects. I wonder who will live in them? Homeless Aliens from Central America?

And now that the laughing puppet-in-waiting has been assigned to get a handle on the southern border we can expect more of the same, or worse.

In 2019, Harris introduced SB2121: “Detention Oversight, Not Expansion Act or the DONE Act: This bill prohibits the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) from using any federal funds to construct or expand immigration detention facilities and requires additional oversight of such facilities.” 

Separately she said: “It is unconscionable to subject detainees to inhumane conditions that include cases of unchecked sexual abuse, outright medical negligence, lack of access to counsel, and in some cases, even death. It’s time to end the expansion of these facilities that divert these resources to address true public safety threats.”

So to her, spending money to expand detention facilities was unnecessary… and here we are with an essentially open border, and no capacity to hold/process these people. I can’t think of a worse person to represent the interest of tax-paying citizens on this. Let’s throw open the border and put an open-borders person in charge of getting a handle on it. Their plan is certainly coming together nicely.

So her goal is to expand “unchecked sexual abuse, outright medical negligence, lack of access to counsel, and in some cases, even death” to the whole country. Got it.

This is not the first time that the Evil Ones have done this to America. Remember back in the 1980’s the Peanut Farmer President allowed Castro to dump all of his Psych Patients and Criminals here in Florida. Almost a decade of crime/drug smuggling followed. Turned South Florida Blueish for awhile.

Scarface in real time. I lived in Lauderdale back then. Never ventured past North Miami for any reason.

It doesn’t matter what they do, they will always hate the country even though they made it their way and will always blame the conservatives for their failures. Now they have blamed white people for everything and anything they say is racist. Move over Coo-coo bird, there’s another species of Coo-coos who deserve the name better than you.

There is no logic with them and they are self destructive. People on the left will have to suffer greatly to where they won’t take it anymore and then if it isn’t too late, change the direction this administration is going. However, they have been brainwashed to be stupid so bad by the left that it may be impossible for them to let go of nanny’s hand, who the left calls useful idiots.

There are several types of preparations, but these leftists are as destructive than an invasion of Pol Pots. One of his quotes, “He who protests is an enemy; he who opposes is a corpse.” 

It has become common knowledge here in the oil patch (West Texas and SE NM) that the Government is now housing Illegal aliens in man camps originally built to house oil patch workers. Some of these man camps are either to provide a place for travel trailers, 5th wheels, etc. The owners of these rent small areas and provide hookups such as water, electrical, sewage, internet, maybe a laundry.

Other companies provide temporary housing structures, a cafeteria, a gym room, a laundry & other amenities for workers. These are the man camps which have been designated to house the illegal aliens.

In Pecos, Texas the oil field workers were given 48 hours to vacate the premises. I have heard the same thing is happening in Midland and Odessa, Texas. All are communities east of El Paso, Texas.

The government is paying the owners of these man camps 3 to 4 times what the oil patch workers were billed. One man camp owner told me he heard the govt. was paying 15 times what the oil workers were having to pay. If true, this is outrageous because the rent in one of these places is quite a lot. $1000 and up


I have not heard anything about what you posted. Thanks for the info. Do the oil companies own these camps?


A few are owned by oil companies. Most of them are owned by companies who specilize in moving to an area where housing is in very short supply. Sometimes they contract with an oil company to provide housing for only that oil company’s workers.

Some just rent to all comers. It can be a very lucrative business, but can also be a losing proposition if the oil economy goes bust, as it has for the last couple of years.

Where I live, some of them have shut down, until the oil patch picks up, but I’m sure they will open up just to serve the illegal aliens if the numbers keep growing as they will under Biden. These illegals will get on Greyhound buses and spread out all across the country, so they might be coming to your area soon.

Once in the USA, few show up for their court dates, which they must do to claim political asylum in the USA. Under Trump, not many were granted asylum.

I have been in touch with “The Federalist” web site hoping they will publicize these events.
Once again, the Govt. is penalizing American citizens in favor of illegal aliens, and then making them pay for the privilege. What kind of Government does this?

Face it we are 3rd class US citizens now… behind the illegals(#1) and the muzzies(#2)….

I wonder how many terrorists are coming across the border….?
How many tons of drug that will be brought in will kill more Americans….
Creepy Joe should be charged with Treason for failure to secure the border…..
I think we are going to need some more ammo…..
This is not going to end well….

I hope most of you are rural because the cities will soon be full of illegals with their drug/gangs while cities are defunding police and crime is skyrocketing, no bail in some places so they get out to commit more crimes in sanctuary cities…… and lawlessness, violence and killings will be the norm.

If this continues its course, I see a mass exodus from the cities that employ these policies. Right now, half the homes for sale way up north are sold before they reach the public market and I am on a realtor list where I see it happening. The Twin Cities are depopulating to the suburbs since the George Floyd riots scared people to death last year. I believe they will be replaced in the cities by illegals coming which are the poor and drug lord/gangs. Same goes in every democrat run city where life became more dangerous and this illegal crisis will be a contributing factor.

Question is who or should I say what companies are buying up all those homes. Maybe Blackrock (aka WEF), .Gov, Bill Gates foundation. I know basically all in the same. Different names but same agenda.


Remember what the great reset said in their commercial. “You will own nothing and be happy”. Aka They will own everything and you pay to be a serf.


The .gov will buy up the homes, stick up to 30 people in each one, provide welfare, and wash their hands of it. The locals will be stuck paying the bill.

You are right. I know first hand where these Latin Americans given amnesty in the ’80’s moved into my former neighborhood, trashed the place and had 14 to 28 packed in the small homes, then a record 48 were busted in one night for drug dealing and meth labs and it continues today. It forced the decent families I knew to move from the area and this was no city, just a small town allocated to take these immigrants.

Listening to the radio the other day and it seems that Seattle is going to have the taxpayers foot the bill for attorneys for people to fight eviction

I still can’t understand what they are playing at. I have listened to their analysis for ever. If this kind of crap is allowed to continue our country is doomed. I am sick at hart. I feel old and helpless. Thats why I have stopped posting here.

In the coming/future socialist environment the competing factors of the Hispanic and Black communities will be the battle ground. The younger children of these groups will have been given so much and babied by the government that their work ethic will be watered down and almost non existence. Who will be filling the coffers? Very few. This will cause animosity and hate between these two groups. The Hispanic women are having at least an average of 4 children, but tend to have a little better family structure. Do some multiplication. The Black community, as a whole, seem to have a very unstable family structure while still having babies by different fathers so as to reap from Uncle Sam’s coin purse. The gangs will make the inner cities a war zone which will creep into the suburban areas. It is said by 2050 the population of USA will be over half ‘people of color’ which is not hard to see. So white will be the minority and just as Rome became decadent, as will go the USA. Many of us reading this blog will see the outcome. China and Russia are licking their chops at our ignorance, ………… Well prep on friends and do what we can do.

Mrs. U, I totally agree with you. And this has been ongoing already. Hence the democrats play on getting immigrants here. We need to send them all back and build a wall around each country. And yes, I am an immigrant too, but naturalized and it took a long time for that as well. Bureaucracy as it finest waiting for years on end. There is for sure a Caucasian genocide and ethnocide going on. Living in the southwest, I hate when they speak Spanish to me at the register, so I end up speaking not English and not Spanish. You would be amazed how quickly the can talk in English when confronted in another language they have never heard before. The arrogance and entitlement from this folks (in this region) is something you can feel on a very deep level.

It is amazing to me that less than 2 years ago, when Trump was in charge and all the dems, including the Giggler, were screaming about the horrid conditions in the holding facilities. Now it is worse but no one is excoriating Joe or the Ho. It isn’t being run on a loop of how awful they are for allowing these conditions.
As Kula says, SSDD.

Christopher Magnus…..anyone know him? Think hard……

Some hints:

-Made news as the Richmond, Ca police chief captured in a photo carrying a black lives matter sign…
-Made news when, as chief of Tucson, Az police department when he ordered his force not to cooperate with Border Patrol officers trying to capture illegal aliens in the city
-Made news when he became the first openly gay police chief to marry his male “partner”……

Now making news again….as Biden’s pick to become the chief of the Border Patrol………

Life is good on the mountain… some chores waiting….and might patrol my borders while I’m out….y’all stay sane….crazy seems the new thing…….