Liberty Under Attack

Liberty & Freedom Under Attack

Yes my dear readers, Liberty is under attack. What is Liberty? The quality or state of being free. That’s Liberty. It’s a synonym for the word Freedom.

Liberty is (should be) an unalienable right. Not from government, but from our “Creator”. It is specifically embedded as such into our Constitution here in the U.S.

Unalienable: not capable of being taken away or denied;

HOWEVER, there is a problem, as I see it today. That is the encroachment on “unalienable” as it pertains to our liberty and freedoms as individuals and a people.

Liberty certainly IS being taken away. The process has been ongoing for quite some time. And if we don’t do something about it, we will eventually (or rapidly) descend into tyrannical rule, or worse.

We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; that, to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.

~ from The unanimous Declaration of the united States of America

Let us not be silenced

This is my first article here. I named the site, “Attack on Liberty”.

My intent and purpose for creating it was to present my opinions and commentary as they relate to specific current events and happenings – those which are, in my view, an attack on our liberty.

There are very powerful forces fighting against Liberty. Right now.

There is a great desire among the global controlling elite to bring us all under their rule. They have been making great strides through their multi-pronged efforts and attacks on the foundations of our liberty. For decades.

We are most definitely at a major crossroad. It is quite evident. There are so many enemies of liberty and freedom. Their words and actions are identifiable. I intend to simply point it out when I see it and present it here for your information and discussion.

As long as we are still able to speak about it, let’s do that. Big Tech, their platforms, Cancel Culture, Global Mega Corporations, and Leftist Government at all levels are silencing our voices. Let us not be silent. Fight back, with words.

This site will not tolerate advocating violence in any way. We will give the enemy no easy excuse to shut us down. Instead, we will Talk. Share. Discuss. Vent. Plan. Prepare.

Stay informed.

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  1. Excellent idea, Ken!

    I always knew you were a smart man.😁

    It’s a sad day when we have to take that extra precautionary measure to protect ourselves (basically hide) from over reaching politics/polices,

    …..all against our Constitution

    1. Right now it’s about “adapt and overcome”. I need to protect MSB. So I’ve adapted by building this site so I can still write about these topics that I feel so compelled about.

      1. Ken,

        So is this additional site going to be another added, out of pocket expense, for you?

          1. Okay,
            I was going to previously….

            It’s been awhile, so…
            let the moths fly….

            outta my….

  2. Ken,this is great!
    Sure appreciate all your hard work.
    We have to be in it for the long haul.
    This will definitely help…thanks

  3. Thank you, Ken. Looking forward to keeping up the “current event” conversations as long as possible.

  4. Borrowed this from another site because it fits my mood and probably others as well:

    Four days after the election, a woman calling herself OHMama posted “I am done” on The Burning Platform website. It was the site’s most read article of 2020. SLL and many other websites reposted it. It was raw, explosive anger and a profoundly moving lament; OHMama was clearly at the end of her rope. The closing paragraph packed a wallop.

    I was raised to be a lady, and ladies don’t curse, but f**k these MF’s to hell and back for what they’ve done to me, and mine, and my country. All we Joe Blow Americans ever wanted was a little patch of land to raise a family, a job to pay the bills, and at least some illusion of freedom, and even that was too much for these human parasites. They want it all, mind, body and soul. Damn them. Damn them all.

    The only answer I see is, some States leaving the Union because the left will never give up moving us to socialism. Socialism will certainly fail and bring misery to millions of Americans.

    The elephant in the room is still the debt that will skyrocket with what the Idiot in Chief is planning.

    1. Socialism is an umbrella term for forms of community sharing. It can be a commune, tribal lands held in common; what Scandinavia has had for a long time, so on. To equate socialism with communism is like saying all Christians are Baptists. It does seem to me the left is trying to be like Communists, something I am against.

      1. I think you need to look up definitions, read “Mein Kampf” and the “Communist Manifesto,” and look at historical examples of societies that have called themselves both Communist and Socialist.

        By definition and by the Communist Manifesto, Socialism is a full government control system that at some point will magically transform into communism. When the unicorn farts under the rainbow, all the power hungry socialist leaders will step down and become cogs in the great communist (Commune-ist) utopia.

        Hitler called himself a socialist. The USSR was the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Other societies have called themselves communist when in reality (by definition and by historical precedent) they are actually socialist.

        There has never, in the history of the world, been a communist society that has lasted more than half a century. Someone always steps in to fill the power vacuum.

        1. As I said, Socialism is an umbrella term, just like Christianity. Communism is just one form, which I am against.
          Most of Europe is already socialist, not Communist. I read those things decades ago. I am old enough to remember the original definition of socialism, any form of community sharing. Now is propagandized into a system run by the state. Doesn’t mean the state has full control, anymore than a secretary controls the boss, which in a democracy is the people.

        2. Leninist Communists are class struggle based socialists, the scope is a global class struggle. The Nazis were race/ethnic based socialists, the scope is the nation state encompassing the race/ethnic group.
          Your current lot of American socialists are something weird and new, they are race based (everything whitey’s done is bad) but globalist in scope, wanting to undermine their nation state and give it away to a world totalitarian technocracy dictatorship.
          But then, their Critical Race Theory ideology denies there are facts and logic is a weapon of the oppressor, so there’s no arguing the point with them. Their evil is weird, it makes no sense.

      2. Your sentiments are puzzling strangedays. A one-party “Socialist” system of government is already in effect in Hawaii. The middle-class has been eliminated. $1400 per month for a studio rental of less than 400 square feet is a perfect example 📷 of Socialism in a modern, controlled society.

        1. What you are describing sounds like out of control capitalism to me. People have forgotten that Socialism and Capitalism are economic systems. No wonder, as politicians link them to the prevailing government system for political reasons. Socialistic economies exist under democracies and dictatorships. Capitalistic economies exist under democracies and dictatorships. All of this has been purposely confused for political reasons. Most of Europe and other places have some form of socialism in which basics like housing, food, health care are provided. While cooperation leads, there is often private competitive business as well. But should not be to the extent that housing costs for example, are out of control to the determent of the community, as in your example. I can’t write a thesis in a post, you might want to research. Note that I am against communism.

          1. This conversation may be deleted but before it does I would like to respond. You state,
            “While cooperation leads, there is often private competitive business as well. But should not be to the extent that housing costs for example, are out of control to the determent (do you mean detriment?) of the community,”
            Therein lies one of the major problems of Socialism. Corporations become key to the functionality of the “community”. i.e., Sony corp is an “advisor” to the Hawaii State Government. If they need land to build more million dollar condos on a public beach, it’s no problem. Simply payoff the key people in the legislature and, voila, the land is theirs. Healthcare for the “community” is monopolized by two (2) large corporations. Kaiser and BCBS. Never mind that their rates are inflated, it is for the “community”.
            We are on the verge of a one-party system in this country. Do you really think there will be a debate before Puppet Joe enacts his amnesty for 10 million illegal immigrants? I don’t. Congress will introduce a bill. Senate will approve it. Boo-ya Baby Joe will sign it. Socialism at its best.

          2. Oh, my. Well do they say that definitions rule.

            So what you’re saying is that in spite of the original meaning of socialism (i.e., complete government control of production, distribution, consumption, as well as everything attached to those items, as stated in various 18th and 19th century documents) YOUR definition of socialism is the nanny state. You seem to argue that people should embrace socialism because it makes their lives better. This flies in the face of the assumption that socialism is an economic system and a category rather than a specific item in that category. You also state that the original definitions of both communism and socialism are insufficient (per the original writers) and have been altered because of political needs.

            You have not, however provided a logical definition of communism and why it is worse than socialism. Your argument that socialism is to be embraced but communism is not falls rather flat, considering (I know, I know) the definitions that you have chosen to represent.

            If socialism is the over-arching category (per your argument) and communism is a sub set of that category, what is it about communism that you object to?

  5. I think I’m ready to give up on this country. Not the principles upon which it was founded, just our current reality. Elections are rigged, officials at all levels are morally bankrupt and functionally corrupt.

    The people, as a whole, have devolved into abject stupidity. Almost unbelievably, some of us have come to be penalized, by construct of government…. for being, … white; and/or productive. God have mercy if you happen to be both.

    I can go to ground and refuse to participate. I’m kinda smart at some things. Globalism? I can play in that realm. I can make money at that game. I can stay gray while supporting worthy causes and stealth activism.

    My whole existence has been a guerilla lifestyle, figuring stuff out as I go. This is nothing new. The enemy has always been there, just on the other side of the fence. Now they are in our towns; and in our face.

    I got a formal letter of apology tonight from a VP of a popular grocery chain, where I was inadvertently sprayed in the face with disinfectant; then swarmed and detained when I tugged the mask off my nose for air.

    Give me two tablets of Fukitol and a glass of water. I refuse to comply with a “New America”.

  6. Unalienable. Can’t be taken away. But freedom can be given away, sort of. We can acquiesce to demands that we do or don’t do something. We can pretend to abdicate our responsibility for personal decisions and outcomes.

    Little by little that’s what our society has been doing, letting someone else be our conscience – the doctor, the teacher, the lawyer, the boss, etc… Sometimes we do need the advice and expertise of someone who has information or experience we don’t have. The problem comes when we turn our brains off, and want someone else to be in charge of our decisions, so we don’t have to deal with being responsible for the outcomes. It’s not my fault if someone else told me to do it. Just following orders, right?

    Even when we give our freedom away, it’s still a personal choice to do so, and we’re still responsible. That’s just how life works. This attack on liberty didn’t happen overnight. It’s the culmination of countless little abdications of responsibility, made by enough people in our society that it empowered those who seek power and control. Used to be kings, now it’s technocrats. The remedy, as I see it, is to live like a free person.

    1. The rules and regulations will come at free persons like never before. Any excuse will be used to make you subservient, like the bank you tried to deal with.

      The gov/corporate dictators hate free persons like the persecution of gypsies for hundreds of years – the rulers use lies, like how the gypsies are nothing but robbers, cheats, and rapists – yup, some are but that is the case in the society as a whole.

      The choices to remain a free person are becoming fewer: become homeless on the street, become a hermit off the grid, or maybe become less tied to technology by joining the Amish (whom I know nothing about). 🙂

      1. hermit us,

        Yes, they will. And we have some hard decisions to make. That bank could not make me subservient. I chose to do business elsewhere, and fortunately I could. I chose to move here, where there are more people simply not complying. It’s interesting to see a few businesses rigidly following the ‘rules’ – the bank, the title company, the law offices – all instruments serving the technocracy.

        I am free here, right now. Yes, they will come after us, and I’m sitting with what to do about that. The Amish I know, the ones who built my house in Wisconsin, the ones I worked with and ate with, refused to comply. They had church, met in each other’s homes, refused to wear the masks, set up their own farm markets, mask free. There will come a time, soon, when the choices will be more difficult.

        They can kill me, and I think they’d be glad to get rid of an awful lot of us. Easier to control fewer people. Knowing that, that they’re planning on it, makes the choices a little easier, actually. I love life, it’s just getting interesting, beautiful. I don’t want to die, but if I’m going to anyway, I’d rather die a free woman than die a faceless slave.

        1. Farmgirl,
          Even the Amish have their own rules, but I like the “idea” that they seperate themselves from the corrupt culture of the world. The culture I removed myself from is socialism and its extreme degrees of communism. I think you and most people here believe the same.

          Those of us with same principles will have to go underground in real life like in the early days of Christianity to hide from the Romans out to destroy them for their amusement in the coliseum. However, being offshore now, we don’t have to worry about our conservative views taken away, thanks to Ken.

        2. Farmgirl,
          thats the thing these idiot democrats dont realize,
          They are all cheering the DC azzhats on, get em get em, get the conservatives,
          They are next,
          that is how it always has gone,
          personally, good for them. I weep for the young who see the reality or are too young to know, but for the willfully ignorant i applaud their ignorance. They WILL get exactly what the are asking for, history repeats

  7. Ken, gonna get our own private file cabinet in Utah for this one! I know i’m past caring!..
    Now I’ve got two sites to lurk each evening, thnx!

  8. Appreciate your foresight to provide one of the last spots for conservatives to gather before they have all been erased by big brother.

  9. Pelosi arrested and detained at Camp Century Greenland. Notice she didn’t show up yesterday in Congress? Others to follow. It is in motion. Have faith.

    1. What are your sources? All the research I have done is this came out Jan. 13 but information I have found states Pelosi did a press conference Jan. 15.

      1. Old Alaskan

        Am waiting for “sources” to “pan out” as to accuracy. Thought I might (maybe prematurely) put the info out for a little hope here as there is a lot of negative info floating around. If my “sources” are correct…..maybe look for Gen. Flynn or JFK Jr to be VP. Again…..if “sources” are correct, it will be in plain view very soon and a source will not be needed. If not….what does it matter? Folks can believe what they want. We shall see.

    2. When i see it I’ll believe it.Until then….Im taking a break from the propaganda machine.

  10. I have been reading your articles on MSB for a long time. Since the demise of Ol’ Remus and the woodpile Report I was searching for another informative site and came across the On the right sidebar of this site are several blogs that moderator follows. every morning I spend about 2 hours reading blogs and posting some of the articles giving credit where due. I whole heartedly agree we are entering trying times. Our economy is at risk and many do not realize it. China has been quietly buying quantities of gold in an effort to have the YAUN the international Money used for international transactions. The US dollar is no longer backed by silver or gold but because many of the countries in the world prop it up. We, the US, are Dangerously approaching an unsustainable national debt. When the interest on the national debt reaches the point where it exceeds the GDP we will see either the country printing more money or a devaluation of the dollar.

  11. Followed you over. It is a shame. America has traded liberty for a few well wrapped empty boxes.

  12. I just heard that the NRA declared bankruptcy. I know it’s probably true, that some of the Execs have lived high off of the members, but beware the enemy, because they will use Divide and Conquer. The NRA is still the big gorilla in the room, and they have fought many fights for us, so don’t side with the anti 2nd Amendment people. Trekker Out

  13. Check out ‘Restricted Republic’ reference to explanation of info President Trump just declassified. He is setting the stage for what is about to occur so that the public will understand why he is taking action according to his oath of office. Those National Guard troops around the Capital are controlled directly by the President. Question: Do you suppose those troops are to keep people out….. or in…. on the 20th ????? Don’t look like President Trump gave up to me. The best is yet to come.

    1. The biggest problem, half or more of the public thinks what CnN says is gospel truth aka, they are freakin idiot sheep

  14. I heard on the radio people are signing up for the vax,then not showing up.And then the defrosted vax that isnt given has to be thrown out.Just sayin…..

  15. Dear America

    “You are waking up, as Germany once did to the awareness that 1/3 of your people would kill another 1/3, while 1/3 watches” W. Herzog

    So, which 1/3 do most of you fit into?

    It is pretty clear that leftist indoctrination has fed the first 1/3 much hatred and many of this group/tribe have clear intentions to wipe out or marginalize the Constitutionalists.

    That leaves the 1/3 that are victims and the 1/3 that do nothing about it – until it strikes home at which time it will be too late.

    The writing is on the wall.

  16. Alias made the comment at the other site: 2 hours ago
    “I am not sure that a prepper website is going to be safe from the commie left. It is interesting reading the comments here. I am happy that people have accepted things so easily. I hope you all are this cooperative when they ask you to report to the camps.I am not asking for nor do I want violence but would like to see some unity in …….”

    Alias needs to understand you don’t put any contentious intentions on an open website….that is just asking for a hammer blow. Community building in your own area of operation is prudent and was actually suggested by a T attorney not too long ago. To Alias – I don’t know you personally so you are not in the know. Cali gave excellent food for thought – the first rule is to survive.

  17. It is important to discuss the ramifications of the vax with people you know. They may still take it but at least you attempted to open their eyes as to long term outcomes. Keep in mind, those who get the vax may not be available to assist your efforts at some point. It is coming to our neck of the woods next Saturday.

    1. 23 deaths attributed to Pfizer vaccine soon after administering in Norway over 80 years old. This does create a problem and they are investigating.

      1. So far 55 deaths have occurred among people in the US after receiving both the Moderna and the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines. In addition to the deaths, people have reported 96 life-threatening events following COVID-19 vaccinations, as well as 24 permanent disabilities, 225 hospitalizations, and 1,388 emergency room visits. — Epoch Times

  18. Critical thinking skills required. Question…….. Who, right now, controls the ‘Rod of God’ and ‘TR-3B’ platforms? (President Trump) Is any military on the face of the earth able to defeat these platforms ? (NO). The 200,000 CCP troops stationed on the Canadian boarder WILL be wiped from the face of the earth in an instant. Some already have (on our side of the boarder) with use of Bunker Busters. Look at the moves President Trump is making to prepare the U.S. for war with China when he assumes his presidency and the China infiltration is exposed. China is pissed… they are about to be relegated back to their 3rd world status. I can not believe, for one second, that our military is about to commit treason and follow China Joe. Please think about this……with the weapons platforms mentioned above, the ONLY way China could take over the U.S. is from within. They have no chance of an outright military victory. And they know it. Hang tuff…..head up, eyes up.

    1. SoulSurvivor –

      Your post reputation just went from interesting to scary. Because the scenario you paint happened recently during a different CCP MIL incursion and adventure into an area of Russian territory south of Novokuznetsk. The Russkies were overwhelmed and quickly retreated. According to lore, (and seismographs) Moscow didn’t fool with bunker busters. Seeing as it was their own territory, testing out some new stuff could not reasonably be seen as an act of war.

      1. TMAC

        I find it interesting that Russia is “hanging back” some in the present situation. Who the hell knows what is really going on. I’m just trying to piece the puzzle together the best I can. Think back a short while to what happened in China. Two factories just exploded with no explanation. I can’t remember if it was due to their announcement about monetary policy or their sub popping off a shot near Catalina Island. Those factories (I think) were just a subtle reminder to them (and the world) of who is really in control. I don’t claim to be right in my thinking……I am just searching for the truth (hopefully with a little help from above)…..come what may.

        1. And yet in the last year there have been grain silos exploding, factories burning down, a number of wood mills destroyed, livestock facilities burned to the ground, all over the world. It’s not limited to two factories in one country.

          When you’re starting a war, you deny your enemy their resources, and destroy their communications. This is world wide. Most of the world has been affected. Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, China, North America, South America. I’m not sure about Russia, since they’re pretty close-mouthed about problems in their country, but the fact that they have shut down exports says a lot. I would have said the same about China, until you mentioned those factories.

          In my opinion this is the NWO getting ready to establish their final control, using UN, US and Chinese troops to do their dirty work.

          1. Lauren

            I believe your opinion is correct because it lines up with the book of the Revelation……..with one caveat. I think the timing is off. Where is the “man of peace” that the world falls in love with? The man that solves seemingly unsolvable problems and then stabs the “followers” in the back after the treaty involving Israel. We are not there yet if you follow scripture. That man has not been revealed. If you think I am referring to President Trump….I am not as I don’t think he fits the description. I am watching and waiting. I think it will be someone else after this dust settles. I have some thoughts on that but I don’t want to be relegated to the “rubber room” just yet. PS: I don’t think we can attribute all your listed destructions to our “super weapons” as I believe they are only used when absolutely necessary, if in fact controlled by the good guys. I mean come on…..we do have the Seal Teams, etc.. If you want some entertainment, go to youtube and type in Tr 3B Destroys Taliban Camp.

          2. My opinion, that “man of peace” (I think you’re actually referring to the “man of sin” in 2 Thes) won’t appear until things are so messed up that the majority are begging for help. It may be this year, it may be later, but so far we are not there. Trump doesn’t fit at all, jokes about the “first trump” aside.

            The “super weapons” do not apply in this case. I think we have one group (call them NWO or TPTB, whatever) that are driving from behind and putting pressure on various governments, which try to destroy their opponents assets. It has the same result, in the end. At the moment every player seems intent on destroying the enemy’s food supply, and everyone is getting hit.

            Please remember that the control aspect doesn’t have to wait on the man of sin. He will be revealed before the Return, but I think the system will already be in place long before.

            Another opinion, I think the NWO system will be part of what creates the chaos that the majority are willing to sell their souls to be out of.

          3. Lauren

            The ones that will want out of the NWO system are the remnant (few in number – the ones that actually love Adonai) and the rest will do as they have done…..go along to get along. There is no political solution to a spiritual problem (Steve Quayle) and that (in my opinion) is what we face. The spiritual problem is here no matter who runs the country. That is why Adonai says He will judge His church first. Well……so as to not violate the policy here any further, I shall bug out for awhile. But thank you.

    2. I read a few days ago that the only way the military would go along with the EO is if they got to have some sort of ‘dust up’ with China in return. <shrug>

      1. aka

        Think about that……. the E.O. IS the ‘dust up’ with China. Depends on how smart China (CCP) really is. For their sake…..I hope they are not stupid. We shall soon see.

        1. Yeah, will see and soon I imagine. Seems there are now around 30,000 troops in DC and supposedly there for at least 30 days. Something stinks really bad.

          1. aka

            Well…….I can tell you this, the air assets (cap), mechanized units, and large number of troops, not to mention the patriot missile batteries just set up in Tenn., etc., are not there to defend against a “rag tag” bunch of Patriots attacking a “virtual” swearing in. This my friend is a war posture. Two carrier groups off the Atlantic coast and three off the Pacific coast. Hold on to your lunch boxes kids…..we are about to go for a ride.

          2. I’ve read about our subs being continually out to sea and not coming to port (going back to obama)and that there are foreign subs patrolling closely off both coasts. I have to wonder with so many assets on the east coast if they have considered an attack on the west coast where there are no troops. Plots within plots. I don’t think that people believe that there would ever be a direct attack on our shores.
            Remember also that obama has a big house a couple of miles from the white house and apparently has a room like that in the white house (can’t remember name) where it is some sort of nothing goes in or out type thing completely secure???

          3. aka

            I think the staged CCP troops in Canada and Mexico were intended for after a Biden swear in. Ya know… help Biden & Co with the roundup of the patriots. Same goes with the containers delivered to Long Beach for CCP resupply, etc.. Probably are a lot of our troops staged on the West Coast……but not showcased like the Capitol, of which is the symbol of democracy. Like you say, plots within plots, who knows ? I am just trying to read the cards on the table…..don’t know what the hold cards are. As far as Obama’s “alleged” secure room in the White House…….don’t know about that. Hope President Trump turned it into a cell for Obama so that all that tour there can have a visual on what treason really looks like.

  19. How would this be for a scenario
    marines have all the info on all the traitors, on the 20th as the cameras are rolling and everybody is in their finest to pat eachother on the back as DJT works on his driving swing at Maralago the marines move in and arrest everyone who needs arresting with NG to help provessing and security etc

    be a fun story to tell the grand kids eh

    1. Had a vision of DJT yelling 4 on the 9th and by the time he hit the clubhouse for some refreshments everyone was standing agape

    2. I am just reporting the news—- Mike Lindell just came from the Whitehouse visiting Trump Friday (I saw him there on the news).

      As stated by the Washington Times Jan. 15th—

      “My Pillow CEO Mike Pillow will not lay to rest falsehoods about the 2020 election.
      As of early Friday, the businessman and activist was still insisting President Trump will serve a second term in office.
      “Keep the faith everyone,” Mr.Lindell posted on his Facebook page. “We will have our president Donald Trump 4 more years!”

      There must be something Mike knows that President Trump shared with him on his visit Friday what will go down in order to retain Trumps 2nd term……..or it is wishful thinking.

  20. I’m slowly figuring this out. Right now I’m on ADS but I don’t see any planes anywhere. Maybe I clicked on something I shouldn’t have. Very interesting tho. My husband flew A-3s (we’re old) in the Navy, so he’s interested in this also. Thanks for all your info.

  21. Maybe a threat on DC from Iran or China? Enemy Submarine activity off the coast? Time of weakness is when Biden takes office. Military on alert for something near DC or beyond.

    Iran just launched a target missile test.

    1. Stardust

      If Biden were in fact going to take “actual” office, and he had the military on his side, you would not see the defenses activated as he already signed away this country to CCP. These military activations are President Trump’s doing. President Trump is, and will be, our president. This country is under (unannounced) martial law which means that Biden can not take “actual” office nor does congress have any “actual” power as most of them are about to be arrested. We are at war with China…….the Commander and Chief (President Trump) and military are in control of the U.S. right now. How else would you explain ALL the military activity at this moment. Remember now, there are 200,000 CCP troops staged on the Canadian boarder. Just my opinion. Rest easy and trust in the Lord.


    This is a sory about a caravan from Central America heading our way. My primary concern is keeping the border closed. China is the most populated country, followed by India, and the US is the most populated country on Earth, mostly due to immigration. So says the Census Bureau, if they haven’t taken that info down as its an inconvenient fact for the left. China doesn’t have enough acreage to feed all her people; we do. There doesn’t need to be a war; they just need to pack our country with their people and we will be done.

  23. Our opponents have clearly defined goal—absolute power—and they are absolutely committed to subjugating or eliminating anyone who stands in their way. Until recently most of those on our side didn’t even realize we were at war.

    Before such a war goes kinetic (the modern term for old-fashioned war where people get killed) and in the hope that it doesn’t, we need a clearly defined goal and a strategy to achieve it. The goal is the fundamental right of every human: the liberty to peaceably live one’s own life and pursue one’s own happiness. The strategy is more complicated.

    Peacefully splitting the US into two or more countries when it is so irretrievably and irreconcilably driven is almost breathtaking in its common sense. You go your way and we’ll go ours appeals to both logic and justice. What could be fairer than to give people a choice?

    For those of you that think you can just hide and you will be spared, the socialist/communist/globalist are really out to get all of us. If you have not checked your property assessment, you may be surprised in some freedom loving areas where many people are flocking to – mine up 14%. Just a beginning of the redistribution.

    1. hermit us,

      I’ve often thought balkanization could very well be how it ends up. Given that most producers of actual essentials are majority deplorables, I doubt we’ll be allowed to part ways peacefully. That, and the level of vitriol being displayed needs an outlet, and we’re it.

      As others have mentioned, it’s bigger than just the US; this is an attempt at a global takeover by the techno folks. God’s creation wasn’t good enough, needs tweaking, don’t you know. They want to remake and control it all, for the good of humanity – humanity seeming to primarily consist of whomever they deem worthy.

      1. In the 1800’s, an (uncivil) war was fought about agricultural producers wanting to leave the dis-Union. Lots of underlying reasons, but I see no reason that they would let the “deplorable” producers go without a fight either.

        1. States rights was the major part of it (particularly for the South), but the North got involved primarily for economic reasons. They needed the products from the South to keep their factories running.

  24. Earlier on this thread I posted the deft. of Socialism as I knew it. I am an older person, and it seems the definition has undergone changes since I learned it decades ago. No wonder all the confusion and I do apologize. So here is what I was trying to define; this is copied from a good deft. online: ” Democratic Socialist Countries 2020 Democratic Socialism describes a socialist economy where production and wealth are collectively owned, but the country has a democratic system of government. The goal of democratic Socialism is to achieve socialist goals of equality while opposing socialist ideologies. Democratic Socialism is opposed to the Soviet economic model, command economies, and authoritarian governance.
    Under Democratic Socialism, the ownership of private property is limited. The government regulates the economy. Different programs offer assistance and pensions.” So while I found some differences in what constitutes Socialism today, there is this thing called Democratic Socialism defined above that again, describes what I mean. Used to be under the umbrella, Socialism’.Spelled my name wrong, can’t change

    1. Leaving aside the definition of “democratic,” you still have not defined communism.

      If Socialism is the “democratic socialism” nanny state, it’s not an over-riding definition. It’s part of a category. So what is communism, by your definition?

      1. Socialism used to be a broader term that included communism and other forms of socialism. Now we have the ‘democratic socialism’ as defined above, being oppositional to communism and other more authoritarian forms[.I wasn’t aware of the new definitions.] Communism definition is easily found online. Again, Democratic Socialism [Bernie Sanders] is opposed to Communism. Now evidently Socialism is the various authoritarian types of social sharing, and Democratic Socialism is , well, The Democratic forms. I started out about 2 posts ago by just trying to point out that Socialism isn’t synonymous with Communism, but evidently today it is , along with some other non-democratic forms; and Democratic Socialism, which also comes in different styles, is now what we call the Democratic form of socialism, where we’d have a Democracy.

    2. Putting this separate because I know darn well you’ll continue to ignore the question I’ve been asking.

      And as for those “democratic socialism” states–production and wealth are NOT collectively owned. If anything, the infrastructure is collectively owned. High taxes spread the cost of additional social programs. Wages are high because cost of living is high and taxes are high. People still own businesses, but the .gov can shut them down without warning. People still technically own property, but again the .gov can take it away simply by stating that they are going to, tell them what to do with it, when to jump and how high.

      All in exchange for a guaranteed income and universal health care. Fabulous. *sarc*

      1. These are definitions I gave. No where did I argue for one or the other. I don’t have “my own” deft. of communism. The defts. I know are online. Just search it online. I didn’t invent these definitions, I just shared them.

    3. strangedays,

      By the very definition you found, it is still an authoritarian form of rule. Who decides how to regulate the economy? The government. Collective ownership? Ever tried to collectively own a book? I know that sounds silly, but it’s a perfect example of what happens despite people’s expressed intentions. It’s very contradictory, too. If the goal is to achieve socialist goals of equality, then by definition you are not opposing socialist ideologies.

      The sales pitch of socialism, which always sounds nice to the majority of people, is equality and sharing. In practice this has never, and I mean NEVER, happened. It can’t. Cause and effect is a thing, and it never guarantees equality of outcomes, which what socialists mean when they say equality.

      Democratic socialism is socialism, with some lipstick slapped on it to dress it up for the wary.

      1. But changing definitions is the game the elites play. Identifying when the definitions have changed can go a long way to countering their arguments.

        These arguments also assume ignorance (of the change) on the part of their audience, and pull out the “authority” game when they want to shut someone up.

        1. Yes, I got tripped up with the change. Back decades ago ‘Socialism’ was the umbrella term for all forms of socialism, now its changed to this Democratic Socialism on one side, and the term ‘Socialism’ Only including the authoritarian types. I find an awful lot of new political terminology. Currently trying to understand what a ‘neo-liberal’ is.

        2. But we do not have pure Capitalism. If you want private roads, which we had some in our history; buyer beware policies, sink or swim with no help as you perish, so on; then go for unrestrained capitalism. The ultimate outcome of our capitalism, as I said decades ago, will be the smart boys buying up more and more till the few at top own everything.Globally, which is what we have. Not democratic; I think its called an oligarchy. We have paved public roads, schools, military, cops hospitals, welfare, housing assistance, health assistance, so on. That’s all socialist, or today is called democratic socialism. I am a what the young call a soft socialist I guess. I’m for things like what they have in Northern Europe. I don’t think its too much to ask one’s government to provide the basics of survival: housing, since we’ve evolved from being fur bearing; food, and healthcare when sick. Then with cooperation leading, we can also have private competition, but adhere to anti-monopoly laws. I am against Communism.

    4. I believe America tried this form of government. It was called the Mayflower Compact and the Pilgrims almost didn’t survive the winter. If the government is providing assistance and pension from the “largess” of their state owned production, why work? Oh – the government will require you to work? Okay why bother to do more than show up? Oh the government will force you to make a quota? Make a quote or what? Get shut off from the “assistance and pensions” or sent to the gulag? The ability to own something and use it in a productive capacity to better your life is at the heart of being a free human being. And the most important productive element you own is yourself. In any governmental form where the government owns the production, they own you.

      1. MamaLark

        The Russian saying when the government owns you was something like “they pretend to pay us so we pretend to work”

        These type systems can only stay afloat for a short while as eventually, nobody is producing but consuming.

    5. Atlas Shrugged lays it out, step by insidious step, very well. If you are genuinely engaging the subject, I highly recommend it. If you are just stirring the pot, know that the one equality socialism does a pretty good job with is equality of suffering; you won’t come through this unscathed no matter what they’re promising you now.

      1. Some have said Shrugged is too long a read or boring or they just aren’t that into reading. Ayn Rand also has a book called Capitalism: the Unknown Ideal that is a collection of her essays on the topic that may be an alternative. Her writings can strain your brain. For some, it’s that peculiar sensation that there is something here and I am not quite getting it. So you have to read through several times for it to fall in place. For others, it’s a game changing whammy to the old noggin neurons. And others just don’t connect to her writings.

        Another one I like is The Virtue of Selfishness. Again as Strangedays says, definitions change. This work is based on the definition of selfishness as concerned with one’s one interests. I, for one would welcome a world where we each order our lives so that we don’t have to interfere or to lay claim to the lives of others by taking their stuff or their time or their money by force of law.

        1. The right to swing your fist ends where my nose begins. Until that punch hits, what you do is none of my business. But I also have the right to defend myself from that first punch.

          Funny story. Years ago my sister went dancing with me. A woman there decided my sister could be pushed. I think she was assuming that DS would either a) back down or b) fight back verbally. The chit pushed up into my sister’s face, screaming at her, threatening, and DS punched her. The moron fell backward, landed on her butt, and started crying.

          For some reason the chit thought DS was her best friend from that point on.

      2. Maybe we’ll get Ision to join in yet as we are trekking into one of his special areas of interest.

          1. You’re being beckoned on the Open forum. I think a few people are hoping for your interpretation of the multitude of military flights that have been going on for the last few days.

            Just search for your name.

          2. Ision – Also thought since Farmgirl and I had ventured into trying to explain socialism never works to strangedays with reference to Atlas Shrugged, you may want to weigh in.

    6. I can say you do not know nothing about socialism or “democratic” socialism. You just have delusions.

  25. This guy had the right opinion about socialism

    “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings.
    The inherent virtue of Socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”
    —Winston Churchill ….House of Commons, 22 October 1945.

    Welcome to your third world shack and your daily bowl of rice sheeple.
    Because it is only fair to share with the world, you know.

  26. US is the third most populated, due mostly to immigration.Biden originally said he would FIRST day open the border and give amnesty, path to citizenship, and free healthcare to anyone crossing the border. Later sd.wouldn’t do it the first day but later. Now talking about what he’ll do for the caravan. We have millions homeless; affordable housing crisis for some years; overstretched health system; low economy due to covid; mostly service jobs., so on. The left doesn’t have to start a war; they can just open the border and our enemies; probably China and Global Monopolies; can pack us with their people. We’ll become just a place used as a market for their products, and source of cheap labor for them. Too many fighting for anything they can get. Raw survival. All this other stuff will be forgotten in the struggle to survive.

  27. There are freedom loving people the world over. Throughout the Western world our liberty is under attack, including my country, Australia. You are blessed to have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights drafted by patriots, that formed a nation that went on to become the freest, most prosperous and strongest nation the world has seen.
    By contrast, my countries constitution was drafted by the Parliament your country fought to free itself from. I envy your Constitution and the freedom it enshrines.
    Your strongest weapons in this fight are your Constitution and your Supreme Court, though the latter has made some questionable decisions, but hey, nothing’s perfect.
    That your Constitution vests all powers not explicitly given to the Federal Government vests with the States is a great strength. You can resist the tyranny by having strong State Governments who stand up for the rights of their residents by ignoring illegal encroachments on their responsibilities and taking your Federal Government to the Supreme Court. Legal delays to their plans buys time for a better set of representatives to be elected to office.
    Just a thought from afar. Good luck and God Bless

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