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I am not a Kamala fan at all however there is a quote on the move that she said they would shut down the VA. According to Snopes, it comes from an article from site called Americas Last Line of Defense. Published on Feb. 9, 2021. This web site considers it content satirical and no one should believe what they post. Sad very sad as it will upset many veterans and their families. Who ever posted this as satire should go have a colonoscopy without anesthesia……

Mrs. U
Thank you for locating this information. As you stated it really upset this family, and I personally did not find any humor in it at all.
Actually IF our antique hot shot for livestock still worked, I would give the lying party a thrill they seem to require for posting that trash. Forget the rear end removal system.

You are welcome AC. and hug hug to DH.

Mrs U

Might be wise to stop putting any credibility in Snopes…


The trick is not to REPLY, but to create a new entry, instead. Thereby, if the original troll is deleted, your reply still survives.

We did not fund them. But, we did not throw the results of their “experiments” away, afterwards…either.

….and continuing news, on a more positive note

Gunmaker Sturm Ruger ramps up hiring as demand soars

Gas in my area has gone up THIRTY CENTS per gallon this past week. Granted some of that may be due to refineries in Texas not functioning, but all in all, the price has gone up 55 cents since January 20.

I warned people here, so don’t be surprised and prepare for it. What happened now is because of the storm, but what will happen during the Biden administration down the road will be a different storm when travel increases and production is kept low,.. then bans on new drilling take effect when gov’t leases expire.

I have taken a ride on oil and gas stocks and make about $500 a week on them to prepare for it since I am basically on a limited income outside of trading.

It was a good idea to open this site, that gave us that love this country a place to grieve. And it left MSB to be informative and uncluttered.

But, now that we have reached the end of the steps for healing,

  1. denial.
  2. anger.
  3. bargaining.
  4. depression.
  5. acceptance.

I see more and more circle arguments. Much preaching to the choir. Most of us see the inevitable crash of society in one form or another.

As a population that honors the Constitution, morals, laws, borders, family, religion, …. we have collectively decided to do little to keep these freedoms. Sure, some good suggestions have been made like, start to regain these rights at the local level, starve the beast, debt free living, …

Now I think this site is no longer relevant and will degenerate into futile arguments about the divisions in society that are set in concrete. Indoctrination, socialist propaganda, cancel culture, voter ignorance, … have been successful, so all that remains is avoiding the pain as society collapses.

At least most of us will avoid the mile long lineups for daily food and water.

This site Irreverent? I think not. If we are to avoid the pain as society collapses, we need this site for cohesion and information we don’t normally hear, and we can decide what to do or not do about it. Resisting this “Coup of the Stupid” makes us stronger, and without cohesive resistance, we will fall into the abyss.

Don’t give up on hope, we will overcome. Even the dems are starting to eat their own now, LET THEM.


I agree. Just for moral support alone, this site is valuable. Since we’re spread out across the country, it’s also a way (for as long as we have it) to share information about what’s happening in our respective areas so others can be better prepared for it and not be caught unaware. As more and more of the official news is suspect, it’s good to have verifiable information from real life sources.

I believe what you say is true, but about MSB and not so much about this site. Endless political and sociological arguments do not help but discourage. Practical solutions are what we will need to weather the coming storm.

Courage is not the absence of dejection, but rather the strength to overcome it to keep on going forward despite it………… Some people like Charles Dickens in his writings about discouragement in society changed the civilized world.

Truth, no matter how much it hurts is informative, even though some use this place as a sounding board. It is like punching a pillow, but others see this place as what is going on to prepare and resist the Tyranny we are seeing. Oopps I wrote a sociological comment…..

You can take what this site offers or I’ll see ya on the other board.

PS.. Ken doesn’t allow political statements on the other board.

Well thought I might tell you about my catching the COVID help other when facing it. Yes I’m a horrible speller and grammar is atrocious always do this on my phone too so forgive.

I’m on day 9 with my battle with this virus I’m a 41 yr old male in decent shape who can easily hike 5 miles. Lift weights regularly. I am overweight as my only risk category as I do love food and cold beer.

called in to work last Friday the 12 as I was sick with sore throat and coughing. Spent entire weekend dying half in this world half out. Fever chills sweats. Now I am a man baby as the wife puts it and I’ll make no claims otherwise when it comes to being sick.

wife dragged me to ER on Monday got a test for strep and COVID while getting a breathing treatment as it was becoming difficult to breath. Couldn’t say two sentences without coughing fit. Results came back positive. Sent home with cough syrup with codine to live or die Lol.

2 day later got call to get experimental IV drug called Bamlanivimab. It’s man made antibodies I guess similar to some cancer treatments. Now I’d never get the vaccine but this seemed more low risk from what I could find out. Cont in other post

So this morning I finally feel human again. I have a cough but only intermittent. I threw everything I had at this thing I had in the medicine cabinet . I ain’t scared about doubling up on pills either again I’m a baby when it comes to being sick. The only reason I went with the treatment was it just felt like nothing was denting the symptoms I was having. Worst being sore throat and glands while coughing uncontrollably. It was like somebody just turned on a faucet in my nose straight to my lungs and throat. You do not wanna know the details of what I was having to clear to keep decent breathing.

I can see how the elderly or weak lunged go down fast. Now I was one to first dismissed this virus and I do believe numbers and testing is way out of whack but something is out there that is damn wicked. If you get this make sure you get some care.

if you can sleep on belly it may help a bit I did do this a few nights as long as I could. Get a spit bottle and keep those lungs clear as possible. I think that helped to keep me out of hospital. Gross I know. Advil in the handfuls was only medicine that seemed to help with pain .

Hope this helps and if anyone has any questions just let me know. Got 5 more days of quarantine to sit on my ass. I hope I not plagued with any long term side effects but we shall see. I’ve read that a MMA fighter has blood clots from fighting his battle and I can see how anyone in a high risk category could definitely suffer heart failure and worse . Literally felt like I was up against something not from this world. Enjoy your week folks.

Glad you are ok.

I am surprised you weren’t tested earlier since you have some health issues. Happy to hear you are doing better. My sister had it, no complications, just run down and she is 70. My brother and sister in law had it, age 68 and 73 same symptoms no complications.

Wob –

My folks, in their 70’s had it, too. Thankfully, they experienced nothing worse than what they normally would with the regular flu. Recovered at home in less than a week, no ill effects.

Interesting how it affects different people in different ways. Good that you’re getting better. You’re braver than I on trying new things. fda gov website has a fact sheet on that experimental treatment, Bamlanivimab. Hasn’t been given to many people yet, still in the investigative stage they say. Lots of other relevant caveats one can read if they’re interested.

Seems to have worked for you. Hope you keep recovering and return to full health.

Yeah that is definitely something I starting to believe that this was designed to attack on all different levels and some people maybe by design react completely different than others. One thing I am I wonder if plays into my fight is I’m of 1/4 Asian decent. I don’t know . I do know it is nasty. I fear the evils that be may have lifted the lid to Pandora’s box. With all the conspiracy stuff out there who knows if the is just phase one . I figure if that is how God want me to go so be it ain’t getting one more day he hasn’t already determined. I was hoping to kick butt if i did get COVID being all macho but it quickly humbled me.

I’m curious if you were taking Vitamin D and zinc prior to becoming infected with Covid.

I was on multivitamin only maybe a vitamin c here and there. I get plenty of healthy foods. Not lacking in nutrients most likely. Oh and I’m forced to wear mask at my job 40 hours a week forgot to mention that.

Any particular brands you recommend over others?

Any particular brands you recommend to avoid?

Oooo…I’m thinking another MSB article!!

“Not all vitamin brands are equal” has a nice ring to it.

I use Mercola and Garden of Life. A bit expensive so I buy when on sale


They are more expensive, but seem more effective to me. My dad, while incredibly frugal, also would say to us growing up “You get what you pay for”.

I do not envy the younger people with children in public school. Especially in the Big Cities. Was watching in Tucker and his 1st discussion was on the indoctrination going on in the realms of BLM and transgender identify. This beginning with very young children.

Not just public, unfortunately.
We have a child in a private, Catholic high school. Noticing outright signs, but also little things that maybe not everyone is catching (terminology on paperwork, for instance).

They did put up the BLM square on social media when the riots started last spring. Was removed within a day, so guessing someone that gives some $ said something about the BLM initiatives clashing with what is supposedly taught from the Catholic perspective.

If it’s true that US DOE told Gov Abbott that powering up to meet electric needs was NOT allowed because of new EPA GREEN ENERGY rules, I would have told him , “Hold my beer, and watch this”‘

Sue me you POS.!!

section 8 — I saw an article about this earlier today, and decided to find the full order and read it for myself. Good grief – I’d have to spend hours digging deeper to understand the ramifications of the whole thing. It seemed like they were asking them to jump through difficult hoops – filing reports each time, ahead of time, for each ‘unit’. One thing I did catch was if ERCOT exceeded emissions standards, they would have to pay. Here’s that paragraph:

C. All entities must comply with environmental requirements to the maximum extent necessary to operate consistent with the emergency conditions. This Order does not provide relief from an entity’s obligations to purchase allowances for emissions that occur during the emergency condition or to use other geographic or temporal flexibilities available to generators.

So I’m not sure if the language was they absolutely couldn’t do it, or if they just chose not to because it wasn’t feasible. The order’s at the DOE website, Emergency Order 202-21-1, if you’re masochistically inclined, lol. I skimmed and gave up – too much time.

Saw an article today @ American Thinker about how the U.S. military is becoming the New American Red Army by “weeding out” Conservatives/Christians.

The author states that this new woke military will not be able to defend our Republic as well as before.

I then had an interesting thought, as I realized that they are being rebuilt to defend against revolution from within/counter revolution and to impose Tyranny.

May God bless America

Also the new head of the Department of Justice has stated that his focus will be focused on “Extremism and Domestic Terrorists ” .

Today’s headline: “Obama Official: More Than One Million Migrants to Hit Border This Year”

Not to mention the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is the SOLE bankroller of a wonderful( sarc) new bill for education called,, wait for it,, MATH IS RACIST!!
Getting a wrong answer is ok and getting the correct answer makes you a racist.
Blowing my mind!! Math is finite. There is only ONE correct answer.
But through song dance circle sharing and more, we can make it easier for non white kids to be ok.
This is in an article written by Jason Rantz at My Northwest News. About the ONLY sane journalist left in Seattle area. Have a peek. You will just be dumbfounded.

“I picked the name Mitzi, which is totally gender neutral, when I graduated. I identify as a 21 year old bi-racial man so the bars have to let me in. I even got a drivers license with my new age.

“I wanted a law scholarship at Harvard but they said my math scores weren’t high enough. So RACIST! So I sued them. My lawyer said ta would take the case if ta got 110%, but the judge refused so I’m suing the judge. My 57 year old twin brother was mad too. She was going to get half.”

Apologies for the racist grammar and stuff. I woke up and this was running through my head.

Freakin liberals make no sense,

You go Lauren!!
It has gotten to the point where we either laugh, cry, get totally pissed off or do something really crazy!
I vote for gallows humor and making fun of them in a place where WE are safe. No judging, doxxing or canceling from here.


Funny. I keep saying, you can call yourself whatever,but until you cut it off or sew it shut your just a poser.

Well, MF, they better clean out the inside too and no reproductive organs are left, and don’t forget the xx and xy’s, they need to be changed as well. Bummer, these individuals all need a padded room.

There’s currently a push to convene a convention of states, purportedly as a “national effort to call a convention under Article V of the United States Constitution, restricted to proposing amendments that will impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, limit its power and jurisdiction, and impose term limits on its officials and members of Congress,”.

—Problem with this is once a convention is called, it CANNOT be restricted in scope. Anything is up for grabs. The primary face of this movement is the interim CEO of Parler, Mark Meckler. Also funding the push for this convention is George Soros and several leftist orgs, including Move to Amend. That’s enough right there to know there’s a less than benign agenda afoot.

Our Constitution already limits the federal government – it just isn’t being followed. More amendments won’t fix that, so what’s the real motive for this?

Soros move is to change the constitution to fit a marxist agenda. To override what freedoms we have and put restrictions on us, it needs 3/4 of the states to ratify…ain’t gonna happen.

I hope you’re right, but those aren’t words I use with much confidence anymore. Not since February of last year.

Most constitutional conventions have been side-tracked by special interests. By lying to the voting public they can get what they want added into the constitution.

Popular election of Senators came first, taking monetary control away from the states. Then income tax, in which they pinky promised that only the most wealthy would pay it, and the top tax bracket would be 1%. After that, they created the Federal Reserve (the states had blocked previous attempts to do this through the state-controlled Senate) and have never stopped.

It’s about control. If they want a convention, they have an agenda and a way to ram it through so the people think they’re getting something else entirely.

Conventions? You must be talking about Amendments, and how Ratification votes are manipulated, for or against, the Amendment.

There has never been a Convention Of The States, for the purpose of proposing Amendments to the U.S. Constitution….ever. So, you must be confusing terms.

Nonsense. Anything a Convention Of The States can do is definitely restricted and can NEVER get out of control.

If you can get 37 State Legislatures to affirm a proposed Amendment to the Constitution, you then must obtain the popular vote of the American people in enough States to reach the required super majority needed to pass and accept the proposed Amendment.

ANY CRAZY AMENDMENT, WHICH ACHIEVES BOTH THESE VOTING REQUIREMENTS, BECOMES LAW. Why? Because the American People voted for it to be LAW…. That is the control. That is how it is limited. No different from the Congress proposing an Amendment, and obtaining the proper ratification of the States….AT ALL.

But, what CAN happen…is the ability to BY-PASS the D.C. Socialist Club…and FORCE them to relinquish their corruptions…else declare themselves criminals.

The proposition of an Amendment is not a re-writing of the Constitution, but merely following the rules OF THE CONSTITUTION, provided by its original creators as a means to preserve our LIBERTIES from a corrupt WASHINGTON ELITE.

That’s been standard practice for decades. I served during the 90s, both since duty and NG. Most commanders are risk averse, so having a bunch of armed troops sitting around is an accident waiting to happen.

This has little to do with conspiracy theories about the libs fearing the troops (which they probably do anyway) but rather is just a pragmatic safety precaution while making a show of force for the media.

I suppose it looks like a show of force to anyone who has no clue, but it looks more like DC clueless and thinking they can project that on us, EVERYONE i spoke with about this SS the first thing they said was no mags or ammo=big fat 0 on intimidation,

I know there are a lot of vets who read and comment on this blog. As a veteran I just read at that a Navy task force is proposing an oath to be taken by every member to combat discrimination in the Navy. The key word in this ” oath” is the word “intersectional”.” Intersectionality is a concept often used to describe how oppressive institutions( racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia etc .are interconnected and cannot be examined separately from from one another when discussing systematic oppression.” to quote the article. If this left-wing BS is forced upon the troops of our armed forces, our military will cease to be an effective force and become a social experiment correct pronouns, genders and sexes. This is about as FUBAR as you can get!!!

Mailed it to the email account, it will then be passed along to other veterans. They will then pass it along to other organizations.

Just do not take this “Oath.” If one cannot agree with the oath, do not take it. Simple.
If the oath one takes upon entering the Service is not sufficient, and they make taking a second oath conditional to continued service, LEAVE the Service. Simple.

Ision, I am concerned that most of the inductees will just repeat this “oath” as just something to say before signing on the dotted line without realizing just what it is they are agreeing to. This is a social experiment designed to divide by race and class. If the military does not function as a unit, Americans will die and America will fail. Can you imagine if Xi Jinping makes a move in the South China Sea or the Taiwan Strait or if Vladimir Putin tests us in the Black Sea or the Baltic and finds they are up against the new “socially woke” Navy? I am NOT putting down any of our armed forces, but if push comes to shove I don’t want them to go into harms way handicapped by social programs.

I have found the greatest “Social Program” is war.

“Only the dead have seen the end of war”

Interesting corollary–one way they made people hate the Jews was to tell everyone they were diseased…

Imagine if you will, a trip to your bank in quest of $600 to help carry you through a series of financial set backs outside your control……….

you: “I understand that you are saying I can get $600 to tide me over….you’re calling it a gift for me…sounds like a good deal…sign me up”

banker: “Yes indeed Mr. Dennis….sign right here”

you:” What am I signing?”

banker: Just a formality. You’re just acknowledging your agreement to share in this ‘stimulus package’ that makes your $600 gift possible….sorta like an IOU…you know, agree to shoulder your share of the total cost of these ‘gifts’ ”

you: “This says $5,700 dollars on the IOU…for me getting $600?”

banker: “well the total cost of this scam…errrh…aahh…gift is 1.9 trillion dollars…or $5,700 per man, woman, and child in the country”

you: “oh goody…..where do I sign?

….and we wonder why we are in trouble…….


We knew we had one chance to save the country but failed to step up, 74 million strong. Now the foretold retributions are coming fast and strong. Bread and circus wins every time (until we hit rock bottom)

Technocracy and the ‘saving’ of the environment will be used to starve us, freeze us, and keep us in our small communities/neighborhoods/towns to be watched and ‘evaluated’. The balance is there, but greed and power will win out in the big scale. Proles anyone?

“If there is hope…it lies in the proles.” George Orwell.

Well I am sure it will come as no surprise but the supreme court said it was ok for New York to have any tax info that they want on Trump and then dismissed most if not all the election lawsuits. /the end game really is to bankrupt and jail Trump.

I loved his statement this morning about the continuing political persecution.

“The new phenomenon of “headhunting” prosecutors and AG’s – who try to take down their political opponents using the law as a weapon – is a threat to the very foundation of our liberty.”

It seems the NBA players, which are 99% black by my guess, are refusing to get the vaccine when their time comes. Afraid to be part of an experimental vaccine, so to speak, because it happened in the black community before. Just an FYI.

This mornings pole on the MSN.
Do YOU own a gun? What is the purpose of owning such an item?
So now they are poling the less than functioning brain cell zombies on that subject. Which they will then use to further their agenda of taking those scary items away, unless of course you need to hunt a rascally rabbitt. Yet again, they will out law that also because they’re so cute, but it is ok to eat them for now.

So…Tom Vilsak has been confirmed as Sec of Agriculture. Not being a huge fan of some of his viewpoints, and his promotion of GMO/CRSPEr tech, I’m not real excited about that. We’ll see what new ag policies are implemented under his watch.

Anony Mee – They are not letting Biden have a news conference for fear of what that would happen.

California junk bond dealers(aka known as legislators-lol-snarky)are trying to alter parts of the California Constitution to fit their need for control. They want your children, grandchildren carrying around that garbage they refer to as a vaccine. Which I consider a abomination to the human body.

How about a joke to start the day:

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases told ol’ Joe: “This morning, three Brazilian people died from Covid-19.”
The blood drained from ol’ Joe’s face and, to everyone’s amazement, he collapsed on the floor. Minutes passed and, to everyone’s relief, he got back up shakily and then sat back on his chair.
His staff was nothing less than stunned at this display of emotion from ol’ Joe, as they nervously watched as he sat, head in hands.
Finally, Joe looked up and, with a shaky quivering voice asked Dr. Fauci, “How many is a BRAZILIAN?

By george, So Cal Gal….that one deserves a ROWL. 🤣

Awesome joke, thanks!

good one!

Funny but sadly, almost believable

But this is no joke.

There is a demonstration in NY against the gov that is responsible for thousands of deaths in nursing homes. He even sent sick people back from hospitals when there were covid beds available in the ship, the converted building into a hospital, and the tent emergency facility in Central Park. This is corruption at it’s worst just to avoid an investigation by the Trump administration.

But, now I have to point out the reason the Marxists can get away with this murderous behavior, the handful of people showing up for this rally to get rid of this gov shows total apathy by the population – I do not understand how or where this country has sunk to. Rotting from the core.

4th turning Hermit,
it will only get worse

I agree with you completely.

hermit us,
It’s corruption, and it’s criminal. And all the while he was screaming about how badly the Trump administration was managing COVID – he got TV air time every day and some were even talking about a potential presidential run for him. He is yet another example of selfish, arrogant decision-making that actually cost people their lives – will he be held to account? Probably not, at least not in this life.

Here it goes.. I thought they would give him at least a month.. I was right :
The real lefty they wanted was Camel kamala

NOT MENTALLY FIT: Three Dozen House Democrats Demand Biden Relinquish Control of Nuclear Codes

Yep… a new best seller in D.C…….”Biden’s First Year in Office” by Willie Makitt and Bettie Dohnt……..


Like it! ha ha ha

can you picture p lousy and chucky typing in the codes to launch against the redoubt,,,,

swallowell using it against maralago

Camel??? Noooooo, that’s insult to the smokes. How about Ms. Dromedar or something like that 🙂

Somewhat random thought. It seems we have a very bifurcated consumer population. There is a group of workers for whom the pandemic was devastating, but for a larger group, the pandemic was not as financially devastating. The later group has money to spend and pent up demand. If I am selling to the consumer and my customer base is smaller because of the pandemic and my costs are up, I am going to raise prices to maintain my bottom line as much as I am able using rising pandemic costs as justification. The result, if widespread, would be inflationary – correct? I am seeing more price increases and talking to clients who will be raising prices both to cover increased costs but to cover overhead on lower sales volume. I am not so sure these rising prices are temporary. BTW – Ken – I am working outside my office. So the IP address may be different from my usual.

Rising costs due to pandemic–sanitation and protection was an added cost, other things rose because less was available due to worker shortages..that I was personally told. Also the interest rate was kept artificially low and loans were easy to get–that happened before the 2008 bubble burst, so low interest rates=higher costs for homes and low interest refinancing, second mortgages, etc.

Now treasury bonds rates suddenly went up to over 1.5% for 10 yrs, that I call inflation while money left the stock market to get these bonds, and why the market tanked the last two days……It takes months to ramp up production of gasoline at the refineries and as the economy comes back from Covid and people will drive more. The supply will be short so the prices will go up. Predicted to be $65 to $75 a barrel. Oil production was kept low this past winter to keep the oil prices from tanking below $40 a barrel to keep oil and gas companies afloat. Short supply of gasoline and high demand creates higher costs that affect everything so higher prices will be the norm this spring-summer..why I like oil and gas stocks. Earnings are expected to go up $100% this year average.

It occurred to me that SOMEWHERE there is an engineer or two or three that probably mentioned to the Texas wind power Powers the need to protect the mills in case of extreme cold weather and those Powers said No, a waste of money/we can save money, in Texas. Now wind power CAN endure extreme cold weather as NORWAY has wind power. OR did the funds end up Elsewhere?

I’ve been busy. When did the Biden camp post Dee Snyder from Twisted Sister to Assistant Director of HHS??! I’m reading this right? That thing is/was a pediatrician??!

Why do these freaks always want to involve with kids? There are TWO GENDERS! And then their are mutations, farking DEAL WITH IT! Don’t make it some noble goal to aspire to!

Tmac, It gets even better. Rachird Levine pulled hirs parent out of a nursing home, while sending covid positive people in. PA, I believe. Promotes hormone blockers for pre-pubescent children, and surgery if they ‘need it’.

There’s a meme of Levine as the new Potato Head. Mr & Mrs in one toy. I’ll send to Ken in case he decides to have some fun on a Friday by posting it.

.06 % of the population supposedly are transgendered. Yet a company like Hasbro will destroy an iconic toy just to appease them.

May want to take a look at HR 5 Equality Act which just passed the house last night.


Franklin Graham sent out emails earlier this week to alert people to the Equality Act; asking that they pray and contact their Congressmen and Senators.

Truth is, I wouldn’t mock or bully Levine if we crossed paths. And I would step in if I saw someone else doing so. But I will openly mock Hasbro the same way I mocked Coke for asking that we be less white. I will boycott both of them, as well as all the others who got woke and need my help in making them broke. This EA though is altogether different. I will fight that tooth and nail. Our kids will not be pawns in their sick game.

Coke has resigned the ‘less white’ meme and Mr. Potato Head gets to remain ‘Mr’.
The push back from consumers does mean something after all.
And keyboard warriors get such criticism!!

Not my president.

This EA threat makes me absolutely sick. I do not approve of requiring preschoolers and grade schoolers about LGBT/transgender lifestyles. Nor do I think it is at all acceptable to let them, starting at 3 years of age, decide what gender they want to be. Nor do I think we should have to pay for transgender surgeries/drugs.

My neighbor has taken in two transgender kids (both around 20 years old) whose parents disowned them, and her teenage daughter is a lesbian. She says the EA simply assures they can have access to healthcare, safe housing, employment, and mortgages regardless of sexual orientation. She had a meltdown on FB when I reposted a comment by a friend that states the EA subjugates religious rights to LBGT rights, so that one would no longer be able to live their religious beliefs without fear of having their business permanently shut (a la the wedding cake fiasco). To her, businesses that deny services due to “disagreeing with” LGBTQ lifestyle should be shut down; anyone who feels that they cannot practice their Christianity because gay people exist is not reading the Bible correctly. She does not see the negative impact, spiritual and financial, on the rest of us.

There is a big difference between being able to “choose” and being forced to choose at an age when children not only have not reached puberty but have no idea of gender and its role in society.

There is a difference between knowing your own preferences (warped as they may be) as an adult and being forced by adult authority figures to make decisions the child probably won’t fit into later in life.

This is flatly abuse and should be treated as abuse.

A prediction I believe will come to pass

“I do recognize that there are some big changes coming in our economic and political system. Inflation will be bad and we might even see what’s called hyper inflation. The US dollar is going to tank to the point of being literally worthless. The pattern has been repeated countless times over the centuries and the result is always the same. We – the little people – will lose everything.”

But, what the hell, we can worry about it when the time comes. /s

Was just reading on CTH about the US bombing Syria,,,
Admin silent,,, joe blow is an idiot so this is no surprise,, Syria needs to bomb the US, that might wake slow joe out of his stupor, i doubt it but would be entertaining


I seriously doubt that Biden was even consulted before the bombing. Personally…..I feel the foxes are running the henhouse.

The “Manchurian Candidate” was brain washed…..Biden is brain dead……….

brain dead describes the democrats asa whole

Kula – Any veteran of the Vietnam war can testify, people, eventually get tired of being bombed. And there are savagely effective low-tech solutions to high tech pests. You can bet Grandpa Simpson was sunning his shins on a porch somewhere while this deal went down.

lets seee,
Syria, has friends,
Russia, Iran, just those two could seriously piss in ole Joe and his oreo hoes cheerios

The bombing simply made the Ho Chi Minh trail wider and easier to navigate. We killed lots of em…but, they had lots of them for us to kill. They never ran out.

But, in reality, Viet Nam was supposed to last as long as it did, because victory was never allowed. We could have totally crushed the North very quickly, if that was the actual goal.

I mean, when we mined Haiphong, I was in the Military and in Asia. When they told us they had just mined the harbor, I looked around, confused…and asked, “You mean it wasn’t?”

We were in Viet Nam in order to obtain combat experienced soldiers and officers, while letting it excuse the massive increases in Defense spending, to develop weapon systems to scare Russia in Europe. Nothing more.

And, it worked.

All i know is eventually every bully gets his smack down, the USA is asking for it by stirring the schitt all over the globe, total bullshit to any thinking folks, this crap needs to stop

Done. Seriously, Mr. Potato has been a true icon in our little family for decades. It was by favorite purchase as a child (you know, back when we got allowance and learned the value of money by saving up). I even had hundreds of parts and multiple potatoes at my office that we’d whip put and “play” with when stress or brain fog stole the afternoon. It’s like the sour cream on the proverbial potato at this point. Every single days brings more erosion to our society.

Next??? The Pillsbury doughboy!!

they will make it the pillsbury ho girl

After Kamala????

I sent one too. Told them that they created a hot potato issue by spreading hate.

Rather than making toys, they want to make a political statement that Mr. will now be a bad word in the Hasbro company. Laid out for them that the general public is fed up with the marginalization of heterosexual males who love and support their family as head of the household. Those males are the backbone of the country where they have made their fortune and to attack them, they attack our society and the traditional families that have more to worry about than politics.

M’Lynn – thank you!

The time might be around the corner where playing with a potato will be considered taboo, as food will be scarce. I had both toys growing up in the 50’s. There used to be a Mrs. Potato Head too. Sooo silly. Frankly I do not see many kids today even being interested in sticking plastic parts in a potato.

I was just thinking. The potato itself is transgender/un racial. Think of the colors of potatoes. There are purple, red, gold, Brown, and variations in between. With Brown being the most well known in our country, speaks for itself. The potato can out of itself make more potatoes, making it bisexual. Right in line with todays politics……:-)

Perhaps transgender’s could pick up a new label for themselves; the “potato people”.

Aww Geez Bummin’ – A little sensitivity please. It is: “non-binary, color neutral, persons of root-tuber proportion”



Mrs. U – I think those videos were already taken down by YT. Anyway, as a child of the 70’s, I seem to recall a “Ms. Potato Head”. I had no interest. They were like Pet Rocks to my fragile young mind. I just shook my head and wondered how did I end up dumped on this hell planet full of polyester, cigarettes, cologne, shag carpet and 2 note synth disco beats..

Here is just the FACTS mam . . .

Typically, human females have two X chromosomes while males possess an XY pairing. This XY sex-determination system is found in most mammals as well as some reptiles and plants. Whether a person has XX or XY chromosomes is determined when a sperm fertilizes an egg.

I was taught that in the 7th grade! ONLY God can change the FACTS.

. . . I need a drink!

Johns Hopkins just classified these types with a mental disorder.

No doubt. No amount of hormones or surgery will change the fact you have been born a male or female. Sad really, as those folks are very confused.

I knew a “girl” in Jr High born with both male and female genitals. Parents decided it to be a girl. She had the bone structure of a female when she grew up. It happens more than you think. I believe that is even more confusing.

At this point they can test for xx vs xy so the confusion should be less.

They have both male and female chromosomes and are tested. 1 out of 200 born this way. A medical report aired on TV of one of these “both genders” who wanted to live as a woman, but after he/she went through the operations to remove the male genitals, changed its mind to go back to be a male. Here lies the confusion for these people.


Never thought too much one way are another on this subject, but like some others, I do a little research when subjects come up that I’m unfamiliar with. I do this to ensure I’m not being mislead with false information.

You say in your post that “1 out of 200” babies are born this way, but all the articles I’ve found on the subject quote a figure of 1 in 2000…a 10 fold discrepancy.

Didn’t want to get involved in this thread, but I blame intentional disinformation for much of the division in our country. Either the TV show you quote intentionally skewed the numbers, or the multiple internet articles geared toward scientific and medical aspects of this abnormality did.

That’s why I don’t accept as fact anything said by media or politicians or people with an axe to grind at face value. To do so invites being mislead, misinformed, and bad decisions.

Yes, this situation is usually either more one than the other as I understand it.

epo3 – Something else is going on in parallel with God’s plan right now. There are kids being born in increasing numbers who are truly gender-bent, from birth. I think we need to face that and try to understand why. Never mind right now about the kid-hipster trend followers and retarded liberal parents. — Quoting the new age philosopher Bubbles: – “Something’s f*cky”

Do you mean hermaphrodites? Or is there something else going on?

Chipmunk – Not necessarily. More like effeminate males and masculine females. It’s seems more extreme than in decades past. Something bigger than pop culture is driving it. Few people, even liberals, would deliberately choose such an awkward lifestyle for themselves. Hermaphroditism is an occasional peculiarity noted throughout history. What I am noting today is more of a tectonic shift in the concept of gender.

It is very troubling to me. The average age of significant maturity in kids now is around 26. They grow up not even knowing what they are, or what attracts them… and we have a taxpayer funded infrastructure of over-educated idiots encouraging them to embrace, explore and celebrate their confusion.

Tmac, there is a spiritual situation going on for sure, not given by the positive powers, but the negative powers. Negative powers are very hard to overcome without some serious positive prayer and understanding of ourselves and what the Father intended for us.

Tmac, I agree with you. When did young males continue to fit into skinny jeans as they grew into their twenties? Why do so many seem effeminate? They don’t seem like real men. They’re not respectful, kind, or protective of women. When I questioned my thirty year old son about it, he knew exactly what I was talking about. They’re called soy boys! Is it possible estrogen filled soy foods are contributing to this phenomena? Or vaccines? I have no idea, but it seems like a difficult time for young women to find someone who’d make a good husband and father. It also seems difficult for young men to find someone as well. Our culture has turned everything on its head.

Hi NW Gal – I don’t think it’s the soy. I haven’t eaten meat products in more than thirty years, and I occasionally have some soy based foods. In person, people don’t often believe me. In the past couple of years, I’ve been on-camera for a couple of low budget product spots. The role is always “some husband” across the street, with a garage full of gear, handling chores, etc. And I don’t think it is a nurture issue either. Despite our shifting public policy toward feminizing masculinity, I wonder how much of that effort is simply to normalize what is happening outside of anyone’s control. It’s really quite scary to see and certainly not in our best interest as a viable species.

Tmac, I really don’t know then. I imagined there must be some kind of environmental component to what we’re experiencing, but maybe not. Our culture and politics are pushing us to become a more gay society. I had wondered how Rome became rampant with homosexuality in it’s declining years, but I think we may be witnessing it first-hand now.

Culture has a lot to do with it. The ancient Greeks practiced homosexuality by their warriors taking in young boys to live with them, while women were not allowed to live with their husbands. Common practice.

But on the other hand, some medical reports say some women can’t produce enough testosterone in the womb for their male babies at a crucial time that makes them want to be girls since they were little. So what resources I have, I tend to believe it is a little of both. gay men are in my family.

Stardust – Yeah I’m familiar with what the ancient Greeks did with young boys. I had a medical doctor explain it to me once, in great detail, privately – when I was 13.

I don’t recall exactly what malady brought me to that doctor. But whatever it was, that MF’er cured me INSTANTLY! I was up, dressed and out that door so fast the wallpaper peeled in my wake.

There is most definitely a predatory element to that particular ‘lifestyle’. I welcome the downvotes.

NW Gal – I often wonder about the role of plastics in the ‘gayification’ of recent generations. The timeline fits and the science is sound. That was one thing my wife was adamant about, when raising our kids – they were never fed from plastic, only glass, ceramics and stainless. They turned out OK. Each is strong and firmly grounded in gender identity; despite going the vegan route. I think we need to look hard at plastics and food.

Plastics can have a estrogen effect on humans. Can have an effect on female cancers too. Do Not Microwave in plastic. Is the plastic the cause…..?

NW Gal, “When did young males continue to fit into skinny jeans as they grew into their twenties?”
. . . .
Answer – The 70s. I was there.

Anony Mee, the skinny jeans were just an example. I hope you understood my point.

NW Gal, Yep. Hope you got mine. To define for one’s self what is masculine or manly and then apply it with a broad brush for exclusionary purposes seems somewhat lacking in validity. If not the 1970s, let’s take the 1670s when western men of means wore capri style pants, hosiery, full curly wigs, and full lace at the throat. Or any of many cultures today where men wear loose flowing garments, and others what we would consider skirts. Maybe it’s my partly Scots blood, but there’s just something about a man in a kilt. Or the fact that so many of my male relatives served in the military that makes a uniform seem just right. Clothing and adornment are universal, as is playing dress up, and I’m glad to live in a place where norms are not strict and folks can attire themselves in any manner that makes them feel attractive.

Jordache or Sergio Valente’s…….? 🙂

NWG, my son is in his 20s. The rigor we go through finding jeans which are fitting properly. Loose, straight legs. None of the skinny stuff, he hates those and said he feels like its suffocating him. And he also said they are called soy boys. With that said, we have no food in the house which contain soy, very hard to shop like that. It does affect boys and girls while they are growing up eating this crap of foods which is loaded with soy.

Levis 501s

meat n potatos!

Why would you or any parent for that matter, go through “rigors” to assist a grown man in his 20’s find jeans? I’ve been paying for and shopping for my own clothes since I was 15 years old and been on my own since 18.

What is with this retarded trend of grown men living in their parents home deep into their 20’s and sometimes 30’s?

Parents have a lot to do with creating soy boys…just sayin’

ACD, the rigors are that the shops don’t offer but skinny jeans. Have you really shopped lately? Oh about that “grown man” living in the house. Hmm, helping your child recuperate from a horrible accident might be a reason, don’t you think?? Or should I just kick him out in the world and let him try to survive on his own when our medical system does not care about patients? YOU tell me. I could write a novel about how parents in certain countries believe that in order to teach kids independence and make a man out of a boy, they are to be escorted out of the house and told fend for your self because I did it too?? I can tell you one thing though, watching my son fighting to get better and needing help is making him feel miserable, just saying because people judge other parents not knowing the whole story.


Well, tough situation about your son’s horrible accident, I’d like to know more of the story.

As far as the medical system in the US, don’t we have the best medical care in the world? I thought the Health Care Act solved all the problems?

Did your son not have healthcare before his accident? Appreciate more info if you care to share.

ACD, his health has nothing to do with your statement that parents behavior may enforce “soy-boy” adults. What is the correlation between me stating that not all boys want to wear skinny pants/jeans and me shopping for him perhaps because he is having a hard time finding a decent pair of pants ( he can’t walk right now) and you coming right away making statements about “basement” children? Thanks for the insult. Says much about how you view life and your own offspring if you have any. I won’t toss my kids under the bus because of societal measures of value having children. BTW, what makes you think the US has the best medical system??? The best doctors are reserved for the elite. Start thinking about that statement. No need for YOU to be snarky about or having veiled insults.

Your statement amuses me. When Jesus was alive there were no pants for him to wear. Was he less of a man wearing the traditional garb of his time???? Did you know pants of any kind are a very recent invention, perhaps you should read how it became to be. So, tell a Scot in his kilt he ain’t man enough, I guess he lived with his parents too eh.

i to wear skinny jeans. it’s because of a birth defect, i was born with no ass, the Hank Hill syndrome : )

The movie Braveheart comes to mind, i have known many Scotsmen in my life, i doubt there be a one who would say a kilt be not manly, i agree,

Kula, appreciate your feedback 🙂 Seems like ACD could be our red dog master in disguise. I have Scots on one side of the family. I don’t think they would be very nice to ACD’s statements. Would be a fun time watching them make a point to him what makes a man a man.

TxinEP, will keep you and son in my prayers for strength and healing.
. . . .
You nailed it! ACD is obviously recycled RDM. Seems meaner than before.

AM, thank you, your support is very much appreciated!

TxinEP, You bet. Have you tried the thrift stores? There’s more variety at Goodwill than any department store. FWIW – My beloved offspring complained several years ago that the only jeans then in the stores were low riders that were uncouth to wear when squatting down.

Many times the question comes up, “But what are we to do?” in response to the ever encroaching tyranny. I believe we’re in an awkward stage; not completely without ROL, at least at most local levels, but not being directly, physically attacked at the door to door level yet (for most of us).

It’s not too late to group with like minded others in your AO and approach local officials/LE with questions and concerns. Now would be the time to find out where they stand, if you don’t already know, and offer support if appropriate.

The other thing depends on what you think is going to happen next. I don’t know exactly how it rolls out, but I’m resigned to direct physical attacks on conservatives/white people and their interests. I just don’t see how that doesn’t happen soon. Along these lines, Aesop has an article outlining precisely what to do now, in the interim. He’s at blogspot, with the Raconteur Report. You can duckduckgo that. Article was posted two days ago, and is very useful I think. Hold Your Horses: Crawl, Walk, Run.

[edit insert: ]

There will be upheavals in every area of life imaginable. Ken’s got good archives for those, and now’s a good time to review.

Jeff Cooper said “If violent crime is to be curbed, it is only the intended victim who can do it. The felon does not fear the police, nor the judge and jury. Therefore, what he must be taught to fear is his victim.”

Your article says that we’re at war with those who hate fundamental America. They want to break us. Leave us broke financially and mentally, poison our children’s minds, dispose us of our resources. As Bummin’ points out, “any resource that enables prosperity is to be restricted and prohibited.”

When you look across the battlefield you have the clarity of where their overt actions actions lead, as well as visually picking out the covert weapons employed. Restrict garden supplies and people won’t be able to grow food their families need to stay alive during an economic downturn they created. Attack the nuclear family with a toy potato and alternate lifestyles are elevated. Target rights endowed by our Creator and repercussions follow.

Farmgirl, I agree. It’s time to move quickly. Things are speeding up & spreading out. Something wicked this way comes. And it’s intended victims have to be prepared to effectively repel their violent attacks, on all fronts.

This is a blockbuster headline (from Breitbart): “Oklahoma House Passes Bill Allowing State to Review, Reject Biden Executive Orders”. This is an indication how this rogue administration is being resisted and will crumble. This is an illegal administration trespassing every aspect of constitutional law and tradition and they are to be resisted on every front.

There is a video out there of GOP Rep. Steube quoting scripture of God defining Man and Woman. After the speech Nadler states “Mr. Steube, what any religious tradition describes as God’s will is no concern of this Congress”

It is very disturbing and I am looking for the full context since it seems spliced but since nadler specifically calls out Stuebe and God’s will I think it seems to be accurate. You can see the video over at NCRenegade labeled Pure Evil.


It’s chilling. I found more and this, and it appears to be accurate.

You got it right, Nadler did indeed say that, and in an outburst of anger. It not only is an admission of their disgust for God, but also for where they want to take us and who their leader is, the devil.

The separation of church and state, the First Amendment. It walks on the sharp edge of a knife.

Why the attack on fossil fuels from the communist left? Our prosperity depends on it, that’s why. Any resource that enables prosperity is to be restricted, prohibited.

And, the elites stand to gain added infinite wealth on boondoggle “clean energy” initiatives.

On the 2nd amendment I read an article recently which I believe pertains to a county in Virginia. Their local government official’s for that area are doing a Constitutional carry law on the books to over ride any others which the state is currenting trying to push on their citizens.
Did not wish to muddy the current article until I have all the facts to back up my statement.

From “The Politics of Obedience”, by Etienne de la Boetie (written 1552-1553):

You live in such a way that you cannot claim a single thing as your own; and it would seem that you consider yourselves lucky to be loaned your property, your families, and your very lives. All this havoc, this misfortune, this ruin, descends upon you not from alien foes, but from the one enemy whom you yourselves render as powerful as he is, for whom you go bravely to war, for whose greatness you do not refuse to offer your own bodies unto death.

He who thus domineers over you has only two eyes, only two hands, only one body, no more than is possessed by the least man among the infinite numbers dwelling in your cities; he has indeed nothing more than the power that you confer upon him to destroy you.

As we watch in real time how China has methodically imposed tyranny on once free Hong Kong the Left has been watching and taking notes. Me too, what I see they are doing there I see how it is being copied here.

Re-education (indoctrination) camps here we come: “Biden to launch coronavirus vaccine education campaign”. Once they launch this it will morph into deprogramming conservatives (as perceived to be anti-vaccine). Penalty for non-compliance? History has the answer.

i will NOT OBEY ANYTHING this admin wants ever

Trump’s Cpac speech…?

Watching now via utube

Joe c,

I had it on whilst doing seed starting things, but I missed the first part.


I’m not sure anymore. Today, someone on another platform made an interesting comment. If Hillary had won the 2016 election, there would have been huge resistance on the right to getting the mRNA gene altering jab. The mistrust of her would have created that resistance.

That didn’t happen, because DJT won. The numbers of conservatives willing to undergo the ‘experiment’ (not sure it is one, I think Gates has a good idea what the outcomes will be) is closer to 50%.

I don’t know where this person got their numbers from, and they may not be precisely right, but his sentiment surely is. Was that on purpose? I really don’t know. I enjoyed hearing him speak, and at the same time a lot of questions just wouldn’t go away.

Sorry – I’m a little down today. It’s hard to get excited about starting seeds, something I love to do, when I can see so much turmoil building. I should probably go work on my positive mental attitude, huh? Reminds me of Eeyore a bit, lol.

It was nice to see people enjoying themselves.

Have you noticed that YouTube has cut down the volume on every CPAC presentation?


That’s funny. I did have to turn up the volume on my laptop, and it still wasn’t very loud. Didn’t occur to me to wonder why.

It wasn’t really worth watching
It was basically Trump, repeating everything we’ve been bitching about everday, for years

Except he was talking to.millions, not 100’s

I shoulda watched CNN, not this utube version.

Aa like many,
i give up.

I watched DJT for a while but it was the same thing I heard 20-30 times before. I turned it off, I had work to concentrate on. Maybe I am experiencing burnout.


For me, it was the awakening of disillusionment. Maybe I’m just jaded, but rousing speeches evoking emotional reactions are a surefire recipe for tranquilization. We can’t afford that anymore. Sayings that come to mind are “Put up or shut up”, and “All talk and no cattle”.

Shelves up, grow lights up, seed planting commences. Producing is the new sexy.

Farmgirl – I plugged into a power amplifier.

Mrs. U

Getting the right candidate is not about “tone”, not about color, not about gender, …

It has to be about good policy, competent leadership, honesty, morals, family values, fiscal responsibility, freedoms, ….

But that would eliminate most of the politicians inside the beltway. Give up lobbyist money – never.

Really hermit, that is what it is about. Should be but isn’t. It is about Power, Greed and the end of our Freedoms. My comment is how to get just a bit more of a reprieve before the hammer comes down for good. I appreciate what you mean hermit, I really do. Those were the ‘good ole days’. Corruption knows no bounds and to fight we must equal/better the other side. Just watched the movie Lincoln again yesterday, in the dialog Rep Stevens admits to buying votes to pass the 13th amendment. President Lincoln in real life was not above buying votes and passing out jobs. sigh hermit, maybe you can run and bring us back to center. Can it happen that an honest real person can run? Maybe somewhere, maybe somehow….

Mrs. U

Did I read your post correctly? Had to read it twice. And I copied it below from your post;

“Reps need to dredge up a young articulate vibrant male or female of something other than white to put their money behind.”

Know this, I fully support your right to think that way and to write what you want. But isn’t that racism?

Call it what you may. When your up against the machine now in progress you better get a bigger and better gun, so to speak. I am hoping for one more good run folks. The future will tell us all the answer.

He is as responsible for losing the election as the theft. With just a tiny bit more attitude/ego adjustment he could have had so many votes they could not have stolen the election. The first debate, was a total disaster and that lost many votes. That is his fault.

it was time we exposed how many liberals we have in this forum, judging by the down votes. BTW, i don’t care, i have done my job by exposing you.

Just because I do not care for his bluster does not mean I did not vote for him. We should not be blinded by a party affiliation. He was for America. He does not have to be the ONLY good candidate that is for America.

Mrs. U,

I’m gonna have to disagree….Trump voters didn’t look for Trump…Trump found them. By that I mean, they were a large swath of folks who never had a leader or real representation….until Trump recognized that and volunteered to head that group. They ain’t looking for pretty faces and youthfulness, they’re looking for grit, determination, a desire to shake up Washington and return it to the founding principles.

Which can be found in another person that can beat Kamala. Grit and such does not belong to just one person. Love of the country does not belong to just one political person. There are others. We are talking about a person to beat Kamala. Trump is not that person.

Mrs. U,

I disagree with some comments you’ve made here in the last hour or so…

We had our reprieve, it was 4 years under PDJT. We are now looking at the possibility of DC and PR being granted statehood. We have a litany of EO’s, which will be augmented by more leftist legislation. We are drowning in debt.

I believe we need a way to retake Congress in 2022… and someone to help lead the charge for conservative candidates who can win District elections. We do not have the luxury of time to wait for a new potential leader to come out and start endorsing and fund-raising for the mid-terms. We are in trouble right now, and we need all the help we can get.

Whether you agree or not, PDJT is the best rudder we have to guide us through this perilous time. 70-odd million+ people voted for him and feel ripped-off right now. If he disappears, many people will feel leaderless, abandoned and conservatives could splinter and be even more easily divided.

Trump is arrogant and abrasive… but he also found a way to fight against the entire DC machine to get a lot of good things done. Do not discount his political capital, at least right now.

So Cal Gal, you are so right about the time factor and I hope the 2022 elections work the way they did against Obama. When we disagree the air gets stirred and replaced which is what our Founders hoped and expected. Rarely has there ever been perfection, especially in politics

Lots of good comments in this thread but I have 2 serious questions.

Do you really think voting matters anymore?

Can we really vote our way out of this?

Personally I do not think voting matters anymore and we will be lucky to see a 2022 election let alone 2024.


if you don’t vote then you can’t bitch. hell man, ya gotta at least try. what the hell is wrong with people. have some of you just given up or just trying to fit in like you do on this blog. go with the flow type thing to be popular with others just to have someone, anyone to communicate with.
stand on your convictions if you have any. it’s past time to stand up for this country.
good day

Actually cid. I can bitch its called the 1st amendment. Are you going to vote harder next time to really make your vote count?

I asked some serious questions and instead you attack. Maybe as you stated earlier to Mrs. U, you should just shut up or are you just stupid. Good day sir!


11HE9 –
As you may recall, when Oklady went to vote she found out her name had been taken off the roll. I have had the reverse in years past, where my mother remained on the roll long past her death. You don’t know those sorts of things unless you show up.

Our votes mattered a great deal in this last election. They formed the true ebb and flow pattern that made the vote drops stick out like a sore thumb. Mike Lindell made a terrific breakdown of the countries who sent in votes electronically & the times the votes were sent in Absolute Proof.

Had you not voted, someone else could have used your name to register a Democrat vote and the other nefarious actors wouldn’t have had to go to such lengths. Trump got more votes than they ever anticipated. A truly historic amount. That’s the only reason they had to keep inflating the fake votes. He brought so many D’s over to the R side that it was tough to offset the true votes. Mary Ball laid out in her Time piece the lengths they had to go to to cheat. None of which would have been necessary unless we voted.


I know about OKLady and her issues. I know about all of what was posted about election fraud. I believe there was massive fraud.

But you did not answer the questions. It may seem like I’m trolling but I’m not I asked 2 questions and I’m dead serious.. So far no one has actually answered the questions.

I know Trump got more votes than any sitting president but sloppy Joe got more than anyone in our history including Obama.

If they cheated in the last election what makes you think they won’t cheat in every election going forward? You said if I didn’t or don’t vote then my vote will be stolen by a Dem. what sense does that make. So if I vote harder next time my vote will matter more even though they already cheated and are working a way to stop my vote from ever counting.


11HE9 –
Yes, I think voting matters because without legitimate votes the fraudulent ones won’t be detected.

Yes, I believe continuing to vote will get us out of this when the courts uphold the votes we have cast.


Thanks for answering. I hope you are right.


1st amendment isn’t valid at a private blog such as this. If the owner doesn’t like what is being said they can shut the conversation down.

You are correct but only if I violate the rules. So far I have not and since this is Ken’s house not yours he makes the rules and as it goes if you don’t like it don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you.

If and when he tells me to chill out because I’m being disruptive I will either do as he asks or leave. Because it is Ken’s house.


11HE9 says: “So far I have not and since this is Ken’s house not yours he makes the rules and as it goes if you don’t like it…… ”

What the hell are you talking about? Where did I say anything about if I “don’t like it”? And what rules are you talking about, your interpretation of the 1st, or Ken’s? Are you buzzed??

If you’re having a sad day and need a friend, say so, I’m not your enemy, but something isn’t right with you, you wanna’ talk?


My bad I took your post the wrong way. As for the rules those would be the Terms of Use. No I was not buzzed last night, I’m good with friends but Thanks for asking.

If I had a quarter everytime someone said “something isn’t right with you” I could have retired years ago.


11HE9 we’ll move on then.

That’s what I’ve always said. At this point, it is probably just tilting at windmills to vote, but what does it hurt to go do it?

ya gotta try

In some areas, voting hasn’t mattered in a long time. And its obviously spreading at a rapid rate into formerly honest areas. Dang shame

I voted last election and will continue to do so. I believe there was fraud, and that it will happen again.

That said, my vote and others with similar thinking got our dem congressman out, and a republican in… one of several seats in CA that flipped. Me and people like me stopped a split roll property tax initiative that would have killed the last tax protection we have – CA’s prop 13.

We also stopped a state-wide rent control initiative and other highly liberal propositions on the ballot. My president is no longer in office, but at least some good came from some of us CA conservatives not giving up.

So Cal Gal,

Glad you were able to make some positive changes in CA.


From the Gateway Pundit: “Biden Allows “60 Minutes” to Release Military Imagery Secrets that Saved US Lives” This is a very peculiar story, have to read the comments for the details.

FYI, important,,,
Received a message from my congressman about, H.R. 1,, For The People Act.
In the 117th congress, the Democrat’s have reintroduced this bill which my congressman believes is a federal take over of the election system.
Just a heads up if you want to contact your representative about this bill H.R. 1
See brief info on bill in next frame.

Hi neighbor

In America, our republic depends on the process of free and fair elections. Whether we are electing a local official or the president of the United States, every citizen must be able to trust the process.

I believe that the 2020 presidential election shined a bright light on the fact that several states need to step up and properly reform their election processes, where needed, to deliver trustworthy results for all Americans.

House Democrats reintroduced H.R. 1, For the People Act at the beginning of the 117th Congress, and I believe they are using this bill as a political weapon to hijack America’s electoral process. H.R. 1 would make extensive changes to our electoral laws, including undermining state election oversight, eliminating any restrictions on vote-by-mail, and putting taxpayers on the hook for matching 600% of campaign contributions to subsidize candidates they may not support. Instead of solving voting issues on a case-by-case basis and working with individual state board of elections and state legislatures, I believe H.R. 1 is a federal takeover of our elections. More specifically, I think it federalizes and micromanages our election system

con’t,, without requiring any safeguards against voting irregularity’s in our election process.

Since I am on a roll today I want to mention House Bill HR56. It passed in the House while Kavanagh was in the news and taking the heat. It passed with both parties votes and under Trump. It sits after the second reading in a committee. This info is from an interview with Catherine Austin Fitts by Greg Hunter with the USA Watchdog. The interview is worth watching. It is on her site Solari Report. She considers this bill to be the end of the Republic.
Short Title:
To establish an Independent Financial Technology Task Force to Combat Terrorism and Illicit Financing, to provide rewards for information leading to convictions related to terrorist use of digital currencies, to establish a Fintech Leadership in Innovation and Financial Intelligence Program to encourage the development of tools and programs to combat terrorist and illicit use of digital currencies, and for other purposes. FOR OTHER PURPOSES….. The gov always makes it sound like it for our protection.
I have not read the whole bill, yet. Just an FYI

cid wrote;

  • cid 03/01/2021 at 4:12 pm
  • >> it was time we exposed how many liberals we have in this forum, judging by the down votes. BTW, i don’t care, i have done my job by exposing you.

c’mon cid, a robust and well prepared debate is what can change minds!

good luck

Soul –
I was reading the other day about a book, The Wreck of The Titan, written by Morgan Robertson fourteen years prior to the Titanic sinking. The similarities were eerie, as was the suspicious death of Robertson several years later. But the folks discussing the Titanic were quick to remind others that Guggenheim, Astor and Strauss were all onboard. The three men who stood opposed to the Jekyll Island group. JP Morgan had booked passage, as had Milton Hershey. Both canceled their trips at the last minute though. And the creature we know as The Fed was born.

Not surprising that the correlations would all be dismissed as a conspiracy theory, nor that the mention of Evelyn Rothschild having any role in the sinking would all be squelched. It doesn’t seem like you can dig very far into the swamp without hitting a tie to the Central Bank though.

Gerald Posner wrote a book, God’s Bankers. I’d be interested to know if it’s one you’ve read and what your thoughts are on the Vatican.

Book sounds interesting. When it comes to those who canceled I will mention Angels and Angel stories that many of us have. Gut feelings are how they speak to us, may have been the reason they canceled, just not their time to pass over. The Vatican holds in their vaults, ancient knowledge that would set the world spinning a different way, so to speak. Will be opened some time in the future and revealed. When, who knows.


Hello my friend. I have not read God’s Bankers. My thoughts on the vatican (lower case intended) would probably not be receive well here. I would refer you to Revelation 22: 18-19, Deut. 4:2 and 12: 32, and Proverbs 30: 5-6, with respect to omissions and additions in the catholic bible. Example: they changed the Ten Commandments… and they are trying to merge Christianity with islam? Really? A lie that contains 98% truth is still a lie. Man’s interpretation of truth? Nope….not for me. Been there, done that. I now go one on one with Jesus….no middleman. That is all He wants from us. The rest is a lie. My belief……my choice. My prayers are with you and for you my friend…… they always have been.

Soul –
My curiosity is leading me to the corporate side of the entity, versus the religious side. No matter what I research as I try to grapple with what will be needed to correct our political situation, it leads me back to the power, money and corruption in the enclave of Rome.

I had known about the Nazi connection through the gold and the artwork, then learned of the intentional infiltration of the communists, Renzi and Obama, Merkel, May etc. But financial aspects of what was created and by whom is my blind spot. I thought maybe you had run across some of that since you researched the creation of The Fed. Proverbs 13:9 says the lamp of the wicked will be extinguished. First we have to find the main source of light though. And I just keep running across indications that it may be in Italy. That they are the ones truly pulling our strings.

Thank you for the reply, and for the prayers. Mine are with you as well and I hope you are enjoying some beautiful Spring days like we’ve had in Texas.


Vatican, London, and DC were the seats of global corruption – in that order – and they are all connected…… ALL aspects. You can try to put all the pieces together, but to what avail? I’ve tried……could not do it, too intertwined. We are talking pure evil that has been in motion for at least a century or more. There is no changing the past or present. I focus on what is about to hit us…….. to which there is no preparation…..other than Jesus.

As to the weather, I love all the seasons…….I love the snow (real snow) as I know there will be no drought here this year. Knee high to a 40 foot Indian it was. Blessings to you. Please be safe.

The socialists/Marxists have done one hell of a job in defeating our freedoms.

First they painted us as racists so we shut up.

Then they fix the election to implement their socialist policies.

Next comes lockdowns to restrict our working, movement, and organizing.

Now freedom of speech is taken away.

Overwhelm the country with dem voting illegal border crossers.

Bankrupt the nation through massive money printing to cause hyper-inflation.

Finally, the attempt to take away the 2nd.

And Seventy million voters for freedom, the Constitution, … gave in without a fight.

We were warned ” As Thomas Jefferson stated, “When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

Now we are nation of discouraged citizens left to fight each other instead of the globalist communist movement.

Very well said hermit.

It won’t be long till all of the white dogs, cats, birds and other white animals/creatures will be deemed too white and privileged.

Yep. The white polar bears that represented Coca-Cola were the first casualties.

Next Wednesday all business entities in Texas can re-open to 100% capacity and the mask mandate is repealed.

I sincerely hope that many other governors will have the courage to join Abbott and let us all get back to our lives.

ours did it today, said enough is enough. time to get on with our lives.

Is it possible the SCOTUS was threatened to have their numbers increased unless they turned down fraudulent election claims?

I read it takes 60 votes in the senate to confirm a change in number of SCOTUS justices.

It takes 60 votes to change the number of votes for a cloture in the senate, giving an end to the filibuster to only a simple majority of votes which can increase the number of justices in the Supreme Court with Kamala’s tie breaker.

The Dems were looking forward to these changes but the election didn’t give them enough dems in the senate. I doubt either will happen, not enough votes.

I do not think, they think, having more members of the court as a threat, I think, they think, having a .9mm pistol pressed to the back of their heads to be a threat.

The way the game is now playing, direct, and lethal, threats are much more effective in obtaining the desired results.



Hello A Patriot, Are there plans to put a search box on this website? Sure would be handy.

But researchers say this phenomenon known as pareidolia (pronounced para-dole-eia) is perfectly normal because we are primed to see faces in all sorts of everyday objects. This human tendency to see face-like structures in inanimate objects relates to how our brains are hard-wired.” . . . .
. . . .
But then, those demented libsiders have been seeing Nazis everywhere they look for the past few years. Perhaps someday they’ll wake up and see that the nearest Nazi is the one in the mirror.

Ken & all:

Just saw that James Rawles & Avalanche Lily over at will no longer be hosting their comments section. They included some interesting statistics to help justify their decision. I could tell this was a tough decision for them & it makes me doubly grateful that you are continuing the “good fight”, Ken.


Rawles also left Amazon to “Starve the Beast” & wrote a good article on January 26, 2021.

Been called worse by better.
Why is it YOU can be so respectful (at times), share good info, but then at times be such an ass?
Ya down graded Dennis X2, MadFab, now Mrs. U. X2

All within what,
less than a year?

YOU presume YOURSELF as so knowledgeable, but insist most posters don’t know shit.
And YOU, unwilling to share YOUR, so presumed knowledge and ideas.

OPSEC is always your go to.

Please, go find YOUR board full of adults and patriots, elsewhere, since most here don’t qualify for YOUR standards.

Put two and two together,
It’s the handle, for the down votes, not always what you have posted.

Myself, maybe a couple down votes, to YOU…..especially when you verbally attack, those that have been here a long while,

and in my words,

those that are and have been respected by many on this board.

Best regards