The pursuit of life, liberty, happiness

Most Patriots Want Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Most patriots put great value in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Most want to be ‘left alone’ in their pursuit. To be independent, self-reliant.

Thomas Jefferson wrote (while drafting the US Constitution), We hold these truths to be sacred & undeniable; that all men are created equal & independent, that from that equal creation they derive rights inherent & inalienable, among which are the preservation of life, & liberty, & the pursuit of happiness;

Unlike socialism, tyranny, fascism, or communism which uses force to deny some or all of that pursuit, I present some words on the subject of liberty…

One might say the philosophy of liberty is based on the principle of self ownership. You own your own life.

To deny this is to imply that another person has a higher claim on your life than you do. No other person, or group of persons, owns your life. And you do not own the lives of others.

Since you own your life, you are responsible for your life. You do not rent your life from others who demand your obedience. Nor are you a slave to others who demand your sacrifice.

To take liberty is slavery.

You exist in time. This is manifest in life, liberty, and the product of your life and liberty.

A product of your life and liberty is your property. Property is the fruit of your labor – the product of your time, energy, and talents. To take property is theft.

You have the right to protect your own life, liberty, and justly acquired property from the forceful aggression of others.

Evil does not only arise from evil people, but also from good people who tolerate the initiation of force as a means to their own ends. In this manner good people have empowered evil people throughout history.

We are living through unprecedented times. Many aggressions are being forced upon us. Our liberty is being torn away into slavery. The shining light of liberty once glistened on the United States of America. A blip in time. The evil in this world is snuffing it out. Relegating us back into a world of darkness.

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