Where Is Biden’s State of the Union Address?

The last I knew, a State of the Union address is given by the president during January or February each year. What’s up this time around?

I haven’t heard a thing. Crickets. No talk about it. Where’s the Biden puppet?

Let me guess… he wouldn’t be able to pull off more than a few paragraphs (if that much) without problems… and he’s “the president”??

I read this quote today,

Given that everything else about Biden has been a staged theatrical production — the fake inauguration, his fake “acceptance” speech, a rigged election, etc. — we must wonder whether the Biden green screen production team will try to pull off some sort of artificial, pre-recorded State of the Union address and claim “covid” is the reason he can’t appear in person.

I continue to shake my head in disbelief of what’s going on right now in this government.

Anyway, do you think we’ll see a State of the Union address anytime soon?

Oh, and did you know… 36 Democrats are reportedly demanding Biden give up control over the US nuclear codes?

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The SOTU speech is given directly from the teleprompter, you would think they could stand him up for an hour or so and let him just read it. It’s not like there are any questions, no push-back.

So, I guess a pre-taped speech will be the fall-back (its amazing how much mileage they are getting out of “covid precautions”. At least with a pre-taped speech they can splice together pieces filmed over multiple days, and edit out all the gaffes. Anything to make him look more “with-it” than he really is.

What is the longest we’ve seen him speaking live so far? Inauguration day?

And I also read the bit about a small group wanting to have an entire process involved in a nuclear launch. Nothing like making us look weak and divided on the world stage.

Maybe a virtual sotu since he is an actor after all. Biden is dead, executed a year ago.

Well it looks like we will miss another episode of Weekend at Bernies.

The puppeteers are too busy eating their own puppet and can’t use him with chunks missing.

I was asking this very same thing the other day. I’ll bet Joe isn’t even aware of all the EO’s he’s credited with. Remember when Anderson Cooper cornered him with that question at the Milwaukee town hall “what’s it like to be living in the White House”? His answer was “where the hell are we?” because he isn’t there, mentally or in the White House. Then we have metal detectors in congress which is surrounded by razor wire so it looks like a Chinese prisoner compound. GITMO D.C.
The talk I’m hearing on the street is that this administration does not have a grip on the steering wheel and going to do a Tiger Woods.


Seems that the Capitol Police chief just testified before congress that “intelligence” has revealed “chatter” coming from all those evil “white supremacist “right wing conservative militias” about plans to blow up the capitol during the sotu address….justifying keeping the fences, concertina wire, and National Guard in place.

Appears to me this is pure theatrics, orchestrated to continue the propaganda that America and apple pie is under dire threat from Trump and his supporters….a clear and present threat requiring constant vigilance……

DuckDuckGo “sotu attack threat”…………….

Saw what you did there….thanks

Just the Deep State channeling Madonna (2017) after reading Clancy’s “Debt of Honor.” Or maybe Madonna is just getting around to what she was thinking aloud about in 2017.

It is also startpage search engine I use.

Address to Joint Session of Congress on February 28th, 39 days after he was inaugurated. Easy lookup.


Is it just me,
or are we totally SCeWED, as a once great Nation?

nope it aint just YOU

Joe C,

Nope its not just you. If you really want to see how bad we are, go check out Bidens pick for Assistant HHS director. A Rachel Levine from PA. Watch the interview Rand Paul gave on the confirmation for Rachel’s view on genital mutilation of children. You may need a stiff drink too watch.

Oops. Forgot to mention Rachel is a dude and a pediatrician…Winning! But I’m sure he/she/(enter gender here)will get confirmed with rainbow votes.

Yes we are f#$ked.

Good luck on your interview tomorrow. Kick ass and take names.


Joe c, if you take 11HE9’s advice on viewing the dude-chick, be forewarned; you can’t make an ugly man into a good looking woman.

Or the reverse.

Rachel Levine’
First, I gagged
Then I laughed [sort of ]
Then I realized.

His State of the Union will actually be his resignation. 90 days was my guess. He said it himself when asked how he would manage conflict between he and his Obama-selected and repulsively corrupt VP. I see zero way back from where we are headed as a nation. Grateful I’m 52 and not 25. Even my beloved Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head from childhood have been crucified and stripped of their identity in the name of the freak show “religion” of wokeness. I will take a hard pass and not conform to this broken world. I don’t need a state of the Union address from the elite to tell me the sad state of this nation.

Now, with all the push back, Mr. Potato Head will keep his masculinity…..yeaaaa.

Someone please correct me if i’m incorrect… has happen quite a few times.

The SOTU speech is not actually required as a “Speech” to the Union
‘It’ can be just delivered to Congress as a Document, as the one Nancy tore up.

Does anyone really think Joe’s handlers are going to put him in-front of Congress and the world and make a “Honest” or “Dishonest lies” speech, even if on a Teleprompter? Ain’t going to happen. Not even a prerecorded SOTU Speech.

I suppose it’s a matter of a tradition as much as it is a requirement.

The administration will get some flak for not doing it in person… but to just submit a written speech instead? That will really get speculation going. If they are getting ready to transition the puppet out of office they won’t want it to appear that he hasn’t had any semblance of control at all (even though we know he really is a puppet). We all know this is one big show playing out, every one of the DC performers has a part to play. They want the masses thinking everything is under the puppet’s control, cannot ruin the illusion.

Seems like there are all kinds of reason/excuses for it not being delivered.
I found this one to be one of the best excuses so far.

15) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has said not to expect any form of State of the Union address from President Biden until the COVID bill is done. So it’s possible State of the Union would then come in mid-March – in whatever form it takes.

— Chad Pergram (@ChadPergram)

Thing is it may not pass the senate as Joe Manchin (D) said he was against parts of the bill. It may miss by 1 vote. Only 9% of that bill actually goes directly to Covid relief.

Biden can’t perform a State of the Union address because his moments of clarity are too few, doesn’t matter what drugs are pumped into him with teleprompter…He can’t even read it right and goes off forgetting what he is on stage for.

I believe that the SoTU or any proper speech from this president would be a highly orchestrated “event” as deemed necessary by Barak, Bernie, and Kamala (the triumvirate that controls him directly). Other prime influences like Bloomberg and Soros would also have a say – literally – in what the old man says. Therefore, a “proper” time and place must be chosen for Joe Dementia to read his script. Remember, we are dealing with a near 80-year old senile man, a “place-holder” for Kamala, who is chomping at the bit for this guy to have an “accident”.

Very rarely, if ever, the president and V.P. are seen together due to security measures. Have you noticed that the faux prez and faux vp are almost always on stage? Why is that?

Harris is a stand-in when Biden loses his mind.

Bummin’, she’s hair trigger ready for her Alexander Haig “I am in control here” moment. Doesn’t want to miss it by a millisecond.

He certainly doesn’t want to wait until April 30 or later, as that is his first 100 days. He made lots of promises and has broken some and backpedaled on others already. His EOs have done so much damage. Gonna be a SHTF moment for him once he does give a SOTU address. Even lib press and progressive legislators are criticizing him. Hope the current relief bill goes down due to too many objectionable bits being included.