Pro and Anti Constitution States

UPDATE: Poll closed… the final results are in…

A poll introduced a few months ago which asked you to rank which states you believe to be PRO Constitution and those you feel are ANTI Constitution, reveals the following un-scientific results…

The results of the poll are based on your perception, and your perception only. There are many arguments to be made regarding the skew, but that’s okay…it was simply intended to be a ‘gut’ poll.

Original post:

There has been a lot of attention building in the alternative media and blogosphere regarding infringement on our American freedoms, as the nation’s ‘leaders’ continue the buildup into a ‘police state’ to control 314 million of us; an embodiment of increasing rules, regulations and restrictions… some of which are considered by many to be downright unconstitutional or borderline thereof.

As dissatisfaction and distrust grows among some of the populous, lines are becoming visible as to the divides between those who favor the notion of a socialist and increasingly intrusive ‘nanny’ or ‘big brother’ gov’t, and those who favor more of an individualistic self-responsible local approach to gov’t by what was intended to be a relatively small federal authority bound to the U.S. Constitution.

Those current lines in the sand are State lines. There are growing and distinct divergences within our group of not-so-united 50 states, and we have set up a poll to get your opinion of which states are Pro-Constitution and which states are Anti-Constitution…

Some people (and businesses) are beginning to move from one state to another to better align with their ideals and principles. As the following poll data grows, we should see a clear distinction between many of our 50 states…

Check any and all of the States that believe to be Pro and Anti Constitution, in your opinion. Then click the ‘VOTE’ button at the bottom of each column. You can only vote once for all of your choices in each column, so enter them all at once. Results will automatically be displayed after you’ve voted. Check back for updated results.


Based on slightly more than 1,000 total votes…

The states listed are those which received at least 50% the number of votes that the #1 state received. This is why there is a difference between the number of PRO versus ANTI. It reveals that there were more people in agreement as to which states are the most ANTI, whereas there was a bit less agreement as to which states are more on the PRO side of things.

Pro Constitution States


Anti Constitution States


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Without a doubt New York is the least constitutional state in the nation. As a resident in Schenectady, New York I can easily confirm that.
Peter Landy

It’s interesting that 7 out of the original 13 States are in the top 13 anti-constitution States. We are over the tipping point. The only way that I see a reversal in this trend would be for the top several “anti” states to go ahead and fully implement their agendas and start confiscating bank accounts, firearms, etc. If they do it slowly, people are lulled into compliance. At this point, there is no “voting” our way out of this mess, it’s going to have to be something dramatic to wake people up. By the way, download and watch or buy the documentary “Agenda”. It explains a lot.
I live in State # 5 on the “Anti” list.(Colorado) Moved here from Texas in 1991 and I believe Colorado was at that time more pro constitution than Texas was. A lot can change in a few short years. We imported a lot of Californians in the last 20 years and our cities outgrew our rural population.

I find it quite interesting (but not surprising) that it’s nearly always the large city population centers/regions that are more socialist than not. As you mentioned, when a state like Colorado gets an influx of population from places like California, etc. added to your large cities (e.g. Denver), it speeds the process of flipping the politics from one to the other when critical mass is reached.

It’s rural ideals versus city ideals in many ways. They (the ideals) are very different. One is more self-reliant and the other is more dependent. As our country has evolved and our cities and population density has grown, we have become increasingly socialist in those regions/states. This, coupled with the changes in the educational system to reflect these social ideals, has led us to this place. There’s more to it of course, but it seems like a rational generalization.

Coming to a city near you: Californians. As a native of a more rural California (not an oxymoron) I developed into a very conservative adult. At one time California had enough non nut jobs to elect Ronald Reagan as governor. I don’t know where all the loonies came from, but as the cities swelled with the ever increasing population, it became a state of insanity.
Having fled the carnage of California decades ago, it is with sadness that the memories of a beautiful land of plenty and variety are overshadowed by the current visions of a liberal infested wasteland. Come to think of it, it is time to flee again.

My thought is the libs get control of the big cities and then rig the voting/elections. It would take too much time and energy to try for all the counties with small populations.

Why is Texas #1? OC is illegal, they have 3 liberal bastion cities and no constitutional carry. Perception must be reality.

New Hampshire favors 2nd Amendment rights and individual freedom more than TX seems to, and VT may be the most gun friendly state in the country even with its left leaning politics, so I agree with your question. The results in this poll may have some to do with perception like you pointed out, and maybe there are more voting from TX for example. Many of the states do look to be what most of us might expect, but votes might also may be swayed a little by where people live and where they know, which also leaves out what they might not know. With enough votes, some of this should even out closer to what might be accurate. Either way I would expect states like TX to be high on the Pro list.

Agreed, Many states are passing prop gun laws and personal liberty laws are being overlooked. Consider places like Indiana where they are passing laws to allow students to carry on campus and laws that protect a citizens right to oppose criminal police actions. Utah, Alabama and a few other states are following suit with freedom protection.

It’s so sad that this is what this once great country has fallen to. So sad because it doesn’t have to be this way. Not too many years ago, the politicians in power would have been hung on the white house lawn for proposing such preposterous laws.

Virginia is also far ahead on OC, CC and personal freedoms than many appear to believe. VA prohibits mass gun confiscations, allows taping of police actions, and only recently has fallen flat on its collective face in regards to abortion (supporting only the liberties you like is not pro-liberty).

Meanwhile, Delaware sees that the gun legislation doesn’t pass on a federal level so they go ahead and pass it at the State level and hope no one notices.

Agree that Virgina is much better Constitutionally than appears from poll. Yes, there are some socialists in the northern Virginia region near DC, but overall it is better than most in respecting our rights. Charlottesville, home of Thomas Jefferson, was the first city in nation to ban the use of drones, and statewide has a two year moratorium on drone use.

You are forgetting the Occupied Territory of Northern Virginia.

this needs looking at again things could be loking up

Interesting. Perception strikes afoul again!

Forget NH, condoned corrupt government, and corrupt court system.

So true! So much of the Country believes “Don’t mess with Texas” like it is the land of the free, nothing but a façade folks! I recently relocated to Texas and cant wait to LEAVE! They have rules for their rules…and although they don’t have a state income tax believe me they squeeze every penny they can out of your pocket!!

The sad bit for me is seeing how far Colorado has fallen since I lived there in the late 80s to early 90s.

Whoa, whoa, whoa…wait a minute…who were the 4 delusional people out there that think that California is a Pro-Constitution state? California politics are like a zombie plague infecting the Constitution. I’m also equally shocked by the 7 that think Illinois is a Pro-Constitution state…ever heard of Chicago? It is in the heart of what we lovingly call “Crook County”. Our last two Governors are currently in prison and the current one should be.

Everyone should read the Constitution every day…know it, learn it, live it!…or you’re gonna lose it!

Well said Hoss!! Well said!!

I thought that I read about one of the governors being released from prison recently.

Does gun control work? Ask the folks in Chicago.

No, ask people in Canada, UK or Australia.

I guess I’m one of the ‘delusional’ people who thinks California is pro constitution.
I was born in California, about 10 miles from where I currently live. I’ve lived all over this beautiful State. I love it.
I think I might have a better clue about what is happening here than, say, someone who lives 3,000 miles away, has never been to California, and thinks it is all like Los Angeles or San Francisco. Don’t believe everything you hear or read about us.

The mainstream media is creating this ‘division’ between states, and it’s hard to fathom that so many people that think they are ‘awake’ have fallen for the BS.

Really? You call the strict gun laws a good thing? The huge tax rates are good? The quasi police state that several of your cities have developed are constitutional? I’ve been there several times and don’t understand how you believe it’s so pro-constitution.

If you read Tammy’s statement once again, you’ll find she agrees with you as far as big cities are concerned. Those two pretty much being the bay area and Los angeles area. The rest of the state is another matter. Look online at a voting map of california. You’ll find the two aforementioned areas to be blue. The rest of california is decidedly a red state. Unfortunately it’s the big cities that make the most noise and get heard. The rest of us are too busy buying guns.


The problem is that those cities and large population centers that turn your state blue and anti-constitution speak for your whole state in terms of legislation. As much as the person in rural CA may want to be free as a Virginian, for example, it isn’t going to happen. CA is labeled correctly, unfortunately.

Perception people no way is Kalifornia or NYC pro anything except take away rights. BUT I like Orange County an San Diego an even upstate NY is a little conservative. I live in Arizona an believe for the 21st Century it is a Red state but 50 years ago it was a much more conservative state an I miss the 1960’s an early 70’s in Arizona. Phoenix the city its Mayors/cops etc along with a lot of large urban areas are liberal/progressive or lean that way but compared to Kali,NY,NJ,New England etc we are a conservative state an yes Colorado because of Denver is a mountain state Kalifornia. just my 2 cents oh and all Politicians are liars cheats and thieves.

Looking at the list the top 15 states in each category looks good an the balance for the most part is not too bad.My own thoughts are that people reading this blog are no way related to Joe or Jane average “low” IQ who vote in the USA or we would have a Constitutional Government an not the Liars ,Cheats and Thieves that run the USA.

compare the list to tax rates in that state and i bet they are close to the same ….

Here is a ranking by George Mason University (some states ranked poorly in your survey are ranked much higher by the University study, Missouri for example):

It seems to me that within each state, if you rank urban vs rural you will find that it it the urban areas where there is less freedom. Apparently population concentration is not conducive to freedom.

I believe that when our society collapses, which I expect to begin soon for want of sufficient energy to fuel the industrial age, that the cities will suffer the greatest death rates, and the country will have the opportunity to return to freedom. It will be those who are independent of the collapsing system that will have the best survival chance; freedom and independence go hand in hand.

Thanks for the link and your comment. The survey here is simple in that it is only the opinion and perception of the readers who fill out the poll. In reality, there is much more to it and there is more granular and technical detail to account for than just opinion. It is interesting nevertheless…

Michigan is neither.

Guns laws in our state are being “liberalize” in spite of our anti-gun R governor. Property taxes are bad.

In Michigan it can go both ways.

Cities are the worst

Watch “Jericho” again on Netflix. That show was so right on it’s scary. All of these states will go “Blue” when their urban populations outnumber their rural populations. The country as a whole has passed the tipping point and will continue to decline towards communism until the civil war.
What a mess we’re in. Beat your plowshares back into swords.

F’ing douche bags from California f’ing up my once lovely state of Colorado

Not surprised at the outcome of the poll.We should split the nation and start over I feel that the pro constitution states would make it but the non constitution states would go broke,with all of the entitlements,and unions.

Also I have heard in a movie before that the only thing worse than a politician is a child molester.

Let’s hear it for the Republic of Texas!!

Different Andy than above,but I do agree with him.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

Idaho is far more conservative than Montana is.

The real question should be pro and anti constitution cities. The countryside is solid constitutional. I don’t know if you can go by state lines in this case. County lines might be more appropriate.

PA when it comes to firearm freedom is near the top. OC is not a criminal activity, the LTCF is the easiest to get in the US and you can own pretty much any weapon.

The cities are solid progressive for the most part (thanks unions!)

Gotta love my Florida, when the President of the State Senate says his idea of Gun Control is a firm grip!