The Natural Progress – Liberty Yields To Government

“The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground.”

said Thomas Jefferson.

How absolutely true is that? It has been happening, at first slowly, but now rapidly.

Government has gained enormous, nearly unfathomable ground on Liberty. It is its natural way.

Government grows nearly always at the expense of Liberty somewhere.

Analogous to a spider spinning a web around its prey. The workings of government self justification and its never-ending spinning tendrils is suffocating Liberty itself.

Liberty is gasping for air. Her face is turning blue right before our eyes.

As we stand by and watch…

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Have talked with some people lately about the state of affairs now. They are all waiting for SOMEONE to do SOMETHING about it!! But they are no longer sure “what” must be done. Half now cower in fear of this virus. They will not be doing anything. Period. Ever.

God help us.

The time to do something about it was back when there were 50 cases. If those people had been strictly quarantined and contract-traced to quarantine those they came in contact with, and the rest of us had just stayed home for a few weeks (truly stayed home, not finding an excuse to go shopping) the virus would have died out.

Luke Warm

I don’t think that comment was about the virus. Also, there’s now overwhelming, valid medical data showing Covid-19 is not as catastrophic as it was made out to be for the general population. And it won’t die out, just like flu season won’t die out. It will be used, however, as a means to continue to bring our country to its knees.


This is the article that literally changed my thinking about the virus. It should be required reading.

And then I just felt like a complete idiot. Not anymore.


Thanks for the link; good article. I’ve been questioning the guidance of the CDC/certain government agencies for a while, as I’ve watched them contradict themselves and defy common sense since this thing started. It’s so easy to doubt oneself in areas of health/life or death. I was back and forth, too for a while. So, fellow idiot here!

Luke, why pick 50 cases as a starting point when we have the exact date and location of the very 1st case in the U.S.? Seems that would be of most value, especially considering the fact that it is illustrative of type of web that some in our government have spun.

January 15th. First infected person arrived at the Seattle airport from China. Ironic that Trump signed a Trade Deal that day, which will lead to lost billions for them. And even more peculiar that it happened to also be the day that Articles of Impeachment against that President were finally delivered to the Senate after being held so long.

So I guess really “the time to do something about it” was the moment prior to signing that Trade Deal. But on the other hand, if we didn’t have Covid-19, they still would have needed something equivalent for the insurance fraud to keep Obamacare going. Despite the fact that Nancy had to vote it in before knowing what it entailed, the architect of the plan spoke openly about how it would not be sustainable for very long. Smoke, mirrors, carrots, and a more and more elaborate web as the spider dances to stay one step ahead of her prey.

The problem is, if we try to defend our property, we are the bad guy. If we try to defend our right to free speech, we are racist white supremicists. If we try to defend our family, we are agitators. If we so much as show or hint we are armed in front of a BLM or Antifa terrorist, we will be arrested for threatening assault. Then after law enforcement arrests you they will go through your household with a fine toothed comb and remove all ‘dangerous’ weapons from your property. We are the bad guy and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and denied all our Constitutional rights.

Meanwhile BLM and Antifa wave around their weapons threatening people enmass and shooting some people with those weapons and is called exercising their right to free speech to ‘protest’.

I believe that is why no one is standing up. Liberty has taken the blinders off and people are no longer equal under the law.

You make very good points.

Look at the couple in St Louis who stood up to the mob, armed.

I read that over the weekend, hundreds showed up to “protest” in front of their home. They were met by private security folks safeguarding the home & owners.

They are being vilified for defending what is theirs, including their very lives.
How long will they be harassed, threatened – their lives turned upside down?

It’s a pattern – push back, stand up, defend … and then the real threats and intimidation begin.

I think a large amount of the problem is where people live. I guarantee in the county I live in you are still able to defend yourself and your property. When rioters threatened to come to our area the sheriff flat out told them they were taking their lives into their hands.


It’s that slow burn. Like the frog in the boiling pot of water. The government is coming at us from so many different angels, we the tax paying citizens don’t know where to take a stand and the sheepple cooperate as long as the government is handing out the free stuff.

There are many, many similarities between what is happening now in the US and what happened at the start of fascist Italy and nazi Germany. This similarity is why I believe it is a planned thing; what worked before is what will work again? If you haven’t read the histories of these two countries history after WWI and you have the time it is worth the effort. Knowledge is power or at least useful. 🙂

Another similarity which others have commented on already is people wanting someone to “make it stop”. A very (and I do mean very) intelligent person has told me, in effect, “we need a strong person in power to make the hard decisions”. This mind set in mho is a sign of dangerous things to come. I have no desire to replace a potential communist government with a potential far right dictator.

These are dangerous times indeed.

Deep South

Really appreciated your comment/perspective. In trying to wrap my mind around what’s happening, it has occurred to me that besides the possibility of a Marxist takeover, there is the possibility that we are being hammered in every aspect of life to soften us to the point of calling out for a strong leader to save us.

When I hear people say ‘strong’ in that context, they almost always mean someone who doesn’t have the normal constraints of needing to work within our sometimes frustratingly inefficient governing system. That would be the definition of a dictator, wouldn’t it?

Farmgirl and Deep South,

I believe we already have that “strong leader” in place. President Donald J. Trump has been under fire since he traveled down that escalator 5 years ago and announced that he would run for the office of the President of The United States. No President in the history of this nation has ever sustained such an assault on a daily basis. This is a war of Globalism v. Sovereign Rights. Trump has survived being under the microscope for 5 years of Gov’t spying, investigation, impeachment, etc. all the while the MSM have worked in alliance with the Globalists. As I said, it’s not right v. left, Republican v. Democrat, or even Conservative v. Liberal; this is a war about freedom and individual rights. The rights of Nations, States, and People, and President Trump has been fighting vehemently every step of the way.


Yes, you are right, he has certainly withstood a full on assault. Pray, though, that he is not the kind of ‘strong leader’ people look to to save them by any means necessary. That kind of thinking is exactly how dictators rise to power.

“strong person”

Was thinking how, right now, there is a bit of a vacuum. Just waiting for the “right” person to step forward and take control.

Not Biden. Not THE antichrist.

This one is out there. Just not the right time to emerge.

I’m always watching the news now to see who it might be.

I think we will all be pretty amazed at who it is when the person steps forward with a “plan” to make things right again.

And the person will have plenty of power to back the move. The “soft coup” will go hard and be completed.

Prep your souls.

Grandee, that “strong person” will be whoever George Soros selects. Soros is old and might not survive until the election, but you can bet that he will have already selected someone. Soros’ son and other associates will continue even after he is gone.


I’ve got my eye on Macron and I have for a long while. He recently made a statement about wanting to be the world’s leader (or some such) and when I heard that, my ears really perked up.

But I agree…prep your souls and keep oil in your lamps.

Deep south,
Another correlation i read from a bunch of links on western rifle shooters was the similarities to the breakup of the former Yugoslavia,
Quite interesting, troubling, but quite interesting for sure.
Where this all ends up, who knows

“Balkanization” according to Matt Bracken. It is terrifying.
Coming soon to a large urban areas near you.


how do you think I felt watching my country leveled, our people terminated, long-term damage from the depleted U, giving stone-age people support to demolish our cradle where our culture and Christianity started? I know people called me a military cook and a Karen, but I have experienced the horrible losses of my family and friends. And I was here in the US, watching on TV the break up orchestrated by the NWO, Hilda and her husband, old Soros and the warmongers on the Hill. This is already here working at us, not coming at us, but already here.
Actually, I am linguist, not a cook in combat uniform ( this is not meant directly at you).

Such truth. A truth I have fought for a long time . . .

The “main event” will be coming soon and it is being pushed and funded by the most satanical people ever known on earth. These are the ones the Bible warns us about and they have manipulated the virus, the riots and I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a major power grid down or telecommunications outage very soon. This would create a panic and open the flood gates for BLM and Antifa.

Never underestimate the power of government nor the evil man can do.

This is why we have prepared ourselves to live like the 1800’s, if need be. I’m not interested in trying to keep things as they are right now. Sure, convenient, and I love electricity as much as the next person, but can you live without it? Put by food without a freezer? Do you have the means to do so now? Without the grid and/or delivery service Amazon can’t save us anymore with goodies delivered to our doors. Lighting, heating? The lists are endless.

Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.

What is the line, that when crossed, will motivate the silent majority to rise up?

When the grid goes down?
When there is wide spread hunger and people line up for their daily bowl of rice?
When there is no more welfare or social security money?
When the majority who have paid for the free shit, now have to get on their knees to radical elements?
When …. ?

When indeed Hermit.
We shall see i imagine

hermit us, The line has already been crossed. When those politicians who took an oath of office to support and defend the constitution (U.S. and state) and do not do it, but bow and kiss the feet of Marxist and anarchists, then the line has been crossed. I have posed the question to my veteran friends: “We swore an oath before God to support and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, so why are we not standing before these Marxist and Anarchists domestic terrorist with weapons and saying “Cease and desist, or face the wrath”?
It is time we band together in mass and put a stop to this. It can be done, and needs to be done! Thanks for letting me vent.

I wish yall would do that, you would have a hell of a lot more support than you might think

Psalm 4:8 ” In peace I lay down and sleep; for you alone O Lord , make me dwell in safety. ”

Paul in the book to the Romans makes it clear as how a Christian should react to their Government, “Obey as long as It adheres to Godly principles”. However Governments are made up of humans, and the human heart without the Holy Spirit to guide it is wicked.

Seminole Wind,
Thanks for pointing this out. We live in troubling times, when it is easy for many to get caught up in events and politics, rather than turning to God for guidance.

Thank you for sharing this verse. It sure does apply right now.


Amen and AMEN.

Criminals may kill.

But Governments may legally slaughter.

The greatest killer anyone can face, the most dangerous and prolific, is one’s own government. Not the foreign government…your own.

Your government can disarm you, charge you with committing a crime, even retroactively, for which innocence is an impossibility, imprison you for any term it wishes, confiscate all your property, negate any legal process, deny you any due process, torture you as it pleases, and execute you…and anyone you ever loved, befriended, or smiled at. Legally.

In the coming fight, focus on the traitors, who brought you to this, and have declared their hatred for you, and actively work against you…and your Liberty. And, the PARTY they belong to.

That’s the problem with the police. They blindly follow orders and are the ones enforcing liberal laws that criminalize every facet of freedom. Cops arrest thugs but they also arrest us just the same. That’s why BLM was so infuriating; cops are abusive to all when they enforce liberal laws but BLM is an anti white movement. We need to support police fighting back against rioters, looters, and BLM aggressors, but the same police we support blindly enforce the liberal laws against us.

On an individual level we have no power. If 40 million of us took to the streets permanently, either it would force the issue or we could prevent the enforcement of liberal laws (and make cops choose which side they are on). Getting 40 million people to act in unison is very difficult. People still think there is a political solution to our problems. 2016 staved it off. If we are very lucky, 2020 might do as well. But without changing demographic trends (mass deportations and 100% secure border) long term it doesn’t look good for our freedom.

John Tweor,
There will be no voting this right, blood is the only means of redress with total elimination of the opposition, thats what they are planning, bes we prepare for that as well

If anyone doubts that there might be a planned, violent insurrection taking place within America, ask yourself why this Bill has been filed in Congress:

H.R.7297 – To amend title 18, United States Code, to prohibit the use of an Armed Force under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of a military department as a posse comitatus or otherwise to execute the laws, and for other purposes.

Sponsor: Rep. Schiff, Adam B. [D-CA-28] (Introduced 06/22/2020)
Committees: House – Judiciary

the average every day people are not a army so the military will not be involved i think i could be wrong about the whole however

I believe it’s an attempt to limit the use of the National Guard by Trump. The Guard was used to secure the Whitehouse and the southern border.

Modern Throwback
I call him shifty S**t. Like the outhouse you can smell him coming your way.

Thanks for the heads up on the bill will be sending out to all the patriots that we know so it will spread like wild fire.

Modern Throwback
Nothing like the Big G, & Edge controlled by Mrow soft to block this from a searchable form. Had to use DuckDuckGo in order to locate this legislation. Gheez……
Sent off to those who will pass along to others.


Adam Schiff is a pedophile who likes little boys. He deserves to be vaporized. Hopefully, his sins will find him out very, very soon along with all the other sick pervs in D.C. and beyond.

This is not a RACE WAR.
A clash of POLITICAL Schools of Thought, not RACE.

Propaganda is now the norm. Truth is now proof of Racism. Criticism is an criminal act.

When we are told Racism cannot be denied…by a certain RACE. When we are informed Racism cannot be eliminated…within the confines of a certain RACE. When we are instructed, in order to determine, whether, or not, an particular individual is a Racist…one must first discover this person’s RACE, no other information is required…and any contrary information may be ignored.

Marxism is the enemy, not Blacks…not a RACE.


I shall be dropping a Marxist criminal…just as I have done in the past.

Take heed. Race will not identify the enemy, nor will it identify your friends…but, deeds and actions will. Let us be sure we face our foe, be sure of our targets, and take careful aim.


This whole bag of #%*^~ started because the officer disliked/hated the black what’s his name. They worked off duty security together and supposedly black what’s his name fired the policeman from the club job for being to aggressive with the cliental. Sooo scenario in policeman’s head, just let me catch that SOB out and I will arrest him and make him pay for losing my extra job…… THIS particular policeman seemed to have anger issues and his issues have stirred up ALL of this bull crap for our WHOLE country!!! His wife filed for divorce the next day, why one cannot say, but she seemed to have reached her limit with him. So who should we be angry at? A particular cop who had a grudge to settle without any thought for anyone else, nada. On top of all the Covid problems it was a time bomb. rant over, prep on

Mrs. U,

Not saying you are wrong, but let me offer this (I’m not defending the officer).

The “witness” that first told the media that the officer and Mr. Floyd were well acquainted, has since recanted that, once he was told he would have to testify to that under oath. Most big city PD’s don’t allow their officers to work off-duty inside establishments that sell alcohol. That doesn’t mean they wouldn’t know each other or hate each other, but it does mean that they possibly would only know each other in passing. I once worked such a job and rarely had contact with the establishment’s inside private security.

As for the wife filing divorce the next day, that could be because she hated him and had suffered abuse…….or it could have been to protect whatever personal assets they had accumulated from the guaranteed civil litigation to come.

Again, I’m not defending this guy, but I’m not ready to believe the media’s picture of the back story. Is he the monster they have painted, or a hard charging cop that lost his cool?

Truth is, I don’t know. What I do know is the media narrative can never be trusted in cases such as this. Remember Darren Wilson? George Zimmerman? The picture the media portrayed in both cases came no where close to the truth.

How will this case turn out when everyone is under oath? We will have to wait and see. Even if the officer is found guilty as charged (a very high hurdle), I would be highly, highly, surprised if the final accounting comes close to what is being fed the public.

The video is repugnant to any decent police officer (the overwhelming majority). Is it the only video that will be presented in trial? I highly doubt it. Will the unreleased videos change any minds? Will have to wait and see.

New video’s will change no one’s minds. The officer has already been tried and convicted by public opinion. If he is found not guilty the streets will run red and the fires will light the sky. It will make the Rodney King results look like nothing. I am not saying he is guilty or innocent but IMHO they will convict him due to fear of the consequences if they don’t

Sorry Mrs. U “What’s his name” was just the excuse used to kick off this Color Revolution against President Trump and all that stand before the total power grab of the Deep State USING their face people the Socialist-Democrats. The Deep State doesn’t care who the face people are, they are after the pure power behind the throne so to speak. Why would I say that? Simple they have been setting in place Soros selected and paid for DA’s and Governors (Governor Blackface being one of them) all over the USA for years. They (though Soros Open Boarders “Charity”) have been recruiting, training up, paying, transporting, providing health and legal assistance, feeding and housing Antifa for several years to be the Action Arm of the Socialist-Democrat Party. This didn’t happen “spontaneously” over a particularly brutal caught on camera killing of “What’s his name”. “What’s his name” was just the trigger they used to set off the Color Revolution against a Sitting President and all that back him. As the Electric Grid is VERY IMPORTANT to their ability to pay-communicate with Antifa and such oddly the “Burn it all down” crowd will never attack the power grid. Oh random inspired Mobs might but the Professional Agitators-Brown Shirts will not unless an area is deemed unsalvageable and a scorched earth attack is ordered. The point of a Color Revolution is to scare Joe 6 pack into voting into power ANYBODY that can “Make it STOP” and leave as much of the national structure intact for the “winners” as possible. The Deep State requires a working power grid to maintain it’s control of the population via surveillance and propaganda. Otherwise our country would de-evolve into a fractured wasteland with armed camps fighting over resources. Current population of the USA some 330 million not including illegals and such. Pre power grid 1890’s America was some 63 million not due to lack of large families BUT the ability to FEED them with pre-power grid food systems. Folks kept alive due to medical advances of the 20th Century like diabetics simply died before having children back then of the “Sugar disease”. A serious injury like a broken bone, a gunshot or infected wound was worrisome because folks often DIED from them. EMS and our hospital system is nothing with out the grid. Water pumping and purification depend on the grid. What is it 3 days with out water or bad water your pretty much dead? Do the math, look around count noses, mentally subtract those that need modern medicine daily to stay alive and then remove the others needed to get to the pre-electricity era. THAT’s the butchers bill the Deep State is willing to allow to “Win”. Got good water and a solid way to pump it and keep it clean when the grid is shut off to “FORCE” you and I to surrender to the Deep State? Water-food are weapons in a civil war. Look to Sherman’s march at the last part of the… Read more »

I certainly do not want to put forth the incorrect information. I do recall a photo of the two together and have not found any other information. For sure when a incident like this happens, the revolutionaries are ready, trained and ready to act. With our technology today it is too easy to stir up the masses. Tip of the iceberg.


I disagree some. Ever since affirmative action began in society, race has played a role in legislation, education, politics, … just consider that the Dems and Biden want a woman of color as the VP candidate – re-regardless of qualifications. And BLM is quickly becoming a political force recognized by all the cowardly RINO’s. Tell me why we need to allow under 15% of the population to dictate how our society shall function. And if we are not aware, soon the pressures to allow Sharia Law to determine how our laws will be administered. Unfortunately, it is about race and how those that built this country are guilty of working too hard and not sharing with the world.

^^^ hermit us is 100% correct ^^^

The Race issue has always been the pry-bar used to give cultural Marxists access to American minds, while avoiding the need to justify, or explain, its own hatred of Liberty and the Individual’s right to own their own lives. Raceism is a means to motivate weak intellects toward the adoption of Marxist concepts of equality, where every demographic is used to define and limit individuals, as the State wishes, in order to achieve Social Justice. The same goes for every difference one can identify between any two individuals, whatsoever. This is entirely a cultural war. It may be proclaimed to be a war for Equality…where victory ensures everyone total equality with everyone else….no one, you see, is more equal, when all are slaves….and the State is Master. Race is smoke…Marxism is the fire.

Ision is right, It is all a means to an end for all of us.

Hermit is spot on. LBJ’s “Great Society” is the glue that has bound nearly every political decision since then to race. The “Great Society” experiment has been an horrible failure for America but a tremendous success for communism.

Romeo Charlie

Failure for some but many in corporations, media, politics, … are bowing to the Marxist pressure.

One example proves this statement – you can not say that “all lives matter” or you get fired, beat up, charged with hate crime, … make no mistake, we are in a race war against the white race.

When 90% of blacks vote for liberals who condemn us, those are interchangeable terms.

This is the insanity we are facing. Remember, the left claims that we (conservatives) are anti-science, science deniers, etc.

The New York Times is reporting that 1300 (that’s one thousand three hundred) “healthcare professionals and epidemiologists” have signed a letter saying that covid-19 precaution measures should be enforced during protests according to who is doing the protesting.

Folks protesting being required to wear masks or social distancing are obviously coming from a “white supremacy and privilege stance”, and should be treated harshly.

On the other hand, folks protesting police brutality, and racism should not be interfered with if ignoring covid-19 precautions.

Science at it’s best. I remember that well from college. Dangers from pandemics spreading is stopped cold in it’s tracks if you are burning down buildings and beating up folks in the name of leftist ideology, but accelerated if you are standing up for personal freedom.

Sounds like academia has more snakes slithering around than I have here in the boonies.

I think this comment is appropriate for this thread because ‘liberty yields to justice’ has certainly been going on for a long time. Ken wrote: Government has gained enormous, nearly unfathomable ground on Liberty. It is its natural way. Government grows nearly always at the expense of Liberty somewhere.”

Our liberty was lost when the Act of 1871 was established by congress. Note the wording and capitalization of the two different titles below:

“The Constitution for the united states of America” is the title of our original document which was established by our founding fathers. The Act of 1871 created a similar but different document called “THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES”.

The linked site discusses the history of how the Act of 1871 changed the name by creating a corporation. “THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is the constitution of the incorporated UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. It operates in an economic capacity and has been used to fool the people into thinking it governs the Republic.”

This is hard to wrap your mind around, but, I have seen this discussed with NESARA information. Research it for yourselves and come to your own conclusions.

Farmmom, which also means in a roundabout way, we are slaves to the English crown even after that history in our country, fighting for independence.
It is the same as when we get documents addressed to us. Some are with our names capitalized at the first letter, other documents have our names all capitalized. There is a difference legally speaking.

Sent this to a person who will pass it along to others.

Keep learning more how the evil slowly took over our country from those who gave their all to free it.

Children are not taught real history anymore. They are taught poor me or guilt tunnel vision. ALL of the great civilizations came up on the back of other humans. Beginning with the ancient Indian (India), ancient Persians, Egyptians, Roman’s, Greek’s, Muslims, Europeans, Great Britain, Russians, America and on and on and on…………….. But eventually we all have the opportunity to go forward. Countries and civilizations change, grow, progress. Evil blinds us. Money blinds us. Hate blinds us. Lack of spiritually blinds us. sigh, I feel like the world is sitting on the Yellowstone Caldera.

Mrs. U
2 Corinthians 4:4
2 Corinthians 4:1-18.

It is so.

When your electric bill goes up by 40% this fall, what are you going to do??? This would be a nice time to buy a means of heat other than electric. Government control of utility costs is a direct threat of your liberty.

not so sure:What can you tell me about this rise in power rates? I’ve
about it before but no specifics.What is behind it?

Many of the whole sale electric power auction markets have changed the way power production capability is bid so that unreliable wind and solar are sold at rated capacity against base load hydro, coal, gas, and nuclear which can produce power 24/7/365+. Many of these base load operators are scheduled to shut down in the fall of 2020 due to wind and solar taking their excess electrical margin for auction. This will make auctioned electrical power spot auction price peak at high demand when power must be bought at auction price instead of contract fixed price. Manipulation of electrical production and transmission costs is how to make money like Enron. Eventually we will all pay like the Germans did for their renewable power at double their original electrical cost.

not so sure: Thank you for the explanation.Can the State Public
Service Commissions do anything about it?

Yes, PSCs do make a difference if your utility is publicly owned. If your electrical utility got sold for pennies on the dollar and the companies (after splitting into transmission and production) wants more profit, without the limits on CEO compensation, you are in for a ride, Enron style! This corpocracy will be enforced as state control over you.

I’ve given a lot of thought to this topic, and it reminds me a little bit of a woman I know who married a much older man.

At first, things seemed pretty good; he loved her and provided for her including putting her through school. As time went on she finally realized she had given up nearly all of her freedom in exchange for a false feeling of security.

As he gradually took control of most of her life, she felt suffocated. As his control grew, hers diminished. Everything she ate, drank, wore, said or spent seemed to warrant scrutiny. She realized how much personal liberty she had relinquished over time. By then, it was impossible to take back what she had unwittingly given away.

So Cal Gal

Many young women are openly advertising for a sugar daddy so they can live in the lap of luxury. So, it is with many people living off “uncle sugar”, the government. But as you stated, the price to be paid is our freedom.

and when Uncle Sugar runs out of money what we see happening now will seem like a “summer of love”.

First they came for the Communists, but I wasn’t a Communist so I didn’t speak up.
Then they came for the Socialists, but I wasn’t a Socialist so I didn’t speak up.
Then they came for the Catholics, but I wasn’t a Catholic so I didn’t speak up.
Next they came for the Jews, but I wasn’t a Jew do I didn’t speak up.

Then they came for me, but there was no one left to speak up.

Those who know not history, are bound to repeat it. It’s happening as I type this.

Stand my Ground
That is problem, many have not read their history. Even I am ignorant on many historical facts. I learned a lot that was not taught in school or was quickly passed over, because there was a current event which preceded knowing the past.

History kicked in when we(mother & I)started the journey together on the family tree.

“You have to know where you come from, to know where you are going”.

It is my personal quote, jic not trying to borrow from anyone else.

It is a saying that I keep telling my family over & over as they consider me the family historian. So why bother learning. That is when I repeat the phrase above to them. Someday I hope they figure it out, heaven helps us if they do not.

Have an original saying of my own that ties in with this subject…. Sometimes you get what you strive for, but you always get what you settle for. What are those of us that value freedom going to settle for?

I think, for many, liberty has been given away.

The most sickening information I have read about, and not sure how accurate the information is – people that have kids at home because schools are close, are lining up in vehicles at the schools to pick up the breakfast and lunches previously provided to the kids at the schools. When parents can no longer provide meals at home society is screwed. You may say some people can not afford the food – BS welfare/snap is booming. A large segment of our population is totally dependent on Government handouts. This is really going to hurt some day.

Breaking — DC Appeals Court reinstates case against General Flynn…
Frankly I am getting tired of the bastards always wanting Republicans , always getting Republicans and no one ever puts a stop to it! We have the most foul representatives of humanity walking around in the form of Obama, Clinton, Comey, Brennan, etc. smirking about getting away with horrendous crimes against our country who will never be held accountable, yet they are going to get Flynn come Hell or high water? I wish I knew enough brave Patriots that would just say “ I have had enough” and storm the damn judges quarters with hot tar and feathers.