What Would Happen If Martial Law Is Declared?

Martial law may be used by government to enforce their rule over the public. You may be interested to discover the answers of the following several questions that come to mind…

1. Under what circumstances might the government declare martial law?

2. What would happen if Martial Law is declared?

Let’s have a look…

When might the government declare Martial Law?

Martial Law might be declared…

…in a time triggered by events when the civilian government has broken down
…in a time when civilian authorities have lost control of order and security
…during extensive riots or when disobedience of the law becomes widespread
…to stabilize insurrections or perceived insurrections
…when the government is threatened
…in a time of war (e.g. foreign invasion)
…in a time of war (e.g. civil war)
…a coup d’état

In strict dictionary terms, martial law is the suspension of civil authority and the imposition of military authority. The military authority will act as the police, as the courts, as the legislature. The commander of the military is the President. It has been argued that the President can take it upon himself to declare martial law.

In the United States, there is precedent for martial law. The most obvious and often-cited example was when President Lincoln declared martial law during the Civil War. He suspended habeas corpus throughout the entire United States.

What Would Happen Under Martial Law?

U.S. Constitution would be suspended
Suspension of habeas corpus
Suspension of civil rights
Suspension of civil law
No freedom of the press
No freedom of assembly
No freedom of speech
Curfews enforced on the people
Troops in the streets for enforcement
Checkpoints would be set up for control
Ability to hold a person without charge
Potential arrest of anyone who is a ‘suspect’
Imprisonment without representation or due process
Potential house to house confiscation of firearms, ammunition, food supplies

In summary, the ‘Commander in Chief’ is enabled to impose martial law and military control in the United States. During a time of martial law, you will lose all of your rights. While it may be a shock (losing one’s rights under the Constitution), you will in essence be ‘naked’ and vulnerable to the actions of whomever is ‘in charge’.

Could Martial Law happen again in the United States?

Yes, of course it could.

The question is… what might trigger it, and would it be ‘local’, regional or nation-wide?

Additionally, one might wonder… if Martial Law is ever declared on a wide scale, would ‘the military’ (or militarized police, or DHS, or a modern equivalent of the ‘brown shirts’) fully enforce the actionable demands and enforcement of Martial Law from the Commander in Chief?

I suppose that depends on the ‘trigger’ and where people may stand on that…

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    1. Khay: don’t a big deal but it is ‘martial’ law, not ‘Marshall’. Anyway, you guys who do this sort of hack work found on Craigslist simply are not up to the task. Trashing Trump in an attempt to cause his base to desert him is going to be futile as a screen door on a submarine to keep the ocean out.

      1. These Democratic mayors and governors like the governors of Michigan, Virginia and well as local Democratic tyrant mayors are showing their hand. All they crave is power and control over our lives. I believe these people want to hurt the country I love so dear as well as president Trump. He loves this country and the American people. If president Trump ever did declare martial law it would be for the purpose opening our economy back up and saving the American people from these tyrants who’s soul purpose is to destroy this great country of ours for the soul purpose of hurting president Trump and his supporters. They make me sick. I’m an expat living in The Netherlands ( Holland ) and we are free to come and go as we please over here although it’s only take out at our local restaurants. I don’t recognize my country anymore.

        1. If you have being watching China is going to make any person who speaks out against the China leader the China government a terrorist and taken away ,this is going to happen to the people of Hong Kong.That is considered retaliation by the China leader and government would you not agree China has declared that if it continues they will DEFUND Hong Kong and cripple it financially This is the way a communist country operates. Both my grandfather’s servers their country my dad my step dad served their country 3 of my uncle’s also served 1 of those was called back as a cilivilan because of special skills to a forgien country and I have never been told what he did their because it is classified. Now they served for many reasons and 1 of those was to protect the rights and way of life in the United States ,1 right that they all held was that we have the right to be able to speak out against our government and any elected official. Including the president without fear of retaliation.if you are a American this right should be VERY important to you. A few weeks ago the president threaten serval states and their governers to DEFUND those states where the governors publicly said something against him ,That sir is retaliation! My family did not serve to have this right pissed on by Trump . you expect this from a communist country not the United States.Their is 0 difference then the president to retaliate against those governors and China threatening the people of Hong Kong for speaking out against the leader of china

          1. With all of the Anarchy that is happening in this country and Criminal damage to both Public and Private property I would welcome Martial Law. Both Mayors and Governors are expected to uphold and enforce all law and they are not doing so. I served and so did my ancestors and they did not serve to allow people to destroy what others have worked their entire life to build.

          2. Dave

            Maybe you should research what Martial Law, actually entails. Maybe then, you won’t wish for it

            Wishing for Martial Law is a Fools wish

          3. Dave – Martial law gives me a big chill down my spine. We humans tend to see things in dichotomy – black or white, this or that. We fail to see that just because one situation, chaos, is undesirable, it’s opposite (martial law, for example) is desirable. There are more than just two options here, and the two mentioned above are both undesirable to me. Oppression is bad, in my book, whether done by the agents of the Marxists, or the agents of the State.

          4. What about agents of BLM and Antifa? That type of oppression is much worse than by agents of the State in my opinion.

          5. He was going to defund because those governors wanted the money to rebuild their cities that they let BLM and Antifa burn down.

        2. President Trump will declare it on the 19th. And lock up the bidens and the clintons in Cuba!!!

    2. khay

      If your comments are indeed sincere, you are woefully misinformed. All you have to do is read the actual text messages and emails from some of the corrupt gov employees to gain a real world perspective. I hope you will do furthur research and break out of the cnn bubble. good luck

    3. David, Old Chevy – on a rustic road, Tommyboy, Modern Throwback;

      ….You all know it does NO good to comment back to a Troll/Fly-by that just want’s to comment on a 2 year old post and try to raise some stink. Tis a typical ploy of the Socialist party…. Come-On-Man why waste the time with this sort of post? we have Ken to pick on….. Right?

    4. The democrats are above the law. Hilliary Clinton destroyed evidence, no charges. Bill Clinton, not impeached for perjury, Eric Holder not prosecuted for fast and furious. Trump has been investigated, spied on, for Russian Collusion, but eveyone who have been guilty of charges, have been guilty of everything but Russian Collusion. Trump has been critical of the press, because they lie. They are a propaganda machine that have you and the other sheep under control.

      1. Dan , The evidence is not destroyed. It has been preserved in one of the sets of computers that is as big as an apartment building…, and hidden under ground. protected. There is no statuet of limitations on TREASON. They will be taken care of by MILITARY Tribunals, which always handles those cases. Those in charge of and involved in both defense and prosecution of tribunals must be security cleared. Those of us out in the country may not be far from the rock, we have not stayed Under the rock! We have a chess master playing “Chess” and the rest are still playing ” jacks.”

        1. Chiming in late because the results are in (After being held 10 months and the “so-called” press lied to the whole time while feds TRIED to get something that wasn’t there),

          But now I find for the truly guilty to actually be prosecuted Trump would have to initiate martial law while the proceedings are going on since the bullies bullying everyone to see their opinion that trump MUST be a bully (unfortunately NOT only America) would literally burn America to the ground to attempt for us to see ALL of life through THEIR opinion.

          This is why I am searching about martial law. I have the truly disturbing feeling that to actually prosecute the guilty this would have to be, but I am trying to find out what would happen if martial law is enacted and the acting president dies while in place? Or of course in this case KILLED by the peaceful activists that have already called for it ALL over the net to NO recourse.

      2. Why is it no one is talking about the huge rainbow elephant in the room?
        We have been under Marshall law for decades.
        What they are not saying , that is what they are omitting is that any “war” activates Marshall law and the constitution is suspended.
        The war on drugs , the war on anything that the government implement based on their agenda .
        Let me ask you ?
        What king or government has ever set it people free ?
        They can’t, for we are their life support.
        They create all of the problems of the world as a scapegoat, and justification.
        Come on people wake up , not once , not twice . but many times they have shown us who they are , what they stand for and we ignore the adult duty of removing our trust and dependence upon people who always show they will lie , steal , omit , deny ,ignore our wants and needs over their desire to control, dominate , separate and steal our wealth thru our signatures as financial instruments.
        Yes your signature creates and created your loans for your home’s and cars .
        I can prove it to you that they are useing your birth certificates as a bond traded on the stock exchange .
        Their are a plethora of lies , we are living a lie .
        The 1% is living the great life because they control our account .
        Whenever you buy anything that bill is paid in full.
        All taxes are only interest payments to these people .
        Eceryone that has attempted to warn the people have been silenced .

    5. I’m sorry to say this, but you’re just a lemming, believing whatever lie is fed to you. Trump is the greatest President this country has ever had. Those you believe in, are traitorous Satan worshipping, human trafficking, drug trafficking excuses for human beings. Wake up, before the truth slaps you in the face!

      1. Do t shoot the messenger. If you think Fox News is the ONE then you are worse than any journalist and so biased your eyes are crossed and your brain is in crisis

    6. your a fool.you know none of your fake mobmadness delerium talkibg points are true .the pedocrats are attempting a media coo and brainwashing fools like you

    7. Hi my name is hector im 29 years old. I just dont see americans just giving up there freedom. Im a hard working soul with a past and a presence. I stand for FREEDOM.

    8. That’s what he must do cuz Democratic Congress has imposed a coup d’etat against President Trump for nothing wrong he has done. Martial law must be imposed to remove a rogue do-nothing Congress.

    9. There is an attempt currently going on by socialist/communist elements in the democratic party and the leftist controlled media, not only to overturn the results of a fair election, and take down a sitting president, but also destroy the Constitution and turn the United State into a Marxist cesspool. All conservatives and Second Amendment supporters, must stand fast with President Trump, and be willing if need be, to fight for our President, our Nation, and our Constitution. President Trump may need to declare martial law to save our rights and values that the demoncraps, and their cronies in the leftist media want to tame from us. God Bless America, and God Bless President Trump.

      1. Umm,idiot? Once martial law is declared you have no civil rights? Which means no freedom of speech,no freedom of religion,no rights to bear arms!!!! Damn you conservatives and democrats are dumb

        1. Double I

          Do you think you have rights now?
          Or are they being slowly diminished day by day, year by year?
          Are we under martial law now?
          Nope, but it seems as if our rights are being slowly taken away, piece by piece.
          Are you not being tracked by, everywhere ‘security’ cameras, cell phone tower location pings, credit card purchases, vehicle plate readers?
          These rights are not hashed by conservative mind thought
          They are eradicated by Democratic and Independent intelligent idiots.
          ….and those without balls to make a stand.
          Middle of the fence riders, so to speak.

        2. Independent intelligence

          May I call you Triple I?
          Sorry, I get a little hasty I my comments. Never really getting into the details.
          Martial Law:
          All Constitutional Law will be null and void.
          To add to my previous list:
          Selected ‘free’ speech zones, gun free zones, use ta was, when I was a kid, random police check points on highways, Red flag laws, Virginia gun law escapades, along with NY, California, New Jersey, Chicago.
          Demising of Christianity in this country and world wide. Collected and stored data of American citizens. Curfew is only enforced in certain cities, unless a minor.
          Employers now find the freedom to do the same radical spying on their employees. Employees with no rights, the big employer has all say.
          I’m sorry, Martial Law will be different how?

          1. I don’t understand how information on martial law is a topic carrying such political charge. Apparently it has happened SEVERAL times in even U.S. history, under many different presidents and partirs.

          2. People stuck in miserable conditions they have no power to change, will engage in pathological behavior very quickly, and consequences will ensue. Drive through any American ghetto, barrio, or dying democratic town and you’ll see it in technicolor.

            Martial Law will turn this whole country blood red.

            Maybe you need to study more.

          3. So yes, this virus is a very serious threat and this pandemic requires a very strong national response.

            However, we have got to find a way to fight this virus and maintain our constitutional rights at the same time.

            I understand that it isn’t always going to be easy to find the right balance, and the temptation for our leaders to overreact is going to be overwhelming at times.

            But defeating this virus won’t be any sort of a “victory” if we lose what it means to be Americans while we are doing it.

            So let us battle COVID-19 with great courage, but let us also carefully guard our constitutional rights whenever they are threatened. Michael Snyder

            We all need to start raising hell, about the attack on our Constitution and Civil rights. Before it to late.

    10. Download and read the MCA (Military Commissions Act). Once activated, WE Americans can just about kiss all of our freedoms goodbye. Military tribunals, courts without any representation, held indefinitely without knowing why. Yeah, a rather scary scenario. It’s already on/in the books.

    11. Misinformed for sure. What makes this much worse is people like this make very important decisions on this misinformation which in turn causes harm to so many others around them. You have a very serious responsibility as a human being to think before you react. Research and don’t just repeat what you hear or read. Make sure you verify and authenticate.

    12. Now you can see how ridiculous your statement is.
      The only one that’s been obstructing anything and breaking laws is a Democrats.

    13. I pray he stays above the law!! I knew all about what could happen if the Dems were in. HORRIFIC!! BELIEVE ME.IF OBAMA EVER GETS IN WE’RE ALL DEAD!

    14. Trump is not for disarming the US citizens. Neither is he interested in being like Putin. You’re listening to some deceived liars.

    15. What is it . well you lose all rights and gov. Takes control.

    16. When a pal called to say Trump had declared Martial Law, I thought it was yet more catastrophizing from a very negative person. Looking into the elements of the real definition of martial law, only moving the National Guard was done by Trump, (the Constitution was not suspended, as much as Trump and Barr may have wished for…) and no official declaration was signed. Look, Trump is a failure and a disaster as a President and a human, but bloviating just like him is not a good idea, folks. Stick to the truth. It has the longest shelf-life.

      1. According to facts and records he broke. one of the best presidents we ever had..Democrats voted for a guy who did one thing made the stop ans frisk black people law..but didnt vote for a guy who has a list of accomplishments…

  1. Ken, another thought provoking post. Boston was a pretty good indication of what could happen. They shut down the whole city over two “amateurs” running around.

    Can you imagine if there had been 20 skilled, experienced men involved in that terrorist plot? They would have shut down all the adjoining states too.

    A pandemic outbreak is another reason to institute martial law. They can institute Martial Law 18 months prior to it hitting American shores. Each state is required to have their own plan.

    The DOD plan encompasses all the states. DOD/Homeland are running the show as it (a real or imagined pandemic) is considered a National Security issue. People should read their own State’s plan. The DOD plan is about 300+ pages. Most states are around 80 pages or so.

    That sure makes for interesting reading. The age of “bad Times” is approaching…

    1. The brothers probably thought they carried out the attack, but the official narrative is BS. I read that the bomb that supposedly shredded lombs didn’t even spill drinks in nearby bars.

      Remember Holder going on TV demanding that people “Be on the lookout for these two suspects and ONLY these two suspects”?

      Never heard any more about John Doe #2 in OKC. Witnesses claimed to see middle eastern looking men fleeing the scene.

    2. how do I find this DOD Plan? I’m having a hard time bringing it up. is it called something else?

        1. Whatever happened to those Wal Marts that had mysterious ‘Plumbing issues’ where no plumber ever showed up? Something like six Wal Marts all closed at the same time overnight.

  2. At a time like this, I can only think of the words attributed to Ben Franklin:
    “He who gives up a measure of liberty for a measure of safety, deserves neither.”

  3. No one man should have this much power. Only the congress should have the power to declare martial law. I don’t think all of the US MILITARY will follow his orders, If the majority of people is against it. I think he would use the homeland security boys to do his dirty work.

    1. Part of the reason for giving the president this power is that it might have taken months to assemble the Congress for the purpose. In emergencies, our Founding Fathers determined that one man who was focused at the center of gov’t (rather than scattered out tending to their own personal affairs, as most of the original Congress were volunteers with businesses and farms of their own) would be able to act decisively and on a moment’s notice.

      I don’t know if they envisioned a day when Congress would be a full time job for 600 people, and we would be able to assemble all within a few hours and Skype in those who couldn’t make it.

    2. I couldn’t agree with you more hogdog. Some of the active duty military personnel will not join that fight, but the ones you have to worry about are the weekend warriors that don’t do anything but where a uniform one weekend a month 2 weeks a year. It already happen in the events of Katrina. The important thing is to look within yourself and find out what you are willing to do to help your family. It’s easy to fight in a combat environment when it’s just yourself but when you have children involved that are only 10 and under that makes it a little more difficult. Food for thought.

      Semper fi

      1. Yea, you need to worry about the “weekend warriors”! We’re the ones that deploy (my IBCT deployed 3 times to Afghanistan and once to Iraq in a 8 year window..as a Guardsman) with a few months notice, once were sourced; the ones that can train and fight just as good, or better as our AC brethren; the ones that love our country just as much as the AC soldier, or even more, since we have our own businesses, and probably more ground and invested than the AC soldier. And guess what Mr. Marine!!?? We have an assload of weapons and ammo. Dude, you don’t need to worry about us…. Move along dude

        1. Machine,
          Good to hear, i just hope most of your bretheren feel the same way, and honor their oath

    3. Well Reagan handled some things poorly like the Airport Strikes. The issues in the airports were and are still an issue.

      1. Hawk,

        It hasn’t happened yet because it has never before been the last year of Obama’s last term. Someone here said that Obama wants to retire — looking forward to his lifetime vacation. But whoever is controlling him wants him to stay. Hillary might be indicted; Sanders probably wouldn’t win; and I think it is too late for Biden. So to keep power and to keep all Obama’s executive orders from being cancelled the first day of a Republican administration, they will declare martial law. (If they don’t, then it means the Dem candidate has the votes to win.)

        1. Daisy: what you said makes lots of sense. If it doesn’t happen and Trump or Cruz gets in, I will be amazed the day one of them takes office. However, no one has a right to force their way into someones house and steal their stuff, or tell them they cannot get with family or other friends. If I want to go to a friend’s house and visit that’s my right even under martial law. If someone wants to have a birthday party or cook out, that’s their right.

          1. Theoretically, yes. But as I understand, you currently need a permit in order to have more than twenty people in a group. It isn’t normally enforced (and before you ask about churches, those churches are registered and gathering is “permitted” under the terms of their registration) but it could be. If martial law was instituted, it likely would be enforced.

          2. Under martial law you have no rights!
            You have to obey the soldiers in the streets!

          3. under martial law we loose our amendment rights look at the DOD FOR your state .

          4. Grow up ! You’re f’n paranoid , it was way worse when Clinton was in office , he just covered every thing up , Mr.Trump has the balls to be 100% transparent

        2. Remember what Soros said: Trump will win the election but Hillary will be in the White House. Sounds like a veiled threat to me. Or Obama will remain as potus. And those weapons caches that were found in D.C…..that took planning and people. Heads up.

          1. The Pro Trump economy compared to his first two years are already winding down and whispers of a recession 2020. The clock is being wound back to Obama Standard Time. OST.

        3. Guess what? Trump for his whole live has ALWAYS been a Democrat and in 24 hours he suddenly changes? He had mysterious phone calls with Hillary we don’t know to what extent.

          The hate is just a dog and pony show. If Trump were to do something that broke the global elites they would declare Martial Law and make it look like Trump did it. Then you know Trump hit a very weak link. But we know he only skims the surface.

    1. I think you may be correct on this. With the rioting and protests, it would not surprise me. These protests most likely a tactic for Soros and that band of evil to keep Obama in office since Hillary lost the election. Makes perfect sense.

  4. I drive a lot. Seems like I’m always on the road. Other drivers can be a pain in the butt. I especially dislike the drivers who are more concerned with their rear view mirror than what is in front of them. They pull out to pass on the highway, you pull out behind them and they slow down because you are too close. Or your driving through town and you know the light is about to turn red and you are trying to stay close to make it through and they slow down while frowning at you in the rear-view mirror.

    There are people in this world who thrive on making others miserable. But I’ve learned that if you appear to not notice them, give them space so they aren’t seeing you as an opportunity to be the A-holes they really are that they look for someone else to pester. Lay low, wait for your chance and pass them and never look back.

    If Martial law is ever passed I will make sure I have nothing on my person, in my car or on my property that will attract them, make them suspicious or give them reason to look twice at me. It may not work or may not work perfectly but they will be looking for someone to bother or in the best case looking for the bad guy and your job is to look like the good guy. Smile, be thankful for their service, helpful and not suspicious. Be the grey man, be the person everyone forgets. Don’t be the jerk, or tell them what the constitution says or you have rights, etc. Your goal is to fake them out, slip past them while they look for someone to piss off.

    1. GWTW sounds like one of the assholes who ride your ass approaching a traffic light and then throw a fit when the rear end your car, even though you have plenty of room and stop.

    2. I HATE people who ride my bumper,,, i will slow way the hell down because when one of you shid for brains morons follows too close and i have to slam on my brakes for another one of YOU shid for brains buttheads who cuts me off maybe the donkey following on my arse wont hit me. Seems you all think you are immune to the laws of physics

      1. This is what causes traffic jams as enough people do it to f’k up the roadway. Traffic jams are NOT natural. If enough people obeyed merging traffic would constantly be moving.

        I don’t mean moving fast but at least you won’t be stopping and wasting gas. That happens because one or more idiots way down the road you can’t see decide to cut in front forcing everyone around them to slam on their brakes.

    3. Good advice. Take the pressure off yourself so you have time to slip away and regroup.

    4. Good advice, GoneWithTheWind. Here we are, two years later, and all the dire predictions never came true. Which is not to say that Martial Law could not be imposed at some point in the future. In fact, new rumors have it that President Trump will declare Martial Law to round up the Deep State and swamp creatures and have them tried by military tribunal and sent to Guantanamo. Who knows. In any case, if it ever happens, I will follow your advice, keep my head low and just be the “grey” person everybody forgets.

      1. Your comment is what got me here Fed-up.

        I found out the same thing that Trump would HAVE to initiate martial law to prosecute the guilty.

        So I have the scary question of what would happen if the Deep State treasonous ones uses their usual execution method on Trump WHILE the trials are proceeding and martial law is in effect?

  5. Reminds me of a story I heard that happened during WW11 in occupied Italy.
    A businessman gets up in the morning, looks outside his bedroom window towards the town square, and sees which flag is flying that day. He then puts on the appropriate clothing for the day, and goes about his business.
    The Gray Man.

    1. ….And why do you think they are trying to provoke and instigate war somewhere else? One reason to “pre-position” known resources, distraction, money, power wealth..reduction in population achievement and ability to provide for families makes them dependent on regime.

    2. Yup agreed, but that’s why Obama is getting rid of the generals and commanders that won’t comply with the agenda

  6. If a national Martial law was declared for no reason than the whim of the president who likes to take away guns, there are 350,000,000 private guns/firearms owned by an estimated 100,000,000 people in the US, while there are a total of 62,000 police and military per 6 million people, and 2 million of them are gun owners. This is why the second amendment is important.

    Given Martial Law for a real, dangerous, scenario makes me keep my head low as I remember what they did after Hurricane Katrina, so they cannot be trusted. The unfairness of Martial law presumes everyone guilty and promotes tyranny without our constitution to protect us. I can only hope the military has a humane side without destruction, abuse, or confiscation of innocent people or I will be heading deeper into the forest.

    1. Yup, and if you add up all of the hog/gator/deer hunters in the U.S., it is one of the World’s biggest Armies.

      Problem is, it is really-Really tough to take down a helicopter/tank with a 12ga. 870, or a Ruger 30-06.

      So the goal would be to get artillery, explosives, and learn how to use them.

  7. Martial law initiated with curfews and checkpoints on a local or regional scale is one thing but house to house confiscation of firearms, ammunition and food supplies is a whole other animal. Have that second cache of needed supplies safely secured elsewhere and fly under the radar until then.

    1. There are already checkpoints at each state border, weigh stations, etc. The facilities are in place. It’s just a matter of implementing them.

  8. Probably, just before Martial Law is declared, the President will shut down the Internet, and, depending, have already coordinated with Foreign Nations for troops to enforce it.

    1. The coordination is already completed, just waiting or getting ready for a triggering event…

  9. Is it now becoming clearer why there is such a big push to get television OFF the air and onto cable/internet? The Department of Homeland Stupidity cannot completely control television stations that use the airwaves. They CAN control it if it is only available over cable. Can you imagine what it would be like with only ONE website operational? One television channel operational? With the Emergency Action System (EAS) almost fully operational generic radio stations are now controllable by DHS/POTUS. Time to get the shortwave radio out and see how it works. Know how to make an external antenna? Listening to europe or other continent may be a requirement.

  10. I can’t see that happening in Texas. I just cannot see Texas citizens or even our own military going along with that. But I could be totally wrong. I hope not.

    1. I’m a little behind in my reading so forgive me for being late. In response: having been in the military I “knew” my comrades, most were stand up guys, some turned out to be pieces of s#*t. And now two divorces later I’ve got to state that you only think you know someone until the day you know you never did.

  11. We had martial law in Canada when I was young. In 1970,the FLQ in Quebec were doing kidnappings, bombings and eventually the murder of a British diplomat. Pierre Trudeau, the Prime Minister at the time, declared martial law in Quebec, not the entire country, until the situation was resolved, which it was. The culprits, were caught, arrested and tried.

    1. Just one thing,a little mistake in here, it was not the British diplomate who was killed, it was Pierre Laporte who was a minister with the Quebec liberal party at the time.The British diplomate was saved and returned to his homeland.

      1. I forgot to mention in my previous message that they didn’t caught all of them because a couple of those guys flew to Cuba to hide from the law and the last one came back after 25 years in Cuba to surrender to the authorities he was in prison for several years, he’s out and free now.

  12. Martial law? Does the government really need to send in the military. I say no, it is not necessary when the government wants to control the people here is how they do it with ease. The government then:

    1. Closes the banks to control cash flow. This takes a few seconds.
    2. Stops fuel (gasoline)delivery and the gas stations are empty in about a day.
    3. Shuts down communications(cell phone towers, etc.). This takes a few minutes.
    4. Shuts down food delivery to the food stores. Food stores will be empty in less than a day.
    5. Shuts down the Internet. This stops credit and all commerce. This will take a few minutes to implement.

    At this point even medical help is not available.

    The government does not need the help of local law enforcement to do the above.

    Now, the Feds ask the people ” are you hungry”, and/or ” do you need our protection”. Well, if so then do what your are told.
    The sheeple are now ready to submit! Are you?

    1. Now…..who was it that has been buying billions of rounds of ammo and 10s of millions of emergency rations the past few years………on the tip of my tongue…….

    2. At No Joke,
      Isn’t this one of the things we prep for. I am prepped enough so that we could hunker down for well over a year without any of your listed items. I am willing to die to defend my preps and family. My biggest concern is what would happen to the rest of my family if I was to die defending them or the preps we have worked so hard to acquire.

      1. We must stop thinking about being willing to die & start preparing to be willing to kill.

      2. You can count on our military killing Americans big time , I am ex. Marine and am telling you they will ENJOY killing you Americans, plus they will not eat or get paid if they don’t….study history you will never find that the military did NOT kill there own people …………WAKE UP and smell the coffee….

        1. You’re disillusional if you say that…why, because you are a supposed fmr Marine? Oath takers will not take arms against the citizens of our nation….those that would won’t last long. Don’t forget about us other veterans who refuse to allow this.

          1. Are you kidding saying gee our military won’t take arms against its own people? ? I’ve never served in the military and I’m just a single homeless woman in ca. . i know they would take arms against us without batting an eye..a bit scary because what about me.. I have no where to go..i don’t have family and close friends.. I’m a loner and I’m the first to go because I’m not important in any way and nobody would know and or care..

          2. You more than anyone have an advantage. You have been living the post shtf life for long enough to survive and excel at it. Your only concern is staying out of sight. Those who have familial connections have to worry. You do not. Those living a “normal” life will have to make a HUGE adjustment to street survival. You will not. In a way you are ahead of the game. And people do care so don’t forget that!

          3. EVERY PERSON born on this earth is IMPORTANT & HAS a PURPOSE IN LIFE.
            EVEN YOU

        2. You can’t be a solid Marine because a true Marine don’t know the term ex Marine. A true Marine considers himself as a former Marine,because you’re a Marine for life!

      3. Texasprepper, can you point me toward some reading material resources? I have never been interested in prepping until this election cycle but I’m a little worried right now. Idk where to start.

        1. Ree, if you go to the top of the page, you can click on “Survival Library.” Ken has a list of books organized by topics. Of course, just reading all of the material on this site can get you going really well, too. Welcome to prepping!

    3. Hmmm a voice of reason. If.. and that is a big if they decide to do a national lock down I think this is how it would happen also No Joke

    4. NoJoke is probably spot-on. Over the years, I’ve bumped into too many people that didn’t know each other, all of whom having some Intel background, and they all said exactly the same thing, years apart, in different parts of the country. The gubbermint don’t need no stinking military to impose Martial Law. Just stop the trucks, stop the fuel, shutter the ATM’s and kill the Internet, and wait a day or two.

        1. I have not had any spending money & am finding out how fast your preps can go,
          when you don’t have a lot.

    5. I am about 5 hours from the Canadian border, and I have to cross state lines to get there. Small chance I would make it, huh?

  13. As we’ve all seen legislation is being considered to make it a hate-crime to speak out against certain groups. So….. I’ll tell a parable of my own creation to answer both what I feel will be the cause of martial law and the solution to same. Assign the analogy as you all see fit:


    When I was a boy, all the good people of the neighborhood I grew up in had an on-going battle each year with dandelions. You all know them. Pretty many-petaled yellow flowers that once pollinated go to seed with wonderful puffballs of hundreds of seeds each with their own little soft cottony parachute. When the leaves of the plants are very young, they make a nice tender… wee bit bitter, yet welcome, addition to a salad or soup. Some truly creative folks picked those golden blooms and pressed them to make a tangy wine out of. Seemingly a beneficial plant. Yet, each year the war raged on to eradicate them. Even to the extent of chemical means used to do so.

    But in the end, it was always as the old-timers said – “you have to get them when they are still young, just in bloom at the latest……. or they will spread like wildfire”. Still the stupid children would delight in finding the puffballs of seeds and blowing them to the winds!!! And let just one seed land unobserved, undestroyed and within all too short a time those same cute little seed fluff flyers would take over a nice neat manicured yard. For a dandelion ‘colony’ once established will not cease its efforts until every blade of green grass is gone.

    The only really effective way to rid one’s yard of dandelions was to dig them up by the roots. Special bi-pronged ‘V’ pointed tools were used for the purpose. Care had to be taken. For by the time the plants began to bloom, those tasty leaves had already begun to form tiny thorns, a saw-edged leaf, the sap was milky and very, very bitter and sticky. Worse, if the roots were not completely dug out, the plants would rebound quickly. And even more-so, the most negative feature was that one could not just throw the dug out roots out into a bin or just a pile in a corner of the property. Why not? Those roots would still be alive and would spend their last ounce of life to reroot and spring forth again. To once and for all end the menace of dandelions, they had to be destroyed completely – most often by burning of every last scrap of them in a barrel.


    1. Here it is not dandelions that look like what you describe. It is wild prickly lettuce. It’s a bit bitter but quite edible. The leaves are quite good in sandwiches. I also grew some romaine lettuce this past winter, and it produced the same white puffball seeds as well in early June.

  14. Suspension of habeas corpus –> DHS
    Suspension of civil rights –> TSA, NSA, Patriot Act
    Suspension of civil law –> Not yet
    No freedom of the press –> Censorship already in place, enforced by “public opinion.”
    No freedom of assembly –> Only with a gov’t permit
    No freedom of speech –> Censorship already in place, enforced by social media. Just ask anyone who’s made a statement against someone in power.
    Curfews enforced on the people –> Not yet
    Troops in the streets for enforcement –> Not yet
    Checkpoints would be set up for control –> State borders, weight stations, traffic cameras
    Ability to hold a person without charge –> TSA, DHS, NSA
    Potential arrest of anyone who is a ‘suspect’ –> Patriot Act
    Imprisonment without representation or due process –> Patriot Act, DHS, NSA
    Potential house to house confiscation of firearms, ammunition, food supplies –> Not yet, but they sure try to control who buys them.

    If anyone has examples for those listed “Not yet,” feel free to add them. This is just a quick list. I could come up with multiple examples if I wanted to take the time.

    1. Lauren,

      Maybe this one can be added too: when I worked for the feds as a civilian, and that was back I think in 2012 if memory serves, we got a memo to report coworkers experiencing distress as to financial stuff, issues with spouses, children, family members, issues with coworkers if a spouse experiences, issues with management. It was a long memo and we were told pretty much to snoop and report on each other. All that in the name of national security. Maybe it is a blessing they let me go.
      Also, once I was asked what I think about the administration and if I remember my oath I gave. I told them yes, and I gave my oath to the constitution and the people, and not to the person sitting in the oval room. Yep, that was the beginning of the end of my career.

    2. Curfew’s are already implemented for certain areas for kids under 18. Just one more way to make curfew’s appear “normal”.

  15. I’m not ready but survival is all about not being ready but making do anyway, and of that I am capable! I’m just hopping in canoes and heading down river to deep woods, and digging in! Remember to take RAT TRAPS with you, as they are the snazziest small game trap available, easy to use, and hear as well! You can survive with three of them alone feeding you daily!

  16. The scariest nine words ever spoken….”I’m with the government, I’m here to help you!”

  17. I have heard it said that you cannot change Presidents in a state of martial law. Is this correct ? If so , we are in deep dodo. And coming before November.

    1. If required the president can suspend elections. I believe that like declaring war the congress has 90 days to put the clamps on him.

    2. I would bet that if it looks like Trumpster is looking like he is winning the progressives will pull some shis,,
      The left are the true terrorist and domestic enemies, just look at history

  18. Bill Jenkins Horse, Looking forward to the answer to your challenge to see what’s wrong with the photo! I see that they are at a duplex building, but only trying to enter one dwelling. Also, they (swat and police) look bored and waiting patiently. And why are the police wearing the same equipment and dress as SWAT? Beach’n

    1. There is nothing wrong with the photo. It is from Katrina. The officers are looking for survivors, not conducting a dynamic entry!!!

      1. @Jon, actually the photo was taken in Boston during their ‘martial law’ experience. They were going door to door and entering all homes looking for the teenage bomber while the city region was on mandatory ‘lockdown’.

    2. All the uniforms are brand new, there are no weapons. That’s all I saw. Lack of weapons could be because they’re not doing something where they expect a firefight, so the only thing is the uniforms.

      1. Looks like they’re all carrying AR15’s, except maybe one (lower right). All others have a single-point sling around their neck and shoulder and the AR is visible on several of them if you look closely.

        From an analytical perspective, the first thing that struck me in general was their apparent vulnerability while clustered together casually in front of the porch. But perhaps since they were looking for a teenage kid (Boston bomber), seems they weren’t so tactically concerned…

  19. Bill J. Horse: I don’t have a clue, but my initial response was that I would’ve expected black uniforms that said merely ‘police’ and not ‘swat’. I also expected they’d be on the street, not at a house. Just shows me how little I know about the nature of martial law. No doughnuts? Is that it? I give up.

  20. The unfortunate mistake many people make is believing that most cops are against them.

    The majority of Officers and military personnel are patriots that believe in the rights of the people. You should hear private conversations one on one, its encouraging.

    1. @Josh, I believe that you are correct to an extent. To what extent, I’m not sure. I can add that I have an in-law relative who is a retired LEO and I know that he is a patriot who would not have blindly fallen into lock-step… He is a vocal advocate for the 2nd Amendment, and I believe that many others are too…

  21. The media has falsely reported on many LEO events to alter the public’s perception. Breaking down the trust in their police.

    Like in any field there are most definitely bad cops that always gain the most public attention.

    I would submit that perhaps with police and military being the minority, they are waiting for good people to take a stand against tyranny and stand beside them. After all, they want a bright future for their kids too.

    Final note: Foreign soldiers will carry out the majority of the dirty work.

  22. Yeah, I dont think any house to house stuff is going to happen. Disaster relief and riot control maybe, but not a government takeover. Many of my old army buddies are higher ups now and that crap isn’t going to happen on their watch. Nobody wants to kick in their neighbors door and take their stuff. And as far as being afraid of a UN takeover… no. Just no.

    1. House to house stuff is definitely going to happen. You must understand the hatred on the left that originates with lucifer. It is not enough for the left to take power. They must eliminate freedom. You have freedom in your own home. They will want to eliminate this by taking everything of value (food/water/precious metals/supplies). Your freedom is what is most precious to you. Your home is the base of your freedom. They are coming into your home. This is why at the very least you must conceal your preps in your home as much as possible. They will be under pressure to complete their searches in a timely manner. Therefore you must make it difficult to find your valuables. Look at the hatred on the left with groups such as black lives matters. They barge into restaurants and interrupt people eating meals. They will do the same at your home. They consider your preps to be stolen by you (racist). Period. Everything you have has been stolen. You are a racist and a thief. Therefore you must lose everything you have and be punished. This is who is in office.

  23. I feel that if martial law was ever enacted anyone that preps and follows this and other websites would know days ahead of any event that would cause our President to act if history teaches us anything nothing happens without warning like 9/11 Katrina our power grid is a waiting victim to either cyber or EMP and lest not forget solar flare but at every level our gov’t turns a blind eye to our nation’s most important system without power watch how fast everything falls apart is it planned and accepted just wait and see.

  24. A nuclear detonation somewhere in the United States would probably be the trigger of choice to implement martial law.

    It would be ideal, for many reasons.

    It would be hard to trace the perpetrator in the short term. There would be catastrophic damages, and an immediate fear of fallout, or further nukes.

    It would be universally, unquestionably, assumed an act of terrorism or an act of war.

    And most importantly, many people would assume, indeed, demand, martial law as a matter of course.

  25. Hey ken,I hope I didn’t open up a can of worms here.
    First,the reason I mentioned the States/DOD pandemic flu plans is that it explains the mechanics of Martial law when it is implemented.Most people don’t realize they can make you leave (under force) your home and relocate you or make you stay at your home and you can’t leave.Remember Boston? The plans outline Martial Law.Fill in the blank with something other than flu with whatever “emergency” they see fit.Same martial law.
    THAT’S WHY IT’S IMPORTANT TO READ YOUR STATE’S PLAN!Then you know what to expect.For example, your mayor is in charge locally with the police under his direct control.I suggest you don’t piss off your mayor.
    Now on to the picture.I must preface this first. I have many many friends in Law enforcement in many different states due to the traveling I have done.I know Sheriffs,police Chiefs,Texas Rangers.I care/worry about them and their families.I know there are LEO’s that come here too.
    They are trained well and they are confident for the most part that they can prevail over those they go against.With that confidence sometimes comes a little arrogance/complacent.Doesn’t mean you gain more advantage but they may not have as much as they think.
    I have watched teams practice breaching buildings. It’s impressive.But Right before they breech they are vulnerable.
    That’s what i saw from the picture.Bunched up at the porch.Vulnerable.If the people inside had made the decision that they were not going to be assaulted that porch would be the place to repel the team.The second team might get them but the first wouldn’t be home for dinner.
    That’s a decision for all. What is your breaking point?When do you say enough is enough? Will it ever come to this?I hope not.
    I read a quote from a LDS Church Leader.He was talking about Spiritual decisions but it also applies to everyday life.I’m paraphrasing here:
    “When the time has come to make a decision the time for preparation has passed.” Truth there for sure.

    1. There is nothing wrong with the photo. It is from Katrina. The officers are looking for survivors, not conducting a dynamic entry!!! Your trying to read to much into the photo without knowing the background of it.

      1. @Jon, actually the photo was taken in Boston during their ‘martial law’ experience. They were going door to door and entering all homes looking for the teenage bomber while the city region was on ‘lockdown’.

        1. I remember the the video of the Boston house searches. I did not like what I was seeing either. That is some very bad stuff.

    2. “Most people don’t realize they can make you leave (under force) your home and relocate”
      They better bring extra body bags becase a bunch of us are not walking away from here

  26. Most of the military will not go with the plan of ‘it’ ( the current potus ). Will it be implemented, yep, it will. But, the military can arrest the potus too for giving out an unlawful order. You can count on it.
    Hillary, hmm, she is a piece….no, no need to worry about her. Anyone else…well, I don’t like Trump, but sofar he has made some good statements. But I disagree on some of his foreign policy.
    The time has come to sit and wait and be ready.

  27. I have seen martial law up close. When MLK was assinated in the late 1960’s our family was living in Lima Ohio where my Dad was a Production Supervisor on second shift at the British Petroleum refinery.

    The Ohio Nat Guard had to deploy in our suburbs in great numbers to protect us from the Golden Horde who were destroying and burning their own businusses and homes in the downtown area. I can still remember very clearly seeing the black smoke raising into the sky from downtown Lima. I really didn’t understand it as young boy.

    My Dad had to go to the NG to get a special pass to negotiate through the several NG checkpoints in order to get to work. The NG guys were pretty cool though. As a 8 year old I was fascinated by the brand new M16’s the NG guys were issued and I approached one of the guards at a check point near our home. I asked him if I could look at his M16 and he unloaded it and handed it to me to look at! That was so very cool.

    I doubt that would happen now with the extreme militarization of our police and NG units. And in a way I don’t fault the LEO’s because we live in very dangerous time now and they want to get home safely to their spouses and kids. Roger that!

    The thing that really pissed me off as a kid was that we couldn’t be outdoors after 5pm. That rule really interfered with playing Cowboys and Indians, tree climbing and building make shift forts to play in.

    At 8 years old ( during this martial law period ) my Grandfather came to the house and taught me gun safety and how to shoot his shotgun and .25 caliber semi auto. He taught me how to protect our home with a firearm. My Dad never did but I knew where his shotgun and pistol were located if I needed to help defend the home.

    Times have changed in the last 40 years though. If things get untenable I expect the NG or military troops, despite Posse Commitatus, to come after our weapons. History bears this weapons confiscation. Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot all confiscated fire arms prior to their killing rampages.

    Ah well, enough of my rant!

    Happy New Year and best tidings to you an yours!!!!

    Snake Plisken

  28. I am 72 yrs old and write this with trepidation but after seeing all the
    “false flags” that have happened in the last 15 yrs I honestly, dreadfully
    feel that life would be intolerable under martial law.
    Our Country has been taken over by outside influences, especially the FED
    and IRS are both controlled by the same source which has made life increasingly more difficult since 1913.
    We have had traitorous Leaders who have been produced and controlled and are not liable to the People.
    And now a World Collapse and War will soon destroy all we cherish.
    It will take divine providence to save the World but perhaps it is necessary for destruction to take place for Righteous Order to ensue.

  29. To beach’n,MB,Josh,Ken and others.

    Sometimes my brain has way too much stuff rattling around in it.Sometimes I go off the reservation.As an engineer I’m always looking for strengths,weaknesses,anomalies in my work.It carries over into just about everything else now.When I see anything whether it’s live or in a picture I immediately look for weaknesses,anomalies then strengths.I guess I assume others see what I see.That’s the way it was for the picture.I tore the picture apart in my head then formulated scenarios to deal with the perceived threat using the anomalies and the weaknesses that I saw.It is probably good that most don’t see stuff like I do.

    As an example the picture of the free box of MRE’S Ken posted.My first thought was wondering what the top to bottom compression strength of the box they are using in the picture not the chance to get them free.Weird I know.

    I’m a Patriot,Christian and I believe I’m a pretty good guy.I like and respect LEO’s.In fact, I’m going by one of the LEO’s houses tomorrow to see how he is doing with my security/safe areas suggestions in his house.

    I’m going to ask him some questions/get opinions on just what this post is about.I will see if I can share on Saturday.

    I just know that if push comes to shove I can be lethal.I hope I don’t have to find out how lethal.I hope none of us do.

    1. @Bill Jenkins Horse, your picture challenge (the martial law photo) was (is) a good mental exercise. I’m glad you put it out there…

      I too will tend to ‘over-analyze’ things from time to time, which sometimes drives Mrs.J crazy 😉

    2. My first thought was what is the calorie count on each meal. Some of the MRIs on the market are really low. I tried looking on line for these and couldn’t find much information.

  30. I wouldn’t want to be on the Martial Law enforcement “Team” one bit…and, I think a lot of those in the military would do some serious self-reflection on doing so as well…

  31. Obama is wetting his paints wanting to come get all the guns, and at this point no more rule of law… you are a SLAVE.

  32. or just maybe, if a state of Martial Law was enacted, the government might just say ‘well done’ to all those preppers who took the time to make sure they were capable of looking after themselves in a crisis, while the troops etc were up to their necks trying to keep order amongst those who had not done anything to ensure their own safety should such a situation arise.

  33. Add to the above is abama’s EO’s and the NDAA which will strip all rights, food, gasoline and self defense items from US citizens….

  34. If martial law takes place , forget uniformed personal being friends . They will take our rights make us slaves , Take and make our young children to become military. Go door to door, pulling people out and into camps. They did it before . My X husband was x navy seal , paid sniper . It eventually drove him crazy , couldnt be in society . But he was taught to kill with no feeling or regrets. They train our soldier’s to kill , if its an order , american or not , Its to be done , its there code.

    1. I have never considered law enforcement officers to be a friend. They are not at all. They will violate your rights if you let them. When martial law comes you’ll have no choice on what they will do to you.

  35. Here’s one other small thing about being under Martial Law, you can not hold an election, which means President Obama would remain President until it is over……

  36. We CAN NOT count on our military or local police force to protect us in this situation. We CAN count on them coming to our homes and taking us to camps, they will follow orders in MOST cases. There has been a purge of the military, and the police; those who would defend the constitution and the citizenry, still involved, are under scrutiny to ensure that they follow orders. The DHS is the USA’s equivilant of the Gestapo or SS and have access to, or will have access to, all the data the NSA has gathered on everyone that has used a computer or telephone in the past 30 years. They know who will go along and who won’t, during the Boston affair they showed us exactly what the intent is, and are well aware of who is a potential threat to the agenda. Our militant Police State will roll out and brutally crush descent. Christian patriots and veterans are threat number one. Just be prepared to die for the name of Christ, I know that by his grace it is possible to do so. I also know that without his grace and mercy many will die in vain. Preach the gospel, resist the temptation to go along with them, flee if possible; but above all pray that Yahweh will give us the endurance to die as martyrs for the name of Jesus Christ. I ask, in the strong name of Christ, that I and any who read this receive peace from the holy spirit. Because frankly I’m terrified, for myself, my family, my friends and neighbors, and for all of you. May the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob be our protector and the avenger of all his children oppressed and slain by this anti Christ system. May Christ Jesus in due time tread them beneath his feat to the glory of God our Father. Remember Satan was defeated at the cross, and his end is set.
    Romans 8:28 And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love him, to those called according to his purpose.
    Come Quickly LORD JESUS.

    1. Thank you Realist…you wrote what I’ve been thinking about for a year or so. I can’t believe the time I heard about in Church when I was 12 years old seems to be right around the corner. I’m beyond scared…but will face what I need to and when all is said and done and I take my final breath, all this hell on earth that has been going on for far too long in the world (esp. since 911) will be behind me and I will see the one who made an eternal home of peace, love and stability possible, Jesus Christ, the Son of God. That’s my hope and I hold on to that very thing.

    2. AMEN!!! To that REALIST! I have been telling my family and friends that the end will soon be here an it’s just a matter of time! I will refuse to follow anyone but God himself! Im a Christian an proud to say that I am! Everything that is happening today in this world is what is written in the Bible!!! So maybe a lot of people should start picking up the Bible an read that! GET RIGHT WITH GOD! People! GOD bless us all!

  37. @ Realest

    Thank you for the Sermon.

    I have a simple question, since I’m Buddhist, Will God still except me if I take a few dozen of them with me when they decide to “taking us to camps”????? My thinking is I’m going to die; I WILL make it very uncomfortable for those that choose to send me on my way….

    FYI, Not a Bad Ass here; just a “realest” in my thinking.


    PS; please don’t be in such a hurry to ask “Come Quickly LORD JESUS” we have a LOT of time yet…..

    1. tthe size of a army it would take to go in every home would have to be huge. Who is going to pay them

      1. depending on circumstance, but…

        if martial law is declared and local or foreign army is “sent out”,
        what I recall from my early school teachings..
        yes, there may not be money to pay the soldiers

        they will be hungry
        they will be looking for food/food stores

        they will be looking to make up for no / little pay
        they will be “liberating” valuables

        they may be randy,

        they have their own “incentives”.

        1. @ Anon

          OR they will tell Barry to stuff it and go home to protect their own familes….. As will the local LEOs. The Blue Hats are not so stupid to try and take the US by knocking on doors and asking for your “stuff”.


  38. @ Anonymous

    You are absolutely correct, and Who in that army is going to risk going to Billy-Bobs house to get his squirrel riffle and getting shot? None that I know of; even the Blue Hats are not that stupid.


    1. The blue hats are used to bullying people who can’t fight back and who’ve been entirely disarmed (interesting image). I’m pretty sure they’d be that stupid…until they figured out what they were dealing with.

  39. Not much will change, we will still see motorist being gunned down in the streets, we still not be allowed to own anything because if you don’t pay the taxes on you labor you’ll be thrown in jail, if you don’t pay taxes on your automobile you’ll loose your right to to travel in it, if you don’t pat taxes on your home you’ll loose your shelter. What ever you pay taxes on you don’t own, because if you don’t pay those taxes you’ll loose what ever it is they claim you owe the taxes on. If you don’t pay the income tax you’ll go to jail and loose your freedom, Automobile taxes and you’ll loose your right to travel, Fail to pay Real Estate or Property Taxes and you’ll loose your Home Taxes are theft.

    My question is what more could Martial Law do to us that hasn’t already been done?

    1. Quite simple really. Lose what’s left of your freedom. Even possibly your life. Sound pleasant? Not to me it doesn’t.

  40. 9 January 2017. Still no martial law in place, but I am wondering what will happen in the next six months or so.

    1. I’m fairly certain we will have it happen by fall. The protests over the last 3 years, from the right to the left, have all gotten longer, more violent. The administration’s put a gag order on every dept, and all of them are defying the gag. State governments are even declaring their defiance. What happens when open defiance amd defiance, protests and hot weather get together? I’m willing to bet: Martial Law .

  41. Sorry friend, no one knows the day or the time of His return. Martial Law is too local for a sign of the antichrist. Almost every country currently on this world has been under Martial Law in recent history INCLUDING the USA during the Civil War. Thus far no antichrist.

    Keep reading keep praying. So far in my readings of the Bible those sheep herders knew about China (The Dragon of the East) and Russia (The Bear of the North) and aside from a single notation of the Bear swatting the Eagle from the sky NO mention of the USA during the Battle of Armageddon.

    Oddly enough when the Bible talks about the fall of Babylon in future tense (I.E. Not the ancient Babylon) She is described as the Whore of the World and her Navy being the greatest as well as her shipping making the world rich. The Babylon of history was a LANDLOCKED Desert Kingdom, no navy etc. The Bible also speaks of how the world Marveled at Her Sudden Fall. Some say that the future Babylon described by those sheep herders was the USA.

    Time will tell. Pray for wisdom, prepare because the Bible doe not say Christians will be “Raptured” before the Time of Troubles. But the Bible Does say set aside for the future. Proverbs 27:12 comes to mind among others.

  42. Were in the middle of moving to another State. Will Marshal law prevent us continuing our move?

    1. Susie;
      I’m betting that if Martial Law is declared few of us would be showing up for work.
      I sure as heck would not be.

      1. NRP
        I know for sure i wont be going anywhere, there will be a lot of reorganizing goin on

  43. I Have “Advised All My Relatives, “To Be Prepared To Evacuate All U.S. Metro Areas, In the event Of A North Korean Attack Upon South Korea!” IF, Communist China suddenly invaded Taiwan, and Russia Initiated Hostilities against N.AT.O., (In My Opinion), “We Would Be Hard Pressed To Contain The Situation, On So Many Fronts At once!” “I Continually Pray For Our President, Our Administration, And All Of Us, That We Will Be Granted Divine Guidance, And That America Will Genually, And In Totality, Place Our Nation Back In Divine Hands!”, Forevermore!

    1. I’ve Never Walked In Their Shoes, But, In My Opinion, ALL People Have The Option Of Asking For Divine Guidance! I Do So Nightly, Because I Know I’m In Need Of It! God Bless You!

    1. Ken,
      My best guess???? 1 week at most.
      Almost time to hunker down HARD.
      PS; Stores here are still in shambles.
      What is it with TP sheeeeesh

    2. They just mentioned maybe July or August as a guess for how long this is going to last..,

    3. When they asked him about the stock market taking another hit, I think psychologically it would give many people a bit of relief if he answered, “Look, don’t worry about stocks right now, we’re trying to deal with this virus right now, we can deal with the stock market later”.

  44. If you haven’t looked at it yet, check out the Smith-Mundt Act. It’s the reason the MSM has been lying and spreading all false info. It’s going to come into play even more now. The original Smith-Mundt Act was from the 1940’s and made it illegal to spread propaganda within the US. Obama took it down in 2012 and revised it. In Jan 2013, he tucked it into the National Defense Authorization Act for 2013 and signed off on it. It’s been updated to include all electronic transmissions (i.e. Social media, e-mail, etc) and he changed it to now make it LEGAL to spread propaganda within the US. This is why the media faces no consequences for spreading all their lies.

  45. I have a question about marshal law. Are u able to protect your home against this. Against the military, and or civilians?

    1. Shelly;
      If Martial Law is declared, especially by the Feds, you will basically have zero rights left, even personal property.
      As for as protecting yourself from Civilian harm (someone trying to do you physical harm). Well as far as I know it’s all in who wins, as far as the Military, I would not try to resist them, you WILL lose.
      Best plan, go Gray.

  46. In that “could martial law be declared here?” It has already been said in this article and discussion/comments. I think the real issue with that is more along the lines of when and what the “trigger” will be. I think we came really close during the Obama administration more than once. During the Ferguson MO thing, the Florida thing, and the many instances of the BLM activities. Example of what I am talking about is, when in the modern history of this once great nation, has ANY group of people been allowed to shut down entire interstates with impunity? This occurred not just once but, the outcome was NOT what was expected. John Q public citizen just griped, complained and rolled over and allowed it to happen. The American people are being stretched really thin now in their patience levels. IF this virus continues much longer or if the numbers continue to increase at current or higher incidence, I believe that we will begin to see at least on the limited scale, implementation of M.L.

  47. Can it be called off, like the travel ban? Police are being killed and the Liberals are not doing their jobs. Looters are stealing everything and burning cars, homes, and businesses.

  48. Right now this has nothing to Do with Racism,and Everything to do with a Marxist,Looney left trying to Take over are Country.

  49. They know who the Patriot’s are and they know who the Steelers are at EVERY LEVEL down to me & you thanks to social media. Everyone know that socialism =communism =crimes against humanity=lawlessness =EVIL, from the beginning of written history to the end. And in the end, we win, God wins. FREE WILL is the end game! The amount of love I have right now for my God, my family and Patriot’s all over this beautiful planet will carry with me to my last dying breath. And if I must die in the honor of “FREE WILL TO ALL GOOD MEN” weather martial law is declared or not then that’s the way it’s going to be. SO!… I stand ready, willing and able to hold the line, and if I’m called upon to go into battle with Patriot’s I will do that too. Until then, may the good Lord strengthen and guide us all with wisdom and protection. AMEN


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