Who Pulls The Strings Of The Biden Puppet

Biden is an obvious empty puppet, in my opinion. I would wager that many on the left – maybe even the majority – know that Biden is a puppet. It’s so painfully obvious.

The man is in declining health and exhibits clear major signs of dementia. I mean no disrespect to the man’s health state. However the fact that he holds his position of office is downright alarming. And it should be!

He has seemingly great difficulty with clear thought. Speaking from a teleprompter is even difficult. Slurred words and confused sentence structure are Exhibit A. Speaking without a teleprompter beyond just a short time will be a rare thing – because he would have a very tough time convincing the rest of us that he can think, speak, and comprehend clearly without confusion.

How many times have we seen and heard his gaffs? Lots. His handlers kept him out of the spotlight during the run-up to the election. That was for good reason. They kept him in the basement so as not to alarm the gullible left.

But now he’s got the office. How are his handlers going to hide it now?

You’ve got to ask yourself a few questions…

Surely, the military / pentagon knows his condition. Though he is technically “the commander in chief”, I cannot imagine the military authority just blindly following orders of dementia joe… Right?

Biden Was Installed As A Puppet

Biden was installed. Most of us know it. He is a puppet and will do as he’s told. Signing executive orders to fulfill the agendas of his masters. He will sign all such legislation when it crosses his desk too.

Far-left controlled House, Senate, Executive (and much of Judicial) will enable a snowball effect of “transformation”.

The Big Question is… Who is pulling this puppet’s strings?

In my opinion, the executive producers of the Big Show are the globalist elites who essentially run the world. And we have been in the way of finalizing their New World Order.

The string pullers are their minions who are implementing the agendas to get the job done.

There are many players and lots of interests to satisfy. But know this… most of it is very far radical left. We are already seeing it after just a few days. We are in for a hell of a ride as this train picks up steam.

So you tell me… Who / What are some of the entities pulling the strings of Puppet Biden?

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obummer, clinton, soros and I do think that the military is doing stuff behind the scenes. I would rather the military run it but have to remember that the military always has a war going. Still lots of rumors going around. biden has signed 19 EO so far and from the ‘hot mic’ had no idea what he was signing.

I think o’bama and clit’ons are puppets as well. Soros, Rothchilds and various royalty are the ones pulling the strings. The senators, congressmen, techno-overlords and some of the upper level millitary are in cahoots with the ones pulling the strings. Governors, mayors and industry leaders are cooporating to fill their own bank accounts. The little guys like me can only duck and cover until…

Agreed. Powerful people use others to take the heat. Review the Planet Lockdown with Catherine Austin Fitts and you know what is coming…finally put together clearly. Although she seems to think bring it into the light and it will stop. I’m not sure it will stop. You can find other dots to connect when you read about the patents done and the bills lined up regarding digital wallets. There is another video with her and the head of Children’s Health Defense that covers the financial aspect of what is happening.

On a new video I heard that the papers were blank sheets.

Your words in God’s ears 🙂

I saw that also. Just signing his name on blank paper. Very odd and scary.

I saw a video that creeped me out–he pulls a folder toward him, opens it, states “I don’t know what I’m signing, here,” signs it and moves on to the next.

that stupid asshole most likely sits in a back room drooling watching porn and gets rolled out for the cameras,

An interesting question Ken. Normally one would expect the usual suspects. Kamala, Bernie, Barak, not necessarily in that order. But in this case it may not be that simple. I think China – the CCP has a lot to do with Bumbling Joe’s selection and his narrative/agenda. After all, it was China’s virus combined with a zealous Marxist-leaning media that put Joe and the Ho in office. You can bet that Nancy and Chuckie – puppets themselves – are having their strings pulled by the manufacturing giant who desires world domination. There are also people like Soros and Bloomberg who have a lot to gain from the automated signature machine. I’m sure these two are also whispering in Bumbling Joe’s ear.

I think the great concern for patriots is how easily bills will now be passed and signed and made law by this Chinese puppet. It is a one-party system. No debates, no obstructions. Extreme taxes, extreme gun control, forced abortions (as warranted by the Left), religious freedom denied. Joe and the Ho aka Sodom and Gomorrah. Things are gonna get rough.

Technocracy, learn this word friends. This is our new reality. This is the future of our country and the whole world. These are the puppet masters of the ‘New Order’ and make Joseph Kennedy look like a novice. “Mr. Global” controls the dangling threads, from a whole new place in the last 10 years or so and it will not be going away….knowledge is power, our small part of the world personal power. KNOW KNOW KNOWledge………..stay awake

Yes, Mr. Global…the group that makes the decisions.

The global elitists, all multi billionaires are running this $hit show from now till the end. We’ve joked about Harris taking over when sleepy joe fades out but she’s a puppet too.Throughout history a few have always controlled and used the many to their benefit.Yes Big Tech. Is a major controller of the sheeple, I will not be ruled!

The world banks. Get ready and pay attention the monetary changes are coming too.

Obama said in an interview once he’d be content to sit at home and just speak into an earpiece, telling someone else to do. I’m taking him at his word. It would make sense, since Joe worked with him before and would be comfortable with his voice. That said, Obama is an operative for bigger forces. At this point, I believe all of the political/medical/societal infrastructure has been corrupted and taken over to support the globalist agenda. There may be some ‘white hats’ left, but the structures as a whole have been co-opted.

I think Mrs U is spot on about this being a technocratic agenda. They’re broadcasting very publicly what their plan is. We just need to believe them, and act accordingly.

The 25th Amendment may factor in (or probably should at some point) in my opinion. The Far Left kept floating this for Trump… but in reality it really should be in play for Biden, in my opinion.

I think that all the recent talk of invoking the 25th was just to prepare us for what is coming regarding to Biden’s obvious mental deficit. The man couldn’t get through the installation, how the hell is he going to last 4 years?

I too believe this was the plan all along. Once removed Harris will be president and Pelosi will be vice president. The American people didn’t want Harris as president. That was clear by how long she lasted when she was trying to win the nomination in 2016

If the voting can be manipulated to install whoever you want in any office, why bother to support a candidate who probably will never get a chance to win an election?

I’ve been thinking about this lately, and have decided that I am done holding my nose and voting Republican just because I do not want to divide the vote against Democrats. This election made me realize I’m tilting at windmills anyway (I live in Georgia, ’nuff said), so henceforth I’ll vote my conscience, which could be Republican, Libertarian, or Patriot.

I agree with what has already been posted. I believe politicians are instruments taking directions from the ruling class. Follow the money.

How do politicians get into power? They are funded into it. Organizations such as the US Chamber of Comm are laundromats of money. Big corps and wealthy individuals donate to the chamber, the chamber donates to certain politicians and/or political campaigns, and the winning politicians become beholden. Same routine for political super-pacs, NGO’s, etc…

Groups like the WEF (holding their virtual BIG meeting this week) have told us they want a reset. They’ve prettied it up to talk about equity and opportunity and such. But, it’s really about using their combined power (that much money buys a lot of power) to reshape every aspect of human lives on Earth.

Imagine being among the few who have so much money that you can direct politicians and political party heads, control the priorities and therefore policies and laws, and have a serious say-so in food, medicine, media, transportation and the MIC’s of the largest nations on the globe. That elite group is truly running the world. Trump was a wild card, uncontrollable – so he had to go.

And with time,

All puppet strings can eventually be woven into a noose

Well said.

China 🇨🇳 . They have the most interest in seeing us as a country fail. I think most people don’t realize how dangerous the chi-coms really are. I would rather deal with Lil Kim than Xi Xinping. At least you know what your dealing with. The reach of china is still to be determined. Remember Swallwell and Fienstein.

Agreed. China 🇨🇳 is the most prominent ▶️ player in this “game 🎮 of thrones”.

I saw a video where Comrade biden is signing one executive order after another and he is caught saying on an open mike, I don’t even know what I am signing.

That is true.

follow the money find whom stands go gain the most money there will be your puppet master

I have been thinking: whoever has the real foot ball is the real p o t u s.

Many here have stated follow the money. Look into Blackrock.. Glenn Beck mentioned how many of Xidens staff and and advisors have ties to Blackrock. He discussed it on Jan 14th i think in hr #2. You can hear his past broadcasts on the Blaze for free. Just go to podcast, Glenn Beck show and find the date.

Blackrock is a global investment firm and as of Jan 2021 their assets are about $8.6 trillion. More than pretty much every country. Third in line to the US and China. Based on GDP.

Blackrock is deeply tied into the WEF. If you listen to the podcast and then do the research along with many others online you will see who pulls the strings. Its not just obama but more global. As many here has mentioned.


Seems to me that the whole thing fits in with the ‘great reset’ and what Catherine Austin Fitts interview was about. Way to much going on in too many directions


You are correct. Also look to the Colbert Report. He has been very enlightening as well.

Fitts is very informative makes me wonder how she is able to speak about what she knows without being shutdown.


I’ve listened to several of her interviews over the last couple of years and I believe that she picks her words very carefully. Bet that there is a lot that she isn’t saying. Maybe that is keeping her in business or alive and she also isn’t US based. For all I know she’s being blackmailed or bribed. I hope not but my trust meter broke a long time ago.
I’ll look for the Colbert Report tomorrow.

The headline speaker at the WEF Davos conference this year is Xi, interestingly.

I think it is the first generation of the cesspool elites walking upright.

The puppet string pullers are the ultra rich. We are seeing the billionaire disciples ,Soros, Gates, Bloomberg, Bezos, etc. in the spotlight. The evil people in the shadows are the real culprits.The political class are designed to take most of the heat from the peasants. Biden is obviously mentally unfit for office and was propelled into the oval office because of blatant election fraud and the complacency of the working class.
Truthful news information is very difficult and next to impossible to obtain.