What Are The Dems Afraid Of? Why Is National Guard Still At The Capital?

National Guard Association denounces extension of soldiers in DC: ‘Inappropriate at best, illegal at worst’.

General Maj. Gen. Michael McGuire is calling for troops’ presence in Washington, DC to end.

“This enduring requirement of having them around the city, I think it’s completely inappropriate at best, illegal at worst,”

said Maj. Gen. McGuire to the Washington Examiner on Friday.

National Guard troops were deployed to DC following January 6 after Antifa  provocateurs and others led several hundred protestors onto capital grounds. They were among the approximate 800,000 peaceful patriotic citizens gathering at the Ellipse located within ‘The President’s Park’ for Trump’s address.

RT news reported, The continued presence of the soldiers, as well as extensive security measures, have become an increasingly hot topic as critics question what exact threat it is they are protecting against.

“The National Guard specifically is the last line of defense for direct policing action only in the emergent period when it is life, limb, protection of property,”  said McGuire.

Thousands of National Guard remain entrenched around the Capital which itself is surrounded by fencing and barbed wire.

National Guard Bureau Chief Gen. Daniel Hokanson also said he disagreed with the continued deployment of Guard troops.

One commenter said, “If Biden was the most popular candidate in history then why does the Capitol Building need to be under constant military protection from the public?”

Another opined, “The National Guard are being used as a tool to instill fear in the public by the Dems, by suggesting there is a terrorist threat.”

Still another said, “The national guard is being used to protect an illegitimate office holder Biden and Harris after they stole the election.”

The general opinion is the Dems are scared. And/or projecting the image there’s a domestic threat. All is theater.

What’s your opinion?

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  1. Maybe those in DC now recognize, and fear, the hand that is writing on the wall as the vatican did long ago. Is London next?

  2. Both. They’re afraid, and they want us afraid (for different reasons). They’re afraid of us. They want us afraid so we won’t question their decisions. They also want the implication that they are in “control” and there’s nothing we can do about it.

    I have no doubt that there will be some kind of false flag within a week of the NG withdrawal.

  3. It seems to be an ongoing drumbeat of one crisis after another and training people to go to the .gov for help. It also seems that being responsible for one self is a thing of the past.
    As far as the 12′ fence around the capital, I think it may be to contain the real domestic terrorists.

    1. Whether a door opens in or out depends on the location of the one using it. Whether a fence contains or excludes, likewise I suppose…

  4. Considering the physical and mental fragility of this president I think it is clear that the Marxist Left is determined to protect their “tool” at all costs. Paranoia has taken over Nazi Nancy and Chuckles the Clown, not to mention the next “president-in-waiting”, Kamala Harris. When Joe Dementia does slip on a banana peel it’ll be an inside-job by the top banana himself, Barak Obama.

  5. I don’t know the correct answer, but these political clowns expect to pass hurried legislation, that goes well beyond what we’ve seen, in the past.

    They are basically afraid of, the legit, We the People, storming the White House.

    If you have read, the NG has been treated like $hit, in DC. A few have died with undercooked meals and basically, shrapnel in their meals.

    These Demicraps and Rinos are lower than dirt.

  6. Its optics and a psyop,
    they are doing to us conservatives what Hitler did to the Jews in Germany.
    give it a bit and they will come after all of us

    1. Kula,
      Yep, that is their thoughts.
      To follow past ways of people takeover that has occurred in past history.

      That’s why they are so deemed to abolish our history.

      We’ve been told time and time again,

      Do Not Forget, for

      History Repeats

      1. Thats why they want our guns JC,,,
        a couple million well dispersed folks with a few thousand rounds of ammo can eliminate every last one of them

  7. They are going to pass something soon that We The People won’t tolerate… Anti-2A comes to mind first and foremost. They want the security in place in case a bunch of us “gun-totin’ rednecks” come for them! They are scared, but I think it’s more for a future Congressional Law that will infuriate the people.

    I only hope the NG are truly Oath Keepers and will not fire on fellow citizens.

    1. The German military killed hundreds of thousands of their own people, same with Russisn and Chinese military, thats why 2A is up to us

  8. I’m guessing at least part of the reason that fence is up and the NG still deployed is that it gives cover to continuing to allow no visitors to the WH, total media control, and no protests near the area. They don’t want anything resembling a protest over anything they’ve done, or will do. Including their attempts to dismantle 2A and the spending to come.

    They know what they are doing is unpopular… that’s why the puppet and heels up are going on tour to tout the $1.9T package in highly orchestrated and controlled media-moments around the country. Seriously, they have to go on a mini-tour to “sell” their package? Can’t wait to hear what they’ve got lined up next… I’m guessing that big tax increase they will push as a patriotic and necessary “infrastructure” package. You know, how many jobs it will create and all that. (Insert string of curse words here).

    This whole thing feels like a nightmare from which there is no waking.

    1. I understood that the border monkeys were told they would have jobs when they got here, so maybe that’s the purpose of the infrastructure bill.

      1. Biden’s going to need them to do the work, since he’s encouraging a large part of the US population to stay home on government assistance (unemployment that pays part-time people full-time pay)

    1. Times a ticken,
      for that we love and hold dear.
      Every one sees the coming shit storm, but no one has an answer.
      I want an answer.

  9. They are scared. They know what they did was wrong and what they are planning to do is wrong and the people (many on both sides) will not like it. Some of the sheep will go along because that’s just what they do.

    Just look what broke today:
    “MELTDOWN IN THE SWAMP: WAPO Retracts MASSIVE Georgia-Trump Story, Admits They Invented ‘Find the Fraud’ Quotes, Issues ‘Correction’”
    More truth is coming out. They are scared and should be. I wonder how many politicians are traveling back home or just decide to stay in the green zone.

    NG morale is falling and will continue. They best get their communist “praetorian guard” in place soon before the NG says screw you and goes awol or just calls in sick with the China flu.

    BTW. Good interview over at gateway pundit or ncr with Stewart Rhodes from the Oathkeepers. You can find out what really happened on Jan 6. Despite what the FBLie says.


    1. 11HE9,

      Good post. I would make one observation though….and it’s only dealing with semantics, dealing with the concept of right and wrong.

      They have no concept of right and wrong…only getting caught and having to pay a price for their actions. They put no moral value on anything except winning. I seem to remember they love to use the phrase “by any means necessary”.

      A warped sense of “justice” is their only moral guide…. any action is justified, no matter how despicable it appears to non-believers.

      1. I remember overhearing a conversation with my BIL when he was talking to some of his liberal cronies. He said that their vote doesn’t count in this area so they should try to mess with ours.

  10. Maybe they should be damn afraid. What they are doing to the farmers-handing out TAXPAYER money to the tune of 120 percent of farmer debt SOLELY to farmers “of color” thereby exhibiting the very definition of racist policies-it’s criminal. How on earth in any realm does it make sense to allow our government to get away with such horrifying, divisive policy? A few hundred deranged, power hungry, sociopath elitists are destroying our country in a matter of months. It’s sickening, but the question remains….how the heck do we stop it? At this rate, it will be absolutely acceptable to mow down white people for no reason other than sport-who knows-they may even get a bounty or reward. What I see happening as a 52-year old woman with memories of a time when it wasn’t like this is not what a younger generation sees-its all normal to them.

    1. Opinion: They feel that they “own” the black vote, but black farmers tend to be more conservative. Basic vote buying, on that level.

      However, if they put wording in the paperwork of these loans that says it has to be paid back with interest if the farmers don’t do what they’re told, most will bow to it. That little codicil will be passed as a minor footnote in some other monstrous piece of legislation, and be missed. Or maybe they have it in place, who knows?

  11. I don’t trust a military under a marxist regime as much as I don’t trust a marxist regime with the military.

    1. The next constitution should specify that a standing army is NOT allowed under any circumstances. The people should be the army.

      1. In principle, I would agree that sounds good. In practice, you will need professional soldiers, a warrior class, to defend against “nation-state” adversaries and actors. The Russians and the Chi-coms are not going to dissolve their armed forces just because we did.

        1. I’ve been throwing around ideas for a “new” constitution when this one falls. When the original US constitution was written that was the idea–no standing army, every able bodied man with a weapon and the training to defend (that was the whole point of militia), no wars outside the borders because there’s no standing army. It didn’t last long, there was too much money in war.

          Think about why this country has been safe for so long–the belief that there was a gun behind every blade of grass, held by people who knew how to use them. Defense only.

          Not having a standing army doesn’t mean we’re defenseless. It’s just a different type of defense.

          1. The new standing army will be comprised of advanced robotic weapons, which may either operate with a human controller..or its own internal programing. A totally modern military, using our current technologies, will look and operate entirely different from what people are used to.

            Robot ground assaults with automated air defenses, which make just about ANYTHING flying above the horizon obsolete, including long range artillery. No helicopter assaults, or evacs. No airborne resupply.

            Targeted EMP weapons of all sizes. Particle beam plasma and high energy lasers. Hypersonic systems. Totally secure, communication systems, which use quantum technologies, capable of real time communication, regardless of distance. (Sort of a “sub-space” communication technology, like in all the Sci-Fi spaceship movies, or “Star Trek.” –which you just gotta have if you want an effective Space Force.)

            When you do not need humans to go to war…and have a successful foreign policy…it is easier to do.

  12. I don’t think they’re afraid of “we the people.” They have a reason for everything they do. This is optics, but it’s like a game of chess. Their strategy is several moves ahead of what we see. When I look at different scenarios it seems to me that either through our action or inaction, they have a way to use it and win. However, there are always unintended consequences that perhaps even they won’t anticipate.

    1. Yep….sad isn’t it?

      Sad because we have to get stories like this from outside the US. ….Most American’s would be shocked reading what journalist from outside the US press’s mainstream media echo chamber that is nothing but a propaganda wing of the socialist democrat movement.

      Sad….because most Americans have no idea how the rest of the world, both allies and enemies, view the tragedy taking place in the US. They are scared….and we should be too.

      No….most Americans operate in a dry desert of false information being disseminated, while surrounded by an ocean of facts that they are denied access to without searching past the walls created by those who would keep them ignorant.

  13. Both. Trump asked for folks to stand with him and they came by the hundreds of thousands, on their own dime, in the winter, to do so. They know Trump could have called up millions to fight with him and it still terrifies them. . . . . But yes, Nancy had her little community drama when her Capital Police opened doors for people rather than directing them to the normal visitors secure entrance where they would have undergone a bag and body search. And she participated in the refusal to have NG there that day. Turns out, Dems lit a fire under the anarchists and can’t figure out how to stop it. It must give them nightmares. Good.

    1. AnonyMee
      good is right,
      and ye shall reap what ye sow,,,,,,
      they need a kick in the rear

  14. Wait until the dem’s (commies) take all of the 401k’s and IRA’s and merge them into a “Community Pot”… That means everyone will get the same retirement payment and most likely will include the illegals now arriving. This will pay for the free healthcare for the world that is crossing the US southern border. (They are now called “Global Citizens). If gun control doesn’t spark CWII that surely will…..

    1. Total asset value in all retirement funds (401k, IRA, Funded pension Plans, Personal Plans, etc.) of citizens in the US is estimated to be $28 – 30 Trillion as of late 2018. Maybe this has taken a hit since the Plandemic.

      Estimates for ‘Medicare For All’ run between $30 – 40 Trillion for 10 years.

      BtW the current version of Medicare (we’ve been on it almost 10 years) is not free. We spend thousands per year on healthcare. I don’t know the details of MFA, but you see my point…it is likely not Free Healthcare. You could lose all your retirement $ and still pay out the waz…

      Now assuming that asset values will not decline in some kind of seizure by the Goobers (not holding my breath on that one…) you can see that JUST FOR HEALTHCARE ALONE, we burn through that in about 8 years or so…

      What about funding all the other grand and glorioso plans and programs they have in place already or are planned ?

      And does the $30 Trillion debt we already have mean anything and will there ever be a reckoning for it ?


      1. Do not have to worry about all that future obligation, if most of the people it is owed too…are dead.

        Same with future health care for people, who no longer need any health care. Let the robots work 24/7 and cull the population down to about 500 million effectives.

        That should take care of all the problems.

        After the great purge, everything will be so much better!

  15. Why not? It’s already been floated, even if it didn’t get anywhere at the time. If they tell all their sycophants that all those retirement accounts belong to Rich People who OWE them, what do you think will happen?

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