The Ammunition Background Check Act of 2021

They’re Coming After Your Ammo

The regime is now looking to enact “The Ammunition Background Check Act of 2021”. It will require all citizens who wish to purchase ammo for their already-legal firearms to undergo background checks first.

The erosion of the 2nd Amendment is commonplace for the anti-gun activist Marxists. This will be yet another hurdle to exercise your 2nd Amendment Right.

What’s the excuse this time? Well, they will personalize it by also calling it “Jamie’s Law”. Named in honor of Jaime Guttenberg, one of 17 victims in the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in 2018.

The reactionary nature of disarming Americans because deranged psychopaths kill people is dangerous and only serves to keep the guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens. Moreover, deranged psychopaths don’t even need guns to cause mass death.

This bill, like all gun control bills before it, do nothing to address the reason people go on killing sprees and only attempt to remove a single tool while laying waste to the rights of tens of millions of law-abiding individuals.

I’m sure most of you know why they are coming after the 2nd Amendment. But for those who don’t, just look at what has happened each and every time during a Marxist takeover all around the world. Without exception.

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    1. Until they put a law in, forbidding the sale of anything which can be used to make ammo at home. This is a step by step termination, elimination of fighting for freedom and keeping freedom.
      Perhaps for the politicians, the time has come to pay them a visit in the office? That would require the cooperation of all Leos who have not lost their souls and stand up for the people and not for the corrupt political elites. This will require the first step at the very bottom level of government and working the way up until someone gets it that people will not give up.

  1. Gotta wonder…..reckon how much squawlin’ we would hear…..if we required the same background check for purchasing a gun (or ammo) for holding public office?…..or undergo a background check and have to take and pass a class and pay a fee to be able vote?…

    ….or, even scarier….finding out how many folks would fail to see how these would be related…………

      1. 21Bravo,

        A 3rd grade spelling test would wipe out a third of the democrats………….

        1. and the majority of government employees, they can’t write properly if their lives dependent on it 🙂

  2. The really bad news about this bill is the reality that it will get passed and that Joe Dementia will sign it into law. The Nationalist Democratic Party (Nazi) is flexing their muscles for all to see. They know that they cannot lose in congress and the senate. This is the one-party system at it’s most evil 😈.

  3. Another extremely negative outcome of laws such as this one is the corrosion of respect for all laws.

    The concept that we should consent to be governed by the Rule of Law is at stake – the very heart of a Republic.

    We will approach the ancient Israelites during the time of the Judges – “Every man did what was right in his own eyes….”


    1. Speaking of the Israelis, how about their “Sheep No More”.

      Or, the Motto : ‘He Who Dares, Wins.”

      1. Why blame one country/people when the real enemies of us all are so obviously identified and located?

        1. Because the US is getting their marching orders from them. I do not blame the people, I blame Bibi and his entourage and those before him. Perhaps I was not clear. Yet, on the other hand, who votes for their government? People vote for the democrat politicians here in the US, are you blaming the politicians who got voted in or is the blame to share with the voters too. Playing devils advocate here. Downvoting my comments or those from others is so easy when one gets offended by a statement. As I said, don’t let your belief and faith come in between the obvious politics of a country who is holding and blackmailing another one or the rest of the world for times past. A country build on perpetual guilt tripping of others for decades and centuries to come is not your ally and will drop you like a hot potato when you are no longer useful. The other point, have you actually looked at the history of humanity, constant wars, enslaving others, genocides etc. DO YOU really believe only Jews suffered in the time of humanity’s existence? Genocide and ethnocide is ongoing today across the planet.

          1. TxinEP, Your antiSemitism is showing. Not a good look. Perhaps it was in the culture that raised you, but not here.

          2. I don’t think so. My family protected and saved many of them during WW2, considering we have family members who are Jewish. I am talking about politics. Israel’s politics are apartheid, you like it or not (it would be wise for all of them on the different sides to stop hating and antagonizing each other. If we are all children of God, then one group of people should never be put above the rest of the worlds population, would you not agree??? Because if you disagree with me on that one, it means it would justify your view that one people are more valuable and worthy then the others and perhaps you like to be in the camp of those special ones. There should be no blank check for a nation to do whatever it wants to do and cause human despair where ever it wants to.

            BTW, you may want to read up on who the Semites really were. You may be surprised.

            Should people outside of the US hate you and be anti-american because you happen to be American, or should people outside of the US have the clarity of understanding it is the politicians who are running down the country and not you, the average American?

            There is always, always two sides to a story. And as long as any one of us refuses to objectively see both sides and discern the different paths and direction one goes, then we are in for a ride.

          3. Humanity is a warmongering species. No one nation and its people are saints.

          4. BTW AM, you are saying I am antisemitic. Take a good look at the House and Congress. Why are so many having dual citizenship? Like US/Israeli citizenship. Is that okay for you? Where does the loyalty of our representatives go? Israel or the US? Whom do you prefer they have loyalty to? Please remember, this is about politics!! Not the normal people who happen to be Jewish and just want to practice their religion peacefully. As a civil servant yourself at one time or another (yes, I read your guest articles on other sites), do you agree that one can have more than the American citizenship and be loyal to our country or to the country of their second citizenship? How do senators and congressmen/women have access to classified data or get a clearance with having dual citizenship, when it is not allowed if you are in the military, a civil servant or government contractor where you can not get a clearance with a dual citizenship.

    2. This covid BS has had the same effect, i know a lot of folks who just are showing a middle finger to regulation now

  4. If you do not have enough ammo now, get it now.

    What is enough ammo?

    Enough ammo is when you have on hand all you will ever need for your current weapons for you to be effective against the coming tyranny. For some, this will be less than 1,000 rounds for their main combat rifle and 200 rounds for one side arm, as they do not expect to live very long after they fire their first shot. For others, enough ammo might include, not only their personal supply, but a communal supply, meant to be used by several operators, with amounts well over 5,000 rounds in each caliber.

    You cannot maneuver well attempting to carry all of your ammo about past a certain point. Thought should be given to what you will carry and how you will carry it, purchasing all the required gear to do Get you level 4 plate carriers now, too.

    If you are over 50, think about obtaining gear for your adult children, as your only job will be to provide point defense and covering fire. So, gear for this and set up your property with hardened points with differing fields of fire, accordingly.

    1. I have “enough” defensive ammo. That’s no problem. The problem we’re having in our state is the high cost of range ammo. As with any skill you need to put in the practice hours before you are proficient. Most of us reload so we are able to get by but sooner or later these Leftist A-holes will go after things like primers and powder. At that point all bets are off. Whatever happens is going to go down hard. Just saying.

      1. For us old guys, who have been shooting all their lives, the only reason to shoot a weapon is to sight it in properly. After that, the forty years of practice you have had should be more than enough to last the rest of your life. After all, what you might lack in skill due to lack of constant practice, is easily picked back up again, once you open fire on the enemy. The greatest threat to the older operator, who lacks practice, is the changes to their eyesight and how this effects their ability.

        After all, if you do not see very well…do not expect to be as good a shot as when you could. Get your new glasses, then just remember your sight picture.

        Otherwise, just spend the bucks to maintain the slight edge you imagine you might loose. At over a dollar a round, without replacement security, I would rather refresh my skills as I deplete my ammo on the enemy.

        But, then….I do not fire until my targets are pretty close, anyway. I mean less than 300 meters.

        1. 12g scatter gun reloads.
          Salt, fishing sinkers, pebbles, wax loads.

          No range, but a helluva mess.
          No accuracy needed.

          Leave the brass for trying times.

          1. Steel rods cut into slugs and sabboted with cardboard work fine, like you said, make a mess, washers are good too, same thing, cardboard sabbot, you can use pennies too

  5. When “it” comes there will be plenty of ammo but you will need enough to obtain enough. Adlai Stevenson said “On the plains of hesitation lie the blackened bones of countless millions who at the dawn of victory lay down to rest and resting, died”. You should have been accumulating and reloading ever since Reagan was shot.

  6. I will be more than willing to give up my ammo to them, when they want to come a take it. However I will only give up the actual bullet and it will be traveling at 2500 to 3000 FPS.

  7. The slice by slice attack on firearms will probably continue until the confiscation begins in earnest. Ammo taxes, magazine sizes, etc. etc. are only steps toward that goal.It is easier to do the job that way than all at once.
    I agree with Kulafarmer that politicians and citizens that support this foolishness are guilty of a treasonous act .

  8. TxinEP, Where in the heck are you getting your information? Some of it sounds like it’s right out of the Louis Farrakhan/Rashida Tlaib/Ilhan Omar playbook. May I suggest you heed Acts 17:11 and take a good look at information and its source before believing it and sharing it as the truth?
    .. .. .. ..
    As for what I believe – am enough of a Christian to believe that those who bless Israel will be blessed of G_d. But, perhaps it is just a coincidence that America has been Israel’s staunchest supported since its modern reconstitution, and that at the same time we’ve been improving in every way.
    .. .. .. ..
    You would be wise to read some objective (non-leftist) histories of the Middle East before discussing how many sides there are to anything there, the chronology of events, and just who is persecuting whom. It would also be prudent to know what the law says about citizenship and security clearances before making any more declarations about them.
    .. .. .. ..
    A few facts for you (1) America does not recognize dual citizenship; and, with rare exception, simply doesn’t care about it. (2) Being a Jew (religious, cultural, or biological) does not make one a citizen of Israel. (3) Having dual citizenship is not an automatic bar to holding a security clearance issued by the United States.
    .. .. .. ..
    BTW, I was a fed for more than 30 years.

  9. I actually found ammo at the store today.
    12 bulk boxes of federal .22 325 round only $17.73 not horrible
    and 6 boxes of 7.62x51mm 20 round 149 grain $21.84

    Not a lot and nobody seemed to notice it was there but me.
    Early afternoon, I didn’t need any of that but now I’m thinking I should have gotten a box or two.

  10. I am just waiting to see if and when ammo will become available.
    Ammo does store well if kept in a dry and temp controlled environment for 10 years or more. ( smokeless powder/cartridge ammo.) the choke point at present time is the fact that components are not to be found to reload existing cases or shotshell hulls ( in addition to all rimfire ammo ). I just wait and see what develops and try not to add to the hysteria or misery by complaining about the lack of things.
    The days of spending an afternoon with a bunch of people out to shoot at tin cans off a fencepost with a brick of 22 shells are over temporarily. If you are teaching your friends or children safe gun handling, responsibility and basics of marksmanship, Do not be surprised of people gift you a box or 2 of shells spontaneously.

    Storage hint: chemistry concept of standard temperature and pressure: 70 degrees F at sea level.

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