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  1. Received an email from a state Representative.
    “I’m working hard for handicapped access, OWI leniency, Michigan’s drug abuse, etc.
    Well, good for you.
    Now, if you would work on:
    Michigan 2020 voter fraud,
    State Covid mandates that apply to me, not for thee,
    Apply investigations and convictions of unnecessary and continued State shutdowns, etc.,

    You, then, may get my attention for your ‘efforts’
    Until then, you and your colleagues are considered,

    Mike drop, toilet flush

  2. Ohh, and I’m “working on the availability of internet services in rural communities”.

    Well good for you.

    But what would get my attention is, sanctions, proposed efforts,

    Investigations, convictions of 2020 voter fruad

    Investigation of the hyped fear and manipulation throughout this whole Covid BS outbreak.

    Shutdowns, vaccinations, testing.
    Contradicting ‘laws’.

    Holding those responsible for lying, cheating, defying their own Covid set rules, to be held in contempt.

    Then, and only then,
    you may have my attention, for your forth going ‘efforts’.

    There is much more going on that you and your colleagues wish to avoid.

    As they say, I thumb my nose at you.

    Get a spine.

    I’ve spent too many years of being treated like dirt, by politicians, employers, general public.
    You wanna whimsically email me on your frail achievements, and ‘all out efforts’….
    You are no Rep. of mine.

    1. JC
      Instead these asshats are calling guys like you n me domestic terrorist,

      Buncha azzhats

  3. Friend, I am all about 1A and personally believe nothing should be off the table. HOWEVER, and it’s a big one, my dad always said, “You can be right; you just don’t want to be dead right.” Cautionary tale found here:

  4. Kula,
    I read somewhere???, today, the Feds own 12% of the US lands.
    By proposed current administration wishes, a 30% Fed land grab of the US.
    We have been, the proposed, silent grey, for too long.
    As a fault of ours, our grey standards will become our sea of Red, as we sit and continuously do nothing, say nothing, toward the felons…

    No voice. No stance. No opposition.

  5. Joe c
    Sorry to hear about your ex-fil not doing well, sending my best that he does recover from this episode.

    1. Thank you, AC.
      Told my boy, to let him know, we were praying for his recovery.
      Mandatory family isolation is another factor of loss.
      Brought to us, by our caring .gov mandates.

  6. Woke up this morning, made coffee….carried a cup to the wife who was still hugging the covers….settled myself in my easy chair….decided to turn on the TV and catch up on the news, mainstream media version, while waiting for the sun to come up.

    Had the volume muted on the TV…closed caption scrolling across the bottom…talking head was telling about the problem of “gun violence” “plaguing the country…..looked as if the only examples they could find were in cities controlled by socialist democrats……

    Then a segment on how there is no “crisis at the border”….how that was a term invented by the media. Had a screen shot of the White House and congressional building…surrounded by high fences and concertina wire, patrolled by numerous police….controlled by socialist democrats….

    Struck me that a country where guns outnumber people by almost two to one, almost 100% of the violent guns are concentrated where socialist democrats are in control….and those in control can only find comfort behind tall fences patrolled by hired guns? Meanwhile….the areas not controlled by socialist democrats, have a higher concentration of guns….yet those guns seem to be of the non-violent type…ready to protect their owner, but completely docile until called upon to do their job……

    Sun has come up….a little chill in the air, but not a cloud in the sky…..looks to be a peaceful, beautiful day on the mountain…..not a socialist democrat in sight, so it’s likely to remain so…………

  7. We are now officially in a upside down world,

    Many people prefer to stay home rather than going back to work because they make more money doing nothing.

    A couple of militant radical groups taking control of urban centers with police cowering in fear.

    Open borders to invite the third world in to enjoy all the benefits that American citizens have worked lifetimes for.

    Inflation hitting double digits but the Fed says it is just transitory inflation – sure see your food and energy bills.

    The list is endless BUT …

    The markets are doing just great.

    1. hermit us,

      A little context to your observation……”A couple of militant radical groups taking control of urban centers with police cowering in fear”.

      Cowering in fear of who and what? The militant radical groups?

      I say no….they didn’t suddenly change from the cop that chases gun toting punks down dark alleys or run to a gun fight instead of away. Nope, they fear the cowardly citizens and politicians who demand they do just that, but then, not only abandon them, but do their best to destroy them, their families, their future….if….God forbid…they have to actually use force against force (gasp…)

      Cops are getting sniped at from all sides…..leftists, who hate what they stand for…a barrier between them and their goals……and some “patriots” who demand they stand up on their behalf, but timidly sit on the sidelines not lifting a finger to defend them when they do…… and have to use force…….by either second guessing their actions or ridiculing all cops for being reluctant becoming the next sacrificial lamb.

      This is not a rant against you hermit us… just rankles me when, somehow, police become the target…no matter what they do.

      1. Dennis, you are exactly right. The police are made to cower because no one has their backs. If they enforce the law, they end up suspended, in court, families threatened, branded as racist (even if they themselves are of a minority), … Even if evidence is produced weeks after an incident, the officer’s career is over. Perhaps cower is the wrong term and maybe should be “forced to stand down”. I don’t blame the hundreds that have, or are now leaving some of the cities in which they were employed.

        1. hermit us,

          Appreciate the comeback…..knew you understood the situation street cops are facing.

          Folks that have been in untenable situations understand….situations where you are damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

          What angers me are those Monday morning quarterbacking would be Rambos who criticize and dissect every move a cop made in a questionable interaction… interaction where life and death decisions must be made in micro-seconds…..from the comfort of their living rooms, devouring a video over and over in freeze frames, taking hours, sometimes days to formulate in the heads how they woulda dunnit, and proclaim the cop as an incompetent idiot…..

          They, with total lack of self awareness, don’t realize that they are outing themselves as someone who has never been in a similar situation. Experience brings a big dose of humility…..inexperience breeds jealosy(?) and contempt for those who’ve met evil head on.

          1. Dennis

            I guess I used the term “cower” because I was sickened by the video of the New York officers (I think) that were showered with liquids and had bottles thrown at them, and they could not, or chose not to respond. That, I think was the turning point where criminals were emboldened to resist the directions of law enforcement. They were forced to cower and suffer degradation by socialist idiots in office or lose income and pensions. Now the population have to suffer the results of those political actions.

  8. I’m curious what people here think of the sudden reality of citizens taking the law into their own hands–I saw an article about a mob swarming a suspected human trafficking home where they thought a girl was being held.

    There was no information in the piece I read indicating whether the house was actually what they thought, or anything about what led up to the action (other than that there was a search going on for the missing girl). It seemed to be just a hit piece about mob violence.

    I’m afraid these situations will be one more push for the Turnip Brain in Washington to Do Something. His answer, of course, will be a federalized police force.

    1. Lauren, Not so sudden perhaps? Like people swarming vehicles in the street, beating occupants, and stealing their guns?

      1. Maybe not sudden. This is the first I’ve heard (lots of scuttlebut, but no real information) where it was law abiding citizens who chose not to call the police but take matters into their own hands. Rioters will riot, and with the recent trend toward not prosecutions I suppose it’s only a matter of time before the regular Joe gets frustrated enough to lash out.

  9. Lauren

    You mean that more of a “federalized police force” than the FBI, National Guard, Homeland Security, USPS, …

    I think the swamp already more than enough police to curtail our freedoms.

    1. I miss the “edit” feature for when I screw up my comments. And I did like the thumbs up or down for suporting good opinions.

    2. The Obameister said flat out that he wanted to eliminate local police in favor of a federal police force. He didn’t get much support at the time.

  10. I wanted to post about this yesterday, but got derailed with family and work. I was adding to the conversation at MSB yesterday about US Debt and our economy and currency.

    As things are right now (always subject to change) I don’t see China dumping their US treasuries, at least not all at once… unless we are at or closer to a war footing with them. China benefits from the security of and return on their investment in treasuries at a time when some countries have negative rates. And, I don’t think you can just offload $1 trillion without taking a major hit by having to reduce your asking price. Plus, even though the Yuan was awarded reserve currency status a few years ago by the IMF, the Yuan/Renminbi still have a floating peg against the dollar… I do not believe their currency is free-floating yet. So, they are still tied to the USD.

    All that said, multiple sources say Russia and China are stockpiling gold (again). Russia is doing it’s own energy deals with the EU and others. China just did the huge deal with Iran. Who knows who is doing what with NK, or other deals that don’t see the light of day. Russia’s foreign minister has been making a lot noise about digital currency and non-dollar-denominated deals to break away from the dollar and US power. And with new US suctions impeding Russia’s sovereign debt offerings in the US, Russia will have to turn to China, the EU and other sources for financial and trade deals. All of this circumvents, or least reduces the importance of the USD.

    I don’t know anyone who thinks Russia is a benevolent country, or that Putin is a good guy. But, the further we push Russia away, the more they have to become self-sufficient in global financial markets.

    And, China is making it clear they want to be THE global power in the future. They are working to ramp up their own chip production, buying equipment and mineral rights, and doing secretive deals to loan small countries money secured by whatever those countries have to offer. That is a whole subject unto itself.

    With our rising debt, the growth in cryptos (not for me), and countries working around our sanctions and around our currency, we can’t help but lose economic strength and political clout. For me, it is all proof our nation is in a decline that is gaining downward momentum, and creating enormous risk for us as individuals.

    1. SoCalGal,
      So heres a few things i kick around,
      Why shouldn’t Russia or China be independent in their trade with other countries?
      Why shouldn’t ANY country act in its own sovereign interest?
      Why should the US dollar be a reserve currency?
      IMHO it mostly sounds like a buncha control freaks from the US dont like it that other countries would act independently of the US.
      Seeing whats going on in the US and the woke BS, i would act independently and in my own best interest as well.

  11. Kula,
    I agree – I think each country should be able to make their own deals, and not be reliant on the whims or politics of another country for their own security or financial well-being. Since before I was born US politics has been based on world dominance. Thus, the over-inflated rating US debt carries. If the USD loses status as the world’s foremost reserve currency our debt would be more realistically rated (and not as “AAA”) based on how much we owe, debt to GDP, etc… and that alone would change everything.

  12. Over 10,000,000 arrests by police last year…..of those arrests, 1004 involved the death of a suspect, or 99.998996% of arrests did not result in a suspect being killed.

    Of the 1,004 who died at the hands of police, 41 were unarmed, or, that number represents around 00.000000041% of arrests.

    Or 99.9999959% of arrest do not result in the death of an “unarmed” suspect.

    …….and yet, so many “woke” people have been convinced that police officers are evil, wanton killers of innocent black folks…..who are represented by less than half of those numbers…..and police must be done away with……

    Personally? Such stupidity scares me…………

    1. Dennis,
      The other thing that really tweaks me is that these jagazzes who got shot by the Police, were pretty much all felons, some under a warrant, often trying to harm the Police or just outright acting crazy, yet stupid people still say the Police were wrong, this is why i am leery of liberals, they apparently are ignorant as well as slow in the head.

  13. Dennis:

    Do you mean to say that police are almost as dangerous as the COUGH-19 pandemic? I may faint.

    1. Tmac,

      You hit on my follow up point. While covid is pretty far down on the list (even with it’s intentionally inflated number of deaths) of causes of death last year……and unarmed deaths at the hands of police would not make the top one thousand causes…..the media and the string pullers convinced a huge portion of our population that those were the top two most deadly issues to be dealt with…….well, that and white supremacy…….which they blamed for the “deadly, armed insurrection of 1/6/21….the worst attack on our country “since the civil war”…..which we now find to have been neither deadly (except for an unarmed white female shot by federal police) nor were any “arms” found……

      …..a sad, scary testament to the naivete of a large segment of our country….it does not bode well for us……or our future……

      I better go gather the eggs before I convince folks to start thinking for themselves……don’t want to be painting a target on my back……..

  14. This week, finished mowing the pasture, got the enclosed container garden ready for planting, mowed and weed-eated the yard, helped wife and daughter plant some tropical ornamentals, got two new front struts and new brake pads on wife’s car, ordered new blades for the 54″ riding mower and a new 40v lithium battery (to add to the other two) for the Ryobi chainsaw, string trimmer, and hedge trimmer. Changed oil and filters on all the equipment. Caught another coyote on my snare lines…..and managed to work in an abbreviated therapy session every day.

    …..also got the septic tanks pumped out…cost $275…they were overdue….1st pumping since I installed them 15 years ago….

    Everywhere I look, everything I see, everything I hear….warning signs of eminent disaster…can almost feel it in the air…no longer a matter of “if”….just “when and how bad”….

    I try to ignore it, or at least not let it dominate my thoughts….because, all and all… is good on the mountain. I don’t have to deal in the stupidity taking place in urban America….

    ….well, the second pot of coffee for the morning has finished making….time for a cup….y’all have a good mornin’…..

  15. Gordon Chang, the expert on China commented on Fox news today (May 9th) when an Intelligence report came out that China has had a bioweapon policy for 6 years now that includes Covid 19. Why do you wonder why the Chinese Communists are collecting DNA around the world? Gordon said China is trying to wipe out the rest of the world population and make their own people immune, that’s why. They also have plans to take over the world, moon and Mars as CCP territory in this intel. The release of Covid was on purpose so people would die, making Xi no different than the worse of mass murderers, killing 3.2 million people, and more to come. This is an act of war on the world.

    Fox hasn’t released the video on this new revelation, but older videos of suspicion are available to watch

    1. What is really horrific, is that the communists do not care if millions of their own citizens die from the virus as long as they can ruin the economies of the rest of the world. Then they step in with the “belt” investments to take total control.

      We gave them the power over us by providing a market for their cheaper goods, supplying of drugs, supplying rare earth minerals, … and we allowed them to send their youth to our universities and return to china with all our technological developments.

  16. As I read the internet this morning, I see where pastor Artur Pawlowski was arrested on the highway in Canada with his brother, Dawid for “organizing an illegal in-person gathering”, a church service. Pastor Pawlowski was holding church service in April for Holy Saturday when the police attempted to shut it down without a warrant. He ordered them out of the building calling them Nazis and the Gestapo. The full article can be read on Fox. It will not be long before this is in the USA. Dr. Robert Jeffress, 1st Baptist Dallas, says Democrats are absolutely pushing out Christianity in order to advance the Socialist doctrine in an article at End Time Headlines. Interested folks can read for themselves just like I did. Being a follower of Christ in this country is about to get rockier than we could ever imagine.

    1. Spec5 – When Calgary PD harassed Artur the first time, it took me about 20 seconds to find his donation link. All who can, please consider helping him out. Yeah, he is a bit over the top, but look at the tyranny brought to him. There are excellent videos of the first two times Artur chased away those chicken-asses. Now those vaginal cops need a Tac Team to take down to “take down” a Christian Pastor. I’ll stop right here for the alphabets… Please consider helping the guy.

    2. Spec 5,
      I believe that you right about things in the USA getting rockier for Christian believers .
      Blessings to all.

  17. On the other hand, I normally watch a minister who speaks the truth on the Bible as my service away from home, but he made a big mistake at the end of his sermon and listed his prayers FOR Social Justice in this country. Marxism, hate and violence runs Social Justice, so you can’t serve Marxism and God at the same time….. Hypocrite by definition.

  18. I wonder if we haven’t just witnessed the first salvos of the cyberwar?
    …but we’re too busy bickering with each other to notice?

  19. Stranger comes into a quiet, peaceful bar…starts swinging fists and insults at everyone in sight. The tide turns on him….he yells “why are we fighting each other…the real fight is out there..”

    1. snicker…. another good one. I’m gonna go wash my big dog. Nothing more I can add here.

  20. Oh My God,
    Finally heard the epitome of RETARDED!!!!!

    Rep. Cori Bush, has declared that Mother’s Day is sexist and must be called “Birthing Persons Day”

    If I had ever said that my Father would have but his foot so far up my ass the Doctor would have asked how I got the boot print on my tonsils.

    1. NRP
      As idiotic as this asshat sounds, just imagine the inorant fools who voted fot it

    2. NRP,

      This whole transgender thing…especially biological boys competing in girls sports…reminds me of an old joke…..

      Man walks in on a bunch of hill folks gathered for dogfights and betting. He’s leading a squat, ugly, mangy animal with a bobbed tail and long snout….which promptly breaks his leash, attacks and destroys all the other dogs……

      “Good Lord almighty ….what kind of ugly dog is that??!!!” they asked him…..

      “Well” he answered….”before we bobbed the tail and glued on the fur…purty sure he was an alligator”.

      Moral of the story? No matter what you whack off or glue on you ain’t changed the animal inside…..only an idiot is fooled….

    3. NRP, Nope. Not doing it. Least of which is because I had the privilege to engage in the activity of ‘birthing’ some persons. I happen to like it when those persons call me ‘Mother’. Also, I’m not calling my mother a ‘birthing person’. They just want to take away everyone’s identity, so we can all be non-persons. Pure marxist demoralization, is all that is.

      1. OMG, does that make me mad. The La Leche League also got on board and it is now called chest feeding, yes, not breast feeding. cant even talk about it, i gotta get up now…..

    4. Hey NRP: You gonna be around on 20th June? That is “Inseminating Predator’s Day”. According to the Fab four… or whatever the hell they are.

      1. Tmac,—(gasp!) Does this mean no more ‘baby daddy’?! Did anyone check if that was okay?

        1. Farmgirl:

          Gasp indeed. How dare you misappropriate ghetto culture in such an insensitive way? Beez all waggin around your white privilege an she-it. Everybody knows a baby daddy ain’t nothin’ more than an excuse for bad choices; and a cheap weed supplier. No fathering involved. Please try to be more down with the struggle.

          1. Well, shoot, Tmac. I just cannot seem to shake this white privilege thing. Is there nothing I can do to fix it? No? Okay…think I’ll just run with it then. I’m down with the sickness! (does best imitation of disturbed head banging stuff)

            I may have spent too much time in the sun today…

          2. The irony about white privilege is that they say it’s something inborn, something we can’t help–which just makes it another victim class and the behavior should be excused on that basis.

            Liberal logic misapplied? : )

  21. 32,000 gun deaths last year-
    60% were suicides-
    3% were accidents-
    4% were justified-
    33% were homicides-
    80% of homicides were gang related-

    Based on a population of 312,000,000 citizens (figure excludes illegal aliens),…if you are not a gang member, if you are not shot while committing a crime, and don’t commit suicide………

    ….you have a 0.000008564102564% chance of being killed with a gun in America…..

    Good night all. Hopefully this post gives solace to all the folks living in fear of guns………..

  22. Crossed my mind…with all this transgender men in women’s sports push….reckon these “woke” folks are gonna demand we go back and reinstate all those gold medals stripped from Russian female Olympic athletes for testing positive for testosterone back in the un-woke days? Remember those female shot putters that looked like Arnold Swarzenegger with breasts?

    1. Dennis
      Now that is a vision😲I could have done without this morning…thanks for the laugh. 😂

  23. Logical conclusions followed by logical actions…always basic to common sense….

    Not wanted somewhere, abusive, discriminatory practices, dangerous for folks like me? Common sense and logic tells me to avoid such places.

    Socialist democrats tells us, and the world, daily, every minute, every second, incessantly, that the U.S. is just such a place for minorities…..yet….minorities flow into our country, unabated….exceeding a million a year……

    ….would seem that these migrants either have no logic or common sense….or….. these socialists know they are lying….and those believing the lies have no logic or common sense……

    ……does this make sense to anyone but me?

    Oh well… chores to do………

  24. If the election was so legit,
    Why is there so much resistance to the recount in Maricopa county?
    I mean, if it was all legit, wouldnt the reaction be sure go ahead and count them, knock yourselves out!
    Even you democrats should be concerned with the apparent lack of and resistance to transparency, this is everybodies votes not properly being counted.
    The worst part, its not only there.

    1. Yes, and I think most all of us know that answer to that one… Even a portion of the leftists know – but they’ll never admit it.

      You know you’re over the target when the flak’s all around you.

      1. Oh, but you see there’s no NEED for an audit, therefore it’s some kind of insult against the spotless record of the libs to even request it. An INSULT, I tell you, besmirching their pure colors! This is cause for all-out war, because there is not NEED for an audit, therefore…

        Cue “The song that never ends.”

  25. Cancel Culture cancels it’s own.
    The Socialist Golden Globe awards was canceled by socialist CBS because it wasn’t woke enough in diversity.

    They cancelled Bill Gates too because he had been hiding his affairs with the socialist MSM on his side. Now it seems they are not holding back.

    Pure examples of eating their own. They will cancel all their own until there’s no one left. That’s a good thing.

  26. Not sure if this has anything to do with the Colonial pipeline being shutdown, as it’s supposedly due to a cyber attack, but I just watched a report on myfox8 from yesterday. Last year, two young men in Huntersville, NC discovered that the pipeline was leaking, and reported it. An estimated 1.2 million gallons of gas has leaked out, and they are still doing repair/remediation. I found that very curious.

    Nowadays, seemingly disparate events all have one thing in common – causing shortages, disruptions, and damage. Given how all of these play into the globalist reset agenda, no matter what the official story, I question what the real causes of these disruptions are. That said, it seems like energy/fuel disruption time is next up on the agenda. The southeast is already experiencing the effects of this, but I don’t doubt that we’ll feel it all over the country.

    1. Wouldnt that be something if this is what starts it,

      News will say,
      Sporadic fighting broke out in the North East between factions fighting over fuel, the economy has come to a standstill because of lack of fuel, the whitehouse said they were dispatching their fuel tzar Harris to San Fran Crisco to get to the bottom of the shutdowns.

  27. Ya know,
    Im pretty farkin tired of hearing trolls and democrats (same thing) whining about the attack on the capitol on the 6th,,,,
    That wasnt even an attack, nobody was armed, nobody other than our side had casualties,
    Next time it needs to be for real, teach these POS a lesson that they cant scrub from history books.

  28. You hear this person running, that person running,
    “Stacey Abrams running for president”
    What they going to do, put a pole off her head with a bag of krispy kreams hanging out in front o her,,,
    She could at most waddle for office

  29. Whoever would have thought Bill Gates was a gardener, I read a tweet that indicated he was looking for his gardening tools! Something about hoes!😉

  30. Liz Cheney has been relieved of duties as number 3 person in republican leadership….news conference her blasting Trump and vowing to “…….do everything in my power to make sure he gets nowhere near the oval office again”…..

    …….well….guess she can get a job on CNN’s advisory board alongside Paul Ryan…….

    1. She can cozy up to Brian, or Chris, or Don-or really go big time and go with Joy over on MSNBC. What a bitter, resentful woman set on the “nothing to see here” narrative on the election fraud. Follow the money….

  31. Dennis,
    She sounds like a democrat, POTUS DJT will have free rent in these peoples minds forever!

  32. I’d love to share a video about global events, but am unable on all modern survival articles. Sorry, cause it explains lots of what is happening globally. Go to Nicholas Veniamin and click Mel K video—informational non-stop.

      1. I seem to get the two confused a lot..age, ya know. Did I use the wrong adjective??
        I meant the political site..this one??
        Sorry–a long, long 4 months. Dealing with a lot. Confusion is normal for me these days.

  33. A Patriot — Please check this video out and let us know your thoughts. This is one of many. The videos all over Instagram and Facebook are being removed right and left. This is some frightening stuff that’s happening to people. Magnets adhering to the skin after being vaccinated…nanoparticles, anyone?

    1. Mr. saw that video. I do not buy it though. She was just a bit too quick trying to stick the battery on the un vaccinated arm and I would think the particles were already flowing in the blood stream, not bunched together. Hope we are ALL wrong about the vaccine. Really do.

  34. My effing ISP sent out a heavy-handed vax tout to every customer tonight along with a link to a new vaccines(dot)gov website. OMFG I am on the tips of my toes waiting for this crap to go hot. Maybe it already has… Our sky is filled tonight with heavy smoke from wildfires – in May.

  35. So that company with the pipeline,
    They paid 5 mil ransom, if it were me, and i was the CEO, i would have offered a 5 mil bounty for their heads,,,,,,,,
    And the asshole government calls patriots terrorist, buncha traitors

    1. Kula,

      Do you hear the dinner bell ringing? All other ransomware hackers to start hitting the U.S. in 3..2..1….


      1. I hear stupid is all i hear,
        Some tech all full of themself sitting in a big office with a fat paycheck saying it cant happen to us,,,,
        No real world smarts

    2. i don’t understand why they don’t just unplug.
      i have no understanding of how these systems work. but how hard could it be to isolate a system from cyber attacks.
      its above my pay grade to know how, but damn, wouldn’t that be a common sense strategy.
      just thinking out loud.

    3. An ounce of prevention is better than 5 million tons of regret.
      $3000 for security on a good firewall the NSA uses.

  36. my friend Wirecutter posted,
    if rioters come to your area, please don’t be a litterbug.
    pick up your brass.

  37. I am now convinced that our country is on the verge of dying of terminal stupid……….

    Washington Post headline “Israel’s Assault on Gaza Threatens to Worsen Pandemic”…………

    1. Does that mean Israeli troops aren’t wearing masks?

      We have been dying of stupidity for years its just now more obvious.


      1. 11HE9
        The pole on MSN was about getting the jab, masks, passports. Majority of the idiots that responded said that it should be required by your employer that you get it,,, the parents should give the school permission to let their children be violated by this crap.
        OH,,, and you should have a passport showing you are good to go by being injected with this violation to humanity. Yep… it is a good day to be in Hades. aka rip America

        1. AC,
          I used to respect Dr. Marc Siegel on Fox news until he said those who are vaccinated don’t get Covid and don’t spread it, yesterday when Biden announced those vaccinated can go without masks in and outside. It shows the push to get the shot is politically motivated and based on lies.

          CDC: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that at least 5,800 people had fallen ill and tested positive for the coronavirus two weeks or more after they completed both doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccine. Of those, 74 people died, according to the CDC.

          They can spread Covid if they have it even with the “vaccinations”. 1.2% of fully “vaccinated” patients died when they caught Covid. With all the side effects, illness, and death due to the shot itself, and not knowing the long term effects with these experimental gene therapies, it would be dangerous for many to take it.


    Thought people might like to see this. Could be useful.

  39. A thought as we wind down from a very eventful week of a very eventful couple of years……ever thought that everything we are seeing is just practice runs….probes to see how we react? Setting us up for the real show coming? The public is being lied to from all corners….has always been some of that…but it’s been so long since we’ve gotten the real truth from anyone in “authority” or policy making positions…I can’t remember…..

    ….what I can believe is….we are being set up for something much bigger than the flurry of Sugar Ray Leonard jabs we are seeing so far……there is a knock out punch coming…everybody had better pick a soft spot to land on….

    1. Hi Dennis –

      I’m just getting caught up on the Kaspersky allegations, “umbrage team” shenanigan’s and what not. Colonial was an inside job?? This is uhh… still the “Greatest Country on Earth” … right? Having been pumped full of that brainwash Pablum for over half a century; I just want to make sure we are still number one.

      1. Tmac,

        My point exactly…the demonstrable lies coming from our own government…for so long…..

        I would love to be able to believe what comes out of D.C. is truthful…or whatever a talking head says…or a newspaper prints…but to do so nowadays….or make plans based on what they say…in my opinion is the height of stupidity.

        On my department, getting caught telling a lie under oath, was a death sentence…any case you might file with the D.A. after that was thrown out…and you were useless to the department….

        I’ve lost count of how many politicians, bureaucrat department heads, media “journalists”, etc. caught in outright lies, intended to destroy lives and reputations…with zero repercussion…

  40. Political matters????

    14 mile freeway stretch, from work to other halfs work place.
    16 travel trailers heading North. 4 of 16 were motor homes.
    Enclosed trailers and quad/sXs, lq horse trailers not counted.

    Thinking Michigan has had enough of the political, BS shutdowns/quarantines of the last 15 months and it’s not a holiday weekend.

    Our people are
    Pure Michigan.

    1. Joe c, Those you saw and more heading North are here. After a trip to the hardware store this afternoon DH commented that all the Florida snowbirds are back or we are being invaded by downstaters. He did mention our tiny small town hardware store had lots and lots of Mason Jars, all sizes and boxes of lids. Guess where I am going tomorrow.

      1. NWMitten
        Florida snowbirds.
        That’s funny!

        Nah, just the invation of the south of the state cronies.
        They will become an invasive species when it gets bad, in our neck of the woods.

        Did you make a hardware run today?

        1. Joe c, I decided on Saturday to start getting the garden prepped and time got away from me. You see our hardware store closes down at 3pm and hangs the “Gone Fishing” sign up. They don’t open on Sunday so I will get down there tomorrow and see if there are any left.

    2. Hey Joe,
      I have them too, but more campers, motorhomes, and boat trailers from the south heading north here in MN. because of fishing opener. I have to wait 5 minutes to cross the highway to get to my mailbox now. Since weather has been nice, the county has also brought in Covid cases to be the worst in the state as an extremely high risk. But I don’t care. I am too isolated in the forest and fishing in my personal space in a boat doesn’t matter. I go to the store rarely, and early am is when I go with no one around. The most of my supplies are mail order so I am not caught in this traffic and don’t use gas to save money. Good to isolate myself from the BS of Covid, where I can run naked around my house and no one will know..

      1. Stardust,
        Running naked though out the house and property just gets you that much closer to nature.
        Don’t forget your face diaper when doing as such.

  41. Biden the Terrible revoked protections put in place regarding existing national monuments and cancelled plans for a sculpture garden dedicated to celebrating American heroes.

    This is saying F–you firefighters, policemen, military, secret service, and other people who put their lives on the line or died saving people and defending our country! He gives you NO honor or respect to you.

    This burns me up, and I don’t know why anyone would stay in service under this hideous leader. There are many jobs available for you to take than his government service.

    1. Stardust,
      yup I saw this also. Just goes to show how linked up the Puppet n Chief is to BLM/Antifa. I admit that I had a small doubt, now I know we are under a full blown Communist takeover. (If you are not fully frightened by this , you should be readers) It’s as if there is a huge forest fire sweeping across our land destroying everything in its path and there is nothing we can do.

      Of course our Lord is allowing this to happen, as it all is part of His greater plan for mankind.

  42. Interesting. I’m looking at a study on viral shedding…

    “Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVD) is an infectious viral disease that affects cattle throughout the world. It is a member of the class of pestiviruses, which are small, spherical, single-stranded, enveloped RNA viruses. The disease is associated with gastrointestinal, respiratory and reproductive diseases. A unique characteristic of BVD is that the virus can cross the placenta of an infected pregnant dam. This can result in the birth of a calf which carries intra-cellular viral particles which it mistakes as `self.’ Its immune system refuses to recognize the virus as a foreign invasion, and, as a result, the calf sheds the virus in large quantities throughout its life, potentially infecting the entire herd. It has become a widespread practice to identify such carrier calves and cull them from the herd in an attempt to curtail infection (Khodakaram-Tafti & Farjanikish, 2017). “

    1. “It seems plausible that a dangerous situation may arise in the future where a woman receives an mRNA vaccine for SARS-CoV-2 and then conceives a child shortly thereafter. The sperm would be free to take up RNA-embedded liposomes from the vaccine and convert them to DNA using LINE-1. They would then produce plasmids containing the code for the spike protein which would be taken up by the fertilized egg through the process described above. The infant that is born is then potentially unable to mount antibodies to the spike protein becausetheir immune system considers it to be `self.’ Should that infant get infected with SARS-CoV-2 at any time in its lifespan, its immune system would not mount a defense against the virus, and the virus would presumably be free to multiply in the infant’s body without restraint. The infant would logically become a super-spreader in such a situation. Admittedly, this is speculation at this time, but there is evidence from what we know about retrotransposons, sperm, fertilization, the immune system and viruses, that such a scenario cannot be ruled out.”

    2. Another section:

      “Humans are colonized by a large collection of exogenous retroviruses that in many casescause no harm to the host, and may even be symbiotic (Luganini and Gribaudo, 2020). Exogenous viruses can be converted to endogenous viruses (permanently incorporated into host DNA) in the laboratory, as demonstrated by Rudolf Jaenisch (Jaenisch, 1976), who infected preimplantation mouse embryos with the Moloney murine leukemia virus (M-MuLV). The mice generated from these infected embryos developed leukemia, and the viral DNA was integrated into their germ line and transmitted to their offspring. Besides the incorporation of viral DNA into the host genome, it was also shown as early as 1980 that DNA plasmids could be microinjected into the nuclei of mouse embryos to produce transgenic mice that breed true (Gordon et al., 1980). The plasmid DNA was incorporated into the nuclear genome of the mice through existing natural processes, thus preserving the newly acquired genetic information in the offspring’s genome.”

      1. This is very scary if it follows your resources. I asked the CDC if pregnant women can take the Covid 19 shot, and this is their reply:

        “Yes, if you are pregnant, you might choose to be vaccinated. Based on how COVID-19 vaccines work, experts think they are unlikely to pose a specific risk for people who are pregnant. However, there are currently limited data on the safety of COVID-19 vaccines in pregnant people because these vaccines have not been widely studied in pregnant people.”

        RED FLAG: They “Think” with no proof of safety and not really studied on pregnant women and their born babies how it will affect them and still say take the shot…. and they say we’ll see what happens is outright dangerous. The lab rats are expendable like vermin if this theory is true. My niece got the jabs and is giving birth in the next few days in a Covid environment.

  43. Let us hope that nature will help humanity in case this ‘virus’ gets out of control. Not everyone got the plagues nor the Spanish flu. There will always be some humans who will not succumb.

  44. A Patriot:

    Not sure if this will post; my last post never made it for some reason. In any case, thought this might interest all of you FAUCI side-eyers…

    Fauci’s WIFE, Dr. Christine Grady, is a nurse-bioethicist who is currently Chief of the Department of Bioethics at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center.
    She also heads the section on Human Subjects Research at the NIH.

    That means Fauci’s wife is the one who rubber stamps exceptions to normal drug and vaccine testing.

  45. Israeli attack helicopter – looks like it won’t be attacking anything anymore. Direct belly hit over Gaza. Crew bailed from the flames with a rate of descent less than that of the flaming wreckage. This appears to have brought one crew member into the path of the still turning rotor blades – as the maniacs below screamed “Allahu-Akbar”. Play stupid games – win stupid prizes.

    1. Coming to a communist state near you or one within you reside.
      Stricter rules/ regulations on nature’s bounty.
      Foraging on state lands may mean a few nights in jail, depending on harvest amounts.
      Big time grey areas.

      Will this eventually lead to private property, also?

      Might be something to be aware of.

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