The Stages Of Genocide- Where Are We, Right Now?

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Guest post by ‘Lauren’

In 1996, Gregory H Stanton (a genocide specialist) first published his 8 stages of genocide. It has since been updated to 10 stages.

In reading the actual document, it is clearly stated that democratic societies do not need to worry about genocide because of their judicial protections.

“Yeah. Good luck with that.”

Opinion aside, the stages of genocide as listed are extremely (and historically) accurate. I would have put it a different way:

“Create the enemy, exploit the enemy, destroy the enemy, rinse, repeat,”

Societies that once go in this direction seldom stop with one instance, if they’re not derailed before it can get to the genocide stage.

One example of this which many people on this site will recognize, is the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII. While it did not go to the genocide stage, the people were definitely deprived of their rights, deprived of property and voting rights, and interned in prepared camps designed for the purpose.

This puts the “Japanese” Genocide at stage 8, although oddly it seems to skip to stage 10 (denial) as few people beyond that generation even realize that it happened. It was never in any of my history books and it took curiosity research into the camps out in the desert west of Salt Lake to teach me what I should have learned in school.

Gregory H Stanton’s “8 Stages of Genocide”

Stage 1 Classification
Division into “us” vs “them,” with them being undesirable

Stage 2 Symbolization
The victims are identified by a physical or imposed difference

Stage 3 Discrimination
The victims become secondary citizens. Discrimination becomes accepted and expected

Stage 4 Dehumanization
The chosen victims are identified with animals and other undesirables (vermin, cockroaches, deplorables)

Stage 5 Organization
The extermination is deliberately planned and organized

Stage 6 Polarization
Propaganda is spread inciting hatred toward the victim group

Stage 7 Persecution
The victim group is denied basic rights

Stage 8 Preparation
Victims are identified based on their differences and targeted. Camps or other preparations are made for the final genocide

Stage 9 Extermination
They murder their victims.

Stage 10
Denial. Later generations/perpetrators deny the existence of any crime

While consecutive, the stages are not exclusive. Stage 1 continues all the way up through stage 10, but stage 2 (symbolization) has to come after stage 1 (classification). Stage 2 also continues all the way through.

Can The Road To Genocide Be Derailed?

Mr. Stanton is careful to note that these stages can be derailed if governments act quickly enough. Once stage 6 (polarization) passes, however, the situation usually runs to its planned conclusion.

I suppose by that time it’s gained enough “steam” to burn anyone who tries to stop it.

Parallels With Today

I ran across this a few weeks ago on another site and it immediately hit me that this is what is happening in the US.

Classification, check. Symbolization (scary black rifles/white/conservative) check. Discrimination, check. Dehumanization…


The dehumanization piece is interesting. Over the last year I have literally heard conservatives and “Trumpsters” and “MAGAs” referred to not only as racist bigots and haters, but also as cockroaches and vermin that need to be exterminated. This, of course isn’t hate speech, while the simple posting of a meme that goes against the “official” narrative can lose someone their job.

Burning Trump in effigy isn’t hate. Saying they are keeping “lists” so the Orange Man’s followers can be reeducated and/or exterminated isn’t hate.

But the statement that the AP is wrong in declaring the Presidential candidate in advance of the votes being fully counted can result in deplatforming.

Organization – Polarization – Propaganda

And while I can’t see stage 5 (organization) directly, I do see the polarization and propaganda of stage 6. It makes me curious about what I’m not seeing. Please ignore the man behind the curtain, and in fact you can ignore the very existence of the curtain.

As the propaganda ramps up we see politicians attempting to remove elected officials, wilder claims about terrorism and who the terrorists might be. Demands, also, for people to turn over those who were at the “violent insurrection” on the 6th.

Propaganda Leading To Persecution

There have been claims of people not being allowed to fly who were at the Trump rally on the 6th. Children turning in their parents to the FBI. The propaganda (and some persecution – cancel culture and such) is in full swing. Identifying white conservatives (and Libertarians, Christians) as domestic terrorists, not just by the DOJ but also rampant in the media.

So I think stage 6 is either in progress, or past. But again, all stages continue into the next stage, so the propaganda would definitely continue into stage 7 (persecution) and 8 (preparation).

What Stage Of Genocide Today?

At this point stage 7 (persecution) could be argued in either direction. While the legal apparatus still says we have our rights, the courts have shown a definite propensity to side with big government and big business, to the detriment of personal rights.

Our rights have not been officially removed, and probably never will be, but deplatforming and silencing the opposition is removing those rights by default. Destroying the ability to get ammunition doesn’t technically remove the right to own firearms, but it does make owning those “force equalizers” much less attractive.

Lists are being kept, and acted on.

The right to peaceably assemble, freedom of speech, of a free press, of religion…all under attack.

There have already been statements by seated politicians that those who voted for Trump should not be allowed to vote again, and “loyalty tests” have been applied to the armed forces.

Are we in stage 7 (persecution)? I don’t think we’re to stage 8 (preparation) quite yet, but we know for a fact that legislation is being presented that would make “camps” or detention facilities a reality.

I think we’re in stage 7. What say you?

You might be curious to read the following PDF handout by Dr. Gregory Stanton, The Ten Stages of Genocide, from Genocide Watch – Alliance Against Genocide:

>> The Ten Stages of Genocide

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Perhaps the genocide comes in other forms. Such as our monetary funds, or only allowing a deplorable to buy just a minimum amount of food, or ???? Where we are now? Seems we are bouncing everywhere in between. Nice article Lauren.

Those things would technically belong in stage 7–removal of basic rights. Although many despotic governments have used starvation itself as a form of genocide.

Provocative post to say the least. I had to read it twice to truly comprehend it. As to your question I would have to say that we are currently in stage 6 but will be in stage 7 by the end of the year. That much is obvious. A one-party system moves quickly especially when prodded on by violent “interest” groups like BLM and ANTIFA. The reference to the Japanese internment was excellent. In short I can personally relate to it on a family level. Btw, do not think that “denial” is not part of the plan.
Stage 8 will come about when gun control is firmly in place. The bad news is that it will happen perhaps sooner than later.
Can we stop it? Honestly don’t know. When you see comments like, “What is the worst oppression that any of you personally experienced from the libs? Anyone been jailed without cause? Anyone had their property confiscated? Anyone been on the receiving end of state sponsored violence? Yeah, me neither.” You begin to realize that unless we turn some minds we could be the next Japanese internment. Only this time it’ll be forced re-education.

The Chinese used forced re-education, both during the world wars and during their own revolutions. Essentially emotional and physical torture, and they had it down to a science. You would have thought they got the patterns from the Emperors or something.

Some eugenicists (with the Obama admin) believed in a scale of worthiness in age– Infants, small children and those over 65 and those with disabilities were nearly worthless. It is part of the marxist culture, another thing we have to look out for, no matter any political party—exceptions are the elitists of course. One of Biden’s Covid taskforce leaders, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, has publicly spread the eugenic idea that the value of life (worthiness) decreases with their certain age and disability.

So yeah, we have seen what Cumo did to the elderly population in NY, putting covid patients in with the elderly at nursing facilities, a state sponsored killing.

Excellent analysis of our situation. I am cautious but optimistic. I prepare for the worst but have an inkling this coup is going to come down by it’s own weight.

Excellent article . As a retired theologian it occurs to me that the focal point of genocide is the lack of understanding as to who a human really is by Governments. Darwin teaches that we are more of less just animals, while Christian beliefs say that ” We are made in the image and likeness of our Creator”, GOD.

Thus each human has Rights given to them, such as ” Life, and Liberty. Of course this idea is spelled out in our Constitution as well as the Ten Commandments.

I believe that Jesus had the best argument against Genocide, ” Do unto Others as you would have them do unto you”.

Can I get an Amen?

if people don’t start standing up for themselves, and i mean getting outside and doing something, we’re lost.
all of the keyboard clatter in the world will not change anything.

be active in your communities, i am,as well as many others in our area and in our state government, that’s where it starts and it will spread from there.
even in largely blue states there are elected officials who are working for us and we need to give them our full support.
but you have to get out there and do something, don’t just sit and wait for others to do it for you.
good luck all

i will NOT be forced to move to some camp not while i live

Great article, Lauren, and thank you for the thought and research you put into your writing. Judging from some of the responses, it appears you are right on target.

Great article, Lauren!

I was thinking on this topic after your recent post highlighting this info, and I’m so glad you took the time to do a full write-up for us.

It may not be sequential, or may skip a step along the way, but anyone who is paying attention can see and hear this playing out.

The name-calling, minimizing and shaming has lead to doxing, physical attacks, job losses and removal or attempted revoking of college degrees, contractual agreements and the like.

Companies, organizations and government at all levels are throwing money at politically correct causes and disavowing anyone who is non-conforming.

Chunks of our national history are being ignored and/or erased. Many of our founding fathers are being discredited, which makes it easier to dismantle our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Our Supreme Court, supposedly the ultimate upholder of our Constitution and neutral arbiter has become rife with partisanship and can no longer be relied upon to protect everyone’s rights equally.

Next, a massive wealth transfer that promises to get worse. Our military and LEO’s are being shamed and purged. And it only gets worse from here.

Good article, Lauren.
After reading it, today, I thought I’d do some quick genocide history searches.
Even back to Biblical times.
Before genocide took place:

Burning of villages, farms, businesses.

Armies that attacked and killed an unarmed or peaceful population.

Disease, both affecting humanity and food sources.

Erasing or total annihilation of history.

How many of these happenings are we witnessing now?

The highest toll was 6 million, Jews.
We live in the 21 century. It could happen to 10’s of millions of us. Easily.
Freeze accounts. Freeze retirements.
Freeze consumer purchases of goods/necessities.
Including security items.
Mandated ‘vaccinations’ to be allowed in the ‘system’.
Employment or non employed.
Government domain for those that choose to be independent.

But then there have been those that have been tried and executed for their crimes against humanity.

I guess we’ll see how far they wanna take this show and how many lives will be lost or for ever destroyed.

Ohh, yeah
Forgot to add what stage we are in:

Stage 7 Persecution

Freedom of speech
Availability of certain undesirable items.
Future damming laws

Stage 8 Preparation

How many times have we heard/read about FEMA camps?
True/not true?

Stage 9 Extermination

Las Vegas?

Stage 10

Las Vegas?

pick an area on the list, where we are currently at….
We’re there.
They just don’t have the numbers they’re hoping for…..yet.

“…..if a dominant group of people had little in common with a marginalized group of people, it is easy for the dominant group to define the other as subhuman. As a result, the marginalized group might be labeled as a threat that must be eliminated”

It’s easier to see someone as subhuman if they don’t have a face. Keep wearing the masks. It also makes it easier to exterminate people if you can hide behind a mask.

When they say 6 million Jews died that does not count the gypsies, homosexuals and other “undesirables” who were killed before he ever started on the Jews. The “official” death toll is around 10 million for Hitler.

We may be looking at step 8. The previous article about newsom reminds us that he is locking down the public and emptying the prisons. Is he making room for the new class of political criminal? Are other politicians doing the same but more discreetly?

Other “genocides” have started by politicians releasing prisoners in exchange for their support as a street army. I don’t think we’re quite there yet, but it’s a definite possibility.

Anti fa and b l m are looking alot like a street army in some places. LEO’s have been told to stand down and the ones that do get arrested are having the charges droped or bail posted by celebrities. The people that resist them are being prosecuted to the fullest extent.

Re releasing prisoners in exchange for their support. Doesn’t always work, as criminals gonna criminal. And that criminality might get in the way. OTOH Deep blue prosecutors aren’t prosecuting anybody these days, at any level, except police officers and folks simply exercising their rights with no associated criminal activity. Letting rioters, arsonists, and looters go free, along with decriminalizing assault, theft, public exposure, drug use on part of homeless guarantees that “see what Trump did” narrative will continue — even though it’s all a falsehood.
. . . .
Now that Ol’ Joe is in the White House everything is his fault and why wasn’t it solved by January 21. Let’s bang that drum until it drowns out all the leftists.

IMHO we’re at 7 and there’s enough to believe some of this is organized.

The thing that doesn’t quite match up here…yet…is that genocide usually happens to a small identifiable minority.

Lots of ways to look at it:

Trump Voters 75 – 80 million = ~30% adults

Gun Owners ~90 million = ~35 % adults

Mainline Protestant = ~15% of the total pop (~320 million)

Evangelical Prot = ~25% of the total pop

Non Denominational Prot = ~6% of the total pop

Pentecostal = ~5% of the total pop

White Males = ~30% of the total pop

Seems like for some of the Larger Groups it would be real difficult to run a large scale genocide on them especially since so many of the groups are cross-pollinated with that 90 million gun owners bunch. A significant number of that group would likely resist attempts to genocide them.

Minority making strategy ? :

Non-denom Christian, Straight, White, Single, Southern, Gun Owning, Military Veteran, Males, with a High School Education or Less. The Press seems to sneer at this group already.

That ought to be a small enough minority…The problem is that if the minority that you are trying to genocide is too large, you would likely have a civil war rather than a successful genocide.


Each successful genocide has also included another aspect — a group of people who were willing to support it, or directly participate in exchange for privileges and immunity; and those who were “just doing their jobs.”

these people talking about re educating us are arrogant beyond all belief, they have no idea how big a schitt show they would be opening, they think that they are the end all be all and cant fathom that folks like us might just take pleasure in pissing all over their plans

They are arrogant, and firmly believe they can make this happen. Just remember, there are far more attempted genocides than successful. The one common denominator is whether or not the people in question were armed.

So how does this scenario mesh with the outline of the stages of societal collapse? Societal collapse, moral decay, produces schisms between those who retain a morality and those who do not. Is this genocide timeline a result of that breakdown?

Interesting question. Financial, commercial, political, social and cultural? Or are you referring to the 4th turning? If this timeline overlaps, we’re probably looking at the boundary between political and social collapse.

I never really absorbed the “turning” concept so I can’t talk about it. To illustrate my question I give an example from my own life. In the late 60’s & early 70’s, the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius, was an era of enlightenment and great awakening. I embraced all that, throwing off all the beliefs and traditions I was raised in. This separated me from those, like my family, who were not transitioning to this “woke” frame of mind and aligned me with those who were. It was an escape from responsibility. In retrospect I did not awaken to anything, it was a collapse and I was a miserable wreck; I looked and felt horrible and had nothing to live for. After a life-changing Christian rebirth I realigned with those I had left behind and no longer drank the kool-aid of the New Age. But with that I became very aware of the gap between these distinctly different people of different beliefs. Some of the friends I made then are still there and consider the likes of me to be subjects due for the “final solution”. The conflict has moved from conceptual to threat.

When you say stages of societal collapse, what are you referring to? I’m trying to create a baseline for discussion.

I found this by doing a yippy search engine inquiry “stages of societal collapse” and found this at location called vjmpublishing (New Zealand): “As Plato wrote over 2,300 years ago, societies tend to follow a predictable arc of decline after they are established. After being founded by philosopher-kings, states tend to degenerate as ever-greedier, stupider and baser people come to power. This essay charts the collapse of societies into six stages, each stage represented by a society from the world of 2018 A.D.”
This would be what I was referring, basically the end of a nation as founded.

That is true, but along the way these societies over time came back to their senses and reestablished themselves into countries better than they were after they crashed. However, I don’t think there will be a better way than what our constitution provides…. too many idiots have their fingers on Nuclear weapons that could wipe out all existing life.

I think I have found a simpler way of phrasing my question; is societal collapse and this genocidal progression all part of the same thing, or unrelated?

. . . .
Depends on your perspective in terms of time and distance. Are you sitting on the porch or on the ISS? Looking at what’s going on today or the last 100 years or at what futurists are predicting for the next 100?
. . . .
Jared Diamond has a couple of interesting books with lots of food for thought. Guns, Germs, and Steel – The Fate of Human Societies and Collapse – How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed. Basically what happens outside and inside your control.
. . . .
Systems, just like the people that make them up, are both more complex and more basic than they initially appear. Campfire talk. Might have to watch the constellations rise and set to get to the end of the discussion.

Anony Mee; I agree, perspective has to be considered. Take Nazi Germany as an example; as they planned industrial scale genocide their economy was doing great and their morality and culture (according to their perspective) was superior in all ways. But was it, or was it decadence?

I think they’re related, but certainly not exclusive. Any society, on the point of collapse, will find an enemy to bring them back together, whether that be an external enemy (another country, an organization) or internal.

That politicians have learned to exploit this natural tendency is unfortunate. That they do it is criminal.

I would say that the genocidal progression is societal collapse in miniature, following the same patterns but exploited by (usually) one person or a small group that wants more power over the general population.

Great analogy. Lauren

I agree with you with Stage 6 (propaganda) that has to come before stage 5 (organization extermination) in this time. Organized extermination hasn’t happened yet, but the propaganda to hate the victims has flooded newspapers, main news outlets, and social media.

And parts of #7 denial of basic rights happened when courts refused to hear the evidence and denied investigation into obvious vote fraud—the plaintiffs were the 75 million voters who were disenfranchised. Our rights were denied a fair hearing. The right to free speech was denied on most popular media platforms so parts of #7 has already been implemented.

I read on a recent Gallop poll yesterday only 16% of those polled believed democracy is still present in our country.I went back to prove my findings and it disappeared. Figures, TPTB don’t want you to know the truth.

Good article. We are at at least stage 6 and climbing the ladder fast. Fortunately, I live and participate rural…..not truly affected yet, though I watch first, second and fourth, tenth, fourteenth and twenty fifth amendment issues VERY closely.