Liberals See Conservatives As Bad People

While conservatives see liberals as people with bad (or really bad) ideas, liberals have never seen you that way.

And you need to be crystal clear. Clarity on this is imperative.

Liberals see you as bad people with bad ideas.

Conservatives see liberals as people with bad ideas. But liberals see conservatives as bad people with bad ideas.

There’s a HUGE difference. And this helps explain some of what has been (and is) going on.

I didn’t come up with this thought myself. Rather it is Bongino’s “Golden Rule #1”. The understanding thereof.

Yes, this casts a very wide net. However I do believe that this may be significant while attempting to understand the mindset of a liberal.

Liberalism is their religion. Think about that. Such that a Christian may be deeply committed to their religion, so is it that a liberal is deeply committed to their liberalism as though it is their religion.

Certainly the Marxists among them are entirely ideologically devoted to their “religion” of Marxism. Same with the Communists among them.

In their eyes, we as Conservatives, Libertarians, Patriots, Christians, Constitutionalists, are all bad people. We are an enemy.

Generally and historically, we as “good” people have not necessarily viewed them as “bad” people. Just people with bad ideas. HOWEVER, that is changing rapidly of late. More conservatives are recognizing many of them as truly “bad” people.

Just thought I would throw it out there…

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Here is the problem, I have always considered myself as a liberal. I believe in freedom and the right for individuals to choose their own life’s direction, as long as it does not harm others. These people are not liberals, but are leftist. They believe in a strong collective, centralized government which destroys freedom and choice. These people,I have always considered evil..

IMHO the descriptions have wandered far from their roots, the biggest issue is not so much having certain beliefs but a group with certain beliefs attacking and vilifying those who do not have their same beliefs. Its on both sides, the problem is for moderates, we end up with no quarter, no political affiliation and nowhere to turn. I am not hard right, i am not hard left, but the left sure seems to want to label me as an extremist just because I not on board with their dystopia…

I agree.. the middle ground is gone. What used to be moderate is now considered far right.And we all know that what the leftists like to call “progressive” is really a socialist agenda (or even communist in some instances).

There are a lot of people out there who are blind to how the media and political and business elites are turning us against each other. They drive us apart with wildly inflammatory rhetoric and while we argue and do battle with each other, they make their grab more power and wealth.

So many people are so busy in-fighting that they have lost sight of who the true enemies of the people are. The fabric of our society is unraveling very quickly now.


I think that maybe you are a victim of the left’s habit of commandeering word usage and meanings. Early on, many libertarian leaning people found leftists convincing libertarians that they believed much the same as them….calling themselves liberals, they avoided terms such as leftist, socialist, and even progressives…and avoided communist designation like the plague. Gradually, as their platforms and goals became more mainstream in the media, and their representation grew in political circles, true libertarians found themselves less and less aligned with them.

I believe that most “Trumpers” lean libertarian and find themselves less and less aligned with what we once considered conservatism…at least “conservatism” as represented by folks like Mitch McConnell, Romney, Cheney, etc…..read somewhere today about a poll saying that half of registered republicans would follow Trump if he created a new party….I suspect a goodly number of working class democrats would too.

Viable? Won’t know until they poll the cemeteries and imaginary voters……….

I’m not a victim of anything. You are correct about the left commandeering words or should I say redefining words. I feel incumbent to correct misplaced definitions. I’m very conservative with my personal beliefs, “but respect others” as I expect them to respect mine. The left is a totalitarian belief and political system that runs opposite of freedom and self determination.To call leftist liberal is an antonym of freedom.

It’s been made crystal clear through innuendo, and now just “in your face” nasty, open comments and dialogue that leftist elites see conservatives as idiots, simpletons, stupid, and “not educated.” The media openly voices this daily, which normalizes the overall attitude toward those who identify as conservative or even simply Christian for that matter.

Virtually any conservative opinion is immediately labeled as racist. I am evil and stupid because I believe in the sanctity of life and abhor abortion, which is clearly because I opted for a career over a “higher education” where I missed out on enlightenment. Had I only been taught to think correctly at a university I could have cleansed myself from my ignorant belief in individual thought and independent responsibility as well as the awful concept of seeing others as also capable of being successful through hard work, self reliance and lawful behavior.

Small actions can tell you much about a person, such as when ‘claw woman’ speaks.

Mrs. U,

Who is ‘claw woman’?

A Patriot,

I don’t know why, but that just made me laugh out loud. Thanks.

Thanks for the image. That is it!!!

sad to say, but this is what we are up against-scary ain’t it.

Picture says it all doesn’t it !!!

Yes these Evil Ones call good evil and evil good. The Apostles Paul, Peter and others wrote about them many years ago.

The Father is the Law Giver and Judge, while Satan attempts to convince these deluded souls that it’s the other way around. They believe that it’s O.K. to murder, steal from others, and so on.

Their end will come, but it’s going to get messy.

See 2nd Timothy Chapter 3 .

It’s a good rant against evil there. It still applies today.

Thing is, it hasn’t changed much since Biblical times.You’d think mankind would advance to a higher state by now. They are still lying, killing their children, killing innocents, worshiping idols, stealing, enslaving, persecuting, and committing despicable acts in the name of their socialist governments and peers, That’s because evil is still here and only a smaller number of people can overcome through their faith in God.

Not only that, but they shout their own sins from the housetops.

This exact realization came to me in the 2016 campaign when Hillary referenced her “enemies”.
When questioned by a reporter to whom was she referring, she answered “Republicans”
There is no more “loyal opposition” anymore, the left sees politics as an all or nothing battle, the discourse has become so coarse, so insulting, so divisive that they may very well have made enemies of us.

I don’t know one “conservative” as angry and hateful as some of the people I know who are now rabid bashers of anyone and anything not far-left. I assume it’s the brainwashing and propaganda on TV and social media plus the horrible rhetoric out of politicians calling conservatives deplorables, clingers to bibles and guns, uneducated, racists and on and on.

And there’s no reasoning with someone who has gone over to the leftist, socialist agenda. The people who I know who have gone there are in full-on hate mode. They hate Trump, they refuse to admit anything positive happened during his 4-year administration, and if you wear them down with concrete arguments, they say it doesn’t matter, because he’s a supremacist and that overrides everything. He’s labelled a monster, and by association, so are we.

The leftist/Marxist believers think we are evil because we do not go along with blithely spending on their causes, because we question authority, because we push back on the white “self-hate” agenda, because we poke holes in the narratives. We must be discredited and re-educated, and if that doesn’t work, ostracized, shamed and silenced, or worse. That’s a LOT of hate.

Back in WI, many of the people who knew us and patronized our farm were liberals. We were extremely gray, avoiding political discussions to the extent possible. I’m certain it was assumed we were ‘progressives’, because of how we farmed and raised our livestock, and because we were kind and considerate when dealing with others. I experienced so much support and kindness from almost everyone – about 70/30 liberal to conservative.

—Until a particular incident where I was pushed to make a statement of support for BLM. The response to my polite refusal was to make a veiled threat against my children. This was from a woman who’d been a customer for three years; not a close friend, but a regular.

—Someone just yesterday I think quoted “You can’t reason someone out of a position they didn’t reason themselves into.” That’s the danger of identity politics. People hop on the popular feel good bandwagon. They buy in, and cannot let themselves be wrong about their choice, even when it becomes obvious there’s a lot of inconsistency or just plain evil running through the group they chose to identify with. They have to see it as good/okay, or else they themselves are wrong.

They spew hatred over and over. Not only words but actions. What do they expect to come back at them.

Sounds like Karma is coming to town. Guess they don’t know that it usually comes back 10 fold. Its gonna be interesting, but I don’t think they will like it one bit.


We are now under authoritarian communist rule, the FBI are acting as the state police and arresting anyone even loosely connected to jan 6.
commy garbage, the day draws neigh

Kulafarmer – you’ll just have to obey and conform… yes massah, and so on. Better to have a few crumbs from the table than nothing at all. “Better Red than dead”.

“The window of time here is short. The Democrats and their elites just stole an election. Before that, they stole many jobs and businesses and our rights. Now they want our liberty, our country, and our lives.” – Former advisor to Bill Clinton and author, Naomi Wolf

Claw woman. I like that. Anyone see the three year old temper tantrum she threw when second impeachment failed ? Bottom line is it does not matter where you stand in the political spectrum,because if you are not fully on board with them,you are the enemy.Period !
I can not abide their agenda for this nation .

Avoiding the communist/Marxist control by government and corporations will be nearly impossible but there are some suggestions from “Americanthinker”

There is a saying in some parts of the Balkans, “hiqja qimen thiut” which roughly translates to: every hair from the boar. This phrase grew in popularity, especially around the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union and fall of communism in the Eastern Bloc states. What it means is a simple metaphor – the government is the boar and it can be killed by subtly plucking every hair from its fat body.”

Start with local school boards and local governments by voting out radical left wing nuts. Then focus on 2022 to vote out all RINO’s and candidates that have shown they do not support the Constitution.

If every one of the 74 million Trump voting citizens could organize the plucking of just one hair from the fat body, we could save this country.

I plan to “pluck the hair” by reducing use of resources, including water, gas and electricity, and growing my own food to the extent possible.


Many of us have worked on exactly what you “plucked”, but the next step should be finding and promoting a true patriot to run against the local socialist scum in all our areas of the country. A true “hair root” movement. 🙂

it would be nice to think that could work,
I have my doubts, personally i feel the gov at the federal level is too far gone, all the branches and divisions are diseased right to the roots

One of the things that the late Mr. Limbaugh taught me that cleared up some confusion…Liberals/Leftists are Liberals FIRST before they identify as anything else.

For example, sometimes it didn’t make sense for a Leftist Jew to take a hard against position on Israel. The underdog, oppressed “Palestinians” occupy an important victim class in Leftist Theology and following that line of thinking requires you to view Israel as the oppressor.

It is all part of that Cultural Marxism Religion that you MUST believe in and obey before you can identify with anything like your roots, ethnicity, or religion.

Thanks Rush !