The Goal Of The War On Cops Is A Federal Police Force

There is no doubt in my mind. The current regime, the leftists, the democrats… Their War on Cops is ultimately about the establishment of a Federal Police Force Bureaucracy. Answerable to them.

In essence, to bring all “local” police (cities, towns, wherever) under the umbrella of “Federal”.

The real goal is a centralized federal force receiving direction from Washington…answering to Washington

“Dennis”, a former LEO here on the blog said,

On the so called “war on cops” being waged by the “woke” left………

There will always be cops. That’s just the way it is. All the rhetoric aside, cops will never be done away with. Nor do those behind the movement believe for one minute that elimination of law enforcement is the goal. It’s not. It’s about who controls law enforcement.

The goal is doing away with local law enforcement…local agency…local control….

The real goal is a centralized federal force receiving direction from Washington…answering to Washington.

Gone will be the small, 4-5 officer police departments. Even the 4-5000 officer big city departments with local control and direction. Hiring, firing, and marching orders will come from Washington. Controlled by the same corrupt politicians and bureaucrats that are destroying our foundation right now.

“Defund the police” is just smoke and mirrors……”rethink policing” is far more accurate as relates to their objectives………

I, and others, recall when Obama spoke passionately about the establishment of a “national” police force. Even back then, my eyebrows went up in suspicion…

“Its a communist / socialist / authoritarian jack boot thing.”

said “Kulafarmer”

Bingo! And, truth be known, Obama is the puppet behind the puppet currently occupying the White House…

Make no mistake…..Obama was, and is, just a puppet also…….just one more dummy front to put distance between the real puppet masters and those carrying out their desires……..

said “11HE9”

I had this conversation with a good trusted friend just yesterday. The agenda is to centralize “law enforcement ” control under the government.

They will fill the ranks with thugs, criminals, illegals ,gang bangers for “diversity “.

Local laws will go away. They will be replaced with one size fits all federal laws. States Rights are their real targets.

Hive mind mentality is the goal. The “covid crisis ” is doing a good job of bringing the hive mind mentality to the world. “The vaccinated ” will attack those who choose not to have the poison stab. Much like a hive will attack a lone bug that gets too close.

Brace for it. It’s coming. Like the riots in the cities. All approved by the scum in DC…

said “Bill Jenkins Horse”

Yes ladies and gentlemen, this regime and its globalist handlers want the boot on your neck as they see fit.

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